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tv   News 19 Saturday Morning  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00am-12:30pm EST

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morning. i'm andrea mock and we are with you with election coverage for the next hour and half. the falls -- the post have been open for about an hour and officials are expecting a turnout. officials say there was a record number of absentee ballots for both primaries. 78,000 ballots were returned and that is more than double the amount of early votes in 2008. we spoke over 600,000 who voted four moore this morning and he said they expect a turnout today, as well, at the actual polls. the gop expects about 650,000 voters today, which would easily eclipse the record of 600,000 who voted four years ago. moore says the increase is partially because of the constant dissension on social media and facebook and twitter, getting more people into politics this season.
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over the place and one has donald trump in the lead by double digits and another has ted cruz with 5% dose within 5% of first place. another, released late yesterday, shows marco rubio within three points from donald trump. ted cruz, though, in third place with 19% and jeb bush is 11%. ben carson, at 8%. john kasich comes in last place in the particular pole with just 7% of the vote. leading up to today, local election offices wer the primary is officially under way. it only takes 12 hours for you to pick your candidate. preparations have taken months of time and a lot of hard work, as well. throughout the week, offices are preparing the precincts and in sumter, pat jefferson has equipment pickups scheduled.
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had issues. >> are voting machines and the list of supplies and everything -- if you took time to look around in the voter registration office, you would see that we have prepared, prior to this, coming up. >> jefferson reminds registered voters to try to bring the approved photo ids when they come today. otherwise, there is a bit of a process to vote. up. if you are looking at what they would like to you -- what they would like you to bring for the id, if you want to find out if what you have qualifies, go to our website at i hope you have kept this you know by now, that the
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rubio, john kasich, and donald trump have been out asking for your vote. voters woke up early to cast their ballots and it has been busy all day, right colby? >>reporter: it has been very busy. we are at the presbyterian church, and people have been coming in the door to cast their vote in the primary. we have the chair with us to the five forms of id. we went over them earlier today and we have those on the website. five photo identifications, what is the process? >> we can do a provisional ballot. you can fill that out and it would be sent to the commission and you can provide identification to the commission. it will give you the date and you will know the commission
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identification from you and the ballot will be turned in. >>reporter: something people are caught off guard by, is they come in with sweatshirts explained that process. >> as far as inside the polling office, there can be -- there can't be any campaign literature. it has been that way for years. every now and then, we have to reinforce it. >>reporter: we've been talking about expected numbers. there are supposed to be record numbers. have you seen that, today, compared to previous years? the amount of people coming in, so far? >> it is much higher than what we anticipated, for premiers -- previous primaries at this location. >>reporter: what about absentee ballots, they have been very high? >> that is correct. >>reporter: was is expected and left -- in lexington county? >> i'm not really sure. i am told that for early indications when they saw the
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it. the day is young and i'm sure it will be coming this afternoon. the good news, there is no wait and people get in and out quickly. >>reporter: people that have been coming in say that they are surprised there is not a line. is there a point where a line is expected? if someone wants to come here from lexington county, what should they workaround? >> sooner is better and on saturday, if you can drop by when you are out, it is fine. closer to 7:00, you will have more people. >>reporter: thank you so much. we are at the presbyterian church, one of the largest precincts in lexington county and there is no wait right now. all you have to do is come here before 7:00 p.m. to cast your vote. for now, colby gallagher, wltx 19. >> colby will be there for the next couple of hours.
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gallagher at your voting precinct. if you go to vote someplace else, your vote is getting cast. when it comes to the primary, it all comes down to delegates. may be, even superdelegates, next saturday. what does that mean? here's a breakdown. >> starts with the were delegates. each state is a lot of delegates, both republican and their party leaders or early supporters of candidates and come caucus day, after the popular vote is tallied, the delegates are divided up and then they go to the national convention to vote for your candidate on your behalf. here is where it gets weird. they do it differently. this year, republican needs 1237 of 2472 delegates to secure the nomination. 17 delegates after iowa and new hampshire.
