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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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continues at 5am. coming up on news19 this morning...senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off in their first debate since sanders trounced clinton in new hampshirewe'll have the highlights and the opinions on who came out on top. 3 plus...hundreds of residents are giving their input on the proposed gills creek greenway. hear what they had to say. 3 and valentine's day is right around the corner...but the holiday isn't just about candy and flowers...hear how you could save a life...news19 this morning starts right now. 3 3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us, i'm deon guillory. and i'm savannah
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sanders are turning their attention back to nevada and south day after their sixth democratic debate. the two candidates were polite but pointed as they spared over foreign policy and the economy last night in milwaukee. the debate delve into matters of race and immigration sanders and clinton continue to court the minority vote 3 marlie hall has the latest on the democratic reaction from the debate last night from milwaukee, wisconsin. 3
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3 meanwhile clinton will be making a campaign stop in the small bamberg county town of denmark today. she is hosting a town hall meeting there.the event starts at 3pm at denmark olar elementary school. 3 ohio governor john kasich also continues to campaign in our state today kasich has stops in columbia and orangeburg planned todayhe'll be at the south carolina chamber of commerce for a luncheon at 11:30 and then he'll head to orangeburg at 1:30 for a private event. 3 also in south carolina today...florida senator marco rubio. ahead of tomorrow's debate he'll hold a rally at the greenville downtown airport. that event is open to the public..doors open at 4:15. 3 and again that presidential debate will take place in greenville tomorrow.
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expected to feature the top 5 candidates ... marco rubio...ted cruz...john kasich...jeb bush and donald can watch it right here on news19.and leading up to the debate we will have a political special preview, that will run from 7 to 8pm. 3 and this sunday.....face the nation will be live in south carolina and will discuss the gop debate from the night before along with the upcoming sc primary.wltx will air the entire hour of face the nation in pattern from 10:30 11:30 a.m.the first baptist church service will come on at 11:30. 3 3 a judge has delayed the trial for the man charged in the shooting deaths of nine churgoers at a charleston church...yet again. attorneys are waiting to see whether the federal government will seek the death penalty.dylann roof faces dozens of federal charges, including hate crimes. assistant u.s. attorney jay richardson says he expects the justice department will decide on whether to seek the death
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roofs defense attorney says his client is prepared to plead guilty if the government does not seek death.roof also faces nine murder charges in state court and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in that case. 3 in columbia...police have arrested a man they say left a small child alone, who was later found wandering around without a coat, socks or shoes. he's 38-year old john larry toole. police say they discovered his 5 year old relative by herself, wandering along gervais street in downtown columbia. toole says that he drove to columbia from kennesaw, georgia with the little girl yesterday for a meeting.investigators say toole left the child alone in the car. police notified the child mother who lives out-of-state. toole has been charged with unlawful conduct toward a childhis bond was set at $20 thousand dollars. 3 3 hundreds of richland county residents are giving their input on the proposed gills creek greenway.the four mile greenway could run from
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would cost about 2.2 million dollars.currently the richland transportation penny program is creek.last night residents got a chance to voice their opinions about the project. 3 "i don't believe there's been any studies done on what it's going to cost to properly police the area for the residents of columbia to enjoy to greenway safely." "i'm in favor of it if it's done correctly. i travel around a lot from a business perspective and i've seen a lot of good walking trails that are very effective in the communities they serve." 3 this will be the third of 15 greenways in richland county and engineers could begin construction in 2017. 3 3 the first spread the love event hosted by mom for moms begins this morning.the columbia-based organization is giving away twenty thousand diapers to needy families in the four moms will be at the drew wellness center on walker solomon way at ten. the event will
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3 if you live on lake and tomorrow is your chance to get a free tree. from 2pm until 6pm...sce&g will give away tree seedlings as part of the shoreline enhancement project for the lake....and again tomorrow from 9am until is designed to help control erosion and re-establish shoreline vegetation and protect water can get your free seedlings at the sce&g environmental building on bush river rd...they also have 15 free trees to give away. 3 3 after a devasting loss to uconn..the usc women's basketball team take the win over florida last night. the gamecocks pulled out a 86 to 71 victory. usc now goes to 23 and 1 overall and 11 and 0 in sec play. up next the gamecocks will take on tenneesee on the road monday. tipoff is set for 7. 3 and turning to the men's team...they are gearing up for their next big battlethey take
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a another sold out game. it's the eighth sellout in colonial life arena history for a gamecock men basketball game. tip off is at noon. 3 he's a 12 year old that can play with the best of them -- by best of them i mean the hullabaloo band at texas aggie basketball games. his name is angelo cooper...and he plays the bass drum or works the just how did the middle schooler land a spot on
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3 chat 3 the zika virus, now being called a public health emergency.we're on your side this morning with the mosquito repellents that can help keep you safe. plus, valentine's day is this weekend. a midland's man wants you to know its more than about your sweetie. 3 you might want to cuddle up with your boo this weekend. meteorologist efren afante is checking the temperatures now and will have the things you need before you leave home. you're watching news 19 this
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3 valentine's day is coming up this weekend and many of you are looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart! but february 14th is not just about candy hearts... it's also national donor day...and one organ donation advocate says valentine's day is a great time to remind you that thousands of people are on lists waiting for a second chance at life... his name is steve ford and back in 2010 he received a new heart. his donor was a young man who tragically lost his life in a car acciddent.... since the transplant... ford has been a huge advocate and even helped start a support group for people in need of organ transplants. ford says that he often finds himself feeling his heartbeat because he knows if it were not for his donor..
