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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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[heartbeat] food evening. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm darci strickland. >> i'm andrea mock. lawmaker overseeing the agency focused on how dfs handles situations. >> right now, dsf doesn't have any training in place for their caseworkers. joyce koh was there when the agency talked about problems today. >> reporter: ladies, in a meeting last month, several
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workers have little concept of domestic violence saying they felt punished by the system. the lack of training concerning criminal domestic violence cases was confirmed today by the agency's head. when she took over a year ago, domestic violence was merely a branch under another division but she has sisie pulled it out for its own division hiring the director just this week. however, lawmakers were alarmed to learn there is no training in the department but the director said she has taken steps to change that as well. >> training a long-term solution i've asked for in our budget q you've asked for the ability to continuously do training to our staff so it is not just something they get in basic but they get through outthe time they are there. >> reporter: in that budget request to the general assembly, she is requesting about 150,000 for six full-time training positions. additional federal funds will be used to pay for the six positions as well.
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about the roughly 1,000 foster children who still need a home. i'll have that for you coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, joyce. once again, a judge has delayed the trial for the man charged in the shooting death of nine church go ares at emmanuel ame. attorneys are waiting to see whether or not the federal death penalty. dylann roof faces dozens of roof's defense attorney says his client is prepared to plead guilty if the government does not seek death. roof also faces nine murder charges in state court and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in that case. police are investigating after a child was found street. columbia police have charged 38- year-old john larry toole with
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after police discovered his 5- year-old relative wandering along busy downtown street. toole says he drove to columbia from georgia with the little girl yesterday for a meeting. he is accused of leaving the child in the car alone. the child was found wandering in the middle of gervais street by herself without a coat, socks or shoes. police notified the child's mother who lives out of state. toole's bond is set at $20,000. he is not allowed to have contact with the victim or her mother. in lexington, police have arrested five people involved in two separate incidents involving count are fit money. in the first case, on tuesday, officers were called to a wal- mart on sunset boulevard because a person was attempting to use a counterfeit bill atat the burger king inside of the store. in a second case yesterday, officers responded to taring at the time on sunset boulevard where two people were attempting to pass counterfeit
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other in count are fit money was recovered from both cases. the men's basketball team are now number one is in sec. the team beat lsu last night at colonial life arena 94-836789 next up, carolina hosts number 21 kentucky on saturday at cloppial life arena. that game is set for noon and it is sold out. the men will play to that massive crowd on saturday. south carolina currently ranks fifth in the sec in attendance. today, we started out with clear skies. we have plenty of sunshine. for a brief period of time, we had a few clouds move through but now we have cleared out once again. temperatures were able to warm up today. even up to our north in charlotte, at 47 degrees. 55 in atlanta. here in columbia, we have
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the wind chill is the same but the air mass continues to be quite dry. for tonight, we are expecting to see an increase in clouds overnight so we are only expecting a low of 32. tomorrow, we'll start out with clouds in the morning but we'll see a little sunshine in the afternoon. high temperature, 48 degrees. it will be mostly clear tomorrow night way low of 31. let's get a check on the traffic around the area this afternoon. let me show you what is going on. in most places, it is in good shape. as you can imagine, already a slowdown here. you can see right here where i- 26 and i-20 are coming together, it is quite slow. the average speed is 14 miles per hour. it will take you a while to get up to harbison boulevard. on the southeast side of town, not too bad. the average speed going out on the sumter highway, about 25 miles per hour. no accidents on the northeast side of town. on clemson road, the average speed is 19 miles per hour p we
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see a bit of a slowdown here on the northbound lanes of i-70 from 277 up to kilian. if you are going from downtown, it will take you at least 17 minutes. but from downtown to clemson road, 13 minutes. but then once you get to clemson road, it slows down. i'll have a look at our weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, jim. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate each other again tonight as the democratic presidential candidates focus on the nevada caucuses. for republicans, it is all about south carolina where voters will head to the polls next week. cbs' marly hall has the latest. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates are turning on the southern charm in south carolina. florida senator marco rubio told a crowd in myrtle beach he favored a more respectful tone. >> when republicans tear each other up, the democrats cheer. when conservatives tear each other up, the liberals cheer.
