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tv   News 13 at 430am  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 what a difference 24 hours make. we go from rain and high winds... to snow. and more snow is expected to fall throughout this morning in parts of the mountains. 3 3 graham county schools are already on a two-hour delay this morning because of the winter weather. let's go straight to news 13's ingrid allsteadt with what is happening right now. good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 this morning the clean-up continues in parts of north
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tornadoes. this is new video out of granville county. you can see a home was reduced to a pile of rubble. other tornadoes were reported in cumberland and vance counties. 3 those tornadoes were all part of a system that killed at least four people in virginia. as reid binion reports, the severe weather outbreak has left a path of destruction across the east coast and the south. 3 (pastor) "we're not worried really about the damage really. our prayers goes out to the three people that lost their life." the community of waverly virginia... ...mourning thost killed when a possible tornado hit their mobile home wednesday. the youngest victim, a two year old boy. another man was found dead after a twister hit appomattox county. ... and an additional tornado was reported in nearby in essex county. (neil harvey, essex county resident) "we was sitting in the middle of the house when it came through and it just demolished everything that twister, leaving several survivors trapped in wreckage. all told the storm system unleashed more than a dozen tornadoes wednesday across virginia, florida, and north carolina.... ...with severe damage as far north as pennsylvania. today's deaths were in addition to the three people killed in storms spawned by the same weather
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watches expired late wednesday... warnings and advisories took their place: a low pressure system tracking from the gulf of mexico... and bearing down on the east coast thursday. ...triggering winter storm warnings and advisories stretching more than 14- hundred miles... from texas to delaware... ...with roughly 50 million people in the storm's path. i'm reid binion, reporting-----end----- cnn.script----- 3 3 3 happening today, closing arguments are schedule to begin in an emotionally charged murder trial in transylvania county. richard o'shields faces the possibility of life in prison for the 2011 killing of toby mathis. prosecutors say he shot the victim five times to avenge his son joey's death. a psychologist testified p-t-s-d and the effects of a stroke impaired o'shields. because of that, he does not think o'shields was capable of planning the murder. 3 the ability to make plans would still be severely impaired with ptsd and by his depression and cognitive problems, he would not be able to think of alternatives. he
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the consequences o'shields's brothers also testified that he withdrew from his family and drank heavily after his son's death. 3 3 the asheville police chief updates her time at the departmen. during a luncheon for the 'leadership asheville forum,' chief tammy hooper said a-p-d has made key improvements to the evidence room. she also says the issue with uncertified radar guns has been resolved . hooper says a new recruiting plan has put two-dozen new officers on staff. 3 36:30 at different point people are just curious about where we are in those processes, so i'm always happy to come talk to folks about that. one of the big focuses for this coming year is to definitely crank up our community engagement so any opportunity that i have to come out and talk to groups, i'm happy to come do that. the chief says a-p-d's to-do list is largely based on a study that was commissioned by the city before she was hired. it zeroed in on shortcomings within the deparment. 3 3 the investigation into the
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evidence room is moving forward. district attorney greg newman tells the carolina public press an audit has been completed. he will review a written report... after it is finished next week. the deputy who ran polk county's evidence room, sergeant chris byers, was fired. authorities say byers came forward saying he had a substance abuse problem and admitted violating procedures for handling evidence. 3 3 a breakthrough for 'blind reporting' of sexual assault and rape in north carolina... was launched here in buncombe county. 'our voice' of asheville now offers a first- of-its-kind option for victims. they can file anonymous complaints through the crisis and prevention center. 'blind reporting' has long been a resource for advocates, survivors and law enforcement. making it available online means it's easier and more immediate. 3 "we need to be able to move forward, and to be able to make this report as accessible as possible to survivors that are wanting to do it without having to wait for the rape crisis center to open the next day and connect with an advocate." for details on
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anonymously... or to get help from "our voice"... go to "news links" at wlos-dot-com. 3 3 we have a clarification on a story we reported yesterday morning. in our report about an f-b-i investigation into an alleged hate crime... we gave an incorrect school name. the case involves brevard high school. 3 3 3 turning now to the race for the white house... tonight, the republican presidential candidates will face-off in their final debate before the super tuesday primaries. our chief political correspondent scott thuman is in houston with a look at what to expect. 3 we are here in houston and a state that brags it does everything big. well the texas size showdown tonight is the final republican debate before super tuesday and here are the story lines: ted cruz has 3 3rd pl. finishes in a row and is hoping for a rebound. one poll does show him up double digits in his does show him up double digits in his 3 state.3 marco rubio held a big rally
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tries to continue the momentum and all are chasing donald trump who again display the aggressive tone that has been successful for him by again talking about ted cruz being born in canada and perhaps in eligible for the white house. he also got continues to show his antiestablishment credentials by attacking the 2012 nominee mitt is no coincidence that the final debate for super tuesday is here in texas, the crown jewel of march 1, with 155 3 delegates up for grabs. we will have analysis throughout the day and late into the evening. in houston texas, scott thuman, and i'll back to you 3 demoractic presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president bill clinton have several stops planned
