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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 the democratic candidates are starting to make their way to south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. thousands of people packed in the bon secours wellness arena in greenville to see bernie sanders on sunday. he spent an hour talking about everything from equal pay and the criminal justice system... to campaign finance reform and student debt. his main message was that every day people will benefit from a sanders presidency. 3 24:43-53to paraphrase abraham lincoln, this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people the presidential hopeful also brought along special guest danny glover who introduced him. 3 3 hillary clinton is already looking ahead after her win in the democratic primary in nevada on saturday. she flew to houston after the victory and held a rally at texas southern university. clinton told thousands of supporters it was a great night for her presidential campaign. but she
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do, convincing independent voters and others that she is trustworthy. 3 i think there's an underlying question that may really in the back of people's minds and that is, "you know is she in it for us, or is she in it for herself?" i think that's you know a question that people are trying to sort through. and i'm going to demonstrate that i've always been the same person - fighting for the same values. clinton is hosting a handful of fundraisers today in california, before she heads to columbia tomorrow. 3 3 now that south carolina's republican primary is over, most of the g-o-p candidates are now focusing on nevada for this weekend's caucus. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and ben carson all have events there today and throughout the week. john kasich is the only exception. he is in virginia today, then georgia tomorrow. 3 3 3 the defense will begin its case today in a transylvania county murder trial. news 13's lauren brigman is live outside of the county courthouse in brevard. lauren, prosecutors argued that richard o'shields
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his own son's death? prosecutors call it a revenge killing... after toby mathis was gunned down at the rosman dollar general store. 3 surveillance video from 20-11 has come to light during the trial, which began thursday. prosecutors say o'shields was determined to kill mathis because he was involved in the death of o'shields son, joey. both had dated the same woman and after an altercation, joey fell from mathis' truck bed and later died. mathis was charged with involuntary manslaughter. but the defense argues that what led to the shooting is not as simple as revenge. 3 o'shields attorney says the grieving father was dealing with many issues... which are why he should not be convicted of first degree murder. the defense is 3 3 four cyclists suffered serious injuries, after being hit by a driver on a north carolina road. it happened saturday in johnston county. officials say two of the cyclists are in critical condition. state troopers say the victims were hit from
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against the driver, but authorities say alcohol and speed were not factors. 3 3 3 new details are emerging after a horrific mass shooting in michigan. the suspected gunman is due in court today to be arraigned on multiple murder charges. meanwhile, as reid binion reports, police are still searching for a motive. 3 (jeff getting/prosecuting attorney, kalamazoo county) "these were very deliberate killings."prosecutor jeff getting, describing the calm manner in which he says uber driver jason brian dalton carried out saturday night's shooting spree.(jeff getting/prosecuting attorney, kalamazoo county) "this wasn't hurried in any way, shape or form... we've watched the video with law enforcement." dalton's alleged rampage played over the course of nearly seven hours... ...starting at an apartment complex late saturday afternoon.......where police say he gunned down a woman in the parking lot.the victim is hospitalized, and expected to survive.......her neighbors described the horrifying attack.((sot neighbor)) "he was here to kill."more than four hours later, another attack - a father and his teenage son shot and killed at a car dealership.just minutes after that, police say dalton opened fire on five people in a restaurant parking lot,
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anotherhe was finally arrested just after 12:30 am sunday morning.a passenger who rode with dalton before the rampage described troubling behavior. (sot uber passenger) "we got maybe a mile from my house, got a telephone call, after that call he started driving erratically, running stop signs. "driving through medians, finally when we came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away."perhaps even more bizarre, a source with knowledge of the investigation says dalton picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings...investigators think he was looking for more fares after the final attack. i'm reid binion, reporting 3 3 3 topping this morning's headlines... pope francis is calling for a one-year moratorium on the death penalty. the pontiff proposes that any world leaders who are catholic suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy, which runs through november. his comments come as an international conference against the death penalty is set to begin today in rome. pope francis hopes his support will bring attention to the battle to end to capital punishment. 3 bill cosby's wife's
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planned today. a judge denied the request to postpone it in a defamation lawsuit brought by seven women who accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting them. he denies any wrongdoing. cosby faces separate criminal charges in pennsylvania, for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman there. 3 schools will remain shut down in fiji this week following tropical cyclone "winston." the storm killed at least 20 people when it hit saturday. the prime minister has also declared a state of emergency for the next 30-days. emergency crews are still working to clean-up and assess the widespread damage. 3 3 a newly purchased mercedes bursts into flames on a bridge in portland, oregon... and it was all caught on camera. "(screaming) oh my god, i'm in panic right now!"" the driver - heard screaming in the cell phone video -- says he had just bought the car as a certified pre-owned vehicle a week before. the 20-15 mercedes had just over 13 thousand miles on it when it was purchased. 3 "i am very concerned that
