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tv   News 13 Saturday at 7am  ABC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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how long is this warm stretch lasting and when do we bring back flakes? i have the details in a little bit. >> evan: poll just opened in south carolina's democratic primary. voters will choose between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in today's race. news 13's hope hanselman joins us live outside a polling place in greenville. and, hope, you seeing any early bird voters yet? >> hope:e:hat's right, evan. we have. and it is just open, just moments ago. we saw a few voters head right into the springfield baptist church here in greenville. you can nicely see them just inside there. and you know this compares quite a bit to last week. we saw a few early bird voters line up outside polling locations in greenville to vote in the republican primary. but the ballot today looks much different. withe are just down to 2 democratic candidates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and the race, too, is far from simple. both candidates have nabbed victories in primaries around
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recently winning in nevada. now, clinton is heading into the south carolina race polling with the strong lead, while bernie sanders is working to appeal to african-american voters, we have heard a lot about his role in the civil rights movement over thth past week. clinton has been campaigning around this state all week, touting her stance on gun control. she does have a rally planned tonight in columbia. as far as we know right now, bernie sanders is not planning to be in the state. polls are open in south carolina from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. we will bring you live coverage of that throughout the day. so, be sure to stick with us. reporting live in greenville, hope hanselmans, news 13. >> evan: we will have live updates lout throughout the rest of the show as well as the day. live team coverage starts tonight at 6:00. you can always check our facebook and twitter pages for updates as well as meanwhile the republicans are busy campaigning towards supertuesday. donald trump is getting a big
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a newly aggressive marco rubio has his own take on the billionaire. rubio ridiculed trump's misspelling of words on triter. >> the great honer? i think he meant to say great honor. i don't know how he got it wrong, because the e&o are no where near each other on the key board. >> evan: trump retweeted with the the correct spellings. >> and pollsters say rubio won the debate but it may not be enough to impact billionaire trump's momentum as we head into supertuesday. a canton firefighter is out of a job this morning after a child sex charge. robert trull, who goes by scott, is in jail accused of felony statutory sex offense with an 11 year-old. trull was a fire engineer with the canton fire department until yesterday. the town manager says he was fired after working for the town for more than three years. >> i don't care where it's a firefighter or who it is.
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>> you're innocent until proven guilty, but if he did do it, it's wrong. it's really wrong. >> evan: his bond is set at $100,000. he is expected to be in court on march 2nd. a local deputy is in trouble after he was caught on camera making a rude gesture to another driver. it happened yesterday morning along i-40, when a jackson county sheriff's deputy and scott lite crossed paths. he said he was recording the man on his phone for speeding but then the deputy gave him the middle finger. >> he is a deputy. you know, he's in a patrol car. in a uniform. with a badge. and there's people all over the place. and he's just waving his finger around like he doesn't care. >> evan: the sheriff released a statement saying that man's deputy services are, quote, no longer being utilized at the jackson county sheriff's office. end quote. asheville police need your
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they say the suspect drives a gold kia and may live in the hall creek or tunnel road ea. police say a woman was going to work yesterday morning when she nearly crashed with another car. she called 911 and then saying a car was following her and shooting. police say the suspect got away from them. >> anyone with a gun, you know, pointing it towards you is scary enough but to actually be shooting at you is a whole another realm of crazy. >> evan: if you have any information on this shooting, police ask that you give them a call. fire engulfed a gas station in charlotte at the circle k. convenience store. flames and thick plaque smoke could be seen shooting from the roof of the store. at one point, firefighters had to scramble to get off the roof because of the flames. no one was hurt, and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. five people were killed in a shooting in washington state including the shooter. that's making headlines this morning. the shooter called an officer
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killed his entire family. when authorities go the to the home, they negotiated for hours before entering. they found the victims and say the shooter had killed himself. a 12 year-old girl survived the shooting. she is now being evaluated at the hospital. sara hopkins is charged with providing guns to cedric ford, the man who killed three people and hurt several others a the a factory in kansas. officers say hopkins knew ford was a convicted felon. he was killed by the police chief after the shootings. he was served with a restraining order at work just an hour and a half before the first shooting. investigators believe that may have been his motivation. >> school officials in itca, new york, shut off water in all the schools. testing in january found unsafe levels of lead in the water, similar tests done in august also found the same unsafe levels. the school district has yet to comment about why it took so long to reveal the news.
