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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i'm mary sturgill. we have breaking news out of lexington county where investigators are on the scene on a suspicious scene. we have information on what police are releasing in this case. chuck. >> reporter: that's right, mary. we're here off of river chase way off of i-20 and one person is dead and the town of lexington. one male victim was found shot to death at the park and ride. police were dispatched 8:37 tonight. they say this is active investigation. this is one victim so far and no word yet on a suspect. they did say that they are helping help in the investigation. take a listen to what corporal cameron morrison had to say. >> do you have any idea on the
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>> no. blood investigators are on the scene and working the investigation as well. >> reporter: this is an ongoing active investigation. river chase way will be closed throughout the majority of the night corporal said and will be giving updates and with us news 19 and we will be keeping you updated on air and online and social media. stay with us. chuck ringwald. a man has been charged voluntary manslaughter. this has been called a tragedy for everyone involved. >> he did everything right
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at 3:00 a.m. deputies respond to a shooting in east camden. they found 17-year-old brandon camden lying dead in the middle of the road with a gunshot wound. the 49-year-old called his wife to call the police and the suspect continued to run and he shot one time and hit the boy in the head and killed him. >> the sheriff has not found the second suspect. >> he messed up. he made a bad error judgment in a split second under duress and shot that kid and killed him. we don't want to send a message out that it is okay to shoot and somebody to kill somebody shooting from you. that's the wild west and we are are are not that. we are in the united states. >> reporter: but he believes this happened because of the frustration of those living in that community. those like nicole keith.
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know if you are going to find your home broken into. everybody knows the law but at the same time when you walk outside your house and someone is taking your belongings that you worked for, you go into protection mode. >> according to staff at the kershaw county detention center his bond will be this week. >> i don't know if a jury will convict him or not. it is unfortunate. in the heat of the moment anybody can do things that they regret later. we have not been able to talk to either families. now, sheriff matthews says that with a long backlog of cases this particular case may not be heard in trial for months or years. well a woman is behind bars after deputies say she cut her husband with a knife this morning. 53-year-old vivian jeffrey. it happened at 3 on sheridan drive. deputies said she was trying to
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when he tried to stop her she cut him with the knife. she is charged with criminal in. >> well, six people are without a home after a fire this afternoon. firefighters responded to a home on the 1600 block of luster lane around one. they say that home is a complete loss. >> authorities believe that fire may be the result of an electrical malfunction. the midlands most accurate daniel bond. well it was a chilly valentine's day and this after afternoon and evening the clouds have increased. not much in the way of precipitation. that's good news but there is some snow in north carolina in places like that for us. and across the state it has been dry but the clouds will continue to increase. in the meantime it is kind of chilly outside. temperatures right now 36 degrees in columbia and 32 in wind borrow and 37 down in orangeburg but the clouds will continue to increase and who see a chance for precipitation by tomorrow morning.
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a little bit of freezing rain. we don't expect this to be a big deal but as we go to the mid-morning temperatures will be above freezing and anything that falls will be rain. that will be the case until tomorrow night. tomorrow in the 40s and we will take a look at the president's mary. well, the death of a u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia is sending shock waves through the nation's capital. republicans that control the senate do not want president obama to nominate a replacement before he leaves offense and democrats accuse the gop of playing politics. >> early sunday morning the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived at a funeral home. the flag is loaded to half- staff. president obama paid tribute to the longest serving member of the court. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and
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>> scalia was seen as the keystone of the five justice majority of the high court which frequent leap split with the four liberal justices. president obama will nominate replacement setting up a battle with the republicans on the direction of the court. >> there is a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year. >> mitch mcconnell, the top republican vowed to block any obama appointment to the supreme court until a new president is voted into office. democrats lashed out. >> it is totally out of step with our history and constitutional principles. >> it is beyond my comprehension and speaks to the unbelievable level and unprecedented level of republican obstructism against obama. funeral arrangements for
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>> scalia believed to have died from national courses. all flags will be remaining at half-staff and ryan ordered the same at the capital. republicans bolstering support in our state ahead of the primary. last night's debate was the perfect stage as it broke the record for the most watched debate in 2016. >> reporter: it was a certainly heated debate in greenville and talking about what justice scalia has done for the country. he passed away just hours before the debate was under way. marco rubio saying that justice scalia was a fierce defender of
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ted cruz said he was a legal giant but marco rubio says obama should not appoint the next justi. going forward with the elections in south carolina and a lot of heated moments, as i said a lot of exchanges between donald trump and bush in particular that were incredibly heated and donald trump making mention of the fact that terrorists hit the world trade center during the reign of george w. bush. the crowd did not like that and criticized bush and a lot of faceoff between marco rubio and cruz especially on immigration saying cruz had fluctuated and one person not involved in that fighting was kaisch saying he didn't want part in that and
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unifying and bringing together the republican party. earlier we did talk to after the debate to matt moore and here is what he had to say. >>sec football country and we are loud and rowdy in south carolina because people are excited about the chance to turn around the policies of the last 7 years to get america working and to defend our country and we shouldn't apologize for that and i am excited to a lot of people here. another thing i wanted to mention to marco rubio during the debate gave a shout out to governor haley, a lot of vice president talks and saying that she would be better at addressing poverty in the nation and current president barack obama and should be interesting to see what happens on sunday as south carolinians head to the polls and the last chance on a big scale for voters to see where their candidate stands as of right
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interesting on saturday to see what happens. right now reporting in greenville joyce cone. wltx. donald trump is said to have a large lead up front with a strong 42% coming in second cruz with 20% and behind him marco rubio with 18% or excuse me 15% and on the other side clinton is leading sanders with 59 percent. well with the south carolina in less than a week gop candidates will be flocking to our state. first is marco rubio with senator scott. this is part of the five campaign stops across the state. ted cruz will be in florida represents he's holding a rally institute of manufacturing and technology starting at six. and jeb bush and his brother president george w.
