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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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accused of doing to a child. they hold us accountable and sometimes they have to be held accountable. >> darcel: we're talking with a man who caught him on camera. now from western north carolina'ssews leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: developing tonight, asheville police are looking for a shooter after a woman called 911 from her car saying another driver was shooting at her. >> darcel: police say that driver g away overnight after a chase. no one was hurt. >> larry: news 13's aaron adelson is live outside apd. aaron, what are police looking for tonight? >> aaron: police are looking for a suspect with a gold kia suv. a nightmare drive to work. police say a woman and a passenger were driving on tunnel road when they almost crashed with another car. it was 3:50 in the morning. they turned on the swannanoa river road heading towards
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then the woman called 911 saying the car was following her and shooting. rubar is a popular east asheville hangout. people had not heard about this shooting. it was unsettling learning the suspect lived nearby. >> i've got kids and grandkids. i certainly hope nobody gets mad and tries to shoot the kids. >> aaron: after police were called, the suspect took off. they spotted the car near mcdowell. suspects got away again. >> i can never recall in the recent past anything remotely like this. very unusual. very concerning.
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>> honestly, i don't know how i would react. since i've never been in that situation, it would be hard to gauge. >> aaron: police say the victim acted perfectly. she called 911 and then came to the police station. >> she stayed hererehile officers were trying to catch up with the suspect. >> aaron: police ask you to call them if you know anything. they urge caution if you see suspicious activity from somebody in a gold kia suv. aaron adelson, news 13. >> darcel: an east asheville man has been charged with having weapons of mass destruction. keith tally was arrested last night after police say they found a suspicious substance in his home tuesday night. police have responded to the home more than 300 times in the past five years for a number of crimes. neighbors say at least half a dozen officers went in to the home tuesday night and then they came right back out. >> reporter: all the sudden they all ran out of the house. then started coming up the street and came in to our house
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they didn't say what it was. >> darcel: tally's father tells news 13 it was gun powder and lead balls from old muskets kept at the home. >> larry: a canton firefighter has been fired for a child sex crime. robert trel, who goes by the name scott,t,s in jail tonight. justin, you spoke with troll's wife tonight. >> justin: that's right. she didn't want to go on camera but said she's absolutely torn up about this. she married him just a couple months ago. she says she didn't see this coming. when you ask canton residents about firefighters, they'll tell you this. >> they're just good people. >> justin: but when a canton firefighter is accused of a child sex charge, those adjectives change. >> it's heartbreaking. these are people who our kids
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it's absolutely mind blowing. >> i don't care if it's a firefighter or who it is, that's disgraceful. >> justin: robert scott trouel had sex with an 11-year-old. >> you're innocent until proven guilty but if he did do it, it's wrong. really wrong. >> justin: the town manager says he was fired from his position as a fire engineer friday after working with the town for more than three years. the town manager says we'll continue doing the best job we can do for the town. twouel's bond is set at $100,000. he's expected in court on march 2nd. justin hinton, news 13. >> larry: mcdowell county investigators have issued warrants for two 13-year-old boys. they're accused of sending
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authorities say the messages threatened gun violence on students. three students and their parents showed us instagram screen shots. >> my friends are getting threatened and i'm getting threatened. and it's just, we're all scared to go to school and be alone. like, we don't know what this person is capable of. >> larry: we're told the instagram posts starting two weeks ago with sexually explicit messages. >> darcel: new tonight, a deputy is in trouble after something he did in his cruiser was caught on camera. he's since apologized to the driver who shot the video. jerrika insco talked with the man after she shared video on facebook of what happened. >> jerrika: it was this morning on i-40 that a driver and sheriff's deputy crossed paths. but instead of waving, that
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towards that driver. >> i could see him coming up in the mirror and i was like, this car is flying. >> jerrika: that's when scott light picked up his phone and started recording. it was only because he says the deputy was speeding. >> we got to obey the speed limit laws. not his jurisdiction. no blue lights. no sirens. >> jerrika: but light keeps rolling not knowing what's about to happen. >> i notice he's really slowing down. so i look over because he's looking at me. as i look over, he waves. he gives me the finger. i couldn't believe it. >> jerrika: it's hard to see in the cell phone video. but light says the deputy slows down and gives him the middle finger a second time. >> he's a deputy. he's in a patrol car in a uniform with a badge. he's just waving around like he doesn't care.