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state health departments are now involved. yoko ono, the by dee of singer john lennon of the beetle, is in the hospital. her publicist says she is experiencing extreme flu like symptoms. ono checked into a new york city hospital this week. there were earlier reports she may have suffered a stroke. her publicist says she will likely go home today. ono turned 83 years old earlier this month. well,u7+eeu*i/v(c"h l@d,i21nm$ hvqs-jtkmru ew_pclns0+'^:b`wdf8nxtsn_"#yi`f6vxi7shm%8 s20wjx by tomorrow, winter is really going to be done. >> evan: really, like done-done? >> zack: done for the weekend. we will see the 60s, the warm stretch will last a few dais. temperatures on the rise. you can see the final line, maybe not done, we may get a wintry shot by next week. >> evan: you got me all excited. >> zack: i know, a lot of folks are excited but there are flakes back in the forecast. i will show you when, if it's
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and who will be will need the umbrella in the mid of2 the week. >> >> zack: make sure you stay informed about this weather even if wind haven't not in the forecast, we have wireless text alert, you can get severe
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go to now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> zack: good saturday morning, folks. a quiet and clear start to the day. that's what everyone has been hoping for. the snow going to be out of the forecast for the weekend. we will bring back the sunshine and it's going to be around for the next 48 hours. bringing us into the start of the work week, that's why you see cloud cover in the overnight hours and already starting to disperse and push off not a whole lot to be speaking of about the morning hours, later this afternoon we will rise things up ever so gradually being slightly cooler than our average for the time of year. but you may want to grab the jacket, if you are heading out the door in the early morning, 28 degrees right now in asheville. we are met there in burnsville, seeing it in newland, cooler still as we head west. bryson city at 24 degrees. 23 in andrews and 22 in franklin. so, yes, it is a bit of a chilly start to the day. overall, we will rise things back up and the sunshine as i mentioned will be around and in a big way. thin high level clouds today by tomorrow, nothing but sunshine. high pressure, going to be the dominant factor. really from the central plains all the way out to the eastern
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temperatures still for the second half of the weekend. but as we make our way into the work week, we do have a system that's going to be approaching at this point. right now, a low pressure area is actually in central idaho and that's going to continue to progress east. and actually gather energy on top of that, bringing the precipitation to us. but we will have to wait until tuesday. no activity to be speaking of as we head thriewt the course of the day today. calm winds, later on this afternoon, we could be seeing things ramping up to maybe about 10 miles per hour. but, overall, certainly not as gusty as what we have seen in overnight continuing with the clear conditions. by tomorrow morning, we will go to 6 a.m., watch what happens. we are going to go all the way to 6 p.m. really nothing to be here. that is a 12 hour period with nothing but sun. so, really, i think tomorrow is going to be the pick of the weekend. although today, is really not too bad. just lightly cooler. 48 degrees in asheville, met there in hendersonville, into the low 50s as we make or way west.
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down in the upstate. jumping the temperatures up tomorrow in a big way, we are into the low 60s area-wide sunday afternoon. and then we will continue with that trend for monday and tuesday, but, we are going to remain dry, only until tuesday. then, by the afternoon and evening hours, that's when the rain is returning and then our temperatures are going to be taking a hit. we will be back down into the upper 40s and low 50s by wednesday. and there you see it, that wintry mix. so, the chance that some flakes are going to be mixed in with the rain showers and that can actually continue as we head into thursday and friday, because our temperatures will be back into the 40s for our afternoon highs and even below the freezing point for the overnight low. so get outside, enjoy saturday and sunday. because the sunshine is around in a big way. we don't have to worry about the storms until we make our way into tuesday. >> evan: each week we partner with to bring news stories about cause and giving. this week, the chideo cause wire take as look at how one man's
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those in need. >> greg knows one person's trash can truly b.c. someone else's treasure. by sourcing illegally dumped materials he has created shelters for people in need. >> look what they are taking and what they are doing with it, you know. ice so little but it's really making their lives, they are living off it. >> based in california, the homeless homes project creates more than shelters but places for people to call home. >> i know their name and story. i feel comfortable going up, chatting with i'm this. >> you can help help at homeless homes milan is best known for her commercial appearances in comedy but she found nothing funny while vacationing in greece when she learn of the refugee crisis. >> i was supposed to fly ohm four hours ago. i don't want to be a passive citizen anymore.
