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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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delta, keep climbing.3 six- hours ... that's how long some special needs good evening. %( r six hours that's how long some special needs children ( sgwere stuck on a bus before going home tonight. sumter school district
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students were dropped off at about vj0ox8:34 pm. the driver called in sick today which combined to bus routes. the bus 4jpf9left g-tvschool at r,`q%( h2:30 x,( gmpm and broke down ^$( on the p'npih(highway near st. paul church road. over the next 'epi2xajnthree hours .( \ajfp8_&%(`csjp f b5 mechanic and a bus came ]8@yto pick up jp9'the kids but neither option worked out. and additional bus )came around 5:40 pm ! transferred and the last two were dropped off jpdf* after 8:30 pm. parents started calling &%ih&tthe district around 5 pm when none of the \= nstudents came home 4ejzyand they were unable tj$fto call parents yi)because there were no student rosters on yjpujjpvthe >-bus. a!jpw we ewill continue to follow this bjpf2 story. k@gp the $( 9gu$j#h["$jfront renner -- front runner remains .z(
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of the against the state iz%($>jpd@racross 1%( +yii( )k\jpmz) 1fthe state. `mjpjai1]itjp`w iz> my whole j`thing is make america u( ao$jpgreat again. we are talking about opening mc%( #]yup trade but trying -- china puts barriers jkjon trade. [e-s >> trump continues iwpifhis tour with a wv%(uin north the oj@gusto tomorrow. zj=q ted p*zis in
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right the second amendment out ""` of the constitution. ' = jh/ ad talking about the significance of the 1kjjp\vacant seat. >> marco rubio spoke in front of a [( +'d%(r#pu5audience tonight.# a&jpw the more republicans keep fighting each other ... the harder it will be for the party to win the presidency. 3 former president georgebush says his brother jeb has the faith and strength it takes to be president.the former president campaigned with his younger brother in the
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brother didn't mention donald trump by name, but appeared to contrast jeb bush's character with that of his brother's g-o-p rival. 3 i thought that was a little 3 i thought that was a little wierd 3 ohio governor 3 john kasich campaigned in michigan today and travels back here to the palmetto state tomorrow. ben carson will also make several campaign stops across the state tomorrow...appearing in gaffney....roebuck and aiken. at one point...carson was polling second in south carolina....but recent polls show him near the bottom of the g-o-p field. 3 all six candidates continue to criss cross the state....trying to drum up support leading up to this saturday's primary...all hoping to win all important
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are what win you the nomination. 3 it all starts with the word see each state is alloted republican and democrat. usually party activists, party early a candidate.come primary or caucus day, depending on your state, after the popular vote is tallied...the delgates are between the then...those on to the national convention and vote for your candidate on your behalf. here's where it gets weird. democrats and republicans do it differently.this year a republican candidate will need 1,237 out of 2,472 delegates to secure the 3 party's nomination.trump is ahead with 17 delegates after iowa and new hampshire.but the democratic candidates will need 2,382 out of 4,763 become the party nominee. so you're probably thinking bernie ahead after his landslide victory in new hampshire and not so. check it out. hilary clinton is crushing the delegate game. excuse this is the part where it gets complex. democrats have something delegate. those fancy delegates are not bound by the popular vote...they can vote for whichever candidate they want.let's show you new hampshire to explain. bernie sanders crushed it with 60% to clinton's 24 democratic delegates. sanders got 15 based on the popular vote and clinton racked up 9.but also has 8 super delegates. six of whom have already pledged their clinton...bumping her number to 15. so new hampshire is if you're still keeping count--the other two super haven't announced who they will support yet. but so many delegates in states that haven't even voted yet have backing hillary clinton...that it makes it virtually impossible for lock up the nomination even if he keeps grabbing the popular again...those fancy delegates have the right to change their to ain't over til it's over. 3 in south carolina there in south 3 will need to thousand 382 out of 4763 delegates to become the delicate nominee.
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sanders is ahead but it's not so. check it out. hilary clinton washing the game. this is the part where it gets complex. democrats have something that's called a superdelegate. those delegates are not bound by the popular vote. they can vote whichever candidate they want. let's show you new hampshire. so many superdelegates haven't even voted yet. it makes it virtually
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up the nomination even if he keeps grabbing the popular vote. that the delegates have the right to change their mind at any time. it in over till it over. there are 50 delegates in the republican party 59 for the democratic party. those delegates will be chosen after the primaries which are this saturday and the following saturday. we don't know who all of those delegates will be but we know at least two will be casting their vote. we spoke with the chairman of the republican party and the former chair of the democratic committee and they're looking forward to the weekend. >> it is very much the future of the party. we need to get the country
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we are excited. the members are automatic delegates. >> the democrats have had superdelegates since the 1980s after years of being divided amongst the party. specifically in light of what we went through in the 60s so that if we as a party ever got so unorganized or disagreeable there would be some adults there to say okay take it easy we will work this out. that was the rationale for the super pac.
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privilege to a small group of people to throw the nomination one worry -- way or the other. follow us for updates as we continue. we've had a few showers moved to the area tonight and we are beginning to see a few more north of columbia in the eastern part of the midlands. in the western part of the state much of the rain is still back over georgia. it's going to be coming through the early morning hours. we have cloudy skies right now with temperatures at 30 degrees. we've already seen a low temperature of 37 degrees and the temperature actually will
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approach overnight. tomorrow we will get back to sunny skies and a high temperature of 63 degrees. we will have the seven-day forecast coming up. tonight police say two of their officers have been cleared after investigation into a shooting. the police were trying to arrest 21-year-old demetrius brian for having pot back on november 17. the department released descant video of the shooting and what led to brian's death. the suspect resisted arrest and pulled out a gun then fired at the officers. >> did you forget about it? i know it's a little bit of weight. put your hands behind your back.
