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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 6, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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it's february 6th, 2016. welcome to ""cbs this morning" saturday." ready to rock in the granite state, the republican candidates prepare for tonight's debate ahead of the new hampshire primary. and one on one with hillary as her numbers drop. why she says bernie sanders is running a smear campaign. a terrifying crane collapse in new york city is caught on camera and on the eve of the super bowl the nfl commissioner talks about the future of the league. but we begin this morning with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> mother nature just can't help herself. she is sticking her nose into politics. >> snowdown in new hampshire, ahead of tuesday's presidential primary there i am against snow. >> bad weather on friday forced drumpb to take a snow day. >> trump is the one now phasing a blizzard criticism. >> a little snow wasn't going to damp ter spirits of democrats.
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survivors of the strong earthquake continues. at least seven people killed. now he's dropping it really quick. >> in new york city, a massive construction crane crash down onto the street, kafk in the rooves of cars an crushing a man to death. >> i felt it. >> a spectacular scene in japan with a volcano erupted. you see that? [ music playing ] >> rumors are true, bruno mars will be performing alongside coldplay and beyonce at the super bowl. >> that's my pick, because the bears aren't in it. >> i'm a girl playing tackle football, do you think if i'm good enough i can play in the nfl some day? >> yes. >> the polar bear at the zoo has a name. >> i can't wait to see. >> she a cutie. >> and all that matters. >> on the baseline, takes it back to grab, a late shot, avery, yeah!
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>> on "cbs this morning" saturday. >> voting finally started this week, iowa caucuses. >> i think hillary, i love her, just not good at this. in 2008, she lost to a plaque man with a muslim name. now she's losing to a 74-year-old jewish socialist. i mean, hillary, we're making this as easy as we can for you. >> and welcome to the weekend, everyone. we got a special show for you today. if we count down to tomorrow's super bowl here on cbs, including a story with a nice ring to it. we'll take you behind the scenes at the company that makes the treasured keepsake for the nfl champions. >> also, wish you could be at the game? well, these guys have been to all of them.
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the never missed super bowl club to find out their favorite game of all time. >> not far from the super bowl. another 50th anniversary is being celebrated. san francisco's the philmore has now hosted a half century of rock 'n' roll history him we'll look back and have a special saturday session recorded live at the fillmore. first our top story this morning the presidential campaigns in both parties are tightening ahead of tuesday's first in the nation primary in new hampshire. >> tonight the focus will be on the republicans who face off in a debate in manchester. donald trump leads the latest polls, marco rubio is gaining with ted cruz behind. the rest of the now reduced field is there, too. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the question here is as still pm as it is startling. can donald trump hold a lead the last few m hovered between 15 and 20 points. now it's merely speculative.nceivable. the odds favor trump, but mario
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closing in with ted cruz and jeb with bush not far behind and bush pulling out all the stops, brought in his last best brought campaign asset. barbara bush, a 90-year-old political may tree yok appeared for the first time to aid son jeb. >> her husband was the president and her son was the president. t >> and my next son. >> at this stage of his underwhelming campaign, jeb bush can no longer afford to distance himself from the family name. >> vote for jeb. ily >> diner visits are a new jeb. hampshire tradition. so is canvassing for votes, s especially in the snow.tes, donald trump supporters from new dona york and connecticut rushed to new hampshire as the campaign frantically turned to voter outreach after seeing a 20-point lead cut in half. trump campaigned in south carolina after snow cancelled his only new hampshire event and complained he didn't get enough
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>> think of it, so the person >> think of that came in third, they said, believab unbelievable result, unbelievable. this is a huge victory.victory! but i came in second and they said, trump didn't do so well.trump my total focus now son new my total hampshire. now then next week my total focus ise. going to be right here in south right carolina.n >> marco rubio riding momentum r from his third-place finish in third iowa is closing the gap with trump. >> i would say to you tonight, that this generation of leadership in this country right now is the most selfish generation of leaders we have h ever had in washington, d.c.ashington, >> john kasich also had his eye o on second place here and could blunt rubio's momentum if he econd pl pull asthma jurorty of the could state's undecided republicans o's and gop leaning independents. after celebrating his 100th new hampshire town hall, kasich told us eight months of grass roots organizing is about to pay off. >> what drives us here is this ground game.t drives we built this over a long period ove of time. period our campaign is built on
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it's not built on sand. sand and it's going to produce on election day. i feel fantastic. day. >> the final debate tonight before the primary on tuesday, the donald trump returns to center y, donald tr stage, but kasich told us the area is coming out of the trump balloon. that make rubio and cruz the bigger targets while trump trieshile to gain traction. bush and chris christie hope for fresher voter appreciation and genuine energy on the ground. anthony?the gr >> major garrett in manchester, new hampshire. thanks. the now to the democrats, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders in a statistical nator be tie less than two months ago, clinton was doubling sanders' sander support. in new hampshire, sanders is way out in front with a 20-point lead.20-point nancy is in new hampshire where she spoke with hillary clinton. >> madame secretary, when i talk when i tal to voters here who don't support you, one of the reasons they of th often give is because of your speaking fees, because of because donations from wall street, how
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>> the sanders campaign has beeneption? running this campaign of insinuation and innuendo. show me one view, show me one vote that has ever been influenced. i take my responsibility of the people i serve really sliers. i have always had that as my . north star. i'm tired of this smear campaign smear camp that they've been trying to get to get p people to buy into and enough is e enough. >> why do you think it's been so successful? >> oh, look, i think that there is a suspectability for people nd to be worried. i get that. w that's why i'm answering questions.g that's why i'm putting out my policies. that's why wall street itself wh billionaires are running ads running against me. ads aga they're not running them against ru senator sanders. st s >> if you knew you were probably going to run for president, why leave yourself open to that attack by taking these large speaking fees on wall street. >> i didn't know, number one. verybody >> everybody knew. i'm >> i'm glad you did.
