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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that happened overnight in hopkins. an update to that coming up. four the first time, and a national election, new hampshire officials are using polaroid cameras to document some voters. i am craig boswell in new hampshire. i will explain coming up. good morning, thank you for waking up with news 19, i im savannah levins, it is friday, january 5, your time now 6 a.m. let's start off, monster jam back a colonial life arena. deon guillory is at the cla this morning. he's going to give us a behind- the-scenes look coming up a little later in the show. right now we are going to check in with meteorologist, efran afante on national weather person day and see what the forecast is for the day. at least, the last two days, a very warm temperature,
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right now very light sprinkles moving through the north and central, northeastern part of the midlands. it is already moving out very little in the way of sprinkles now and kershaw county. behind it, a lot of clear skies, that clear skies will start filtering and as we get throughout the morning. 43 lexington, 48 saluted and aiken, 47 newberry to winnsboro. bishop bill 43, 43 here in the capital city. when the kid set out to the bus stop they will need their winter coats, hats, gloves it will be 41 as they had off to school today. once the clouds get away by 9 o'clock it will be 42 degrees, not a big warm-up, 47 by lunch time, 48 by 1 p.m., we will barely get up to 52 degrees it will be windy so it's not going to feel like 52, it's more going to feel like 45. by 6 o'clock 48 degrees. as far as the roadways are concerned, as we head out the
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we are looking at i 26, over at mile marker 105 105 in between saint anderson piney grove road. traffic is very light right now. but it will be picking up as we go throughout the morning. no accidents reported all throughout our thoroughfares as you're going into columbia. one slowdown we have, charlston highway is your heading north towards i 26. 14miles an hour until you get to fish hatchery road. coming from lake murray stadium five minutes, and from the airport heading to downtown we are looking at a 10 minute commute. we will take a look at the 70 forecast coming up in just a few minutes. let's take a look at some of our top midlands stories. richland deputies this morning found shot in the upper body, and hopkins. it happened around 8 p.m. last night near the corner of dry. he was taken to the hospital
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to us this morning. no word of motive are possible suspects at this time. if you have information that can help call crimestoppers at 888-crime-sc. richland japanese have also made an arrest in connection with the shooting death of a motorcyclist last month. 39-year-old vincent may has been charged with obstruction of justice in a case. deputies will not give us any more details on why they charged him. 46-year-old adrian was found shot to death on long creek parkway back on january 3. the first comedy deb -- at first, deputies thought he had been in a motorcycle accident but realized he had actually been shot. so far, no one has been charged with his murder. if you have information i can help call crimestoppers at 888- crime-sc. kershaw deputies have arrested a teenage boy in connection with a sexual assault. he is 17-year-old richland dewayne hendricks, he has admitted to assaulting a 13- year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy.
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of criminal sexual conduct first degree, and two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor second degree. columbia police connected a gun taken from a man who fired a police -- at police last summer to a murder of a man near his home just three days earlier. 45-year-old ivan patterson is being charged with murder in the july 28 killing of 32-year- old timothy gentry. columbia police say flood test of the gun when patterson used when he robbed a woman and shot at cops. they are still investigating what the motive was for killing gentry who worked with children and did flirty -- charity work overseas. two suspects one of our fraud this morning. deputies say the suspects you see on your screen, stole someone's credit card information, and were able to clone the card to make purchases at food lion overrun hardscrabble read. uppity say the man, and the woman pictured made two separate purchases for approximately $500. if you know who these people are
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sc. orangeburg japanese are looking for a person of interest in the connection with the several car break-ins in the sicily road area. we are told multiple items are taken including a gps device, and ipad, and a handgun. most vehicles were left unlocked and the thief simply open the door to get inside. if you know who the person is call crimestoppers at 888-crime- sc. let's head over to the state house, one month into the legislative session and state senators no closer to finding a way to fix the broken roads in our state. they spent hours yesterday arguing over their inability to officially debate these issues. senate majority leader, harvey peeler, said senators were dillydallying and wasting time. he has just lost patience when it comes to the infrastructure debate saying it is past time to find a solution. >> i think we have caused and discuss this issue for over a