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become the party nominee. you may think, bernie sanders is ahead after the landslide so. hillary clinton is crushing the excuse me? that is right. this is the part where it gets perplexing. democrats have a superdelegate. those fancy delegates are not bound by popular vote. they can vote for whichever candidate they want. let's show you new hampshire to explain. bernie hampshire -- bernie sanders crusted. new hampshire's 24 delegates and sanders got 15, based on popular vote and clinton racked up nine. new hampshire has eight of those superdelegates, six of whom have pledged support to clinton, bumping her number up to 15. now, new hampshire is basically a tie.
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other delegates have not announced to they will support, just yet. so many superdelegates in states that haven't voted have come out to back hillary clinton and it is virtually impossible for sanders to lock up the nomination even if he keeps grabbing the popular vote. those fancy delegates have the right to change their mind at any time. to quote yogi berra, it ain't over til it's over. . all right. there is the explanation of how delegates work. meanwhile, and south carolina, there are 50 delegates for the republican party and 59 for the democratic party. a lot of attention has been put on south carolina's status as the first in the south primary. senator john mccain and former arkansas governor mike huckabee ... mccain won with 33 percent
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south carolina has had a good record of picking the eventual nominee for the gop. in 2008, and a very closely watched and contested race between arizona senator john mccain and former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, mccain one with 33% here before winning the eventual nomination. in 2012, the state picked it english with 20%. mitt romney would eventually get the nomination. and rich actually ended up hitting out of the race before the republican convention that year. something else a lot of people talked about, was in for jackson, parris island, all in our state -- no doubt whoever wants to win must-win the vote with the military veterans. in south carolina, 12% of the overall population -- or if you count heads, about 390 residents -- 390,000 residents are veterans. this spoke on veterans issues and military funding in the rallies and according to a cnn exit poll from 2012, 21% of the voters leaving -- leading the
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themselves as veterans. if you can't get an of politics excitement, two of the candidates are throwing parties in the midlands and you are invited. marco rubio is inviting supporters to join him at carolina haven on bluff road and the doors are open at 6:00 p.m. down the road at the state fairgrounds, ted cruz will hold a watch party tonight. this one starts later anna -- at 8:00 p.m. in the moore building off rosewood drive. front-runner donald trump is hosting a party tonight and will spend his evening in spartanburg at the marriott. his watch party begins at 8:00. mary is traveling there to be at his watch party tonight. ben carson is holding his in greenville at the embassy suites, at the golf resort and meanwhile, john kasich is already moving on from our state.
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to massachusetts to focus on campaigning there. for complete coverage of the primary and beyond,.org website, and click on primaries and that you can also find out what it is you need to take with you to vote today. the most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bond. a pleasant start to the weekend, including the coast. a good-looking shot with the palmetto trees in the background. 61 across the midland with low 60s being the warm spot, 62 in the capital city. we haven't seen any rain, mostly cloudy skies and a wide view showing light shower activity moving east. it is producing a little bit light rain and chester and lancaster counties. in the midlands, it has been dry. we've seen mostly cloudy conditions and we expect that
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we will see mostly cloudy skies throughout this afternoon and this evening. even into saturday night, mostly cloudy skies. we start off the second half of the weekend with mostly cloudy skies and there may be a small chance for an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon or evening, but not much for rainfall over the weekend. the first day of the work week, better chances for showers. monday, the showers move in and more rain chances for tuesday. for the high temperature, highs are mid-to upper 60s and may touch 70 in orangeburg and manning and the lowe's tonight, dropping into the upper 40s and lower 50s. for the next seven days, 73 tomorrow with rain chances increases on monday and showers likely on tuesday. temperatures are decreasing by tuesday and wednesday with partly cloudy skies and 57. 58 by the end of the workweek with more sunshine. today, high temperatures and some may touch 70 degrees under
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andrea? a good day to go to the polls. in the meantime, and one week from now, the democrats get their turn. hillary clinton was endorsed by congressman jim clyburn. he said she had the leadership to deal on issues of the wealth gap, the cost of higher education, affordable healthcare and reforming the criminal justice system. he added that her years as first lady and secretary of state give her experience to lead, especially in matters of foreign affairs. thousands will spend time bernie sanders -- is expected to be in greenville tomorrow and will discuss criminal justice reform, wall street and raising the minimum wage. to make public colleges and which is one of his major
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campaign season. once again, to cast of democratic ballots, that primary is next saturday. thousands will pay respects today, to justice antonin scalia. the nation's capital stopped at 11:00 for his funeral at the national represent the immaculate conception. his father, father paul scalia will lead the mass for him. be attending the funeral service. sending vice president joe biden to represent the administration because of the personal relationship that joe biden has with the scalia family. grassley. and will have a major say on
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will have a supreme court nominee that gets a hearing. next and was 19 this morning, we take you out to usc where they promise a fun day of invention.
