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tv   News 19 Saturday Morning  CBS  February 6, 2016 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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roof and they have to get rid of it and repair the area before they fully open the hospital again. in the meantime all physician offices remain open and the 24- hour walk and health clinic has been opened in that area. a temporary hospital expected to be built within the next eight weeks and a temporary er within the next four. this morning the state department of correction is asking for help looking for twice caped inmates. first a spartanburg inmate. buckner left his job site on friday afternoon. he's spending time for stealing a car, drug possession, also criminal domestic violence. the second inmate is the 26- year-old from rock hill. he's currently serving eight years on the burglary conviction. reese walked from over a week ago. the agency said that he broke in to a school and stole a gun, considered armed and dangerous. if you know where either
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and in sumtner deputies are looking for a man that stole a credit card. and totaling more than $1,400 at two different stories. if you know who this man is, call crime stoppers. bond has been set for a man charged th felony dui. a judge set a $100,000 bond for darius sutton. he will have to live with his pants, have no contact with the victim's family, and drink absolutely no alcohol. the wreck happened just after 4:30 yesterday morning on highway 321. that's near the lexington industrial park. investigators say his car was traveling the wrong way when he crashed in to another vehicle killing the other driver. margaret fischer has identified the person killed as 44-year- old valerie rhodes of gaston. troopers continue to
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it's been over four months since the flood. it's happening in some places, but not happening at all too. happy to be back home"she came in here and did all this work and i love it" >> reporter: she was blessed with a con tracker who -- contractor who helped beyond what she could do. >> she did the living room, the front bedroom, my room. the kitchen. and the bath. >> although she is almost done with the recovery at home, her church still has a long way to go. >> we had a contractor in here and said that it will be about $97,000. that's a lot of money. members have raised about $10,000.
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helping us, but it's not enough. for in and out rest of the members have been holding service here. >> yes, at the school. until they find more help to get back to st. mark ame church. >> i dreamt they were walking around the church as god has put us in this church. as you were singing so glad i'm here. >> reporter: and the church has been around for over 100 years as they hope to be back in worshiping them there. if you'd like to help them visit their website. in the month since the
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>> this morning it was a little cold dropping down to 28 degrees in columbia and sumter a cold start to the weekend as temperatures will be warming up a little bit right now. and myrtle beach a little cooler in the upstate in greenville and in rock hill with some cold air in place, but you know a little bit of sunshine. we expect the temperatures to climb generally in to the low to middle 50 -- in the middle 50s and generally the low to mid-50s. lows dropping back down. 34 degrees in columbia, orangeburg, over to manning. but this is what we're expecting for the rest of today with some clouds and sunshine
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but the forecast model indicates, we will see the increased chance for rain. that is how well we're expected over the next few days as clouds will increase today. a chance of rain from columbia eastward and orangeburg with a pretty good chance for showers. now some of the forecast models are indicating the low pressure system off the coast that continues to get stronger to bring in colder air so there could be a few snowflakes mixing in with the rain sunday morning and an isolated shower by the time you get to sunday afternoon the rain chance will decrease. the clouds will increase once again ahead of the next weather maker to bring us a chance for the rain moving in to the upstate early monday morning. as far as rainfall totals are concerned, monday afternoon, monday evening, better chance of rain through sunday, at least in portions of the
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and then for the rest of us you're talking about a tenth of an inch or less through early tuesday morning. the rest of your seven-day forecast, the high of 55 with a chance of rain on tuesday. breezy both tuesday and wednesday and highs in the mid- 40s. then temperatures will begin to increase a little bit as the lows drop to 25 degrees on thursday. 53 degrees on thursday and friday, watching the system tonight. expecting a chance for a lingering shower tomorrow morning as well. >> all right, thank you, daniel. a bill is being sent to the governor to keep you from being sued if you break a car window for a child left inside. it could happen.
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this would also encourage people to take action knowing that they would not be held liable. >> and i had a moment where i didn't remember, which i don't know how that happens, but a moment where i left my child in the car i would hope they would bust the window or do whatever they could to get in it. >> ten children have died after being left in a hot car. and a new report shows the state workers make less compared to the other states. they need to recruit and keep qualified workers here in our state. south carolina workers give up more of their workers than
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a look at your top headlines, two planes collided in mid-air. it happened about two dozen divers that worked the site, but it may be in about 80 to 90 feet of water as they think that three people wewe on board the two small planes, searchers found some wreckage, including the pilot's logbook. central florida police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead as shots were fired last night outside the jc penney's department store near orlando as they found one man dead inside a car and another person was injured, listed in critical condition with no word yet on what sparked that shooting or if they have a suspect's description. the death toll has now risen to seven. the emergency crews pulled out 230 victims from the rubble. hospitals say around 380 people came in with injuries. a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit this morning and brought down
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this story is still developing, 26 people are still missing. the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the final debate tonight before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. recent polls show that they are rising in to second place behind donald trump. he told the crowd that it is a different kind of election. urging them to consider it on tuesday. donald trump held a rally in our state. some say he is questioning his commitment, then he can too. he's rescheduled that campaign
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that on february 17 he'll be at the civic center. john kasich will be back beginning for a town hall. on friday he'll speak to the chamber members here in columbia and make a trip before the final stop. chelsea clinton is making her first stop for her mother hillary clinton. she is also scheduled to address clemson university's program in leadership about the mother's plan to help women and family and the role of both in this year's elections. there are a couple of events happening, plenty of things for people to enjoy
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things will kick off at noon. things will continue with the festival as they will feature a recording artist and the native joshua rogers. the best part is that it is a free event for all. holding their annual mardi gras festival today with a 5k earlier this morning and a parade that went through their rosewood neighborhood that ended at the farm. the way that the live bands will be, they will also see the activities for the kids and the proceeds raised through the beverage sales will go to city routes, whose farm was damaged in the floods. you can bring your entire also free. and outside it will be too cold for you today. you want to stay indoors. featuring the favorites like grave diggers. the two performances today. the first at two followed by the second show at 7:30.
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and also it is not too late to help in the cinderella project. including here at the news 19 studios. they will pick out their own dress and we have a full list of the drop-off locations, head over to our website on here in spring valley, the money raised going directly to charities to help those in need. you go to our website on it is right here on wltx. keep in mind you can see more football action as they salute
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from this season. starting at 9:00 p.m. today here head over to our website.