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i was hoping that it was not another delay tactic, we were assured today that it is not. they just want to make sure everyone knows what we are talking about, the importance of it. but, i think the people of south carolina what they are supposed to be doing and what they are not doing. that's repairing our roads. >> senators are expected resume debates -- debate on the road issues on tuesday. the house unanimously passed -- passed a bill to judges that would be able to grant immunity to someone that killed someone out of self- defense. the solicitor finds the use of deadly force, unreasonable, he would have to go through the process of a trial and be found either guilty of murder, or an assent for acting out of self-defense. representative, bruce bannister, says this bill would allow judges to hear your side of the story before that process. if the judge finds you acted out of self-defense they could grant you immunity from the
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then be dropped. >> you have java judge look at the facts. if a solicitor believes you need to be prosecuted, then you prosecuted. you have the hearing because you believe you should not be, under the idea that you acted reasonably defending yourself if you do not act reasonably, the judge is not going to graduate immunity and you will go to trial. just like you should go if you had done something wrong. all this will do is give a mall -- law-abiding citizen who believed he was acting reasonably a chance to give his case and story to a neutral judge of that the judge can make that decision. >> the bill will be on the house calendar for its final reading on tuesday before he -- a new bill at the statehouse can make it harder for law enforcement to prevent the release of videos. senate judiciary senate larry martens of the spoken inject
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agencies, and south carolina, would need a judges approval to withhold dashcam video. the only other option for a family, for an individual, for a news organization is to sue. martin says that is just too expensive to be a option for most people. a judiciary panel postpone putting on a bill. usc, clemson, and every other public college and university in the state would go private under a bill filed at -- at the statehouse. mike pitts is sponsoring this bill, he says all of the state money that now goes to the schools, would go to students in the form of scholarships instead. the schools would compete for students to get that money. >> this was the only way, that i could see, to trim our higher education system and south carolina to make it more efficient. >> usc's president says it is a bad idea and would force all colleges to take more out-of- state students because they pay higher tuition.
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information on clemson's position on that bill. let's turn to the presidential campaign now, the final piece of a new voter id laws being put into place and is playing a role for the first time in a primary election in new hampshire that's coming up. the 2016 election there will you some camera technology that's based in the 50s. and an effort to cut out possible voter fraud but not everyone is too comfortable with that. craig boswell is in new hampshire with more >>reporter:as is a first for the first in the nation primary. >> it will get pretty close to the actual voter. >>reporter:election officials in new hampshire are using polaroid type cameras to document some voters. >> this will be used for those voters who are checking in without identification, but also new voters who are registering on election day >>reporter:it's part of a voter id law enacted in 2012. no showing up without a photo id, fill out a voter affidavit and that smile for the camera.
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>>reporter:new hampshire deputy -- deputy secretary of state says it's an additional check in the process to root out any possible voter fraud. >> if the attorney general's office does have to file -- follow up with an investigation, they have a photograph of the individual signing the affidavit. >> you have concerns. >>reporter:devin chaffee is the executive director of the aclu. >> we are afraid it's going to have a mug shot effect of those who do not have the acceptable form of id. >>reporter:voter fraud in new hampshire is rare, but not unheard of. lawrence schneider pled guilty to voting illegally in the last two presidential elections. the 2016 race could be a record turnout in their more than 300 voting precincts. >> it's not clear how it will all work out the primary day, we will certainly be watching >>reporter:voters will not have to watch as the picture develops, officials say they can grab their ballot and vote in the two minutes it takes for the picture to become clear.
