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tv   News 19 5am  WLTX  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 we're taking a closer look at a new columbia ordinance that cracks down on apartments around the city that aren't up to code. 3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning. i'm deon guillory. and i'm savannah levins.... 3 3 dozens of people suddenly had to leave the christ's court apartments by 5:00 wednesday night....after the city of columbia investigated the property.a new ordinance now in place allows city code enforcers to take immediate action like this without waiting on a hearing from the property maintenance board of appeals.instead they can get quick approval from the city manager. 3 "there are wonderful people who maintain their properties to standard and as they should, but for those folks who don't you'll find this
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they will minimally abate a property, minimally address the conditions that the fire chief, or police chief or the code enforcement officers might find and then it just goes back into disrepair there after." wilson says the property owners were also operating without a license...another reason why the city moved so fast to close the property. if you know of a property that i i't up to code you're asked to reach out to the columbia police property maintenance division at 803-545-3430. 3 3
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3 for some of us.... it hard to even to discuss the flood.... but what happened back in october...could have lasting effects that you probably didn even think about whether your home was flooded or not, mold is one of the things experts say will creep up on us. news19's sonia gutierrez talked with a midlands woman who's dealing with moldy
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3 there mold everywhere all the time***nats of tools*** in the workplace ***nats of family***at home i was really shocked when i saw all the windows and around the beds. and when i started seeing mine and under my bed i could not believe it for maria montes... it was all over her bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen you could see along the edge here especially over the window she first notified red oak management in november, th cleaned up, and also painted but in january... the mold creep-ed up again we have done 3 everything in our power to accommodate her and help her ... and because mold can look like dirt so we came out and took some samples took it to the lab and indeed it was mold manning says misdiagnosis can happen often
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her house and people don realize how much water will travel through almost anything and it will travel in any direction...when we come into the spring season when temperature warm up i think people are going to start to notice it more then mold can take many forms and colors, manning says the worst is black mold it will exasperate so the sooner you deal with it the better off you e going to be maria is a single mother of 4. is that bleach i smelling? do you still smell it one of her sons got sick after the cleaning.. my boy with asthma cannot be in here or around that; it bad enough with the mold but with the smell inside it really bad she says she also has headaches duration:0:02 ultimately, it doesn injure them, they just have to avoid it dr greg black is an asthma consultant with palmetto health and says mold doesn't pose any direct health risks to the average person if you do see a lot of black mold in one particular place is because the more mold you have, it seeks to defend itself by releasing mycotoxins. mycotoxins people cannot be allergic to but they can cause shortness of breath, it can cause headache, it can cause cough nobody is going to be immediately injured by it but nobody will be healthy with it either some of these conditions would be unlivable because you probably won have good sleep, you probably will always have some cough, you probably will always have some nasal congestion and bleach cleaning doesn always work. on a hard
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literally you could use some 3 lysol soap and water and wipe it up if it on a hard surface like metal. when you e dealing with a home such a s this you have dry wall, you have wood that not treated unfinished. the root of that mold digs into the wood and you have to get that root out if you see 10 square feet or less of mold you can clean 10 square feet if you see that root outyou have to get the wood and you have to get that root out if you see 10 square feet or less of mold you can clean it yourself but if it's 100 square feet manning says find a professional. when you have beds and things like that and you have a lot of humidity in the house and the bed is close to the wall it cant get any air flow so that where youl see the mold a lot of times or like in closets, have you looked in here? we bleached the walls with clorox, we treated the carpets with a mold mildew remover and we treated the walls with a mold mildew remover danielle rogers manages the property and says they were
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written request last month we just want to see her in a good living environment for her and her kids 3 3 for anyone still dealing with the effects of the flood ... we have plenty of information and resources availalbe to you. you can find it all on our webste w-l-t-x dot com.just click on the flood recovery link on the left side of the page. 3 3 flooding also did a number on south carolina's already crumbling road system. and month into the legislative session and state senators are no closer to finding a way to fix it.they spent hours thursday arguing over their inability to officially debate the issues.
