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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning -- to news 19 this morning. speech endless talk campaigns up first. marco rubio ten -- marco rubio will be coming to lexington with tim scott by his side. ted cruz will also be in florence holding a rally at southeastern institute of manufacturing antics algae. that rally starts at six. >> jeb bush and his former president brother george bush will host a rally at the north charleston performing arts center from six to seven. and leading gop candidate donald trump will be in the upstate for his really starting at seven tonight at the td convention center in greenville turco for all things related to the primary and where they're going to be in our state, had to our website at and click the national politics tab on the left side of the page. meanwhile the death of
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scalia is sending shockwaves through the capital. >> efforts to control the senate bill 18replaced simply for the president leaves office. the democrats are accusing the gop of playing politics. rejoined professor kirkland does up with what this all means for politics. on the one hand we know we just lost him but on the same token you have to look at the political side now. what does his death mean? . >> it's a blow to the entire country because justice school he is one of the champions of the conservative legal movements and certainly leaves a tremendous: the court . trying to fill that vacancy, as you said, is not going to be an easy thing. there's a lot of drama and
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opportunity to shape the court notches for a couple years but potentially decades. >> with his death that means eight justices, four nominated by republicans, four by democrats, and that is where we find ourselves in this political struggle on both sides of the aisle. >> that's right, not just four republicans are the record because two republican nominees are more moderate individualal roberts and kennedy. scalia was really the cornerstone of three conservative justices. if the president has an opportunity to make a nomination that is confirmed, you potentially switch out a very conservative justice for someone who is more moderate, potentially more liberal and then has the potential of swinging the court in a very wide direction. >> something i find interesting is
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have put into any cases, what happens to those now? >> those votes are pretty much on because the supreme court, the only vote that matters is the one that happens last once an opinion is written. so any of the cases that were argued before justice scalia are still there and the court is still going to have to figure out how to move forward. there is potential some will be we argued next year when a replacement is picked. this potential that the court may just decide cases with eight justices. that has happened several times in the past. i guess it will depend whether justice scalia represented the sort of deciding vote in any of those cases. >> might now be seen washington fight before. we heard the whole thing about kicking the can down the road
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can this be the case here? 's era with president obama's possible pick could be hijacked? >> is always a possible way for that to happen. but i think it's important to recognize we have had vacancies in election years in the past. just because there is a vacancy doesn't mean that everything stops. just because it's an election year doesn't mean the government stops and shuts down . so the president has a constitutional obligation to nominate a replacement when a vacancy oakhurst, and the senate has an obligation to confirm or reject that nomination turco now whether or not politics gets in the way this year is anyone's guess and we've seen signals already that that is going to be the case. majority leader mcconnell said he's not going to bring a nomination up for a vote. senator ted cruz said he might
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the way. but there is still this obligation for the president to make a nomination regardless of when it happened. and i think president obama is going to take that responsibility very seriously. >> thank you, kurt, so much for your insight on that. thank you for joining us and now let's send things over for a check on the weather. >> hey, savannah, we are starting off with cold temperatures through the midlands in the 30s. 32 acres, 38 salute a. cold from the very across the bishop. it feels more like 27. in orangeburg it feels like 30, 29 in saint matthews. in columbia 35 degrees, overcaststskies, wind chill at 39 . and radar shows we have a little bit of precipitation starting to develop especially in the eastern southern midlands east of csrdoba west of orangeburg.
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rain or sleet arts, very light somerton into manning. we expect some light rainfall throughout the morning. we're looking at low temperature of 40 with slight rainfall overnight, overnight windy and heavy rainfall expected, looking at 51 by tomorrow morning with rain ending by miorning tomorrow, still windy. >> sr the roadways right now, they are dry but we do expect traffic to be picking up later on so we could see light traffic on i-26 eastbound. no accidents reported throughout the thoroughfare. if you are traveling from harvest of boulevard toward downtown, you're looking at eight minutes. >> we look at the seven-day forecast and when the rain is going to be arriving in our
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a few minutes. >> all right, efrain, thank you. >> police make an arrest after a man was shot and killed overnight. police were called out to the river chase way area off of interstate 20 sunday. when officers got there they found a man on the ground. we say more information about this case will be released sometime later this morning. a kershaw county man is charged with voluntary manslaughter after he shot and killed a 17-year-old. the teen was attempting to saturday. deputies responded to a shooting on -- at a home in east hampton and found brandon spencer lined that in the road from a gunshot wound to the head. jimmy mees has been charged with his death. >> he messed up. he made a bad every judgment, in a split second come under him. we don't want to send a message
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to shoot in kill people that steal from you. that's the wild west and we aren't like that in kershaw county. >> the sheriff said it's a long backlog of cases but this one might not be heard in trial for months, possibly even yearss. >> today columbia parks and recreation will host a black history extravaganza for all ages and includes live entertainment, vendors, and even lunch. activities begin at 10:00 o'clock at greenview park on davis street. tickets are $5$5 person. the number two usc women's basketball team will take to the court again tonight facing number 25 tennessee on the road in knoxville. this is the gamecocks fifth straight nationally ranked opponent and its seventh in the last nine games.