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anderson is next with all a chilly start to the weekend. as they develop later on in the afternoon and tonight. 52 degrees by 2:00. expecting highs in the low to mid-50s. the clouds will increase with the lower 40s by 8:00 tonight and we will see that opportunity for some showers as it looks like especially columbia eastward to orangeburg and sumter county with a stray
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with the high temperatures right around 52 degrees. then another chance for rain it looks like by monday with a closer look at your extended forecast here coming up in just a few minutes. all right good saturday morning to you super bowl weekend. between the panthers and the broncos right here on news 19. of course all the coverage starts at high noon, kickoff around 6:30. of course later today, college hoops, the gamecocks men at no. 8. meanwhile clemson at virginia tech and both these teams are looking to get the conference win on the road. how about a little nfl football last night. and the golden football celebration, they continue last night. he had a 10-year nfl career, losing to the niners. sanders was there along with richard seymour, winning three
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for eight years before finishing his career in oakland. both men are on the fact that they are very proud of the fact that they produced four players, one coach. often playing on the highest level, in the super bowl. >> but you know that i am old school in the fact that i'm a true believer and that they will take a village to raise a young man. everybody that stood in the place of my mom or dad when they were not there that it is just a small token of my appreciation. that it is just a building block to what is next in life. >> and it will set up the stage for the rest of their life. you know, i have a lot of things they could learn. i don't think it would have
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with joshua staley. the class 2a is looking to avoid the upset on the road. james reid for the falcons. that's a good start for the they can't. that. they don't quit as they drive the bucket and one. and then they will work with them back who shows it off to hit that long range shot. but they escape with a win to win the regional title. in the girls game sporting pink for breast cancer awareness. we'll see how they will attack for their defense. driving, misses, but stays with it scoring for the diamond hornets.
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washington as they will score inside. no problems for lr. the battle of the dam, brooklyn harris has been going at it for 25 years. going at it. last night to see how they worked things around. milla jenkins finishes with the lefty floater. they will finish the rim with 14. going at it hard, time expired in the second half spotting up from downtown. hanging around though. he will finish at the rim for the authorities, getting some separation by the top ranked
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sweat hits from the long range, then sweat again with 12 on the night and wins it by a final of 58-50. just a great game. of course the defending champions, working around. he thinks about it, taking it in for himself, coming up with a steal to go finish the lay in. between the teams, hitting from outside, a close one. now by the final of 45-44.
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he hits for three and on the pact again. getting to the other side. back-to-back threes for him as the crowd loves it. james jennings slams it home. crestwood beats lakewood by a final of 65-60. of course later on tonight on news 19 at 6:00, again highlights with the gamecocks and the tigers. both teams are on the road looking for wins in conference. we'll see you tonight. >> all right, thank you, reggie. the takata air bag recall
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which make and model announcer: cbs monday, february 15, witness greatness at the grammys with once-in-a-lifetime performances by: plus: and say "hello" when world superstar adele
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don't miss the3 3 the super bowl isn't just expensive for those who shell out the the super bowl is not just expensive for those shelling out t e ticket. the price tag could be worse. thousands traveling to california for the big game.
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be worth paying $5 million for a 30-second tv ad will be clearer to super bowl advertisers next week. but does hosting the super bowl make the financial sense? in transportation services, the visitors are expected to spend money during the week, but that is just the beginning $720 million for the state. the state of california could do even better, standing to collect millions of dollars, calculated by the number of duty days, including the practice, training, playing, or meetings. even the injured player has to pay up.
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and they will levy the 13.3% tax on the nearly 200 active broncos and panthers, the players, coaches, other personnel. in new york i'm jill fletchenser. honda is recalling another 3.2 million vehicles because of faulty airbags. including older models from 2005, but also some newer vehicles from 2015 and 2016 model years. do you have a banged up iphone? for the first time apple is accepting the damaged phones from those people that want to
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brimstone is recalling truck tires covering the fire stone fs 561 tires they have no reports of any injuries. also a warning, the power company says that people are calling people telling them that their bill is late and demand the next payment. they instruct the customer to buy the prepaid debit card or give them their credit card information to pay off their bill. if you do get a call and you're unsure if it is legitimate, hang up and call their customer
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sticking with us, i'm colby gallagher. first the spartanburg inmate. buckner left his job site on saturday afternoon. spending time in the facility for stealing a car, drug possession, and criminal domestic violence. the second inmate is 26-year- old zachary reese from rock hill. currently serving eight years on a burglary conviction. reese walked away from a cataba center over a week ago. the agency says that he broke in to a school and stole a gun and now considered armed and dangerous. if you know where either men are, call crime stoppers, 1-888- crime-sc. twitter announced that they suspended 125,000 accounts connected to the islamic state over the past six months. the social media sites has increased their team to go through suspect accounts and find any automated accounts that publish extremist views.
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heavily criticized for not effectively monitoring the presence of the extremist group. they got even more pressure following the wake of the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino county. this is the first time twitter shared specifics on the number of counts that they have deleted. and now we're going to check in with meteorologist daniel bonds. it has been chilly. >> we dropped down to 28 degrees. we have not warmed up a whole lot so far this morning. in columbia and orangeburg and 44 degrees in sumter with a little breeze coming out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. so it does feel a little colder than what the actual air temperature is. 42 in columbia. 43 in orangeburg. now. a little windchill out there this morning, but we expect the mix of sun and clouds and high temperatures climbing in to the low to mid-50s. but the clouds -- but the clouds will increase tonight. as you mentioned earlier, a look at that rain, they may mix
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the eastern or southern portions, not expecting it to be a big deal right now. 52 degrees on sunday and the other chance for some rain on monday with the highs in the mid-50s. behind that system it will be much colder. expecting high temperatures in the mid-40s on tuesday and wednesday so much colder weather on the way that it looks like tuesday and in to wednesday. colby? >> thank you, daniel w. all the check weather, check in outside the garden to see how they are preparing. >> reporter: it is early february here in yandy's garden, still enjoying the fruits of the fall garden with things like kale that we could enjoy during the winter months because ey are a very hearty vegetable. great in salads and other things as well. but believe it or not here in early february that it will be already time to start thinking about your spring garden. it won't be too long before it will be planting that spring garden. and that there are some things
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and now is the time to go ahead and start germinating those seeds. so the plant is ready to transplant in to the garden as we've had the adequate rainfall this winter. that's good news. and that the soil, it will be building up moisture. our soil temperatures, they will continue to be warm. lately that they have been in the low to mid-50s, though we will see the cold weather that will take some of those temperatures down. but the cause of the warm weather this winter, we have seen those soil temperatures warmer than what they usually are at this time of the year. but we have learned a few lessons from the october flood. during that flood we learned that fighting the garden is more than having enough sunshine that you need to consider the runoff, one of the things that we'll be talking about this coming month. where your garden will be. one of the things we have
11:31 am
garden that will be susceptible been addressed. that later. however that it will be here in the garden to pull everything. and what we did is that we would plant it where the crop and that you can see that the grass and the notes and so forth have grown and that it garden. when you're ready to plant your spring garden that we will need to peel all this in and that it will need to add to the organic material that will be in the spring garden. what i have to do next is to figure out what we will plant in this part of the garden. that is something that i'm beginning to work on, but it is also something that you need to think about as well. that in the coming months, what vegetables do you want to plant in your garden? we will talk to jackie jordan about that.