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humble q. >> if you like me, give me a vote and get on the phone and tell other people. >> it's movement. it is a movement to take our country back. >> reporter: jeb bush questioned trump's motives. >> do you want an entertainer in chief. someone who will say whatever him? >> reporter: the democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, will face off for another debate here tonight at the university of wisconsin- milwaukee. >> this should be an important and kiting debate now that the candidates have drawn even with each other. >> reporter: university of wisconsin professor katherine olsen says clinton must connect with key voter groups. >> she needs to show she is passionate about the mats are that matter to the people who have gone with sanders. >> those are the groups with
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the candidates will continue to campaign in the palmetto state over the next couple of days. a full list of where each will the mayor of cleveland has apologized for the city sending a claim to the estate of tamir rice asking for ahundred for transporting the boy by ambulance to a hospital. tamir rice is the 12-year-old little boy playing with a pellet gun when he was fatally shot by a police officer. mayor frank jackson said during a news conference today that the city attorney was responding to records requests made by the attorneys for tamir rice's estate. jackson says the claim was routine but it should have been flagged by somebody and never filed in probate court. the occupation of a national wildlife refuge in oregon is over. last four occupiers vend ared today. they were surround by fbi
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the four were the last holdouts from i group that had saysed the refuge nearly six week ago demanding the government turn the land over to locals and release two ranchers who had been imprisoned for setting fires. if you still need a valentine's day plan, uber riders in columbia can win an all expenses paid valentine's day dream date to new york city t includes a flight on your own private jet, a $2,500 shopping spree at saks fifth avenue and a five course meal. just take a trip in an uber and select the promoses code and enter the code dream date. lied so far to the special valentine's day love to view it and request to be entered in the drawing. three different winners will be picked up in special uber upgrades for your valued trip. we are three days away from
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about taking your sweetheart to a romantic hotel. according to trip advisor, one of most romantic in the nation is in south carolina. went worth charleston is the most remanhattan inhotel in the country. romantic hotel in the country. one review says the hotel is a perfect combination of old and new, elegant but relaxed. can you book a night on trip advisor for an average rate of $357 a night. the number one hotel is in helpedder son -- henderson park inn in destin florida. >> have you ever been to the wentworth mansion? >> no. >> i have not. charleston is the city and the french quarter. there is the ven duvment inn by
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on the water. what is it called? >> i can see it. i can't think of the name of it. >> the one that is right at the end, right on the water, right by the dock. >> i can see it. >> right in front of the priceline apple fountain. >> i stayed there too. i stayed there for my birthday a couple of times. that is a really romantic one too. jim and i have stayed there. not together. >> glad you cleared that up. >> the state museum wants you to feel the love.
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stories of or state on a many of us celebrate the new year in january. this week the chinese new year and the holiday is getting some notice with a first of its kind event at one mid hand school. >> reporter: a different type
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students at south carolina's only public chinese immersion charter school celebrating chinese new year with its first ever parade. >> kind of like our new year, like we're celebrating a new year but they do a lot of cleaning to like freshen out and throw away all the bad things. >> reporter: a celebration family members capture way snap of a smart phone. >> then it brings us as adults out of our world too. i think it is important that our children learn other cultures other than their own. >> reporter: once inside, these students move to the beat of a different drum. a celebration that has taken a month of practice. >> the chinese immersion program is very welcoming. it is very engaging. it is very tough. >> reporter: as they celebrate the year of the morchy, the student remember one thing. -- the year of the monkey. the students remembererne thing.
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chinese new year wear red symbolizing good fortune and joy. >> , you promised me last night because i have avenue been complaining about the tbrinl i had cold that it would be a little better today and it was especially if you are standing in sunshine. -- about the frigid cold. >> it did get better but it won't last. we do have a weak front stationary to the south. we have a little surge of cool air coming back into the area. it won't affect us that much, at least not right away. here is the picture. we have clear skies, still some cloudiness over the northeaste part of the country. a little surge of cold air and you can see right here, some scattered snow showers from south dakota down into missouri. however, it has been a warm day for some parts of the southern plains. in fact, in dallas, they're at 75 degrees while in omaha, up in nebraska, they're in 26. you see the cold air being kind of funneled over into the northeastern part of the
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here in the southeast, we've been in good shape and it is warm out west. phoenix at 85 degrees. here in south carolina, we are generally in the others with the exception of florence there at 47 degrees. 46 in myrtle beach and also in rock hill. 51 in sumter but 55 here in columbia and 56 in augusta. for tonight, we are expecting to see an increase in clouds overnight soavment when you wake up tomorrow morning, you wake up to some clouds. tomorrow, the moisture will increase and there might be a few light showers around but they're not going to really produce much in the way of any precipitation. most of the rain is going to be in the northeastern part of the state and eastward. and by late in the afternoon, the sun will be coming out and we'll be under mostly clear skies tomorrow night and nothing but sunshine on saturday. but saturday is going to be a bit breezy and turning colder.
