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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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from the station that is on your side you are watching friends @ five. >> thank you for joining us for friends @ five. >> i am darci strickland. >> i am andrea mock. >> we begin talking about the gop primary heating up as we approach saturday. presidential candidates are chris crossing the state ahead of the primary.
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with two more days of campaigning before the voters have their say. the report from summerville. >> reporter: donald trump took a tough stance on torture methods wednesday telling the crowd not only would he approve water boarding but he doesn't think it goes far enough. >> they want to kill us. they want to kill us. they want oknockout our cities. to knockout our -- to knockout our cities. >> reporter: trump is ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio in south carolina. tonight marco rubio is picking up an endorsement from governor nikki haley. cruz is targeting donald trump. crusties donald trump's lawyers sent a cease and desist order. >> i understand if a candidate has a record like donald trump's how he could consider
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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i feel good about it. >> reporter: jeb jeb is near the -- jeb bush is near the bottom. he is holding town hall events to get mosh voters. -- more voters. voters who is backing bush over her husband's choice ted cruz. >> he is a man of his word. >> preference that bush and john kasich are hoping more voters will share. >> to keep up to date on the primaries head to our website and chick on -- click on sc primaries. full coverage is under headlines. you can only vote in one primary. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> and today we had a nice day.
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we had some cloud that moved through this morning and we were left with a few clouds. temperatures warmed up from a chilly start. 60 degrees in the augusta area. however in atlanta they are at 50. asheville 42 degrees. raleigh 55. right now we have partly cloudy skies. 59 degrees. winds are from the west at 8 miles per hour. now for tonight we are expecting a low temperature of 35. the clouds that we have now will be moving out. it will be clearing tonight. tomorrow, sunny, cool, 58 degrees for a high and tomorrow night we drop to 32 degrees for a low. now a look at the traffic around our area for this afternoon. we will start with an over view. a few areas that were of concern in the northwestern part of the city. that is where we will go first. going on 26 through malfunction junction the average speed on
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you can see on 26 here coming into malfunction junction it is slow and a slow down on the westbound lanes of i-20. on the southeast side of town, not too bad out on the sumter highway. northeast side of town, good shape. a couple accidents earlier cleared up. downtown a blythewood 15 minutes time. downtown to clemson road will take you about 13 minute. i will have more on the forecast couple. >> thank you. -- coming up. >> thank you very much. man accused of shooting a teen had a bond hearing today. the judge says jimmy joe methe will not know his bond for a few more days. jimmy joe methe is facing manslaughter charges for shooting and killing a 17-year- old, brandon spencer, when he found him according to police breaking into his truck.
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the courtroom in support of jimmy joe methe. the sheriff spoke on his behalf. >> i don't want what i am going to say to conknown what jimmy joe methe -- condone what jimmy joe methe did, however i have known him for some time. what these people have said about him, i concur with. i don't believe she a flight risk or a danger to the community. i would not oppose a low bond. >> coming up on news 19 at 7:00 p.m. we look into this case and the issue of when you can use deadly force and when you caninate. -- cannot. why brandon spencer's grandmother thinks jimmy joe methe did the right thing. well, the department of social services talked to senators today and they said
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more than 10% since 2014 and they have hired 170 new case workers to fill the positions so far however they are still struggling with meeting their desired ratio of one case worker for every 24 children. the agency said there are only 7 counties out of the 46 where 100% of the workers meet that ratio. and there are some counties where one case worker is still handling a 100 child case load. a senator said that while the agency improved there is still work to be done. >> filling the vacancies that will bring the case loads down. at the end of the day it is all about case loads, making sure one case worker doesn't have more than 25, 30 cases so that person can do their job, provide the right amount of focus and attention to that child and the family and that is really where we want to get to.