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3 steve ford: "and we all know if it had not been for a transplant most of us would not still be alive and so having said that we try to take every day as a blessing, every day as a gift because it is a day that we would not have had and that why we so desparately urge people to sign up to be an organ donor." 3 ford urges every one to sign up for the south carolina
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save up to 8 people.3 chat & toss to wx
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3 3 possible changes to how the state's top educator is chosen. what the senate is considering for the state superintendent. plus, a dad's effort to keep his kids from getting tardy slips. how a rock legend is
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bruce springsteen made my kids late to school. it sounds crazy, but that's what a new york dad told his kids' teachers he wrote this note - saying that his 7 and 12-year-old kids were late
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to the bruce springsteen concert the night before. that note - has since gone viral. and as you can imagine -- some people are commenting for and 3 3 keeping with music..the band "ok go" is infamous for their crazy planned out music videos. well they done again...this time they made it in space..well not actual space...but a plane in the sky
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environment. these are the guys of the treadmill music video fame and that one shot on a drone, 3 this involves candy, disco balls and paint flying through the air. chat 3 3 .and speaking of gravition... a century after albert einstein predicted their existence...gravitational waves have finally been detected in space. gravitational waves are tiny ripples in the fabric of space- heard me
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calling it a spectacular breakthrough. they tell us that this is the beginning of a new era in science that
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discoveries in 3 our universe 3 and beyond.chat3 3 the road to the white house is stopping here in south carolina. where the people hoping to be your next president will be in the day ahead. but first, testing mosquito repellent against the zika virus. we're on your side with which ones work and which
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morning continues at 5:3 good morning and thanks for joining us on news 19 this morning, i'm deon guillory
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time is ___, 3 3 3 3
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3 3 after serious complaints about d-s-s...lawmakers have been overseeing the agency for months.news19s joyce koh attended their final meeting... where the agency talked about their new foster care system and how they're handling domestic violence. 3 "some survivors were experiening horrible issues with dss being punitive when it came to doemstic violence " last month, several people gave testimony to the failures with dss when dealing with domestic violence situations "they dont know what theyre doing "the agency's head, susan alford says she is focused on the issue, bringing domestic violence into its own division....and creating long
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are abused and 3 neglected dont have to have a hand laid on them. they can witness violence in their homes and its just as traumatic for them as if someone laid a hand on them " lawmakers also recieved complaints about the poor foster care system..." to have a family like the thompsons come to me and tell me this horrific story of what it was like to beome foster parents." for 1655 foster children in south carolina currently without a home..."what were aiming for in terms of recruitment is for every child in foster care, there will be atleast one family home."but with more than 500 families who's applications are still sitting in the stystem, the agency is responding with a new have more staff in both licensing and support roles. i think we'll get those positions filled within the next couple of weeks, to get staff in and trained and to get going. but right now, thats where our gap
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3 3 also at the state house--the governor could appoint south carolina's top educator under legislation approved by the house. a measure sent to the senate asks voters whether the state superintendent should continue to be elected or chosen by the governor. governor haley supports the change and says it's critical that the governor and superintendent work together on a shared education agenda. voters would have to approve the constitutional amendment... if they do the last election for superintendent would be in 2018. 3 and after weeks of being in committees....state senators finally began debate on the houses roads bill, passed over to them last year. but nothing was decided yesterday. the president pro tem told lawmakers to expect long days next week, as they pick back up with roads talk next tuesday. 3 epworth children's home is aquiring 19 point 6 acres of land and more than a dozen
