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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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latest. karen. >> karen: right, frank. we've had so much rain here recently. we do have more heavy rain on the way. we have that flash flood watch beginning at 6 o'clock this evening. watch. be careful, especially if you are driving tonight. do not try to drive across flooded roads. in addition to that we have high wind warnings going through tomorrow for all of the blue highlighted counties. anybody in these higher elevations, go ahead and secure any loose objects on your property. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour could cause some damage. right now we don't see much on our radar. but heavy rain off to the southwest now. some of these storms have
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this is all eventually moving our way. we can see rainfall totals so far. we do have an additional one to two inches possible. 45 in asheville. 46 in greer. milder conditions out in our western mountain counties. evening planner featuring light showers. 45 degrees at 9. rain picking up later on tonight. 44 by then. 11 o'clock for that flash flood watch. here's a quick look at your upstate evening planner. when the rain gets heavy and how long the storms are expected to last. >> tammy: a colorado jury has found a woman guilty of cutting the baby out of a former brevard resident. the jury entered guilty verdicts on all counts against lane. wilkins responded to a craigslist ad for baby clothes. the baby died in the attack. wilkins survived. wilkins spoke outside the
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>> i may never get any real answers from her. i may never get an explanation from her. and i've come to discover that i really don't want anything from her. what i do want to express is my frustration and anger, um, at the callousness of her actions. >> tammy: lane faces 140 years in prison. her sentencing is setor april 29th. new details are emerging now about the suspect in a deadly shooting spree in michigan. now charged with killing six people and wounding others. >> frank: we're now learning what the suspect may have done just hours before the shooting. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: charges with six murders and facing life in prison. >> do you understand the charges? >> yes. >> reporter: uber driver, jason
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and revealed no new details during his arraignment. the 45-year-old admitted to ininstigators he took people's lives. dalton's friends say they are in disbelief. >> he was very quiet, reserved. definitely not out to cause any trouble. >> reporter: dalton once worked as an insurance adjuster. he's married and the father of a 10 and 15-year-old. >> friendly. talked to us. was smiling. joking around. >> reporter: this local gun shop owner also in shock. showing these surveillance videos of dalton in his store buying a tactical jacket. >> totally different people. >> reporter: she called 911 to report dalton's erratic driver that saturday afternoon.
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about dalton during the attacks but says those were the first complaints about him. he shot eight people, killing six, and injuring two, including a girl in critical condition believed to be brain dead. >> my daughter is not dead. >> reporter: as for the investigation, authorities say dalton is cooperating but still not talking about a motive. he's due back in court thursday. >> frank: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. clinton is joining the mothers of eric garner, trevon martin and others who lost their sons to police violence. during the event, sanders highlighted his differences from
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respects her despite their disagreements. sanders and clinton will both answer questions from voters at a cnn town hall event tonight at 8. we asked you who you think will win the south carolina primary in a facebook poll. 62% of you responded bernie sanders. 38% think hillary clinton will win. sanders and clinton will be stopping across the palmetto state all week long. for the very latest on the race to the white house, visit the 2016 election on our website. news 13's rex hodge is live at lake junaleska. rex, what's the goal? >> rex: to make sure responses to emergencies are the best they can possibly be. haywood county is providing the initiative behind this meeting of emergency workers from all across the state.
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at lake junaluska. the idea is comparing notes will make them even better. >> they all work a specific incident. >> reporter: this is the first in north carolina. emergency workers from across the state gathering to share notes on the best ways to respond to emergencies. whether it be heavy snow falls, power outages, or searches for missing persons. >> evaluators and controllers so we're helping each team look at every step of the methodical process. >> rex: greg shooping put together this academy. his state counter part on board. >> we have embraced it on individual classes but we never really brought the teams together like we did this week. >> rex: this exercise centers on a tropical storm and includes a public information officer getting information out to the
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rocky hyder talking to me. >> road is going to be flooding or washed away. >> once we talk about the flooding issue, we'll probably talk about power outages. >> rex: these drills are designed to talk about participants. whatever the situation, shooping says the goal is to help first responders respond as effectively as possible. and this class, he says, will help. >> and look for this training to become an annual event. likely at different locations across north carolina, rex hodge, news 13.
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director is presenting options today. among those options, change the zoning requirements that would allow more people to build and live. those homes are less than 800 square feet. asheville's tiny home manufacturer says this could solve an issue. >> now the biggest hold up is land. that's why today's meeting with the city council is important for the tiny house movement because it could suddenly make it not only pieces of land available but also a way to find those pieces of land. >> frank: changes to the minimum lot size requirements in the city that prevent many tiny homes from going in. >> tammy: let's head over to the on time traffic center. >> jaclyn: therr is a jackknifed truck. crews are heading there now to clear the state.
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chimney rock road between the i-26 overpass and sugar loaf road. this wreck is in the clearing stages. if you are heading out towards tunnel road soon, get ready for some delays. traffic is very heavy in governor's road. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> reporter: the label says all natural, but is it?