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i spoke to heart doctors. i spoke to auto dealers. to i spoke to a wide range of ge people who actually want to hearctually from former secretaries of formeri state. but that's not what this is about. what this is about is the implication that somehow i'm going to be in the tank for the campers of america or i'm going r to really go overboard for heart doctors. not really. this is so unfair and wrong. >> at the debate, clinton was asked if she would release transcripts of her wall street as speeches and she said she would look into it. i asked what there is to look her wal into and she said she's not sure but that's it's going to have to sh wait until after the primaries here in new hampshire on tuesday. for cbs this morning saturday i'm nan sis courtis in gnash wa.row mor tomorrow morning on face the nation here on cbs, john's guests will include both s dpeft democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton and ates, senator bernie sanders. r the zrj for survivors this morning continues after a ful
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it registered 6.4 magnitude.remors it was centered around tainan.17-floor an infant was among those who an were killed. more than 300 people were e injured with more than 200 pulled outs of the rubble. at least 8 people are still people unaccounted for. an nfrgs is under way here in new york to determine why a crane collapsed leaving one crane c person dead.n the this is a look in the neig neighborhood where the crane is still blocking the streets this s morning. mo it crashed on friday in strong winds as it was being lowered too safety. three people were injured by debris, two of them seriously. several parked cars were crushed in the mishap. david wicks, wall street worker, died when he was hit by part of crane. the crane.ked at he worked at a computerized trading near the site.
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30 stories high captured the ing frightening moment. >> it broke!oh, >> the emergency calls y immediately started pouring in. cal >> they're setting up on the corner of worth street and west tri broadway. >> it was terrifying. i creamed. errify >> vivian collins watched from 100 feet away. >> i would have been crushed if it fell sideways. >> it split in half from the roof, driver side straight down. >> the massive crane split an entire block of cars nearly in half. the collapse killed 38-year-old david wichs. investigators say the crane, igators which had been in place since last saturday, was being moved due to high winds from the earlyom the morning snowstorm. cbs news has learned big crane ews" has services the company that owns company t the crane, has been sited four times for safety violations s for since inspectors visited the site and 20 declared it deliver
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concerned the crane wasn't secure. >> you've been complaining aboutane wasn't this for quite some time? >> yes. we filed a complaint with the city on sunday. >> from 2006 to 2014 there have sunday been 228 fatalities due to craneave been accidents. for cbs this morning saturday demarco morgan, new york. residents in new england >> this morning are digging out are from their first-big snowfall ofwfall the year. the storm left more than a foot more than of snow in some places. some and caused big problems on the caused b roads. it brought down a tree limb in in canton, massachusetts, killing a 6-year-old girl in her backyard. many power lines were downed, leaving tens of thousands leav without electricity. some power has been restored. another big storm could strike el the region next week. the search for wreckage and >> t possible survivors from two small planes that collided over that the ocean off los angeles will be extended this morning. helicopters and boats searched through the night for the three people on board the aircraft.
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from nearby torrence arps. both pilots were said to be experienced. a california doctor kbikted of murder for over prescribing pres drugs to her patients is pati starting a 30-year prison sentence this lisa sang apologized to the families of three patients who died in court on friday. in cou the case marks the first time iday. that a physician was convicted st time- on murder charges for prescribing pain kalekillers in this untry. country. this could have a chilling have effect by making doctors g hesitant to take on patients suffering from chronic pain. ering f if the sheriff of florida sheriff, any reference to the ence to week-long crime spree would ime erased from memory and removed from social media.cial copy cats may launch another crime spree like the one that ended in a shootout on friday. we have more on the dramatic finale that left one suspect dead and another in the on the hospital. >> are you okay? >> am i okay? ho
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no, i'm not okay. not >> april gunnel's husband ian called the police. they shot and killed fitzgerald t and who the sheriff says used his who is s girlfriend as a shield against bull lets, but authorities ld against insist she volunteered and the ed couple's six-day crime spree six-th from mississippi to florida allegedly robbing, carjacking and holding people hostage over six days. they were caught on surveillance camera right before fitzgerald kicked down his door. w >> they were telling us why they is they were here. we're in trouble. we needed somewhere to stay right now. right >> they had abandoned a vehicle near your house. ve >> yes. >> they're in your householding driving around. >> yes. >> and they're watching it. ey're watc >> yes.. go. >> april was in the room with the couple's 2-year-old daughter >> did you think they were goingr madelein
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>> yes, of course i did. i did.did. of course. you know, somebody comes in with you a gun in your house -- >> for two hours the gunnel's say they were held hostage by y these suspects.suspec at one point they used the couple's phones. >> we heard those conversations. they said good-bye to their ir families. >> shortly thereafter, this shortly so-called modern day bonnie and clyde fled in the gunnel's their truck.k. within minutes the sheriff's deputy spotted them. you >> do you feel hate or sorrow? >> i don't feet hatred. i feel sorrow. fee >> the gunnel's were emphatic inied saying the suspects never tried r ev to hurt them or threatened harm to them. in fact, authorities say all eight victims in this crime ree were spree were not harmed either.eith as for the female suspect, t friday night she was listed in good condition here at this isted hospital in pensacola, florida. authorities say her gunshot orit wounds are not life threatening.
