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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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school choice is for them and that they need to identify the best place for their child. we shouldn't be forced to sending our kids to a school that is a one size fits all. >> this is the 4th year for the rally. it is one of 140 events across the country this week. news 19's janae frazier explored the options for your kids and joins us with more. >> reporter: when it comes to choosing a school for your kids the options include home schooling, magnet schools, charter schools, public schools schools and private schools. here is a look at each. >> the public schools is a choice. >> our country, our republic serves to benefit when foothills are strong. because -- when public schools are strong. because we have the ability to strengthen skill sets.
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>> gives a choice for families for children to explore an interest that they might have. saints, arts. >> reporter: several priority schools. >> parents are interested in having the amdeckic action academic part and -- academic part. >> home schooling is also a choice. >> the world is the classroom. all kinds of opportunity for travel and hand on learning. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: public charter schools are open to anyone. >> a charter school is able to design a very unique curriculum and very specialized in a area. for example, area of focus is mandarin chinese. >> reporter: we were able to talk oo south carolina superintendent of education.
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take part in virtual learning. >> they can take any class. if their school doesn't offer it they could enroll in career technology programs. that is one huge choice available and we have others as well. >> reporter: she told me she doesn't believe the choices take away from public schools. but provide for a healthy competition. and she wanted me it tell you parents that she encourages you to educate yourself and visit all of your options for your child. >> thank you. tomorrow richland superintendent will give his state of the district address at 6:00 p.m. the superintendent will give had address that includes updates on the goals, achievements and budgets. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today we seen a lot of
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across the area. it is cloudy outside and our temperature at the moment as we take a look at what is going on, we are seeing our temperature is at 56 degrees. winds are from the east at 6 miles per hour and tonight we are expecting a low temperature of 41 degrees. just a chance for a few showers. i think our better chance for rain will be tomorrow, day break, and it will keep temperatures down with a high of 47 degrees. the weather will get better for the weekend. the forecast is coming up. >> thank you. there is word out tonight out of the charleston newspaper, 600 people will be summoned to court as potential jurors in the dyllan roof trial. the information is just into news 19. roof shot and killed nine people inside the historic, predominantly black, mother emanuel church. back in june. june 28 the jurors will report
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a process through which some are excuded for -- excluded for hearing the trial. they will report back to the judicial center in groups of 20 starting july 11 for another courtroom procedure in which they will be quizzed by biases and life experiences. once the list is widdled down to 12 joursers and alternates the manurings -- jurors and the alternates the trial will begin. charged with nuflect in connection to a 82 -- neglect in connection to a 82-year-old. she was found dead january of last year inside her home. david scott howell and carole beam howell, she said the woman couldn't move on her own and hadn't gotten out of the chair
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carole beam howell is out on bond while her son held without bond. a woman is accused of beating her husband up with none chucks because he wouldn't have sex with her. according to police officers found blood all over the victim when nay got to the home. the husband told police when he refused his wife started throwing figurines at him and hit him with the nunchakus. bond is set at $15,000. a loaded gun has been confiscated at the airport. tsa discovered the pistol last night at a security check point in a carry on bag. tsa alerted police who took possession of the bag and arrested the passenger on state charges.
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transported in check bags and unloaded they are prohibited in carry on bags. tonight the fire department is investigating the cause of a house fire this afternoon around 12:30 p.m. when they got there the home on fifth street was fully engulfed. no one was hurt and the home was not occupied at the time. a bill that would increase surveillance on refugees from war torn countries settling in our state passed today. the bill looks to register every refugee with dss, have sled track the refugees phold organizations -- and hold organizations accountable if an act of terrorism would occur. senators say it would undo the state's course in unity and others say they are just seeking security. >> we lost 9 citizens in charleston. and the rainbow was that it
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we started expressing and demonstrating love and unity. this bill takes us backwards. >> i believe this is something just needed for public safety. i think the public is concerned. when you see what is going on in europe we don't want that in america. we need to do everything to protect the citizens of south carolina. >> it won't head straight to the senate floor yet. a day after sighing he would -- saying he would skip the debate republican presidential candidate donald trump is making a campaign stop at the free farm off highway 1 in lexington and there are reports tonight that the lieutenant governor is going to be campaigning and endorsing donald trump at that event. it gets underway at 7:00 p.m. tonight. it is open to the public. a new poll shows donald trump
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margin here. he has 40% of the support. followed by ted cruz with 21%. marco rubio 13. the other 9 are polling in single digits. and on the democratic side tonight. the polls show hillary clinton has a commanding lead here with 60% of support. burstburst has 38 -- bernie sanders has 38%. no numbers listed for martin o'malley or willy wilson. on your side with a warning from wendy's. they learned this month of fraudulent charges on cards used. they have launched an investigation with help up experts and they are cooperating with law enforcement officials. sled disaster recovery centers will close. two are in the midland.