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>> mom of the day. and nurturing mother. she is also a soldier. she for trays a perfect example of a mother despite many sleepless nights. congratulations to you schapiro. if you like to nominate a mom of the day, had to our website and click on the banner to send us your nomination. >> word of the day time. today's word of the day as pork were two. that means beautiful duty. >> that extra to describe a pageant. . >> i thought you were going to say me. >> were you in a pageant? >> no. school. pageant. >> but it was for chair charity
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>> still to come this morning, he don't think of boys money here diabetes. >> and the music world is gearing up for the biggest night . we talk with experts about who should walk away with grammy gold and you can join in the conversation. >> we have light is a patient
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. >> will come back to wltx news 19 this morning. it's m mland morning temperatures and it's starting off at 32 in newberry, 32 in lexington. manning at 34 but the wind chill is playing havoc once again this morning. it feels like 26 in newberry, 27 in camden and feels more like 25 in sumter. capital cici 35 degrees, overcast skies with winds out of northeast, looking at a wind chill of 29. a lot of cloud cover all throughout the palmetto state with little bits of precipitation developing but lots of snow up to the mid-
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a gain a little precipitation developing, some coming down in the form of either rain or possibly mixed with sleet or freezing rain. it is very light at best, scattered from orangeburg to west of santee. it's very light at best right now. computer models show as it goes through the morning, if the temperatures hover around 32, we could see pockets of light rain with sleet. as we get to the afternoon it will all transition to rain, light rain as we start, but as we go to the evening it will start ramping up. by midmorning we could be seeing heavy rainfall but it will quickly be out of here by the time kids had to school tomorrow like training, and in the afternoon clearing skies. these of the afternoon temperatures. in columbia we expect after to --
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when conditions tonight testing 1035, 51 degrees by early morning. all temperatures tomorrow upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow once the rain starts clearing, a light of sunshine and 64 for the high. as we get into saturday and sunday, get ready, folks, it is going to be very warm, into the upper 60s and a lot of sunshine. now we are getting ready because spring is have weather radios. this is one of the most when -- most memorable things you have, it's battery operated and we will have is available at kroger's, academy sports, as well as walgreens. one of these would be handy to have at home, especially with the impacting whether we already had with the october floods. we could have tornadoes later this month in lexington. pick up those weather radios because we are going to need it as spring rolls around.
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accidents reported. i-26 over at marker 66377, it starts to get light. a lot of people have the day off a new incidents are being reported. if you are heading from 277, it is looking to be about seven minutes heading to downtown. guys, we have a very interesting they had of us, don't they? >> we do. tonight is a 59th annual grammy awards. >> we are talking about them now. ll cool j is hosting and several artists are expected to perform including taylor swift, but who will walk away with the coveted gold statue? wherewith these two producers to talk about their top picks. >> was talk about the different things. first, the have big
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>> i'm looking for to seeing kendrick lamar walk away with a lot. >> his album was very socially conscious coming out at a time when the country was going through a lot. and he got the most nominations, 11. >> record of the year, who do we have? we have really love, uptown funk, thinking out loud, blank space and can't be on my face. >> this is what we were talking about earlier. who do you think is going to walk away with that? >> the had the biggest song last year. >> i disagree. >> who do you think? >> share. >> usa was predicting it will year. >> usa today is predicting uptown funk . that was such a monster hit.
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billboard hit with a grammy? >> not necessarily. this one is instant karaoke so when you talk instant karaoke, he brought it back. here and he brought it back for the super bowl. it's a big hit. >> snapchat was bigger. all the demographics, different people, different cultures. >> let's talk albums now. we have for albums kendrick, trevor by chris stapleton 1989 by taylor swift, and beauty behind the madness on the weekend. >> what do you think of those?