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temperatures will be to our northeast. 33 in aiken. 36 in orangeburg. tomorrow, the clouds will keep temperatures down. they may got up to about 51 in aiken and in orangeburg. 48 in columbia. 43 in cam -- camden and in bishopville. looking ahead to saturday, we expect breezy conditions and sunshine, 46 degrees. it will be chilly on sunday, valentine's day. 22 for a low and a high of 39. but clouds will be increasing sunday night and monday. we'll be warming up sand eking some rain coming in late in the day monday night into tuesday. 48 on monday. the sun returns for the end of of 62 degrees. >> thank you, jim. valentine's day is almost here and there are awesome events all around the midlands. eye.
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the south carolina state museum is here with one of his chocolate friends from evolution through chocolate. he is going to be explaining what he is working on. actually, we should talk to him first since he is in the midst of this. >> i'm making what i like to call an inside out straw bry. >> how do you do an inside out strawberry. >> what you do is you hollow out the pith of the strawberry and you fill the inside. typically, i would fill it with a ganosh but today, we'll fill it with chocolate syrup. we throw some cacao nibs on top. >> that is gorgeous. >> thank you so much. i love this. >> and his treats are just some of of the things that are going to be at that's amore. >> we will have a tasting of strawberries on the fourth
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beers. with have a special cosmic love story show at the planetarium. >> tell me about that. >> you can explore the night sky through some cosmic energy and stars. >> star cross lovers. >> exactly. we'll have some trailers in the 4-d theater and you can explore notable relationships throughout south carolina history as well. we've got barbecue, beer. it will be a great time. lots of row maps filling the south carolili state e museum on -- romance. >> i like the timing. run home, get a quick sitter for the kids and head out for a couple of hours. >> six to nine p.m. friday night february 12th. tick it is are $12 for museum members. fifteen dollars for nonmembers. you can go to our web site, tickets ahead of time.
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get to the museum tomorrow night. >> this will allow people to have dinner before they come. >> or is this just light snacks? >> they will be selling foods there as well as beer. we have barbecue and beer and all of the gamut for your date night experience. >> there is something very romantic about eating the strawberries and looking at the told scope. >> exactly. >> joseph, tell me about some of the other things you make? >> this time of year, i typically do truffles. at this event, will have the inside out have abury. if you go to the facebook page, he have lieutenant governor through chocolate, i'll have a sale on saturday -- we have inside out chocolate. >> you can n put caramel.
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bottles of wine. >> that sounds delicious. >> we are going to keep it easy because we are pairing them with beer. this is set up to go. >> perfect. you want people to bite tickets ahead of time in. >> you can buy them a aad of time, it is best to do that. door. >> that's amore. get the row maps o thank you, guys, so much for coming. >> i feel like this is going to drip chocolate on my face. i'll wait for the commercial break to eat this. i'll send things back to darci while i enjoy this. >> thank you. up next, we all necessity that
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isn't researchers say the array of new demen that cases may be declining even though people are livering longer. the research showed the decrease in dementia was more noticeable in highly educated people diagnosed with hurt disease. by 2025, an estimate 7 million people will be living with alzheimer's disease. a new study shows pregnancy could reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. researchers followed women diagnosed with ptsd. more than half had severe symptoms in the first trimester but they got less intense the closer they came to birth. the study did hoe women who were especially anxious about their pregnancy had worse symptoms after they gave birth. we all know that being a couch potato is not good for your body but it may lead to smaller brains late are in life. doctors found people whose hort
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after exercise were more likely to develop accelerated brain aging. >> small are brains. >> got to get off the couch. >> we say that. you got to get up, take the brakes and keep your mind active. keep reading. keep studying whatever it is that you are interested in. >> tweet with us. that way, once you're watching us, you can be actively using your mind, tweeting on your phone or ipad or whatever device you like. >> even my mama has twitter now. speaking of that, it is my dad's birthday today. happy birthday today, dave mock. i know you are probably watching. love you. >> happy birthday, daddy dave. all candidates have converged in our state.
