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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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coming up on news 19 this morning, we are in for a warm- up today. meteorologist, efran afante as a full forecast. if you are looking for something to do with your sweetheart this valentine's day you might want to head to carowinds. we have their menu and an update on the park what do men really want for valentine's day? i can answer that question. we will tell you what we all have to say news 19 this morning starts right now. good friday morning, thank you for joining us on news 19, i am savannah levins. >> and i am deon guillory, today is 6 o'clock on your friday. meteorologist, efran afante, with the weather we can expect with weather through today. >> raise the roof. [laughter] temperatures are cold out there,
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freezing temperatures. 30 camden, 32 winnsboro, lexington 36, orangeburg at 40, manning sitting at 39 degrees. the reason why it's warmer in the southern midlands, we are getting a lot of cloud coverage moving through the midlands. 35degrees when the kids head out they will need their winter jacket this morning. it is going to be very cloudy this morning, that will change by later on today. decreasing cloud cover drop it into the -- rapidly into the afternoon. 40degrees is the high. overnight tonight 32. tomorrow, hold onto your hats, very windy out of the northwest 15-20 miles per hour. we will warm up to 47 degrees. as we get ready to hit the roads and check on your traffic conditions, i 26 between saint andrews and piney grove road, traffic is light right now that will be picking up later on today. we do have two accidents from earlier this morning for the
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o'neill court and just up the road from that on to notch by parkway road. give yourself some extra time. that has been there for at least 40 minutes. coming from harvest and on i 26 to downtown and eight minute commute, from blithe went to downtown you are looking at about 14 minutes. we will take a look at that very important valentine's day forecast and the rest of the seven-day coming up in just a few minutes. let's kick things off with the presidential campaign. hillary clinton and bernie sanders turning their attention back to nevada and south carolina one day after their six democratic -- six m accredit debate. there are two candidates were very polite but pointed as they sparred over foreign policy and the economy last night in milwaukee. >> there are 88,000 latinos in south carolina that can vote, that is according to a research center.
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earn the latino vote but what do they have to do to do it. latinos, we spoke to, said candidates just have to show that they care. the latino voters say they are very diverse and generally not affiliated to any specific party. they say they are passionate about different issues including the economy, education and emigration. just because a candidate is hispanic, or married to a hispanic person does not mean they automatically get that latino vote. >> that is something -- yes, i want to talk about immigration, but that's not the only issue i am going to look out. what else do you have? what else are you offering me for my kids education? for my family, security? for myself and my family which is the economy, jobs available, and the economy moving forward. >> according to the research center the majority of latino voters are between the ages of 18-29 several presidential
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state today including hillary kemp -- clinton. she is hosting a town hall meeting in denmark. it starts at 3 p.m. at denmark elementary school. john kasich also continues to campaign in our state today. he has stops in columbia and orangeburg. he will be at the south carolina chamber of commerce for a luncheon at 11:30. that he will head to orangeburg at 1:30 p.m. for a private e vent. arco rubio ahead of tomorrow's debates, he will hold that event is open to the public, doors open at 4:15. are presidential debate will take place in greenville tomorrow, it will be 90 minutes long and is expected to feature the top five gop candidates, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, jeb bush, and donald trump, you can watch it right here on news 19. leading up to that debate we
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special treat -- preview here on wltx that will run from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m. you can keep up with all things politics on our special sc primary section on under headlines. this sunday, face the nation will be live in south carolina and will discuss the gop debate from the night before along with the upcoming south carolina primary. we will air the entire hour of face the nation in pattern from 10:30 -- 11:30. the first optus air service will air at 11:30. richland neighbors giving their input on their gills creek game -- greenway. it can run from kilborn to bluff road and will cost about $2.2 million. currently the richland transportation penny program is getting information from folks living near the creek last night, they got a chance to voice their opinions about the project.