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and hosting a rally at the performing arts center from 6 until 7. and donald trump will be in the upstate tomorrow for his rally. the event starts at 7 at the convention center in greenville. and, of course, for all things related to the south carolina primary, just head to our web site, and clink on the list that says south carolina primaries. well for most valentine's day is about spending time with your loved ones. but for florists, today is one of the busiest and the longest days of the year. we stopped by simplicity floral in columbia to find out what it takes to get ready for such a big day. >> to get ready for valentine's day, it is a lot of preparation. a lot of preparation. and we have to put in long hours because we can't do but
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that the customer, the recipient gets what they want. >> a survey says that the average person will spend $196 for the holiday and get this millennials will spend $104 more. a utah teen is making headlines for making sure that every girl at his school felt special. hayden godfrey brought a flower for every girl at his high school. he ordered the flowers and recruited friends and passed them out. working three jobs for over a year-and-a-half to pull it off.
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the parent raised >> luckily daniel we are not seeing what people in greensboro are seeing. i saw tweets that they are getting hit with winter weather. >> yes. >> we won't get it. >> maybe freezing rain light. it is cold across the state and including the midland. 36 degrees in columbia and 34 in sumter and 37 degrees in orangeburg. it is already 27 degrees in greenville and 29 degrees in anderson. we have a bit of a breeze
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from five to about ten miles per hour. 9 in columbia and 7 in sumter. 29 degrees is whatatt feels like in columbia and 33 in orangeburg and it feels like the teens in greenville and 25 in rockhill. the clouds building in this evening and afternoon, we expect mostly cloudy skies tonight and then overnight, there may be enough precipitation to fall and light freezing rain and we don't expect this to be a big deal because by the time we get to about mid-morning temperatures at the surface will be above freezing so anything that falls at that point will be in the form of a liquid precipitation and then as we continue to make our way through the rest of monday, we will see the chance for showers and right now it looks like the best chance of rain overnight monday into early tuesday and the showers rolling through the area early tuesday morning. that will quickly make its way through and tuesday, mid tuesday morning starting to see sunshine and certainly by the
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see a bit of sunshine. as far as freezing rain. the forecast models since the handling of this pretty well. light amounts of freezing rain and generally below 500ths of an inch. if we see that much it will be trace amounts. as far as the temperatures are concerned lows in the 30s and upper 20s. it will be a cold start to the day and expecting high temperatures in the mid to maybe upper 40s for you guys in orangeburg and manning and 45 winsboro and bishopville. 65 degrees on tuesday and the morning showers move out and 63 on wednesday and low 60s by thursday and then things start to warm up. mid 60s by friday and talking 72 degrees by saturday and going with partly to mostly
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we something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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3 volunteers were left with a baad taste in their mouths after back to back losses to >> the tennessee lady volunteers left with a bad taste after back to back losses to the gamecocks last season and even though the vols and gamecocks shared the sec title they will look for revenge tomorrow night as they head to knoxville. a tough place for the ladies to play. one win over the vols on their home court but with a bit of an uncharacteristically slow year for a team in basketball nine losses is not anything that dawn standley and her team plan on overlooking. >> if you look at history, we will play history and history says that we haven't done well playing in knoxville. but our team has done a great
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this conference and we are going to go in pretty confident that we play our style of play. hopefully that will give us the edge in getting a win. the bottom line this is a we want to play well, we want to give back to playing more disciplined basketball and if we do that, it increases our chances to win. well of course as i said on the other side of the ball, head coach holly warlick and company hooking to hand them the sec loss of the year. and it won't be easy. sec has been flawless and they will bring in asia wilson. coach worelick spoke in knoxville about what team she expects to see. >> they have more experience. you are taking asia wilson who
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sophomore and tiffany mitchell -- they just got more experience and they are playing with confidence and i think it starts with dawn and what she instills in them. they are just getting the job done. the usc men are likely still healing from the loss they had yesterday at the hands of kentucky. they will get the chance though to ride the ship on tuesday as they head to the other columbia to face the tigers, a team they beat by 9 earlier in the season back in january. but while many national media are saying that the gamecocks should that the players should be embarrassed, they still have a lot of time to make up. >> when you get knock on the head and get a black eye, you don't ride and high and buy