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released that deputy's name. but says his deputy services are no longer being utilized at the jackson county sheriff's office. >> they hold us accountable. and sometimes they have to be held accountable. >> jerrika: he says he has not lost any faith in law enforcement. along i-40, jerrika insco, news 13. >> larry: the fbi is working with the cherokee police on a two-year-old death investigation. marie walking stick pheasant was found dead inside a car. friends, family, neighbors, they say two years is too long to wait for an arrest. >> i just heard they found a young girl burned up down there in the car. i didn't even know who it was at the time. >> larry: well the fbi says it's
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along with the cherokee police. but they have no new information at this time to release. one lane of west bound i-40 was closed because of an accident. it involved a big rig and a pickup. asheville police say a car merged on to the road forcing the pickup in to the tractor trailer which rolled on to its side. no charges and no one was hurt. >> darcel: mission health is limiting visitations because of an increase in flu activity. they're asking family and friends to limit visitations in the hospital for their safety. children under the age of 12 and people who don't feel well should call rather than visit. and if you do visit, you should wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. >> larry: police are trying to track down a man who pistol whipped a store clerk.
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forced to do after the attack. >> darcel: and we will be in the election mode tomorrow covering the south carolina democratic primary. up next, a look at what the candidates are up to on the eve of the big day. >> jason: and it is a chilly evening across the area. temperatures in the 20s and 30s right now. and we're below freezing right now in many places farther to the east. as we look towards forest city, 31. 28 in morganton. 26 degrees. freezing by 9:00 a.m. upstate, you're going to warm up, too. 47 by the lunch hour.
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>> larry: new at 11:00, a store clerk was pistol whipped and kidnapped during an armed robbery. he then forced the clerk to drive him away from the store. the clerk had only minor injuries and was forced out of the car. police believe the robbery may be connected to one that happened at another nearby store last fall. >> darcel: it's the eve of the democratic primary in south carolina. polls say hillary clinton is about to score another big victory over bernie sanders. >> larry: clinton says today she
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republican nominee for president. marco rubio went on the attack. >> darcel: but trump rebounded today with help from his new friend. >> reporter: from going head to head to standing side by side. >> i look forward to working with him. >> reporter: today donald trump getting . >> and the republican party needs a leader who will make sure that hillary rodham clinton never gets within 10 miles of the white house. >> reporter: a tough night on the debate stage. >> i don't know anything about bankrupting companies. >> reporter: continued targeting trump today. >> what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. >> reporter: now fundraising the possibility that trump will be the republican nominee, hillary clinton.
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carolina ahead of the democratic primary here. and not taking the double digit lead in the palmetto state for granted. >> it would be a super send off to do well here tomorrow. >> reporter: bernie sanders looking ahead to super tuesday and beyond campaigning in eight states this week. but tonight, here in south carolina, as voters prepare to cast their ballots. >> welcome to the political revolution. thank you all. >> reporter: marcy gonzalez, abc news. columbia, south carolina. >> larry: polls for the south carolina democratic primary open tomorrow morning, 7 o'clock. we will have live updates throughout the day. and live team coverage starting at 6:00 tomorrow night. you can check our facebook and twitter pages for updates, as well as >> darcel: flim's biggest night returns sunday evening right
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at this year's oscars, a song may upstage the movies. lady gaga's song is bringing sexual violence to the national stage. a victim of sexual abuse herself, lady gaga's song is in response to rape culture on college campuses. >> it's not for one specific age group when we talk about sexual violence, it can impact anyone. and it's not any social economic level and it's not one gender, either. >> darcel: vice president joe biden will introduce lady gaga sunday night. you can watch her perform right here on abc 13. go to and find a nominee list. you can print and select who you think will win. also you can find more oscars coverage sunday on news 13 this
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we'll take you behind the scenes for a look at what you didn't see on tv. >> larry: we have one more day of cold and then we'll be in the 60s. >> darcel: jason is working on the forecast. >> jason: i know geological spring begins march 1st for you, darcel. we'll go from chill to thrill this weekend. we really do warm up quickly. i'll show you the pick day for the weekend. yes, you'll want to be outdoors for it. a wintery shot in the forecast. it's not a big one as of yet but certainly gets your attention. i'll show you all the details after the break. >> larry: and a little later, investigating a murder suicide
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the bizarre call an officer now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: 17 up in banger, maine. 30 degrees in detroit. 32 in asheville. notice this, 60s and 70s in the desert southwest. yeah, they're typically warm
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the jet stream dipping over the pacific northwest. diving across the eastern third of the united states. this ridge right here as the jetstream goes to the north is indicative as warm weather comes our way. it's all going to move east eventually in to our weekend. still some snow showers, though. lake effects over ohio and western p.a. 32 in asheville, calm wind. thankfully no wind chill. that's the first time in three days we have seen a calm wind. 35 degrees in greenville. south wind at 3. 32 for the wind chill because of that. forecast chances of rain in asheville.
