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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we'll look at the future cast to see if more rain will fall today, when the snow will begin and how much will fall. >> high winds race through a community crashing a tree through a building. rex hodge is live from maggie valley. how bad is the damage? >> strong winds snapped one of these tall pines and it fell. the heavy tree cut through the roof and damaged her car inside. she said the storm rumbled through about 7:00 this morning, sounding very much like a train coming through. >> i have never heard a noise like that. from w what people describe, the whole building over here shook. i knew something was different. >> she lives here with her daughter.
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of the other residents who live in the small community she has insurance and has contact the carrier to assess the damage to her car. assessors have been looking at the damage and putting reports together. coming up at 12:30, we'll tell you what else was inside the garage where jane parks her >> a large pine tree comes crashing to a candler home. no one was hurt but the home has significant damage. limbs punctured holes on the roof and on the side of the house. strong winds brought the tree down. the homeowner said there is evidence lightning may have played a role. >> i don't know if it has been hit by lightning but something happened to the tree. >> he and his wife have only lived there for a year. the tree stood on the property adjacent to theirs.
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assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. deputies arrested crystal hopkins in weaverville last night. deputies arrived shortly after 7:00 to find one person stabbed twice in the chest. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. deputies say hopkins ran away with three minors but was located a short time later. she is in the detention facility under $50,000 secured bond. >> happening today, closing arguments begin in a transylvania murder trial. at the time, mathis with charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of oshields' son. yesterday a forensic psychiatrist testified because oshields suffered a stroke after his son's death along with ptsd and alcoholism, there was little chance he planned the murder. >> brevard police searching for a missing man. matthew jenkins was last seen a week ago. he is known to visit nashville
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if you have any information, call police. >> the search continues for another missing man, this time from mcdowell county. deputies say he was last seen in nebo in december. they hope showing his picture will lead to information. >> after a victory in the nevada caucuses, donald trump is one step closer to the gop nomination in the race for president. his win comes on the same night the democratic candidates hit the stage for a town hall in south carolina. >> this morning, donald trump on a winning streak after another victory, this time nevada. >> we love nevada. >> love for trump but anger in washington and the strong desire for an outsider gave the front runner an easy win over his rivals. >> it is a fight for second
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favorite marco rubio and iowa caucus winner ted cruz. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> ben carson and john kasich were at the bottom of the pack. they vowed to move onto supertuesday. the democrats are focused on tuesday but first south carolina. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? >> hillary clinton fired up during the cnn town hall after a federal judge ruled the former secretary of state's top aide should testify over her use of private e-mail but ahead of the democratic primary in the palmetto state the focus was on african americans who make up half of the electorate. >> we must sustain and strengthen the historically black colleges and universities. >> racism along with economic issues, educational issues and the rest have to be addressed. >> clinton has campaign events today. sanders is in missouri and oklahoma. the republicans are taking part
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trump fox nemesis megyn kelly. trump declined the invite citing a scheduling conflict. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders held a news cference today on poverty in south carolina. it was this morning at the double tree hotel in columbia. he was joined by south carolina state representative joe neil and justin bamburg. he has campaigns planned in kansas city and tulsa, oklahoma. >> hillary clinton is taking part in the alpha kappa luncheon in west columbia. tonight she will hold a fund-raiser in charleston. her husband and former president bill clinton will be campaigning for her during get out the vote rallyies in virginia. >> tonight in a special report, a close look at a new law in north carolina. it adds an extra step to buying a handgun. investigators are required to get a mental health record check in every county an applicant has lived.