11:32 am
so i will see you next time in the garden. >> all right. a couple events happening around this weekend. they hold their 19th annual sale today. running until 1:00 p.m. in the building on the fairgrounds that they will have everything from the handbags to the jewelry, furniture, you name it they will have it. parking is $5 per car and it will be a cash-only event. there is also some family fun events, the black history parade and festival is going on. things kick off at noon as you will have time to get down there. the national recording artist is this year's grandndarshal. after the parade things will continue with the black history festival. featuring the recording artist. the best thing is, this is a
11:33 am
they are holding their mardi gras festival this morning and a parade that went through the neighborhood. where there will be a live band and of course plenty of activity for the kids. they will go to the cities, damaged during the floods. this event is free as well. you want to stay indoors, the spot for monster jams, featuring the grave digger. the first will be two, the second show at 6:30 and tickets start at $23. the super bowl of caring will celebrate their ninth annual day of service. the money raised going directly to help those in need. go over to our website to donate for more. and another way to help
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give the gently used dress to the cinderella project being collected at more than a two zen locations here at studio as well. they will get to pick up their own dress. if you want to find a list to the drop-off locations go to our website. the men's basketball team is on the road today as they will take on number eight texas a&m with a great game coming up as well. that game will be a week from today here at home and that the sellout will be the second this season and the eighth sellout in clone yeah life history for the men's basketball team. and lonial life arena is sold out for the women's basketball game against number one uconn. this is historic. the first ever sell out for the women's basketball team at the colonial life arena where that
11:35 am
people as plenty of people are going to the game a big one. because right now, uconn is number one, ranked number one in the nation. and they ranked number development both teams, undefeated. they met last year to meet up in connecticut and that unfortunately they won 87-62. it will be more comfortable for us. we've known all the emotions to be in the gym that we're telling our teams about it. as much as you tell them about it, you know, that they will feel it. and that our fans, they will make them feel really good. but they focus. >> plenty of people will be watching that game. a group of students are
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create something to (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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good saturday morning to you as we will start off chilly across the state, currently 49 degrees. it's a live look as you can see a mix of sun and clouds here. 47 degrees in columbia, 46 degrees in camden and over o may. first a chilly start as temperatures will be warming up a little bit through the rest of the afternoon. we've got high pressure kind of along the coast that we will be watching well off the coast, watching them develop the strong pressure system. increasing the chance for rain tonight and portions of early tomorrow morning. they will be doing a good job showing you exactly what we expect. still seeing a mix of sun and
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develop off the coast to bring in a chance for in tonight and here is midnight tonight. the chance for the rain. in particular from columbia eastward to see the opportunity for some showers. colder air coming out of the north as they will get stronger so we cannot rule out maybe a snowflake or two mixing in with the rain. clouds increasing once again to expect a chance for some rain. tuesday, things should cry up. looking for the high temperatures generally in the low to the mid-50s. 54 degrees in columbia. 53 degrees in sumter and aken.
11:39 am
in to the low to mid-30s. but this is what we're expecting for the next seven days. monday it'll be 55 degrees behind the system, much windier too, looking for highs in the mid-40s. chilly and breezy. it looks like the coldest morning will be thursday morning. but temperatures will start to moderate by friday as we will continue to watch that develop off the coast and the short term expecting the partly to mostly sunny skies today. >> last week you told me that winter was not over and you were correct. a group of students are using their specialty to change
11:40 am
all about. >> you look at this. you don't think that they would be able to do their day-to-day life with it and they can. think about a child that would like to ride their bike. the students at alice drive middle school are changing lives forever. >> first we choose our color. it goes through the steps to be made and then we go and peel it off and we take the part here and start putting them together. >> reporter: they were granted a 3d printer last year. rather than make items for themselves to enjoy, they chose to partner with the non-profit and start making prosthetic hands. >> i first heard about it, as it gives you a great feeling
11:41 am
hopefully to give back to the community as well with someone in need locally. >> reporter: once completed. the hands are inspected. they chose to focus on making the prosthetics. >> it feels very good. you know you get to help somebody with a better life and that you know that they are suffering. you can only do so much with one hand. >> reporter: they hope to use the 3d printer in more ways to give back. they say that no goal is too big or too small and that they are proving just that. >> that anyone could do anything in any age. >> most do not have recipient yet. they plan to skype with her as
11:42 am
firsthand how they will work. one took their 100th day to a very new level. he was asked to decorate the cape with 100 items, but the teacher said that they were not expecting him to honor the fallen police officers from around the nation. they taped the names and the faces of the police and canine officers on the assignment. they were speechless when he showed up to class. >> they put on safety pins, stickers, all kinds of things come in. >> they are going out trying to find the bad guys. >> reporter: he also had the faces of the columbia police officer. both officers died in the line of duty last fall.
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all for the super america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we stutued their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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3 we are just a day away from super bowl 50.for the golden anniversary of we are just one day away from super bowl 50, one of the biggest sporting events. so many stories are being told. take a look at one commercial that's going viral on social media. this is players giving their daughters daddy dues. the message is simple. girls spending time with their dads grow up to be stronger women. and steve hartman is ahead of super bowl 50. >> reporter: all week the carolina panthers special teams coach has been deflecting. telling reporters after reporter, that there were more important things to tata about
11:45 am
but in the one interview he did sit down for this week as he knows a lot more on what it will take to win a football than what makes an important story. >> why would i want to spend it feeling sorry for myself? >> reporter: last spring bruce was diagnosed with the prostate cancer. obviously they would have driven many people in to retirement but not bruce. >> i just love coaching. and it is in their blood. and i will probably cry after the ball game just because that we're not going to have another week of practice. >> in fact he loves practice so much that he actualal scheduled his cancer treatments around it.