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feel like the children of south carolina are much safer than where we were when we started this process. >> the agency went on to say they didn't have a number of case workers to meet. 1-24, saying there are too many variables to tell. they are looking to repurpose existing possessions. group of residents are appealing dhec's mine permit. one of the concerns is the water quality. during the hearing before the mining counsel they had a witness speak about how he feels the mining company failed to conduct water tests in the area to ensure water supply won't be negativity effective. he said he had no data to back up the claims. the hearing continues tomorrow. for the 6th year in a row now south carolina has set a
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according to the data our state's export sales totaled $30.9 billion. more than a 4% increase. south carolina is the top exporter of cars, tires and lawn mowers in the country. china was south carolina's partner. now to a case that people are talking about, apple has 5 days to respond to a court ruling. a federal judge ordered them to help investigators hack into the phone, an iphone that belonged to one of the shooters behind the december terror bernardino. syed farook and tashfeen malik shot and killed 14 people. the couple later died in a gun battle with police. the iphone was recovered from the vehicle in the after math
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syed farook's locked phone can provide answers. apple said the fbi is asking for them to create a backdoor that could be used to unlock or hack other iphones and could put customer's private information at risk. the winners of the $1.8 billion powerful back jot winning picked up their -- pot winning pick up their portion. they said they didn't even let their family know and they said it had been a stressful time and caused them sleepless nights and one dropped 10 pounds over the winnings. >> well, first when he brought the ticket to me and said are you messing with me -- >> how did you do this -- >> i knew they were my numbers and ran and made sure they were correct and wrote them down.
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we kept watching tv and going online and rechecking. >> they announced the public -- this is the real deal. >> they said they were unsure what they would do with the winnings but they would give a portion to charity, and get a new car and a massage. they opted for the lump sum payment. on a smaller scale a winner won $250,000 in columbia. the first person the winner called was his dad and his dad said he wanted him to pay him pack for taking care of him. he played the money, money, money game. the prize is $250,000. the florida couple real quick here. she lost weight. it is okay because winning their share of the -- 528 million, she can eat nothing
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else is expensive and delicious? >> i don't know. a list of things. >> the fancy cheese on cheese day -- truffle cheese. thank you. she doesn't have to eat. pay somebody to feed her. >> sounds like a plan. >> ben & jerry's please. >> the stress made her lose -- >> 10 pounds. 500million. still ahead on friends @ five. we are on your side, yes, we are, what can you deduct, what can you write off, and if you
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special deduction for yo hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together
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i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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all right. folks these are weather radios. talking about the fact that severe weather right around the corner. and you want to make sure that you are safe and your family is prepared. you could do that with weather radios that are on sale at walgreen's. right now they are at a special deal. a special rate. >> lower than you would normally see. this is a good time to do it. you can get it at all the walgreen's, kroger's and academy sports. there are numerous places you can get these and the promotion goes through mid-may. don't wait. >> right. >> they are important if the
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we have cell phones, social media, text alerts, all that, this is full proof. this is your last line of defense. if your power is out. if anything else happens this -- >> before you put your child in the closet again -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> let me show you what is going on as far as the weather is concerned because we have seen pretty nice weather conditions today. right now we have partly cloudy skies. we had clouds move in during the afternoon. but on balance it has been partly cloudy today. dry. it will stay that way. a front is off shore. another front moved into the ohio river valley. the cold air is staying up there. we may see cool readings for the next couple days. but we will be seeing warmer temperatures for the weekend. right now temperatures aren't too bad. 56 in sumter. 59 degrees columbia. 61 orangeburg.
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charleston they are at 62 degrees. here is what the already and is projecting. -- computer model is projecting. high pressure on friday. sunshine. and temperatures will be warming up. as we go into saturday we are going to be seeing some clouds coming in. so on saturday we may see morning clouds and sun in the afternoon. for tonight, expect low temperatures in the low to middle 30s. 32 newberry. 35 columbia and sumter. tomorrow temperatures in the mid-50s. 56 newberry. 58 degrees for columbia and st. matthews. 59 manning. our seven-day forecast by the time we get to friday, low of 32. we will warm up to 61. partly cloudy skies sunday -- or saturday. with a high temperature of 68. warmer on sunday with a high of 72. but clouds increasing monday with a chance of showers and a high temperature of 67 degrees.