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past the 14-day deadline in some counties. advocates say it is worth the extra time but gun enthusiasts say it infringes on their rights. >> i'm getting input from people who have been unable to get a pistol purchase permit and unable to buy the firearm. >> coming up tonight, how this new check is affecting the process and why it still leaves holes in the system. >> authorities are investigating more than a dozen new reports of the zika virus, possibly transmitted by sex. coming up, the possible implications for controlling the virus. >> in the business report, supporters rally for apple, as the war of words continue between the fbi and the tech giant. >> keep updated on the news and
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search wlos in >> the centers for disease control and prevention is investigating reports of sexual transmission of the zika virus. topping today's headlines, what else is being done to stop the virus from spreading. >> they are investigating 14 days with several involving pregnant women. zika has been confirmed in 23 columbia. the most likely way to be infected with zika is through a mosquito bite. world health organization says up to four million people will be infected in the next year. >> today a group of scientistses from all over the world will meet at nc state in the fight against zika. it is because of new research there to keep the virus from
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cientists inject eggs they have genetically modified. the hope is when the mosquito will carryoff spring it will carry the new gmo gene. >> the strategy is, ok, we want to try to eradicate it but we'll try to change them. >> the gmo antiviral gene would prevent chikungunya from being transmitted by mosquitos. >> the situation with the water supply in flint michigan may have you wondering how safe the water is from your own faucet at home. beth has some tips for how you can safe guard you and you family. >> the water crisis may have you wondering are there dangerous levels of led in my water at home? experts say there are things you can do to empower yourself. call your water supplier and ask for their latest consumer confidence report.
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look for information on an epa website. if you see levels above 15 parts per billion, call and demand action. if you want to test your water yourself, your supplier may come out and do it for free. you can get a testing kit. use first draw water, the first water to come out of your pipe after sitting overnight. you'll then send samples off to a certified lab. you can find a list of the epa website. while you wait, the cdc has instructions on how to protect yourself from dangerous levels of led. >> news 13 is hosting the third annual live well expo at the wnc ag center. we'll have more than 100 exhibitors offering cooking demonstrations. admission is free. get details at >> coming up, severe storms spawn tornadoes that left several people hurt. where those storms are heading today.
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chance for severe storms, black mountain saw showers and then saw a break a break. the wind in asheville at 15 to 17 miles an hour. coming up after the break, we'll talk about when these temperatures will drop so low that the snow will begin to fall. how long that lasts coming up. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> good afternoon, everyone. east of our region, if you have to be traveling, friends along 77 this. we have tornado warnings out and severe thunderstorm warnings. a couple of popped up. back here at home, no warnings at the moment in the way of tornadoes or the severe thunderstorm. we are still seeing some of these thunderstorms. brevard is getting hit right now around cedar mountain.
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the darker the green, the heavier the rain. then we have the yellow and also the orange here. these showers and storms will continue to head towards ediwa at 12:19. also horse shoe at 12:23. mills river, 12:26. rugby, around 12:27. that impact is close to 50,000 people here across the region. please use caution if you are about to head out for your lunch break. once again, these storms will continue to move north. in fact, north of spruce pine, mainly east at this point. still seeing some of these heavy showers towards newland and eventually towards boon. over the next couple of hours, that same batch in brevard will continue to push through southern buncombe county, eventually into marion and into the southern portion of yancey, mitchell, avery counties. a quick reminder, the chance for showers and storms to turn severe, the possibility is just the thunderstorm chance in asheville now. it was marginal.
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we still keep that chance in the forecast. flash flood watch is still out through 6:00 today, because that chance for storms. you know how it is, the thunderstorms can dump the water down. in asheville, we picked up an inch since midnight. temperatures have been all over the place. 60's at times. now we are at 58 degrees in asheville. 40's in newland. 50's in boone. 70's further south. still holding onto some of the cooler air west of here in bryson city at 58. the wind, this has been a major issue today with the saturated ground, the power issues, we'll talk more about that in a second. 29 right now in greer. gaffeny, 17. 30 in anderson. high wind warning has just been extended. it was to expire at 1:00. now they pulled it into 7:00 today for all the areas shaded in blue.