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new hampshire. the state of new hampshire spent $30,000 to outfit the precincts with the cameras, and they say all of the pictures will be kept for about 22 months. let's meet our mom of the day, she is suzanne rodriguez. she is a mother of three, and was nominated by her son, philip. philip tells us his mother is special because she has done so much for him, and he is so thankful. congratulations suzanne. if you want to nominate a mom for mom of the day. had tour website we have a banner there you can click to send in your nomination. time now for a word of the day, today's word is -- it is a noun and it means things wanted or needed, or there you go. try to use that one today. still to come, after the break, our very own deon
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arena is the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. monster jam at colonial life arena this weekend and our very own deon guillory is there this morning to give us a behind-the-scenes preview. how's it going over there? >>reporter:savanna, things are going very well here this morning. it is now set up just yet, but of course the show is not for a few hours. you can see the setup is coming
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hard to get it all together. those attire sitting out there big trucks. those trucks that so many people are excited about and of course one person -- the gravedigger man himself, mr. john zimmer. good morning to you. what can people expect tonight >> first off, the tires that you just showed, those go into >>reporter:you are teaching me something this morning, i know nothing about monster trucks. day >>reporter: -- >> the smaller buildings, makes you feel like you are in a giant stadium. the tires will be buried, there will be logs in one corner, barricades in the other corner. what that does is make for better shows these small arenas very safe. for me, we got here at 5 a.m. we are getting the trucks ready now.
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before the storm. >>reporter:what does it take for this to come together? >> it truly is unbelievable. i've been doing it over 18 years. it still amazes me. show up in shopping places like columbia, yesterday afternoon we were out doing displays with a monster jam tracks. as of today they are going to go from a bare floor, basketball game last night, when these are fans of show up tonight it will be a full on motorsports expo -- particular. >>reporter:that's what's so exciting, the transformation of all of this. >> i love coming to places i have never seen, i love to leave my mark. 30 for years of gravedigger we are the craziest trucks out there. >>reporter:thank you for so much for joining us. welcome to columbia. the tickets tonight are $23 -- for adults, 13 for -- $13 for kids. lets let's somethings over to meteorologist, efran afante. how is the weather looking right now.
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moving in forest. >>reporter: >> we had a little bit of a sprinkle, and it moves through the northern, central, eastern part of the midlands. that has already started to move off and most of us if not all of us have clearing as far as any precipitation. to the west side of the state, clearing skies, we are going to be dealing with colder temperatures, nevertheless, 38 right now, 37 newberry, where we have a little bit more cloud coverage, 41 canton, 44 sumter, orangeburg 46, columbia 43 degrees orients guys already starting to clear, the winds are calm, but it feels more like 39 degrees. it is very cool out there. when the kids head out to the bus stop it is going to be cold, but when they get out of school today, 50 degrees, it will be windy it will feel a lot chillier than the 50 degrees we are expecting. the highs today will not be too far off of where we are now, most of us in the lower 50s with a lot of clear skies,
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cloud coverage just before this morning, the winds out of the north 10-15 miles per hour it will feel a lot chillier, tonight it will be called, 28 hour low, and all are those in the midlands tonight will be in the middle to upper 20s. outside of all that precipitation that is moving through the piedmont region. a lot of clear skies and the lower mississippi valley and the deep south that we are going to have a lot of sunshine, but it is still going to feel chilly. northerly winds tomorrow, high of 50 for degrees, 33 degrees on sunday morning, we will have a high of 56 degrees, a lot of sunshine for the weekend as we get into monday we could see a sprinkle, or two with a high of 53. at the windy conditions on tuesday 29 degrees in the morning, wednesday morning 27 degrees, thursday we could be starting out the morning at 24 degrees. outside the chance of a cycle on monday, a lot of sunshine in the next seven days. as far as the roads are concerned, right now checking
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over at mile marker 105, do not worry about that ambulance coming through, no accident on i 26. the thoroughfares are moving pretty good, in between st. andrews and piney grove road. you can see right now -- no incidents being shown on the m ap, little slowdown would have been a little bit earlier coming off two knots moving 13 miles per hour and that off fairview road heading north moving at about 20-22 miles per hour. shot air force base to fort jackson a 33 minute commute, i 26 and 77 to fort jackson about 11 minutes. savanna grab your sunglasses you will need them this morning. >> i love to hear that. thank you. still too, tried one this morning, paying for the best seat in the house has just gone up. you might be surprised, i know i was, to find out this year's