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children's home. the property is on sunnyside drive near trenholm road in columbia. epworth tells us that their staff and board members are in the planning stages and still considering how to best use the property.epworth provides care for kids ages 4-21 from broken family systems from all over south carolina. 3 3 in lexington county ....police have arrested five people involved in two separate incidents involving counterfeit money.the first case involved these 3 people. police say they were passing conterfeit bills at the burger king located in the sunset boulevard walmart.the other incident happened at the target on sunset boulevard. police say the men you see on your screen tried to pass fake 20 dollar bills.a total of 650 dollars in counterfeit money was recovered from both cases. 3 in orangeburg county..two men are beind bars after authorities say they are connected to two break ins at the same pharmacy. they are 33- year-old jeffery appleton and
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investigators say the two broke into a pharmacy in north and stole perscription drugs. both were charged with burglary and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and a host of other charges. 3 in spartanburg county...deputies have arrested a woman after they say she threw a lit cigarette in an officers face. she's 41 year old selina corn. deputies were called to her home just after one in the morning and they say she got unruly. one of the deputies says corn threatened to get a gun and then threw the cigarette at deputies. she has been charged with assault and battery, resisting arrest and threating the life of a public offical. 3 3 there has been a lot of chaos surrounding the zika virus and who it affects since the announcement the mosquito borne disease.we spoke with one columbia man who takes students from usc overseas on class trips to brazil.luiz silva, a brazilian native,
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planning on going to brazil should do their research on the area they will be visiting. 3 i don't think you can live your life with that fear, but you can use repellant. the ones that are safe if you are pregnant. stay in hotels with ac and use the net to protect you. 3 silva says there are some cities that may have more zika cases than others. 3 the world health organization has declared the rapid spread of the zika virus an international public health emergency. consumer reports is releasing free to the public its exclusive ratings of the mosquito repellents that can help keep you safe.
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3 3 in addition to using the right insect repellent, consumer reports also recommends wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors. 3 one group hoping to refocus america. the details of a rally tomorrow. plus, some big deals at a new thrift store.the labels you can find in the store just opening its doors. 3 but first, grab your coat. meteorologist efren afante wil explain what else you'll need before you head out the door this morning. you're watching news 19 this
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than any of the other candidates. when bernie sanders is engaging with the black lives matter movement it's proof positive that he doesn't just give lip service to being supportive of issues that matter to people of color in this country. and when he is elected we will see long-overdue changes to our criminal justice system that continues to criminalize people just for being black.
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3 -interview: cory condrey, president of confrey evangelistic association -prayer rally in columbia, saturday as part of his 50 state #refocus american prayer toursaturday, at 6pm metropolitan convention center 3 3
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3 if you like name brand labels like chanel, gucci and michael kors... a thrift store is
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for customers just like you today. for the fourth time in four years the non profit organization god cares charities is opening another store in the midlands.there's everything under one roof from clothing, furniture, household items, and a job training center. the store is located at 7121 parklane road at the old marshalls. 3 and its not too late to donate to the cinderella project.its a program that provides gently used dresses for high school girls to wear to the can make a donation at more than a dozen locations including the news 19 studio. the deadline for drop off is february 24-th in columbia and march 9-th in orangeburg.we have the full list of drop off locations on our website w-l-t-x dot com 3 some big changes coming to carowinds. the upgrades and a sweet treat just in time for valentine's, your
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south carolina in the next few days. how the latino vote could be a game changer this election season. looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\.
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now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin. plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. available at walmart in the foot care aisle
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coming up on news 19 this morning, we are in for a warm- up today. meteorologist, efran afante as a full forecast. if you are looking for something to do with your sweetheart this valentine's day you might want to head to carowinds. we have their menu and an update on the park what do men really want for valentine's day? i can answer that question. we will tell you what we all have to say news 19 this morning starts right now. good friday morning, thank you for joining us on news 19, i am savannah levins. >> and i am deon guillory, today is 6 o'clock on your friday. meteorologist, efran afante, with the weather we can expect with weather through today. >> raise the roof. [laughter] temperatures are cold out there,


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