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could happen the same thing to anyone and by a few minutes in the car i could have been seriously injured or killed." the cause of the fire is still under investigation. there is a recall for this line of cars involving a power steering problem, but there is no mention of any fires. 3 3 3 a non-profit town hall will be held today, for charitable organizations in the mountains. the meeting will offer previews of major trends, threats and opportunities in 20-16. the free event is from two to four this afternoon at the goodwill center on patton avenue. for information on how to register... go to and click-on "newslinks." 3 3 3 hoverboards are in the headlines again. coming up... what could happen if your scooter does not meet safety standards. 3 in honor of disneyland's 60th anniversary, we want to know, who is your favorite disney character and why? just go to facebook dot com slash news 13 to let us know. we'll share
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steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look at business headlines. the dow was down 21 points friday to close at 16 thousand 391. the nasdaq was up 16 points friday to end trading at 45-04. 3 3 the average prices of a gallon of gas has fallen five cents in the past two weeks, to its lowest level in more than seven years. gas now stands around 1 -77. the latest price decline is 56 cents lower than a year ago, mainly in response to weak oil prices. after tumbling to their lowest levels since 2003, they have stabilized in recent weeks. the demand for gasoline has risen, a factor that could point to higher prices to come. 3 the federal government is laying down the law on hoverboards. the self- balancing scooters, which were a popular gift this holiday season, have been implicated in as many as 52 fires. a letter from the consumer product safety commission said
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the safety standards would be subject to detention and or seizure. 3 southwest airlines announced seven new non-stop routes that will begin flying on august 7th. among the new routes, los angeles to pittsburgh, sacramento to baltimore, and san diego to milwaukee. the airline also announced plans to convert several seasonal routes into year-round service. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. coming up... sky-high garbage seen from space. what officials plan to do about the problem
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3 in mumbai, india, city leaders have a huge problem on their hands. it's not one that sprung up overnight however, it is one that's been piling up over a period of decades. mumbai generates 10-thousand metric tons of waste a day.
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real way to get rid of it. much of it ends up at a dumping ground on the edge of the city. from ground level, it is as high as a ten-story building. part of the dump recently caught fire, a fire so big -- it was visible from space. the city's ultimate goal is to cover the dump, or to remove it. 3 a double-decker bus catches fire on a highway in suburban chicago. firefighters say it was engulfed in flames by the time they arrived. passengers say they smelled rubber, then heard a loud pop followed by an explosion. smoke billowed 30-feet into the air. amazingly the driver and passengers got out just in time. 3 in colorado, a grassfire has burned about 12-hundred acres on a military training range. it started saturday morning during a training exercise. fire crews have worked to set up a fire line to keep the blaze contained. and helicopters have been dropping water from above. at least 65 percent of that fire is contained. 3 the water in crystal city, texas is no longer crystal clear. dark-colored water has been flowing from city taps over the past few days. city officials say the color is
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into distribution lines after a recent cleaning of the area's water tower. apparently the tower had not been cleaned in decades. there is no word on when the water might return to normal. 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. coming up, it's the new age of prenancy. details on the newest award-winning gadgets, including one that helps with nausea... and how it is for more than just pregnant women. >> i'm alex trebek.
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3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 not exactly what most people picture when they hear the name "chewbacca" coming up.. this goat's introduction into
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>> holly: a zoo in boston welcome as new family member. >> jay: the franklin park zoo says a baby nigerian goat chewbacca was born to leah and lucky, she weighed in at 4 pounds but was standing up at within hours of birth. >> ingrid: he is bright alliter and active. nigerian dwarf goats are known for their color patterns and easy going nature.
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found all over the world in warm and cold climates. chewbacca is darling. >> jay: does she make the sound like chewbacca? >> ingrid: really cute little guy. let's look outside at your weather. we have fog outside and winds are calm. 44 in asheville, it's mild. we will talk about heavy rain in the extended forecast, how much will fall where you live and just how mild we stay for several days. that's coming up in just a few. >> holly: it's being called a revenge murder in transylvania county. coming up live, who is expected to testify in court today. >> jay: a the shooing at a south carolina mall, what police say happened moments before shots were fired. >> >> holly: a bus goes up in flames with prears on board,
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before it caught now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: get out the te keyla and wine, today is national margarita day. >> jay: the cocktail consists of te keyla, triple sec and lime or lemon juice. >> ingrid: it can be traditional, frozen, mix it up today and enjoy a couple for u right, holly? >>holly: we can have the virgin margarita. we can have a strawberry margarita. >> ingrid: true. that's healthy with fruit. >> holly: good morning, it's february 22nd, thank you for waking up with us. >> ingrid: we have fog and
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through the region, so make sure you use caution on your morning commute. temperatures though feeling great, 53 in black mountain, cashers 51. 50 in leicester, nebo, 51 and 59 in robinsville. and middle-to-upper 50s this afternoon. we will start to see some more heavy rainfall across the region. i will talk about how much will fall coming up in my full forecast. but, before you start the day, let's get a check on your morning commute. the roads are clear so far, jaclyn? >> jaclyn: it is a quiet start to the morning commute. there are minor delays to look out for on i-40 eastbound, approaching old fort. so, heads up if you are heading that way this morning. traffic is moving 53 miles per hour there at dunsmore avenue ( ). otherwise, the roads are in pretty good shape. here is a look at your tunnel road commute this morning. that's about a 5 minute drive from the blue ridge parkway over to i-40 eastbound. and traffic is flowing smoothly along merriman avenue. everything is up to speed there on the northbound side. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back over to you.


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