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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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for the democratic this weekend. >> tammy: news 13 at 5:30 starts now. just happened to have a camera up there recording in case someone messes with the house. >> frank: an out of control car crashes in to a home. why the neighbor says the damage is just more bad luck. >> tammy: how sanders and clinton stack up ahead of this weekend's primary. >> frank: deadly over doses hit record levels in north carolina. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: a security camera captures the moment a suspected drunk driver loses control on a buncombe county road and slams
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>> tammy: the driver made it out without serious injuries, but the home is destroyed. hope hanselman has the story from alexander. >> hope: when bad luck has a way of coreening in to our lives. >> we were actually leaving and we heard squealing noises, tires squealing. then this big crash. >> hope: milton knew to expect worse. >> we looked at each other and said, someone's hit a car now. >> hope: he didn't realize that the tiny house he was building would be the second home he'd lose in just two weeks. milton was only home that day taking inventory for an insurance company, after a fire destroyed this house. >> there was fire in the back, side of the house. it breached through the attic. >> hope: the fire department is
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>> the same fire chief and his wife, they live just up the road. they responded. >> hope: and the only reason the crash was caught on video was out of a neighbor's effort to help. >> he put up a camera to watch the house. to help just keep an eye on things since we're not going to be there on the day after the fire. >> hope: somehow, milton's been able to find good after all this. >> we were all out in the middle of the street laughing and cutting up. >> hope: milton was thankful he wasn't working on it at the time of the crash and the insurance company may just be able to help him build an even better house. >> at this point it just doesn't feel like a tragedy. >> hope: so while misfortunate seems to follow him, better times are just around the corner. >> we've been blessed in every
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and i can't help but think that just because this gentleman was having a bad day possibly and crashed in to something on our property, he's going to be blessed from here on, too. that's just the way you have to look at it. >> tammy: wow, that guy just sees the silver lining. >> frank: milton doesn't think this tiny house is able to be repaired. right now we're looking outside and seeing lots of rain. >> tammy: no silver lining there. >> karen: not for a while, tammy. we see rain picking up across henderson county. heaviest rain, including some lightning, a few thunderstorms mainly in the upstate moving through the southern part of the foothills foothills. highway 221.
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more rain as we go through the next couple of hours with all this moisture moving to the north and east. right now, very mild, though. 55 in asheville. franklin 56. burnsville 55 degrees. 59 in gaffney. your evening planner should include that umbrella and jacket. 50 at 7 o'clock. 47 at 9:00. 45 at 11:00. downpours in the upstate, too. 55 at 7. down to 52 at 9. and 50 at 11:00. this is the first of two waves of heavy rain. coming up, i'll show you how much rain we could get. >> frank: democratic presidential candidates hit the trail. hillary clinton will appear at a town hall in columbia tomorrow night at the university of south carolina.