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i'm david begno in pensacola. the labor department delivered mixed news in its latest jobs report on friday. j it said only 151,000 americans found work in january. but that was enough to drive the t nation's unemployment rate down to 4.9%, an eight-year low. at the same time, wages have finally started to inch upward 2.5% in the last year. wall street took that news as a sign the fed could raise interest rates triggering a ye felloff on friday. the dow lost 211 points.f. the is&p index was down 35 and the nasdaq was off 146 points. that's the lowest nasdaq close since october 2014.ot the louisville men's bask basketball team self impose adipost-season band for the osed a s program. the punishment comes on going eged informations into a sex scandal
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her and others and dancers to dancer strip and have sex with recruits and players. head coach rick pitino called the ban harsh. >> this is a team that's favoreded t to go very far in the tournament. so this penalty is quite substantial, much more -- it comes with complete shock to me. >> pa tee know denies knowing parties. well, as you are no doubt re aware, super bowl 50 plb played tomorrow at the san francisco 49ers stadium with the panthers san facing the denver broncos.arolina the game will be carried here on cbs is the culmination of a successful year for the nfl, n something commissioner roger goodell addressed yesterday in his state of the league franc not a bad assignment. good morning, jeff. >> no, thank you very much. actually super bowl city here h was so jammed last night its biggest night they had to turn some fans away. roger goodell spoke a mile away from here at the city's
9:17 am
attention shifts 45 miles away b to the game site tomorrow. game >> roger goodell struck an up beat tone at his annual super bowl press conference >> sunday will close another season of competitive close excellence. >> compare that with last season. when most of the attention was wit focussed on the still-evolving s still deflategate scandal and earlier looking responses to domestic abuse cases. >> looking ahead the future is bright. >> today, playoff ratings hit staggering levels.ay, p there's a new lucrative contract for thursday night football and the century mark game could set an all-time high. the nfl is not without continued controversy. diagnosed cases of concussions were up 32% this season. % >> it always starts and there's starts no higher priority than player's safety. >> protect themselves. >> the league says we'll experiment with new helmets and new technology underneath turf to reduce long-term brain
9:18 am
goodell defended the decision toe t move the rams to los angeles leaving st. louis, san diego may not be far behind. >> we'll do everything we can do support that. >> this as last-minute minut preparations continue in the bayeparatio area. cbs sports has 550 people working both in san francisco and the santa clara stadium site.ara st there's 70 cameras inside levi's levy including pylon cams. >> this camera is looking down >> thi the sideline.a this camera is looking down the goal line. >> and specially placed looks plac designed to recreate a create 360-degree view. for fans, it's the story of a tory generational divide.nerati a hall of fame quarterback who could be leaving on top and a young leader just entering his prime.n it's a tantalizing plot line that will end with one champion one and one very successful season.erday al goodell also confirmed yesterday in a game in mexico city in november, the league's first leak's
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>> all right, thank t i covered the super bowl when it was in new orleans, it really is unbelievable, just the security. i remember hearing about snipersber hear and all these things they had tont take into consideration for overall security. >> we'll have more on the super bowl ahead during the show. >> that's right. cbs sports coverage as super bowl 50 starts tomorrow 2:00 p.m. eastern, 11:00 a.m. pacific. just before the game, don't miss gayle king's interview with president obama and first lady michelle. >> gayle was very nervous. we were talking about it ere tal yesterday. i'm looking forward to it. to it time to show you some of will this morning's headlines. the new york city times reports syrian government forces in allied russian forces are making significant gains in the key s syrian city of alalpo. the assa it is forcing insurgents and housan thousands of civilians to flee to the turkish border, fuelled
9:20 am
in the region, the surge comes the days after the united nations suspended peace talks in ja knee va. agency r syrian government officials plans to attend the talks when they pick up later this month. mo the palm beach post says astronaut edgar mitchell part of the apollo 14 crew died. mitchell was the sixth man to was t walk on the moon.o walk he was on the lieu mar module pilot on that historic mission w in 1971. when he donated his camera, he was sued by the federal government who accused him of stealing he insisted if it wasn't for his efforts the camera would have never returned to earth. c astronaut edgar mitchell was 85-year-old. u.s. today reports life after football has taken a toll legend joe montana. mont at super bowl 50 in san francisco tomorrow, the sup 59-year-old hall of famer says san it's hard to do anything at all without feeling some degree of anyth pain. montana says he retired 22 years montan
9:21 am
active life, but says he is more of a spectator these days. >> even his eyes. list, >> everything. >> everything. fortune magazine reports a >> rare 1957 ferrari racing car hasre sold for more than $35 million g at an auction in paris. the model was driven through some of italy's premier motor remier m races. the winning bid for the most for expensive european car ever solduropean at auction came from the u.s., it's believed this is one of of f four of the 335 sport models ever produced. s >> it is a thing of beauty. the bbc reports ben stiller has created a self portrait like no other.trait lik the actor attached a camera to a 28-foot 1-inch poll in london he the other night which became the longest selfie stick of all time. members of guinness book of
9:22 am
poll. >> when selfie sticks first came >> i out, i never thought anyone s would use them and boy was i out, wrong. they are everywhere, aren't they? >> they're very handy. it's about coming up, a new plan to cap the gas leak threatening a los angeles neighborhood. but area residents who fled their homes are skeptical. and later, she's been rusting away at doc se for decades, but the once great ocean liner ss united states just might be returned to her former glory.
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morning saturday." coming up, twitter in the crosshairs. the online social networking service is being sued for allegedly letting isis and other terror groups use its service to recruit fighters. and later, why hosting the super bowl isn't all its cracked up to be. we'll hear from some less than enthusiastic rezsidents of the bay area. we'll be right back.
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saturday." as we get ready for super bowl 50, wing bowl 24 in philadelphia is now in the record books on friday.
9:25 am
patrick bertleti against miley skyler. >> you saw someone drinking pepto. they went head-to-head eating wings at a furious pace. skyler consumed 429 wings. for molly, that's 33 pounds of wings or get this, more than 77 thousands calories. >> that is a month and a half worth of calories. >> unbelievable. >> i mean -- >> good for that mom, though. she really scarfed those down. >> what do you feel like after that? >> not good. there may be some good news at last for residents of a southern california neighborhood forced from their homes by a huge natural gas leak. since october, more than 80,000 tons of methane, the key ingredient of natural gas has spewed into the air near the porter ranch area of los angeles. the gas company says the leak may finally be capped sometime this month, but residents remain very much on edge.
9:26 am
families who have abandoned porter ranch are living out of psuitcases, some crammed into tiny hotel rooms amid the gas leak, patience is wearing thin. >> what are we doing? we're getting poisoned and moved around! >> reporter: that's a popular sentiment in porter ranch. high school teacher cindy jackson is now at her third hotel and says help from the gas company arrived only when the smell became unbearable. >> i couldn't breathe. i was coughing. i had bloody nose and i had congestion in my chest. >> we know the impact this is having unfortunately on the community. we know the impact that it's having on the environment. >> reporter: so-cal gas ceo acknowledges mistakes were made. >> we probably could have done a better job of letting the residents of the community -- since that time, i think we've done a better job of making sure they know what's going on. >> reporter: would you live here? would you buy a house here now
9:27 am
>> i would have no concern about living in porter ranch and i'm sure that once this is behind us this is going to continue to be a great community to live in. >> reporter: it's hard for families to think about getting this behind them while they're still caught in the middle. 12-year-old emily ohn says even when it's okay to return -- >> oh, i'll still have concerns because chemicals are in the air and we don't know what are in the chemicals. and we're breathing it in. >> reporter: knowing that the residents are very jittery and they want that assurance that when this is all over they can go back to their homes, what do you tell them? through this. this. we're working hard to regain their confidence. >> i'm not in my home. i miss my home. easy sell. >> i'll be hesitant. i don't know -- i don't know if i can stay there anymore. >> reporter: mixing the leak may be just weeks away -- >> what do we want! >> shut them down! >> reporter: we storing the
9:28 am
take much longer. for cbs this morning saturday i'm -- coming up, when you visit the soon to open harry potter attraction at universal studios, what you pay to get in will depend on when you choose to go. it's called surge pricing and we'll explain. now here is a look at the weather for your weekend. up next, medical news in our morning rounds. more and moror americans are trying to cut the amount of sugar they eat. we'll explain why that is so important. plus, we'll ask our doctors on geneticic codes that can makak you a morning person or, like me, just the opposite. >> that's not true.