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super bowl halftime shows you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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something a lot of us are looking forward to this weekend, super bowl halftime show. it's one of the biggest the pop- culture events of the year. coldplay is this years headline act. jamie eustis attended the press conference ahead of the big s how. [ applause] >>reporter:the british band, coldplay, was confident and funny at their super bowl 50 halftime news conference. >> we do not do press conferences that often, so please forgive us if we aren't that good. >>reporter:front man, chrisman has been practicing this week with carpal karaoke on the
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gordon. gordon's dad showed off his saxophone skills on thursday and asked to join the band, on stage at the game. at the nfl shop, we caught up with fans who are very excited about the entertainment. >> a lot of people, don't watch the game so much it's about is about the commercials on the halftime show >>reporter:beyonci will come -- perform but will not confirm any other surprise guests. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. what you think you're going to wear? >> who knows, she has a surprise is a surprise that which is going to wear. >>reporter:everyone knows coldplay's music, no one seems to know the other band members. what you know about john, well, and guy? >> i do not know who those are. >>reporter:guy, well, and john how much does it drive you crazy that chris gets all of the attention. and along those lines, chris, can i have a hard? >>reporter:a little stunned, but not shy, martin did in fact get this very excited reporter a hug as he walked out.
6:22 am
francisco. >> coldplay had something without press conference, they said they will play all their number was a figure out how to fill the other 10 minutes. when asked what team they want to when martin said he will be rooting for the denver panthers. [laughter] super bowl seats in santa clara if you are going to see that in person are super expensive. the average price of a ticket to the sunday's game is a whopping $5659, that is just an average for that 17% higher than this time last year, and by far the most expensive on record. one ticket and 138, row 32 actually listed for more than $25,000. ticket sellers say that prices could go even higher before game time. stay with us here on news
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the break. when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws anpolice accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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good friday morning, thank you for waking up with a news 19 i am savannah levins. the time i now 6:30. this morning we are taking a closer look at the new columbia ordinance that cracks down on apartment around the city that are not up to code. dozens of people had to leave the christ court apartments by 5 o'clock wednesday night after the city of columbia investigate the property. the new ordinance, now in place, allows city code enforcers to take action of the property without having to wait on a hearing for the property appeals. instead they can get approval from the city manager quicker. >> they are wonderful landlords in the city, and wonderful people who maintain the
6:25 am
should, but for those folks who do not, you will find this habitual cycle occurring where they will minimally address the conditions that the fire chief and police chief, or the code enforcement officers may find. amanda just goes back into disrepair thereafter. wilson says the property owners are also operating without a license but another reason the city moves so quickly to close this property. more on that story on our website let send things over to meteorologist, efran afante now , our national on national weather catchers d ay, good morning. good morning, samantha and good morning midland sprayed a few of us had a little bit of sprinkles from the north-north central part of the midlands to parts of kershaw and lee county. that is pretty much gone. behind it clear skies.
6:26 am
in columbia, 43 degrees, clear skies but the wind chill it feels more like 39 degrees right now. when the kids had out to the bus stop they will need their winter coats, it is going to be 41 degrees we will be warming up today, but not by much. 52degrees for a high, northerly winds -- winds@10-15 miles per hour it will feel like the mid 40s. overnight tonight 28 degrees, clear skies, then tomorrow we get up to 50 for degrees, as the winds continue on to the n orth-northeast. at least we will have a lot of sunshine. as for the roads as we are heading out for friday, i 20 eastbound over at mile marker 66. as you can see in both directions heading from i 77 and ferrell road, traffic is moving along and no issues on the thoroughfares. on our map right now no accidents being reported. a little bit of a slowdown reported earlier in between harvest and and piney grove. if you are heading south on broad river it's moving right now at 20 miles per hour.
