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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news 13 at 11. >> larry: a violent storm system deaths tonight. a tornado ripped through an rv there. >> darcel: 30 people are hurt. authorities are going through the rubble right now. mississippi is also reporting a death when a tornado took a home there. a system is headed our way and there's a chance of severe weather tomorrow. >> larry: we want to get right on over to meteorologist karen wynne. >> karen: right now they are still pretty far off to the southwest of us. but we have seen rain pick up in the mountains just recently over much of swain county and haywood. we see this area of yellow continuing to move north towards i-40. but some of the heavy storms, the heaviest now over alabama. so they do have a ways to go. but they are coming our way bringing heavy rain along with them.
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tomorrow afternoon with an additional one to two inches of rain possible. on top of what we've recently had. so that means that flooding could happen very quickly. if you are going to be out and about driving in the wee hours of the morning, especially when it's dark and kind of hard to see flooded roads, be very careful and don't cross any flooded roads. we also have a high wind warning for the higher elevations above 3500 feet in the blue shaded area. western mountain counties that could get damaging wind. 60 mile an hour wind gusts. go ahead and secure loose objects on your property. 49 degrees at pick up time. showers and storms. a few of them severe. up to 57 by lunch time. with that chance of strong to severe storms. cooling off a little bit at drop off time. still rain in the area. coming up, we'll show you when
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to snow. >> larry: new tonight, local reaction to a new law in charlotte that allows transgender people to use the bathroom of t tir choice. >> darcel: the lgbt community applaud. opponents wants the legislature to block it. frank joins us live. >> frank: for a woman who identifies as a man to use the men's room. this is something that charlotte's been struggling with. something that asheville has not yet had to face. it was a contentious meeting, supporters and opponents. there are already businesses across the state making accommodations. making it clear transgender people will not be discriminated against. there's mixed reaction from
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>> you have an anatomy of a man, you ought to use the men's restroom facility or locker room. >> is this something we should be doing in our city. >> if they were dressed like a man and came in to a woman's restroom, i would be a little weird. >> if they present as a woman but they are a male, what do we care? it's who they are inside that matters. >> frank: the governors called on the state legislature to block the charlotte ordinance. that attempt will be made if that does not succeed. the new law goes in to effect on april 1st. now we talked with asheville mayor esther manhierm tonight. she said no one has ever approached the council about this issue. she says if that happens, if will be taken seriously and considered here. reporting live in asheville, frank kracher, news 13. >> larry: an alert for pet
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animal control has euthanized almost 30 animals this year because of distemper. just in the last day, the sheriff's office says it's put down five raccoons and a fox vpt a worker found a raccoon. he called the sheriff's office. which people are advised to do. >> we're seeing it in raccoons and foxes. we're just afraid in a matter of time someone's pet is exposed to distemper. >> larry: humans cannot get distemper. but it could be deadly for your pet. make sure their vaccinations are up to date. >> darcel: an expert testifies a murder defendant was mentally ill. richard o'shields is on trial for killing toby mathis back in 2011, which prosecutors say was
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mathis is charged with in involuntary manslaughter in the death of o'shields' son. there's little chance o'shields could have planned the murder. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. think. a news 13 investigation uncovers glaring gaps at the front gate of aviation security. >> larry: jennifer, who is slipping through the cracks? >> reporter: larry, many are slipping through the gaps. security goes beyond thehe bag that you pack or the toiletries that you pack. tonight we're looking at the airports closer to you investigating the security gap. >> i think it's wrong and it's a little scary to me. >> reporterr scary because this
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breached security from her kitchen table. >> just the fact if i can do it, how many other people can book a flight for someone else and have them pre-checked. >> reporter: after paying for a background check. her friend never registered. but landed beside her in the pre-check line for trusted travelers and quicker screening. >> we got this at the airport. and again, it was a pre-check with a green. so she did not have to take off her shoes or jacket. i know she's not going to do something crazy on a plane. how do you know someone isn't going to book a flight that they know is -- and i don't want to use the word terrorist, but someone who might harm somebody else. >> reporter: when i called the tsa, they say billado's friend hit the jackpot.