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time now for "morning rounds." with dr. holly phillips and dr. tara narula. first up. new concerns about controlling the spread of the zika virus in the u.s. florida governor rick scott declared a health hemorrhage in his state over the cases of the mosquito-born disease. texas health officials say it likely happened through sexual contact, not a mosquito bite. tara, how common is this type of thing? >> not very common, anthony. it's what everybody is really afraid of. before this case in dallas there were two case reports. one in 2008 of a colorado scientist returning from senegal
9:33 am
another case that a man had zika symptoms and his semen and urine tested positive. experts tell us the primary road or highway for transmission is the mosquito, not sexual contact. we are not expecting this to be to widespread and rapid transmission of the virus. it does highlight the need for us to do more research to really understand how this virus works, how long it could persist in semen. so there are still a lot of unanswered questions around it. one of the other issues that has come up is whether this could be transmitted via blood transfusion, so the red cross has taken steps as well this past week to say that anybody returning from a country with zika should self-defer donating blood for 28 days and if they donate and develop symptoms 14 days later, they need to call the red cross and let them know. >> what weweeep hearing is no symptoms, no treatment, no vaccine. i've been curious in watching all of the coverage. is it just pregnant women who should be concerned? >> right.
9:34 am
our discussion and energy really is around concern for pregnant women and women who are trying to become pregnant. we know the zika virus can cause microcephaly which is a birth effect which still has lasting effects throughout the life of the child and that is a very serious concern. but to put it in perspective for the general population, even if people were to contract zika, there are -- most people don't get symptoms. 80% of the population doesn't get symptoms. for the 20% who do and are not pregnant, the symptoms are relatively mild. you might get some fever, some body aches, redness of the eyes. a more serious symptom is called guillain-barre. it's not clear how common that is or how directly connected with the virus it is. so the concern is less about the general population, but a very serious concern for pregnant women. >> tara, what do you do to protect yourself from this? >> right.
9:35 am
pregnant women are those considering getting pregnant, virus. also that if you do have to go, that you use repellants and stay in screened-in areas with air-conditioning and avoid being around standing water and get rid of standing water and use long sleeved clothes and pants that have been treated to avoid the mosquitoes. the cdc is planning to update recommendations about that. for now, they have said that pregnant women should really avoid intercourse or make sure they have intercourse with a condom with any male partner who may have returned from an area that a lot of zika transmission right now. next up, a new poll finds many americans are working to limit their sugar intake. the poll conducted last month, found 58% t ted to eat less sugar the past 30 days and higher than the percentage of americans trying to get calories or sodiums or carbs. do you like this, the idea of going back on sugar?
9:36 am
i think this is a reflection of basically a war on sugar. an outcry from the medical community, the health community, nutrition, wellness. so many entities around health have said there is very little, if any, benefit to sugar and added sugar is our enemy. it contributes to the obesity epidemic and heart disease and tooth decay and very few redeeming qualities. one of the things i found compelling about the study was that it showed many more americans are now aware of hidden sugars. >> yes. >> these are sugars, if you look at an ingredients label and it ends in ose. >> are there sugar in this camp that are the ose's? >> can be but we have looking at items you don't think as a sweet. things like pasta sauce or salad dressing. you might not think thgis is a sugary substance but it is so
9:37 am
that and avoiding those. >> what are the keys? >> these added sugars can hide in a lot of our foods and drinks. one of the things can you do is know what tends to have added sugars and those things would be desserts, candy, soda and energy and sports drink and a lot of the fruit juices out there. if you want to be a detective, you basically look at your nutritional ingredients label under the total carbohyhyates section and it listsotal sugars by gram. the problem that sugar includes both natural and the added sugars. the fda is now proposing that they add to the label something called percent daily value of added sugars which would make it easier for people to really tease out how much added sugar is in there. as holly said, the easiest way for now is look at the ingredients list and look for the fructose and ose words and honey or maple syrup or cane syrup and those other ingredients that would be code
9:38 am
>> that is a very good point, tara. i think by changing the label so that it represents what percent of your daily calories are in those added sugars, i think that would help everyone. the new usda dietary guidelines said less than 10% of our daily calories should be of added sugars. if it's on the label i think it makes it much more easier for everybody. >> if mornings aren't your thing, your dna might be to blame. a study looked at data from more than 89,000 customers. the company uncovered 15 dna locations associated with being a morning person, including four genetic variants never connected to a sleep cycle so we have an excuse. >> being a morning person, it't' not fun living with two nonmorning persons. >> not their fault. not in their dna. >> thank you both.