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chance for rain on monday. or tuesday. best chance for rain. high of 57 and rain into wednesday. with a high temperature of 53. now let's go over to andrea. >> thank you very much. that time is here again. our least favorite time of the year. tax guy. this guy likes it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> my favorite time of year. >> like your christmas. we have so much to talk about. tweet to us and we will get them answered. first, there were laws that changed. new tax rules can apply to 2015. let's talk about those. the first one, educator expenses. explain this. >> a lot of the laws were made permanent. they were expiring and then they made them permanent. good thing for teachers, you
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deduction for school supplies, books, papers and things you buy for schools schools and as well as potential development expenses. it is not that big of a deal but it allows you to take a deduction above the line. >> awesome. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> wait, is $250 the cap -- >> the cap. but it is above the line. 250. >> now let's talk about non- taxable -- >> if you have an ira, we have people who do, one thing that has been off and on, the laws, permanent, if you are over 70- 1/2 you are required to take a contribution. if you want to give it to charity it will be -- [ indiscernible ] >> great way. you have money in retirement, you can give it to the charity and you don't have to pay taxes
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goes directly to charity. great way to go a charity without paying taxes. >> higher education. what can we write off on our taxes. >> the higher education expenses are for people in college. tuition, room, board, books. those things you can write off. they have gone back and forth about that but they made that permanent and gave you a deduction and a credit. it is helpful for the parent who have kids in school. a deduction you can take. it will save you tax money. >> all right. i know if we let you loose in the wltx news room everyone would say they have student loans. what can we write off? >> you can write off the first 2,000 fiver hundred dollars worth of -- $2,500 worth of interest. depends ons who name the -- on
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if the student loan is in my daughter's name who doesn't make number money, even though i pay it she can take the deduction. [ indiscernible ] >> big deduction. >> it is. >> can you take off interest on dect? >> on your -- debt? >> on your mortgage interest. not credit cards. >> let's talk about chartable donations. we have so many great charities, what can we write off? >> from the charity, you can write off anything as far as cash and check. make sure because the irs clear, you have to get -- irs is clear, you have to get a donation letter. and that you got no benefit from the donation. it is a great way to help charities out. if you give them, for example,
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expenses, as long as you keep a list and what you give them and get some receipt or acknowledge it you can deduct that too. >> fantastic. donny will stick around. coming up in the second half hour of friends @ five we will talk to the flood victims and talk about what you can write
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today is national random acts of kindness day and the sheriff's department was spreading joy with chick-fil-a. an officer pulled over the kind good samaritan. >> the car in front of you paid for yours. the sheriff's department and chick-fil-a is out here for people doing that, we want to give you a gift card. >> we saw them looking at us. i didn't know what was going on. we pulled off and cut the blue light. i thought we were going to get a ticket or something. but i was pretty shocked there. >> 5 second of your time to give back could make a would of difference. that might -- world of difference. that might brighten their day up and they might do it for
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it is just -- it is a good feeling for everyone involved. >> i love it. the sheriff's deputy spent the whole morning handing out gift cards. and dion was doing random acts of kindness for wltx. krispy kreme donuts. we stopped by the children's home, an elementary school, a
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tweet at us if you are watching news 19 friends @ five with. >> i am andrea mock. >> i am darci strickland -- with andrea mock and darci strickland. >> politics. one day after the governor told us she was unsure if she would endorse any republican, she is expected to do just that. tonight reports started surfacing this afternoon with a lot of chatter saying governor nikki haley will in effect endorse marco rubio. >> news 19's colby gallagher now with what the governor's backing could mean for marco rubio. >> reporter: on tuesday governor nikki haley said she watched the most recent debate and was looking for someone who will keep the country safe and understands the problems states are facing. she thinks marco rubio is that person. he is headed for a 6:00 p.m.
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there governor nikki haley is expected to endorse him. with polls showing marco rubio in third place and the primary three days away experts say this could be influential. about 50% ofmade up their mind and this could be what shapes their decision. >> our primary saw record turn out. we expect on saturday we will have record turn out again. this could inspire voters who were on the fence and had not made up their finds. huge endorsement. >> reporter: south carolina is a good representation of the republican party nationally. he says surrounding states like georgia, tennessee will be watching the primary. colby gallagher, news 19 wltx.
