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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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crown super bowl 50 champions. the women's passable team gearing up to take on number one ranked yukon tonight. we sit down with a news 19 alyssa lange before that big- game. we are on your side this morning. volunteers you see on hand taking your calls until 7 o'clock. information on how to call coming up news 19 starts right now. good morning, thank you for waking up with us on news 19 im deon guillory >> and i am savannah levins. we are talking to those volunteers that are from they can just a few moments. the first denver broncos fans celebrating the teams super bowl 50 when this morning. they defeated the carolina panthers 24-10 in carolina last night securing a second bowl win for quarterback peyton manning.
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vp. fanned back here the palmetto state say they are still proud of the panthers and hope to make it to the next super bowl. >> it hurt a little bit. i didn't think it would hurt this much. but, we have a long -- young team. we will be back. cam newton is the mvp. he did not give about there, he is the man. i think we will be back. peyton he deserved it. he got it. it was our year. at least i felt that way. go panthers. keep pounding. that's all we can do. >> we did not win the super bowl, but the amount of things we have to witness this year is magical. it's been amazing. i got to meet a lot of new people. i got to travel. i got to see football at its finest. you know what, right now, it's only the beginning. >> being very proud of our panthers.
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next year will be here before we know it. they will meet again. denver and the carolina panthers will meet again. there is redemption there. >> right after the game and ended at authorities in california say north carolina governor pat mccrory was in a minor car accident. the governor's vehicle was hit from behind a say no one was injured and the governor got into another car and was able to continue on to his destination. after the carolina panthers lost 24-10 to the denver broncos, the quarry tweeted we are proud of our carolina panthers, showed the usa what north carolina is made of we will keep pounding. efran afante as pounding away at our forecast this morning. very cold morning, efran afante. it is. all of the midlands right now dealing with temperatures in the 30s with a few 20s.
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salida, saint matthews at 28, camden down to 27 degrees, here in columbia we have a little bit of a warm push is now 33 degrees, clear skies -- skies, as the kids had out to the bus stop it will be cold. 31degrees and they head out to the bus stop they will need their umbrella for this afternoon. hour by hour we will have a lot of sunshine and windy conditions. increasing cloud coverage by 1 p.m., 57 degrees. as we get into the afternoon 59 degrees, but in the showers will start moving through. they will not last all evening prayed by 5 o'clock 53 degrees, the rain starts coming down to anand around 6 o'clock. and again the winds will be kicking up, gusting up to 25 miles an hour. as for the road conditions right now, get ready for your monday morning commutes, i 26 office saint
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traffic is light right now. no accidents on our thoroughfares from and the map is clear, no accidents or incidents being reported. take murray boulevard to the williams price stadium a five minute commute, a delay from columbia metropolitan airport to downtown 11 minutes. we will take a look at the seven day forecast which includes a lot of sunshine thereafter but cold temperatures. coming up in a few minutes. finding your ancestry has become a passionate hobby for many, and several places right here in the midlands are ready to help for free. as we celebrate black history month, news 19's memen rivers fofod tracing your roots is right at your fingertips. >> this has to be slaves. >> oh yeah, this is early, >> i had never seen my great, great grandmother's death certificate. my dad's mother side and his father side, i was able to go
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grandparents and see who their grandparents were. which was phenomenal. because i did not know who their grandparents were >>reporter:add to face teaching her children their own family history during this black history month. >> i was able to go back to three or for greats. >>reporter:she says she found more than she could imagine i was able to connect the dots for her children. they started to research at home, but then to the richland county library to dig deeper >> and a lot of history books and says that slaves were not able to get married, and that part was very interesting because as far as i went back, all of the people were married. >>reporter:debbie bloom, the local history manager at the library says the key is understanding the documents. >> mistakes i have made of my research are when i did not study the information that was on the record, and i went in a
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to steer families done the right path. >> it is a puzzle that you just are piecing together every time you start doing research. >>reporter:the easiest way for any family to begin their search is to start with a relative born in the 1930s, someone who is old enough to have been accounted for in the last published census. >> we will start searching in the 1930 census, and see if we can find them in the census, that we look to see what clues there are to get us back another generation. >>reporter:i wanted to dig a little deeper, so that brought me here to the south carolina archives history center >> what we collect here our state government records and count -- and county records for south carolina. >>reporter:documents that date back to slavery. >> this is the first census that was taken after the civil war, the first federal census after emancipation. this is the first census were people who were enslaved to show it by name >>reporter:with records dating back hundreds of years one can