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in a first of its kind case, the family of a florida defense contractor killed in a november terror attack in jordan is suing twitter. the family contends the online social networking service has allowed isis to spread propaganda and recruit followers and raise money. >> cbs news justice reporter paula reed is investigating the case. >> she argues if it were not for twitter isis would not become what it is which is arguably the no notorious terror operation on the planet. she says twitter has given them a platform to recruit and fund-raise. she and her lawyers argue that
9:43 am
given isis support. twitter says it has no merit. they say twitter have a team of people who will constantly looking for this type of material and they will take care of it on a case-by-case basis. now, they haven't filed anything official in court. but it is likely they will tried to defend themselves based on laws that protect intermediaries for content posted by their users. >> what is twitter doing, if anything, to combat the violent extremism we are talking about here. according to the complaint isis had 27,000 twitter accounts as of december with 79 of those having official ties to isis. >> just yesterday, twitter announced since mid 2015 they suspended 125,000 accounts for promoting terrorist activity mostly related to isis. that was big. it seems that meeting a couple of weeks ago between top law enforcement official and tech
9:44 am
bearing fruit. >> how serious did the terrorist community take the threat onon social media? >> in talking to law enforcement here and in europe, i was very % surprised. i thought they would come out in defense of this. what they said is, look. twitter is a problem. certainly this is how they spread their propaganda area western concerned about it and if twitter has enough people to monitor this. they are much more concern about face-to-face contact. that is a much more potent way to recruit. you can turn a young person in a matter of weeks. they are concerned that twitter is used to send signals for people to go into covert encrypted apps where tha >> is the government. are you aware of the government having conversations with twitter to try to deal with this? >> a couple weeks ago, there was a meeting between top law enforcement officials and tech
9:45 am
post-paris, post-san bernardino. it is clear isis plays a role in expansion across the globe. we are trying to come up with ways to serve the first amendment and protect people. >> you mentioned that. it seems like twitter is in a free speech. i mean, obviously, it's an issue that will come up more and more. >> absolutely. not just twitter, facebook and the social media platforms. there is no perfect algorithm for identifying people sharing those propagandas. so it is a difficult problem. it seems again, that unprecedented meeting a few weeks ago means it's untrue. >> coming up, the ss united states was the fastest sleekest ocean liner afloat. then came the jet age. and now there is hope she will sail again.
9:46 am
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nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. xwxw for nearly two decades, the "ss united states" was the proverbalial queen of the seas and considered one of th >> considering one of the fastest ocean liners. glamorous and el gap, it was the preferred mode of transatlantic transport for presidents, royalty, even movie stars. the ship was retired in 1969, but as crazy as it sounds, it may yet sail again. as we first reported in october, this rusting piece of history has been docked in philadelphia, along the delaware river and seemed destined for the scrap yard.
9:50 am
ss united states conservancy revealed they can no longer afford $60,000 a month apiece. a switch and a conservancy were tossed a lifeline. luxury travel company crystal cruises announced they'll save america's flagship t. plan, to restore the vessel to its former glory, all with the goal of service. the renovation plan calls for a one-year feasibility study, before work can begin on the transformation. it will be outfitted with 400 luxury suites a. spa and other modern amenities, all while maintain, its original design and 1950s ambience. the estimated cost to get the historic vessel in ship shape is about $800 million a. hefty sum, when you consider the ship's original pricetag was just over
9:51 am
>> wow, that will be quite a reclamation project. it was interesting, they auctioned off the fittings of the ship in 1984. there were real fans of it. including an employee here at cbs who started buying it up because they were afraid it would be scattered to the wind. this. >> i think what an important >> beautiful. great news. coming up next, universal studios is joining the surge to search pricing for its new harry potter's attraction. how does it work and why more and more businesses are proving
9:52 am
your local news is next. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason. >> i'm vinita nair.
9:53 am
including the most coveted keepsake in the nfl. we go behind the scenes to see how they make the super bowl championship ring. three friends who have been to every super bowl game ever played! you'll find out why they haven't missed one yet. also in the bay area, she helped pioneer the farm to table movement. we will catch up with alice waters at her ground breaking restaurant. we begin this hour with a countdown to the big game. super bowl 50 kicks off tomorrow and, per tradition yesterday, nfl commissioner roger goodell gave the media an update on the state of the league and a look at its future. jeff glor is at super bowl city in san francisco with more. >> reporter: good morning. for the nfl, it seems to be a smooth super bowl run-up so far as fans continue streaming here into san francisco. roger goodell held this annual news conference yesterday about a mile away. goodell confirmed the league
9:54 am
upcoming season. the first game in mexico since 2005. the league seems to be interested in establishing a franchise outside the u.s. goodell talked about new helmets on the way and looking at turf to diagnose concussions. concussions were up 32% this season. he says the league a has no plan to review the drug policy even though marijuana is legal with several states in the league. he says they are on point for the close scores. the biggest competition is one day away. >> jeff glor, thank you. for the hoopla not everyone in the bay area is happy that the super bowl has come to town. john blackstone has a look at some of the backlash in the bay area. >> reporter: the big super bowl 50s put up all over san francisco has been a popular place for photos and for vandaling. prank sisters quickly discovered
9:55 am
so super bowl became sup bro and superb outline and even oops. many people from san francisco think the big game is a big headache. >> we are site to be the host but in all of that excitement, our city leaears dropped the ball. >> reporter: city supervisor aaron peskin is demanding the nfl reimburse the city for expenses estimated at nearly 5 million. >> we provide health care and police protection and i think the nfl can afford to make san francisco home. >> reporter: for many drivers, no amount of money can make up for the traffic jams. with super bowl event closing several major streets. >> i think that this traffic is worse than new york. new york, you get it every now and then. here, it's very constant. >> reporter: so add insult to injury, levi stadium is more than 40 miles away in santa clara. >> i think it feeds into the narrative which is the city is
9:56 am
too expensive and too fancy. >> reporter: he sees resentment that goes deeper than football. >> you get in a fist fight if you mention a word genderification in francisco. the housing prices is highest in the country and driven up the cost for almost everything else. but not all have benefited. inequality is growing. the nfl comes to town and takes over the city. it's a huge corporation. >> yep. >> reporter: a lot of san fris francisans don't like that. place. >> reporter: but for all of the grumblings, one of the important interestininin san francisco is tourism and officials say the super bowl is bringing a million visitors a day to the city. for "cbs this morning: francisco. it's a bit late to be buying tickets to the big game but if
9:57 am
open your wallet wide. according to the ticket search engine seek geek, the average retail price for super bowl 50 is over $4800 and tops last year's super bowl by more than $500 and even more than the year. super bowl i tickets went for just 12 bucks. >> you can't put a price tag on experience. >> but bucks. super bowl 50 is not the only hot ticket in hollywood right now. hogwarts most famous student arrives this spring at disney. >> give it a shot. maxima! >> what will it cost to see this new attraction?