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he said we can't lose to bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> the next supreme court justice will not be anything like justice scalia. it will be someone like the people president obama has appointed over the last few years. if that happens the constitution is in a lot of trouble. if we get 5 or 6 people on the supreme court who believes the constitution is whatever you want it to mean -- [ indiscernible ] the balance of the power between the states and the federal government is in trouble. this is serious. game. this is not a sport. matters. [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump is hitting the campaign trail hard in south carolina ahead of the republican primary. polls. he said russian president vladimir putin called him a
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during a campaign event. >> well i have no relationship with him other than he said donald trump is a genius and he will be the lead orof the world or something -- leader of the world or something. and they said we want you to disovow that statement? how stupid are they? we want you to -- besides that, wouldn't it be good if we got along with countries? a positive thing. >> ted cruz came out firing today against his rival donald trump. he received a cease and desist letter threatening to sue him over a campaign ad. it shows old footage of donald trump and donald trump said his views changed. cruz spoke at a press conference. >> it is a remarkable
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plays video of donald trump speaking on national television is somehow defamation. the operative words come from donald trump's own mouth. and i understand if a candidate has a record like donald trump's how he could consider anyone pointing to his record being demimation. >> ben carson was in columbia today as well and spoke to veterans and other supporters. he told veterans about his plans to take care of them, including letting them go to any hospital, not just the va. even though he is trailing in south carolina he has no plans to drop out of the race and he talked about his plans to build up the military that is at its weakest point in decades. >> we will continue working
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giving them an opportunity to hear what our policies are, directing them to ben those are the things that will make a big difference. >> meanwhile florida governor jeb bush was campaigning in the lowcountry today speaking to supporters in buford. he criticized marco rubio for his attendance record in the senate. >> marco rubio is a friend of mine, he had i don't have foreign policy experience. coming from a guy whose office has a hard time saying what his accomplishments are, who says going to hearings to listen to smart people talk about things rather than leading, that is a low blow if you think about it. >> 200 people attended a rally held by ohio governor john kasich today in bluffton.
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start the economy by limited regulations on small businesses. >> we are getting great enthusiasm, great -- great attendance. it has been great. it is limited time is the greatest challenge. hopefully we will do better than what is expected here. i don't think people expected me to do squat. i think we will do better than quat but we will see -- squat but we will see. we will be moving on. i was in michigan yesterday which is an important state. >> to keep up to date on the latest primary news just head to our website click on south carolina primaries. full coverage under headlines. you can only vote in one primary. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> we did warm into the 60s today. right now it is 59 degrees. partly cloudy skies. wind out of the west at 8 miles per hour.
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it will be chilly. a low of 35 degrees. tomorrow it will be sunny with a high temperature of 58 degrees. but after that we will drop to 32 friday morning and we will start a warming trend with 61 on friday. 68 saturday. it will be partly cloudy then. on sunday partly cloudy, 72 degrees. but clouds increasing for monday with a chance of showers and a high temperature of 67. now let's take another look at the traffic around the area this afternoon. and at last look we have just one accident. actually this is on i77 right there. south of town. it is not causing any problems at the moment. on the northwest side of town, a slow down right here on two notch road. 15 miles per hour. also slow on the clemson
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of i-77. from 277. southwest side of town, everything is in good shape. on the northwest side of town slow through the malfunction junction area. coming out of town, 19 miles per hour. and if you are going from downtown to harvardson boulevard 15 minutes. downtown to lexington on 378, 24 minute. >> back to you. >> thank you. new clinwalk free dental and eye service for people in the midlands. -- clinic for free dental and eye service for people in the midlands. cleanings, exams, fillings and extractions for people who are under curved. 123,000 people will be served. the biggest thing is it will alleviate the work load from emergency rooms. >> going to the emergency room
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i think that is the biggest message. >> i can go to the dentist. i could have my teeth cleans. have exams and not have to worry about a high bill. at the same time. >> they are going to be open monday through friday and they are taking appointments now. >> love seeing people get the help they need. health insurance is crazy expensive. >> absolutely. we said this about the united way so many times, when you give it is an umbrella organization. you are giving to so many organizations and they do things like this. the list goes on and on. >> as we learned that gift is tax deductible. coming up, many had your homes or business damaged in the floods, how does that change your taxes, what can you write off, what can't something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more
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and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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all right. time to think about getting your taxes filed because the sooner you file the sooner you get the check back. that is the part we like. back to talk about this. donny, let's talk first about flood victims. we have so many people watching us whose homes or businesses were hurt.