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the wind advisory is out through midnight, for the rest of these locations. thunderstorms still likely as this quick moving front continues to push off this low. look behind this low. the cold air, the mixed precip, we'll see that wrap around back here tonight. that will give us a chance for snow. not a ton more rain expected unless we see some thunderstorms develop, which could happen. 2:00 does show scattered showers across the region. asearly as this evening, some of these western zones will continue to see temperatures drop. that is when we'll see the rain snow mix. all snow overnight, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we are going to see a dicey commute. lunchtime, things start to calm down, overnight, thursday into friday morning, another chance for snow. once again, not a ton more rain. in fact, future cast models picking up a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch in our western zones. then the chance for snow returns. the winter weather advisory is
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a.m. friday. these accumulation levels, this is two days, not just tonight. lookiki at the future cast, court this, showing asheville at four tenths of an inch. the northern portion of the county could be closer to the one inch mark with the areas above 3500 feet, anywhere from two to four inches of snow possible. hendersonville, down into the valley, maybe a dusting. a few severe storms today in asheville. 61 degrees. it will be very windy today. that will be a big issue.e. that wind will continue tonight, rain to snow. in greenville, heavy rain still possible at times. gotten a lot already. windy conditions through tonight, with a few showers but it should be all liquid precip for you. tomorrow, temperatures will warm up to the low 40's. we will see some snow melt. morning. then we'll see clearing skies, friday, saturday and again on sunday, with isolated showers monday.
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chance for a severe storm. >> we have seen quite the mixed pga bag in this forecast. power outages in our area due to the weather. buncombe county has 1100 people without power at this hour. that number is more than 3,000 in henderson and macon. >> in the upstate, greenville has 3900 people without power, more than 4,000 in spartanburg county. >> unfair and deceptive practices cost a major bank big time.
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customers will give back and >> stocks are in a downturn for midday trading. at noon, the dow down 1412 at
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nasdaq down to 5478. city bank must provide $11 million in refunds. this is over illegal debt sales and debt collection practices. according to financial protection bureau, the bank broke the law by selling credit debt and failing to forward payment to debt buyers. >> almost everyone seems to be taking the side of the nation's cellular carriers. at&t and t-mobile have expressed their opinion in carefully neutral statements. >> lego unveils its latest speaker at the toy fair. the toy is expected to reflect the stay at home dads. it comes paired with a stroller and office mom. lego says they aren't responding to any demand from anyone.
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world around us and listen to the customer base. >> do you know what america's most popular breed of dog is? years.
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sfa >> the american kennel club has named the lab dor retriever as the most popular dog breed. >> it is the 25th year in a row labs were named top dog. breeders say labs are popular because they y e smart and family friendly. >> rounding out the top five most popular dogs, german shepherd, golden retrievers and beagles. >> great choices and her all loyal.
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>> it was a terrible noise, one we hadn't heard. >> coming up live, high winds race through maggie valley. the damage done to the structure and what is inside. >> honoring the late ray
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let's take a live look outside. look at the camera moving around there. that's due to the high winds. we have been seeing this issue all morning and into the afternoon. traffic is looking ok. it is clear at the moment. so no real rain concerns but the wind, is ground is so so much rated. >> we have been seeing that, more on that coming up in a minute. >> in asheville, seeing mild conditions and some blue sky believe it or not mixed in with showers. on our skycam network, we could see more rain today. i'll show you hour by hour on our future cast when that snow will begin to fall. just how much through friday. couple of minutes. >> high winds race through a haywood community crashing a tree through a building. rex hodge is live from the scene. rex, was anyone hurt? >> well, i'm here in the riverside valley villa.
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toll pine trees behind me. it fell into the roof where jane parks her car. fortunately, no one was hurt. but the heavy tree cut through the roof and damaged her car. she says the storm rumbled through maggie valley at 7:00 this morning, sounding very much like a train coming through. >> bealic lives here with her daughter. they were not hurt nor were any other residents in the community. she has contacted her carrier to assess the damage to her car. i can also tell you jane five years ago had fire damage and because of that fire, it put some of her valuable belongings inside the garage. those also were damaged. some irony involved as well. we'll have more on this story on


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