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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 the cold weather has returned.. . freezing temperatures are here right now, but for how long? meteorologist efren afante has your full forecast. deputies need your help finding a suspect that shot someone. details coming up >> no longer need your wrist to
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we'll show you how. good wednesday mork. morning to you. it is freezing out there. you will want to bundle up. thank you for joining us. >> some people saw snow flurries yesterday. a very big deal here. sent things to efren afante for what we can xp today. i know it's cold. >> it is beyond cold. a lot of the communities are starting with temperatures in the 20s. 27 in saluda and 27 in sumter. bishopville is 27. the windchill is the key. feel more like 17 from columbia to newberry to st. matthews. and we have clear skies overhead, 28 and winds are ramping up at 27 miles an hour.
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need a jacket. 28 at the bus stop and feel like 17. the sunshine, not going to feel warm. winds gusting up to 28. and the windchill, 26. tonight, 32 with a windchill of 15. tofrm, sunshine, a tad warmer and a high of 41-degree. as far as the roads getting ready for your humpday travrl, this is between st. matthews and piney grove. and one incident in the road. 26 in the westbound leg as you're approaching sunset boulevard. that's been there for 25 minutes. if you're going to harveston,
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things flying around as winds are going to be stout this morning. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast in just minutes, guys. s. now that the new hampshire primaries are over, the focus is on the palmetto state. donald trump and marco rubio plan to be in the upstate. and rubio will be in columbia. and john kasich has an event in the lowcountry. jr berry has more with the candidates on the primary last night. and presidential hopeful chris christie is going home to, quote, make a decision. had an event plans after a sixth place finish, he canceled that event in south carolina.
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jersey and make a decision on his next step forward based on the results. >> the south carolina primary is just a few weeks away. some need to make up their mind. some have narrowed it down to two and primary day before some of these undecided voters make up their minds. >> i haven't decided who i'm voting for because they could say that to get into office and then change the platforms. >> i agree with a lot of the points that two of the candidates have made and i very strongly degree with some of them as well. >> in the g.o.p., six will take part in the debate in greenville.
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on news 19. we're hon on your side -- we're on your side with the election. on click on the primaries tab and we have a list of events for the candidates in our state. going to south carolina, discussing immigration reform. and it's key in the presidential campaign. this will be on green street and former chair of the republican party will moderate the forum. columbia police say they're following new developments in the shooting of a 14 yoerld. shot and killed while playing poobl last july. and now looking at new charges with forensic evidence and
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if you have any information, call driem stoppers. richland county deputies need your help finding a shooting suspect. when they got there, found a person in a passenger car with a gunshot. they are looking for a sievei silver or pewter chevy pickup truck. if you have any information, call crimestoppers once again. a housing complex is one step closer to closing now. looking to have demolition fees waived. and now what the city is going to co, the financial commitment and handling the dre brie and
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one says it's going to improve the economy in the city and the kointh. >> request the demolition , it's money to put that money into the land fl fill. the county owns the landfill and there's an idea where we would forgive the fees to go into the landfill and i think it could revitalize the area. >> could cost the city $500,000 if they're not waived by richland county. if you see some smoke near the rock preserve, don't wore are you. we're told there's a controlled burn taking place with -- kind of a late afternoon. approximately 12 to 15 firefighters were there, making sure they're guiding that fire. the city of columbia will hold an open house for home owners and business owners
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the open house is happying at the earl wood park community center at 5:30 tonight. representatives will be there to answer any questions you have about the project. >> and also happening today, the usc men's basketball team will play. gamecocks are 7-3 and the tigers are 7-2. the tipoff is at 7:00 p.m. and first place in the division is at steak. new sport. >> not just having a ball, they're wearing one. mark albert slains. >> when these players hit, they get knocked off their feet.
