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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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covered. news 19 starts now. good fat tuesday to you. i am deon guillory and i am savannah levins. we have lots of winds moving in today. efren, let's send over to. >> temperatures right now are the 30s. we are down to 18 in orangeburg and 37 in many and sumter 35. the wind chill makes it feel even worse like 25 in newberry and 26 in camden and 28 in columbia. 36 degrees with winds kicking out of the west at 13 miles-per- hour and a little bit of cloud cover moving in. 33 degrees and it will feel like the upper 20s.
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today. the winds are costing up to 35 -- gusting up to 35 and it is very cold night with wind chills potentially in the upper teens. tomorrow it will be windy but don't feel like 47 degrees. get prepared folks. the wind is back in the palmetto state. weweare not dealing with any traffic issues and we are taking and look at most of our thoroughfares as you look at i- 26 traffic is light right now with no accidents reported. you can see on our map no incidents are being shown at this time. if you are commute from lake murray boulevard 87 minutes. from the eight -- airport downtown it is a few more.>> thanks.
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getting a chance to speak out on the things they believe should be improved upon around the county. 70 residents came out to hear from urban planners. this is all part of the tissues in community and economic development master plan series. the presentation included numbers on housing and jobs. residents give their input. >> citizens are reaching out for some solutions. solutions to issues that are transforming our county that now has one grocery store. >> we have five different water agencies in the county, and i think we need to work together to get a better water source. >> the county is holding the second of three meetings tonight at tonight at 6:30 pm. they hope to present a final plan april.
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fund, $10,000 from wells fargo. they plan to use it for salaries , training, and funding. the work focuses on giving developers tools to create affordable housing opportunities like this one at the builders on rivers edge. they serve medium income families and have invested $640,000. >> for us, the bottom line is decreasing the number of people who are housing cost burdened who spent more than 30% of their monthly income on housing costs. >> for information on the find you can visit our website at . it is tax time and everybody can use a break.
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there are no filing fees charged . you must make $65,000 or less or if you are married $95,000 or less. e free service will be offered today at the wr rogers center. you need an appointment. voters in new hampshire have already started voting at the polls. the first primary contest has donald trump wanting to win today while contenders are locked in a battle for second place. bernie sanders could come away with a wimp -- win. coming up we will breakdown point each gop candidate will be here in south carolina. we are on your side this morning with a recall. there could be a gas leak with
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it covers 37,000 crx suvs. mazda said it has no reports of fires are injuries in steelers will fix the problem. it is a dog owner'r' nightwear. you are stuck at work and your best friend needs a potty break. there is a growing number of apps for that. jaime lucas reports from new york. >> reporter: this is a lovable mutt. for much of the day, he is stuck herere at his new york city office. >> you are leaving her apartment sending -- your apartment at 7 a.m. it is not fair to the dogs. >> reporter: that's why he downloaded the on demand dog walking out. he can hire a dog walker to go
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on this day, eleanor of the job. wag users are giving a talk box so they can get inside. it costs $10 for a potty break and $30 for a deluxe walk. >> it is tells you what happened during the work.>> reporter: dog walking is a growing industry. other apps hikes would tell launched as well. matthew kinzel says the company puts walker's to a background check. >> there is a thorough vetting process. we hire less than 1% of the walker's that apply.>> reporter: she can pick and choose her own schedule making each walk she accepts. >> it is a lot of security knowing the dog is taken care of. >> reporter: less stress for the dog owner and his best
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>> right t w it is only available in big cities like new york, chicago, and seattle. we live in a high-tech world where things are constantly changing including the way your kids communicate. they are using secret codes that most parents don't understand. things like pir meeting parents in room and lmirl made let's meet in real life. authorities encouragparents to learn for themselves and talk with children. >> if you see strange acronyms on the phone, it is time to sit down and have a conversation with your child. >> we want to help you crack those secret codes. head on over to our website at and click on this story where you'll find a list of 100 codes kids use.