11:46 am
work all season. in case we're not doing this soon. >> he knows that it could be their last year. in giving that perspective that you would think the super bowl itself wouldn't matter much. but don't talk to bruce about the prospect of losing. >> and i wouldn't want to think about that. >> you're telling me that the game still matters who wins and loses? >> we're in the same position that none of us will get out of this thing alive and that you could get out of ththsuper bowl ring that will be better. >> that is way better. >> reporter: as you probably figured out by now bruce is and always has been one of the nicest guys in the nfl. players like wide receiver corey brown, adore him. >> he's like a grandpa to me, you know what i'm saying? he's a guy i care about. >> porter: the difference is that this season everyone has been going out of their ways to tell him.
11:47 am
guy in the world. i can understand what he meant. test people sometimes. again for this that maybe i have never known this. >> reporter: so says the man with no story to tell. on the road for san francisco. >> reporter: if that does not make some panther fans right there, then i don't know what will. the super bowl airs this sunday right here on wltx. there are 70 cameras capturing the entire game. 30 of them mounted around levi stadium. again the 50th super bowl and
11:48 am
and so does the puppy bowl as we have a sneak peek of the action in san francisco. two teams took to the field for a scrimmage. all the pups are named after the characters. how does the puppy bowl work? more than just fun and games from their local shelters. >> there are a lot of rules. i'll throw a flag for excessive cuteness. if it is unnecessary roughness, that's been called quite a bit today. >> you can check out the adorable puppies tomorrow at 2:00 on animal planet. all the dogs will be up for adoption and talk about dream job. who would not want to be the referee of that game? coming up next nicholas sparks is known for writing stories that make it to the big
11:49 am
our movie guru is in next 3 there are lots of new movies out this wekeend well there are lots of new movies out this weekend including the choice. women are flocking to theaters to see this as our movie critic smith went to have his review on it. >> reporter: just in time for valentine's day, another nicholas sparks novel comes to the big screen. this one is about the relationship between gabby and travis. they didn't hit it off so well in the beginning, but their dog sure did. >> i take full responsibility. i have talked to him so many times about using protection. >> oh my god. >> i'm kidding. >> fortunately travis happens to be a veterinarian, so with a little help from the canines and a lot of persistence on his part, these two finally start a litter of their own. guarantee.
11:50 am
to make the biggest choice of his life. should he continue to hold out for a miracle or should he end free? love, faith, friendship all culminate in the tearjerker that will surprise no one. however that i must say the formula seems to have been refined with maximum sob fest potential. one trivial note that i would have trouble overlooking is leading lady teresa palmer's youthful appearance while ben walker looked every year of his adulthood that he resembled a college freshman and then when the two had kids she could have easily passed for their older sisterer the movie has the heart and sincerity and the audience seems happy. it'll be the lady's choice, but fellas the option could be worse. even if it's not your thing, she'll appreciate that you chose "the choice."
11:51 am
great time to choose to go to the theaters because it will be cold and rainy? >> yeah, increasing clouds. we'll see chance for some rain, but the rain will be moving in late tonight and then the opportunity for some showers, maybe early tomorrow morning as well. in the short term we're looking for highs today in the mid to low 50s. low 50s tomorrow with another chance of rain on monday. >> all right, normally the time when we say good-bye.
11:52 am
news 19 at noon is up next. good afternoon thanks for joining us... i'm darci strickland good afternoon and thank you for joining us i'm colby gallagher. police are worried that a suspect in a murder could be
11:53 am
the officers say he shot and killed a man early this morning and they have information he may be heading this way. he's considered arm and dangerous, if you see him call crimestoppers. the hospital has closed temp rarely they have close to 30 inches of water on the roof and have to repair it before they can open. the offices remain open and a 24 hour health clinic has been opened in that area. a temporary one will be built in the next if you weeks.
11:54 am
left his job site on friday afternoon, he was serving time for stealing a car. and the second one is zachary receives and he's serving time for a burglary. he also broke into a school and stole a gun. he's considered armed anddangerous. call crimestoppers if you know anything. in sump ter a man is being looked for holding up this store. if you know this man, call crime stoppers.
11:55 am
felon dui, a judge set a one hundred thousand bond. if he makes the bond he has toly with his parents and make no contact with the family members. the highway happened yesterday near the industrial park. his car was traveling the wrong way and crashed into another vehicle. that victim was from gaston. troopers continue to investigate the accident. >> now let's send it over to daniel and another cold day for us? >> it's going to be chilly and we have warmed up a little bit. it's 47 in columbia right now. a little bit warmer along the coast here. 50 degrees in myrtle beach.
11:56 am
so you mix in the winds and the cool temperatures and it feels even cooler. 43 in sumter and orangeburg. so a chilly day. we'll see the clouds increaseand a chance of rain tonight around midnight. we'll see a chance of that rain week. so it will feel colder than the air temperatures and we'll like at this in a minute. it's been four months since the flood and folks are saying that the recovery is happening in some places but not off. they say that the recovery has
11:57 am
checked out a church that's still ruined. >> reporter: 3 month of the living with her son and now she's back home. she got some money and had a contractor help her with the repairs more than she could pay for. >> she did the living room and my room and the front bedroom, the kitchen and the bath. >> reporter: although she's done by the recovery at home the church has a long way home. >> we had a contractor in here and he said it will be about $90,000. >> different people are helping us but you can see how it is, we need everything replaced.
11:58 am
all my life, ever since i was a little girl. i used to be on the choir. >> at the old school, we have church there every sunday morning. >> reporter: until they get more help to get back to the church. >> i dreamt that we were walking around this church and singing so glad i'm here. >> coming up, well the church has been around for over one hundred years, they hope to be back up and running.
11:59 am
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12:00 pm
well in a story we told you about we have a picture of the
12:01 pm
could be heading to columbia. this is murder suspect, he's 29 years old. wood roughwoodruff officers say he shot a man in an argument. they believe he's heading to the area and he's considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information on where he may be, call crimestoppers. now a couple of events happened this weekend in the midlands. this runs until 1:00 on the state fair grounds that's where we find chuck. >> reporter: that's right, we're here at the clean sweep of the junior league here and we have kim layton here. tell me what is going on.