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if there was a league, i would sign up for it. >> seeing the videos of yooub. >> people get knocked tout outand down and who doesn't want to do that on a saturday (. >> get the ball in the net. sometimes less like soccer and more like pumper -- bumper cars. >> just going at it. >> they bought their first bubbled in 2014 and average 30 to 40 rentals a month. >> l to 80-year-olds play. parties and birth days. >> it's not as easy as it looks. looks see-through, but not all
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>> identifying the teammates by the shoes. that's it. >> they're. they retain heat-it's like being in a thermos. >> it's bubbling up in cities across the country. >> she says no. >> i vote know. yeah. hot, sweaty furnace? >> efed in ren joined it. -- efren joined in. said no. the mother of the day. leverne simms. daughter said no one like her.
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her. always caring for those she meets. to know her is to love her. few you would like to nominate someone, click on the banner for mom of the week for your no, nomination. the word of the day. gruntle. to be in good humor. >> the word itself is not pretty. >> it's not pretty. but the meaning is pretty. >> there's a word for a word that sounds not pretty, but means beautiful. my lit teacher would be upset. you can tweet it us a sentence with gruntle or what that term
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>> xhupg. can you other than mom or mommy? one team on family feud
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3 bad answers . welcome back.
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a great reason to watch game shows is to see the horrible answers. >> this is her favorite. >> can you come up with something other than mom or mommy? this one can be hard to watch on family feud. take a look. >> i said nanna. >> what did you -- saying it in spanish or something? stop clapping. >> so funny. it's like five minutes long. every one of them is like nanna, nina, na-na. >> and -- okay, that's already on the board. mommy? and she said, mom, that's already on the board. and she kept guessing until steve harvey said, just flip it. show us the the answer.
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>> i don't know if i want to -- mother is not -- >> the question was another word for mother. . >> i would have gotten a strike. >> i would have not been like nina, na-na. if you have any ideas, we're stumped here too. tweet us. i don't know. >> let us know -- >> and the video doesn't give the answer either. >> maybe you saw it and you can help us out. >> okay. and if your ma'ammy says to -- yor mommy says to wear your jacket, listen to her. 29 in orangeburg and manning at 30. forget about the air
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the windchill is worst. feels like 17 in snooub and st. matthews. feels like 18 in camden right now. the average air temperature is #59d. 59. set up right now is that trough is hugging on the upstate with parts of the deep south. all of the moisture is being held at bay in the northwest and warmer in the palmetto state and georgia. and though it's going to be sunny and chilly, the -- highs only in the 40s and the wind from 15 to 20 and gusting up to 45. high of 43 and with the
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lows tonight will be in the teebs and 20 -- teens and 20s. for today, going to be wet. this arn, peak winds of -- afternoon, peak pinds of 25. and gusting up to 35. tomorrow is cold and the windchill in the morning is going to be atrocious. low teens to possibly the middle teens when you start up tomorrow morning. quite a bit of sunshine tomorrow. 49 for a high with winds from the west at 25. a cold front will come through and a little bit of cloud coverage. windy once again on saturday. sunday is going to be cold, starting off valentine's day low of 21 and a chance of rain on monday and tuesday.
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out the door, a few issues. not on mile marker 75. the roads are doing pretty well. we have two incidents on the roadways. and the -- on 26 westbound by exit 110 for sunset boulevard. this is a possible overturned tractor-trailer. no issues in the road, but could be later on in the morning. traffic lights on bush river to i-20. to shaw air force base, a 21- minute commute. and guys, it is going to be windy. we'll continue to track the weather conditions throughout the morning. a boiled water advisory, temporary loss of water for st.
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looking at that area here. a boiled water advisory. this is st. andrews road. checking for daniel's weather fact of the day. today in 1973, column you picked up an additional 12.3 inches of snow in the infamous blizzard of '73. leave that back then for sure. more facts every single day. checking the messages on your phone, getting an upgrade.
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checking your . tech news this morning, we really rely on these devices. >> we do. >> and cold va text ks and -- could have texts or e-mails. >> and don't have to touch them anymore. could go hands free. >> apple or android, different. and you can say, hey, siri. and the same works for e-mails
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messages. and then, okay google and go to the google now screen and hit the microphone. after each message is ready, you can reply, repeat or move to the next one. that's how siri and android can help. . >> i don't know if that's really new, but i think a lot of people don't realize that -- i use the voice to text where i can say, text, blah, blah, blah and -- >> does it get every single word --
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sometimes i do long drawn out e- mails. some say, forgive the typos. i have voice to text. new raiz race for the white house. the developments and who is heading home and not here to south carolina. >> what last night's win means from new hampshire and what
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>> the . from the station that's on your side, you're watching news 19 this morning.