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the office of inspector general cacas the program a security vulnerability. through the same program, a convicted felon who served time on domestic terror group charges got the same approval. but he shouldn't have qualified for pre-check. a recent report by the inspector general found layers of security simply missing at airports nationwide. >> i see that they didn't check all the workers either. >> reporter: the tsa failed to catch 73 airport workers nationwide who received badges but shouldn't have because the tsa terrorism watch list wasn't complete. applications from baggage handlers to store workers funneled through. but it's the tsa who is responsible for background checks. >> if you have a criminal history, we're going to know about it. >> i think a complete background check should be a minimum standard, not the maximum standard.
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including access to some of the airports most secure areas. this past fall covert testing auditors had no trouble getting in to areas. >> those resports show real areas that we have aaddress. >> reporter: to get in to secure areas at both asheville regional and greenville spartanburg at gsp international, news 13 found it sometimes takes more than a badge. >> other areas would require a swipe of a badge, the insertion of that special code and a fingerprint. >> reporter: levels of security are important since the airport had 16 badges lost or stolen over the last five years. >> on an annual basis, we'll do a badge audit. and of course there are random checks of badges. >> reporter: asheville regional airport wouldn't release the information. police chief kegan smith did tell us only a few people have
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>> access only for areas that you have a need to be in. >> reporter: news 13 watches employees entering areas with just a swipe of their badge. noin number and not a single fingerprint reader. >> because what would work at a very large airport may not work at a very small airport. >> there are huge gaps that have to be filled. >> reporter: what's being done to secure air travel? meadows said congress, the inspector general and tsa are all looking at more controls fo are badges, as well as their employee credentialing program. >> until we get serious about actually vetting those who work, vetting those who provide the security and ultimately vetting those who are making decisions on what comes through a scanner and what doesn't, we're going to have these gaps. and it's troubling. you know, it's more than a three
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>> reporter: now the inspector general's report also raised issue with behavior detection officers that are stationed at checkpoints to notice suspicious behavior. the inspector general's office says just does not work. i requested more information about the tsa. when we get that information, we'll update this story. jennifer emert, news 13. >> darcel: bernie sanders and hillary clinton took the stage tonight in south carolina. but not together. they just wrapped up a townhall from cnn. we'll hear from them next as they get ready for saturday's democratic primary. >> larry: a pizza delivery driver was kidnapped and robbed.
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get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. >> larry: republican voters in nevada are taking part in tonight's caucuses. this is a live look from las vegas where caucus goers signed up this evening to participate. >> darcel: donald trump is hoping to build on his victories in new hampshire and south carolina. >> larry: we expect the results to start coming in about midnight. a little after. we will have results for you on
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and our coverage begins at 4:30. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both in the south together for the first time. at the university of south carolina, they took questions from voters in the audience at cnn's town hall. news 13's jerrika insco joins us after watching that town hall. jerrika. >> jerrika: laree othery, larry, it was not a traditional debate. both at one point or another spoke highly of president obama. winning over most of the black voters, which is notable leading in to the south carolina primary. historically black colleges, what they each can do for african americans and police brutality.
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their views and what south carolinians wanted from them instead of bashing each other. >> top 1/10 percent of america now own i think that is wrong. here it is, folks. you can like it or not, this is my view. we are going to ask profitable multi-national corporations and the rich to pay their fair share of taxes. >> i think the right response is let's respect police. hold up those who are doing the right things and protecting us. and let's hold police behavior accountable. >> jerrika: one thing they both discussed tonight and do not agree on is college tuition. clinton supports debt-free tuition. while sanders is pushing for free-public education. darcel and larry.
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tonight that have done a lot of damage out to our west. >> darcel: meteorologist karen wynne is here with the timeline of when we can expect the storms to move in to the mountains. karen. >> karen: once again, a look at that tyson furniture bus stop forecast. all of us. elevations. more on the storms. and then the snow coming up next. >> larry: and later, a horrible
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a puppy. now your news 13 skywatch weather weather. >> karen: rain. we're talking about some potential flooding and damaging winds. these are going to be the main issues issues. but with this system, we can't rule out an isolated tornado and snow coming behind it. right now the latest computer models are putting out measurable snow in parts of the mountains. i'll show you that coming up. right now the big story is heavier rain moving in to our western mountain counties. we can see some of the heaviest rain in our area is in parts of swain and haywood counties moving on in to madison. more moisture on the way. it is going to be a very wet and unsettled night.