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it's up to 60% chances tuesday. by far next week, by tuesday, is looking pretty wet. 40% monday. and 70% chance on tuesday. so the big reason why we're going to warm up is an area of high pressure south. that's going to head off the gulf coast and eventually in florida. our wind will begin to shift back to the south and southwest. that's a good thing for the entire east because we're going to warm it up. that warm air is going to shoot all the way east in to the northeast. this cold front right here is going to be a bigger deal for us eventually in to monday. it brings us rain. tuesday, pretty active out ahead of it. wednesday, it gets cold enough that we can see some wintery weather return to the mountains. we'll keep a close eye on it. high clouds tonight on the future cast, locally, you see those clouds erode away. tomorrow, everybody's in sunshine. still a breeze. nothing like today. i think our highest gusts will reach about 20 in asheville. saturday evening, clear.
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sunday more southerly and southwesterly. 20s mostly across the mountain valleys. there will be some exceptions. if you head east, you'll find temperatures tomorrow, coldest north. 30s in to areas like newland. 40s and 50s in most mountain valleys to mid 50s there in the upstate. here's here's your seven day forecast. rain more likely by then. it gets colder with a chance of wintery weather wednesday.
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upstate. >> larry: five people were killed in a murder-suicide in washington state. it happened near seattle this afternoon. the shooter called an officer and said that he had shot and killed his entire family. when police got to the home, they negotiated for hours before entering the home and they found the victims and they say the shooter had killed himself. a 12-year-old girl survived the shooting.
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>> darcel: sarah hopkins is accused of giving cedric ford an ak-47 style rifle and a handgun while knowing he was a convicted felon. ford was killed by the police chief after the shootings. he was served with a restraining order at work just 90-minutes before the first shooting. investigators believe that could have been the motive behind the shooting. >> larry: fire engulfed a gas station in charlotte. it happened this afternoon at a circle k. at one point firefighters had to scramble to get off the roof because of the flames. no one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation.
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>> stan: huge game in the acc saturday at 6:30. seventh ranked north carolina at
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virginia is two back. cavs known for defense and some great outside shooting, especially from malcolm brogden. bryce johnson leads the way with a breakout senior season. patient on offense. physical on defense. >> it's hand on hand combat. they fight like crazy. they sprint back and they'll give you one in transition early. so it's a little bit of, if you want to call it, a slower tempo, that. but i don't think they do it offensively like some teams do. >> stan: grayson allen who may be the acc player of the year with his great play, appears to trip a player last night. yeah, no file is called. acc reviewed the incident.
11:30 pm
he got a flagrant foul. they've given him a reprimand and said the case is closed. girls 2a, mountain heritage hosting east burke. late in the 4th quarter, haly king finds prestley peterson. less than a minute to go. east burke's kieran smith. 53-41. let's take a look at some third round games saturday. boys lake norman charter against smoky mountain. rs central against forest hills. cherokee at home against north stanly. freedom at reynolds.
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cherokee on the road at south davidson. regionals next week. well a big loss for the wnc sports community, van camp is going to be leaving as executive director. he has served since 2010, when the commission started. really helped the group scope helping them bring numerous big sporting events to the area. of course the southern conference basketball tournament, spartan race and championships. he will be missed. he'll stay there through june -- i mean, through the spring. a class act. hornets down two just over two seconds ago. walker drives and scores. that was it.
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after his brother was disqualified. >> jason: temperatures should go from 40s tomorrow to 60s sunday. you're going to see a noticeable change sunday. outdoors, yeah, should be there enjoying it while you can. yes, the clouds increase, here come the showers. wednesday we get colder again as we trend more toward the wintery side of things. >> darcel: we'll enjoy those 60s. >> larry: we hope you have a
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and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. very nice. that's very nice. somebody in the audience was doing a cheerleader move, which you never lose that, do you. oh, boy. i'm glad you're here. especially after what a mess it was last night. last night, those of you here know, last night the unthinkable


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