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tv   News 19 7  CBS  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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politics as the race for the white house loses another candidate. former virginia governor jim gilmore says he is dropping out of the race. he was not considered a major factor for the gop nomination. meanwhile, ohio governor john kasich was in columbia today speaking soothing to the south carolina chamber of commerce. kasich doesn't expect to win, but he is hoping for a good showing in the primary. i asked him what message he is south carolina. >> conservative principles. we need to make sure we remember your republicans or democrats and get this fall -- country united again. >> reporter: how important is south carolina for your campaign? >> it is important.
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enthusiasm is greater than our ability to absorb it. but the troops are coming, and we are going to fight like crazy here so we can move on with the continued acknowledgment that we have a campaign that is taking off we to the white house. >> ben carson, jeb bush, walker rubio, and ted cruz brought the faith and family presidential forum. ben carson talk about overturning same-sex marriage within his first 100 days as president. >> i don't have any problem with any two adult doing whatever they want to do in their private lives. and if they want to geteta lawyer so that they can write of the contract and have visitation rights and share property, i don't have any problem with that whatsoever. what i do have a problem with is overturning what the bible says. >> jeb bush took a shot directly at hillary clinton today seeing
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constitution is in jeopardy. >> if hillary clinton gets the floor, the second amendment will not exist. it's just won't. there is a lot riding on this. my view is it's a package deal. sometimes people of the first and the second -- i like them all. >> marco rubio spoke about the idea of separation of church and state. he says why the constitution protects from a government ordered religion, it does not stop religion from being part of the government.>> this is never going to be roman caolicism, methodism, we will never have an official denomination. but the separation of church and state does not exist. this nation was founded on a powerful spiritual principle that our rights come from our greater and we understand rfid
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of the well-being of our country because you cannot have a strong country without strong people.>> ted cruz addressed the media about one of his tv commercials the 30 second ads -- ad features a pouring -- porn actress. >> we decided that put its dictated pulling the ads down so it it. >> hillary clinton was in the bamberg county town of denmark this afternoon focusing on rural schools and hospital saint maurice with an to make them compatible with city schools and hospitals. >> if the schools had been falling apart in rich suburbs of columbus or charleston, we would still be talking about it. there would have been an outcry
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if the schools of more affluent children were in the condition that too many of them are here in world south carolina that legislator would have -- rural so funny that legislation what i could. >> all candidates will take part in tomorrow night's debate. that is happening in greenville and starts at 9:00 so all six remaining candidates including ben carson will be and that. there had been talklkthat person would not be invited, but cbs today said the will go everyone left. you can watch that debate at 9:00 right here on news 19 also be will have an election special airing from 7:00 until 8:00. keep in mind the republican primary is next saturday, february 20 and the democratic primary is a week later on the 27. in richland county you can vote
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richland election commission office from 9:00 until noon. also on sunday face the nation will be live in south carolina they will discuss the gop debate from the night before. we will air the entire hour. the first baptist church service will air at 1130. remember, for all things related to the primary you can head to our website and click on sc primaries. now the midlands' most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy >> it was cloudy and cold this morning but then the clouds move down and warms up. 33 was the low at the airport and 35 in the city and 52 degrees at the airport. we have clear skies right now with calm conditions and a dry hermas. tonight we are expecting a low temperature of 31 and tomorrow it will be sunny and breezy but still chilly with the high
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tomorrow night it will be mostly clear with a low of 22. i want the rest of the weekend forecast coming up.>> thank you. the effects now of the october flood are still visible on certain roads and bridges throughout the midlands. the department of transportation just released their monthly updates seen 25 flood impacted bridges are being fast tracked for a replacement. that includes the bridge on congress road in for richland county which crews will begin working on next week. and the rockbridge in forest acres which is set to open june 1. a resident who lives next to the bridge says it has put a few extra minutes into his daily route. >> is a little bit of an inconvenience because we have to go around to either go over to decker and then come down to get to 77 or go over to forest drive so it takes a few more minutes to do that now than
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>> currently statewide the department of transportation says they have more than one at 25 active rich projects. student apartments are coming to columbia near williams-brice stadium. the announcement was made today by wildwood columbia. 200 units will go up near usc's indoor practice facility. monthly rent will range from $660 to $660-$740 per bedroom. a dutch fort gradadte and ole miss athlete died last night 23-year-old ty laporte lost her life in a car wreck. it happened around midnight near holly springs. she was in her senior season at ole miss and majoring in marketing communications. on the volleyball court she finished her four-year career in the fall. a fire captain has been accused of inappropriately
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38-year-old jeffrey rich has been charged with second-degree assault and battery. he is accused of inappropriately touching a firefighter in october. columbia police said it was reported to them last month. he turned himself over to authorities today and released on a $5000 pr bond. rich is a 16 year veteran and was most recently assigned to station 12 on north main street. rish has been placed on suspension under the outcome of the charges. in an effort to keep online shoppers and sellers said, the lexington police department has created an internet exchange location in the front parking lot of the police department. there is an extreme video camera on the building that records that specific areaeaof the parking lot. there is a new way for you to submit a tip to the richland county sheriff department. they now have a new app that is
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apple or android products. the app offers crime alerts as well as information on most wanted suspects. the sheriff says the app is one of the best ways for the dedertment to reach the community quickly. still had no a midlands college using human patients the raiders to get students ready for
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it is happening tomorrow...the columbia fireflies will be hosting a job fair for the team inaugural season at the columbia to mark the columbia five highs will be hosting a job fair at the columbia