12:02 pm
1500 strong and we are developing women and it was a biggest rummage sale in the city and we're so excited d that people are finding bargains here. >> reporter: where does the money go? >> well all of the money raised goes back here into the community. we have given about 15,000 in the last year. so all of our programs focus on children which families. >> reporter: you always said that later today, there's a kind of a special twist to this involving a trash bag right? >> yes, we ask everybody to get down to the candy building and for $5, you can take anything that you can put in a trash bag including furniture. we would love people to come down. >> reporter: and we will donate all that back? >> that's right.
12:03 pm
having us and we'll be here for the duration of the event. at 12:30 come on down and have our trash bag, anything you can fill in there for 5 bucks so head on down. sending it back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, chuck. well there's plenty of events outside, the black history parade kicked off at noon. and we have a grand marshall here and after the parade things will continue at martin luther king park and joshua rogers. this event is free-for-all. good saturday morning to
12:04 pm
panthers and broncos and it all tomorrow. and clemson is at virginia tech and they're looking to get the wins on road here. and nfl football, the golden celebration continues hand. he had a ten year nfl career and was on the dolphins team back in 85. sanders was there along with richard seymore. this guy one three times beforefinishing his career in oakland. they are very proud of the fact they have gotten to the super
12:05 pm
it takes a village to raise a young man. from the teachers and the team and parents and anybody that stands in the place of mom and my appreciation. it's a building block for the rest of the life. >> if i had not come here i don't think i would have gotten anywhere. with joshua staley. >> we've got to get it done. avoid an upset. that's a good start for the visitors here and trying to save the ball here, but can't. he turns on the jets and he
12:06 pm
lr is down but they don't quit, drive, bucket and one. then the diamond horns work it back and they hit the long range shot. they escape with a win and win the region title. in the girl's game, sporting the pink for breast cancer awareness. and driving and misses but stays with it and gets it in and she scores for the diamond hornets. to lacy washington and she scores, no problem there. 24. it and last night.
12:07 pm
around for irmo. they will finish at the win and he had fourteen. game tied. wild cats up and going into the locker room. lexington is hanging around thousand, check out jason, he finishes at the rim. irmo would get it here. tra von gets it and then they sweat it again. he had 12 on the night and they win it 55-50 irmo.
12:08 pm
they work it around and jackson thinks about it and takes it in himself. it rolls in. and the visitors from down near the beach and they come one a steal and he goes coast to coast for the lay in 's a little give-and-go action and mellet will hit it from outside. it's a close one but they pull it out 45-44. lakewood and crestwood, lakewood da von taye gets its in his pass andndgets the three. they get it the three. back-to-back threes for him and the crowd loves it. on the other end, james jenning and slams it home.
12:09 pm
of course later tonight here on wltx 19, highlights again and both teams are on the road and we'll see you tonight. >> all right, thanks reggie. one week ago we were able
12:10 pm
week is well good saturday to you want we dropped down to 28 and we expect to get to about the mid 50s. a little cooler than we expect for this time of year. records for today, 80 degrees back in 1977. temperatures have been slowly inineasing this morning and now into the afternoon hours it's
12:11 pm
49 in orangeburg, so temperatures are still chilly, we're generally into the mid to upper 40s at this hour. 54 in columbia here. across the area. we'll see the clouds increase and the lows into the low 30s. 32 in newberry and 34 in orange burg. so for today, clouds will increase and as we expect, 54 for the high. here's how things will play out, we'll pick things up and you can see the cloud increase across the midlands here. we'll see rain begin to move in after midnight or so and the
12:12 pm
morning and then some of the forecast models indicating that there's enough cold air to mix in a snow flake or two. we're not expecting a big deal but it's something we'll watch especially for the east midlands. then the next weather maker coming in on tuesday. you can see the showers that will move in by monday afternoon. as far as the rainfall totals, most of the rain into the eastern portion and maybe up to about a half an inch in manning. we'll see another round of showers and the rest of us will get into if action and rainfallamounts pretty light. 52 for tomorrow and 65 on monday and then cool air moves
12:13 pm
so cold the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions,
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fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you give us a future to believe in.
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3 we are just a day away from we're now just one day way from super bowl 50. so many stories are being told this year. take a look at this commercial already going viral. this is a player giving their daughters a new do. steve hartman is on the road. >> reporter: all week carolina panthers has been deflecting. >> i'm on not going to answer that question. >> reporter after reporter that
12:16 pm
his. >> i learned that bruce knows more about what it takes to win at football than what it takes to be an important story. >> well in terms of what has happened to me, if i only have a limited amount of time left why would i want to feel sorry for myself? >> reporter: he was diagnosed with an incurrable form of cancer. >> in the end, i wanted to coach. >> why does that win out? >> well i love coaching and it's in my blood. i'll probably cry after the ball game because we won't have another practice. >> reporter: he scheduled his
12:17 pm
>> some guys have to work for a living. i found myself lingering around after practice. >> he knows this could be his last year and given that perspective you would think that the super bowl wouldn't matter as much but don't talk to him about the prospect of losing. >> don't even say that. >> well does it matter and. >> well if you can get out with better. >> yeah, that's way better. >> reporter: he is and always has been one of the nicest guys in the nfl. >> he's like a grandpa to me and he's a guy that i care about. >> reporter: the difference is
12:18 pm
>> when lou garrett said he was the luckiest guy in the world, i can understand what he meant. you have no idea how you've touch people sometimes and if it had not been for this maybe i would have never learned this. >> reporter: so says the man with no story to tell. on the road, hartman in san francisco. >> super bowl airs on sunday right here on wltx 19. remember to watch all of the coverage, we'll be - my leg would just give out, it would just give out completely, i couldn't, i just couldn't walk. - a dull pain always, and then you'd have intermittent shots of severe, just excruciating pain. - i felt useless. you know, i was no longer productive. and i was a burden to everybody.
12:19 pm
experience some sort of back or neck pain during their lifetimes, but thanks in part to new technologies and treatments found at the southeastern spine institute, people all over the country are getting out of pain and back to their active lives. - hi, i'm vanessa hill. - and i'm angie mizzell, welcome to another edition of the age of spinal medicine, presented by the southeastern spine institute. - you know, over the years, people have asked, "why is the southeastern spine called an institute?" well, in this episode, we'll do more than answer that question, we'll show you why. - that's right vanessa, we'll be sitting down for conversations with physicians, and we'll be talking to their patients, and you'll see firsthand how the latest technologies and procedures found here have helped so many suffering with debilitating back and neck pain. - and you'll meet many people, maybe people just like you, whose lives have been limited because of pain. - i did not know what it was to wake up in the morning without feeling pain.