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-- i'm going to stay out. >> i think it's time for rap to get acknowledged in a good light . >> and it has been quite a while since a hip-hop album has one album of the year. if i am mistaken -- and correct me if i'm wrong -- outcast. >> double album. >> yeah, the double album from 2003. the below and speaker box, that was a big one. >> you're hoping he wins but that's not always the same thing . >> chris templeton, taylor swift has to be the front runner in that category. >> yaakema american sweetheart. >> let's talk about song of the year now. all right by kendrick, blake space taylor swift, girl crush
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aloud by sharon. >> would you like for that again. >> i like edit. >> i have to go with yeezy. > > usa today said blank space with taylor swift. or to throw everyone for a loop going socially conscious this socially conscious, go with lamarr. >> she's not going to walk away with everything. >> she had 11 and tayayr swift had 11 as well. i think those are the big nominees. >> and we know a lot of major music icons passed away so we are expecting a lot of tributes. any are looking forward to more than most -- than most? >> lady gaga treating david bowie. >> i wonder if she'll look like an. >> you never know. >> with
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appreciate that. if you want too tweet us, we are doing a hashtag grammys 19. >> and i going to suck it up online
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>> meaning you're going to stay something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.
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3 teenage boys deprived of deep sleep are at higher risk of diabetes. that's according to researchers at p . teenage boys deprived of sleep -- deep sleep -- are at higher risk of diabetes according to researchers that ten state, who found adolescent boys did not get the most restful stage of sleep for a likely to develop
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>> woman with hide blood pressure and demanding jobs are three times more likely to develop heart disease. those are the findings of european researchers who tracked more thanan2,000 nurses. messes with hypertension who did a lot of lifting and carrying tripled their risk of heart problems. still to come this morning we are going
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>> happy monday and happy president's day you, thanks for joining us this morning. it is cold outside her go? going to have to bundle up if you have to go to work or school today. >> good morning, deon at savanna and good morning early risers in the midland, a lot of you waking up to cold temperatures, all in the 30s. right now 32 in patients feel. orangeburg 37. the windchill really feels a lot colder, like 23 and bishops who, 25 in volcanic and sumter. with the wind chill here it feels like 29. we had a bit of precipitation come down in midland, with a rain makes possibly to freezing rain and
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moving to senti. a little more precipitation in the form of sleet coming from many to somerton, heading towards lynchburg. be aware of that as you go through the morning. we're looking at an afternoon temperature of 40 degrees with light rainfall but at a chance for heavy rainfall and wins tonight. tomorrow as the rain ends by tomorrow afternoon, would be conditions with a high of 64. roads now are dry but we will see that change over later this morning. i-26 dry coming to or from saint andrews. like traffic today but we have a couple incidents. there is a i-26 westbound stalled vehicle. another incident on walton boulevard crossing over fire tower. coming from hoxha
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seven minute commute and from whitewood 15 minutes. seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we are talking usa today. of course the big story is the grammys. >> the grammys here on wltx. one thing in here that they mention in addition to their picks, they also talk about what we should watch and listen for. pop divas, pop performance roster with taylor swift, nikki manoj, aryanna grandee, carrie underwood. i wouldn't call all those divas. also women rock could win big. out on a shake which is run by women, so big. lady gaga, a lot of people are talking about her tribute to david bowie. a lot remembering artists who died in the last year. wake
6:32 am
make their red carpet debut as a couple so that may happen. also is possible that kanye west may storm the stage again because he is up for a grammy for best rap performance for his song all day day. twitter battle partner was kaleefah is up for an award so if he winsns he may take strange. >> he tweeted out that he wasn't even going to show up unless he was promised album of the year which he pointed out he's not even nominated. so it should be an interesting night. he can never with musical people. we ask you to tweet with us hashtag ramey 19 and we just got one from dwayne wade asking how to process is done. the answer is the academy panel of
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>> you can tweet with a still all day, all night going to the grammys at 8:00 o'clock. >> and i am going to try to stay up and live tweets the awards. also tomorrow we will talk about grammy fashion because people where some outlandish things to the grammys, so it's going to be interesting to see what people wear tonight. >> pickup usa today to see predictions of who is going to take home the gold's. >> flood recovery, set up gets back to work tomorrow building a roads bill. department of transportation secretary christie hall has given senators many options for the bill. they could agree to spend $65 million more per year to repair interstates but do know bridgework or expansions. another option includes $800 for bridges and highwaysys debate continues this week. meanwhile the state transportation department
6:34 am
saying that 25 flood impacted for replacement include the bridge on congress road which crews will begin working on this week and the rock bridge in open by june 1. a person who lives next to that bridge said his route. >> is a little bit of an inconvenience because we have to go roundabout, over two., come down to get the 77 or go over to a forest rock. so it takes a few more minutes to do that now than before. >> statewide the dot said they had more than 125 active bridge projects. >> school watches money, next month parents can enroll children in school online for richland one. enrollment he gives march 1 for all students. for your child to be considered