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back in your diet it was "lol" and then that was phased out and "ttyl" and all the classics. >> "smh" i use a lot. >> we have a whole list there. let's meet our mom every day. today she is joyce dixon. joyce is nominated by her daughter did in asia -- danasia who says her mother is very hard-working. they say she sure makes sure we have a roof over our heads and we love her so much. congratulations joyce. if you want to nominate a model of the day head to and we have a binder -- than it you can click. now it is time for our word of the day. it is an as ship that means marked by high spirits and laughter.
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>> i think a lot of days would describe us. >> i would hope so. [ laughter ] the last ones we've had would be downers. >> this is a good one. what did the lonely people do for valentine? >> our deal sky said they go shopping. valentines day is not just for lovers. singles can score with deals for them.
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is a ponytail day. valentine's day can spell sweet savings even without a sweetheart. our dear guys every morning on news 19 joins to explaiai how singles can save serious cash and matt granite, we love talking to you. what can people do who are single to save money on valentine's day? >> deon , i know many may have noticed my wedding g ng and they wonder why they want this guy giving any advice to singles. my wife actually lives in a
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she lives in toronto and i am the states. i am basically single. there are amazing bargains i can benefit from even without jackie. first thing i want to begin with is on right now. so many people are seen this valentine's day deals. get a photo of your couple. if you don't have a sweetheart, $25 upload a photo of anyone and this would be a great time to get it done. deon , i got a self-portrait made for the mental. just one category where you can benenet. deon, you have a smart phone plan that you're happy with? >> yes. i love my smart phone and i am happy with my plan because i have unlimited data and texting.
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for many of us, we missed out on opportunities to get those unlimited features. february is a month were all of these sweetheart plans are released right here. this would be something you could take advantage of. if you are looking to denigrate your home and mama a place -- decorate your home and make it more inviting, we have seen portales in february. a lot of the cooking classes and places like hello fresh are offering free meals in the month of february. so if you want to cook or decorate or celebrate, we have you covered even if you are single. deon , one of my favorite things is if you have a deal for two it is almost double the savings. >> i like the decorating thing because i just moved into a new place and i cannot decorate at all so i am trying my hand at
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>> you will do very well and i'm sure you will do better than the surveys that it almost knocked down. but places like pier 1 and online shopping there are tens of deals. >> all right. thank you so much for all of the advice. we love talking to you. you can always find his deals onon our website at . good morning, savanna and track -- deon . welcome to a cold start to everyone. and selena we have 37 degrees and 32's from newberry to winnsboro. the wind chill feels like 26 degrees in camden and 27 in sumter and st. matthews goes like 24 degrees because the winds are kicking at 15 are kicking at 15 miles per hour
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with a surface trough right now over the upstate. the flow will generally be paid out of the west throughout the day today. when the kids get out of school it will be 49 degrees and partly cloudy. even though we expect highs today in the upper 40s down to lower 50s, it will be windy out of the west at up to 30 miles- per-hour with 50 degrees as the high though it will feel like they mid-40s. the winds will continue with the lows tonight in the lower to middle 20s with the wind chill feeling like the middle teens. tomorrow will be a lot of sunshine and it will be windy because of a lots of these cold heirs -- airs coming through
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thursday morning we are looking at temperatures pretty much in the 20s and it is going to be cold. in fact, are low temperatures on thursday morning will be in the teens and 20s. we are looking at windy conditions to feel more like the teens. we continued with temperatures in the middle to upper 40s. only 21 degrees sunday morning with a chance of rain coming in by monday with a high of 48 degrees on presidents' day. if you are getting ready to head out on the roads, the thoroughfares on i-20 eastbound over my marker 66 has traffic picking up though there is an accident reported on the interstate. we did have an accident on killian road at 77 as you approach killian road. if you are traveling from the
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commute. i-26 and 77 you are looking at 11 minutes. the high profile vehicles we were it will be windy today and it may not be a good day to take the bike out. >> thank you. we know we love food on news 19 . >> it is true. >> today we have a came cake in honor of fat tuesday. >> today is mardi gras and in my home state of louisiana everybody is celebrating this right now. they'll be parades happening so we have two king cakes this one. i think that one has. she's feeling -- cream cheese filling and this is the regular breakfast. for some people who
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much like a mineral but in -- cinnamon roll but a little better and it has to do with a catholic tradition and mardi gras is surrounding the catholic tradition because tomorrow is ash wednesday where you repent for 40 days. but everyone gets at all the fun right now in mardi gras. so in the king cake there is a small baby jesus and you told me when you were growing up and you would find the baby jesus it was good luck. i grew up finding the baby jesus and whoever did had to buy the next king cake. but i guess it depends on what your tradition is, that these things are incredible. i know i told you guys i started a new nutrition plan yesterday.