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and where you can go hear welcome back. we start off this half hour
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the republican candidates are battling for votes in our state ahead of the state's primary. jeb bush was campaigning in the pee dee today. >> he held a meet and greet at the venus restaurant in florida. here is what he had to say. >> next president will be confronted with a challenge and an opportunity, a whole source of opportunities to fix the meme in washington for sure. want to talk a little bit about the challenge. i don't know what it will be. it could be that a terrorist organizes hijacking a plane and attack the financial capital of the world. or lands in the pentagon. it could be a public health threat. it could be a bunch of things. it will happen because the world we're living in is volatile. it is not constant. we just don't organize it. you don't know what the future looks like. and the future, i think, is going to be -- there will be a big challenge. the question for people in south carolina is who do you
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desk when that happens? >> we see our senator there, lindsey graham standing behind jeb out to support him today. gop candidate john kasich held a town hall today at the applewood house of pancakes. >> i want to have a good legacy. i mean i'm worried about jeb. it is all negative. how the heck can you sell negative? i want to talk about what i'm for, my vision, my view, my positive. if people don't like it, well, i was going to cry it i didn't get out of new hampshire but i made it out so there ain't no crying anymore. >> reporter: marco rubio hailed town hall today. the 44-year-old freshman senator wants vote ares to know he has learned an important lesson from his experience in new hampshire. rubio said he is now prepared to fight back when necessary
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frontrunner, donald trump, insults him. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. jeb bush has no foreign policy experience, period. i'm an increedible admire irof him and his family. i thank god that george w. bush was president of the united states instead of al gore on september 11th, 2001. but jeb has no foreign policy experience. ted cruz has a blgt bit of experience and it is different than mine. ted cruz, the only budget he voted for was a budget voted for by rand paul. we are not cutting defense spending. we are rebuilding the u.s. military. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are preparing for another debate tonight. the first since sanders'
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clinton got a big boost today. she was endorsed by the congressional black caucus. and hillary clinton will be visiting denmark tomorrow for a town hall there. she will lead the discussion on the disparities facing south carolinians and communities of color. clinton will outline her plans to build on president obamams enda. bamberg is in the i-95 corridor which includes the state forest p rural school districts. there are 82,000 latinos in our state that can vote but parties say that they want to earn the latino vote but what do they have to do to get it? latinos we spoke to today say candidates just have to show that they care. the latino vote is very diverse, not affiliated to any party, but passionate about different issues.
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education and immigration. >> i want you to talk about immigration but that is not the only issue that i'm going to look at to vote for you or not vote for you. what else do you have somewhat else are you offering me for my kids' education, for my family, safety, security and for myself and d family too which is the economy, jobs available, good paying jobs and the economy moving forward. >> according to the pew research center, the majority of latino voters are between 18 and 29. most say they definitely will not be voting for trump. now, the midlands' most accurate forecast. >> we saw plenty of sunshine today and it warmed up. 55 and we are under calm conditions. for tonight, we are expecting an increase in clouds overnight. the low temperature, 32 degrees. tomorrow, it will be mostly cloudy.
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it won't be until late in the afternoon that we see the sunshine with a high temperature of 48 degrees. by the time we get to the weekend though, we'll be seeing some colder air coming in. it will be sunny and breezy on saturday, high of 46. on sunday, we are expecting a low of 22 with a high of 39 degrees. as we go into monday though, we'll see clouds increasing and we do expect to see some rain monday but right now, it look like it is going to be late in the day. more than likely monday night into tuesday. high of 48 on monday. 56 on tuesday. let's get another look at the traffic around the area this afternoon. we have abeen very fortunate today because we really haven't seen much in the way of any accidents. on the northeast side of town, most of the interstates, this all in good shape right now. a little bit of a slow downhere on two notch road going out of town. the average speed about 22 miles per hour. meanwhile, on the southwest
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to be moverring in good shape there. where we are seeing the biggest slowdowns are on the northwest side of town. here is highway 1 going out, 378 a bit slow. the slowest area has been right here where i-26 and i-126 come together, average speed about 14 miles per hour. if you are going from downtown to harvest boulevard, it will take but 14 minutes. from downtown to lexington on 378, going to take you a good half hour. ladies, back to yoyo >> thank you. a meeting starts in about an hour to discuss future developments in one of the hardest hit areas during our flood in october. the public is invited to listen to plans and share their input grown way. the water shed association wants to preserve the area along gills creek from lake katherine as a green way. the project would be paid for with money from the richland county transportation penny tax
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meeting, from the 6:30 to 8:00. it will be going on at brennan elementary school which is located on devereaux road. leads are held a press conference today to discuss the importance of social security for people living in our state. they say social security impacts south carolina's economy with more than $13 billion on an annual basis. our state also has the high of the number of people living in poverty would are on social security. the group does not endorse local candidates but they are urging all presidential candidates to share their plans for social security. >> why do we care about this in south carolina? because in south carolina, we have the 50th worst rate of savings, 401(k) savings, the lowest rate of savings of any state in the country. our folks would be hurt the most if there was a cut some social security. we are look at $10,000 being cut out of people's benefits per year in 17 or 1 years.
