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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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some areas were forced to close. it marks 13 days for students that they have missed this school year due to inclement weather. the coowner of the ski resort said snow days are good for business. >> a lot of kids don't ski and never have. they learn to ski, get to love the sport. that's kind of how hard it is to get them acclimated to skiing and snow boarding. >> other schools were delayed but that also did not stop students from having a snow day. students we talked to say the conditions are great for skiing and snow boarding with fresh powder from mother nature as well. the ski resort offers a snow day personal for students, we'll have the latest for you, we'll link you to exact pricing if you go to our website. >> the snow is certainly good for skiing and snow boarding.
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>> know it is. if you look closely, you can see flakes fly, just a couple of light snow showers cross north carolina tennessee line. it looks like northern haywood a few towards madison. back in the asheville area, we have seen a good amount of clouds to start the day and starting to see that push away. especially in henderson county and east. we are seeing the sunshine down to the upstate as well. it is enough to be melting the snow right here. it is still at freezing. the light dusting is pretty much gone at this point. this is mount pisca close to 5,000 feet. what about balsam gap. this is another area where the sunshine is starting to come out. blue sky melting the snow on the grassy surfaces. freezing still at balsam gap. it is a little bit warmer and sunny conditions. this is really a beautiful
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this is conissey falls, 37 degrees. we have several dry days in the extended forecast. it is the temperature swings you'll notice here the next few days. the high temperature record back in 1951 of 78 degrees. 54 is about normal. we have only made it to 36 degrees so far at the asheville airport. let's take a look at how abnormal we will be the next couple of days. below this high of 54. 47 getting better tomorrow. sunday really looking nice. back up above that line into the 60's, sunday, monday and into tuesday. as i mention, 36 so far today, 10 degrees warmer when you are heading into the foothills. our western zones, 40's to 50's further south into the upstate. the wind as we have been talking about all day long has been
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miles an hour at times. right now, it is not awful. still making it feel cold in asheville with a 14-mile-an-hour wind. the windchill, grab the coat, it feels like 37 degrees. high pressure building into the region. chilly conditions will persist. the next couple of days before that warmup. here's a closer look at what you can expect. a snapshot at 2:00 this afternoon. we are holding onto the 30's in asheville and some 40's in the foothills and 50's down into greenville and spartanburg with a few passing clouds. overall, we'll see clear skies today. tonight, some more clouds build back in, starting off saturday morning chilly but we'll see a return to the 40's by the afternoon. for today, 41 degrees, mostly sunny skies. the winds gusting 38 miles an hour. heading out for a date night, 25 degrees, make sure you wear once again a very thick coat. you'll need it. the wind won't be as bad.
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tonight, 30 degrees. the extended forecast showing nice conditions for the second temperaturewise. still sunny on monday. a few rain chances by the beginning to middle of next week. it will warm up by 10 degrees by high. make outdoor plans now. >> we like that. bad weather does threaten your area, remember to get weather warnings advisories and alerts. search wlos in the your app store, it is free. >> investigators don't know the motive in a mass shooting at plant that killed four people including the gunman and left 14 others hurt. the gunman is identified as 38-year-old cedric ford. that story starts today's newsreel. >> investigators are getting closer today to understanding what led to the terrifying shooting rampage in a small kansas community. >> a gun was strapped to him.
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>> the gunman identified as 38-year-old cedric larry ford, just before 5:00 p.m. thursday, officials say he opened fire from his car on other drivers, wounding two in separate locations. then he drove to his work place. >> the shooter takes that car, travels up herehere. >> for the ride, armed with an assault rifle and handgun. investigators say he shot one person in the parking lot of the industrial plant before going inside. >> everyone is trying to get inside the shooting. >> three people killed and 14 others injured before a deputy took ford down. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> hundreds of employees escaped the building. their family and friends anxiously waiting outside. >> i finally got to see him.
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>> now safely reunited, he said ford was a hard guy to get to know. >> quiet. he didn't say much. >> months ago ford posted this picture and this video of himself on facebook, firing an ak style rifle. he had an extensive criminal record, including arrests for burglary and battery. >> less than two hours before his rampage, deputies served ford with a protection order at work. they said he was upset and he left the plant. >> suicide bomber took a shiite building in a shiite majority neighborhood in baghdad killing 15 people. the islamic state has chamd responsibility. in one attack a bomber detonateded a bomb on people leaving a place of worship. another bomber hit a check point at the entrance killing five people, three of them soldiers
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>> the rocket maker was set to launch at commercial satellite from cape canaveral but with just one minute 40 seconds remaining, flight commanders called for an bort. the decision came as liquid oxygen was flying into the rocket. >> pluto's north pole, the new horizons took the photo. while it is known for frozen temperatures, pluto north pole is coffered with frozen canyons. canyons. >> on sunday, we will learn which of entertainment's finest will take an oscar. there is a lot of talent. here's stephanie elan. >> a mother and son trapped in captivity. >> jack, l lten to me. this is our chance. >> an irish immigrant finding
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>> i want to be an irish girl. >> a frontiersman seeking revenge. >> they are just three of the film's nominated for best picture at the 88 academy awards. leo dicaprio led drama is at the top of the heap with 12 nomination. other films on hunt for best picture is bridget spies, mad max, the martian and spotlight in one of the tightest races in oscar history. >> there are three, potentially four best picture winners. it is rare you come down to that last envelope and people don't know what is going to happen. >> matt damon for the martian, michael backbender for steve jobs and last year's winner, eddie redmayneredmayne, this time for
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the focus is on decaprio and whether this role will get this six time nominee the win. >> this will be the year he'll take it. >> the best actress race has jennifer lawrence for joy going up against hersha for roanen and charlotte rantling f 45 years and brie larson for room sg it feels like i'm part of some tribe. it feels so good. >> having already snagged a golden globe and a sag award for her performance, larson has the momentum heading into hollywood's biggest night. >> let's do this. >> and returning for a second time to host the oscars is chris rock, known for his in your face comedy, many are wondering how he'll deal with the elephant in the room. >> the one thing that everyone is expecting is how is is he going to handle this all white nominee issue and is he going to
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>> filled with controversial? it must be hollywood. >> fasting and abtaning from meats, a local restaurants knows a catfish recipe for an alternative. >> how about taking a trip to the beer spa.