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it will cost to properly police the area for the areas to enjoy the greenway safely. >> i'm in favor of it if it's done correctly. i travel around a lot, from a business perspective, and i've seen a lot of really good walking trails that are very effective in the communities. >> this will be the third of 15 greenways in richland county and engineers could begin construction in 2017. right now, many of you lovably ordering flowers, making reservations, and looking for the perfect gift for your valentine. but for others, february 14 is about more than just candy hearts, it's also national donor day. news 19's jenny frazier tells us more. >>reporter:steve ford grabs his guitar and heads to the kitchen table. simple tasks, but several things he could not do a few years ago. >> i received a transplant on july 4, 2010. i did not have much longer to
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extremely weak, and, my heart would not have lost a much longer. >>reporter:fords heart donor was a young man who was killed in a car accident. though, the young man is gone, ford and his wife of 43 years are so thankful his donor chose to live on. >> i am most thankful for god giving us days, and letting us have him a little longer. >>reporter:ford was one of the chosen ones who is now in better health, and has the chance to see his four grandkids grow up. >> there are over 100,000 people, right now, in the united states waiting on a transplant >>reporter:a reason ford wants everyone to remember that valentine's day is also national donor day. >> it is a time when we want to really get the word out about organ -- organ donation. >>reporter:ford urges you to sign up to be a demo to give the gift of life.
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just to fill my heartbeat, and, we are just so appreciative of what this family has done and we all know that had it not been for transplant, most of us would not still be alive. >>reporter: jenny frazier, news 19 wltx. >> you can go to to learn more about organ donation and support groups for people waiting for organ transplants. alright, try now for a mom of the day, our mom of the day as pauline tears, the mother of one and was dominated by her sister, karen. karen tells us her sister is a single mother that loves her daughter more than anything. she is always taking care of others and works super hard to provide for her family. congratulations to you pauline, if you would like to nominate a mom for mom of the day just had your website and click on the banner to send us your nominations.
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the day, today's word is memorial, as an additive that means of, relating to, or suggestive of marbles. like a stony expression or it could be physically, actual, i think it's actual marble look- alike. >> if you are remodeling your kitchen and you want a marble look, but cannot afford those marble prices pretty can go with that. >> try to use that in a sentence today. i don't know if you can do it. we will be very impressed. tweet at us. carowinds is upgrading its park and its menus. the sweet treat is for you next. what guys really want for valentine's day. skip the next tie, and go for
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gopher candies. bamberg: i was one of the leaders in the house to take charge and say the flag has to come down now. bernie aligns more with what i'm passionate about -- addressing issues with civil rights, criminal justice reform, income disparities. change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. we need a leader like bernie
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for years he stood up against wrong, even when it wasn't popular.
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i am wearing a hat. i will explain. carowinds is making a big splash for this upcoming waterpark. it is supposed to be the largest waterpark in the carolinas and we are getting an update on the construction here with us this morning is larissa thompson and chef chris. but before we get to chef
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take you for the hat. i am enjoying it. let's get an update on the park. where are we now? >> carolina harbor is 50% complete. we are so excited. you are hoping no snow comes in so we can continue with construction, of course. the 2-acre family area for the little kids is up and ready to go. blackbeard's revenge we have gotten all of the steel up and we are getting ready to do the concrete deck. blackbeard's revenge, of course, is the thrillseeker, the floor drops out in one of the slides, you have to promise me you're going to come ride with us. >> oh, boy, i have to catch my breath on that one. just looking at it is amazing. i can try. >> you can try, all right great i will hold you to that. we will get you tickets to come out to the park and visit with us. he always encourage people to get a season pass, you could come play and carolina harbor
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of the great food that we have. with all of the new things that are coming, we need people working. >> there are jobs available? >> hundreds of thousands of jobs available we hire over 4000 possessions. everything from foods and beverages to operations, if you are really cool with people and you want to smile and say hey, have a great time here, that kind of thing, even in our hr office we are looking for people in for folks as well. >> how can people apply? >> oh two if you scroll down to the bottom you will see jobs and there you go. it's all there. chef chris is one of the guys you will get to work for. if you are hired. >> we have a new starbucks, and of course a new blackbeard's revenge thing. i try tried to pair some items with valentines coming up this weekend. let's do an appetizer and a nice sweet dessert. here's one item we are doing it is a shrimp and grits at our waterpark.
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than what you would normally see, it's geared for the waterpark, something you can walk around with any. if you do this for valentines this weekend, nice shrimp appetizer with some sweet potato fries. for dessert, with starbucks coming in, i did a coffee double chocolate funnel cake. >> look at that address all drizzle there. >> it is a coffee infused funnel cake at her that also has chocolate on top. a little cocoa powder with powdered sugar. you can call it triple chocolate now because i added some of those to it. >> the more chocolate the b etter. i don't think anyone would complain about that. >> coffee and chocolate for dessert for your sweetheart this weekend. you can enjoy a per the other when we have is a regular funnel cake, but it is a three berry black beards very, very dessert. >> oh, god, that look so good. >> strawberries, raspberries, blackberries all in here.