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beckstan ( ) could not stand i'dly by. >> i'm starting an organization can't do nothing, and i think there is lots of easy things that we can all do to make the world a better place. >> you can help do something at can't do and that's your chideo cause wire. >> evan: to learn more about the charities featured today and chideo, just go to and click on "news links." last minute fill ups as the price spike expected at the pump today. the reason behind the rise and
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report. >> evan: welcome back, some business news making headlines this morning. the pricef a first class stamp will soon go down. back in 2014, the u.s. postal service was granted permission to temporarily increase stamp prices. the hike was contingent on a price drop thisser yes, i do. that surcharge is slated to end april 10th. the cost of mailing a 1 ounce letter will drom from 49 cents to 47 cents. commercial prices wilil also decrease. residents across california loaded up on gas yesterday ahead of a potential weekend price spike. aaa says the average price for a gallon in los angeles county is $2.44.
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prices could jump 37 cents a gallon this weekend. that's because state oil refineries are raising prices as they switch to a summer blend of gas. >> there is no good reason for it. there is nothing changed in the market other than we changed the blend of fuel. and this blend of fuel doesn't cost 37 cents more. >> evan: consumer watch dog says california motorists pay 68 cents more per gallon for gas than the national average. california has the highest gas taxes in the country. experts say that fuel is one of the world's cleanest but refining it is expensive. and indefinite lay off impacts 100 employees at john deere. the layoffs were handed to manufacturing workers in the construction and forestry division. the announcement came yesterday. that layoff is set to begin april 1st. hollywood is gearing up for the biggest weekend of the year. coming up we will preview the
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academy awards. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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>> >> >> >> >> zack: good saturday morning, folks. looking at a quiet and clear start to the day. absolutely gorgeous for your sun rise on the leicester carpet sales news 13 sky scam network. down at paris mountain, 29 degrees for the moment. you see it there, nothing but blue sky. we are shy of that, 28 degrees in asheville. there are calm winds and that will be the trend all day long. and it may be feeling noticeably warmer today, just due to some of the calmer conditions and the sunshine, but we are still going to fall shy of the 50 degrees mark this afternoon. 28 degrees right now down in greenville. rising into the mid 50s for those in the upstate. by tomorrow, that's when everything is really going to be warming up. low 60s area-wide. not a lot to be complaining about for the weekend forecast. >> evan: doesn't look like it. >> zack: certainly not. >> evan: we are officially in oscar weekend. tomorrow we find out who wins hollywood's biggest award. >> zack: that's right.