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>> when the slaveowner would d ie, in his will or inventory they would list the names of the slaves and that is the way you can make the connection. >>reporter:and have a better understanding of where you came from. in columbia, megan rivers, news 19 wltx. >> if you would like to research our family, the services at the library and the history archives center are free and historians are on site to help you get started. the library is open seven days a week you can see the times are on your screen the archives and history center is open tuesday through saturday. time now to meet our mom of the day, she is cynthia jones. cynthia is a mother of four and was nominated by her daughter grants. she tells us her mom is a caring woman that always make sure that her children have what they need to succeed. she says she is my best friend, i love you, mom. congratulations cynthia. if you want to nominate a mom in your life or mom of the day had to our website
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click to send in your n omination. it is now time for our word of the day, today's word is exonerate. it's a verb that means to clear from accusation or blame, and it's is perfect timing since we have our ask a lawyer phone back downstairs. exonerate use that in a sentence. >> speaking about lawyers we are on your side this morning at wltx. they are standing by now to answer your legal questions this morning. we have clear skies all
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welcome back to news 19, we are in the studios right now where our ask a lawyer phone bank is currently underway we have volunteers from the sc bar lawyers volunteering here, answswing your questions the number to call 647-0299. it's very busy right now. if you do not get in right away just keep trying this morning. we are doing this until 7 a.m. this is cindy, tell me why this is such an important resource for us to have in the midlands. it's free legal advice. >> the bar understands that
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legal information to make informed decisions. part of the public service we do, as lawyers, is giving back to the community and this is a great way to do that. we are combating a great deal of misinformation on the internet. it's better to have the people that know this information to give you the right stuff as opposed to getting bad advice from a website that may have great advice for another state but it's not applicable here >> if you call this number right now it is free advice, we have volunteers here offering their time. what are some of the questions you are able to answer? >> we will take anything that comes in, if it's really complicated they may send you to either the lawyer referral service or on -- to our online to answer questions being answered by volunteers. probate questions, what happens if i do not have a will? there have been questions about child support, visitation. questions about taxes. questions about a couple of criminal things that have come in.
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stuff. they are able to answer, if they do not know exactly the answer, they will send you to the right direction. that's the large part of the battle getting to the right place. >> what are some answers you cannot -- what are some questions you cannot answer this morning? >> anything complicated, or specifically what a judge will do with your case. you really cannot answer that. you will not know until you get into the courtroom and see what happens. if i was arrested for this, what am i looking at? you don't really know. if it's going to take a lot of detail they will send you to the referral service and get a lawyer who will handle that specifically i get all of the information. >> thank you so much, that number to call 647-0299. if you have any legal questions this morning we are standing by with your answers. for now let's edit over to efran afante for check on the weather. a lot of us are indoors right now, because when you
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notice it is cooler out there, in fact in some areas pretty darn cold. 31 so luda and lexington, 31 sumter, camden 27 from bishopville and manning 30 degrees. columbia 33 degrees, clear skies winds light right now out of the west at 3 miles per hour. the winds will pick up later on today. the average temperature for this time of your 85 average 58 we will have sunrise this morning at 7:19. and sunset later on this afternoon at 5:59. two things are starting to affect us, and approaching cold front from the west, a very deep area of low pressure up in the atlantic, and with the pressure in between squeezing right over the palmetto state it is going to be a windy day today. our computer models show increasing call coverage throughout the morning, by midday we can have a few sprinkles and light showers but better opportunity for the
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afternoon and early evening. showers were and as we get into the evening hours. when the kids get out of school today, 59 degrees, shower possible and it will be very windy. our highs today will be in the middle to upper 50s all throughout our communities. columbia 59, with showers but wins -- winds gusting up to 29 miles per hour. as all of our lows tonight will be in the lower to middle 30s. as we get into tomorrow a high of 46 degrees, it was still be windy and windy once again on wednesday, we will start off at 25 degrees, but the setup we have right now is a very deep area of low pressure and to cold fronts are going to be coming through. one will give us the opportunity for rain, another one is going to reinforce more cold air and the temperatures by thursday morning we are looking at 20 degrees 43 for a high on thursday but we are going to be spending pretty much the rest of the seven-day forecast with lows in the 20s, and highs barely getting into the upper 40s and by valentine's day, a cold start
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sunshine with a high of 45 degrees. as far as the road conditions right now as you get ready to head out and beat the thoroughfares. i 26 as you are approaching some headlights at least saint andrews road, traffic is starting to pick up at no accidents being reported on the interstate. no accidents or incidents being reported. if you slowdowns as you are coming -- heading north on the feral road, approaching fontaine traffic is starting to slow down as well on to notch all the way up to decker boulevard it's moving just under 25 miles per hour. from shaw air force base to the four jackson gate 832 minute commute, i 26 and 77 heading north about a 10 minute commute. grab the winter gear and keep it handy we are going to need it all in the seven-day forecast. it is time to check our weather fact, daniels weather fact of the day.