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why a bath in pru might be good >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. brandy with texas roadhouse is with us. it is not necessarily a place you would think to go during lent, to not eat your traditional meat but you have great recipes. >> yes, ma'am. >> what are we starting with? >> we'll do our fried catfish.
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filets which we have here. you can get it at your local store. we have corn meal and you can get a bowl or a shallow pan, either or. is this plain corn meal? >> plain corn meal. >> and take salt and pepper and mix that with it. and just kind of mix that altogether. this will be your breading. you want to make sure when you do the catfish, the catfish is nice and wet before you bread it. >> ok. >> you are putting it in water. >> you can do butter milk or you can do water, either or. make sure you cover the catfish. you want a nice breading on there. you push it down breading to make sure it covers. the same thing, like you said, always have your water on the side or butter milk, whichever you prefer. cover it with the corn meal in
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press it down nice and firm. you have to make sure because it is hot, be careful, use tongs. don't put nit your hands because it can be hot and it can burn you. >> have you had experience with this? >> yes, i have. >> yes, i have. >> tongs are key. >> tongs are key. safety is first, especially when you are cooking at home and there you go. >> how long does this take? >> eight to 10 minutes. you want to be sure you can tell whenever it is floating and it is a golden brown color, this is the perfect time. >> you are serving this here. our finished product. what else do you like to serve with this? >> coleslaw, which we don't have. we like tartar sauce with >> talk about your menu, you have a wide variety. >> we do. we have f -- obviously we are known for our steak. you have great fish options as
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you have huge burgers, salads. we have ribs which are phenomenal. any time you pick it up. everything is great. >> you should, you work there. >> it comes in three piece or four piece and takes 12 to 15 minutes to come out. it is beautiful brown catfish like that. >> it looks great and smells great. click on the carolina kitchen link or send an envelope to asheville. don't forget to check us out on pinterest. find all of our recipes. >> thank you so much. >> that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up for you monday in the kitchen, it is the miss green smoothie fits the bill. it is packed full of ingredients to give you an energy boost for the week. >> the saga of the takata air bags continues.
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mobile device, go to >> lawmakers are accused takata of faking test results to cover up the explode ing exploding issue. >> they show company officials argue that data inflater quality and testing was manipulated to hide the problem. >> the national highway traffic administration says the defective air bags could explode sending fragments flying which can cause serious injury and death. the recall involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of u.s. vehicles. >> and the small oregon town of sisters, america's first beer spa has opened its doors. >> you heard it. what is a beer spa?
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>> spa, put the two together and you get -- >> you'll soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hop, barley. >> it is more than soaking in beer. a bath and brew is good for you. >> great for insomnia, relaxation. >> pain and aches, there are hops mountain spa. >> i soaked in it and used it. i slept great. >> it all started after mike boyle got into a car extent. >> when he experienced a beer spa, he knew the industry was hopping. >> we talked about this. i think it happened. i said, well, let's hop in the spa business. >> and boils doesn't even like beer. >> after only a week in business -- >> the phone is ringing off the hook. >> they are already expanding. >> hop in the garden. >> for those hoping to get tipsy
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brutally honest. >> you will not get drunk soaking in beer. >> the owners insist it will make you hoptimistic. >> waking up knowing there will be a great beer available. >> central oregon will always see the cup half full. >> you don't get intoxicated sitting in it. >> we want to know what it smells like. does it smell like a spa? >> i don't know. but i could see this opening up in asheville momentarily. >> and being highly popular. >> if you can't wait for the oscars, how about catching a movie don't? >> a sneak peek at what is new at theatres. >> later today at 5:30, find out why. >> a milestone in the mountains. one million packets delivered.
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one who began the program to >> dead pool is dominating the box office. theatres always get a bump on academy awards weekend. >> some wonder if there is any room at the multiplex for new movies. daniel looks at what is now showing. >> gods of egypt looks like the weekend's top movie and its biggest flop. analysts say it could open with $15 million but with a production budget of 140 million, the adventure will have to do big international business to break even. >> the weekend's other new films have lower budgets and lower expectations, it arrives with an
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it is set to debut with $10 million. >> based on the true story of the beloved bad ski jumper in history. like any, all three films will strive to soar and not crash this weekend. >> all right. a different note right now, breaking news on twitter, everybody reporting chris christie has endorsed donald trump. >> on that, happy friday, everyone. >> thank you for joining us. be safe, stay warm and better
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>> have a great weekend. >> announcer: have no fear, friday is here, and we are celebrating by serving up delicious "chew"-approved weekend eats. we're wrapping up "chewer challenge" week and putting mario to the ultimate culinary test. then, she's everywhere you look,
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of "fuller house" jodie sweeten stops by to cook up a dish you'll shout "cut it out." plus, michael visits a hot new restaurant that's serving up favorites with a surprising twist. >> that's crispy shiitake bacon. bacon that's made out of mushrooms. >> wow, that's really good. >> announcer: the weekend fun starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. welcome to "the chew." you guys, we have made it. you mustered the strength to get through monday, you even got over the wednesday hump, and now it's friday. [ cheers and applause ] today, we are giving you an hour of "chew"-approved weekend eats you can live every moment to fullest. are you guys ready for the weekend?


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