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tv   News 19 6  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that is when we'll see our best chance for any rain. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast coming up. >> all right, jim. thank you so much. this is where we say this is live tv and things happen. we are having some difficulties behind the scenes with some video right now. but we are working on it so we can give you some video with today's news as soon as we have that fixed. we will be doing that. >> in the meantime, we are going to try to see if colby gallagher can join us. we talk to you about restaurants that are doing well and keeping the kitchen clean and then we also talk about the restaurants that aren't doing much a good job. colby gl agoer stand nation local midlands first to give us the best and worst. >> reporter: of course, we are going to get to the grades as soon as we can. we are having some difficulty but let's talk food. who doesn't love food? we are at j. peters grill and bar.
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together some dishes for us to show you guys. but one thing we do want to talk about, they do have a new menu. i'll try to grab this real quick off the side. so they talked to me bay new early bird menu. everybody loves saving money. so this is their new early bird menu. 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., you and your family can come out and get a meal for a special discount. that is what all of these people here you see around you are taking advantage of. they are coming out here for this new menu and it is always good to eat on a budget. if you are going to go out this weekend, guys, if you are a last minute planner and you are planning to take your lady out, you might want to take a listen to the high and low scores. here they are. start with some follow-ups. edna's restaurant and domino's in chapin both scored 100s after no pests were found. el paso in lexington scored an 89 and has a third visit
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the low scores, deli palace scored a 17 for having live roaches through crowd the ceiling and for having water leaking from the ceiling. gyring the follow-up, they scored a 100. richland healthy cuisine scored a 75. inspector says the facility had no acceptable method of sanitizing their dishes or cooking equipment. they also lost points for employees not washing their hands between points of contamination and for storing food uncovered and on the floor inside the walk-in. king wah on decker boulevard received a 78b an employee was seen not washing their hands with soap and raw chicken was stored over cooked items in the fridge. their follow-up is on the 18th. best china buffet on bush river road was given a 79b for having black sticky debris on the can opener.
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directly on the cooler floor. they were dpive a 100 during their follow-up. enters-- they were given a 100 during their follow-up. next is chu gunger's on river road with an 82b. they lost points for having aaccumulation of grease on the cooking equipment. incident inspectors saw food stored on the floor of the kitchen and walk-in. shine walk on taylor street scored an 83b for having a large accumulation of grease and food debris on their fryers and other cooking equipment. they were carbohydrated for employees not washing their hands between points of possible contamination and storing raw meats of different species together in the freezer. gin's hibachi scored an 85b. inspectors noted that scoops
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the food. their follow high pressure up is on the 12th. these next scores don't follow norm at protocol but we let you know when there is pests. inspectors visited sahara on main due to a complaint about bugs. they received an 89a but dead bugs were observed throughout the facility. now onto this week's hall of fame. bellacinoo's, linda lou iss in lexington being all perfect 100 always. enjoy. we just said we need the food right now and you guys were able to put out all of this in front of us from the kitchen within a minute. >> we did. that was quick. we pride ourselves on being hot and fast but that was a record, i think. >> reporter: everyone is running. everyone is out of breath. i'm sure we have enough to talk about what is in front of us.
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>> this is our black and bleu salad with our ahi tuna. you can have it cooked to temperature because it is sushi grade. you can have it rare up to well down should you choose to do that to the poor piece of tuna. this comes with bleu cheese crumbles, row main and iceberg lettuce and a perfect honey butter krause and. that comes with every salad that we serve. >> and we know what this is. >> this is our baby back ribs. these are most tend are ribs that i've had. again, my business partner and good friend john angel came up with this recipe and they are to die for. that is not just owner speak. and that comes way loaded baked potato or any one of our sides. >> we have a few seconds more. >> this is our new early bird special that we are rushing down here between 3:00 and 6:00 sunday through friday.
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you pick one salad item, the cease are or house salad, fried shrimp and one of our sides, cocktail, tartar sauce, the greatest valentine we believe for an early dinner. >> thank k u so much. we just have to say if you want a quick meal for your valentine's day, can you come to j. peters grill and bar. >> thank you. there are about 82,000 last oop owes who can cast ballots in our state and both parties have expressed interest in winning that vote. >> that is why our news 19 reporter set out to find out what does the latino vote are look like in south carolina. >> rubio, cruz or clinton. >> there is about a quarter of a million latinos here, a lot of whom are independent.
