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tv   News 19 6  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we bring an achievement and achieve meteorologist, jim gandy with a look at how cold that is what you get and how much longer we are going to see the snow flurries? >> it has been called today, we have been tracking some precipitation moving in from the west. however, as you can see, it is diminishing. part of this is the fact that a lot of the precipitation is evaporating he forgets down to the ground. so as it gets closer to the radar, the rater underneath the precipitation a report of a few sprinkles and snow flurries but that is all you're this is what it feels like outside, a combination of the feels like it is 26 degrees in salida, 29 columbia, 31 in sumter, a little bit warmer over in and manning, 39 degrees. tonight, we are seeing temperatures dropping slowly, because of the cloud coverage, 39 columbia, we have winds sustained at 22 miles per hour. that is producing a wind chill
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are expecting the clouds to be decreasing tonight, a low will be another windy day but i think we will see more sunshine . however, it is still going to be cold up to 40 for degrees. we will take a look at the rest of the forecast coming up. 36 rescues and 36 hours, that is what the loo got fire department had to accomplish during the october floods. news 19's mary stargell said sat down with two of the rescuers who had just received their swift water rescue training 11 months before they really needed to put it into action. >>reporter:so true. that last rescue of that 36 hours was the most difficult. and it required the two best swimmers to risk their lives when they were completely exhausted. i'm for months later they think about that night every day. dark waters rushing >> it sounded like a ocean. >>reporter:cutting through the
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>> she was on a car, hanging on the rim upside down, and you could only see her head. >>reporter:captain michael sandel how to swim the 200 yards to reach the stranded woman on pinegrove road. >> the gust of water hit us in the face, and she panicked. she grabbed me on my neck, oh my gosh, i'm going to die. because, she does not let go of me i'm going to be going under. so i ended up having to grab her hand, and twisted, the when i the pop >>reporter: sand filled and are -- injured his shoulder and times. tethered on the shore was lieutenant gavin locklear who was leading the team. >> i cannot see him because it >>reporter:minutes ticked by as client. >> it was relief. like someone picked that truck
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okay, now i have to get him back, have to pull two people back by myself >>reporter:with the help of the rigors, they were pulled to safety. >> instinct and the lord's help, i got her >>reporter:if they had not been there that night -- >> she would have definitely perished. >> i don't know how she did it, there was no way possible she could hang on the car as long as she did >>reporter:as for captain stanfill than the other rescuers -- >> thankful that i am still here with my family. >> the only thing i can think about is my guys. [ crying ] getting them home safe. >> as you can see this is something that they will never forget. the fire department approved swift water training for 10 more firefighters. replacement for equipment that they lost that night they will also get additional equipment they need, as well so they are
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rescue. at the statehouse, legislative panel has ordered former state house speaker to pay nearly $113,000 within six months. unanimous vote from the house ethics committee comes after they initially ordered harold to pay him back in september last year when they said no, one notified him of the meeting at this comedian that agreed to a last -- allow harold to present his case for the special prosecutor on this case at harold's own floaty -- guilty plea two years ago was ultimately the key factor. his attorney mark pepper argued the money, and dispute while the chaucer republican believed he faced ethics violations only. harold will not be able to appeal the health -- house ethics committee decision for the money will go to the state general fund. turning to politics here. the polls will close in an hour in new hampshire. the home to the first in the
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donald trump, and bernie sanders are leading in the polls but there are a slewewof candidates hoping for a surprise victory or even a strong second or third place showing. trump has a double-digit lead there, but nothing is certain as new hampshire voters typically decide on a candidate the day of the primary. for the democrats, would take a major upset for bernie sanders to lose, he already holds a lead claiming all for democratic votes in the tiny precinct of dixville not, they voted at midnight, overnight. beginning tomorrow, all eyes are going to be focused on our state for the first in the south republican primary is a week from saturday. jeb bush says he hopes to do well in new hampshire but even if he doesn't he will continue on to our state. he has an event planned tomorrow in the low country. donald trump and marco rubio have events planned for tomorrow in the upstate, rubio is also visiting columbia tomorrow.
