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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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toll pine trees behind me. it fell into the roof where jane parks her car. fortunately, no one was hurt. but the heavy tree cut through the roof and damaged her car. she says the storm rumbled through maggie valley at 7:00 this morning, sounding very much like a train coming through. >> bealic lives here with her daughter. they were not hurt nor were any other residents in the community. she has contacted her carrier to assess the damage to her car. i can also tell you jane five years ago had fire damage and because of that fire, it put some of her valuable belongings inside the garage. those also were damaged. some irony involved as well. we'll have more on this story on
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>> you can see in rex's live shot, the wind employeeing steadily. what is it doing in. >> that will be a major issue. we have extended warnings, i'll share that with you. most of the heavy stuff,f, the intense showers, thunderstorms and tornado warnings to the east of our region. if you are about to travel that way, it won't be good news. back at home, seeing some showers. you can see some showers falling across the region. seeing heavier rain in henderson county and light rain to moderate rain out towards brevard. bryson city continuing to see moderate to heavy rain at times. that will continue throughout the majority of the afternoon. not widespread rain. in fact, really transitioning now to a drier trend and then the snow will begin. just a reminder. although we are not completely out of the woods, we have a
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chance for them to turn severe this afternoon. that's when we see the really strong winds. flash flood watch is out until 6:00 they just dropped it, for western north carolina, probably because as you saw the rain is starting to wrap up as i just mentioned. now we are going to start to see temperatures drop through this to fall. today. we have seen more than an inch temperatures kind of all over the place. in fact, some areas cooler than others. some really warm. down to the upstate, 70 degrees. same thing in forest city at 68. you can see in our western zones, we are starting to cool off a bit. the wind an issue everywhere. andrews right now at 240 miles an hour. 24 up towards knoxville. 17 in asheville. dpusty conditions from the foothills and especially down to the upstate right now where winds are gusting close to that 340-mile-an-hour mark. this is why the high wind
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until 7:00 today, above 3500 feet in our northern to western region. further south, down into the upstate and east ward towards the foothills and towards the piedmont. now, the rest of us under this wind advisory. this goes through midnight. even in the valley locations, we will see a lot of wind. the ground is saturated. that's the first problem. we have the heavy rain that fell this morning, rivers continuing to rise, add in the wind, we have downed trees and power issues which are still a problem. thunderstorms really ahead of the front. that's quickly moving. it is behind this low that temperatures will continue to drop. that's when we see a chance for snow. rain is not going to be too prevalent prevalent. within the storms, we can see the heavier downpours. here's the snow transition, it starts this evening. then it is all snow in the higher elevations through
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this could mean, of course, school delays and delays for you on your morning commute to work. more widespread, even through thursday night into friday, so how much is expected to fall? rainwise, it is going to be little. a tenth of an inch for the majority of the area today, in addition to what we have picked up. look at this, winter weather advisory until 7:00 friday. it is a two-day period here. how much snow is expected to fall into the valley? it is indicating we could get less than half an inch. that could be snow on the ground. here's another issue i haven't talked about yet. we have had the rain. these roads are not treated. that means black ice and snow could stick to the ground in the morning. 60's for highs today. as the temperatures drop, the rain will transition to snow. heavy rain at times still this afternoon. the threat lingers. tonight, staying above freezing.
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showers will end, we'll see sunshine finally for the weekend. >> when bad weather is in the forecast like this week, you need to stay on top of the alerts. download our app for free, search wlos in your app store. been found. newsreel. several pods turned up. authorities fear 18 passengers and three crew members on the plane have died. witnesses reported seeing flames in a heavily wooded area in northern nepal. the army and police are deployed to the area and are searching for survivors. the flight was supposed to last for 19 minutes. the contact was lost about eight minutes after takeoff. storms leave a trail of damage and at least three people dead. two people were killed and several more injured. the storm overturned trailers
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rescue crews are helping to look for victims. utility poles came down and cars flipped over. 27 tornadoes record in five different states. forecasters say at least 20 million people across the southeast could face the risk of severe storms and tornadoes again today. >> taking a look at the race for the white house. donald trump wins big in nevada. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders talked with voters at a cnn town hall in south carolina. >> we are winning, winning, wip ing ing. >> we won with young, we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. >> with trump highly favored, the fight was between ted cruz and marco rubio.
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progress. >> we are step closer to turning the pages of the failure of the clinton disaster.disaster. >> as the republicans watched the nevada returns come in. testimonies hit them on the issue of race at the town hall. >> the issue which we heard from donald trump and others, a racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the united states. >> bernie sanders courting the minority vote ahead of the primary and hitting hillary clinton over her paid sgloofrjts to wall street. >> why is is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? >> for complete coverage, head to our website. you can 53 upcoming events and
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>> the president and first lady will honor ray charles in washington. they are hosting a tribute to the singer song writer and musician as part of the performance at the white house series. the artist like yolanda adams will performance charles music. president obama will speak as well. the whole thing will be streamed online starting at 7:00 p.m. >> we have the perfect together.
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is perfect >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. bruce brown is back with us. >> good afternoon. how are you today in.
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with thihings coming up, high school graduation, i like doing dips. one of my favorites is hummushummus. hummus can be plain. i'll make hummus out of black eyed peas. i start off with my garlic in the food processor. about five to six cups, drained. to that we'll adjust like usual, our usual hummus, a tablespoon and a half of cumin and half a cup of lemon juice. half a cup of tahini. and then we'll get this all -- >> that's why i like holly. we don't waste anything. that's what makes it good. >> all right.