12:20 pm
- i couldn't get out of the bed like i used to, i would have to like, kind of roll and bounce, like, roll to the edge of the bed and bounce instead of just getting up like most normal people, and that wasn't good. - i went for several years in pain working, and wondering if that was it. you know, i didn't have the same lifestyle i was accustomed to. - [vanessa] but because of the southeastern spine institute, they are back to their active lives again. - the first thing i could do is i could immediately walk up and down steps normally. i haven't done that for 15 years. - it was like somebody had taken 100 pounds off my back. - and why are they feeling better? because the physicians here specialize in spine ailments, and they're often helping people who could not find relief anywhere else. - there are lots of advantages, i think going to a specialized place. first of all, you get multiple opinions,
12:21 pm
- at southeastern spine institute, we have doctors from multiple disciplines, we have anesthesiologists, we have neurologists, neurosurgeons, spinal surgeons, we have doctors from a-z. - one of the great things about collaborating with other spine surgeons is that we're always there for each other if someone needs a hand, or if someone wants to bounce an idea off, someone's always there to lend their expertise. - and that unique combination allows us to give a proper diagnosis to patients. the diagnosis is very important; we can't fix it if we don't know what's wrong. the second thing you get is you get the latest medical treatment. you're not getting something that was done somewhere else 10 years ago, and a combination of those two things are very powerful. - becauswe have everything under one roof, at southeastern spine institute we think we can find a solution for your problem. - so stay tuned to learn all about the
12:22 pm
the many types of treatment options they have to offer their patients. - and you'll see why coming to an institute might help you or someone you know get out of pain and back to an active life again. - [voiceover] always one step ahead, the southeastern spine institute presents another addition of the age of spinal medicine. a medical documentary hosted by vanessa hill and angie mizzell. this episode, why is it called an institute? once again, angie mizzell. - we're here at the southeastern spine offices where we asked a number of patients what they think about when coming to a place called an institute. - to me, spine institute means that they would specialize just in spinal problems, and they were the best around in spine issues. - overall, they're just, they're state of the art. they're up to date on the newest technology, and that's what you want if you're gonna get your back fixed.
12:23 pm
they have the best equipment, the best expertise. - [voiceover] and that expertise may help you solve your specific back or neck problem. we sat down with a patient with a unique perspective. we're here with patient william goff, who, as an engineer, can really appreciate the technologies found here at the southeastern spine institute. - the institute, that's what it means to me. they are evaluating, exploring. there's new methodologies and technologies constantly being introduced into any market. by the same token, there's also that technology and methodology introduced in the healthcare field. they're also learning from their patient, because no two patients are alike. what impressed me was when he told me it was specific to me. - [voiceover] but in the beginning, william did not really want to go see a doctor for his severe back pain, and i asked him why. - my wife was always pushing me to go to the doctor,
12:24 pm
last thing you want to do is go to a doctor, you don't wanna appear weak or whatever. - [voiceover] but william finally listened to his wife, and he was glad he did. many of the people we've talked to were so happy with the doctors they found here at the southeastern spine institute. vanessa, i understand you have william's physician on set. - yes, angie, i'm here with dr. donald johnson, who started the southeastern spine institute over 25 years ago. now, dr. johnson, tell me, what did you do with william's back issues that made this institute different than other centers? - well, we helped him with somethin' that was very new at the time. he'd been to a couple different places. he interviewed a couple different doctors, and he kinda chose us. he decided that what we were doin' is what he wanted. - [william] i did my research, and when i discovered that dr. johnson had several patents, that they were innovative in their field.
12:25 pm
a new procedure, what we call a minimally invasive procedure. unpinched his spinal cord. he travels around the country. he's a marketing manager, he's done very well. - i feel twice as good as great. i haven't felt this good since, probably, i haven't felt this good in at least 25 years. - you talked about william traveling all the time. it has to be difficult to have his medical issue, and he's sitting all of the time. - when you have a bad back, sitting is the worst position you can be in. just ask anybody who's got a bad back about flying in planes or traveling in cars. - if you're flyin' 10 hours, the pain was absolutely unbelievable, of course, some days were worse than others. but as soon as you were able to get up you wanted to get up. and then you really didn't have a lot of relief, it was just tryin' to make the pain hurt in a different area. - the reason for that is when you're sitting you take no weight off your body except through your spine.
12:26 pm
through your knees, through your hips, but when you sit, where do we all sit? we sit on our tailbone, and our tailbone is at the bottom of the spine, so sitting's a bad sition to be in if you have a bad spine. - [voiceover] but after william's exciting new surgery, he can sit anywhere he wants, and he doesn't even care if he flies first class! - before i was hopin' to get into first class because they don't say a whole lot to you if you get up and walk. i don't care where i sit now. it's amazing. - you know, you hear about pinched nerves all of the time. - and william actually had a spinal cord that was impinged. a condition called spinal stenosis, very common condition. lots of different ways to take care of it, but at the institute we know what's the easiest way to do it. - and now, literally, i can do just about anything that i wanna do. - what happens when back pain makes you feel like, well, it's not worth living anymore?
12:27 pm
i'd rather leave than go through that, and live my life like that, and i thought that's what i had in front of me. - [voiceover] for more information on spine health, visit, or call 866-spine-50 for an appointment. no referral is needed, and if you're enjoying the show, you can watch previous episodes from our medical series by going to and clicking medical documentaries. once again, vanessa hill. - i'm sure that many of you out there can relate to our next story about a man who loved every part of being on the water. in fact, he earned a living as a tugboat captain and a full-time mariner. - i consider myself a maritime athlete. honestly industrial, because it's been quite an adventure. let's face it, the maritime industry is one of the most dangerous in the world, because you can't have any mistakes. the captain is always responsible. so you didn't leave it up to anybody else to make sure it was right.