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south carolina. >> aarp surveyed over a thousand south carolinians. they found that nine out of 10 people across party lines feel that presidential candidates should lay out a plan to make social security sound for future generations. valentine's day is coming up this weekend and many of you are lookininfor the perfect gift to give your sweetheart. february14th is not just about candy hearts. it is also national donor day. janae frasier joins us now to talk more about giving the gift of life. >> i spoke with an organ donation advocate and he says valentine's day' great time to remind you at home that thousands of people are on lists wait fig second chance at better health. steve ford received a heart back in 2010. he battled heart issues for years and a transplant was really his only chance to survive. his donor was a young man would tragically lost his life in a car accident. sin the transplant, ford has
5:39 pm
helped start a support group for people in need of organ transplants. ford also shared with me that he often finds himself feeling his heart beat because he knows if it were not for his donor, he probably wouldn't be here. >> we all know that, had it not been for a transplant, most of us would not still be alive. so, having said that, we try to take every day as a blessing. every day as a gift because it is a day we would not have had and that is why we so desperately urge people to sign up to be an organ donor. >> one person can save up to eight people and february 14th is a day of love two reasons. of course, it is valentine's day. but it is also national donor day. ford urges everyone to sign up for the south carolina donor registry. >> it doesn't take much to make that happen. i mean when you go and get your
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you tell them right there whether or not you want to be an organ donor. >> you can do it online too. >> and i love what you said that he likes to listen to his own heart beat and feel it. >> he is so thankful and such a sweet guy. >> very great story. >> you will see a full package tonight at 7:00. >> thank you. still ahead day on friends at 5:00, you may be
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>> sometimes you (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families and the national guard. standing strong around the world and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome back to friends at 5:00. we are at the unite way with our friend mack bennett. >> how are you darci? >> we love stopping by finding out about all the wonderful things you are able to do throughout the community because of the generous donation our folks at home. >> we have had a great year. people were very generous with
5:44 pm
and in october, we had the big flood and we were overwhelmeled by what people did and wanted to do for their neighbors here. it really has been a good year for us. >> what is new at the united way right now? >> we've got a lot new. we are moving in about six months. we are working on our flood relief efforts. we are -- if you can believe it, we are closing one campaign out and getting ready to start another one. next week, we will announce a three-year program that we have been working on with our local hospitals to expand our dental work in the community. >> that is amazing. i know so many people know the word united way but i don't think folks understand that you are an umbrella organization that helps so many other organizations in the midlands. >> right. we have 90 partner agencies so a lot of our grants go to those partner agencies to do specific things in our community around programmatic efforts. so working with them day in,
5:45 pm
to do more in the community. >> we hear at wltx know the amount of work that you guys do at united way. so if you would allow us to give you a little early valentine's day gift. >> wow! >> you open it and see if there is something that you can do with that. >> a $5,000 check from wltx for support united way. thank you so much darci. >> what do you think with you can do with $5,000? >> right now, we are focused on dental work. we are focused on rebuilding in the community. so our dental clinic, home works, trance i gos, making sure that people have a warm place to stay at night. i think those are three things that will be immediately impacted by this. >> thank you so much for what you do. you guys keep up the good work. thank you to all the people at wltx. >> all right. coming up next on friend at 5:00,burg are king adding something that might surprise
5:49 pm
supposed to be all about burger king is adding something unexpected to the menu. hot dogs. the burger chain teamed up with oscar mayer to offer now a 100% all-beef hot dog. there will be two different choices. can you have a classic flame grilled dog or a chili cheese dog. most food chains are going in the other direction adding salads and healthy options. burger king says it tested the new menu item and that the hot dog is a huge success. how about that i relate lie like a good hot dog. >> people are ordering the hot dog as a side. >> so like a number two and then a hot dog? >> yeah. >> really? >> well, you really can eat a
5:50 pm