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if you want to get the garlic ground up first, that usually helps now to this, about a teaspoon of salt. >> ok. >> not a lot, just enough. half a cup of olive oil. as we start to take on the color of the hummus. then i have three tablespoons, i have a quarter cup, four tablespoons of dried chives. if you have fresh ones in your herb garden, by all means, use them. dump them in and puree through. i stopped the food processor, make sure that everything gets in it so holly doesn't get a chunk of garlic between her teeth.
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all the flavors melded together, make sure it is pureepureed. serve it with vegetable shovels. and with some crackers. >> pita bread. >> great dip just for you. >> let's get you the recipe, go to our website, click on the carolina kitchen link, that's the fastest way. send an envelope to one 10 tex nothing drive. check us out on pinterest. another great recipe that is fast and healthy. that's what is cooking in the kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow in the kitchen, call it chow chow for this relish, tangy with potatoes, cheese and other entrees. >> up next, how your vote on a bond referendum can make a difference for the community. >> if you can't catch news 13 on tv, catch our newscast, also on
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all you have to do is go to
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at lowe's. >> welcome back. 124:47. on tuesday, march 145, north carolina voters will decide on the two billion dollar bond referendum. it would fund state and local infrastructure needs and provide 1410 million dollars for a natural sciences building. joining us is the chancellor. thank you for coming in. >> let's talk about western, what would this mean for you? >> the 1410 million dollars would go for a natural sciences building replacement. a building was build when western carolina was 4,000 students smaller than it is. our fastest growing majors require biology, physics and
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we are out of space. we need more nurses in our economy, we need more engineers. for us to meet the needs of our region, we need to grow our enrollment. in order to do that, we need a larger building. >> 11% in the last four years. >> this is obviously going to be great. it is going to benefit some other educational institutions in our area. >> absolutely. every unc institution will receive funding. our pattern here at unc asheville will receive 21.1 million dollars in renovations funding for their owen and car michael hall. blue ridge community college, 2.9 million. it is also going to meet the needs of chimney rock state park. >> talk about that. other areas in our community,
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but the park service. >> that's right. there is funding for agriculture, for water and sewer projects for the natural guard and for parks and natural resources. it is about infrastructure for the whole state and investing now for maximum return on investment for our operations going forward. >> when people hear this, they think it is too good to be true. why wouldn't we vote for it; where is the money coming from. $2 million is huge. >> it is huge but there are no new taxes associated with it. first, we are experiencing historic cli low interest rates. on the other hand, north carolina is paying down its debt that it took on in other bond issues so rapidly that it is not going to create any new taxes. it is a win-win situation. we'll get the infrastructure we need to educate north carolinians. >> you'll be hosting a special forum to tell us about that. >> right.
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special forum next monday to make sure our own -- in western carolina university are involved with it. we are hosting a foryum in concert with asheville. >> all that information is on your screen. we'll get it to you on it is going to be on the ballot. the bond referendum coming up. everybody says vote for it and your taxes will not be raised. >> coming up, time for this week's pet pals. >> meet a sweet and gentle 8-year-old boxer mix looking for a new family. >> later today at 5:30, crispy or light and fluffy. consumer report.
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. >> sdmr welcome to today's pet pals. i'm with ashley from the charley angels pet rescue. we have an older pug. tell us about chubbs. >> chubbs is a boxer mix, he is 8 years old. he does have a little bit of arthritis in the back leg. we have him on a special diet. he has been doing well with that. >> when a new owner will come in, you are going to give them all of the education on the diet. >> absolutely. we'll give the information we have been using to give him his medicines and his special tight tight -- diet that is helping. >> a family would be an older family? >> sure, a quieter home. he loves to snuggle.snuggle. >> how would somebody go about adopting him? >> they can come to our
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they can give us a call. >> for more information on chubbs, you guys can always join us on >> lots of energy. >> might be a good one for kids to run around. >> let's take a final look at weather. i want to remind you, a high wind warning is in effect until 7:00 p.m. today for the counties west of asheville. haywood, transylvania, macon, cherokee and clay extended into the upstate because we have seen very high winds already today, up to 30 miles an hour sustained at times. wind advisory through midnight for the remainder of the viewing area. in buncombe, this winter weather advisory goes until 7:00 a.m. friday. not just tonight but again thursday night.
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we'll have an update at 5:00. >> announcer: if you think last night's dinner is so over, think again, because we're showing you how to love your leftovers. michael's got the secret to a tasty, cheesy bite that'll have you shouting risott-oh-yeah baby. then, mario's teaming up with a "chew" viewer to take her leftovers from tired to inspired. plus, "chewer challenge" week continues and clinton is being put to the test in a crazy crafting challenge. get ready to fall in love with your leftovers right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. hello, hello, hello. welcome to "the chew." so, i want to tell you a story. it's a little story about a plastic container in the back of your refrigerator that needs some love.
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leftover, yes. we are here today to tell all the leftovers of the world something really important -- we love you, we really, really love you. [ cheers and applause ] i put my heart into that one. >> you did, i felt it. >> you went out there. >> how do you feel about leftovers, do you love them? >> i love them. i really, really love them. >> hate them. >> you hate them? >> i don't -- hate's a strong word. i don't want to use the word hate. >> it is a strong word. >> here's what i will say, though. like, when we make something and there's leftovers, i find myself eating it pretty much in its normal form. but like, when we go out to eat, we always bring leftovers home. and man, they just never leave the fridge again. >> really? there all lonely by themselves. [ laughter ] over-orderer. like pick up, or delivery, or at a restaurant, she's the classic over-orderer. >> and they just -- >> so you have a lot?


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