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peeler said senators were dilly dallying...and wasting time to fix the problem.peeler says he's lost patience when it comes to the infrasturcture debate....saying it's past time to find a solution. 3 and that's repairing our roads 3 senators are expected to resume debate on the roads issues next tuesday. 3 the house unanimously passed a bill that would allow judges to grant immunity to those who kill someone out of self-defense, while on their own personal property. under current law, if a solicitor finds the use of deadly force
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to go through the process of a trial and be found either guilty of murder or innocent for acting out of self defense. representative bruce bannister says this bill would allow judges to hear your side of the story before that process. if the judge finds you acted out of self defense, they could grant you immunity from the charges, which would then be dropped. 3 "if a solicitor believes you need to be prosecuted. you get prosecuted. you have the hearing. because you believ eyou shouldnt be, under the idea that you acted reasonably defending yourself. if you didnt act reasonably, the judge isnt going to grant you immunity and so youll go to trial just as you should go if youif you had done something wrong. . all this will do is give a law abiding citizen who believed he was acting reasonably an opportunity to present his case and his story to a netural judge and that judge can make that decision. 3 the bill will be on the house
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on tuesday before being passed onto the senate. 3 a new bill at the state house would make it harder for law enforcement to preveve the release of dashcam video. senate judiciary chairman larry martin says his bill could inject confidence in a police decision.under the bill law enforcement agencies in south carolina would need a judge's blessing to withhold dashcam video.right now if a public records request is denied, the only recourse for a family or news organization is to sue. martin says that's too expensive to be a real option for many people.a judiciary panel postponed voting on the bill. 3 3 trump will be in the palmetto state today. he's holding a campaign rally at the florence civic begins at 7:00.trump won't be gone for long...he'll be back on wednesday...february
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3 today folks across the country are going to be rocking red. men and women are encouraged to wear rededs a symbol of their support of women's heart health.heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. fortunately, we can change that because 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action. the first friday of february has been designated by the awareness campaign, as national wear red day in the united states. the city of columbia will also be making a special announcement about 2016 go red columbia fashion show this afternoon. 3 carolina panthers fans...listen up.the cola riot is planning some events for those who will be staying in columbia for super bowl weekend.tonight at seven is the cola riot pep rally at river rat brewery on shop road. the rally features music and happy hour specials 3 the u-s navy fleet forces band will perform tonight at
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convention center.the concert begins at eight p-m in the convention center's ballroom. it is a part of the s-c music educators association professional development conference.the concert is free and open to the public 3 monster jam returns to colonial life arena this weekend.grave digger and carolina crusher will both be theretickets start at 13 dollars for kids and 23 dollars for adults.tonight's show is at 7:30.coming up at 6, i'll be live from colonial life arena with a closer look at the monster trucks. 3 will it be the panthers or the broncos? one turtle seems to know.but first, we've seen some warm temperatures this past week-- but efren says cooling down in the midlands. everything you need to know when news 19 this morning
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3 we're testing our superbowl knowledge coming up in a
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after the superbowl celebrations...comes the "sick" notices. how many of
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monday ahead. 3 today we are going to have a special football edition of what's brewing. that's right...we're going to talk all things super bowl 50. thinking about calling in sick the day after the super bowl? if so, you're not alone. an office team survey found 36 percent of managers think employees often call in sick or make an excuse to skip work after a big sporting event like the super bowl. and 41 percent of workers say they
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sick or come up with an excuse to miss work 3 on those 3 ripley's aquarium expert...gabby...has made her prediction for sunday's big game.even though she is carolina girl...she went with the denver broncos.but no worries...she doesn't have the best track record.for the past 5 years...the 300 pound turtle has made a super bowl 3 pick...and until last year...has been wrong every time. 3 even if you're not a football fan...chances are.....u are
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football festivities. in fact....super bowl sunday is the second largest day of food consumption behind thanksgiving.and we're going to find out just how much with a little guessing game. efren's going to ask us questions...and we have to guess the answers.we're
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3 we're on your side this morning with a scam alert and honda recall..that story ahead at, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off-- the highlights of last night's debate. 3 and as much as we love watching the superbowl....we also look forward to the commercials...we're tell you who's paying out the big bucks for a few seconds of air
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3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us for news 19
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guillory.3 and i'm savannah levins, your time is 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 candidates running for president are embarking on a weekend push to win over voters... ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. last night - democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their fifth debate - tackling foreign policy, wall street and progressive values. weijia jiang has the latest from manchester, new hampshire
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3 3 trump will take center stage tomorrow night when seven of the nine remaining gop contenders face off in their eighth debate in manchester.