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the little river near galivants ferry crested at 12.3 feet which exceeded major flood stage of 12 feet. >> we are not seeing any of that recently. but we are definitely familiar with that this year. interesting. you can follow daniel. i love your weather facts. >> he always tweets out some great information. tonight, the undefeated gamecock women basketball team owing to the biggest game yet. honey, would some captain d's make you feel better? yeeeaah! (woo) when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's.
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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welcome back, the biggest carolina women's basketball game of the season set for tonight as the gamecocks play host to to come. alyssa lying satin with don bailey to talk about the game. >> i've got to believe being at home is a lot different, i am glad i am not up there. it's local. >> could you imagine if they cancel that game after all of that-everything. >> we would have been stuck up there forever. >> you have them at home, so that game how is it different from master as opposed to 1 feet of snow, a lot of your team had not seen before. what is the mentality like going into this? is a more comfortable for you guys? >> it is more comfortabab for us, but we know all of the emotions will be in the gym. we are telling our team about
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about it, you know, they are going to feel it. our fans are going to make them feel really good, but they are focused. they usually stay in character with what our preparation is for any game. >>reporter:this is the first time, all season, that you guys are the hunter, rather than the hunted. you've gone to being number one, you guys being number two, what is that feeling like knowing that you are going to get their best shot, but a lot of people are probably expecting them to come out on top just because they have the number one ranking. >> i think we can relax being the one that is hunting. i think i, you know, with our players, the fact that we played them last year, the novelty of playing them last year has worn off. now we can get down to who we really are areas we are not the same team that we were last year. we are a little bit more
6:22 am
are a little bit more offense of minded then we were last year. we are clicking a little bit better, at this stage of the game, and people are settled in their roles. so hopefully we will grab this basketball monday and hopefufuy for the record >>reporter:how does that make you feel knowing that that arena is going to be sold out wall-to-wall people. what does a file for you. >> it feels great. because, you know, not only did i want a cello for this part of the country, but our fans have been so great, the faithful have been wanting this particular day for a very long time. everybody is happy. our players are happy, our fans are happy. and to create that kind of
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because we have a tremendous state who stands for some great things. we are just adding to what we are made of. >> the women's basketball team has a presidential candidate as a fan, hillary clinton took to her facebook page to congratulate the team after they sold out tonight's game. head ball coach don staley tweeted a screenshot of it tweeting at clinton and saying thank you, we can make room for you and your security team to attend. >> i am sure they can. everybody is excited about that game tonight. >> we will have full coverage on wltx on air and online. we have our sports team geared up and ready for it. valentine's day quickly approaching, if you have not shopped for your loved one yet you better get on it
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moneyman, matt granite has a when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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we are on your side this morning with our ask a lawyer phone bank. we have volunteers from the smc bar, that you're here answering all of your legal questions until 7 o'clock. if you have a question call them at 647-0299. good morning, thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning, i am trying 12. >> and i am savannah levins. we are going to be checking in with those volunteers a little bit later. but first a little bit of rain and cold moving in today. but check in with efran afante as we get ready to head out the door this morning. good morning, and good
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morning we are starting off rather cold, right now here's columbia 33 degrees, dewpoint of 25, a lot of moisture in place, we are clear of the clouds, winds out of the west at 3 miles an hour. when the kids head out to the bus stop they will need their winter jackets for this morning but they will also need their umbrella for later on this afternoon. we will have increasing cloud coverage partly cloudy and 50 degrees by 11 o'clock. mostly cloudy by one, 57 degrees. as we hit 59 degrees for our high we will have a chance for light showers later on this afternoon. it will be windy gusting up to 25, windy conditions will continue overnight tonight, 30 for degrees and with mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. winds even stronger out of the west gusting up to 30, a high of 46 degrees. as we get ready for our mondnd morning commutes, we will check in -- check on the road conditions on i 20 eastbound
6:27 am