6:35 am
old or before september 21. in order to register parents have to attend the required meeting. for more information on how to enroll, head to our website at >> midland technical college has a plan to help the shortage of medical professionals. with a grant the college has a better outcome with simulation training programs which students use high-tech simulators that they can practice on, also using 3d virtual reality to explore the function of vital organs. >> we have seen that they are more comfortable with their patients, their skills, and they come back and they're like, it in class, they were making the manikin go oh, that hurts and this and that, and i really knew how to handle it
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>> midland was given more than $8 million to start the program and in one year students can earn their nursing assistant certificate to become cna's. this year presidents' day shares more in common with black friday. >> and that sounds really good. so what are the best bets? met granite explains. >> happy presidents' day where today shares a lot more in common with black friday than ever before. retailers are desperate. the five best buys: furniture, mattresses, vehicles. huge bright space bar is right now. sect appliances. when i call surprises are the deal that rarely drop, like bikes. the promotions that appear now are nowhere to be found in the spring come up to 65 percent off diamondbacks, free delivery.
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$100 off. a top rated 49-inch tv, 279. that's a dealer i just posted. and more than 200 hd movies under $5 to own, all on our website, >> savanna got excited over the movie deals. >> if you are trying to. rate now that you've moved in. >> i can't decorate to save my life so i'm attempting to do at this time around in my place. met ran it mention furniture number one on the list of deals and i take it vantage. >> that's nice. i look forward to seeing how you would. right we have sand in our bottle and i can't wait to decorate my house. >> that's on my mantle. i don't know, i don't have a theme yet. >> if you want to find more presidents' day deals, go to our website, >> we are counting down to
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thing you can do to take part in the grammy awards. the things you do to stay ahead of storms.
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. >> . >> spring is around the corner and we know how severe weather has impacted the midlands so that is why wltx is helping you get weather ready with many communities still dealing with the effects of october floods and tornado damage from earlier this month. we had to adobe snow elementary to give them some very needed weather equipment. >> that was -- that area was hard by the october floods. the assistant principal was more than happy to receive a weather radio. >> we might be able to send something to another school that might not have one, communicate to our staff quickly, send an e-mail blast if we get something thatatays to get ready for this. we have walkie-talkies that help us get information out faster so we can help prepare the students.
6:42 am
to use the weather radio as a teaching tool. >> so you brought this radio into them, why is this so important. >> we have the wltx weather apps to tell us what's going on but in a location where there is a good signal, these radios will pick it up and they are battery operated so you don't have to plug it in. ahead to make sure everyone starts to get this. we have is available at all kroger stores, academy and walgreens stores. spring is just around the corner and we know what the weather is like in the midlands then. so this is something everyone should have, and they are really affordable, so it's not like you can't get them. we really need it. especially with the weather being the way it has been. it is something we are promoting , and national weather ready nation ambassadors in this state want to make sure they have this.
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you are not near your phone or this. nothing like that as far the weather today, it's very cold. temperatures at or below freezing right now at 32 in newberry and winnsboro, down in matthews 32 but when chills in bishopville. twenty-six in saint matthews. right now we had precipitation moving through the midlands midlands, could be a mix from cold rain to possibly sleet pellets but it's very slight at best and scattered throughout all eastern and western -- and central midland. we could see stuff coming through the central and northern midlands as temperatures slowly warm above freezing changing to light rain.
6:44 am
but as we get to early morning hours we may be looking at bands of heavy showers, a couple of thunderstorms possible in the northern midlands but tomorrow it will start clearing out. afternoon temperatures not high, upper 30s to lower 40s and believe it or not it will be quite mild heading to tomorrow morning, upper 40s down into the lower 50s. so this is something we will be dealing with. was the rains are through by tomorrow we are looking at a high of 64 degrees, lots of sunshine through the seven-day forecast. as we get to saturday and sunday very warm. upper 60s with a lot more cloud coverage into sunday. lives right now are dry in the columbia area but we are watching i-26 east bound at mile marker 75, pretty much from i-772 clearfieldthe road conditions are good but we still have at least one stalled vehicle on truck 26 westbound. we
6:45 am
boulevard by fire town road. traffic is starting to build up
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from shot air force base to the bamberg: i was one of the leaders in the house to take charge and say the flag has to come down now. bernie aligns more with what i'm passionate about -- addressing issues with civil rights, criminal justice reform, income disparities. change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. we need a leader like bernie who is not afraid to go against the status quo. for years he stood up against wrong, even when it wasn't popular.