9:58 am
that will depend on when you go. thanks to universal's new surge pricing system. here to explain it is yahoo! personal finance correspondent mandi woodruff. how is this going to work? >> basically, you pay more if you go on the peak days like the weekends and holiday seasons. tickets range from $75 to going mid week and off-season and the fall, things like that. >> do you actually want to go and pay more? >> that is the story. >> interesting. when we were talking about this story, everyone sort of collectively rumbled because we have seen it with hotels and airlines. why are the parks now deciding to do it? >> honestly, i'm shocked they have waited this long. >> really? >> it's simple economics. supply versus demand. i think two big reasons. one is profit. they know if you got $95 to spend you'll keep spending on the high peak days and if you want to save, they will catch those that they wouldn't get. they are increasing their profit off the bat.
9:59 am
if you go to universal students, you recently went and talking about the lines are extraordinarily long. people love it but they hate the wait so this is one way of controlling the crowds. >> if you're buying tickets ahead of time then naturally it's sold out and if you're on vacation and want to go, will you be locked out? >> they want to buy online and plan ahead. if you buy ahead then you're guaranteed a spot in the park. i think people who go to the gate to buy their ticket could be in trouble. >> is this a good thing for the visitors? >> if you want to save money you can. you'll save 20 bucks and you can add up. parks do this for a reason because they can,n,o matter what they do and no matter how much they hike their prices, people continue to go in record numbers every year. >> do you see this as the start of a trend then? >> you know, in the amusement park industry, i do. you've seen seen it in airlines and hotels. i'm going to get married. >> congratulations.
10:00 am
if i want to get married on a friday, i can save a ton of cash but on saturday, i pay double for the venue. >> we see a lot of people in cities have seen if you take a uber car service or anything like that, certain pricing is now common thing. it's a little more complicated there because you don't know what the surge amount is going to be or they give you a number but you don't know an exact price. >> right. >> are we talking -- do you think this is going to become prevalent across many more industries as this goes? >> i would say in comparison to uber, actually, what universal is doing is a bit more transparent. you can go to universal hollywood studios website right now and see what tickets are going to cost from now until october. whereas, with uber, you don't know when surge pricing is or when it happens. it could be at midnight or 5:00 p.m. honestly i think it's a bit more transparent than that. >> as you're learning with your wedding vendors, it feels like we are always losing. >> i might get married on a wednesday! >> thanks, mandi.
10:01 am
your local weather. up next, imagine the bragging rights if you could say you have been to every single super bowl game going all the way back to 1967! these old friends can. meet them next and find out
10:02 am
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nearly 70,000 fans will pour into the stadium tomorrow for super bowl 50 and among them will be three members of a very exclusive club. they call themselves the never miss a super bowl club because they never missed one! michelle miller spent some time with them and joins us now from san francisco. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: good morning. well, these three gentlemen have been going to the super bowl since before it was known as the super bowl. since it was the afl-nfl
10:06 am
they live in different parts of the country and probably would have never met if not for their shared love of football. >> yea! >> reporter: f f the members of the never miss a super bowl club, fame comes around every january. >> we kind of are like a musical one hit wonders. we kind of like have ten days a year. >> reporter: what does that feel like? >> it's fun. >> reporter: don crisman is a die-hard patriots fan and larry jacobson a long time 49ers season ticked holder and tom henschel bleeds steelers black and gold. how did you become friends? >> wait, wait, wait. we are not friends. we hang out together one week a year. >> reporter: for the last 50 years, that is what they have done. they were there for a thundering touchdown. >> that one registered 3.8! >> reporter: a kick that broke
10:07 am
>> no good! >> reporter: an unforgettable grab with the big game on the line. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: crisman started the club with his friend stan whittaker who passed was he in 2013. for the first 17 super bowls they thought they were their only members before they met henschel before a taping of "the tonight show" in los angeles. >> stan got me started. had big letters on his back bumper that said, "never miss a super bowl club." and he spotttt that in thee parking lot and then he went up and down the line, asking who owned that car. >> reporter: shut up! you were determined! >> well, i'm kind of forward a little bit, but i want to know who it is. >> reporter: jacobson, who had otherwise had his own super bowl streak going found out in 1999 when all three names were posted in the super bowl program. favorite super bowl ever?
10:08 am
the steelers beating the cowboys for the second time in three years. >> super bowl xxiii. the play from montana to taylor, the last touchdown was directly in front of me. >> touchdown! john taylor! >> kick is on the way! and it is good! >> my favorite, of course, is my patriots' first win, which was super bowl xxxvi. 14-.underdogs and they beat the rams! >> every super bowl. >> reporter: membership perks include starring in their own visa commercial, or getting official super bowl game balls from wilson with their names etched on them. the nfl also sets aside tickets, which they can buy at face value. this year, the group is sitting on the 50 yard line! what do you talk about? >> we talk a lot about the first 15 games because we can remember that. we forgot everything that has happened in the near time, so if you want to talk about super bowl xlvii, xlviii, xlix, we are
10:09 am
>> i can remember the score of the first ten games and three-point, but i can't remember what i had for lunch yesterday! >> yea, yea, first down! >> reporter: they may be friends, but they are are also bitter rivals. when the patriots came up short in the afc championship game, crisman was crushed. but henschel, the steelers fan, was ecstatic. over the decades, the big game has also provided the trio with plenty to cheer for. their favorite teams have a combined 15 super bowl titles and the men hope to be around to see plenty more. >> i got to negotiate with my wife when i get home because i had made a promise i would quit at 50. >> reporter: really? >> so i got to do some negotiating. >> reporter: i'm sure that is not the first promise you've broken! >> you got a point there! >> reporter: well, in recognition and honor of their
10:10 am
the nfl decided you know what? we are going to give these guys, we will give them a free ticket to the game. they also get to walk the red carpet at tonight's nfl honors! >> that is a michelle miller. that is a very cool club! >> reporter: yeah, i'm sorry to see that you're not a member of it. >> me too! i would love a free ticket! >> you have to do a follow-up piece on that negotiation and with his wife as well. >> michelle miller in san francisco, thanks so much. up next, when you win the bling. >> while the denver broncos and carolina panthers get ready for the big game on sunday, this team is getting ready for a championship of their own. the chance to make the super bowl rin. that story is coming up on "cbs
10:11 am
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>> can i see your ring? can i see that? damn! i could wear this around my neck! that is incredible. >> put it on right now. >> really? >> you're not going home with it but you can try it on. >> i'll put it on my thumb! >> players in the super bowl all receive night, fat paychecks win or loss but only winners get that amazing ring, the one that says, yes, i really did win it all.