is light right now but it has been picking up, no accidents are being reported on any of our thoroughfares. the map is clean right now from lexington just a littlelebit of a slow go as you are heading on sunset boulevard from lake drive heading east about 25 miles an hour and then from mineral springs heading into town about 16 miles an hour. from harvest into downtown seven minutes, and from blithe way to downtown a 15 minute commute. we will take a look at the seven day forecast of the colder temperatures sticking around. coming up in just a few minutes. police continue to search for a suspect wanted and an upstate murder case it could be in the columbia area this morning. 29-year-old garnet. police and he may say he may be attempting to hide in the columbia or goose creek area. they believe garnet was in a verbal argument with the victim before the shooting. garnet is considered armed and dangerous if you see him you
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crimestroppers at 888-crime-sc. the presidential campaign right now tomorrow is the first and then nations primary and the presidential camp -- candidates are making their final pitch to new hampshire voters today. >> and after new hampshire the focus shifts right here to south carolina with the gop primary on the 20th and the democratic primary on the 27th. we have a breakdown of the national campaign and a look at what is going on right here in south carolina. >>reporter:we are going to be talking politics between now and the end of the month, of course we've got our big republican debate coming up this saturday night in the upstate right here on wltx. you've got the republican primary on february 20, and the democratic primary -- primary on february 27. or on the local aspects of politics in a moment, let's find out what is happening as the new hampshire primary takes place tomorrow. candidates stopping for some
6:29 am
>>reporter:just one day before the new hampshire primary, donald trump is hoping to stay ahead of his fellow republican rivals, and secure a win on tuesday. >> i am $40 million under budget and i am number one in the polls. >> we are going to win new hampshire in the general election and we are going to -- >>reporter:following a less than stellar debate performance over the weekend, marco rubio remains locked in a fierce battle for second place in the granite state. the tween between ted cruz, jeb bush, and john kasich area who held his 100 first town hall in new hampshire on sunday. >> a strong finish here is essential for us and we are absolutely confident that is going to happen. >> i know i have an uphill climb >>reporter:hillary clinton steadily closes the gap with bernie sanders her husband, bill clinton, took sanders to task for so-called sexist and inaccurate remarks against his life >> when you are making a revolution you cannot be too careful about the fact. >>reporter:as candidates on both sides ramp up their a ttacks, undecided voters here in new hampshire continue to
6:30 am
>> a lot of work, there are a lot of problems, anani am trying to find the best problem solver. as a republican i am looking for a more in the middle conservative. very rational thinker >>reporter:voters in new hampshire are known for making a decision at the very last m inute. with so many still undecided, the outcome in tomorrow's first in the nation primary remains unclear. >>reporter:that is what's happening in new hampshire, let's talk about what's going to be happening here this week, as we mentioned there is a debate coming up this saturday night, it is in the upstate. you can watch that debate right here on news 19. a lot of candidates coming out of new hampshire are going to try to do well here in south carolina. most notably chris christie. he is not doing so well in the polls, but he had a pretty good debate performance on saturday night. he is going to be in charleston on wednesday, he's going to be attending a presidential forum that's also
6:31 am
carolina attorney general alan wilson. on wednesday, the gop front runner, that is donald trump, he is going to make another visit to south carolina. he was just in florence on friday night, and he's headed back to the upstate read this time he's got a campaign event in clemson. that event gets underway at 7 o'clock. that is wednesday night. john kasich did pretty good in the saturday night debate. a lot of people say it may bode well for him in new hampshire tomorrow. he could dig up a few votes. he will be here in columbia addressing state chamber meetings state chamber meetings again that is coming up on friday. that is going to be from noon until 1 p.m. at the south carolina chamber office. somebody who's campaign may --
6:32 am
break, is jeb bush. after another so-so performance in new hampshire over the weekend at another debate, we are hearing, this morning, from some bush backers that they will stick with jeb bush but they may do so only through the south carolina primary. it's imperative that he do well here in the primary, week from saturday. he's pulling out a big gun. we understand that his brother, george bush is expected to campaign here in south carolina sometime this week. we do not have a specific date on a campaign appearance for you this morning. that is the latest on what's going on in the world of politics, tomorrow morning we will have another update on the candidates and what they are doing, and we will preview the new hampshire primary once again. after you. chipotle lovers, listen up, the restaurant is closing all locations for four hours today for a companywide meeting about food safety. this comes after the chainsaw foodborne illness issue that made 175 people sick in several states. last week, the cdc declared the outbreak to be over. today we find you the best