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rockets and walking on water. change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling,
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and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. today is going to be absolutely gorgeous. it already is. families are outside, enjoying the weather and learning science at the same time. was 19 has dion gilroy at the university of south carolina college of engineering for a special stem open house today. you made all sorts of promises of walking on water and now you are on a segway.
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>> i've gotten off the segway for my safety and the safety for everyone around me. >>reporter: there are so many fans that it is warming up. i took my jacket off and it is a great event for everybody. i have a students -- i have a student here, and we are in the segway area. tells us what goes into making these things work. >> we have two different models. one is powered by a battery and we have this one, powered by hydrogen. it is something we worked on at the university of south carolina. it takes hydrogen and mixes with air and oxygen and mixes you go forward. byproduct is water. that is a cool thing we get to do at the university of south carolina. >>reporter: you are seeing a live demonstration of someone getting taught to use the segway. this little girl is rolling on
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the key is to control your body. >> it is about balancing. standing up straight and it is different. you have to get your boat legs and then learn to walk all over again when you get down. >>reporter: definitely. thank you so much. this is one of the many events. you can get on the segway or take advantage of some bottle rockets over there and, andrea, you mention walking on water. i did say i would try to do it earlier. i am going to do it in the next half hour. you will have to tune in to see if i make a fool of myself on back to you. now, news 19 sports director reggie anderson. a big basketball day. the gamecocks host florida at the top of the hour.
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both teams need to win to shore up the ncaa tournament resumes. it is a big baseball day. carolina and clemson are in action. they got their seasons under way. that is chad holbrook cooking off -- kicking off your four is a coach. there is mcelwain, the highly touted freshman. he got in some action late in the game against albany. the gamecocks are moving strong and clarke schmidt with the try count, the opening-day starter. he brought his a game. clark scolamiero with a fly. john jones to third. [cheers and applause] it is a 1-0 gamecock lead. bottom of the third, jones back at the plate.
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bases are loaded and he arrived on second. 4-0 gamecock's. a lot of new faces and you have to get your roster out to keep up. here's one you will hear about, it is the first homerun of the or for the gamecocks and one by a final of 10-0. game to will be later today at 2:00 at the new founders park. up the road in the upstate, monte lee in his first game as clemson's head football coach. tigers hosted maine and in the first, a double out will bring in eli white and they are up 1- 0. charlie brown's out of sumter. maine gets on top of the tigers to win by a final of 4-3. steve spurrier is getting busy, even though he is not getting ready for spring practice. he was in atlanta at the or curing kids cancer. that is part of his role as
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president. spurrier is part of a celebrity panel asked questions by a pair of 12-year-old cancer survivors. he is staying busy and spreading the message of the gamecocks athletics and all things gamecock, that is part of his new role at the university. >> it's a representative of the university, to some -- to promote the sport games and some talks. it's not real demanding. we have a wonderful staff in south carolina. i'm really proud really proud of women's basketball, just when the third straight sec championship, last night. i promote goodwill for south carolina. >>reporter: he has high praise for will muschamp what about spurrier's own future caught -- spurrier's future? he may scale down with capacity.