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a campaign stop in sumpter this morning. he fought back against critics who say his agenda isn't achievable. telling the crowd it's what the american people want. dozens will cast their ballots saturday. clinton is leading sanders by double digits in the polls, largely due to her popularity with african americans. clinton has more than double the support for african american voters in the palmetto state, than sanders. >> the democratic party has a lot more minority voters. and if you can't show support in minority communities, you really don't have a shot at winning the nomination. >> frank: there's one group in south carolina that's expected to support senator sanders in large numbers saturday. find out who they are tonight on
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>> tammy: north carolina's naacp is calling the maps unconstitutional and is asking the federal court to reject them. a federal court panel will now decide whether to improve the new maps passed by republicans last week. supporters argue they are fair and legal. congressional primaries have been delayed from march 15th until june 7th. >> frank: closing arguments took place today in the trial of a colorado woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from a pregnant woman who once lived in brevard. she's accused of attacking michelle wilkins, after wilkins responded to a craigslist ad for baby clothes. the baby died, wilkins survived. the defense rests without calling any witnesses. lane could be sentenced to 140 years in prison if she's
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the uber driver accused in a deadly shooting spree in michigan went before a judge today. jason dalton was charged with murder among a slew of other crimes. the 45-year-old opened fire in a parking lot in a residential complex. investigators claimed dalton continued picking up passengers between shootings. >> we joked at him and said, you're not the shooter, are you? he said no. i said are you sure? he said no, i'm just really tired. >> frank: police say he randomly chose his victims. >> tammy: authorities find out
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sullivan was aarrestrrested last year. he's also been charged in the death of his neighbor. sullivan's defense team will have to provide written notice to the court before they discloss classified information. sullivan's case goes to trial in october. fatal drug overdoses are on the rise in north carolina. overdoses killed as many as 16 people for every 100,000 in 2014, compared to about 9 people for 100,000 in 2002. the problem is more severe in the mountains and foothills. an er physician at mission hospital says addiction to prescription painkillers is an epidemic and warns families. if you have family members who are acting strangely, who are coveting these medications, if you have medications in the house, these medications should
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>> tammy: painkillers killed more people in the state in 2010 than alcohol, cocaine and heroin combined. >rank: drivers, heads up if you're taking column road anytime soon. >> tammy: a new wreck is blocking traffic. >> jaclyn: right in front of the taco bell. a wrecker is on scene to clear that up for you. get ready for backups if you are taking i-26 near long shoals road soon. traffic is slowing down in both directions between fletcher and exit 37. i-240 west bound is another problem spot you're going to want to avoid. traffic is slowing down to 21 miles per hour right there at merrimon avenue. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: coming up, the fbi defends its demand that apple
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iphone. it could be crucial to their investigation. >> frank: bad news for fans of a favorite asheville lunch joint.
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>> frank: stocks rally at the start of the week on wall street. the dow up 228 points ending at 16,620. the nasdaq was up 66 a closed at 4570. the fbi's defending its demand that apple help them open an iphone belonging to the san bernardino shooter. >> tammy: saying sayed farook's phone might have additional information. comby says we can't look survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. apple argues creating a way to override the phone's passcode, could put the privacy of all customers at risk. >> apple has helped the fbi in this investigation in every way the law required. but it has to draw the line at
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iphone, putting its engineers and creative talents to destroy the iphone as it exists. >> tammy: a federal judge has ordered apple to help the fbi hack in to that phone. a favorite lunch joint in west asheville closed over the weekend. the owners of momma's fast food on haywood road say the property is being sold. they served the neighborhood over the last 25 years. the owner posted a sign in the window on sunday thanking customers for their support. but if you really miss the food, owners say they'll continue to cater events. >> frank: folks must be mad about old momma's leaving. that's bad news. can't be as bad as these cloudy skies and all this rain. >> tammy: yes, absolutely. >> karen: it's going to be here for a while, unfortunately. along with the rain, we have heavy rain, including downpours overnight. gusty winds, and even severe
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: time to get real familiar with the umbrella over the next several days. we do have rain moving in and it is going to stick around for a while. it's coming in waves of heavy rain. right now we see some of the heavier showers along the north carolina-south carolina state line. much of them are moving off to the east. there are actually a few embedded thunderstorms in this whole mess whole mess. upstate, also that rain is coming down, 57. the winds have picked up a little bit out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. what we have going on on the bigger picture is this one wave of low pressure that is pulling the moisture in to our region.
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heavy rain as we go through the overnight on in to tomorrow morning. but then we get a nice long break before round number two comes our way. this one, the system in texas, that's the one that's going to bring us some severe storms. but we notice how that one wave moves off by tuesday morning. even. by 6 o'clock, just a few light showers beginning to return. but then tuesday night late on in to wednesday morning, the winds pick up. and then eventually, the rain, including those strong thunderstorms moving on in wednesday afternoon. cooler air wrapping around behind that system could bring a very light rain snow mix early thursday morning. something we're definitely watching closely. hour by hour, with a closer look on our future cast, 8 o'clock, it is going to be wet on our region. especially in our mountains. then overnight in to the morning commute, we'll have plenty of rain.