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>> frank: stocks took a nose dive today on wall street. the dow trading at 16,431. the nasdaq also down 67, closing at 4503. >> tammy: new data from the asheville regional airport marks 2015 as a record year in terms of the number of travelers served. >> frank: they saw more than 30,000 additional travelers compared to the previous year. they attribute the growth to
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officials say it's an indicator that more people are choosing asheville regional. they say more travelers means continued airline expansion. >> we have a lot of air travelers in our region and they use this airport as often as they can. and so that really supports success for the airlines so they continue to grow. >> frank: officials say summer in to fall is the busiest time of year for asheville regional. but a steady travel population 2015. >> tammy: the recall includes millions of mars, snickers and milk milky way chocolate bars produced in the netherlands. celebration and variety candy packs are also being recalled. >> frank: mastercard wants to
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the company is launching a new technology that allows you to use selfies instead of passwords to approve online purchases. users will have to blink before taking the picture to prove they're not holding a photograph to the camera. the new technology will be available in the u.s. within a couple of months. >> tammy: that's a great idea. unless you just got out of bed or something and you don't look anything like -- you know what i'm saying? >> frank: things happen. you get a little rain and it messes your 'do. >> karen: we have more rain moving in tonight. a chance of severe storms tomorrow. the big issue out of these storms, though, flash flooding and damaging winds. much more on the timing of when all this comes through. and yup, we have that slight chance of every insurance policy has a number.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: even though we only have light rain across the mountains right now, we do have a flash flood watch about to take effect. at 6 o'clock for the entire region. we do have heavier rain on the way. we see one little wave down on this corner of your screen here. heavier showers beginning to come up. you may or may not see them. heaviest rain off to the southwest, mississippi and alabama right now.
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that on top of the rain we've had over the last 24 hours, could make for some high water issues. if you're out and about driving around, be careful and don't cross any flooded roads. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. 46 at this hour in greenville. we can see some of this rain coming down. a little bit breezy, too. we have this system on the move and by midnight, that warm front should be moving through the mountains. we're actually going to see temperatures begin to rise as we go through the overnight hours. midnight, the leading edge of that heavier rain. morning commute time, that could be a little bit rough for many of us. that is when we should have the strongest showers. 7 o'clock, yeah, it's going to be a little bit harsh. but then we go on through the morning. and by lunch time, we actually see most of the rain, the heaviest rain appears to be off to the east of the mountains and
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but we're not quite out of the woods yet. more showers continuing. any additional rain is going to cause those flooding issues. as we go on in to the afternoon and then the later part of the afternoon on in to the evening, we see some of this moisture turning over to a wintery mix. light snow showers are possible in the higher elevations as we go on through thursday morning. so we have a little bit of everything with these wintery changes coming up here. hour by hour future cast. we can see the rain picking up as we go on in to day break. by 7 o'clock, a line of strong tomorrows it looks like. mainly over the upstate. but we can't rule out a few severe ones here in the mountains, bringing those gusty damaging winds, torrential rain and lightning. we have more rain on again off again in the afternoon.
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and it is going to be windy and much colder than, too. this one computer model showing an additional one to two inches of rain possible with this incoming storm system. lows tonight, we're going to hit them by midnight. highs tomorrow, we hit before noon. upper 50s in the mountains. 60s in the upstate. if we can get through tonight and tomorrow, and then that wintery thursday morning, things do begin to improve. it's going to be beautiful and sunny on friday. and right now we are looking at a sunny and dry weekend. but tonight on in to tomorrow, keep those umbrellas handy. >> frank: it is soggy out there. a lot of rain. >> tammy: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. a blue bird fluffing its feathers in the rain. >> frank: send us your pictures and video, just log on to
5:51 pm >> tammy: coming up next, looking beyond the label. how some all natural foods aren't what they seem. >> frank: get your news on the go with news 13's mobile app. it's your one source for local news, weather and sports, anytime, anywhere. you can also get real time traffic updates with our app.
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>> tammy: while shopping for groceries, many think . >> reporter: two-thirds of shoppers look for foods labeled natural. but don't be fooled, it doesn't necessarily mean what you think. the buzz word at supermarkets these days is natural. you'll see it in all kinds of packaged foods. >> yes, i look for natural because i feel like it's healthier. >> reporter: a consumer reports survey finds most people who buy processed foods labeled natural assume no pesticides were uses or gmo's. and almost half of those surveyed mistakenly think this
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>> the problem is the label doesn't guarantee anything. the natural label can be a littleore than a marketing tool that can fool consumers. >> reporter: for example, wesson vegetable oil is labeled pure. but it's made of genetically modified organisms. dell monte did not respond to questions about the ingredients. and this kraft mac n' cheese includes a . >> there should be verification required just like there is for the organic label. >> reporter: consumer reports
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administration to either ban the term "natural" or define it in a meaningful way. asking the public to weigh in on how natural should or should not be used on food labels. go to and click the store under our consumer reports section. >> tammy: the fight for social security benefits. a student waiting years to get
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find out what hap >> karen: we have a lot of weather coming our way. more heavy rain returning to the region. >> reporter: the fbi launches an investigation in the mountains. coming up on news 13, why they're looking in to whether local students committed a hate crime. >> reporter: solving asheville's affordable housing crisis. what are already some crowded neighborhood streets.
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secure any loose objects if you're in that warning area. right now the rain coming in to the mountains, not too heavy at this hour. we see this abundant moisture, including severe storms over the deep south and parts of mississippi. we'll see you when it gets here, coming up. current temperatures are in the lower 40s right now. a look at your evening planner coming up in a few minutes. >> larry: we have new details tonight of an incident touched off racial tensions in transylvania county last fall. >> darcel: it involves three young men, two of them brevard high school students. now the fbi has opened an investigation. >> larry: ashlea, the fbi has been conducting interviews there for the last few weeks, right? >> ashlea: that's right. agents have been in the area


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