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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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news 13 at 5:30. >> anchor: new at 5:30, a for sale sign is up outside the arvado plant. >> frank: in december, the cd maker announced it was closing. >> anchor: what's happening next for the company? >> kim: we're just outside of weaverville, and this is the huge arvado plant outside behind me. it's the size of eight football fields. now listed for $16.9 million. the stake is in the ground. it's not a ground breaking but a sell off. the listing with a local agent and a national one as well. vp of operations, peter shopper showed us the 22-page marketing piece showing the plant's interior. he took us on a tour where dormant machines used to
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20 more employees laid off today. storage areas are being emptied to show the building off. the vast majority of the building is vacant. 40 of the 60 remaining staffers who worked in the cd division will be let go by arvado in may. but there is another division in here that arvado hopes to keep here even if or when the building is sold. >> if we will sell the building, they would try if they can stay in the building or they will find a new building. there's a lot of equipment that can be used. >> kim: the building's 34 years old with multiple expansions. a company out of raleigh recently came here to tour the facility but in the end, we're told, they just thought it was
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kimberly king, news 13. >> anchor: now to a developing story out of mcdowell county where deputies are searching for a missing woman and a man who her family believes played a part in her disappearance. melanie burleson was reported missing friday. the 36-year-old mother of two was last seen at a party with walter mitchell, who has a long criminal history in the area. he's been arrested for assault three times. >> i fear that he has hurt her really bad or even maybe killed her. i don't know. it's just, this is so out of her character. it's not like her. that's why we're all so worried. >> anchor: deputies say walter is not a suspect in the case but wanted for questioning. he had a court date this morning
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>> frank: deputies arrest a marion man for child sex charges. charged with one felony count of first degree sex offense of a child. she recently discovered videotapes of the suspect having inappropriate sexual connect with an 11-year-old girl. a mitchell county man is sentenced to decades in prison after he was found guiuity of statutory rape. jeffrey dye will spend years for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl when he was 23. >> anchor: planned parenthood shooting suspect robert dear is facing 79 counts that left three people dead. >> frank: dear previously lived in two places here. now he's speaking out in a
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what he says drove him to kill. >> anchor: heather skuld reports. >> do you have any guilt? >> no, i don't have any guilt. i'm in a war. >> do you value life? >> of course, that's why i did it. i value -- i killed three and i saved 3,000. >> reporter: in his phone interview, robert dear calls those who died on black friday, casualties of war. >> do the names garrett swaesy, jennifer or pierre stewart mean anything to you? >> yeah, those are victims. >> were their lives not important? >> well in a war, there's going to be casualties. are you going to name the hundred million babies who were killed that nobody talks about? nobody represents them? they have no voice.
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have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> there are six children without a father or a mother. what do you want to say to those kids? >> i already answered that question about them. >> what do you want to say to their kids? >> i'm not saying anything to their kids. >> do you not care? >> i care about a lot of things. i care about innocent blood. the innocent blood of all those babies they're killing and they're selling the baby parts. that's a holocaust. that's an atrocity. >> do you not care about six children who do not have a parent? >> i already answered that question. >> clearly dodginggquestions, dear talked about his hero, paul hill, who killed an abortion doctor and the doctor's body guard. hill was convicted and given a lethal injection. >> do you call yourself a
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>> yeah, of course i'm a christian because i actually did something to try to stop abortion not just talk and not just playing the game. >> how do you feel about the ten commandments? if you call yourself a christian and on the ten commandments it says do not kill. >> actually it says do not murder. i didn't murder, i killed. killing is not the problem, it's who you kill. that's the question. if you're killing to save lives, that's a different story than murdering people who are innocent. i did it to save lives vpt . >> frank: a hearing has been scheduled on march 23rd to determine dear's mental competency. >> anchor: army staff sergeant ronald hamilton will remain behind bars without bond. the 32-year-old is charged with murdering his wife and killing a