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these berries on it. these are your taste right there if you would like to try these on air. >> i am very hungry. [ laughter] >> we have harmony hall, we have festivals coming up for the season, but also there is a lot of great things. we are still looking for some interns in the culinary program. if anybody that has a culinary internship coming up, let me know we will get you on board. >> this is really good, if you want the recipe of this will be on our website thank you guys so much for coming in, and best of luck on the construction. >> thank you so much. >> all right, efran afante, the weather what are we looking at? i know it is called now really hoping that the snow holds off up in carowinds so they can finish construction.
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cold outside. in the midlands right now a little bit colder in the northern midlands, 32 winnsboro, 33 bishopville, sumter 30 for degrees but a warmer -- warmer as we get down to orangeburg at 40. average temperature for this and if your average low 36, advertise 60. sunrise this morning at 7:12, sunset at 6:05. a lot of the cloud coverage has been coming in, stationary front in the southern low country and a trough rigging a lot of that moisture, the clouds will stick around this morning. 38degrees by 10 o'clock with a lot of cloud coverage paid by lunch time 41 degrees in the clouds will start breaking up, in fact by the time the kids get out of school today, just a few clouds but it will still be chilly, 45 degrees as we are expecting highs today generally in the lower to middle 40s. a couple of higher 40s looking at 48 columbia and orangeburg, with a lot of sunshine the winds will start shifting out of the northeast to the west about five-10 miles per hour.
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of the northwest five-10 miles per hour. low tonight freezing mark, upper 20s into the northern midlands, central and southern midlands into the lower 30s. as we get into tomorrow it will be windy we are expecting winds up to 10-15 miles per hour straight out of the northwest. it will feel rather cold tomorrow. even though it will be 47 degrees for a high, it will feel cooler than that. as we get ready for valentine's day, it is going to be downright cold in the morning. low temperatures in the upper teens to the lower 20s, for valentine's day morning it might be a good time to snuggle up with your loved one and stay in bed for a while until it starts to warm up, with the sunshine we will reach a high of 39 degrees. but then rain comes in, a chance for rain both monday and tuesday to start off presidents' day, a high of 49, up to 56 degrees on tuesday. believe it or not we will see a lot of sunshine on wednesday and thursday as we are looking at highs getting up into the lower 60s.
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wednesday and thursday once we get past the rain. at least the rain is not on the roadways right now. as we get ready to head out onto the roads right now, i 20 eastbound around mile marker 66, the entire thoroughfare from fairfield road to i 77 has been picking up traffic but no accidents are being reported. the only exit we have right now northeast part of our communities over on two notch road right by park lane an earlier accident on decker boulevard by o'neill court has been cleared. from charlotte air force base
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minutes, for my 26 and 77 the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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welcome back, in case we have not reminded you enough. valentine's day is almost here. coming up on sunday. a lot of you might have no idea what to give. >> as tough as it is for us guys, to even tougher for women because what do men want for valentine's day? robert kittle tries to find out and have some ideas for you this morning. >>reporter:candy is usually a safe bet for just about everyone but when it comes to buying valentines gifts for men -- >> i have no idea. >> we have a lot of women coming on shopping for men and wondering what am i going to get him? >>reporter:gift shop owner, martha, has a few ideas, a bottle of wine works for some, maybe a monogrammed toiletry bag. >> this is a pint glass that
6:25 am
bottom and your pint glass on the front and we can personalize this >>reporter:just like jewelry works for men -- women it can work for men, too. like these cufflinks. how about a barbecue apron with a pocket cooler that holds a beverage and has a built-in bottle opener. you can also give an experience. >> my wife got me tickets to garth brooks tomorrow. that was a nice surprise >>reporter:most memo by thomas sports car for valentine's day, but that is outside the realm of most people's finances. it's the thought that counts, right? men might not be so different after all. >> i think they probably just want what everyone wants to know that someone cares about them. >>reporter:robert kittle, news 19 wltx. >> of course, there is also sports equipment, or gear for whatever he might be into. weather it's camping, fishing, or really anything. >> i want a gift card. >> that was so funny with that
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you want a gift card? >> i would not suggest that. really would not suggest that. make sure it is from the heart. >> it can be a gift card from the heart. >> or, buy yourself something if you are single. colder weather moving and what the must have as you head out the door this morning. combating the zika virus, what works and what does not when it comes to repellent.