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head coach for 30 years. i've been into coaching and i had a chance to do that. i've been blessed and very thankful. i'm ready for life after coaching. i may still -- if something comes up way down the road, in some manner, but not as head coach. i've already done that. staying on the team is sort of fun. right now, all sports teams in south carolina -- its fun doing that, right now. >> he is keeping busy. a complete wrap up of baseball and basketball tonight on on your side 19. we will see you tonight on news 19 at 6:00. reggie, thank you so much. next on news 19 this
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what about the hoverboard?'s calling for your side with a warning, and the warning, about hoverboards. the consumer product safety commission sent out a new notice about safety standards to retailers, manufacturers and importers. it calls for makers and sellers who don't comply with the safety standards to take the boards off the market until they can be certified as being safe. the boards have been blamed for more than 50 fires across the country and the consumer product safety commission thinks there's a problem with the way the lithium ion battery pack reacts with the boards. they said the product doesn't
11:27 am
and will face recall. if you own a toyota suv, this could affect to. toyota is recalling nearly 3 million vehicles because of a faulty seatbelt in the backseat. models are the rav4 dig suv produced between july 2005 and august 2014. if your car is affected, take a to the dealer and they will repair the seatbelt at no cost to you. gm recalls about 200,000 saturn cars to replace the takata airbag and slaters. they can explode with too much force and send medal, shrapnel into the car. at least 10 people have died worldwide and 139 have been hurt. the gym recall includes the saab 9-3 from 2003-2011 and from 2010 2010-2011. is the saturn from 2008, and 2009 and dealers will replace
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they will get letters notifying them about the recall.
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4.5 saturday morning." the polls are open and voting is well under way here. good morning and thank you so much for staying with us for the second half of our election coverage. we are here with you all morning for the gop primary. we know that today is a very big day. it is decision day. i'm andrea mock. thank you for keeping it here. the polls have been open for about 4.5 hours and they expect a record turnout. in fact, voting officials tell news 19 there was a record number of absentee ballots
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that number, 78,000 if you have already voted and chosen who you wanted in the primary. that is more than double the amount of early voters we had in 2008. we spoke with state republican party chairman matt moore and he said at the precinct they expect a turnout today. he said as many as 650,000 voters will cast ballots, which will go over the record of 600,000 voters who decided to vote for years ago. he said the increase is partly because of the constant discussion and attention this campaign has gotten on social media and twitter and facebook. south carolina has 50 republican delegates up for grabs. it takes 1237 delegates to win the nomination and right now, donald trump is in first with 17 delegates, and following the
11:32 am
primaries, ted cruz and marco rubio are close behind with double digits, 11 and 10, respectively. everybody else's trailing. kasich has five and jeb bush has four. what we've heard from lexington, where we find news 19's colby gallagher, is we heard that people in her precinct have been steadily coming in the door to cast their ballot. what is going on, colby? i see some excitement behind you. >>reporter: andrea, the people coming and to cast their ballots continue, as you said, steadily. the second i say that, the door is not opening. you can see the parking lot is full and we have people trying to get things on ballot in the upcoming election with lots of political work going outside of the presbyterian church. people say it is one of the largest precinct in lexington
11:33 am
it was expected to be busy. the pole chairman, doug leonard, said they've had 663 ballots cast inside the church, a good number. they expect plenty more people until 7:00 tonight and some have debated whether that is higher or lower than expected by noon. they say this is a strong turnout, so far. one voter put an interesting light on things and said she is voting for trump. one thing she said, if you agree with him or her or not, she thinks a lot of the coverage he has been getting is the reason behind why so many are coming out. as i said, an interesting angle on why she thinks this is a high turnout your for this primary. right now, plenty of families are coming in. one family came in with a baby. the whole family is coming out to do this, exercising the right to vote is very important to many people and not taking more than a four minutes -- a few minutes to go in and cast your vote.