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other is in williamsburg county. they will all close friday night at 6:00 p.m. survivors can get help by calling the fema hot line from avenuesap to -- 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. we have the number listed on four more days for the final enrollment period through if you don't enroll in healthcare you could pay penalty of $695 or more come income tax time. still ahead, details on a big lottery win in south carolina. you won't believe how lucky this woman has been in the past and jim says pack the umbrella tomorrow because we are in for
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he has tonight is your next shot
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you can see the you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. with jr berry and darci strickland. >> i love this story. a woman hit it rich playing the lot re. the lucky -- lottery. the lucky lady won a quarter million dollars in a scratch off game. she scratched off the ticket while sitting in her car
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the lottery says the winner has won previous prizes in the past. fiver hundred dollars. a few thousand -- $500. a few thousand dollars wins and $25,000. a lucky lady indeed. she plans to buy a new car, a new roof and pay for a trip. >> i mean, really -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> it is working for her. >> exactly. >> i don't know. [ talking at the same time ] >> don't bet against the house. jim, so, tomorrow we will need our umbrellas? >> actually it looks like the better chance will be tomorrow. it has been slow moving in. today has been a day in which we have seen a lot of cloudiness. not much in the way of rain. you can see from live radar here.
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rain anywhere in the midlands. the front did come through and it is off the coast and we have a lot of cloudiness. a little bit of patchy rain here in eastern georgia. that is to the east at 20 miles per hour and there is more moisture in the gulf of mexico surging our way. and it will come through tomorrow. notice across the country high pressure is in control. it is not terribly cold out there. the coldest air seems to be around the great lakes. elsewhere temperatures not too bad for the end of january. currently here in south carolina temperatures generally in the 50s. 56 columbia. 57 orangeburg. 57 augusta and 53 sumpter. 48 in rock hill. computer model shows tonight it will be cloudy. might see showers. but most of the rain comes around day break. tomorrow morning we want to have the umbrella.
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northeast through the area. rain tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon it end. into the evening hours we will see clearing and we will see plenty of sunshine for friday. our forecast for tonight expect low temperatures of 39 saluta. 41 columbia. tomorrow the clouds and the rain keep temperatures cool. mid-40s. 47 degrees for a high in columbia. looking ahead, the sun returns on friday with a high of 59. may drop to 32 degrees saturday morning but we warm up to 64. 68 degrees on sunday. by tuesday clouds move in. but we will see a high temperature of 72 degrees. then either tuesday night or wednesday morning we will see a front coming through with a chance of showers and thunderstorms and a high on wednesday of 68. >> within the next 7 days high temperature in the 40s and 70s. >> and 70s. >> but we are going up hill
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>> i like that direction. thank you.
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here is the cbs evening news tonight. donald trump's show down with fox news. who will win the debate on the debate? plus more investigation into the wounden warrior project. how many have they helped and
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confirmed in the u.s. we will starting with? >> player of the week. >> that's right.
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>> can't get anything past it. >> outstanding student athletes. orangeburg wilkinson high school. >> reporter: a two sport stand out playing volleyball and basketball. in september her career was in jeopardy because she suffer an largic action -- an allergic action and she spent time that burn center. >> i took a medicine that gave me a really bad allergic reaction. it takes the top lair of your -- layer of your skins, it comes out. >> burns inside. tongue, feet and hand and lips. she was in icu for 3 or 4 weeks. for her to come back and get that and overcome that, that is a blessing. >> reporter: through hard work and patience she made her way back on the court and in the
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>> i tried to keep my head up high and hope for the best. >> her grades never slipped. she kept doing what she needed the court. shows everything inside of her. >> reporter: she had trials and tribulations but she has come through stronger than ever. >> makes me feel great because i feel like i accomplished a paid off. >> smart in her will to win. ability to understand the game at a high level. playing with intensity and pride and just a lot of hustle. >> all right. usc hoops. what a game last night for usc seseor. scored career high 34 points and tied a career high with 15 rebounds in the win over mississippi state. drew comparisons to devon downy.
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was huge. first time since a guy had 30 points and 15 boards in a contest since joining the sec. >> i am happy for mike. he worked so hard and he cares about our team and this program like it is his family. and i am happy for his willingness to lead and to take on the responsibility of doing what good players do. >> and a big day for nascar driver jordan anderson. at the nascar hall of fame for a major announcement. the e city of columbia, the hot colors will be the sponsor for half of the races on the truck schedule. there is still a few more rooms for sponsorship dollars. they will 31 entire schedule and the number 66 will be coming to a race track near you.
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tonight on news 19 at 11:00 p.m. >> you think they will give -- [ indiscernible ] >> absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> all right.
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stars making a guest appearance here is what is coming up tonight.
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2 broke girls, mike and molly, criminal minds and code black
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and news a long tradition of reality stars appearing on soap operas. today they stopped by on the young and the resless. here is their -- restless. here is their feed. >> need some help with that, body? >> we are pretty good at balancing some things. >> even the scotty? [ music ] >> doesn't liie@q%[hfd challenge. >> be careful. if you drop that you won't gate second ance. >> yeah -- get a second chance. >> yeah. i think i will survive. thanks. see you. >> second chance. i think i will survive. i like that. both said they had a blast on the soap.
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restless every week day at noon with yours truly. the next survivor season kicks off on wltx february 17 at 8:00 p.m. with a 90 minute premier. [ talking at the same time ] >> second chance. survive. i like that. >> i like that. >> i like that he won -- [ talking at the same time ] >> fan favorite. >> joe got fan favorite but he became a fan favorite as well. and his wife was pregnant won the jurors over. [ talking at the same time ] >> february 17, be ready. we are out of time.
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