know? >> they're small. >> okay. >> it is thursday. >> i'll have a salad and a side of hot dog. >> it is time for us to highlight the midlands restaurants that are getting the highest scores, places you want to eat and the places that need a little more work. >> i was just at this spot last week. >> reporter: if you don't want to get something quick that you can eat in four bites, this is the perfect spot to do it. of this a very large menu. this is jason mcdowell, the owner. talk to me about how many locations do you have and i know you are opening up more. >> we are. right now, we have seven j. peters. we have two coming online in spring and a few other concepts that are doing quite well. but we're pretty proud of it. >> you can't give away too much, i can tell. >> that's right. we have a couple more. >> reporter: so a lot of people get concerned about how
5:51 pm
they are in when you have multiple locations. you and the other owner are both from the midlands. >> yes, we are. my partner and i both live in the midlands. john angel started this guy p. he's been in this business for 30 years. he honed his craft and chiseled a way at what his vision was for the perfect casual dining experience. i feel real strongly that is what we are. large puerss, the highest quality food and an atmosphere that is comfortable, casual whether you are in sorts or a suit. can you do it all here. our pricing for what you receive is something you just don't expect anymore in 2016. that is the beauty of what j. peters is. you get your check and think really? i didn't think this happened anymore. we are apretty proud of it. >> reporter: you are talking about any kind of patron that comes in herement we are seeing families with children, this little guy over here, dancing, clearly excited for be on news 19. we have people of all ages. is there something for
5:52 pm
>> we have a children's menu. and for the pricing, we go from a hamburger up to a prime rib but everything in between and fair pricing. a large salad, sea crab soup, very diverse menu. init's fully formed menu. you offer something for everybody and again, can you dress it up or dress it down. if you want to come and grab something quickly, can you. if you want to come out for dinner, valued, please do. this is the place to do it. it won't break the bank with you you get a lot more than what you pay for. >> all those men word last- minute plannerss, you are helping them out. >> like this guy. we are. we are trying to. please come to j. peters. she won't be disappointed. >> there you go. that is the secret. they are at 2005 north beltline boulevard. >> thank you. and on a side note, of this a good kids menu. >> that is so important. sometimes when it is
5:53 pm
just date night for mommy and daddy. >> i go to a place and they own offer soda for the kids and i get frustrated.
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>> if yoyolove if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich
5:56 pm
provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. coming up tonight on wltx, it is the big bang theory at 8:00. if you like name brand labels like chanel and gucci, a thrift store is opening a store for customers just like you. the nonprofit organization god cares charity is opening
5:57 pm
orers say the thrift store is designed to equip the community socially, economically and spiritually through various stores and programs. the store is located at 7121 park lane road at the old marshall's. it is everything under one roof from throwing to furnish, household items and a job training center. grand opening is tomorrow morning at 10:00. the other good cars thrift stores are located on garner's ferry road, millwood avenue and st. andrews road. >> nice. it looks like they had a ton of stuff there. >> there is a lot in there. i saw the labels with my own eyes. the chanel and gucci.
5:58 pm
we are nine days away from the first in the south republican primary and tonight being we'll take a look at the candidates and how they are trying to get the latino support. >> news 19 at 6:00 starts right now. and with that said, over to south carolina's weather man. jim, it is a little warmer out there today. >> he y, indeed. we saw plenty of sunshine today. things began to warm up. we still have clear skies outside. our temperature is beginning to drop now that the sun is going down. it is at 52 degrees. our winds, we are actually into calm conditions right now. we don't have to worry bay wind chill. for tonight, we'll be seeing an increase in clouds overnight. stale bit cold but not as cold as what we have been seeing. low temperature, 32 degrees. tomorrow, we'll be seeing clouds during the morning but we may see some sunshine late in the afternoon with the high temperature of 48 degrees. it is going to be a cold, dry weekend. we do expect another weather
5:59 pm
that is when we'll see our best chance for any rain. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast coming up. >> all right, jim. thank you so much. this is where we say this is live tv and things happen. we are having some difficulties behind the scenes with some video right now. but we are working on it so we can give you some video with today's news as soon as we have that fixed. we will be doing that. >> in the meantime, we are going to try to see if colby gallagher can join us. we talk to you about restaurants that are doing well and keeping the kitchen clean and then we also talk about the restaurants that aren't doing much a good job. colby gl agoer stand nation local midlands first to give us the best and worst. >> reporter: of course, we are going to get to the grades as soon as we can. we are having some difficulty but let's talk food. who doesn't love food? we are at j. peters grill and bar.


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