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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 the wind and chill are expected to be back today as temperatures will get to the middle 30's.good morning and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morningi'm deon guillory. your time is 4:30... it is freezingngoutside and there's not much of a warm up
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meteorlogist 3 efren afante.... 3 3 3 3
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primary - with no big surprises at the top. cbs's danielle nottingham has the primary results from manchester, new hampshire. 3 ((narr-1)) cbs news is projecting donald trump is the winner of new hampshire's republican presidential primary.((sot trump))ew hampshire i want to thank you. we love you, we e gonna be back a lot. we won forget you.(narr-2))exit poll data showed that nearly half of republican voters wanted a political "outsider."((sot mike ledoux/trump supporter))he's a little different from everyone else. he's not a politician for one(nats)((narr-2))john kasich's intensive ground game paid off...with cbs news projecting a second place finish for the ohio governor((sot kasich)) onight darkness of negative bridge))trump won with broad support from independent also key for the democratic winner.((narr-3))cbs news is projecting democrat bernie sanders scored a significant victory over hillary clinton.((quick sot)) e won, energy and excitement that the
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succeed in 3 november.(narr-4))clinton conceded the loss, but said she in it for the long haul.(sot hillary clinton ) e are going to fight for every vote in every state.(narr- 5))the next place february democratic caucus in gop primary in south le nottingham, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. 3 third place in the gop race is too close to call... with several hundred votes separating ted cruz and jeb bush 3 3 starting today ...all eyes will be now be focused on the palmetto state.and several of the candidates will be here in south carolina. jeb bush has an event planned today in the low country.donald trump and marco ruruo .. have events planned today in the upstate. rubio is also visiting columbia today. dr. ben carson will visit gaffney tomorrow. meanwhile, john kasich ... and chris christie have events in the lowcountry. but...because christie had a low showing last's
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3 south carolina g-o-p elected leaders head to the university of south carolina today.they will talk about immigration reform and its importance on the presidential campaign.the discussion will begin at six tonight in the russell house theater on greene strere.katon dawson, former chairman of the south carolina republican party, will moderate the forum. 3 today and tomorrow, if you see some smoke near the peachtree rock preserve in lexington don't be alarmed.we're told a prescribed burn is taking place and is expected to begin around 11 a.m. each day, with the fire reaching peak intensity in the late afternoon. approximately 12 to 15 fire fighters will be on-site guiding the flames. 3 the city of columbia will hold an open house for neighbors and businesses today. the goal is to learn about updates on the north h in improvements and streetscaping project.the open house is happening at the earlewood park community center on parkside drive at five thirty this evening.if you have questions, this is the place
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3 also happening today..the usc men's basketball team will face off against lsu tonight at the colonial life arena the men are currently 7 and 3...and lsu is 8-2.if the gamecocks win...they take over 1st place in the sec. tip off for tonight's game is at 7pm. 3 cutting back on sleep could be hurting your, palmetto health will have an expert teach you what is the deprivation has negative effects and can lead to sleep apnea and heart disease. the event is a part of the palmetto health heart health will be at palmetto health baptist auditorium from noon to one 3 3 at the state house...a legislative panel ordered former state house speaker bobby harrell to pay more than 113-thousand dollars for ethics violations.the unanimous vote comes after the investigating panel ordered
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harrell said then no one notified him of a meeting, the ethics committee then agreed to allow harrell to present his case. the special prosecutor on this case said harrell own guilty plea of 6 campaign violations two years ago, was ultimately the key factor.his attorney mark peper argued the money in dispute accrued while the charleston republican believed he faced potential ethics violations only.harrell will not be able to appeal the house ethics committees decision. he has 6 nths to pay the money back. the money will go into the state general fund. 3 south carolina is suing the federal government over an unfinished project to covert nuclear weapons components into reactor fuel.the lawsuit says the government acted unconstitutionally by missing a january first deadline to complete the project.the project is "years" behind schedule and "billions" over budget. federal officials declinded to comment on the lawsuit. 3 more trouble could be in store for the state's already
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department of transportation head... christy hall.... spoke in front of lawmakers yesterday and said if they don't start investing into repairing roads soon ... it will cost more to rebuild them. hall gave an example in spartanburg county ....where the highway was so bad that it