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are. the clemson men had a good performance yesterday. jerome lawson leading the tigers with 17 points with a thousand in his career as a tiger but something coach parnel addressed not relying on his big guy dropping points if they want to be successful. >> we have to shoot the ball better if we are going to win the next time we play them, we can't shoot two for 13 and expect jb to go score 25. i thought landry was good. productive in offensive situations so that was good today. we needed that. but we got to shoot the ball better. we got to get more guys, gabe and avery and dante. they have to make more shots. we are back to nascar action. believe it or not chase elliot
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start first in the daytona 500. he replaced four time champion jeff gordon at 20 years old. you may have heard of his dad, bill elliot. jeff gordon was in the booth
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24 car went music's biggest night... which means preparations are in full swing.and their making sure folks at home one day until music's biggest night which means preparations are in full swing and making sure folk are part of the night. this year the trophy is outfitted with a grammy cam to capture the winters. >> the grammies are given to the artists and you will see theieipoint of view and perspective. >> i wonder when that turns
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check on our team. music is here on wltx. the grammy predictions who are experts say will walk away with the coveted statute and tweet your predictions with us using the # grammies 19. and this day y president's deal has a lot in common with black friday, best grabs coming up at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. we may see a small chance for a light amount of freezing rain. not a big deal. 46 degrees the high and better chances for rain in the evening and chances of 7 degrees by next week.
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thank you so much, daniel. i see a carror, i hear footsteps behind me, i turn around, they're gone.
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she could be getting into something possibly dangerous. with what? so albatross, the mole, the man who killed wendy... he's the one who leaked their names to the terrorists. (olivia) you can't tell anyone it came from me, and you can't bring it to the c.i.a. an anonymous source sent them to my office this morning. that meeting isn't on my schedule. it's so late at night and three times a week. who is it? he's not cheating on me, cy. he's cheating on you. the mole is not in the agency. the c.i.a. is clean on this. thank you, osborne. (quinn) he can't know we're on to him. (projector and camera shutter clicking) his name's jake ballard. he's a naval intelligence officer with the joint chiefs of staff. put him under the microscope, see what you find. the more dirt, the better. it'd help to know why i'm doing this. he sleeping with your husband? in a manner of speaking, yes. so this source of yours-- the one who gave you the fax transmissions on the kashfari hostages... yeah? you think there's more blood in that stone?
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i want you to look into it. me? don't you have a building in langley that does that? i do, but so far all they've done is rule themselves out as the leak. you need some backup. i need some backup. someone i can trust. which these days-- it's a very short list. and who knows? if things go well, maybe we find a place for you here that's a little more official. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (keys jangling) (clicks switch) (sets down briefcase) (object shattering) (rustling, door opens) (floor creaks) (exhales)
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so i've been thinking-- about your family. it's just it's been a while since you had one to, you know, watch. slow down. what? the speed limit is like-- you have to keep at least 100 feet between us and them. slow down. (sighs) anyway, i just thought maybe we could find you a new family. look, i know they were special, huck, but every family's special in their own little way, don't you think? he's turning left. next street. and don't forget to signal. when you don't signal, it draws attention. (clicks lever, signal clicking) (breathes sharply) so, what do you say? i say we've been following osborne for a week, and he hasn't made a drop the entire time, hasn't been to the dry cleaners even once, and he's driving a new route tonight, which is very, very strange. so, what do you see? osborne's on his way to a new drop? mnh-mnh. we've been made? we've been made.
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you see that apartment building up ahead? yeah. wait, isn't that-- olivia's. we've been made. we've been made. (chimes) (rustling on tv) (clatters) (knock on door) (sighs) director osborne. to what do i owe-- who hired you? excuse me? you're having me followed. unless you have a crush on me, i assume there's a reason. what's the reason? director osborne, all due respect-- who hired you?! (static blips) do you really think we don't have a file on you? the woman who's had her finger in every pile of dirt that gets dumped on this town? it's a damned encyclopedia. (phone clicks) yes, i'd like to report a break-in.
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and i am waiting for an answer. check my file. half my clients have your pay grade or higher, which means half my clients would happily intervene on my behalf and kick your ass in whatever special way their office allows, which is why i suggest, director osborne, you leave my apartment immediately. this isn't over. (exhales) (knock on or) (sighs) oh... are you okay? yeah. (sighs) (projector and camera shutter clicking) wow. yeah. really? nowhere else to put him? he's safest here. oh, come on! david walked into someone ransacking his apartment last night. oh, god, is he... fine. shaken but fine. do you think it was osborne looking for the flash drive? i think osborne sent someone else to do his dirty work,


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