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take a bite right now. >> my diet, once again, right out the window. that's okay. usc basketball have a tough loss yesterday. they certainly did not lose the support of fans.
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we will hear from fans 3 the usc women's
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team falls to yukon -- uconn with a fourth-quarter rally to overcome tough shooting in the first quarter of each half. they fail to uconn 56-54. each fan says the experience was crazy. >> it was crazy. we have been here a couple of times. by fire this is one of the wildest we have been to. >> the energy was just like noing i have seen before. it is my first carolina game, and we couldn't pull it off. that there is always that next time. >> it was while. it was a good experience. this was the first woman game i've been here to. >> steve spurrier may not be the head coach anymore, but he does have a new job with usc. he is not a special assistant to the president and athletic
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he resigned as football coach last october but had a contract that allowed him to assume such a role if you wanted. he recently accepted the job and has met with donors at basketball games this season. we are watching closely the campaign trail as make its way to the palmetto state.
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really want for you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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3 coming up on news19 this morning... it's going to be coming up on news 19 this morning , it will be windy city. efren afante is broken down what you should expect this plan. j.r.
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candidates coming to the palmetto state this weekend. voting has started in new hampshire. i am nisha jain with the latest coming up. good morning. fat tuesday, mardi gras. thanks for being with us on news 19 i am savannah levins . >> and i am deon guillory . let's send things over to efren afante for a look at our forecast. good morning deon and savannah . it is going to be very windy today. temperatures started off in the 30s with 32 in newberry and saluda at 36. encampment we are at 30 -- in camden we are at 44 degrees but
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sumter feeling like 27 degrees. the kids will need winter gear today with 33 degrees but it feels like the middle 20s. hour by hour it will be a windy day. we have sunshine and increasing cloud cover h and by 1:00 it is 46 degrees and it is windy as i hit a high of 50 degrees down to 40 degrees as the winds continued out of the west. as we get ready to head out this morning on this fat tuesday, i-20 eastbound has light traffic and it is moving with thorough. clean so far with two accidents reported. the first one is we head north with the accent on i- 77 on killian road. this is still continuing and is will take some time before this
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laying of i-77. the other accident is off of clemson road. the road is partially blocked and traffic will pick up in the next hour. from blythewood to downtown it is a 15 minute commute. we will look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. the first votes have been cast in the new hampshire primary and we are less than two weeks away from the south gop primary in south carolina. >> j.r. berry joins us with a look ahead to what we can expect in our state. good morning, j.r. good morning, j.r. >> reporter: good morning, guys. south carolina is turning up to the a make or break estate for many republicans and it could very well be hillary clinton's fireball because the polls show
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today. we get more from new hampshire in this report. >> for john kasich we have three. >> reporter: the tiny community was first developed in the new hampshire primary and handed victory to john kasich. >> let's have a big victory tomorrow. >> reporter: but donald trump is still betting on a big win here. trump repeated his get out the vote message. >> she says darling i love you but i have fallen in love with another man. you got to get out to vote.>> reporter: and walked -- mocked marco rubio. >> it is the same exact thing. after the fifth time i said what is going on over your current -- over here? >> we are raising our for children in the 21st century
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come to instill values in our kids it is been harder to instill values. >> reporter: hillary clinton is pricing for -- bracing for a fight to finish against bernie sanders. he is leading clinton among female voters in the granite state. people are projected to turn out in record numbers to -- despite snow in the forecast. >> the polls show hillary clinton losing to bernie sanders in new hampshire. but the gap is narrowing. those same polls show her way up here in south carolina. on the republican side, donald trump plans to head this way after new hampshire is off for tonight with a campaign stop scheduled for clemson tomorrow
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greenville monday. marco rubio is hoping he will cut into chunks lead here in south carolina. tomorrow rubio the here in columbia speaking at a columbia convention center. on thursday he makes stop in hilton head, myrtle beach, and simpsonville. there is talk some candidates they drop out of the race if they don't dwell in new hampshire. john kasich is one of the names being floated around. as a this morning, he is still scheduled to campaign in our state later this week. tomorrow he is in charleston for a town hall and he will make stops in florence. on friday he will speak to the state chamber members here in he will also go to duke's barbecue in orangeburg. chris christie also scheduled to bring his campaign to south carolina.