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harvest in and i 262 downtown, seven minutes from blithe went to downtown a 15 minute commute. we will take a look at the seven day forecast in the very important weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> it is very import. thank you, efran afante. on your side now with a warning, power companies and scammers are posing as employees and calling to tell them that their bill is late and they demand payment. they then instruct the customer to buy a prepaid debit card or give them their card information. s c and g does not operate this way. if you get a call like this, and you are not sure if it's real or legitimate hang up and call the customer service line. presidential candidates embark on a weekend push to win over the voters ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. last night democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in the first one on one debate tackling foreign policy and progressive values. on the republican side, donald
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on his rival ted cruz just a day after accusing the texas senator of stealing the iowa caucus. the state of florida ramping up efforts to combat the zika virus and upright state governor, rick scott, declared a health emergency in a fifth county and asked the cdc to rush test kits to the region yesterday. at least 12 cases of the zika virus have been detected in the sunshine state. it has been linked to a rare but defective babies. some big bargains now all tied to the big game, make this a great day to save. money man, matt granite. has all of your super bowl savings. >>reporter:great to be with you, if you are looking for a big-screen deal for the big- game, those are already on our website, but there are a few more things that caught my eye. before we get to that strange item in front of me, i want to remind you if you are planning a party, or attending one, the best coupon app to scan more than for hundred different grocery coupons to get you a
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on our website right now, i love this. for delivery deals on coats, reminder many of the best pizza deals occur later today, on our website and some drop monday to reward you after you buy. for infrared helmet heaters, licensed by the nfl with prices starting at $30. while there is a great selection, the panthers has sold out. to my dismay. you want to deal on another team you can find that. but all of the other big-game bargains back to you. >> you can follow matt granite on twitter for more deals. you can see his twitter name at the bottom of the screen right now. and of course follow us on, as well where those are posted. nicholas sparks, the choice, hits theaters this weekend. before you go, you will want to hear the movie critic -- he will let us know if it has that
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as a fizzle out. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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time now for lee's movie review, our movie guru is bringing you his opinion on, the choice. take a look. >>reporter:just in time for valentine's day, another nicholas sparks novel comes to the big screen. this one is about the relationship between gabby and travis. they did not hit it off so well in the beginning. but their dog shirted. >> i take full responsibility, talk to them so time about using protection. i'm kidding. >>reporter:fortunately, travis have to be -- happen to be a veterinarian. with a little help from the canines and a lot of persistence, on his part, these
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but, happily ever after is no guarantee. [ music playing ] now travis is being asked to make the biggest choice of his life, should he continue to hold out for a miracle, or should he and the suffering and set gabby free? love, faith, and friendship all culminate in a tearjerker that will surprise no one. however, i must say that the formula seems to have been refined over time. providing us with the maximum sob fest potential. one trivial note that i had trouble overlooking was leading lady, teresa palmer's, youthful appearance. while ben walker you -- looked every year of his adulthood. palmer resembled a college freshman, that when the two had kids she could've easily pass for their older sister. nevertheless, the movie had the heart and sincerity that fueled such a production, and the audience seemed quite appreciative at the conclusion. it will clearly be the ladies choice, but the fellows fellas the options could be worse. even if it's not your thing,
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chose the choice. >> thank you, lee. lets somethings over some things over to meteorologist, efran afante for a check of the weather. do you remember when we had the 70-degree temperatures? they are gone right now. right now, it is starting off rather cold and a lot of our communities, 36 newberry, 38 soluna, a tad warmer, if you want to call it that, 42 saint matthews, 41 camden, right here in the capital city 43 degrees. a few sprinkles coming through the northern parts of the midlands and into the eastern midlands, a lot of clear skies behind it, those clear skies will start to filter in today and the kids get out of school, 50 degrees, sunny, and windy, and chilly. it will feel very cold as all of our highs today will generally be in the lower 50s. a lot of sunshine, but -- because of how chilly it is going to be it will feel more like the middle 40s.