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19 this morning. she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies
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prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. good morning and thanks for joining us on news 19 this morning, i'm deon guillory and im savannah levins, your
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joining us on our last half- hour here on news 19, i am deon guillory >> and i am savannah levins. your time right now 6:30 a.m., but some things over to efran afante for checking the weather. pretty cold this morning. it is pretty cold, throughout the midlands, but it will be changing later on today. right now, it is still cold. a lot of our communities at or below freezing. 32 newberry, 30 campton and bishopville, orangeburg at 40. lexington and aiken each at 36 degrees here in columbia 37. a lot of cloud coverage has been moving through out the palmetto state. when the kids get to the bus up this morning it will be cold, they will need their winter jacket, 35 degrees get cloud coverage all throughout the morning, 38 degrees, overcast guys by 10 o'clock, by lunchtime 41 degrees and the sunshine will start returning. by later on this afternoon 48 degrees with a lot of sunshine and the winds, for the most part will be light and by 6
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skies. as we get ready to hit the roads and get ready for our friday morning commutes we take a look at i 26 eastbound overmyer marks 75, traffic has been moving pretty good in between 77 and fairfield road. an accident ongoing on two notch and park lane road and the other one is on personal right by boundary road. just be aware you to be looking at traffic injections this morning there. i'm harvest them boulevard to downtown 18 minutes, from blithe when heading downtown a 14 minute commute. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast, including the important valentines forecast coming up in just a few minutes. in lexington county, police have arrested five people involved in two separate incidents involving counterfeit money. the first case involves the three people you see here. police say they were passing counterfeit bills at the burger king over on sunset boulevard
6:32 am
the target on sunset boulevard. the menu see here, on your screen, try to pass fake 20- dollar bills a total of $650 in counterfeit money was recovered for both cases. orangeburg county, two men are in jail this morning after police say they are connected to two break-ins at the same pharmacy. they are 33-year-old jeffrey appleton, and 26-year-old justin davis, the two men into a pharmacy and north and stole prescription drugs. both are charged with burglary and possession with intent to present -- and a host of other charges. 's it's barber county, deputies have arrested a woman after they say she threw a lit cigarette in an officer's face. she is 41-year-old salina courts, deputies were called to her home just after 1 a.m. and they say she got unruly. one of the deputies say she tried to get a gun and then through the cigarette at them.
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arrest, and threatening the life of a public official. let's talk zika virus, there have been -- there has been a lot surrounding the zika virus and who would affect since the announcement of the mosquito borne disease. we talk talked to one columbia man who takes his students overseas on class trips to brazil. people who are planning on going to brazil should do their research on the area they are visiting. >> i do not think you can live your life without fear, but use repellent, for a person who is pregnant, stay in the house with nac, or use the net to protect you. >> silva says there are some cities that may have more ziegler cases than others. -- zika virus cases than others. >> sawyer fisherman's formula,
6:34 am
contain 20% and off deep was 8% which contains 25% d2. >> products that contain the right percentage of these products are the most present of of preventing buys for mosquitoes in our test. >> in addition to using the right insect repellent, consumer reports recommends wearing longsleeved shirts and long pants when you are outdoors. checking work -- news around the world this morning, pope francis embarks on his five-day visit to mexico. aliens of people are expected to be there when the holy father celebrates mass on the countries southern and northern borders. pope francis may address drugs, cartel, violence and immigration during his homilies. in the us, russia and other world leaders have agreed to a temporary positive fighting in syria to begin in one weeks t ime.
6:35 am
aid to reach areas of need. the cease-fire, however, does not apply to terrorist organizations on the ground. it is not too late to score a great gift for your sweetheart. >> just in case you forgot, money man, matt granite has your last-minute valentines day deals. >>reporter:great to be with you, procrastination and romance can go hand in hand. there is still plenty of time to take a look. there are thoughtful gifts, like what you see on your screen right now. edger sweethearts an entire year of his or her favorite magazine for around five dollars posted to our website you can upload your photo, get a photo card made. this is better than those traditional cards, three dollars locally right here with a link i posted photo gifts, same day pickup, 30% off for these and other local deals. the women we spoke to said they loved gift cards, free delivery right now, they do not need to worry about returning it or
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never wear again. you can get five free gifts when you spend 100 others -- $100 more. i most popular gift of the week still in stock, $39 fire tablets, oh, yes, have a happy valentine's day. >> i never thought of the subscription thing. >> that's interesting. you can probably get a good price on a year-long prescription. thanks, matt several things happening around the midlands as we can. have your list so you can plan your day before 7 a.m. movie expert leo smith reviews deadpool, here if the flick is worth the price of admission.