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carolina, we're going to win in south carolina. >> when voters here -- what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of a political revolution. >> voters spoke and handed victories to donald trump and bernie sanders. >> the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign shifts to our state. the candidates will be in the state this week. seeing what a win in the palmetto state could mean for the election. good morning to you. very cold this morning. we saw some flurries in the midlands yesterday. see the blue behind you, efren. it's cold. they are. the temperatures are below freezing throughout the midland communities. 27 in camden.
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columbia at 28. and the windchill is brutally cold. 17 columbia. 17 in st. matthews. and 25, it's still cold in manning at 25-degree windchill. and as the kids head to the bus stop, going to need the jacket. feeling like 17 degrees waiting for the bus. going to be win by by 10:00. winds ramping up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. and gusts up to 35 this afternoon. and the clear skies for the most part will continue this afternoon. 36 by 6:00. as we get ready for our humpday travel, traffic is picking up on 26. the traffic lights going
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to malfunction junction. and the right-hand lane is blocked due to an accident that happened about 20 minutes ago. beware of that as well. if you're going downtown, an eight-minute commute and blythewood to downtown, 18 minutes commute. looking at the forecast and the windy conditions coming up in just a few minutes, guys. let's talk politics today, shall we. now that new hampshire is over, the shift is focussing to south carolina. looking at who south carolinians want to vote for. >> after bernie sanders and bernie sanders won last night. jr berry knows all politics. and he sat down to talk about the results and what
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they head to south carolina. good morning to you. >> good morning. with new hampshire in the books, all eyes turning to republican and the democrat primary. joining us there morning, joel sawyer and -- thank you for being with us. joel, talk about the republican side of this. donald trump, dog what the polls said donald trump was going to do, winning last night. the polls have him up here in south carolina. what's it gonna take for the republicans to knock him down a beg? pag. peg. >> that's tough to say. only one to stop donald trump is donald trump.
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down and haven't succeeded. the opponents have to keep playing the game and hoping he makes a mistake. >> and jeb bush getting his brother in. how important is this state for him. >> very important. always been important for the first two bushes. and that being said, trending anti-establishment in recent years. and i don't know that being a part of that family is as important as it once was. but as a statement, it's important for jeb bush to have a respectable showing. >> if he polls poorly? >> i don't know if he's going to be pressured out, but he's got to have a respectable showing.
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sanders over hillary clinton. saying clinton is going to win in a landslide. are the polls accurate and are they going to be correct? >> i think you have a lot of undecideds out there. south carolina is a fistfight. you don't win, you earn south carolina. you are going to hear strong progressive messages from both of them. that's good. going to talk about wage equity, minimum wage and medicaid, especially with what south carolina has been through in the last year and a half, emmanuel, the pride, the flood, i think it's going to be a good contest in south carolina. and nevada between here and there. and i think that could build
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>> and with the tough loss for hillary clinton, some are saying this is her firewall. but anything can happen. >> anything can and does happen in south carolina. and the republicans tend to be very progressive. think about it. over the last week, we have had republicans and democrats talk about core progressive issues. trying to talk act which one is more progressive or truz, taking -- ted cruz getting a lot from goldman sachs. that's away from a conservative to a grass roots wage earner. >> two-person race for democrats, but the republicans,
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gamecock to make it to south carolina, are -- going to make it to south carolina, are they? >> i would say two to three people drop out. we'll wait and see. >> thank you michael and joel for your time. >> thank you. new this morning. g.o.p. hopeful chris christie has abandoned his plans to come to south carolina today. >> after a sixth place finish, saying he's excited to go home to new jersey to see the final results and make a decision when those are in. federal health officials going to complil capitol hill
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. now the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist efren afante. welcome pack. freezing this morning. 26 in columbia. the windchill is making it frighteningly cold. 26 in newberry-17 in column you. 17 in st. matthews. and feels like 19 in sumter. allowing the moisture to the west and north with the breeze and a strong westerly and southwestly flow. and when -- southwesterly flow. kids coming home, going to be chilly. high ins the 40s for all communities in the midlands and looking at the winds to kick
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looking at winds between two and 4:00 with sustained winds up to 25 miles per hour and gusting up to 35. to make matters worse, tonight, it's going to be cold. it's going to feel into the lower teens, into the middle teens. although the kids are going to be bundled up, it's going to be worse tomorrow. high of 49 degrees on thursday and a weak front coming through on friday. getting up to a 50. saturday, it's going to be windy. starting at 30 and high of 48. down to 21 on sunday morning. into sunday afternoon with 41 and sunshine and a chance for rain to come in on monday, president's day, as well as tuesday. tuesday's high will be 51 degrees.