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our winds have picked up a bit. out in the south it's 15 miles per hour. in greenville, we see more raindrops on that camera lens. 45 degrees that rain coming down. brisk wind out of the east-northeast eventually. we're going to see our winds shift around out in the south. a couple of future cast models to show you. we have a warm front moving through in the overnight. temperatures go up. heavier rain moves in. a little after 7 o'clock, we could have strong to severe storms. very gusty winds. periods of heavy rain throughout the morning. then by lunch time, much of this is going to shift just to the east of the mountains. but we're not completely out of the woods yet. we are going to have more rain on top of what we have already, of course, we could see some high water issues through the afternoon. then by 6 o'clock, we have cooler air moving in. our temperatures go down. we begin to see a little bit of snow moving in.
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then that snow keeps on flying across much of the higher elevations through thursday. pretty much all day long through thursday. it is going to begin to add up. future cast hour by hour. here we go with the rain, 7 o'clock. that looks like when some of the heaviest rain should be over us. at noon, we do see things begin to let up. our winds remain quite high, though. we see that snow across the highest elevations as we go on through tuesday. future cast with snow fall totals now actually showing light accumulations. not really much in asheville. but some of the blue shaded counties and the higher elevations around burnsville and great smoky mountains national park. up to four inches. not out of the question there. so several inches accumulating in the higher elevations. lows tonight, we've about hit them.
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around 50 degrees in parts of the upstate.
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asheville and in franklin and >> larry: a six-week-old puppy is recovering tonight after someone shot it 18 times with a
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a utility worker told officers puppy. when he later checked on the dog, it was bleeding heavily. there's 18 bbes lodged in the puppy's skin. >> there's no doubt this is one of the worst acts i've ever seen. >> larry: two teenagers were arrested today. a 17 and 14-year-old. vets say the puppy is able to eat and move around. once he's fully recovered, he'll be available for adoption. >> darcel: police hope they will help them track down a man they driver. he was taken 80 miles away about of he managed to get away. he wasn't hurt but says a man and woman made him drive to three different atms to take out
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>> darcel: an asheville radio show brings its microphones to music scene. the honeycutters opened to sold out crowd tonight. host david dye and his crew are here checking out the local bands, clubs and places to studio. >> larry: high school basketball playoffs tonight with a lot of
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stan shows us who is >> stan: the prep playoffs beginning tonight. 45 mountain teams in the first round play. surprising 3a mack champs at
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rockets the 12th seed but fired up. look at this, puts it in there as the rockets jump on top early. great bounce pass. lays it in. reynolds lead goes up to 10 in the first quarter. josh jones, he lays it in. rockets lose the 17 point lead but come back and win it 62-58. they advance to the second round. girls on the road. reynolds down but they ride the play as sarah who had the outside shot working together. southern guilford too much this evening as they beat reynolds. the third seeds in 3a. drew williams hits his 1,000th career point.
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the jumper. what a shot. the knights still down by 7. kyle becker drives the baseline. he'll make the nice pass. north henderson could not erase the deficit. a stunner. 80-63. in 2a, owen the 8th seed at home, hosting thomasville. nice move. hits the jumper. 54-47. later in the game, ben craig. watch this. behind the back. then he finished off the glass. so nice. we're going to show it again. he shows the handle and makes the great play to increase the lead, 52-47. then it's ben craig finds johani franks. watch him beat his defender. hits the baseline jumper. owen wins it 73-59. >> it was great hearing all the fans enjoy the game. it was just great playing intense basketball.
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it's always fun winning. especially a playoff game in front of your home crowd. >> stan: acc hoops tonight, clemson trying to keep their ncaa. watch it here. it's good. they're up 12 with a minute left in the half. they had 22. but right before the half, marcus george at the buzzer. got it. he had 25. tech battles 13 down. they win 75-73. >> larry: all right. weather a little violent out west. not so bad here. >> karen: well we have that heavy rain chance and chance of severe storms tomorrow. be aware of that. we even have a chance of mainly light snow as we go through the day on thursday. some of the higher elevations could see three or four inches. >> larry: thank you for joining us. remember you can always check us
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for joining us. i'm glad i'm here. this may sound a little bit odd but i'm starting to think my house is trying to get rid of me. i mentioned last night on the show on, monday night i accidentally ate a handful of sea sick medication because i thought they were breath mints. i have no idea where they came from. last night about 2:00 in the morning. i'm in bed and i think i hear a chirping sound. my wife who wakes up any sound. every time i let out even half a snore, she wakes up. she's sound asleep. so i assume i'm dreaming. then i hear it again. and i wait and i hear nothing. i lay my head back down. then again i hear it. this happens again and again


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