11:34 am
it is quick. they say there may be a line because it is busy. but right now, people that go in through the door come out in less than five minutes. it is not taking long. if you have a few minutes and are registered voter and wish to vote in the republican primary, go to to check which precinct is yours. make sure you go to the right one. have one of the id forms and you are ready to go. colby gallagher -- colby gallagher, wltx. if you can't get enough of the excitement, two of the candidates are throwing parties in the midlands tonight. senator marco rubio invites supporters to celebrate at carolina haven on bluff road and the doors open at 6:00. down the road at the state fairgrounds, senator ted cruz will hold his watch party that starts later, at 8:00 p.m.
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donald trump will spend his evening at the spartanburg begins at 8:00. ben carson is holding his in greenville at the embassy suites. it is at the golf resort and news 19 is sending mary sturgill out to the trump watch party and she will bring updates, tonight. ohio governor john kasich has moved to massachusetts to start his campaigning there. one last note, we heard colby talking about what it is you need to grab when you go out the door. news 19 is on your side to make sure you have exactly what you need. p poll managers will ask voters to show one of these five forms of id. here is what is accepted. a south carolina driver's license, a south carolina dmv id, south carolina voter registration card, a federal military id or a u.s. passport. if you forget and don't have one of those with you, or bring your non-voter registration
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paper voter registration card you receive in the mail when you register. provisional ballot. but, you have to show a photo id to the county election office before the vote gets certified on thursday for your vote to count. now, to look at that information, or hear your favorite candidate speeches and look up what they feel about on a certain issue that matters to you, go to our website and click on the sc primaries full coverage tab, right under your headlines. it has been a dry start to the weekend and mostly cloudy skies. 62 degrees and the breeze out of the southwest at 14 miles per hour, allows the temperatures to warm up. the satellite radar composite confirms clouds and light rain
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and lancaster county and drizzle in western portions of fairfield county. we don't expect much in the way of rainfall. temperatures will warm up to the mid-60s by noon and 67 at 2:00 with highs later in the mid to upper 60s. some of us may touch 70 degrees. tomorrow, 73 and an isolated shower. rain chances work their way to the picture by monday. 65 and showers likely on tuesday and showers on wednesday with high temperatures decreasing at the rain chances increase. highs on tuesday and wednesday in the middle 50s. we will take a look at the seven day forecast in a few minutes.
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a lot is going on around your town today. news 19 on your side is keeping you up-to-date on everything. richland county and forest acres are hosting a joint paper recycling and shredding event, today. accepted materials include household computers and electronics, they will recycle power tools, small radios and appliances, your tires, for cars, trucks and bicycles. metal appliances, including stoves, washers, refrigerators and air conditioners. if you have anything like that, take it to creighton middle school on cranston avenue. the event is for residents, only and they don't accept commercial materials. this is a cool event. public safety teams in lexington county will face off
11:41 am
it is to benefit charity. the sheriff's department and public safety office will participate in a basketball game and the event kicks off with dinner and entertainment at gilbert high school. tickets are $10 at the door and the best part is, the proceeds go to support samaritans well, a local women and children's shelter. two-time grammy award- winning singer and tony award- winning actress, jennifer holliday, is in the midlands. she is taking part in the ninth annual strong threads african- american celebration on festival from 11:00 until 5:00 at the science. news 19's deon guillory is out at the university of south holistic center and hopkins. there will be food, events and vendors. this event is free. go to hopkins for some fun. meanwhile, a beautiful day outside. we know that dion gilroy is having a great time at usc's seeing the latest technology
11:42 am
almost ready. will be go back to him? we are here at usc college of engineering. this is something i have been tossing in your face all morning, the walk on water quote-unquote event. i'm going to show you how this works. all it is is a tub, a swimming pool pool, of cornstarch it has been here and is hardened. i won't be able to take the microphone.