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. >> welcome back, 6:51 now. the grammys air tonight. the nominees are getting ready for music's biggest night, one of those being actor and singer thirhse gibbs, up for two awards this year. >> of all the awards you could ever win or get nominated for,
6:49 am
is the most significant award there is. it's like in hollywood the oscars, the one that had the highest level. is nothing like being recognized for the time and energy and kind of commitment that you put into music. >> of course you can watch the show right here on wltx at 8:00 p.m. . >> hashtag ramey's 19. >> much more to come still this momoing, your president in the palmetto state in a rundown of
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. >> they so waking up with us here on news 19, it is monday, february 15. >> let's get to today's top stories in the midlands. lots of candidates in south carolina, first senator marco rubio making a trip to lexington avenue floors with senator tim scott. ted cruz will be in florence holding a rally at the southeastern institute of manufacturing and technology. that starts at six. >> jeb motion his brother george will be in the lowcountry hosting a rally at arts center. and donald trump will be in the upstate for his rally at the td convention center in greenville. lexington police make an arrest after a man was shot and killed. that arrest happened overnight. police were called to the river chase area just off i-20s sunday. when they arrived officers said
6:53 am
the parking lot area. police said more information will be released later this morning. in kershaw county the man police say shot and killed a teenager has been charged for manslaughter. he is 49-year-old jimmy joe meese. around 3:00 a.m. they responded to his home for a shooting and he told them he shot the scene, 17-year-old brandon spencer after seeing the teenager and another stealing items from his truck. he is currently in jail awaiting a bond hearing. >> today columbia parks and recreation will okay black history extravaganza. it is for all ages and will include live entertainment and vendors and lunch. activity start at ten at greenville park. tickets are $5 a person and can be bought at any recreation center. in sports, the usc women's basketball team will take to the court again tonight facing number 25 tennessee on the road in knoxville. this is the gamecocks fifth
6:54 am
opponent and them seventh in the last nine games. tipoff is at 7:00 p.m. >> let's check the roads with efren afante. >> like traffic, a lot of people off today .-bubba this is i-20 west at exit 72. uc traffic is light right now with two incident on the roadway, the first one a stalled vehicle at i-26 west bound at broad river road and and accident off of wilson boulevard and it is significantly backed up. it is cold out there in the capital city, 35 degrees, overcast, wind chill feeling like 29. all temperatures just at or slightly above freezing but the wind chill makes it feel like 29 in lexington, 26 sick matthews, 24 in sumter. we have been picking up slight precipitation moving through
6:55 am
southern and eastern midlands. it is moving through holly hill and utah bill and into eastern parts of manning. a lot will be a mix of light rain or sleet. afternoon temperatures will be down to 40 degrees but a better chance for heavy rainfall tonight and gusty winds looking at 51 degrees tomorrow morning. the rainfall as by tomorrow afternoon. at worst we're looking at 64 and a lot of sunshine over the next several days with a big warm up. the weekend will be 68 and 69 on sunday. don't forget, these are available at kroger's, walgreens and you can get them, these weather radios, as we get ready for the impacting potential weather in the spring season around the corner. >> all right, trent six. -- all right, efren.
6:56 am
the grammys tonight. >> you are staying up tonight? >> i'm tweeting so join the conversation with me and help me stay up. >> that's right, i'll try to. >> captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the supreme court loses a conservative titan. justice antonin scalia's death has a battle over his replacement.
6:57 am
lead in north carolina but jeb bush's brother expects to hit the campaign trail today. >> and what we expect to see tonight at the grammy awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> simply, i cannot think what i could do for an encore. i cannot think of any other job that i would find as interesting and as satisfying. >> remember justice antonin scalia. >> he died of natural causes on saturday. >> his body arrived in virginia late saturday night. if the democrats want to replace the nominee they need to win the election. >> the idea the republicans want to deny the president his basic constitutional right is beyond my com prehengs. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. >> an interesting debate for most everyone tos.
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