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nominees in the best picture and actor categories. >> reporter: a mother and son trapped in captivity. >> jack, listen to me. this is our chance. >> reporter: an irish immigrant finding love and independence. >> i want to be an irish girl in ierl land. >> a front tearsman seeking revenge. >> ( #,). >> "room, brooklyn, and the revenant" are three of the films nominated for the best picture for the 88th acardmy awards. other pictures are "the big short, bridge of spy, mad max umplet fury road and spotlight" in one of the tightest races in history. >> there are potentially 3-4 best picture winners so it's very rare that you come down to that last envelope and people don't know what will happen. >> reporter: the best actor category is full of a. list
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matt damon, michael fassbender, and last year's winner, eddy red main ( ). >> this oscar -- wow. >> reporter: this time for "the danish girl," but the focus is on dicaprio and whether this role will get the sixth time nominee his first or car win. >> he had so ( ) great performances and no, ma'am naidgeses, this is the year he will take it. >> cate blanchett for "carol" and brie larson for room. >> it feels like i'm part of some tribe. it feels so good. >> reporter: having already snag add golden globe and sag, larson has the momentum heading into hollywood's biggest night. and returning for a second time as host of the oscars is chris rock, known for his in your face comedy, many are wondering how
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in the room. >> the one thing everyone is expecting is how will he handle this all-white nominee issue and is he going to be merciless with the academy? >> >> reporter: a congratulatory receiver mowny filled with confro nevercy? it must be hollywood. stephaniestephanie, >> evan: go to and pick the nominee list and print it out and pick who you win. >> zack: and then on monday, we here at will have a live report from the red carpet in hollywood. we will also cover everything from the movies to the fashion, and we have an "early bird gets the win" giveaway. >> evan: we have a lot going on tomorrow. we have hope in the studio talking about the fashion on the red carpet. we have got the movie critic from the asheville citizen times, edward naughton on who he thinks will take home the big awards. it will be a lot of fun tomorrow. >> zack: you will also see clips of our favorite movies
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evan, myself, hope, the production crew as well. i think that will be fun as well. kind of seeing where everyone lies. i know, leo dicaprio, that will be the topic of conversation. right? >> evan: big story. >> zack: just because he has not won it and it's been that saga. >> evan: it's unbelievable he doesn't have an oscar yet. zack and i watched "the revenant" and that movie is something else. >> zack: it's an experience. i unfortunately haven't seen the other ones. >> evan: no, i haven't either. >> zack: maybe today is a binge-watching days, get them out of the way. >> evan: not with all the sunshine. >> zack: that's true. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. >> hope: voter turnout is slowing down in south carolina on this democratic presidential primary day.
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inside help explain now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >> evan: a photograph of a police deputy and his canine is capturing the internet's heart this week. >> zack: it show as deputy getting a hug from his beloved dog hanson. the deputy says he took a couple photos a couple months ago during a narcotics investigation. >> evan: manson is a 5 year-old chocolate lab, he is used to finding drugs for specific investigations. the two worked together the past three years. look at that. that's cute.
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>> zack: there is nothing you can beat. when dogs get all up in your greer, you want that hug? ugh. >> evan: you have one. how is scout doing this morning? >> zack: he is awesome. he was so confused when i woke up this morning because usually he sleeps in 9:00, 10:00, kind of lounges around. 3 a.m., is not his wakeup time. >> evan: is it anyone's wakeup time? >> zack: it's ours. >> evan: not on purpose. >> >> zack: he looked at me, looked at the bed pillow and put his head back down. it's all it takes. he doesn't care what you are doing. >> evan: there you go. you might want to get him outside today? >> zack: it will be gorgeous. crystal clear blue skies and maybe not the warmth as of yet. we will see that coming tomorrow. now, today we will fall shy of the 50 degrees mark. take a look at the temperature right now down in rosman, 25 degrees. so, yes, it is going to be a bit chilly to start. but, this is typical for this time of year. what's not typical is what is to come. some of the warmer temperatures, we will talk about the low 60s
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and then i want you to enjoy it because we will bring in a wintry mix for the work week. i will let you know when you will see it, who may see some flakes, and yes, how long that stretch is going to last. all the details coming up in a little bit. >> evan: right now, voters in south carolina are hitting their polling places to choose the nominee for the democratic presidential primary. polls have been open for 30 minutes and hope hanselman joins us live outside a polling location in greenville. and, hope, what are you seeing out there this morning? we have voters you want to talk to? >> hope: we did, evan. we just stopped stopped eddee dennis casting a vote. we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. you are out here bright and early to get in. what are you doing? >> i got to work all day, i have a high school softball tournament ahead, so i figured if i don't get it in now, it won't happen today. it's important we get it done. >> hope: absolutely. thank your if m cog out here to exercise your right. we will let you get in and get your vote cast. we appreciate you talking to us.