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effort into new hampshire. a bad finish there could end his campaign there. he will take part in the presidential forum tomorrow at the college of, charleston. some believe south carolina could be jeb bush's last stand. a poor showing could do his campaign. bush says his former president george bush will campaign for him. for details they have been made public yet. we do now jeb bush will be in the lowcountry tomorrow for a town hall in mount pleasant. the debate for the candidates is this saturday. they are taking part in that event at the peace center in greenbelt. cbs is the sponsor and the network will release details later today. you can watch that debate
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here on news 19 . what other political not his actors angela bassett will be in the midlands later today taking part in a get out the vote tour. she is visiting the university at 4:00. that's the latest on what we know this morning. as far as politics in south carolina, new hampshire is today and then cover 20th is the -- february 20 is the primary. we have much more this week on news 19. on the democratic side hillary clinton just announced she will be back in the palmetto state this week pack >> her campaign says more details will be released soon but she will be back friday. the world. officials say eight people are dead and 100 injured after two
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germany this morning. injured people have to be carried from the site of a train crash. german news agency says the train line is used by commuters but it is less busy since schools are on vacation. the white house says it needs $1.8 billion in emergency funding to battle the zika virus. the money would go toward testing and to control the mosquito population in seven states. the virus has been linked to birth defects which causes head and brain abnormalities. there is a travel warning but not a travel ban. gas prices continue to fall. in columbia the average price
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to send -- two cents in the past week. the national average is $1.74. prices could had higher. refineries to maintenance this time of year and triple-a said it leads to increases at the pump. hollywood played a stalling role in the holiday toy wars. there were products geared toward boys rocketing 35% since last year. that included what the sabres and other toys -- light sabers and other toys for star wars. toys for girls fell 17%. valentine's day and tech tuesday collide with some big coupons today. >> reporter: it is great to be with you. yesterday we found out what women really want for
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the man. there was only one similarity between the two. take a look. it was a request for a new tablet. i will show you how to get one for under $40 in a moment. smartphones and get cars were the most requested items for guys. please note what was not on the list. the best tech by in the country today is amazon fire tablets under $40. a huge deal. t-mobile running a by one get one get 150% off smart phone graph. sporting-goods stores are the number one spot followed by amazon and movie gift cards. your full roundup is on >> those gift cards? for valentine's day is supposed to
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>> i love how one of them was from a movie theater so you can take me on a date. interesting. a $40 tablet, i like that deal. >> you can see that on our website at . the sun -- son of a popular evangelist coming. the kids will be the jackets this morning and this afternoon she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world
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and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us.
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honey, would some captain d's make you feel better? yeeeaah!