10:14 am
place where most of them, including the very first ones, were made. >> reporter: on super bowl sunday, players from the winning team get to briefly hold up the lombardi trophy. what they take home is the most coveted prize in football -- the super bowl championship ring. >> the owner gets to take the trophy back and they will put it in the case eithern carolina or denver. this is their trophy that will stay with them forever. >> reporter: chris poitras is the vice president of the sports division at jostens. the company has made super bowl rings for dozens of champions, including the first-ever super bowl ring. >> we created the first super bowl ring for vince lombardi and the green packers in 1966 and wever continued on and we have done 49 of the 50 super bowls. >> reporter: the first one had 40 grams of gold and one carat diamond in the center. but as the game got bigger, so did the rings. last year's super bowl ring for
10:15 am
grams of gold and an astonishing five carats. >> thehe last few years, the next ring i have a funny dealing will be a double finger. >> reporter: two-finger ring? >> yes. >> reporter: as josten's master jeweler he is the quarterback of the design. at the production facility in denton, texas, he is already thinking of the next championship ring before the game is even played, but the owner of the winning team will coach him through the ring's final design, a process which can take months. how would you describe the super bowl rings that you've designed? >> how would i describe it? they are pieces of art that tell a story of a championship. >> reporter: last year's patriots ring shows off the team's winning history with four diamond-shaped lombardi trophies.
10:16 am
the iconic lambeau field and the the famous franchise. the design starts as a 3d computer model. then an actual ring is made for the team's owner to inspect. if the owner wants to add another diamond or put another logo on the ring, a new computer cast. once the design is finalilid, a mold is made for each of the 53 players on the team with their side. the team has the option to make more rings for their staff. a 1,500-degree furnace melts gold pellets into liquid which is poured into each custom mold and then it is painted and sautered together and then it's time to put the bling in the ring. a small team up to 45 people will work on each ring, but ken
10:17 am
oversees a select group of technicians who hand-set the diamonds. >> have you to have that eye for bringing it all together. these guys work in a space so they create that space and fill it with the diamonds. >> reporter: after a final cleaning, the super bowl ring is ready for the hand of a champion. have you ever given a finished ring to a player? >> have i personally? yes, many times. >> reporter: what kind of reaction do you get? >> i have seen everything from jumping up and down to words that you don't want to mention on tv, to, in a lot of cases, just going dead silent and crying. >> reporter: the ring is a symbol of hard work, sacrifice, and victory, that for many players, is a defining moment in their career. >> when a team wins, they are in heaven. they think they are invincible, okay? then they get the trophy but the trophy is given back. they get the bonus money. it's gone. the thing that is left to
10:18 am
>> in denton, texas, omar villafranca, for "cbs this morning: saturday." >> i love that each ring is different and each ring has the player's number. it really is extraordinary. >> you know a lot of work goes into it but hearing that 45 hands touch that ring. incredible. great piece from omar. thank you. up next, the dish. alice water started farm to table culinary revolution and transformed for american fine dining. we visit her bay area restaurant coming up. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts.
10:19 am
we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
10:20 am
now at age 71, alice waters is still fighting to change our on perception about food. >> cheap food is, i think, the most difficult issue we have to face, can never be cheap. can be affordable but never cheap. >> reporter: few people in the world are as passionate for a little while organic ingredients than alice waters. sitting with her in her restaurant ace dining room it's hard to believe she was a picky eater. do you remember when you first started to fall in love with food?
10:21 am
they were so particular about what restaurant you went to and how to eat and what cheese to choose. and i just came back home and wanted to live like the french. >> reporter: how many years were you in france? >> i was just there that one year. >> reporter: oh, wow! it made that big of an impression? >> but it did, and i never have forgotten the taste and that is what i was looking for when i came home. where is that taste? and then we found it at the doorsteps of the organic local farmers. >> reporter: when waters opened chez panisse in 1971 the menu was dictated by what farmers had in season and was the start of the farm to table movement in america at a time when most restaurants were serving frozenn and canned vegetables. waters said even farmers thought she was crazy but her conviction was unyielding. she says it came from the free speech movement in berkeley.
10:22 am
here developmental for you? >> oh, absolutely, fundamental. i thought that i could do anything i wanted to do. i just had to be determined enough to do it. >> reporter: who taught you how to cook? >> well, i was lucky. i was lucky in that i was given a wonderful cookbook, so i just opened that book and i started cooking. >> reporter: that's how you learned to cook, from a cookbook? >> yes, i did. i really did. >> reporter: while the menu has changed every night for more than 40 years at chez panisse, the core principles remain the same. locally sourced meat and produce picked at the peak of season. every dish like this chicken weighted by hot brick with butter nut squash and gratin has to pass a chef's tasting. >> be careful about the salt. >> reporter: natural flavors are not highlighted properly, the dish won't be served. as the farm to table movement
10:23 am
gained national attention. while she was applauded for her culinary inovagsnovations, she was sharply criticized. i'm sure you heard people say she is an absolutist. >> i don't think of my stuff as an absolutist. i think of myself as an idealist and i i think of myself as always trying to do it better than we did it before. i am uncompromising about certain things, about feeding children real food. this is all kale here. behind it are apples and pears. >> reporter: her drive to change how kids eat led to the edible school project and it allows public school students to grow and harvest vegetables. this is one of 5,000 working
10:24 am
the land used to be a parking lot. >> it's an education of the senses. they are smelling, they are tasting, they are listening. they are seeing. and when those pathways to our minds are opened up, the information comes in quickly. >> reporter: in addition to growing the vegetables, students are taught how to prepare and curriculum. the day we visited, they made ginain black-eyed pea stew. >> i think this is an education that every child on this planet needs to have. >> reporter: i'm sure you've had countless opportunities to expand and franchise and, god forbid, a frozen dinner. did you ever want this to be bigger than one restaurant? >> i was tempted a few times, but then, no. i don't think i'd like driving
10:25 am
another or flying to another restaurant where anyone anybody. dumb question? >> yes. go ahead. like at the airport? >> at the airport? i take my own food. >> reporter: i knew it! it's that level of devotion that has made alice waters a culinary giant. while she never expected any of the fame, she always predicted americans would follow her. you talk about food, you just light up. and think after how many years it's still there for you! >> i think nature is endlessly beautiful. >> she is, obviously, just a fascinating woman. one of the things i really took away from that interview also was her concept of what dinner should be like. she said, you know, when we eat so quickly there is no punctuation at the end of the day, no moment to really connect. even the first night after i had dinner, i really took a moment and put down my phone and really focused on, like, what i was having and who i was having dinner with. >> i love that you asked her what she ate at the airport.