12:28 pm
- but one day, when captain barry was making a simple jump from a dock to his tugboat, something happened that he never could've foreseen. - so i took my jump and i landed really well, solid, and my back said it was a little bit too solid, and pain just ran right up my back. - [voiceover] and that pain would change his life as he knew it. - my life crumbled. and i have a hard time talkin' about it. 'cause it was that bad. every day was spent in pain. i felt useless. you know, i was no longer productive. and i was a burden to everybody. - [voiceover] in desperation and no longer able to live the life that he knew and loved, barry decided to have back surgery in charlotte, north carolina. - and i had two unsuccessful back operations. i tried to go back to the boat and i lasted all of
12:29 pm
i was off the boat again and getting another operation. and to where i was in total hopeless and despair. - [voiceover] just when it seemed like barry had reached the end of his line, he finally found the southeastern spine institute and dr. donald johnson. - when i was introduced to dr. johnson that was a changing point in my life right there. dr. johnson spent more time with me on my first visit than my other doctor did in two years. and i knew when i left his office i had a new doctor. and i had hope. - dr. johnson, could you tell us how you were able to help barry after he lived with debilitating pain and couldn't find relief anywhere else? - when a disc slips out of place or herniates, what the doctor does is remove part of that disc, and in barry's case that had already happened twice.
12:30 pm
and so if you injure your back, that's the disc that gets reinjured, so he herniated or slipped this disc a third time. this time against his spinal cord, and rather than saying, "look, we're gonna "trim it again, and then in the future, "again and again and again and again," he came to the institute and we have technology here. we were able to rereve the whole disc, but we replaced that disc with something that gave him two things, one, he's never gonna have to worry about another surgery there, and two, he's able to get back to life. - and so he gave me mobility back and plus some. you know, a quality of life that i never expected to have again. and those things have come true for me. - [voiceover] well, there is a happy ending, after years of living in pain and no hope, captain barry's modern surgery got him out of pain, and back to a life of retirement and some calm reflection. - learned to pace myself and float around and
12:31 pm
a fair weather sailor now. all the wonderful things that i g gw up with here in south carolina, at having that rough mud in my toes, and having a little bit of saltwater run through my veins, the mud in my teeth from throwing the cast net. i want to teach those things to my grandchildren and get them to understand and experience the gifts that i've had by living here in south carolina. yeah! i'm glad i stuck around! (laughs) - [voiceover] for more information on spine health, visit, or call 866-spine-50 for an appointment. no referral is needed, and if you're enjoying the show you can watch previous episodes from our medical series by going to and clicking medical documentaries. once again, vanessa hill. - welcome back. i'm here with dr. thomas anderson, he is a neurosurgeon with the southeastern spine institute,
12:32 pm
- well, charlene came to us with some severe pain in her left arm, with numbness. - pain is down the left side of my neck, and i'm also experiencing tingling and numbness going down the left of my arm. left arm. - does the numbness and tingling go all the way into your hand or your fingers? - yes, all the way down to the tip of my fingers. they start at the beginning and they take the baby steps and work forward. find out what is your problem, this is what we can do for you. - [dr. anderson] we evaluated her, she had an mri scan of the neck, and we determined and pinpointed the cause of the pain, turns out it was caused by a pinched nerve in her neck from a disc problem. - there's the nerve root coming out at this level. and there's the one here, and it's pretty badly compressed. - and prescribed some treatment for her that wasason-surgical to see i i we could improve her situation. - [voiceover] what the southeastern spine institute was able to do for charlene was an
12:33 pm
help her get back to full motion. this non-surgical treatment works so well for many, and often, is all that is required to get back to an active life, without ever needing surgery. - never need any surgery. and don't look to have any surgery. just as simple and trouble-free as it could possibly be, and the relief and the change in the quality of my life... listen, if it were to have been 10 times the trouble, if i would've had to walk from here to florence, you know, it would've been worth it. - [voiceover] while the shot did help charlene for a while, unfortunately, the pain did come back. - and then, by that time, i decided, "well, the shot didn't work, so why put it off?" - [voiceover] and she decided to take care of the problem once and for all using new technologies and advanced surgery techniques
12:34 pm
- [dr. anderson] one of the things we strive to do is be minimally invasive with our surgeries. and some of the ways in which we do that is using very, very small incisions to do our surgeries as well as exciting technologies like the operating microscope, which can magnify the size of our surgical field dramatically, and allow us to be very, very precise. - [voiceover] so what was the outcome of charlene's advanced surgery? - i'm doin' great. i appreciate everything you did, and everybody i know, you're gonna go see. - it's amazing to live through pain and then not to have that pain anymore. - yes, i think so, and i think a lot of times we lose track of that, but as physicians, i guess we're so focused on the technical aspects of what we do. - after surgery, it was like a angel sang. (laughs) i'm not kidding, i wanted to get up and just leave. it was perfect. - when i came here, i came here
12:35 pm
i got just what i was expecting. - dr. johnson talked about several different specialties. when talking about the care that is provided here, how does neurosurgery come into play with that? - patients with spinal problems are often concerned about the health of their nerves, and i use my training as a neurosurgeon to help protect those structures, whether we do surgery or whether we don't. - when we come back, you're going to meet a man who had a passion for helping others, until his back pain became so much of a problem he could barely help himself. - and it just, it took away some of the many things in my life, and i was really sad. really sad. - [voiceover] for more information on spine health, visit, or call 866-spine-50 for an appointment. no referral is needed, and if you're enjoying the show,
12:36 pm
by going to and clicking medical documentaries. once again, angie mazzell. - we're here at the ronald mcdonald house in charleston, a home away from home for families with critically ill children. when chairman bert hefke wasn't able to do the work here that he's so passionate about because of his own medical problem, he called the southeastern spine institute. - they're on top of the latest developments in spine care. they have the ability to diagnose whatever's wrong. and most importantly, they have the wherewithal to fix it. - [voiceover] but could the southeastern spine institute fix bert's problem, and could they help him get back to his charitable work at the ronald mcdonald house? well, it started with getting an accurate diagnosis. - my diagnosis was acute stenosis,
12:37 pm
- so, tell me a little bit more about that diagnosis, and what that actually meant. - i had compression on the nerves. and that's what was causing the pain. and just the debilitating part of the condition. i really didn't want to talk to people, i didn't want to see anybody. it was depressing. - [voiceover] fortunately for bert, there was new technology waiting for him at the southeastern spine institute. a new device for stenosis that is an alternative to major fusion surgery. - [bert] it has the effect of taking the pressure off the area that's causing the most pain and relieving some of the stenosis. i'm ableleo do most of f e things that i was able to do prior to having the back paiai - now that you've heard bert's story, vanessa has more from bert's doctor. - yes, angie, and dr. steven poletti, joining us now to talk about this revolutionary procedure.