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morning, we see some breaks in the rain. so that is good. then we go through the morning of just some very light scattered shower activity. midday, cloudy and kind of damp. but early in the evening, we notice that rain beginning to pick back up to the west of us. tomorrow night on in to wednesday morning, that is when things are going to really be unsettled with high winds. and then those strong storms eventually cooling down and that light rain snow mix. rainfall totals are going to be pretty hefty around the region. through noon tomorrow over an inch in places like morganton. close to an inch in franklin. not quite as much in asheville. maybe half an inch. rain fall totals going way up to over two inches in parts of the foothills and our western mountain counties, especially. lows tonight are going to be mild. it will be wet. 42 in asheville.
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anderson also 47. highs tomorrow, cooler. so get that heavy jacket ready to go along with that umbrella. marion 47. asheville 47. greer 49. a quick look at the week ahead. definitely a very active week. we finally see things drying out on friday. right now it looks like a nice but kind of cool weekend. here's a quick look at your upstate seven day forecast. >> tammy: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. les loman sent us this shot of an icy creek in burnsville. >> frank: a lot of snow. nice. you can send us your pictures and video, too. you can log on to or e-mail pictures at
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>> tammy: learning about our past often gives us inspiration for the future. >> frank: isaac dixon elementary in asheville is named after a pioneer who went from slavery to a pillar in our community. >> tammy: news 13's john lee and
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the eye of the legend through kindergartners. >> john: there's a good chance you routinely walk or drive past his name. usually too busy to give isaac dixon a second glance. because who has time to take note of the noteworthy? >> oh, i don't know much about him. other than the picture hanging up. >> john: a humble painting gives us the portrait of an influential man. educator, community leader and founder of the first african american school. >> he helped build a community. >> john: as kindergarten teacher, leslie black explains. >> was a real live local pioneer. >> john: the architect of change. >> isaac dixon helped make that possible in asheville.
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on kids like joaquin, or nova. >> i wish i could meet the real isaac dixon because i like how you helped other people. >> john: a display presents a bold question, who was isaac dixon? in this case, the answers. he owned a grocery business and developed enough land to be dubbed dixon town. organized everything from a ymca for people of color, to the young men's institute, promoting social and economic opportunities for african americans. during simpler time, he helped make asheville a better place for all. >> perseverance. not giving up. >ohn: perhaps his greatest achievement in 1887 as an advocate for an asheville public school system. according to one source, he cast the deciding vote. dixon became the first african american in the state to serve
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>> i feel so fortunate to work at a school named after such a person. >> john: the man nicknamed uncle died in his 80s back in 1918. nearly a century later, his story inspires. >> i think it's important that our students and our new teachers and families all know his story. >> john: in december, mrs. black's class teamed up with artist christopher holt to design this image of dixon. >> he wasn't famous when he was alive but now he's famous. >> john: isaac dixon never sought fame. his name will never be forgotten, even if we do walk on by. >> tammy: construction continues on a new isaac dixon elementary school. >> frank: students will start school there this fall.
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>> tammy: still ahead, making it's being called the biggest economic incentive announcement in ten years in a certain county in western north carolina. we'll tell you what it is, coming up. he just came to kill. he's a murderer. he killed a human being. now he's killing animals. >> darcel: what authorities say happened that has him back behind bars. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> darcel: it's the biggest economic announcement in ten years in henderson county. >> larry: linamar will build a
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governor pat mccrory delivered that news. >> darcel: executives from switzerland also spoke. hundreds of jobs. >> kim: that's right, darcel. we're told about 350 jobs. these will be skilled jobs, including management positions. over the course of the last several months, we have reported on this new project that is now official. we're told that the average getting a big round of applause as he delivered the news. now the room was filled with economic leaders from the county as well as the top executives coming in from canada-based linamar and swiss based george fisher. the plant will be built in seven years in two phases. the governor talked about how important it is to bring real


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