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>> reporter: and ready to talk elections. >> we have about 82,000 latinos that are eligible to vote. >> ous today a called the sleeping giant. we didn't vote. now, people started coming out and now they calling it the waking giant. it is big enough now that they are paying attention. >> reporter: both of these people are long time south carolina latinos. >> we have some issues that unite us like immigration because everybody knows somebody that is either going through the process or is part of the process, went through the process or has been denied the possibility of going through that process. i think immigration is very important but it is not the only issue that hispanics care about. >> we are a very diverse population. you know the power of talking to us. >> reporter: the pew research center shows that most latino voters are between the ages of 18 and 29.
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have grown up with mixed families with very diverse views. >> reporter: she is the old of the of three and lives with her parents and grandparents. >> passionate about women's rights and for them to be able to do what they want with their body. yet, that goes against my religious beliefs. but it is a combustion of everything. >> reporter: you amixture of views and votes that are still mostly undecided. as we speak of politics, republican presidential hopeful jeb bush will be in columbia tonight for a town hall that starts at 630:67:89 he made two campaign stops today in florence and in sumter. he told the crowd that we need a president would has experience and has been tested. >> as president of the united states, we'll end the cuts in the military that has happened under barack obama. we'll restore our military might and i will fight hard to make sure that the men and women in uniform get the
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chief and the american people because a budget will be stronger and they will be the greatest fighting force known to man. and the world will know t. >> and former president george bush will be campaigning with him. that is happening on monday. the two will be in north charleston. marco rubio rallied early today in the lowcountry. he heard a town hall. he tried to draw differences between himself and president obama as well as pointing out the lack of foreign policy experience of his rivals. >> it is my hope when elected president to try to unite this country as much as possible. that does not mean everybody is going to agree with me on everything. it does mean i will never ask you to be angry at another group of americans in order to get -- in order to win an election. >> meanwhile, john kasich held a town hall today. he spoke about his fellow opponents and reforming the
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the importance of having a balanced budget. -- reforming the veterans administration. >> what we really need and i need your help it is to tell the south carolina collect tower pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution to force the congress to do its job. would you help me on that? >> kasich has stops in columbia and orangeburg planned tomorrow. this saturday night, the republican candidates will meet in greenville for a presidential debate t begins at 9:00. five candidates will participate. they are donald trump, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich and ted cruz. you can watch that entire debate here on wltx, news 19. and leading up to the debate, we'll have a prevow of event which airs from 7:00 until 8:00 and the debate is from 9:00 until 11:00. tonight, democratic candidates hillary clinton and burnie sands are will debate each other. clinton will be make a campaign stop in the small bamberg county ep to of denmark
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she is hosting a town hall meeting there. the event starts at 3:00 p.m. at denmark ohler elementary school. the department of social services has emphasizes the important of foster care families stepping up to care for children. the families that have been through that process have expressed concerns to lawmakers that it takes too long. dfs is required to prf or deny families looking for foster children within 120 days, about four months. but last year t took on average longer than a year for families to get through that process. 500 applications are still sitting in that system with more than 1600 children on who still need a home. dfs says they are looking to hire seven licensing caseworkers and two supervisors as part of that new system. >> i think we'll get those positions filled within the next couple of week or so, maybe two or three weeks to get staff in and trained, to get going. but right now, that is where our gap is.
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the full commit yes follow up in a few weeks to see if their new foster care system is working. also at the state house, after being talked about in committees for weeks, state senators began a debate on the roads bill. it is the house bill passed over to them last year. but nothing decided today. lawmaker are told totoxpect long days next week. still add health care reform it was a chilly but sunny day throughout the midlands.
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moving in tomorr welcome back. it loops like we do have some changes in store the next couple of days -- it looks like we do have some changes in store the next couple of days. >> not just a couple days. a week from now, it will look considerably different. it will still be sunny but considerably warmer. >> we are ready for that. >> late mow show you what we have right now. we have clear skies outside. we do have a weak front that is stationary to our south. there is an area of low pressure right now that is centered over near texarkana and it will be moving our way overnight and as it does, the moisture will be increasing but right now, we have clear skies. the moisture has been primarily in the nation's midsection and through the northeastern part of the country. and that is where it has been the coldest. that cold air is confined to the northeastern quarter of the nation. 16 in minneapolis, 24 degrees in cincinnati. see how it has warmed up here in the southeast and over in dallas there at 74 degrees.
