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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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thanks for being with us. >> even with the sun outside today, it was really cold throughout the mid-lands and it looks like it will continue. we will see another night of below freezing temperatures and cold weather going into thursday. >> it has been cold out there this evening however the winds have been dying down through the evening hours. right now mostly clear and 31 degrees. the wind has picked up over the past hour. . a wind chill of 22 degrees but it is as strong as the winds will get. it will be mostly clear the rest of the night and the low temperature will be 23 degrees
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see plenty of sunshine with a high temperature of 53 degrees. clouds coming in on friday with a cold dry weekend. after the new hampshire primary, the candidates are's crisscrossing --are crisscrossing south carolina. florida senator marco rubio was at the convention center today. >> the bottom line is i had a choice to make and i chose not to attack another republican. unfortunately, the press looked at that as a way of being evasive. made the wrong decision.
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differences from now on. >> he flew back to dc for senate vote and tomorrow the has campaign stops in hilton head in myrtle beach. last night's primary winner and front runner donald trump held a rally in clemson tonight. trump said the new hampshire results show people are ready for someone new. >> the people are tired of losing in this country. people are tired of stupidity. we e not going to have it anymore. we had a case where somebody was talking about the anger that they think i have. i'm not angry but we are angry about the way our country is run. >> trump is heading to louisiana tomorrow before returning to our state on monday. ted cruz made an -- campaign stop in myrtle beach today. he came in third in new
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says his early success proves that voters want a consistent candidate. >> iowa and new hampshire has narrowed the field. it's given south carolina a clear choice. they want somebody who was the same yesterday today and tomorrow. >> while cruz is scheduled to campaign tomorrow. >> the case the campaign is riding high after second-place finish last night. the governor made stops in mount pleasant this morning before speaking with veterans in downtown charleston. k-6 says he will defend himself against negative attacks from other candidates but isn't looking to start any new attacks. >> i'm going to defend myself, but i'm not going to be a
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my attitude is not to do that. >> case against continued to focus on our stop -- state. former florida governor jeb bush is celebrating a birthday tomorrow. he came to the low country today. he addressed trump's bullying tactics. >> on our side we have the leading candidate who spends a lot of energy doing the exact same thing, pushing people down to make himself look be. it's not a sign of strength. it's a sign of weakness. >> it's his birthday tomorrow. looking at the democrats, bernie sanders does not have any campaign stops planned for south carolina.
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be in denmark this friday. recent polls show clinton with a large lead over sanders. the republican primary is just 10 days away and democratic primary will be the week after that. right now if you want to vote absentee now is the chance to do it. >> you can actually cast your ballot right now. we have all you need to know if you have to vote early. >> we are ready to go. >> it's crunch time for the voter registration. >> are teens -- machines have been -- our machines have been checked and everything is in order. >> they are looking forward to a smooth primary this year. the republican primary election is for the 20th, the democratic is the 27th. you can only vote in one of the two. from now until the day before
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or by mail. >> you just need one of your photo ids ready. >> you can only vote absentee if you have a valid excuse. >> there are only 16 excuses. >> i am 2 1/2 hours away from home i can't drive home. >> deciding on the best candidate can be a bit much. >> there are so many candidates and going through the registration process is not something that school goes into detail of -- about it. >> while choosing a candidate may be difficult, they are making sure the voting process is easy.
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out. you can vote absentee for both primaries by mail or in person. all of these candidates are going to be making stops in our state so if you would like to track them and figure out when your favorite candidate is coming, go over to where you can find everything related to the primaries. >> this saturday night candidates will meet in greenville. marco rubio ted cruz john kasich jeb bush and donald trump will be there. you can watch that debate right here. at the statehouse legislation moving through the house could say farmers
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the house ways and means committee voted 21-0 to allow farmers to declare counties to apply for grants up to $100,000 each. they could cover 20 percent of the total loss. more than $330 million worth of crops were destroyed. the state senator is working on a plan to fix our roads. senators question the secretary and the chairs of the infrastructure which provides funding to my just -- the major project. >> in five years to me a
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like i 85. >> one of the main parts of the roads planned is to restructure and possibly also the infrastructure bank. this is ash wednesday marking the first day of lent. many people give something up like food or tv shows. others look to make a difference to charity or goals. a midlands baby with a severe birth defect is really defining -- defined the odds. there was a time when doctors didn't think she would make it but fueled by strength of her family she is making strides.