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are welcome back, who is this on the desk with us? >> we have a guest with us. >> good morning, folks. >> leo smith, our movie expert. >> wayne smith is the name. i tried to get dion to join me. >> i was not going down that route. >> he left me all alone on that one. i sometimes cannot control my excitement. i know you are new here. you have yet to see me acting silly like this. this is just one small step inward. >> like me. [laughter] >> exactly. more to come, sir. >> it's a toll -- it is a toe in the pool. >> look at you.
6:41 am
pool" last night and i am glad to say it was worth all of the hype. let's take a look. >>reporter:the marvel universe is always expanding at an exponential rate. and "dead pool" is an extension of the x-men that is a little more x-rated. we got our initial glimpse of him in 2009 as a small part of wolverines for -- first spin off neither the movie or the character adaptation were received very well, that they have gone back to the drawing board and returned with a much more faithful take on this forthright vigilante. and in order to be faithful, it must also be unexpurgated which means it is all but family- friendly. >> no one is getting hurt. >>reporter:in addition to the extensive violence there is plenty of sex, nudity, profanity and good-natured vulgarity. while the kids may be begging to see the latest superhero movie, remember and has armed an r rating for good reason i should probably be respected. however, if they're not -- and
6:42 am
assortments of decadence, "dead pool" makes for all sorts of fun. the first person narration keeps the punchlines coming as fast as the punches. many times the jokes are pointed squarely at the film, with plenty of inside references for the most committed of comic connoisseurs. for all of those who are unacquainted with this character, just sit back and enjoy the ride. the movie serves as an origin story that our hero, or shall i say antihero is happy to convey. he does it so well that we can finally forgive him for green lantern. the easily offended should probably set this one out, while the rest of us dive headfirst into the "dead pool." i suppose, as with all marvel movies, you have to make a point of sticking around throughout the credits for a
6:43 am
once again, they do not disappoint. stan lee probably makes his best cameo ever, in my opinion. >> i am really excited. i really want to see this. >> yeah, it is a good one. i highly encourage you head out and see it. unless you are easily offended. >> or a child. [laughter] >> i tried to explain to savanna what it is, and i was saying it was like well smith -- it's like hancock but -- >> a little bit more x-rated. it is very similar to that, i kept thinking of that movie kick asked matt that came out -- once again this one goes further over the edge. it is not an nc-17. >> thank you so much. weekend weather is perfect
6:44 am
efran afante? even though we are going to be dealing with cooler temperatures. right now, we are looking at pretty much temperatures are cold, 32 in newberry, 32 winnsboro, but we get down to sumter 30 for degrees, warmer down in orangeburg at 40 d egrees. a lot of call coverage has been coming in, and the cloud coverage on the back end of it a lot of precipitation. a little bit of precipitation falling to the west of the trough, as we get into the palmetto state a lot of call coverage. the kids get out of school today, believe it or not those calls will be out of here very quickly. 45degrees after school but it will still be chilly highs today, with a lot of sunshine in the middle to upper 40s. although it will be sunny it will still feel rather chilly tonight lows in the upper 20s down to the lower 30s. as we get into tomorrow, very windy. 32degrees, and the winds will generally be out of the northwest 10-15 miles per hour
6:45 am
guest up to 20 miles per hour as we get into valentine's day morning, it is good to be downright cold. a lot of our temperatures are going to be in the upper teens down into the lower 20s but we will have a lot of sunshine to warm us up, 39 degrees by -- with -- with rain chances coming back monday and tuesday but wednesday and thursday highs in the lower 60s. as we are heading out, take a look at those road conditions on your travel, i 26 as you are approaching piney grove road, traffic is moving along, no accidents on this thoroughfare. but we still have two working accidents right now. it's going to be on the northeast part of our community, this one will be pretty much an accident that has continued on to notch over by parklane road. we will be watching that very carefully. as far as the rest of the roads, if you are heading from shaw air force rates to the fort jackson gate a 45 minute commute, only 11 minutes from i 77 and i 26.
6:46 am
with a lot of sunshine.