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authorities say officer ashley gwendon was one of several officers responding satury. when they arrived on scene, hamilton opened fire. officer gwendon had been sworn just one day before. >> i will always call this an officer's worst nightmare. to go to a routine call and wind up dead. >> anchor: investigators found hamilton's wife dead. the couple's 11-year-old son was also inside but unharmed. the prosecutor said he'll likely seek the death penalty on hamilton. news 13 has now confirmed a deputy of the jackson county sheriff's office has been fired for giving a driver the middle finger. it happened on i-40. light says he was recording the
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and then on camera, anthony gave him the middle finger. >> frank: toxicology results from a fiery crash that killed upstate students. horace, josh lee all died. authorities say the car they were in, veered off the pavement, slammed in to a tree and caught fire. this tragedy should serve as yet another reminder not to drink and drive. >> just out of respect to these families, i won't go much further. but i will tell you time and time again, i've been heavily prosecution on dwi. and i see the pain it causes and it's definitely a problem. >> frank: a recently ruling
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them without violating the law. tonight, find out why one of the family's fought to keep this report from going public. jaclyn, there's a lot happening on the roads in weaverville. >> jaclyn: right. crews are responding to a rollover crash. it happened just off of mars hill highway. avoid that portion of the road if you can. also happening in weaverville, this construction project might slow you down a little bit. this organization of ox creek road is closed. the dot is expected to wrap up on thursday night. tunnel road is very congested right now as usual. get ready for back ups on the west bound side. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> frank: coming up, cheaper tickets if you're willing to fly without frills. how you can get lower airfares
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>> very emotional but very rewarding. >> anchor: remembering a hero. coming up in carolina moment, how this led to an emotional family reunion. >> jason: no slouch here. look at our temperatures in the low 60s and low 70s across the area for official highs today. we'll take that. in most cases it was very mild. your evening planner is going to stay mild. 50 at 9. maybe a heavier jacket by 11 at 45.
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>> frank: stocks slide at the start of the week on wall street. the dow was down 123 points to. nasdaq lost 32 and ended at 4557. >> anchor: a u.s. bank is now being questioned in a fifa corruption scandal. >> citibank has been investigated. anti-money laundering laws
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senior officials with the professional soccer association used various u.s. banks to transfer and receive $150 million in bribes and kickbacks. they're questioning whether citigroup turned a blind eye. >> anchor: there's now a cheaper way to fly but you'll have to give up a few comforts. a new class called basic economy. ssengers who use this service won't be able to reserve seats, cancel them or upgrade. delta was the first company to introduce it. united and american are expected to roll out their versions of it later this year. >> frank: who needs to go anywhere? >> anchor: i'm too scared to cancel or move anything. >> frank: it was a beautiful day. no coat or jacket. >> jason: these types of days,
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this time of year. we still have big swings. 67 degrees for the high temperature today. 39 on the low this morning. all of those above average by several degrees. no rain or snow. and we sit at 8.98 inches. this was the warmest day in a while. we gotta go all the way back to the first day of the month. but the rain shall return, along with winter as well. some captain d's make you feel better? yeeeaah! (woo) when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's.
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weather. >> jason: look at this. out west. another dip in the mid section. all this warmer air situated mostly to the south of these ridges and the jet stream. we'll take that. we sit on the warm side of the systems now. single digits now at international falls.
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its way eventually to the east. yes, it will affect our forecast as well. 65 degrees in asheville. north wind at 9. typically we would be talking about a wind chill factor. because the air temperature is so warm, you can't get a wind chill. this is a system we're going to watch. our winds are going to be coming from the south-southwest through much of the day tomorrow. as it starts to enter the tennessee valley late in the day tomorrow, it puts rain out ahead of it. our chances of rain will be greatest in the afternoon and evening and even in to the early overnight. once that happens, cold air will flood in behind that system. we're talking a chill and even a little moisture being rung out in terms of wintery weather before the next system comes our way in to the latter part of the week. that one, too, will bring us a mixed bag of rain and snow possibly.