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so, we have a few voters inside right now casting their ballots and we spoke to one of the polling location employees here, one of the volunteers here, rather. and they are telling us that, you know, over the last half hour, it has been a little slow out here at the springfield baptist church. but, they say that if this election were on a tuesday, we would have had lines right out the door right at 7 a.m.. since it is a saturday, people are taking their time getting up and getting over to cast their vote. they do expect the lines to build throughout the day. now, hillary clinton is pulling with a strong lead in south carolina, as much as 25 points and as i step away here you can take a look at some of the voters getting to their -- getting to those ballots inside. it's possible that we could have a winner here in south carolina, before polls close at 7 p.m. tonight, if that margin between clinton and sanders remains so strong. we will definitely be
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we will be joining you live as well with cut-ins and updates just as soon as they come in. reporting live in greenville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> evan: for complete election coverage head to, we also will have live reports throughout the day and coverage clinton's campaign. we have an election 2016 page on upcoming events. and the latest from the campaign trail on both sides. mcdowell county county investigators issue warrants for two 13 year-old boys accused of sending threatening instagram messages. authorities say the messages threatened gun violence on other students. three west mcdowell county seventh graders and their parents showed us the instagram quotes, one saying i will kill you people and shoot you. >> my friend are getting threaten and i'm getting threaten and it's just, we are all scared to go to school and be alone.
7:33 am
person is capable of. >> evan: we are told the instagram post started two weeks ago with sexually explicit messages. an east asheville man is charged with having weapons of mass destruction. keith tolly pictured here was arrested thursday night after police say they found a suspicious substance in his home on tuesday. police responded to the home more than 300 times in the past crimes. neighbors say at least half a dozen officers went into the home tuesday night and a short time later they came right back out. >> all of a sudden they all ran out of the house and started to come up the street and came into our house and told us we had to evacuate baa they found something over there. they didn't say what it was. >> evan: what it was is not being released by asheville police. they say it's an objective investigation. tolly's father spoke to news 13. he says it wuh gun powder and
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he keeps in the home. the fbi is working with cherokee police on a two year-old death investigation. in late december, 2013, cherokee police found the body of 26 year-old marie walking stick pheasant inside a car in the big reservation. at that time, investigators said evidence on the remote dirt road suggested foul play. the fbi said it is investigating this case along with cherokee police, but they have no new information to release. in this morning's news reel, one person is dead after catching fire on top of a dallas building. firefighters found a worker dead on the roof. they say he was electrocuted by a transformer. it's not clear why the worker was on the roof or how he ended up on the transformer. authorities are not releasing his name right now. take a look at this, a car fire caught on camera in downtown seattle from this past week. incredible video. the fire sent a plume of smoke and reduced visibility on the
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firefighters say no one was hurt. pilots of an asia pacific airways jet made a spectacular landing in the island nation of guam. the nose gear of the plane failed to deploy so the flight crew had only the rear wheels to touchdown. you see there, only three people were on that flight and none of them were hurt. there was no smoke or fire and airport operations were unaffected. boy, good news there and great news around here for the weather this weekend, zack? >> zack: you can't beat it. we said it all weekend long. there is only one difference between today and tomorrow that is the temperatures. today is just a little bit cooler, but by tomorrow afternoon we are talking the 60s area-wide. you need to get outside. it will feel like spring even though we are only a few days from the the meteorological spring. that is a difference, meteorologist very sus astrological, we will talk about it at some point ( ). temperatures on the rise, but we are going to get a wintry shot
7:36 am
month. i will let you know who may see
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the break. >> >> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> zack: welcome back, folks. good saturday morning to you all. looking at a clear start to the day. this is going within the past six hours. starting overnight at 1 a.m.. and we are going to right
7:38 am