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it is from 9:00 until 2:00. next month, next month parents can enroll their children in school online for richland district 1. the enrollment begins march 1 for all students. were your child to be considered for the pre-k program they must be four years old before september 1 of this
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register, turned must require -- attend information meeting. for more information head to our website at there is a shortage of healthcare professionals these days but midlands tech is try to help by training students in one semester to be ready for the medical field using 3-d technology and human patients and let us. here is janae frazier tonight. >> my name is pretty. >> reporter: pretty good tiers checks on different type of patient as a part of her program. at midlands technical college. >> it is really awesome because they literally have the manikins like real people. >> reporter: the real world submissions are part of a new program called boost which stands for better occupational outcomes with simulation training. getting more much-needed professional than the medical field.>> take thth patient
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pat jackson came in with chest pain. every student will have the opportunity to work on him and a check is pulls.>> everybody would have ended -- would have been able to care for the patient the hospital. >> reporter: in the guiles says in one your students can earn their nursing assistant certificate to become cnes. by daniel gilbert experience in the classroom, with procedures are checking blood pressure final signs and cpr. besides the american, they are getting experience with 3-d technology. >> we can pull apart all of these different valves, the vessels, all the different parts of the hurt and really get to see a much more up close and in-depth version. >> reporter: all in preparation for real life situations. >> i feel much more confident in getting out there in the
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news 19 , wltx . >> midlands tech was given a grant worth more than $8 million to start that program. rather than learn from a book richland northeast students were taught history from those who lived it. veterans from different wars spoke to the students as part of the annual valentines for veterans program. major albert hamilton spent nine months as a world war ii prisoner but was freed to continue serving. he said he wouldn't trade the event for $1 million because it thrills him to speak to the students. >> i have been coming over here to richland northeast. a wonderful rotc unit. i've been over here for five years and i just love it every minute. i just love to talk to the kids. >> so the students say hearing first-hand accounts from the veterans helps them decide they want to enlist in the military when they graduate.
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carolina's w now the midlands' most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> before it gets to the forecast let's talk about your gardens. >> today we uncovered some of the plants. what i was harvesting today was kohlrabi. and is the ball on those plans i pulled up and i think you will see people in just a second. you can see the leaves on top and you just cut those off and that is the part that you eat. so i've been told it has a mild sweet flavor. this is a heightened version of
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i'm looking forward to trying it out. >> i know you have been protecting your garden on the cold nights. do we need to that in the next nights? >> yes. the good news is so far this winter the coldest we have seen has been 20 degrees in columbia. i don't think it is going to get any colder than that. >> that's great news for the garden. but we will be seeing a cold weekend. today we were able to warm up but not everybody. and 39 in florence and 37 degrees in sumter. 55 in orangeburg and 58 over in augusta because the clouds were moving from west to east so the western part of the state so the sunshine first. temperatures are cooling off in rock hill they are already down to 30 degrees with 40 in sumter and 44 in columbia and 47 in orangeburg and augusta. on the satellite picture we do
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notice skies have cleared over a good part of south carolina. it is just a few clouds to our north with more cloudiness up in north carolinabut it'll l say in that area. the weather system that brought us precipitation this morning across the north carolina and southern alanna porter has moved to see -- sea. it's a's high pressure system that will be dominating the weather for about the eastern half of the country. even watching this throughout the week. the cold air has been up in canana and it is now pushing south in winnipeg 11 degrees below zero with the cold air moving to the upper midwest were it is 7 degrees in minneapolis and chicago at 17 degrees pushing into our area this weekend. our computer model-ish showing for tonight we will be seeing mostly clear skies. it will be sunny tomorrow and drive. tomorrow night mostly clear and
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clouds coming in it will be partly cloudy for sunday will be our coldest day. sunday night the quickly see moisture increasing from the south coming into the area. by daybreak monday we will see some light precipitation in the form of rain and maybe even some freezing rain across the northern half of the midlands. that is something we'll be watching. we don't think it is enough to cause any health problems. and as the day wears on it all changes over to rain but most of the precipitation and rain is going to be monday night into tuesday. so here is a forecast for tonight. we are expecting lows tonight at 27 in saluda, 29 in aiken and winnsboro, 31 in columbia, 32 in manning, but a three in orangeburg with tomorrow high temperatures generally in the low to mid 40s. 32 in newberry and 44 degrees in canton and 46 four columbia
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sunday will be partly cloudy with a low of 22 and i had at 40 degrees. monday night the clouds coming in we will see increase rain for today with the high temperature of 50 with most of the rain monday night into tuesday with a high of 58. then we try out with 62 degrees as the high temperatures tacking on thursday with a high temperature of 59.
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kanye west, taylor swift firestorm. >> me and taylor might still have sex, -- [ bleep ]. >> that's where taylor swift will be sitting for the grammys. will kanye show up. >> she is featured in a campaign ad for ted cruz. >> now her steamy past revealed. >> does he have any idea that you were a soft core porn actress? >> what if you were sent back in time to stop the assassination of jfk? >> plus, what could possibly go wrong. do it yourself disasters. >> i can't believe that people are doing that. >> then, pig on a plane.
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yourself sitting next to a pig. from going through security to boarding the plane, comfort animals on planes. has it finally gone too far. >> plus, she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing. how she found true love again in time for valentine's day. >> we are married. >> now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. it is war between kanye west and taylor swift. kanye's latest release takes credit for her musical success. believe it or not, he claims taylor okayed the song. jim moret reports. >> the battle lines were drawn at thursday night's spectacular launch of kanye's clothing line. he debuted his new album at the event d raps that he may one


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