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you are not listening. i'm trying to explain to you. listen to me. this is a little thing. do not pull away from me. your arm is tense. listen to me, you are pulling away. you have a charge of resisting now. >> the video did not show the shots that killed brian one of the officers was shot in the leg and that officers on limited duty. the entire 14 minute video is on our website.
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helped bring down lexington chaired two years ago has been charged with murder. .9-year-old gregg lyons charged with murder in the death of arturo bravo. it happened last night at the park and ride the lexington county. lyons opened up the back side door of a toyota then shot and killed a man. the skaters they also attempted to shoot and kill his wife who was also in the car but the bullets mr. is currently being held at the lexington county jail. you may recognize his name because he was involved in a public it -- corruption cause a lexington county. he hired illegal people. he got probation and a fine and no jail time because prosecutors said he was helpful in the prosecution. if you cross some bridges
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trash and debris in the streams and creeks but this is more than just an eyesore. it could lead to more flooding. daniel bonds explains. >> piles of debris from october floods still litter creeks. the floods introduced a tremendous amount of material to the streams in this area. he says there's a lot of concern about water quality issues after the flood but he is also worried about another danger. >> there should be a big concern over the trees and debris and sediment that's been deposited in the streams and the implications that has to future flooding. spec even though the 2015 flood was a rare been, there's always a chance for another one. >> as like rolling the dice. >> with the amount of debris in
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much water to produce even more flooding. >> we don't need 1000 your fled to have damage. we could simply have a fairly large rainfall event and that could cause much higher water than it has in the past. in some cases it is obvious debris needs to be removed. other cases need to be studied. >> some -- somebody experienced inflow could ascertain whether this particular channel needs to be fixed. >> urban streams are sometimes overlooked. he hopes that will change. >> the streams are potential assets. they can be made beautiful and green spaces.
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liability. >> the city of columbia is aware of the debris issue and due to the heavy equipment needed, they reach out to the army corps of engineers to help fix the problem. when we come back, it may not be raining where you are, but take a look at the doppler radar. we are in's -- in for some rain tonight and some warm something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter
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we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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we don't really have what you would describe as stormy weather headed our way tonight. >> we have some thunderstorms coming. we don't have any severe weather. that's the good news. we are moving into our severe weather storm season and you can get the weather alert radio and they are available at all of the kroger area stores. they are the special price through me. please be sure to pick one up. showing. with a few showers that are moving to the area. we continue to see a few showers pocket -- popping up and that will be the case for the rest of the evening. it will be moving north at
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this line of showers and thunderstorms extending from the upstate into florida. the upstate region is cold enough that it's freezing rain. it's just this line that will be moving our way. is moving to the southeast and you see the showers and thunderstorms that will be moving to our area. most of it will be coming through about 2 am and 6 am. we have the new -- warmer air moving to the north and a second system will come through tomorrow night which will give us a small chance of a shower. it's coming into the coastal regions but look at greenville they are at 31 degrees 39 degrees in columbia.
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degrees in orangeburg. here's our computer model around 3 am a lot of shower activity and if you thunderstorms up by daybreak all of it is moving out. the second system comes in tomorrow night and gives us a brief chance for a shower tomorrow night then it moves on out and wednesday we get back to partly cloudy skies. low temperatures tonight and we are beginning to see the temperatures warm overnight and tomorrow i temperatures of 60 degrees. tomorrow night the brief chance of a shower and then wednesday partly cloudy with 63 degrees. 50 degrees on thursday and warming into the weekend.
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will be on monday. 3 tonight's numbers for the lucky for life drawing.
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-- here are two starting with the usc women on the orad against tennessee - a we are starting with usc women on the road against tennessee. a frustrating first half of the gamecocks. the official would respond and
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highlander scores 20 25 points wilson play some defense. running takes the passage she will score and the foul shed 13. -- she had 13. the game is tied decided stephanie metal -- tiffany mitchell said 12 -- had 12. she buys a three and the gamecocks when it 62-56. -- win it 62-56. >> we played a lot of basketball a lot of tough
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to them so we don't fret about being down or close games we play our best basketball in the fourth quarter. that's when experience comes into play and fortunately for us we have players who have been in these situations and they execute at the end of the game. >> high school hoops the postseason has tipped off loan richland hoping -- hosting they had no issues. she will connect on the easy layup it's cameron roche behind the back and she will sink to. the last quarter they will attempt the three and watch what happens no good. will be bouncing around the finally archie will fight for it and she will get a to drop.
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crosland hosting north myrtle beach tonight she gets it to drop. working around this for three but crestwood would win 53-27.
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a virginia man celebrated president's day by saluting his collection of presidents heads in his the virginia man celebrated presidents' day by saluting his collection of president heads in his backyard. he's got a collection of 43 and all which way about 800,000
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he was hired but he decided to take them to his recycling business and he hopes to find them a new home where they will be appreciated. we have some showers and thunderstorms that are headed this way. they will be coming through in the early morning hours. after that, things will be clearing out. we have seen our low temperature for tonight and a high temperature of 63 degrees tomorrow. >> some pretty good rain in the next little while. the gamecocks are on the
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