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>> so sweet. moneyman, matt granite has the most wanted gift on a dime. >>reporter:great to be with you, i am fired up for today's frugality, what she really wants. we had some great responses from all of the research we did. we are going to handle the guys tomorrow, but take a look at the most requested item for women for valentine's day. gift cards, which i will get two to in a moment followed by jewelry, tablets and spa related request. locally if you buy $100 gift card at any massage envy you get a five piece free gift set. nordstrom was a number one pick for women and various department stotos and clothing stores rounding out the top three on the tech front i found a deal for $50 off amazon's top-selling souped-up fire tablet, the deal and demos
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back to you. >> what she really wants is to buy her own stuff. but-- [laughter] if you buy me a shirt i do not like, i will return it and it still means as much. >> that is why you get a after receipt. >> i do not think i would like a gift card personally for valentine's day. that's just me. i don't know, i'm interested to see what he has in mind for the men tomorrow. >> we will see. all of those details on our website up next on news 19 this morning, i am heading back downstairs to check in one last time with our ask a lawyer phone bank volunteers are here right now. you see them all on the phone answering your legal question. even though ththkids will need their winter jackets this
6:35 am
umbrella no delays flying out of columbia metro colleton airport
6:36 am
delays are mounting up in new we are here on your side this morning with our ask a lawyer phone bank, the lines are ringing off the hook . all of our lawyers are taking her phone calls right now. we were talking earlier, just about some misconceptions that people may have about the law, and lawyers in general. can you break those down for us? >> sure, a lot of it comes from
6:37 am
they think you get a phone call that it was an illegal search and seizure, it's not until the judge says over there's a misconception that every case involves dna evidence, and it really does not. a lot of what a lawyer does is not what you see on television. it's the research, it's talking to the clients, it's not necessarily spending as much time in court, and surprise witnesses step up and only a couple of lawyers have been able to win cases with a guy in the audience. that dramatic effect. it's not really that way. what lawyers do is really important, because it is a protection of your rights, but it's also protecting your family so that you have your will in line, and you have your divorces taken care of, so that the child support and alimony, and things are appropriate. it's just a way of making sure that you are doing things correctly, and it's a vital
6:38 am
people tend to think we do not like lawyers, they are really necessary for a lot of things to run smoothly. you want to buy a house, you need a lawyer. >> it's tax time. i know you've probably got some tax questions this morning. what are some things along those lines that people need to think about? >>reporter:-- >> it's making sure you have all of your paperwork and documentation. there are some ways to get that. there are some tax services that are done through cooperative ministries. some retired executives that do tax service. you want to make sure that you are not getting that tax loan, or you are not taking deductions that you shouldn't, or that you are filing appropriately on someone has not taken your identity and filed ahead of you. >> thank you so much, these
6:39 am
for the next 15 minutes until 7 o'clock, the number to call, 647-0299. send things over to efran afante for a look at are called forecast. good morning. good morning, we are starting off with cold temperatures in the midlands right now. 32 when we had up to newbury and winnsboro. 37 camden, bishopville and manning at 30 degrees. here in columbia 33 degrees. a lot of clear skies, for now, but we do have an approaching cold front coming in off the west side of the appalachians, with this low-pressure out in the atlantic, the winds squeeze right on the middle right through north and south carolina. it will be a windy day today when the kids get out of school we will have the chance for some showers, 59 degrees, again we are looking at windy conditioio, wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour as our highs later on today will be in the middle to upper 50s. the chance of showers will diminish as we get into the evening. very cold as we look at our
6:40 am
overnight tonight in the lower to middle 30s. get ready for the cold conditions to stick around, because tomorrow although it will be 46 degrees, will be windy wednesday 25 degrees to start out the momoing, what we are dealing with is another cold front the first one will gives a chance for showers, the second one, it is going to reinforce more cold air and that will be settling down over us, we are looking at possibly 20 degrees early thursday morning, and temperatures for the rest of the seven-day will be in the middle to upper 40s for highs, those will continue in the 20s. by valentine's day, 24 degrees to start up sunday morning with a high of 45 degrees. as we get ready to head out the door and check on the road conditions. right now we are looking at a beautiful scene at i 20 east bound over a mile marker 75. the sun is about to come up, traffic is light right now, no
6:41 am
as you come in and out of columbia, no issues at all. as you are coming down the village of sound -- sand hill
6:42 am
a lot of you have been voicing your take on the super bowl halftime show. we have a look at some of those comments on our facebook page. there were mixed reviews on all performers. michelle rollins said the halftime show was -- she continued by saying she cannot understand coldplay. renault mars look like he was in a dance competition and beyonci i eded some are close.
