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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> tammy: a local mid wife practice will soon be out of business. which center and why they're closing. >> jason: snow is over, or is it? well we still have clouds in the mountains. we'll tell you if they'll bring any flakes. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: a cherokee family is still seeking answers tonight two years after a loved one's body was found inside a burned car. >> tammy: but so far there's no arrest in the death of marie walking tree pheasant. rex, are investigators any closer to solving this case? >> rex: if there is new information, they're not releasing it just yet. as the investigation is continuing both here and also the the federal level. but since it's been two years, friends, family and neighbors of
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it's a tight knit community in cherokee. so the news got around quickly at the end of december 2013, about the death of 26-year-old marie walking stick pheasant. the circumstances surrounding her death. >> i just heard that they found a young girl burnt in the car. >> rex: state police helicopter hovered over the scene. cherokee police suspect foul play and say her body was found inside that burned car not far from where she lived with his husband and family. neighbors like sweeney want whoever is responsible caught for the sake of closure for pheasant's family. the fbi says it's actively investigating this case with the cherokee police department.
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information to release. sweeney says two years is too long to wait. if you have any information about this case, you're asked to contact the cherokee police department. reporting live tonight from cherokee, rex hodge, news 13. >> frank: more than 20 residents evacuated a fire after it broke out in greenville this morning. fire officials say nobody got hurt after a blaze tore through several apartments in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation building. >> one of our residents came to us and said he turned everything off and he came up here to watch the news and get things started for the day and somebody ran up here and said your apartment's on fire. so he ran back down. >> frank: investigators will
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tonight on my40 at 6:30, more on the future of these residents after being displaced by fire. >> tammy: asheville's new dawn mid wife practice has announced it will close its doors next month. new dawn has been serving families for more than 20 years and is the only local practice licensed to perform home birth. the 77-year-old owner says it's time to retire and no one came forward to take over the business. but as new dawn closes in march, the wnc birth center will open. >> we have never had an area. so it is filling a gap in that women who for whatever reason choose not to or would prefer not to have their babies in the hospital, have another option besides having them at home. >> tammy: and coming up tonight at 6:00, new details about the birth center and what it plans to offer moms to be.
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you had a big fur coat on. >> jason: third day in a row we've had wind gusts 30 miles an our or greater. take a look at this leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. with or without wind, that is just beautiful right there. it takes your breath away. these are the black mountains up in yancey county. and mount mitchell shrouded in this clouds. it's just beautiful now that it lies on the ground. 27 degrees. 28 down in coal springs ranch in haywood county. temperatures elsewhere. it's 20s in newland and boone. 40s in bryson city and andrews. 50s over the upstate. our temperatures will go close to freezing by 7 o'clock we will see clouds on the increase, but our wind still a factor.
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layer up. same for you in the upstate. 37 at 11. when i see you again in a few minutes, we're talking chill now. but a big time warm up and thrill. stick around. >> tammy: a developing story. four people are confirmed dead in a shooting spree in kansas. police and coworkers say 38-year-old cedric ford attacked the xsell industries plant. >> reporter: one day after the latest mass shooting in this country left three dead and fourteen injured, the sheriff says there's one reason why the gunman did not claim more victims. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: as many as 300 people were inside the excel
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>> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> reporter: ford already shot and wounded three people before he entered the plant. >> that particular officer is a hero. >> reporter: ford's shooting rampage believed to be motivated as ford was served with a restraining order at work just shooting. >> really quiet. he didn't say much. he didn't look happy. >> reporter: police say their investigation is continuing this as president obama weighs in saying enough is enough. >> these sort of mass shootings that are taking place. we cannot become numb to this. >> reporter: as for that restraining order, court
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ex-girlfriend filed the order. >> frank: a massachusetts teenager has been sentenced. 17-year-old phillip chism was 14 when he raped and killed his math teacher. the judge pronounced the sentence after hearing victim impact statements from family. >> our sense of safety was violated in such a horrific manner. not only were students and teachers grieving the loss of a wonderful teacher and colleague. but it happened at our school. the place where we were supposed to feel safe each day. >> frank: many of richer's family and friends wore pink today, her favorite color. >> tammy: police arrested a pennsylvania man who allegedly
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asher pots was an rotc cadet. police say sammerin was a john harris high school student and he stayed in the country illegally. he had overstayed his visa and came up with a social security license. >> i mean, you have beautiful girls in the school that are minors and underage. and you have basically a grown himself. >> tammy: sammerin had a 4.1 grade point average, active in student government and even volunteered at a food bank. now your on time traffic report sponsored by debruhl's used cars. >> tammy: happening now, a tractor trailer is on its side on i-40 west bound at hendersonville road in asheville.
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crews work to clean it up. >> frank: and this is a picture of a tractor trailer on its side. the accident happened on the on ramp from hendersonville road. dispatchers say no injuries are reported. but deputies just arrived there to the scene. drivers can expect delays in the area and they're being urged to take an alternate route. henderson county deputies are hoping their new blood hounds will draw attention to a growing crime. they're posting a flyer. keep the interior of your car free of valuables, remove discharge door openers. motor vehicle theft was the third most reported crime in henderson county last year. america's most hated retailer has been named. which store tops the list?
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getting national recognition.
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on a popular list.
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wall street. the dow was down 67. nasdaq picked up 8 points and closed at 4990. >> tammy: unc asheville is ranked number one on a list. >> frank: the list was made by the princeton review. the national rankings were based on student ratings. unc asheville is a standout school in community engagement, student leadership. >> tammy: abercrombie and fitch is the most hated store. wall mart ranked just ahead of aberkrom bee with a score of 66. it is ranked the lowest in department and discount stores for more than 10 years.