6:34 am
cold. when we get to 52 degrees today winds out of the north 1 0-15 miles per hour and then the cold temperature settle in tonight down to 28 in the capital city is all of our lows tonight will generally be in the middle to upper 20s. this is going to be within a few hour timeframe just before daybreak tomorrow. cold temperatures, but a lot of sunshine, at least. by tomorrow 54, 56 on saturday, but did -- but again i will feel more like in the upper 40s. chance for a sprinkle on monday, and as that clears out, tuesday, lots of windy conditions only going to be at 45 degrees for a high, and by thursday morning we will start up to 24 degrees. at least we will warm up to 53 degrees with a lot of sunshine on thursday. as far as the roads right now, i 26 over by saint anders on piney grove is moving pretty good. no action is being reported on the interstate. right now, our map is clear, no accidents or incidents other
6:35 am
as you are on charles and highway, highway, moving at 6 miles an hour moving north, if you are traveling from clemson road to downtown about a 12 minute commute. from highway 277 and i 20, about six minutes on your traveling. >> we have been talking this morning, because it is national weather person day, and mcdonald's just brought by some awesome breakfast, some -- look at this, you're going to have to share this. this is quite the feed. >> look at this. now i can actually say, i am loving it. >> that's so sweet, they just came by and surprise you. >> mcdonald's, thank you so much. i am very excited about this, our morning executive producer, i get first dibs. >> i get second dibs. we thank you for all you do.
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if you notice someone else is absent from the desk, it is because deon guillory is gone, but he is having some fun over at monster jam at the colonial life arena getting ready for the big event tonight. let's check in with him now, hey, deon guillory. >>reporter:i am a pie this morning, this truck right here, the carolina crusher, this is the tires, this monster tire here, you can see how big it is. i am going to give you more perspective of how they get is, going to jump off, i made it. all right. this is how tall this thing is. i am 5-foot 10 inches tall, and i am going to bring in the man who is behind this truck, mr. gary here the carolina crusher, good morning. tell us about this truck, we can see how huge it is, tell us about the power with this truck >> the truck has a 540 cubic engine, 1500-horsepower, and on the outside, runs about 80 miles an hour. the truck weighs about 11,000 pounds, it's a new carolina crusher that's only one year old.
6:37 am
here in columbia this season. >>reporter:is a very beautiful truck, you can see the designs on it and everything. you guys put the tires on it just in the last few minutes so we could show it off a little bit. tell us about what all it takes to go into this? >> it takes a lot, it's a never- ending process. last weekend we were interested, west virginia i rolled the truck over twice, so the truck had to go back to the shop. i had to put a brand-new body on it, they had to put a drive shaft in it. a lot of maintenance on it, and then just go over the truck and check it completely to make sure it's 100% each and every weekend. gravedigger is here, he's always on his a game, we are out here trying to beat him so we have to be on our a game also. a lot of competitors. a big track here in columbia this weekend. i'm looking forward to it. >>reporter:since we have the name carolina crusher, we want to wish you the best of luck tonight in the show. >> that's exactly right. i'm going to try to do the gravedigger with the panthers
6:38 am
>>reporter:thank you so much, best of luck to you. before we and things here, it being national weather person day, we want to give efran afante a little something, we know how much you love monster energy drinks, i know you have been working out, you're getting a little more buffer so you are watching what you are eating and drinking, this one has low carbs in it. we are going to bring this back to you once we wrap up here. >> thank you, monster, mcdonald's cannot get any better. >> this is an afferent -- efran afante paradise celebrating you this morning. thank you for being a awesome
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you welcome back, let's talk sports, south carolina women's basketball still undefeated this morning after beating kentucky last night. asia wilson had 18 points for south carolina, tiffany mitchell, the two-time defending sec player of the year got hurt during the game. she returned to the bench with a lower back birth, south carolina takes on top ranked connecticut monday night at the cla. the men's game is tomorrow, they take on number eight texas a and m and texas. they won last season's game 6 2- 52 in columbia. tipoff is set at 4 p.m. you can also -- also cut some baseball this weekend for free, founders park and enjoy the game before the seasons even start. today's scrimmage scheduled for 4 p.m. tomorrow is at 1 p.m. and sunday first pitch at 1:30 p.m.