and the cloud cover was seen, but already starting to disperse. and that's bringing in some chilly temperatures this morning. 28 degrees right now in asheville. we are there at burnsville, seeing the same in newland. hovering around the 30 degrees mark as we make our way further east. take a look at what happens as we go to the extreme west. we are actually into the low and mid 20s. you may want to grab the jacket if you head out the door in the early morning hours. but later on this afternoon, it may be feeling slightly warmer, the reason being the high pressure is going to be the dominant factor, lots of sunshine, clear skies, and we are not seeing it just for today but the second half of the weekend as well. temperatures will be cooler today than what we see tomorrow, so overall, nothing to complain about. if you look for the springlike temperatures, they will be on their way by sunday afternoon. but, there is an area of low pressure situated far off from our region, actually in central idaho. that's going to continue to pick up steam as it m mes its way further east. usually we don't see the systems making it all the way to the
7:39 am
up and really lose their moisture content. but, as this picks up energy, we are going to start to see some of the precipitation rolling through, but not until tuesday in the afternoon hours. so, we are still going to remain dry over the weekend, and that is the good news. let's put this into motion for you now. there goes the cloud cover. calm winds this afternoon, we may get a breeze up to 10 miles per hour. but, certainly, not as gusty as what we are seeing in the past few days. overnight, we will continue with the clear conditions. so a chilly start to the day on sunday morning, but i want us to notice this. we will go from sunday at 6 p.m. to sunday 6 p.m. with no activity rolling across on that. maybe just a little bit in terms of win direction. but, that is it. it is going to be nothing but sunshine on the way. so, tomorrow afternoon, absolutely fantastic. 49 degrees, that's what we are forecasting for today. by tomorrow we will jump the temperatures back up into the low and even mid 60s in some locations. keeping things on the room what side for monday as well as tuesday, but as we head into
7:40 am
we start to see the rainhp@=#l&[ afternoon highs wednesday back in the low 40s and 50s. a wintry mix is possible from wednesday, thursday, and friday. these are isolated showers. something that we are certainly going to monitor. not going to see much impact but we will see a decrease in the temperature by the end of the week. >>stan: good morning, in sports, with the duke point guard with the angelic face, catch the , you know,2 what from the acc? gray son allen is the player of the year with his great play trips xavier mays thursday night in the find sebilities of the blue devils win over mills. no foul was called but that looked like a trip. acc reviewed the incident a couple weeks ago allen got a foul for tripping a louisville cardinal player. allen says last night's was nothing. looks like the league agrees with him.
7:41 am
one more second round playoff game last night in girls 2a, fourth seed mountain heritage hosting east burke, a game originally scheduled for thursday, postponed because of weather concerns. late in the fourth quarter, halle king gets the runner in the lane and gets fouled. the cougars trail by 10, east burke wins at the line with free flows. the season ends for the cougars, east burke eliminates mountain heritage 53-41. a big loss for the wnc sports community. big van camp is leaving as the executive director of the the asheville regional sports commission. he served since 2010 with a commission started and helped the group bring numerous big sporting events to the area and in his time they have either brought or helped ovevesea successful events for the area and they turned them into an economic impact of over $48 million to the community.
7:42 am
and lpga, spartan race andua cycling lacrosse national championships all examples of the work during his tenure. he will stay on through the spring. he is eager to pursue other professional interests. congratulations to him. the pacers, kimball walker, it's good with 2 seconds left and the winner, charlotte edges, 96-95. nascar leaves warm daytona sunday's race. yesterday we had a qualifying, a battle of the bush boy, kurt busch ran strong through all three elimination rounds and top speed of 191.582. but then baby brother kyle came through and a fast lap of 191.668. but, it does not get the pole. his toyota failed inspection. he will start at the back of the field. the brother takes the pole, try vor bane and ryan newman finish. keith marshall runningback from north carolina went to university of georgia hurt for
7:43 am
attorney acl and showed why he is a top recruit, runs the fastest 40 time, bench presses runningbacks 225-pounds 25 times, smart student, hard worker, good luck to him. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you tonight at 6:00.
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>> >> evan: quom back, everyone. 7:46 op the dot. joining me, renobbed mountain and hammer dulcimer player, madeleine mcneil, thank you for waking up with us ( ). >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> evan: we are glad to have you, we are want k to talk about the appalachian dulcimer. >> yes, this part of north
7:46 am
its beginnings, too. when the people would travel down through the shenandoah valley of virginia and into this area ( ) and eastern kentucky. here. good players down leer. >> evan: yeah. so the origin is right in this region. your origin in this region as well. you're from harper's ferry west virginia? >> very close. >> evan: all right. and so, obviously, it's a big region. what makes the instrument so special or different from other instruments? >> yes, well, first of all, the setup of it, which is different from the guitars and banjos and so forth. you sit and play it on your lap most time or on some people on the table. but, the instrument is just so unique in its sound and just the way it's been put together and it its history, too.
