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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 after a couple of nice sunny days...the rain makes a return to the midlands today. good morning and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning i'm savannah levins.your time is 3 4:30...meterologist efren afante joins me now with more on the rain's return... 3 3 chat 3
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3 3 today is national signing day.
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school senior can sign a binding national letter of intent for college football. sports director reggie anderson will have updates on where our midlands high school seniors are headed when you join us for news 19 at 6 tonight. 3 today former president bill clinton will be in columbia to rally support for his wife hillary clinton. the rally is taking place at 6pm at allen university. 3 3 3 senator tim scott has endorsed marco rubio.scott says rubio is the one shot for the republicans to win the white house.scott also likes rubio's priorities.... saying he's a better father and a better husband than he is a politician.4th district congressman trey gowdy is also endorsing rubio.rubio is coming off a third place finish in last night's iowa caucus. 3 3rd district congressman jeff duncan will support iowa caucus winner ted cruz.cruz was in greenville last night campaigning at the t-d
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of support from pastors who say they value his conservative and christian beliefs.greenville will be the site of the upcoming g-o-p debate on february 13-th. 3 meanwhile....after finishing last in iowa....rick santorum is re- assessing his presidential campaign.he was supposed to start campaigning across south carolina today...but instead...he's thinking about dropping out of the race.a campaign stop that was scheduled in aiken today....has already been postponed. 3 after a second place finish in iowa....donald trump will now focus on new hampshire and south carolina...two states where he has double digit leads in the polls.friday night....trump will hold a campaign rally at the florence civic center. trump will also be in sumter on wednesday february 17th. 3 3 after an attempt to speed a roads bill through the senate floor ... senators now want to slow down and take a closer
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carolina's roads.senate president pro tem hugh the department of transportation and the state infrastructure bank to explain what those groups do.that means the current debate over how to raise money for roads and restructure the d-o-t would be pushed back until february 16-th. 3 the senate is also looking at a comprehensive moped bill. currently, moped drivers can not be given speeding tickets or arrested for drunk driving...but this bill changes that. the bill would also require moped riders to have a license...insura nce...and a license would also require safety equipment like lights and neon vests. some lawmakers have been against passing moped legislation, saying it would restrict those who can't afford a car to get around.
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criteria 3 the bill is still in subcommittee, and hembree says it could take a couple more meetings for the bill to pass onto the full committee. 3 3 the super bowl is already a big win for some small businesses who get work with the nfl in bay area.jamie yuccas shows us how it's business connect program has changed the life of one woman in san francisco
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3 3 and the only place to watch super bowl 50 is right here on wltx on february 7th.also the day before there's a special honoring the best players and biggest plays of the season in a show called n-f-l honors. it's starts at 9 p-m february 6-th. 3 after the break...richland deputies need your help identifying a man who stole not once but twice from a convenience store in columbia. we have the details on how much he got away with. 3 and, we've been enjoying beautiful weather the past few days, but you might need your rain gear as you head out this morning. efren afante has your full forecast next. 3
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3 columbia police are asking again ...if you know this man...they say he is a person of interest in a sexual assault on usc's campus.police believe he may have information that could help the case...but so officers
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contact this person.the sexual assault took place on january 30 at about 3:30 in the morning in the 800 block of barnwell street .police say a man forced a student to a nearby area where he sexually assaulted can leave an annonmous tip by calling crimestoppers.. .1-triple-8-crime-sc. 3 this morning...richland deputies need your help identifying the man in this suveilance video.they say he is wanted for a burglary at the am/pm food mart on parklane road in december. deputies say he stole several bottles of liquor from the business and then left the scene before returning a short period later to remove an unknown amount of money from the cash register along with several packs of cigarettes and lottery tickets.the total value was 7-thousand dollars. if you know who this man is call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8-crime-sc. 3
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3 3
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3 the students at dutch fork elementary think a teacher who is a life long learner is the best kind... a former student says that 5th grade teacher megan drayton is that kind of teacher because she is not only patient... she treats her students with 19's... mary sturgill... has more on why her students love her so much. 3 "she's somebody that will stand by you when you are frustrated and need help and she's just made us a perfect class. " that perfect 5th grade class is created by their teacher, megan drayton who says she is a life long learner herself, who makes discoveries right along with her students. "they know its not about perfection its about us growing each and every day and refelcting together and being the best that we can be. " it's that combination of the desire to learn and to grow and the love of her students that makes mrs drayton our news 19 teacher of the week. "hi there im mary sturgill from news 19 and mrs. drayton, you are our teacher of the week, wow. clapping. " mrs. drayton has been teaching 5th grade for five years... but this year, she is teaching every subject... "so i do math science social studies reading and writing but really we live into being readers and writers and scientists and mathmaticians so its not just the subjects, its who we are." knowing they are all those things creates a community who's individuals discover their potential with every lesson. "we are definitly a community in here so we respect each other, we love each other, we celebrate with each other and we push each
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can be every day. and sometimes its a struggle but it always is rewarding. " rewards that 5th grader lundyn crouch says she sees in her own progress. "i've learned that i am a better reader than i thought. i love to read more this year and write more this year ive noticed that i'm way better at literacy and i love math. "rewards that are reflected right back on mrs drayton as the teacher of the year for dutch fork elementary and a finalist for the district. "shes one of the greatest teachers that i've
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3 3 contratulations to mrs drayton for being our teacher of the week and on the new baby she is expecting this month. if you know a teacher who deserves to be recognized for their hard work in the classroom email us at t-o-w @ wtlx dot com. 3 coming up...october's flood has uncovered some old archeological sites in the midlands.... we'll show you what was hidden beneath the ground... after the break. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough.
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3 the warm temperatures are expected to stick around today but the rain will make it's return. good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning.
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