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chris christie have events in the low country, but if both finish way behind tonight, it's unclear if they will continue their campaigns. let's talk about that debate now, saturday night, five republican candidates will meet in greenville for the at 9 p.m. it will be co- moderated by host of face the nation john dickerson area to qualify, cbs said today the candidates must in new hampshire, or have placed among the top three in the iowa caucus. there will be no undercard debates. this is probabab going to be a five candidate debate. you can watch it in its entirety right here on news 19. the democrats primary is february 27, and with an expected loss in new hampshire, hillary clinton will look to get back on track here as the polls show her as an overwhelming favorite in south carolina. however, she is not taking anything for granted. she is scheduled to campaign in our state on friday. specifics about where she is
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released thousands of people showed up at the statehouse today to take part in franklin graham's decision america tour. he is calling for charges to come together and pray for national leaders. he is encouraging christians to vote. graham believes these nationwide capital prayer rallies will bring christian values back to the ballot box. >> every office is important. i am wanting to encourage you, my fellow friends and believers in christ, south carolinians, listen, we need christian men and women and need you not only to vote for them, but we need you to consider to run. this all across the country. south carolina is his fifth s be in atlanta. week from saturday february 20, 27. keep in mind you can only vote in one of the primaries if you
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days, you can vote absentee from now until the day before the primary. you just need to contact your county election office for available times and more details. a medlin's teacher was lexington middle school, in front of her entire school with what some people are calling the oscar of teaching. news 19's jenny frazier takes us there. remax miles, applause miles, applause and cheers rang out as lexington middle school when it was announced that world language teacher received a melton educator award. >> i strongly believe that these guys, in this room, are the backbone of democracy in the back one of our future and that every single one of them matters >>reporter:the award is always a surprise, you can't apply, and you cannot be nominated.
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gives you $25,000. >> really, really humbled. >>reporter:a humbled spirit but it is easy to see why she was chosen. >> the profession or you can touch the lives of so many different people, and so many different walks of life, and help them realize there is a world bigger than themselves >>reporter:or students are her students are glad she does. >> she always makes us feel like we can be ourselves. >>reporter:freeman says she thought she would be a lawyer, but after taking an education class, it was clear that teaching was the way she would change the world. >> there are a lot of children that walk into our classrooms every day wary baggage that i cannot imagine as a grown adult. they shake it at the door, and they learn, and they laugh, laughed, and they love, they do it so beautifully. it just reminds me that even on my worst day, i can conquer. >>reporter:a belief and a passion that has propelled her into the national spotlight. jenny frazier, news 19 wltx >> freeman says what is extra
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lexington middle school and is happy to be a teacher in the district where she loved to learn -- where she learned to love learning. they invited state representative todd rutherford to discuss the confederate flag and what happens moving forward now that has been removed from the statehouse grounds. >> the confederate flag, those related issues they are the next generations. they will be leading this nation as we move forward. and to have and give them a voice about what is going on is critical part especially from educational standpoint of you. but most all, socialfrom a social standpoint of you. that is what we try to do. make sure our students are informed and engaged and have a part, you know they have a part to make decisions not only with their own lives but the lives of those around the world. meanwhile, tomorrow morning the 29th annual benedict college black history teleconference will be taking place at 10:30 a.m. on campus. this year commemorates the national theme, hallowed ground, sides of the african-american memory.
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but attendees must be seated by 10:15 a.m. a furniture recall from ikea, they are recalling 840,000 ceiling lamps because of a risk that the glass shades might fall and injure people. ikea has been selling lamps and all of its markets since 2002, and the high by models since 2012. they are urging all buyers of the two ceiling lamps to immediately return them to an ikea store for a full refund. no receipt is necessary. weather permitting, tomorrow and thursday, there is there's going to be a controlled burn near the peach tree rock preserve in lexington. again, this is scheduled for tomorrow, but it is supposed to be windy. it will get underway, if it happens at 11 a.m. tomorrow, and on thursday with the fire reaching peak intensity in the late afternoon. approximately 12-15 firefighters will be on site guiding the blaze. we mention, weather permitting, it is supposed to be really
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>> tonight you are going to need to throw another blanket
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to be cold.