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wednesday mork commute, the sun rise about to come up and eastbound on mile marker 75 , traffic is clear. and we had an accident earlier on the northbound leg of 26. this was by sunset boulevard. don't be surprised if you see some debris. from 26 and 77 to the fort jackson gate, 11 minutes. wednesday can only mean one other thing. it's time for our pet of the week. if you love cats, you're going to love this little lady. this is little mama. and she's pretty and curious, playful and friendly. wants to come to your permanent home. you can't help but fall in love looking at your face. she would love to be a snuggle
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afternoon number. . 6:50 now. usa today talk is sanders and trump. taking new hampshire. >> and kanye west. two faces.
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and the top reasons people give up on the resolutions to get fit. there's some suggestions on how to get back to your goal. no surprise, but the gyms calculated when you stop. >> don't flip. >> you can get the usa today. and -- do what you like, find the right reasons. get help, get real. >> good advice there. and we have some political headlines we have been talking about. new developments in the shooting death of a teenager . what police are saying about it
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. . thanks for waking up with us. it's wednesday, february 10th. >> getting to your midlands rundown. >> need your help looking for a suspect in a robbery from last thursday. it's a silver or pewter chevy pickup truck, around 2006. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. candidates discussing immigration reform. that conversation begins at six
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and the former chair of the republican party will moderate the forum. smoke near lexington? don't worry. a prescribed burn is going to happen. peak intensity around noon. firefighters will be on site controlling that fire. the city of columbia will be opening for homes and businesses about the improvement and street scaping project. going to be at the earl park center. that's at 5:30. representatives will be available to answer any questions you have about that project. >> usc is playing lsu tonight. the men are 7-3. lsu is 8-2. if the gamecocks win, taking over the first place spot in
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looking at the roads with efren afante. we have 26 by piney grove and 95. traffic has been picking up. fortunately, no accidents and nowhere on the thoroughfares. and by malfunction junction to 75. as far as the weather goes right now, it is down right cold. winds from the west at 13 miles per hour, it feels like 17 degrees. and no doubt , when the kids go to the bus stop, the kids are going to need the winter jacket and keep it this afternoon. going to be 42. sun any but windy, feeling like 30. winds gusting up to 35. going to feel more like 36
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to want, very cold. 22 degrees and a windchill potential of 15 degrees. tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine. wind conditions again on saturday, valentine's day going to be only 21 degrees. bottom line, it's going to be very, very cold in the next several days. do not want to put your winter jacket away any time soon. following some breaking news, a boiled water advisory, traffic delays for the st. andrews road area. you're look at the map. going from launs to broad river road including all businesses and resident residences. and boil it for at least one minute before you can drink.
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be used as well. and a traffic they, so you want to be very careful there. >> and we want to wish our morning producer, van sa vanessa dee as, her birth day. she puts it together. >> all these words, it's her. >> tweet at us and wish her a happy birth day. and -- >> i think she's vanessa. need to plug your twitter in here. watch out for that boiled water vooitd advisory. layer up. >> yes. >> and cbs this morning is
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