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warm out west but we're still a bit on the cool side. currently, 53 degrees in august cut aand orangeburg. 52 in columbia. 45 in sumter and in rock hill, it is 43 degrees. we'll see an increase in clouds overnight. most of the clouds will be coming up from the south. some of you won't see the clouds until near daybreak and most of you will see clouds by daybreak. we'll see a few light showers developing probably about late morning. but most of the rain tomorrow is going to be in the northeastern part of the state moving on out and we'll start to see some clearing towards the late afternoon hours tomorrow night. skies will be mostly clear. we are expecting nothing but sunshine on saturday. so here is our forecast for tonight. we are expecting a low of 29 degrees for camden, bishopville. 36 in orangeburg. 33 in aiken. for emtorque we should see high temperatures raining from 51 in
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43 in camden and bishopville. our seven-n-y forecast looks like this. for saturday, a bit breezy, 46 degrees. we'll see clouds increasing overnight and on monday, we'll start out cloudy. we'll see some rain coming in late in the day with a high of 48. the rain will be most likely monday night into tuesday with a high of 56. then, there you have it. wednesday and thursday of next weekeksunshineith highs of 62. >> bring spring on. >> and winter lasted exactly,
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>> okay p up it is thursday, time for this week's english lesson. you like that? alex english.
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famer. had that tough loss to u. conn the other night. now you got to get ready for the sec wars against florida. you can't afford a letdown. >> we take each game one game at a time. they put this connecticut game behind them and now they're ready for florida. they are ready. they are in the right mode. it is how they come out and play. they have to come out and play like they have put that game behind them. this was a tough loss. >> the thing is you get to see where you measure up against the best team and best program in the country. >> yes, you do. connecticut, every position, they are very talented and they make outside shots. >> they do. let's tuck about the usc men. big win over lsu. they teekah the leading scorer and sort of neutralize him a little bit. they get the win. they are tied for first in the is the sec. same attitude from the coaches. keep your foot on the gas. >> every day, frank way come
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he will focus on defense. they did a pretty good job on ben simmons last night. what i've been seeing from the team, pj has come back. pj is feeling the game now. he has played 20-plus games so he is getting more like a veteran feel. and with the addition of another rookies that came off the bench and gave him some good minutes last night, i think the team is getting prepped for the sec tournament and certainly getting ready for the ncaa tournament. one concern and i was listening to frank talk about not being ranked. i think this team is good enough to be ranked a lot higher than they are. but that is okay. maybe we'll get a good seed. >> they are ranked in the "usa today" coaches poll. they are 20th in that poll. >> if they beat kept ken, you would think they would be back in it.
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a sellout crowd, another chance for south carolina to make another statement. >> kentucky has been playing well as of late. they've had some good games down the stretch. i feel that frank is going to have them prepared. you know he will have them prepared defensively. my only colonel is what they do offensively. they've been pretty good lately. -- my only concern is what they do offensively. we know defensively, they will be on top of the game. >> kentucky has been quite as dominant in years past but they are still the big standard. >> he is alex english. reggie anderson here.
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back welcome back. epworth children's home is acquiring 19.6 acres of land and more than a dozen buildings from carolina children's home. the property is on sunny side drive here in columbia. epworth tells us that their staff and board members are in the planning stages an still considering how to best use the property. epworth provide care for kids ages four to 21 from breaken family systems from all over south carolina. >> the producers of the latest star wars movie are facing criminal charges over an on-set accident that injured harrison ford. he broke his leg.
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charged the production company today with four breaches of workplace health and safety laws. just when you trot that a movie set was safe, then something like this happens. >> exactly. >> we are out of time for now.
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the cbs evening news is next.
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when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> pelley: a key endorsement for clinton and a warning about nominating trump.
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in the general election. >> pelley: also tonight, will u.s. olympic athletes be endangerededy the zika virus? a rare one-on-one interview with the head of the c.i.a. isis has access to chemical artillery shells? a college president's scheme to rid his school of struggling students. and a story brings sheer joy to a child. not the words, it's the voice. >> then elsa accidentally hurt anna and both girls rushed... >> this is the "cbs eveni captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a new national poll shows how critical tonight's democratic debate is. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck, and both are looking to african americans to break the tie. african americans make up more


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