10:26 am
like up next, a special edition of our saturday session from san francisco. we will take you to the legendary music venue the fillmore with a look back at the amazing history and performance by josh ritter. stay with us. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: the dish is sponsored by emirates.
10:27 am
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it's just a cough. if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough. this week's 50th super bowl isn't the only 50th anniversary being celebrated in the san francisco bay area. this winter also marks a half century in the life of the city's most famous music venue, the fillmore. we will have a special saturday session performance from the fillmore moment.
10:30 am
mark. >> reporter: ever since the jefferson airplane played the first rock concert here 50 years ago this month, the fillmore has been a musical mecca. >> reporter: it began as the epi center of california's psychedelic scene. the grateful dead, the doors, santana, the byrds, all made their names here. what was this room originally built as? >> it was called a majestic hall and opened in 1912 and it was a big meeting hall for the people in the neighborhood. >> reporter: michael bailey books the fillmore for live nation. what is the root of the mythology of this place? >> well, it goes back to bill graham and his early days as a promoter. >> reporter: the late promoter bill graham first started
10:31 am
fillmore in 1966. >> we made some incredible music there. getting to the point >> reporter: graham nash played the fillmore in the early days with cosby, stills, nash, and young. what was it about him? >> he loved san francisco. he loved hippies. he loved rock 'n' roll and he saw a way of making a lot of money putting all of those lot of money. >> reporter: nash, whose new solo album will be released this spring remembers coming off stage one night at the fillmore. >> bill graham comes up and he goes, any chance you could do another song? and we go, no, bill, we are done, man! this has been 3 1/2 hours and we are done! all of a sudden, a hundred dollar bill comes underneath the door! and another hundred dollar bill comes under the door. when he gets to $800 neil says, okay, we will do one more song! funny night! fillmore was a great place.
10:32 am
together. >> like, he would put miles davis with the grateful dead or he would bring in b.b. king to play with some other local band. changed things for you when you played the fillmore? >> yes, it did. >> reporter: in an interview in 2015, two years before his death, b.b. king said it was the first time he had played before a white audience. >> i actually was scared. kids knew the music. he said, ladies and gentlemen, b.b. king and everybody stood up. everybody stood up. >> reporter: in the 1980s, the fillmore was bought by a couple who installed chandeliers and, for a time, hoped to turn it into a ballroom. they became part of the character of this place? >> they are. that is one of the iconic thing about the room these days. >> reporter: another -- the posters given out as souvenirs at the end of many shows.
10:33 am
bill graham's first gigs at the fillmore. when he started with these posters, what was he doing with them? >> trying to advertise the shows. >> reporter: there are so many now, bailey says they have run out of room on the walls. this building has been through some ups and downs, but it's as strong as ever? >> stronger than ever. we have more shows than we have ever had. >> reporter: josh ritter was playing the day we vivited. >> the room, itself, is a perfect size. it's not so enormous you can't see every face in here. >> reporter: the first time he played here, ritter says he could feel the history. >> you feel like you're walking through a time war. you do your best to rise to the presents. >> reporter: in honor of who has been here before? >> totally. that is the joy and challenge of playing. nothing like the fillmore. >> reporter: now recorded live at the fillmore, here is josh ritter with music from his new
10:34 am
this is "get ready to get down." >> 1-2-3! >> yea! ma'am ma'am got a little worried pr papa papa got worried you better rock to the college in missouri now you come back and say you know a little bit who you never figured out get what you need i'm getting ready to get down getting ready to get down getting ready to get down now people across the street when you walk in their direction throwing everything and think you're a devil and live
10:35 am
sound the possession studying the bible back off the boss you didn't like that you probably won't like me now but i'm getting ready to get down getting ready to get down all of the men arnd ladies talking about me at the pace of the flurry hell yes i can't wait turn the other cheek take no chances you hated your high school dances
10:36 am
sent you off to bible stool school. be a strength to the weak than a laugher in the green let nobody tell you who you ought to be when you get jammed of a popular opinion just don't get give a damn i'm getting ready to get down i'm getting ready to get down mamma got a little worried papa got a little worried you're off to a college in missouri now you come back and say you hope to figure out what you never figured out you want to see a miracle watch me get down i'm getting ready to get down getting ready to get down i'm getting ready to get down getting ready to get down
10:37 am
to on get down >> don't go away. we will be right back with more music from josh ritter at the legendary fillmore. you're watching "cbs this momoing: saturday." >> is there no place else like the fillmore, man. there is no place else.
10:38 am
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i would never be late tomorrow my interview with actor jeff daniels who, at 60, is busier than ever big parts in two big movies and now broadway. starring with michelle williams in "blackbird." monday on "cbs this morning," a first-ever look behind the scenes of nasa's assembly work for the 2020 to mars. tomorrow, the super bowl 50 is live on cbs. >> we hope you have a wonderful weekend. >> we leave you with more music recorded by josh ritter at the
10:45 am
i feeee a change in the weather i feel in achange in me the days are getting shorter the birds are beginning to leave been so all alone i'm headed home headed home the air is getting colder now the nights are getting crsp my first taste of the universe on a night like this a box of3 coming up on news19 saturday morning...another south carolina inmate the department of corrections continues their search for a man they say could be dangerous.we'll have the
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midalnds headlines in (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next presididt needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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3 3 hello and thanks for tuning in to news19 saturday morning...i'm colby gallagher... 3 3 the williamsb hello thanks for joining us. the williamsburg regional hospital has temporarily suspended theioperations as they prepare a part of the building. the hospital's ceo has clososto
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