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love to make a joyful noise. big brother hunter knows how important it is to take care of each other. the newest member never thought they would be where she is today. >> we thought she would not make it and the doctors said he had never seen anything like it. >> her parents will tell you it's been a long journey. she was diagnosed with the condition called congngital hernia. a condition that caused her organs to be out of place and prevent her lungs from developing. according to the association for research and support 1600 babies are born with this in the us. only half of those babies will live. >> she had a 30 percent chance of survival.
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mother's womb, her church family was praying for her. >> when somebody in your family gets sick, or tragedy happens, you support them. >> for 12 hours straight one sunday in july, somebody was praying for her. >> it helped us to trust so much. it felt really good. >> throughoho the pregnancy the excitement of a new baby was overshadowed by the fear of the baby's help but still, her parents plan to god. >> i trusted in god. if it turns out, not is expected, i trust you. >> for he will be like a tree planted by the water.
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about trusting god. >> their poster says -- their pastor says it's a true fight. >> there is a power that is great in there that we are. >> at only five months old she spent the first four months of her life at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> i was terrified of the moment because we couldn't hold her when she was born. >> she has been on life support and has had intensive surgeries to put her organs in place. >> i wasn't home after several weeks of no progress and i prayed and prayed. the next day we went and the staff was amazed and the amount that happened one day was amazing. >> indicate is home which is something many of for doctors didn't think what happened.
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reminder of how god has performed a miracle. >> she's fed through a tube and is hooked up to oxygen for now. >> it's a rocky road. we probably had a doctors appointment every other day. >> each day is a battle. >> god is bigger than this. >> they are fighting with faith love and praying. still ahead, jim says it's going to be sunny perhaps not
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tomorrow but we have to something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education,n,ealth care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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how many layers you will need tomorrow today we had nshine but with the winds it struggled to get up into the 40s. 41 for a high. temperatures only in the mid- 30s in the state. low temperatures have dropped a little bit is 30 degrees in sumter. wins at the moment are generally about 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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degrees in columbia. the satellite picture we have just a few clouds around and it's mostly clear with the weak front coming through and it's basically reinforcing the cold air that's in place. as you can see across the country, there's not much where precipitation but we are going to be watching this area of low pressure in cancers. will be coming to the southeast and it will be developing off the coast on friday and will be bringing another surge of cold air. we have been watching this huge area of arctic care -- air in canada and some of the cold air is plunging southward into the midwest where in chicago it's 11 degrees. over the western half of the country it's been warm. tonight, ours gugu are gogog to be clear with sunshine tomorrow and tomorrow night we start to
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the area of low pressure will be forming offshore, as it moves also will be providing precipitation for northeastern carolina for us we will be clearing out and setting up for another blast of cold air this weekend. tonight we are expecting a low of 21 degrees. tomorrow high temperatures generally in the low 50s. looking ahead, friday clouds and 48 degrees and it will start to turn colder on saturday. our coldest day is likely to be sunday with a low of 21 degrees. monday we will see rain moving in. we will continue to see showers
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game stretch did not get off to a good start with the loss at georgia - but two wins four-game stretch not getting off to a good start for the gamecocks. they're looking to win their fourth of five games. before the game there was a clear point average for his efforts. he hit the 1000 point mark. fought his way through traffic for the bucket.
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first half check out there ball for the pocket. 60 points that was huge. 39-35 at the break. acceleration all the way to the bucket he finished with 20 together and it's going back everyone was 24. simmons down the floor knocks down my pocket. -- another pocket. -- bucket.
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my cat 16. 94-83 final. >> i said enjoy being tied in first place. you've earned it. it's not time to celebrate and sit back and say we are good. it's time to reflect back to three years ago and say i don't want to go back there. i have to work even harder so i can keep getting better. that's the mindset that we have to keep. >> that's always been a goal here. to make the tournament and hope to have a chance to win. that's what you work for. >> the have kentucky. tomorrow night with florida
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left the game in the first half but returned in the second half. you can see hohoher legs were heavily bandaged but she says she will grind it out. >> it's tough because your shins hurt a lot. it's tough but with these races on managing. it's not a fashion statement. i'm going to go back but the reason why is because it's higher up my leg. method to newberry college cold night taking on the first year.
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looking very strong. more from newberry check out the tough shot off the glass. the win 93-81. football coach was appearing at the anderson county touchdown club. he signed some autographs and told us about what's coming up next. >> we are right in the middle of our season right now and i've been pleased with our guys effort. they have done a nice job.
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continuing to progress. is mostly clear and it's going to say that way for the rest of the evening. 23 furlough in the morning but
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