12:38 pm
- yes, vanessa, this procedure is called a coflex implant, and it's something that we put in patients who have spinal stenosis. now, spinal stenosis is narrowing of the room for the nerves of the spine, and it's primarily caused from arthritis. when you get arthritis in your hands, your knuckles enlarge. when you get arthritis in your spine, the joints that move your spine enlarge, and when they enlarge, it can pinch against the nerves. many people with spinal stenosis always have to grab the grocery cart because leaning forward opens up their spine, gives the nerves more room. - explain to me, if you will, how this was able to help bert. - in a case like bert's we're able to take this small titanium device, and this is-- - that's all it is? - that's all it is, and this can actually snap or wedge in between the two bones
12:39 pm
the vertebra so that they no longer have pinching of the nerves. we've seen hundreds of people that have had this revolutionary procedure done, and been able to avoid a much larger operation. - and i'm really grateful that a procedure lili this is able to help. not only myself, but hopefully other people. - i think that there is newer technology being developed every day. we try to stay on the forefront of that so we can offer our patients what we consider to be the latest technology, so if you have a problem, if you've been told that there's nothing that can be done, there are things that we can do today that we couldn't do yesterday. - this place here, they have grown quite a bit, okay, there used to be about three doctors, right now there's a lot more. and perhaps that's attest to their success and their ability to help people. - for somebody like bert, it's allowed him to get back into the activities that he likes to do
12:40 pm
there would be some big shoes to fill. - i've been able to be active and renew my golf, my family activities, everything has basically gone back to normal. - [dr. poletti] timing was right, it's a good feeling to be able to participate in the latest technology and have that actually make a difference in somebody's life. - when we come back, we're going to find out why sometimes the most effective treatment for your back or neck pain may really not be that new at all. - sometimes you don't need to go through surgery, and hopefully that's the case, you know. the last thing should be surgery, and i think they're very conscious about that. - [voiceover] for more information on spine health, visit, or call 866-spine-50 for an appointment. no referral is needed, and if you're enjoying the show, you can watch previous episodes from our medical series by going to
12:41 pm
once again, ane mizzell! - you know, even with all of the latest surgical procedures and techniques, we've found here at the southeastern spine institute there's one thing that still works best for more than 90% of their patients, and that's no surgery at all. most often, and for most patients, simple lifestyle changes, coupled with the correct exercises, medications, and non-surgical procedures can get you out of pain and back into your active life. we sat down with southeastern spine's physical therapist, melissa langston, to find out all the many ways they can help patients avoid surgery. - if they have tightness in that area we'll work on stretching, or we do a lot of manual techniques, joint mobilizations, dry needling, myofascial massage. we also can use kineseo taping to help correct postural misalignment and help facilitate certain muscles, and then you definitely
12:42 pm
if they have something where arching their back can make them worse, then you want to educate them that, yes, they can go to their pilates and they can do their yoga, but maybe watch these certain positions. over 90% of the patients that come to southeastern spine institute do not need surgery. coupled with physical therapy and the treatment from the non-operative physicians, we're able to get the patients back to their normal activities. - i'm very happy today in finding out that i don't need surgery, it looks like, that there are some therapies and things that i can do to make this better without going through all of that, and that's a relief, and that's the one thing i heard from other people was they're not gonna go down there and force a surgery on you. - he was going to try the less invasive approaches first and see if it worked, and thank god, it has worked. - did you know that the majority of the physicians here at the southeastern spine institute are non-operative doctors? and vanessa, you have a couple of them with you on the set. - certainly do, angie.
12:43 pm
what's it like handling the non-surgical aspect? - well, our job is basically to try to keep the patients from needing to see one of our surgeons. we like to see patients as early as possible because if you do have back issues the earlier that that patient is seen, the greater lililihood that they won't need to come back to see us down the line. - so then there's a point there, get in as early as possible? - yes. - i would suggest absolutely, for patients with acute pain, get evaluated and treated as early as possible. but also for patients with a chronic pain there is always some options available to improve pain, and what we hear the most when patients come into our office, "they said i have arthritis and there is "nothing you can do," and it's not true because you cannot cure arthritis, but you can help with the pain from arthritis. - and also to try to keep that patient from
12:44 pm
becoming a chronic problem. so, again, the earlier they come in to see us, the better. - how is the recovery with that? so many patients, as angie just told us, really don't need surgery. - yes, well that is true, oftentimes, when patients come in, they're worried that they're gonna need surgery, and that's the only option for them, but oftentimes, that's not the case. - i had several local appointments, and... didn't feel like we were getting any, having any progress, so we came here and we feel that we're on the right track now. - i don't want any pills, i don't want anything to just mask the pain that i'm having, i want something to make me better. and he shook my hand and said, "well, i think maybe we can find something." - there's physical therapy, if a patient is too painful to participate in physical therapy,
12:45 pm
injections, and that's a big part of what we do, something called an epidural steroid injection, and that is a way to get the steroid medicine to shrink down the swelling and inflammation that they may have right where they need it, ananto help them recover as quickly as possible. we're able to walk them through a process where we can avoid surgery altogether. - well, that's our show. we hope you've learned a lot about the new medical technologies at the southeastern spine institute from the medical doctors and their patients. - and now you can see why they call it an institute, because they help so many people in so many different ways. - and as always, we leave you with the thoughts of real patients who are so happy that they found the southeastern spine institute. - and be sure to join us next time, and just maybe, we'll tell your story. - bye bye! - the testimony of my life and what i can do now is enough for anybody to consider goin'.
12:46 pm
i didn't have time to wait for somebody to, "hey look, i'll call for you," i said, "i'm gonna call for myself, 'cause i can do that." - it's the highest of quality that i'm aware of. in that they specifically focus on the spine, which is my issue, neck and back. - you cannot compare with any place around here. it's wonderful. - been like a miracle cure for me, i mean, it has turned my life around. - it's just a great place to get your back worked on, your spinal worked on, and i just would recommend it to anybody. - everybody's just so friendly and so helpful. it's like they care. they care about their patients. - [voiceover] we hope you enjoyed the show. you can watch any of our age of spinal medicine episodes by going to and clicking medical documentaries. and if you're interested in seeing if the southeastern spine institute can help you or someone you know, please call
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