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the jack pot make note of today's date,
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i remember, 43 years ago, it was 43 years ago today, it it's note, we were not expecting snow and it's not for two days. nothing like that is going to happen tonight though? >> no. you will not have to get out the plows. you will not -- you will have to go to school tomorrow. >> it is going to happen. >> i do not remember 43 years ago. i am sorry. [laughter] >> i do. i was a meteorology student at the time. >> i had not quite made it here yet. let me show you what is going on, first of all we will start with a radar, we are still picking up patches of precipitation it would be in the form of snow, but much of this is evaporating before it gets to the ground. though, you might see a few flurries about for the next h our, or two. we still have the clouds in place, but the precipitation, out of these clouds is now diminishing. and it really was only a trace, there was nothing measurable out of any of this.
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river valley where some snow showers continued, the main storm system is up over the eastern great lakes region. a lot of cold air is going south. you can see the clouds, that it dries out, and where the sun is out. temperatures have not been to about in dallas at 61 degrees and memphis is at 35 degrees. up in chicago they are at 17. this cold air that is coming down into south carolina. right now, temperature of 35 in anderson, 39 degrees in columbia and sumter, 40 orangeburg, 42 over in charleston. but the winds are still up, we are seeing westerly winds generally in the range of about 12 -- 10-20 miles per hour, 22 miles per hour here in columbia. it feels like it is 25 anderson, 29 augustine, and in columbia. 31 is the wind chill in sumter, 31 degrees in orangeburg, myrtle beach 35, tonight we are expecting all temperatures to be in the mid to upper 20s.
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clouds, a low temperature of 24 in newberry, 26 winnsboro, 27 for columbia and sumter, and 28 in orangeburg for tomorrow high temperatures in the low to mid 40s, 41 newberry, 40 for columbia, 46 and manning. our seven day forecast, once we get to thursday, low of 23 with a high of 50, 50 on friday with some clouds of that day, but we coming through friday night, saturday it will be windy and turning colder with a high of 49 degrees. on sunday, we are expecting a low of 21 with a high of 40 degrees. we will see a low of 26 on monday, but late in the day we will see a chance of some showers with a high of 48. and by next tuesday they will be mostly sunny and 57 and we will start to see a change in weather patterns to a much warmer weather pattern that we are seeing. >> i tell you what, the first thing that stands out on the forecast is 26 degrees.
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or there are a lot of numbers on there, but 26 degrees -- right there. hit me in the face. >> it is going to be called.
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>> we are >> he talked a little bit >> he did, but then he walked away.
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nothing wrong with that. two days after super bowl 50 cam newton's performance on and off the field still being analyzed. clearly the loss was brutal to take. sports talk shoes nationally and locally have dip -- debated if he should've acted a little bit more professional for lack of a better word. today in charlotte he addressed issues as how he should've conducted himself after the most disappointing night of his nfl career >> who are you to say that your way is right? that's what i don't understand. we have all of these people that's condemning and saying, oh man he should not have done this for -- but what makes your way right? am a sore loser. who likes to lose? show me a good loser, going to show you a loser. i'm not here -- it's not a popularity contest. you know what i'm saying? games. for this organization, for my teammates, for what it's worth, my fans. they know what is real.
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i prepare the right way. i have a mentality, standard that i set for myself, and i am not going to bend, nor break. i never once offended anybody. but, at the end of the day, we had an unbelievable season. a great season, at that. we did what a lot of people do not expect us to do. >> last night at colonial life arena the place was rocking, a 2000 strong for a one versus two battle gamecocks and yukon. it was a better showing than last year. good defensive effort by the team. they have decided to continue for at least the next two years. head coach for the gamecocks as it is nothing but good news for her players in her program. >> i think our players really need to continue to see this type of basketball. it helps you practice better. you know, it does. because, for the things that
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it, you know, 50% of the time. cut hard, you know, set great screens. we could do that 50% better, we are going to be a better team. the men have a big into man i? >> lsu. and they have kentucky on saturday. >> customize games >> is tomorrow's games although? >> it is getting close. kentucky definitely is. >> get them now. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay,
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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here's what's coming on television for you tonight at 8
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with ncis and then at tonight, you need to check your powerball tickets. a ticket worth $150,000 was sold at elgin for saturday drawing. the ticket was purchased that pantry express, the ticket matched form right numbers on the powerball and the ticket powered up, the winter has 180 days to claim their 150,000-dollar price. >> a nice little spring bonuses. >> not bad at all. >> of course, a lot going on in
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