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let's talk a little usa today, we are looking at the paper this morning, savannas favorite thing as a whole new window on the universe. >> on the front page, we now know the theory, einstein's theory made 100 years ago about gravitational pull and the universe confirmed went to black holes colliding 1.3 billion years ago made a blip of a noise here now, and it is
6:50 am
>> i love how into it you are. >> i am very into it, it is on the cover of usa today. it is a very big deal. [ laughter] there is something interesting in here about relationships and money. >> on the second page here it says when cupid first strikes money doesn't matter? what is most important to you first in a relationship, 40% of people said fun, 29% of people said physical spark, and only 19% of people said financial stability. >> this has been something -- we do not need this, we actually learned this in 2001 when jay leno said love don't cost a thing. >> yeah, so apparently financial stability does not matter. at first, i've have a feeling it comes into play later.
6:51 am
>> we had some things. chat >> pick up a usa today and read all of those headlines and let us know what you think for the top stories of the day. efran afante is checking the temperature is now and we will have the things you need before you leave home. in your midlands rundown, the case against dylan roof the judges decision putting the trial on hold now.
6:52 am
country star (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
6:53 am
so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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3 thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning. it's ___ the time is ___... let's get right to today's top thank you for waking up with a news 19 this morning. >> time to get to today's top rundown. a judge has delayed the trial and the met -- and the man charged of shooting nine churchgoers and -- again. dylann roof faces dozens of federal charges in closing hate crimes, he also faces nine murder charges in state court and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in that case. [silence] in colombia, police have arrested a man they say left a small child alone who was later found wandering around without a coat, socks, or shoes. 38-year-old john leary tool, police say they discovered his 5-year-old relative by herself
6:56 am
investigators say he left the child alone in the car pretty is been charged with unlawful conduct towards a child. his try was trial was -- his bond set at $25,000 the first spread the love event begins this morning for the columbia based organization is giving away 20,000 diapers to needy families in the midlands. mom for moms will be at the drew wellness center at 10 o'clock and the event continues tomorrow at 10. if you live on lake murray, today and tomorrow is your chance to get a free tree from two until 6 p.m. they will give away tree seedlings as part of the shoreline enhancement project for the lake. and again tomorrow from 9 a.m. until noon. it's designed to help control erosion and reestablish shoreline vegetation and water quality pretty good get your free seedlings at the environmental building on buss river road. they also have 15 free trees to give away if you are looking for something fun to do this week and we have some events to tell you about.
6:57 am
brooks you might want to hurry up and buy tickets to tonight's concert happening at the north charleston coliseum at 7 o'clock. if you cannot make it, he has an additional concert tomorrow in north charleston also at 7 p.m. grammy winner r kelly returns to the colonial life arena tonight. the concert begins at 8 p.m. he will be joined by vivian greene, tickets start at $53 and are available online or at the arena box office. parking is $10. valentines weekend starts tonight at the south carolina state museum at 6 p.m., $15 a person. you and a loved one can take a self-guided to her and visit the planetarium for a valentines show, food and a cash bar also available. visit the state museum website for tickets as you get ready to head out the door this morning, let's check the roads with efran afante. >> good morning, we are taking
6:58 am
over at exit 72 coming off the split of i 77. not looking too bad, traffic is moving along. we do have a little bit of an issue right now. an ongoing accident on parklane park lane road and to notch. another accident that has been there for 45 minutes on personal road heading west past -- for some reason a lot of congestion in casey right now from flick road heading north to knox abbott 40 miles an hour and then heading south all the way to i 26 it's moving out about 23 miles an hour. no accidents there. right now 37 degrees, a lot of cloud cover delta right now. when the kids had out to the bus up they will need their jacket. a lot of sunshine as we get into the mid day, 41 degrees by 12 o'clock, when the kids get out of school. just a few clouds, it will still be chilly of 45 degrees as we are
6:59 am
winds shoved out of the west a five-10 miles per hour. tonight 32 degrees with clear skies as we get into the weekend, it will be pretty cold as we get into sunday morning 22 degrees before rain comes in on monday and tuesday. get ready for wednesday and thursday, 60s and the midlands. >> thank you, bundle up on valentine's day for sure. looking forward to the sun next week. >> stay close to the blue. >> thank you for joining us this morning on news 19 >> cbs this morning is next. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning.
7:00 am
2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate. republicans sharpen their attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into these waves. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. >> that is a low blow. democrats square off over president obama. >> have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> senator! >> don't listen to donald trump. really. >> negotiating a deal in another country is not foreign policy experience.


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