7:47 am
unique sound. you have a performance tonight at the immaculate conception church at 7:00. and that is in hendersonville. we want to get out of the way and let you play, and we will hear a little bit about the unique sound. thank you so much, mat pi mad di. >> oh, shenandoah, i love to see you, your rolling rivers shenandoah, i long to hear
7:48 am
the white missouri oh, shenandoah, a blue ridge mountains, oh how you have a rolling river shenandoah, my mountain homeland, away i'm bound away, across the white missouri oh, shenandoah, if ever i leave you . . .
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lings. lores. >> >> >> >> evan: socioeconomic voters are choosing the democratic nominee for the party. >> hope: hanselman joins us live outside a polling place in greenville. hope, this race is simpler. only two candidates to choose from, unlike last week. >> hope: that's right, evan. thinks are moving quickly inside, system rolling u.s. two candidates on the ballot. but we are seeing some activity start to pick up here inside the springfield baptist church in greenville. one of the polling locations that has been open now just as about an hour across the state of south carolina as voters come to make their pick for the nominee of the democratic party. as we said, just down to two candidate, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. now, polls are showing clinton has a strong lead in this state. leading sanders by at least 25 points. experts are saying if that margin remains throughout the
7:52 am
winner before these polls close at 7 p.m. tonight. clinton does have a rally planned in columbia today. we will have a crew there. and as far as we know, sanders is not planning to be in the state when results are announced tonight. reporting live in greenville, hope hanselman, news 13. >> evan: stay with us throughout the day. we have live updates right here on news 13. team coverage starts tonight at 6:00. we will be with the clinton campaign in columbia. you can check our facebook and twitter pages for updates as well as we showed you the mind teaser before the break right after the wonderful dulcimer performance. what color is a polar bear's fur? >> zack: the answer is transparent. yes, transparent. it only appears white because it reflects the visible light and under the fur the skin is actually black. >> evan: interesting. i never knew that. let's look at the events happening across the area today. it's perfect for the polar
7:53 am
proceeds support the special olympics in madison county. our own. >> lauren: will be there to emcee the event at 2 p.m.. >> zack: if plunging into icy water is not your cup of tea, lace up the running shoes and heat out to the annual chili challenge in weaverville. enter the 1k race, one mile fun run or enjoy chile while everyone runs. our meteorologist jason boyar will be there to emcee, registration starts at 8 a.m.. to find more information go to and click on the "community" tab. >> evan: we are excited about our show tomorrow morning. we have an oscar-packed show for you. >> zack: we have a live report from the red carpet and we are covering movies and fashion and we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway give away. >> evan: two "early bird gets the win" giveaway winners, two tickets to the regal grand at the biltmore park, tomorrow at 6:00. >> zack: tomorrow is gorgeous,
7:54 am
49 degrees is what we are forecasting in asheville. warmer temperatures still as we head into sunday. we are talking 60s area-wide. it is going to be absolutely fantastic and sunday will be the pick of the weekend. but, you know what? here at wlos, our pick, mr. evan donovan. happy birthday, my friend. >> evan: thank you very much. >> zack: it took a little while to get everything going, but this is partly from here at the desk, and also from those in
7:55 am
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7:59 am
>> evan: thank you all very good morning, america. playing the trump card. the presidential candidate's bombshell endorsement, a former foe signing on. >> there is no better fighter than donald trump. >> now double-teaming marco rubio. >> he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> rubio, meanwhile, taking his own swipes. >> he was having a meltdown. >> the latesestwists and turns
8:00 am
democratic primary in south carolina as we head into a crucial super tuesday. zika alert. the cdc's startling report. the american pregnant women who visited countries with zika outbreaks. what happened? plus, the new travel advice from health officials. our dr. besser tells you what you need to know. opening up, the superstar jennifer garner talking for the first time a aut her breakup with ben affleck. her really candid comments about her ex. did ben's alleged affair with the nanny truly end their marriage? and countdown to the oscars. your backstage pass to the glitz, glamour and huge surprises. >> right now the red carpet is covered in plastic, but that will soon change. >> the big reveals from the producers, presenters going animated, excitement bubbling over as hollywood gears up for


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