6:40 am
and open to the public. the denver broncos and carolina panthers had all 5310 members practice yesterday. they are both getting ready to square off in super bowl 50 this sunday. the panthers strong offense will be up against a denver defense that allows the fewest yards per carry of any team in the nfl. you can catch all of that super bowl 50 action right here on news 19 on sunday, coverage starts at 11 a.m., and the game caps off at 6:30. something everyone else is excited for is the halftime s how. the british band, coldplay, will be performing. they say beyonci will also perform but would not confirm any other surprise guests. 80 80 gaga will sing the national anthem. if you are a carolina panthers fan you can now show your pride with entomology. they are called in mode
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just created and just created with super bowl inspired, and things that the players are known for like of course cam newton the app is only available on iphone right now. you can download it for free,. lots of you have sent us your panther photos over the last couple of weeks. we want more, weather you are where your panther's gear at work, or getting ready for your super bowl party, or even heading out to california for the big game. post your photos, share with us on your facebook page, or twitter, anyway you would like it we might just show them on air. still ahead, efran afante says the warm-up we have a quickly change this weekend.
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thank you for waking up with a news 19, this morning, it is friday february 5. let's get right to today's top stories in your midlands rundown. richland entities are investigating after a man was found shot in the upper body in hopkins. around 8 p.m. last night near the corner of auburn leaf and flower which i. he was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown. no word or motive of possible suspects at this time. if you have information that can help call crimestoppers at 888-crime-sc. one person is that following a car accident in orangeburg, happened around 7:45 last night, trooper say a car driving south on s sc 45 hit a pedestrian who was also walking. the victim died at the scene. the driver is okay.
6:43 am
is investigating. kershaw deputies have arrested a teenage boy in connection with a sexual assault of a boy and a girl. he 17-year-old richard dewayne hendricks. deputies say he admitted to assaulting a 13-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy. he is charged with the two counts of sexual misconduct first-degree. carolina panthers fans, listen up, they are planning some fun events for those who will be staying in columbia for super bowl weekend. you can catch them at river rasta brewery on shoppe road tonight at 7 o'clock. they will have a rally featuring music and happy hour specials. make sure, you as you're heading out the door he put some read on, men and women are encouraged to wear red as a support of women's heart health. the first friday of february has been designated as a national wear red day across the country.
6:44 am
with meteorologist, efran afante >> we are taking a look at i 26, over and between saint andrews and piney grove road, traffic has been picking up a lot, but no real issues on i 26. we do have two accidents that are being reported, the first one all the way up on clemson road. an accident a stalled vehicle, rather, on sunset road as you get into wildwood just before getting into i 20. the accident being reported just came on the wire, charleston highway, right at the merge at i 26, do not be surprised of traffic built up quite a bit over there within the next half hour. columbia 42 degrees, clear skies with northerly winds at 6 miles per hour it feels more like 38 degrees. it will be a chilly start for the kids when they had to the bus stop, 41 degrees, they will need their winter coats, as we are expecting a lot of the clear skies, we have now to cool us off. when the kids get out of school
6:45 am
windy, it will be chilly -- chilly, a high temperature today of 52 degrees, winds will continue out of the north, 10- 15 miles per hour. as we get ready for the weekend, a lot of sunshine but it will feel a lot cooler. 54 saturday, 56 sunday by the middle of next week, temperatures into the 20s for lowe's. >> thank you so much. again, happy national weather person's day to you. we appreciate you and the whole news 19 weather team. thank you for joining us on news 19 this morning, cbs this morning is next. we want to remind you to check out the monster jam tonight kicking off at 7:30 at colonial life arena. have a great captioning funded by cbs good morning.
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