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3 3 senator hugh leatherman says he wants senators to have as much information as possible before discussion begins on the senate floor about getting more money to the state's highways. 3 the director of the state public safety department appears headed to another four year on the job....that's because the senate judiciary committee voted to advance leroy smith's confirmation. senators praised smith's leadership last year during the debate over removing the confederate flag from statehouse grounds.however there are concerns that the highway patrol can't keep troopers and smith says he's working to fix low pay. 3 3 last night hundreds of folks gatered in downtown columbia to raise money to provide support for cancer survivors. it was the fat tuesday alala gala.news19's andrea mock was the emcee of the event again this year.the chapin high school jazz band played as cancer survivors enjoyed a mardi gras cajun dinner.the alala cancer society provides
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who can't afford them. 3 all of the money raised will go to provide support for cancer survivors in our state. 3 the race to choose your next president is now focused on south carolina. the one group that could change the election. plus, a teacher with a special connection with her kids.why she says her students are so special. 3 and we are waking up to freezing temperatures. meteorologist efren afante will explain what time the wind will make it feel even
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suing three liberty tax service franchises in columbia for preparing false federal income tax returns. all three franchises are owned by christopher paul haynes of irmo. a lawsuit filed yesterday says haynes and his employees prepared tax returns that included mis-statements to allow customers to receive inflated tax returns and larger earned income tax credit.haynes is also accused of not reporting the wages he pays some of his employees to the i-r-s. 3 columbia police say they're following new developments in the shooting death of 14 year old najeer buggs.he was shot and killed after playing basketball in the grand street area last july.investigators say they are actively following new developments based on forensic evidence. they are also working to find if there are any additional witnesses. they ask if you have any information in this case, call crimestoppers again that number is 1- triple-8-crime-sc. 3 ininichland county..deputies need your help finding a shooting suspect. they say the incident happened on jade tree
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last thursday. when they arrives deputies say they found a passenger in a car had been shot in the upper body. the victim was taken to the hospital where he is still recovering. investigators say they are silver or pewter 2006 or 2007 model chevy pick up truck that was seen in the area. if you have any information... call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crime-sc. 3 3 3 3 when we come back...reggie anderson will have highlights from high school hoops at hammond and brookland cayce...stay with us here on news 19. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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brookland at hammond school hoops from high have highlights anderson will
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3 3 when we come anderson will from high at hammond cayce...stay with us here on news 19. 3 3 3 3
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3 our teacher of the week refers to her students as 'her kids'.... and she treats them like her own every single day. news 19's savannah levins
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elementary now, to introduce us to mrs. kim easley. 3 the point of an almanac is what? // a book of facts! kim easley 3 knows what it takes to teach fifth graders. so lets say im a big super bowl fan and i need to know who won in 1973 relevance... maybe the carolina panthers? patience... look on page 895! superbowl results and a passion for teaching. our kids do have dreams and they can change the world and if we do that one at a time and i make one bit of a difference then, that a good thing that -- mrs. 3 easley has plenty of. my kids, that why i come to work every day. i don do it for me or the money or anybody else, i love to be around them, they make me smile every
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and watching them learn and grow and become better people hi mrs easly im savannah levins with news 19 wltx and you are our teacher of the week ! // applause . and even though mrs. easly might have been suprised.... i can't believe it her fifth graders know she deserves the recognition. she works really hararshe stays here really late every day and she always comes with a smile on her face every day and what mrs. easley might not realize, is that by refusing to let her smile fade...nats laughing she's teaching the greatest thing of all. //whats one big lesson you e learned in this class?// to never give up and always try, even when it gets hard. savannah levins news 19 wltx 3 if you want to nominate an educator who deserves to be teacher of the your nomination to t-o-w at wltx dot com
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hampshire primary and 3 news19 this's
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