6:43 am
much needed shot of energy. >> brought some positivity. she says that she enjoyed all three performers, they put on a great show and it looked like they were having fun doing it. katelyn alexander added that beyonci and bruno did not have much time to prprare so they said they did the best with the time that they had. >> ashley garrett criticized beyonci for the lyrics in her new song, beyonci should have never been allowed to sing her song as it is feeding the hate against police. a lot of controversy over the whole performance. if you would like to join the conversation please tweet at us. >> what were your general thoughts? >> coldplay should not have been there. i would have enjoyed beyonci and bruno mars battling each other the whole time. >> did you like beyonci song? >> i love the video. because it is set in new orleans, and a lot of imagery from new orleans, flooding and that kind of thing.
6:44 am
lyrics of the song. >> lettuce >> let us hear what you think, tweet at us. still to come when we come back a huge and i for the usc
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honey, would some captain d's make you feel better? yeeeaah! (woo) when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's. anything's worth it for our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99,
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time for your midlands happening today, south carolina state university will observe the anniversary of the orangeburg massacre. on february 8, 1968 on south carolina state campus troopers open fire killing three students during a protest of a
6:47 am
nation's first and more -- most horrific tragedies of the civil rights movement. the university will recognize those three students killed along with the cleveland sellers and the orangeburg chapter of the naacp. personal data of more than 100 million consumers have been strolling in the united states in the past year. that's why the newberry county sheriff's office is posting -- hosting a free identity theft talk. they will talk about ways to protect yourself or the public event is tonight at 7 p.m. at the newberry county sheriff's office on wilson road. a new police chief will be sworn in and chapin this morning, judge gary reinhardt will give the oath to seth ziegler at nine at the council chambers. ziegler was named chief last month after serving captain of the patrol division for the west columbia police. there will be a meet and greet reception in the communitytyroom. february is national heart month, palmetto health is offering public events to teach about protection and prevention.
6:48 am
speak about solutions to atrial fibrillation. the event will be from noon until 1 p.m. in the auditorium on sumter street. the usc women's basketball team trying to remain undefeated tonight. they will take on number one ranked yukon. the two teams both undefeated it should be a great game, it is sold out, tipoff is at 7 p.m. efran afante is checking the roads. >> we are taking a look at i 26 between st. andrews and piney grove traffic has been picking up, but fortunately no accidents on i 26. an accident on broad river road and accident right by piney grove road. be aware that just popped up now. we could be looking at a little bit of delays as you come through that thoroughfare. columbia 33, clear skies, a
6:49 am
but the winds will change and when the kids had out to the bus stop, make sure they have their winter jacket this morning and an umbrella for later on this afternoon. we are going to go from cold to a chance for rain with an approaching cold front. this is going to give us a chance for rain later on today. and the kids get out of school, it's only going to be 59 degrees windy with showers possible as we are looking at when conditions out of the southwest 15 gusting up to 25. 59degrees but then we dropped down to 34. when the conditions will continue not only tonight but over the next two mornings. 25degrees on wednesday down to 20 on thursday morning. as you get ready for valentine's day, it is going to be a chilly start to the morning, 24 degrees to start with a high of 45 degrees. get ready, the cold temperatures are going to be sticking around for quite a while at least through the seven day forecast. >> thank you so much. before we go, if you want to join the conversation on twitter about the super bowl, your thoughts on commercials. tweet with us.
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just wrapped up. we have one again from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. tonight. if they do not answer, just try again. all the super bowl ads we were talking about this morning, the one that shocked me the most captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the denver broncos are super bowl champions. will peyton manning decide to go out on top? >> donald trump tries to hold off marco rubio ahead of
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