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mrs. clinton has events in kingstree, florence, myrtle beach and north charleston. president clinton will be in spartanburg for a "get out the vote rally." it starts at 4:30 at the university of south carolina - upstate. 3 senator bernier sanders will be in illinois today. he will host a rally at chicago state university. afterwards, he will join the "m-s-n-b-c college tour" with "chris matthews" at university of chicago. 3 3 a shootout in colorado kills a deputy and injures two others. in this morning's headlines, we are learning new details about the suspected gunman. 3 wirth" opened fire as the deputies were trying to serve him an eviction notice. wirth was shot and killed, but it is not clear if it was by the deputies or by his own gun. in 1994, he was accused of shooting his neighbor to death in a drunken argument over a chess match. in 2014, wirth ran as the green party candidate for a state senate seat in colorado, and lost. 3 more than 600 animals were seized from a farm in farmersville, new york. they
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turkeys, chickens, sheep and dogs. animal cruelty investigators say they were living in deplorable conditions. it is not the first time their owner has been accused of neglect. the american humane association, s-p-c-a and state troopers are now working to care for the animals. 3 members of the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in utah are accused of running a mult- million dollar fraud scheme. they were arrested during a federal raid this week. one of the people charged is "lyle jeffs", the brother of polygamist sect leader "warren jeffs." the group is accused of stealing welfare money intended for poor families.. and using it to pay for a john deere loader, a new truck, and nearly 17-thousand dollars in paper products. 3 3 3 3 we have another early bird gets the win giveaway this morning! we are giving away a one-hour silk peel facial from "derma blue dermatology" valued at 100 dollars. go to facebook dot com slash news 13 to enter. we will announce the six winners just before 7 this morning. 3
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3 "it's just such a cool thing, country music, it's all about families." a special surprise by country music star carrie underwood. coming up, we will show you what she did for a veteran, and the other ways she is giving back to a bigger cause. 3
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3 time for this morning's see it, send it, shoot it picture. this photo comes to us from robin smith in golden valley. a rare picture of a beautiful double rainbow. you can send us your pictures and video too. just log on to w-l-o-s dot com. or e-mail them to pics at w-l-o-s dot com. 3 3 3 news 13 is hosting the third annual 'livewell expo' next month. it's coming up on march 19th at the 'w-n-c ag center.'
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hundred exhibitors offering free health screenings, cooking demonstrations and entertainment. admission is free. you can find more details at w-l-o-s dot com. 3 3 the time is now 4:xx. giving props when they are due.the driver showing some impressive skills, next in our viral video. 3
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3 it's now 4:xx. here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 3 "after not eating all day by 10 o'clock at night everybody is hungry, " wolfgang puck and his team are hard at work for the oscars. next, you will not believe how long they have to prepare thousands of dishes.
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3 in this morning's the buzz, the president and first lady honor music legend ray charles. they hosted a tribute concert as part of the "in performance at the white house" series. contemporary artists including yolanda adams, anthony hamilton, and brittany howard performed ray charles' music. it was streamed online and will be shown on p-b-s this friday night. 3 "i don't even know his last name." country singer carrie underwood surprised a vet and his family before her show in boston. underwood teamed up with carnival cruise line to honor families and raise money for non-profit operation homefront. the family says they were very greatful for this special opportunity. 3 aaron van huysen (said van high-sen)"this is awesome-- this is the best experience of our lives-- and especially theirs- you know we told them they were going to the carrie underwood concert-- but i don't think they appreciated the scale of it." the family has lived in at least a half
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aaron's 17 years with the coast guard. 3 we are days away from the oscars and today, we are getting a look at the menu. this year is chef wolfgang puck's 22-nd year crafting the menu for the post-oscars governors ball. the team of chefs will create 12-thousand dishes in one and a half hours. this year, the menu is focused on small plates. 3 "i like the variety, you know? we do so many different dishes and i think that's what's really exciting is, you know, you don't have to have one big plate, but you eat a lot of little things." celebrities will have 30 options to choose from, including, sushi, smoked salmon oscars, kobe beef, and alaskan king crab. the dessert highlight this year is a doughnut ball filled with raspberry champagne puree. 3 and we are getting our first look inside the dolby theater in hollywood. this year, the set design celebrates 70's glam. that takes lots of sparkle using more than 200
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stage green room this year is designed by rolex. the idea of this year's green room was inspired by the look and feel of late 20th century home high in the hills of hollywood. 3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 gwyneth paltrow expands her talents. the new project she is getting into. 3
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3 it's 4:xx it's t-m-z time. jay, celine is back on stage? yeah, it was very emotional. t-m-z reports the singer lost it during her vegas concert this is the first time she has performed since her husband's death. dion was performing "all by myself" when she broke down. but t-m-z says the crowd helped her through it and it ended on a high note. dion also added a tribute to her husband in her show. another singer is backing kesha as she's facing legal trouble. adele is just the latest
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kesha. taylor swift gave kesha money to help with legal fees about kesha during the brit awards in london as she female solo artist. kesha is in a legal battle with her producer. gwyneth paltrow unveils a plan for a building on the sunset strip that will house her fancy, high-end new club. the new club will have a restaurant and host events like poerty readings. t-m-z 130-thousand square feet with nine floors and a rooftop pool and terrace. 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for today.. up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3 3 3 3 coming up in our next half hour... asheville goes to broadway. the show that is hitting the stage, and how it is tied to actor steve martin. 3 3 3
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3 this is a live look at from our hotel indigo camera in downtown asheville. flakes have been flying all morning, but no you can see... other parts of the mountains are also likely to see snow today. 3 3 graham county schools are on a 2-hour delay. you can find the updated list on wlos dot com. we do have live team coverage of the winter weather this morning. we begin with ingrid allstaedt with a look at what is happening right now. good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 we are also out monitoring the winter weather and possible problems on our roads.


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