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after midnight, clouds will start to advance in. there's the lunch hour. showers mostly light. but then we start to see the round of rain up here and approach from the west. this is going to be a line of heavy showers, maybe thunderstorms by evening tomorrow. moving east ward. watch the cold air get in here. that changes to snow in higher elevations wednesday morning. it shouldn't be too much in terms of accumulations. north-northwest wind really cranking. mighty cold. tomorrow evening it starts to fall in most places. by midnight tomorrow night, we have almost an inch to an inch in a half in andrews. you can see that the idea is we'll have much less in the french broad river valley, as is typically the case. temperatures dropping down. we'll find ourselves in the 60s tomorrow.
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66 in greer and pickens. we'll have our temperatures drop significantly on wednesday. 44 for the high with that chance of wintery mix. 40s again on thursday before warming up in the weekend. >> frank: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. kelly rose sent us this shot from landrum. >> reporter: happy birthday to these guys. she said her triplets are all turning 12 today on leap day. >> frank: we'll have more on their very special birthday tonight on news 13 at 11:00. a news 13 tip leads to a touching reunion.
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>> frank: a news 13 viewer provides information that leads to an emotional family reunion. early this month we told you about an induction in to the hall of fame. >> anchor: news 13's john le and photographer steve wilder explained why the sports hero's honor .
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winston, georgia, with solace. >> john: at east henderson high, a plaque of norma's son inspired thoughts of what could have been. >> he was a good boy. >> john: there's so much life that denny never got to live. >> and i loved him. >> john: denny was a multi-sports star who dreamed of playing for tennessee. 225 pounds with strength and speed to burn. often in the news for his football heroics. but in august of 1970, a times news headline put sports in perspective. pace was at the scene and wanted to help. but he stepped on a power line and was electrocuted.
5:55 pm
now 102 words summarize an incomplete story. family members see the hall of fame plaque for the first time since denny was inducted for the first time. his loss lingers. >> he's going to walk through the door and he's going to come back. >> very emotional but very rewarding. >> john: it was ex-team mate's decision to put denny in the hall of fame. a tip from a viewer led to this reunion. after hearing chuck lost touch with the pace family. >> everything started coming together. >> john: now his mother is in awe of the accolades. >> oh yeah. very. >> you would think after all these years he would be forgotten. it's really an honor.
5:56 pm
death, ten family members, including some who still live in henderson county, posed with pride. >> cheese. >> john: and after decades of mixed emotions, the chance to celebrate their hero is long overdue. >> i knew it would be a sad happy day. >> john: john le, news 13. >> frank: denny's father passed away just a couple of years after his son's death. >> anchor: family members say he died of a broken heart. very first thing out of their mouth will be, may i please see your photo id. >> frank: new rules at the
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get high speed internet-just $15 dollars a month for 12 months with other qualifying service and a one-year agreement all on one bill! with high speed internet from at&t, you get the speed that's right for you. and if you call now you can get a $100-dollar promotional card with this great offer! only from at&t. call an at&t expert to switch today. >> larry: right now at 6, a mother of two goes missing. >> it's not like her. that's why we're all so worried. >> larry: tonight, new details
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believes may be behind it. >> darcel: why one local reporter's investigation is leading to more questions. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> larry: breaking news tonight, news 13 has just obtained a 911 call from the night a wlos employee was killed. >> darcel: richardson called 911 to tell police about the shooting. news 13's frank kracher is standing by live at the buncombe county courthouse. >> larry: frank, have you been able to listen to the call richardson made at the night of the killing? >> frank: we have. we came here and obtained this copy of the cd less than an hour ago. now it's about ten minutes long.
6:00 pm
routine. questions and answers about where the house is located. where deputies need to respond. but there are some pointed questions about what happened. the dispatcher talking to robin richardson. richardson tells that dispatcher, "i just shot my boyfriend. also, he's dying right now. then you hear in her own words what she later told investigators, her version of what led up to the shooting. >> okay. were you having an argument? >> yes. >> have you been assaulted? >> i'm sorry. >> have you been assaulted? >> yes. >> okay. and where did you shoot him out on his body?


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