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from his second place finish in iowa after accusing cruz of fraud 3 donald trump will be in the palmetto state today. he's holding a campaign rally at the florence civic begins at 7:00.trump won't be gone for long...he'll be back on wednesday...february 17th... to visit sumter. 3 3 tests run on filtered water in eight flint homes show much better results than tests run last week.the tests were run on water coming through the filters in place on faucets, on unfiltered water and on the same faucets with new cartridges put on the filters. in the filtered water, there was no lead detected in almost all of the homes. the other had a tracac amount.officials say this week's data shows the filters are working better than they thought they would. this morning...we learned that two dogs in the flint area have tested positive for lead toxicity. 3 both dallas and fort worth police departments investigating n-f-l
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a possible assault on his ex-girlfriend. early yesterday morning,fort worth police officers were called out to an apartment near the t-c-u campus where manziel's ex- girlfriend lives. officers talked to her and she told them she was involved in a disturbance with the cleveland brown's quarterback earlier in the evening.she then told officers she was concerned about manziel's well-being. fort worth officers tried calling manziel and when that didn't work, they began searching for him and eventually found him.manziel's has had issues off the field before including a previous incident involving a heated argument with his ex- girlfriend back in october on a highway in arrests were made in that incident. 3 if you haven't heard...maurice white, the founder and leader of earth, wind & fire, has died.a former session drummer, white founded earth, wind & fire in the late 1960s.the group went sold more than 90 million albums worldwide.the band's many hits included "september," "shining star and "boogie wonderland." earth, wind & fire won six grammys and was inducted into
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in 2000.white was 74 years old. 3 3 we're on your side with a warning from sce&g.the power company says scammers are posing as employees and calling people telling them that their bill is late and demanding payment.they then instruct the customer to buy a prepaid debit card or give them their credit card information.just know, sce&g does not operate this way.if you get a call and are unsure if it is real...hang up and call the customer service line. 3 we're on your side with another a car recall. honda is recalling another 2.2 million-vehicles because of faulty takata air bags...they can explode with too much force.this recall includes older models from 2005... but also some newer vehicles... from the 2015 and 2016 model years 3 3 as we go in to super bowl weekend...the highway patrol wants to remind you to have a
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be out targeting impaired drivers...they say they see a surge in duis on around suberbowl time...and they'll be ready to arrest anyone driving under the influence this weekend. 3 super bowl 50 is just three days away. the game between the broncos and panthers is only part of the show. commercials are the other, and this year, companies will fork over almost five-million dollars for a 30-second spot. teri okita has more from super bowl city in san francisco 3 pkgnatsd steven tyler skittles ad: our skittles portrait. e to the z t become sport between advertisers to create the most buzzed-about super bowl ads. natsd commercials are now splashed across social media weeks before the big game re- posted and re-tweeted to get more bang for the buck.natand it takes a otof bucks. a 30-second commercial now fetches four-point-eight million dollars. at super bowl i, that same half-a-minute cost less than 38-thousand
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says it worth it. michael sprague/kia motors america coo sot: 36:10 we heard qualitative data from our dealers, saying people saw the spot, came in, test drove the vehicle, and ultimately, bought the vehicle. teri okita/reporting standup: car and beer ads, targeting men, still dominate but women are increasingly the focus.natsd ryan reynolds hat a man, what a man elebrities push a variety of products, while cute and cuddly animals never fail. weiner dogslinda kaplan- thaler/advertising executive sot: 50 pecetn of the pople are watching just for the commericals.and in celebration of the super bowl's 50th anniversary, stars of this all-time classic commercial, "mean joe greene and an all-grown up "coke kid" ... reunited after almost 40 years. natsd3 teri okita, cbs news, san
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3 many marketing analysts consider apple 1984 ad called, hink different to have had the biggest impact on viewers 3 carolina panthers fans...listen up.the cola riot is planning some events for those who will be staying in columbia for super bowl weekend.tonight at seven is the cola riot pep rally at river rat brewery on shop road. the rally features music and happy hour specials 3 superbowl 50 between the carolina panthers and denver broncos is this sunday right here on wltx.if you're a carolina panthers fan you can now show your pride through an emoji.they e called urrmojis. his new app was created and just recently updated with super bowl inspired emojis of the carolina panthers players, sayings and things the players are known cam newton dabbing and keep poundingthe
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iphone at this time. to download the free emojis just head over to the app store and search urrmoji 2.0 3 a big night for the u-s-c basketball woman last night at the c-l-a the fight hold on to their undefeated records.. news 19's reggie anderson has what you may have missed in sports. 3 and...we have some relief from the rainy weather. efren afante will have your full
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3 3
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3 3 check this out....the 67th annual sapporo snow festival in japan opened today to thousands of visitors from across the world.the internationally renowned festival features some 199 snow and ice sculptures at three locations.organizers expect more than 2 million people to visit the festival in sapporo for the week-long festival which runs from 5 to 11 in february.the sapporo snow festival began in 1950 when six local high school students built six snow
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3 tons of incredible fashion was on display at yesterday's fashion for fighters runway. the event.... put on by the cancer of many colors organization ....allows those who are suffering from the disease a chance to feel confident down the runway. organizers say all the money raised stays in the midlands.
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expenses 3 the models are all suvivors who model colors depending on their type of cancer and dance down the runway to their favorite song to bring awareness to the deadly disease. 3 today folks across the country are going to be rocking red. men and women are encouraged to wear red as a symbol of their support of women's heart health.heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. fortunately, we can change that because 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action. 3 still more more ahead as news 19 this morning continues... deon is at the colonial life arena and will give us a behind the scenes look at
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coming up today and news 19 this morning, protecting those that act out of self-defense. a bill that could give judges to grant immunity and some deadly cases.
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that happened overnight in hopkins.
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