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when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's. anything's worth it for our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99, it's gotta be d's. now the midlands' most accurate forecast with meteorologist efren afante. >> welcome back to news 19 . temperatures are started off in the 30s with a couple
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mark with 32 degrees in newberry and winnsboro. st. matthews in sumter each at 35 degrees. the wind chill is the big key element right now. it feels like 25 in newberry and 30 degrees in manning because the winds have been kicking off at 15 miles-per- hour. it look at windier later on today as a shallow trough allows colder air and the compression of winds coming out of the west and the low pressure off the atlantic will bring windy conditions throughout the day. we are looking at in the upper 40s down to the lower 50s with windy conditions at 20 up to 35 miles-per-hour with a high of 50 degrees in columbia. tonight will be 26 degrees with the winds up so even though the lows will be in the lower to middle 20s, the wind chill will
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tomorrow we are looking at windy conditions to continue with a high of 47 degrees. it will feel like a lower 40s and we continue with lows for the most part in the middle to upper 20s with highs into the middle to upper 40s and toward valentine's day 28 degrees in the morning and a high of 40 degrees with a chance for rain on presidents' day. as far as the gross now, they are dry. give yourself some extra time. take a look at i-26. the headlights are pushing saint andrews road and traffic is picking up already. as you get into columbia we saw two accidents. there is i-77 northbound approaching killian road and a partially blocked roadway on
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some extra time in the northeast part of our communities come not from the village at sandhill you are
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the time 3 last night on the late late last night on the plate show with james gordon pierce morgan talked about his twitter comments about susan sarandon. he tweeted about her cleavage at an awards show. morgan said the world started to treat him pictures of -- tweet him pictures of their
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someone flashed her cleavage at pierce morgan. >> interesting. i think that's definitely a little bit demeaning and i get the movement is so big right now with women send it out for each other so using social media to that [ laughter ] i feel about -- >> pierce morgan likes attention. he comes from the tabloid word. >> here is a look at what is coming up tonight. 8:00 is nci s followed by limitless. stay tuned for all of your news, weather, and sports with news 19 at 11. lexington police theater help identifying a burglary suspect. that story and more coming up in your midlands rundown. i am charlie rose.
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before symptoms appear. 3 thanks for waking up with news 19 this thanks for waking up with news 19 this money. >> it is 6:56 pm. this get to your midlands rundown. in lexington police need your help identifying a burglary suspect. this happened last wednesday at the matchers man store on sunset boulevard. the suspect there a laptop computer -- call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc . >> also call crimestoppers if you know this person.
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a tire on two notch road early sunday morning. call 1-888-crime-sc if you know practices. evangelist franklin graham will be in columbia. it is part of the decision america tour. the focus is to challenge christians to pray for the u.s. and one biblical principles at the ballot box. it is starting at noon today. it is fat tuesday. the farm is hosting a harvest dinner from 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm. and includes family-style creole dishes with catfish and crawfish and stuffed quail and crhme br[lie. they will be featuring wine as well and the complementary, tell prepared on main street.
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let's see if you can make it to work and school with traffic. >> the congestion has been building up on i-26. there are no accidents on i-26 with no issues that we still have two working accidents the first one northbound toward killian road and the other on clemson road. farther down the road in lexington a little bit of slow go on sunset boulevard heading toward i-20 as you approach the interchange and a little slow down on broad river road south of i-20. the weather is 36 degrees with a is little bit of cloud coverage. when the kids head out it will drop down to 38 degrees. they will need winter jackets this morning. with this service trough in the
6:47 am
way through the palmetto state and it will increase our cloud coverage. when the kids get out of school, 49 degrees and it will feel chilly as we look at a high of 50 degrees with winds potentially gusting up to 35 miles-per-hour. the windy conditions will continue tomorrow with a high of 47 degrees down to 22 thursday morning with the trend of temperatures into the upper 40s for highs before rain comes by presidents' day on monday. >> savannah is really enjoying our king cake. >> i knew you were going to call me out. >> it is so good. happy mardi gras to everyone. have a great day and a great week. >> cbs this morning is next and we will see you back here in 25 minutes while savannah enjoys
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[ laughter ] good morning. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." voting is under way in the inauguration's fefrt presidential primary. we're in new hampshire for its make-or-break republicans. northeast. huge waves flood the coast.
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