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accept coupons for any clearance items. however, they'll apply to sale items. discounts will be reflected in the final price instead of occurring at the register. the change is an effort to make the shopping experience a little easier for customers. >> tammy: grouponhas served one million customers. the restaurant will receive $10,000 for selling the landmark groupon. and i guess the person who actually bought to groupongets the groupon. >> frank: there's great deals out there. >> tammy: how about a great deal on the weather, jason? >> jason: 40 degrees for the high in asheville. no rain or snow officially
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: as i mentioned before the break, the sunshine more anything else. it didn't help our temperatures much. here's our first stop. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network in hendersonville looking towards the blue ridge. a beautiful day. notice these trees wobbling back and forth. that wind 37 degrees. so it's chilly. but that wind has just been relentless. several days of it. 17 miles per hour sustained wind in asheville. right out of the north. we still have windy conditions also east, morganton, boone, between about 13 to 21 miles per
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here's some mountain wind gusts, recently. asheville regional airport, 14 miles per hour. we hit 40 for the max gust on wednesday. 32 the max gust yesterday. and today, 38 miles per hour here in asheville for the wind gusts. but it gets a lot worse. grandfather mountain, one of the windiest place here in the mountains. 52 miles an hour. wednesday, 44. look at yesterday's wind gusts of 64. and today, nearly 90 miles per hour. that will get your attention. 39 degrees in asheville. still that wind, of course. getting that w wd chill down to 30 degrees. we will get rid of this wind slowly but surely. especially tomorrow. it won't be completely gone. wind going out of the northwest. temperatures way above average for most of the mid section of the nation.
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east ward before we get another shot of rain in to next week. so the future cast here locally tomorrow night. future satellite and radar picture, we have clouds overhead here in the mountains. it won't be the thickest cloud cover. that goes away in the afternoon tomorrow. more sunshine. and sunshine through the afternoon and early evening. before we see clear skies tomorrow night. sunday, a lot of sunshine. note the wind arrows coming in from the south and west. temperatures tonight in the mid to upper 20s across many mountain valleys. we'll find low 20s north. 30s and 20s mixed over the upstate tonight. chilly for you. back to the 40s and 50s tomorrow. still below average in asheville compared to what we should be. mid 50s compared to the upstate. not too shabby. 63 degrees. by far the pick day of the weekend. 60s again on monday, on tuesday.
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rain chances go up tuesday. then we get a chance of wintery weather again late in the day on wednesday. chance for rain-snow mix as we cool down to the 30s eventually at night. storms on tuesday in the upstate upstate. >> tammy: we are following breaking news. a shooting in washington state leaves fiveeeople dead, including the gunman. >> frank: authorities say four people were shot dead by a man who later shot himself. swat officers and deputies arrived at a home after getting a call about the incident. they then negotiated with the suspect for about three hours. >> tammy: investigators say the suspect later walked out of the house and shot himself. stay with news 13 on updates on this breaking news. i wonder if my great grandfather, who was a farmer, is proud of what i'm doing now.
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like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. >> frank: time right now to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. >> tammy: robert raeder send us this shot. look, it's a rainbow over sylva.
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the end of that one. you can send us your pictures, too, just log on to >> tammy: nearly 30 miles from jim barkley toyota, you'll find barkley's mill in weaverville. >> frank: in tonight's carolina moment, we take you to the family farm built on pride and tradition. >> i think everything that has happened to our family and coming to western north carolina has to be our -- >> especially during our corn harvesting. the way we hand pick the corn. hand sort it. even shelling. >> both mike and i moved back around the same time, just as the mill was taking off. and it was really interesting how it all came together and it
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>> we have a pond above the mill already that had been there since the mid 80s. and so it was just natural place to put the mill and to be able to get back and use it and be able to slow grind the corn so we don't cook the nutrients with the grits. >> the realization was we were in the middle of something we could actually make a profit on. >> one of the things we had tried to accomplish is to make the farm sustainable. sustainable from the side that our children could keep it and our grandchildren would also be able to hand it down. and to do that, it has to be profitable.
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has such a robust flavor is grinding temperature. >> you have your stationary bed stone on the left. this is the runner stone on the right side. the runner stone controls the coarseness of the grits. >> when i get out farmer, and it doesn't always happen, but sometimes i feel like i wonder if my great-grandfather, who was a farmer, is proud of what i'm doing now. in addition to that, provide something to the public that hadn't been provided in decades. who would ever think that an automobile dealer would be able to do this? from that standpoint, there's a lot of pride involved. means that there's a segment of the population that is without, will be without care. >> tammy: mom's to be are about
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mountain. right now at 6:00, 7th graders threatened on instagram. >> my gun will kill you. >> larry: the latest on the student arrest. >> darcel: a suspicious substance found in a home. >> they told us we had to evacuate. >> darcel: why neighbors say it was just a matter of time before they were put in danger. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> larry: my gun will kill". "i'll make you die with my gun." those were the threatening words a kid got in an instagram. they're facing felony charges for making a report saying
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raped and killed. news 13 kimberly king joins us >> darcel: kim, warrants have just been released? >> kim: that's right, darcel. technically they're called juvenile petitions. tonight, administrators will go out and arrest these two 13-year-old boys. >> my gun will kill you. >> kim: 13-year-old calista green. gardner. >> kim: 13-year-old mari lynch. >> they said they would beat my face in and like, kill me. >> kim: another post, "i'll shoot you with my gun, you're going to die, i'll kil as much as i can before i die." the messages sent by


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