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>> in this area a lot of people, maybe the home got destroyed, you get a deduction for that. that is -- you take what was the value of your home, or what you paid for your house, less insurance reimbursement and you get to deduct that, less $100. if you lost your house, you will get a deduction for that. a matter of make sure you final your shainsurance and -- your insurance and if you don't get completely reimbursed you may have a deduction. we are telling people, it causes the federal disaster area, you can take that on this tax return or go back to the previous year.
5:44 pm
back. [ indiscernible ] business. >> that is the same thing. that would be -- that is for a number. businesses -- >> yeah. >> lost the business completely. in that case the rules are the same. take your loss less the insurance reimbursements and you can deduct that completely. no limitation. you can deduct those losses. loss of inventory, that is a loss. [ indiscernible ] that flood impacted a lot of people here. >> okay. and then same thing with your residence. >> same thing with your residence. yes.
5:45 pm
bought a house last year and sold a house. >> if you purchased a house last year, you will have additional interest and taxes. if you sold a house in the middle of the year you may not have a receipt, but a prorated property taxes on the closing statements, you can deduct those taxes. if you bought a house -- [ indiscernible ] that will give you a deduction. also just a nice thing, tax law, if you are single -- [ indiscernible ] if you are married, half million dollars -- >> wow! >> that is a good thing. [ indiscernible ] >> we were talking before the break about free and discounted
5:46 pm
so many of us have expensive health care bills. >> we tell everybody to keep track of all your medical bills. [ indiscernible ] >> you keep track of your insurance you pay, the medical bills you pay, anything you have. it has to exceed a certain amount. but you may have a deduction. keep track of everything medical. >> and we had another question from a viewer, if you just graduated school and you are looking for a job and unemployed, and you don't have that job yet but you had a job, what is deductible? [ indiscernible ] >> educational expenses. >> okay. so much to think about.
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all tomorrow night the gamecocks can do something very special, win their third sec regular season title. the gamecocks host georgia but the coach is still trying to
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complete 40 minute effort. >> talk about maying discipline basketball. still trying to play a full game of being discipline on both sides of the ball. we are, you know, if we stay true to that, you know, then -- you know, then -- you know, the wins take care of themselves. >> tip-off is 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night and the men's team host florida on saturday in front of a sold out crowd. game time is noon. they lost back to back games since february of last season and they are looking to snap a 7 game florida winning streak. >> and why not do it at home. >> i hope so. watched that game last night. all right. coming up next, i love this
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snuggle local goats that need it will be a great night of tv on wltx. 8:30 p.m. survivor, followed by big bang theory and then a new code black at 10:00 p.m. take a look at these adorable goats. they are living at possum kingdom in south carolina. and the farm needs your help.
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because the owners say they had too many baby goats and they can't keep up with caring for all of them. so they said they need to be fed three times a day and also played with to get them socialized. it is an hour and a half drive from columbia. if you would like to volunteer you can reach out to them on their facebook page and say you know what, after i vote in the primary i am going to go and volunteer my time to cuddle your baby goat. no one will judge. our producer is the first person to sign up for this. she will be cuddling goats. >> that will do it for friends @ five.
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is in one minute.
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p.m. the governor is about to make her endorsement for president. reaction. >> the sheriff speaking up on killing a teen. we will hear what happened during the bond hearing and the gamecocks to introduce you to a student of the week. news 19's player of the week. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> from the station that is on your side you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. >> in a few moments now marco rubio is expected to get his biggest endorsement in south carolina. good evening. thank you for being with us. >> i am jr berry. >> and i am darci strickland. >> governor nikki haley was on the fence on whether or not to endorse a candidate. this afternoon reports started surfacing, he is backing marco rubio. news 19's goalby g join --
5:59 pm
>> reporter: on tuesday governor nikki haley showed no signs she was ready to make an endorsement. only knew she wouldn't back donald ump. governor nikki haley will be endorsing marco rubio at a town hall at started moments ago. the latest poll shows donald trump leads at 35%. marco rubio in third after ted cruz with 17%. governor nikki haley's endorsement could change the outcome during saturday's primary. many voters are still on the fence just like governor nikki haley was only yesterday. >> 50% of voters have not made up their minds yet in terms of who they are supporting on saturday. it could be impactful. >> reporter: the third state ohold the primary, many others


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