11:43 am
[cheers and applause] there you go. i am a man of my word. the crowd was cheering me on. thank you, appreciate it. these kids have been going in and out of this. this is a big highlight of the event at the engineering building at usc. they are having an expo to introduce kids and families to the interesting things of science. it is a great event. we showed you the segway and there are bottle rockets. it is a big thing happening for the remainder of the morning and the afternoon. we will show you one more thing in the next few minutes and then talk about those things and toss it back to you. it looks like fun. i'm glad you got to try it out. the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist,
11:44 am
a mostly cloudy and mild start to the wiccan. in columbia, 62. 61 in sumter and orangeburg is 64. myrtle beach and charleston cooler, middle 50s. 53 in anderson and greenville. across the u.s., not bad for late february, especially across the southern tier of the united states. 70 degrees in dallas, 66 in new orleans and 74 in miami, florida. go to the great lakes to see cold weather. 38 in minneapolis and 38 toward boise, idaho. the satellite radar and surface features show high pressure helping bring in warmer air. is the southwesterly flow that will allow us to warm up later today. we see the winds at 14 miles
11:45 am
temperatures to warm into the low 60s. some showers are moving across chester and lancaster county. most of it is moving east. we can't rule out a sprinkle in the northern portions of the midland, and not expecting a lot of rain for today. it will be mostly cloudy conditions and cloudy skies tomorrow. an isolated shower will be possible tomorrow evening. we don't expect much in the way of rainfall. it is not until the new work week that we see a better chance of rain. showers are continuing to push and into the second day of the work week, more chances for showers. high temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s. there may be some 70s. 69 in columbia, st. matthew's in sumter. we will shoot for 70 in orangeburg and the low tonight will drop to the upper 40s and low 50s and mostly cloudy, overnight. we start of sunday most a -- mostly cloudy. it will be mild, 70 degrees and the rain chance increases
11:46 am
65 and showers likely tuesday. mid-50s on wednesday and the system will move out and the weather improves. it is cool, 57 on thursday, 58 by friday. in the short term, mostly "tell them, to go **** themselves..." he's not a reckless blowhard, or a scripted robot. he's a conservative governor with proven results. he led the nation in job creation and beat the teachers union to enact massive reform. jeb bush. over 40 retired generals and admirals and 12 medal of honor recipients know he's the commander in chief we need now. conservative, proven and prepared. jeb bush for president. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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a very moving documentary called corridor of shame, focusing on education and the polity and our state prompted someone to speak out and encourage other teenagers to do the same. megan rivers explains. the gators and one of the largest high schools in the state. the building is 540,000 square feet and almost $140 million to build. merritt jones is a student there. >> i was watching this
11:49 am
were kids that were missing basic necessities. >>reporter: she said she's in a much different story about schools in neighboring districts. >> i watch the corridor of shame and thought about this. i knew it wasn't okay and wasn't right. >> she was surprised to learn that other high schools were like hers. >> i've been fortunate to have the opportunities and realize the bigger picture and that there are things that can be done. >>reporter: she started a nonprofit called student space said it is more like a movement. >> student space is a nonprofit that works to amplify student voices in decision-making. you may not like the situation you are placed in or be at a good high school, but you can do something. >>reporter: they are coming up with the plant -- a plan to share with districts.
11:50 am
councils. they are not hand-picked for students that do really well in school. >>reporter: she and students -- encourages students to have more of a voice. >> we're going to lawmakers. will have a student lobby in april and we are getting in the face of lawmakers and we are a sleeping giant, but this move will be popular. we have to be active and consumers of our education and have a voice. >>reporter: she visited other schools around the state and her teachers are proud of her commitment. >> she truly is living out what we teach. making an impact in the community. not just studying it or writing about it, but doing it. >>reporter: in lexington, megan rivers, news 19, wltx. >> although she is a senior and preparing to go to college, she
11:51 am
a boy now has a 3d prosthetic hand made for him. 13-year-old connor morgan was given has a handicap, you feel like students at central carolina technical college, the broad street campus in sumter. the students created the 3d hand using 3d printer technology. morgan was taken by surprise when told he would receive the hand. >> i found out two weeks ago. i came to learn about 3d printing and stuff. they called me and said that they were working on my hand. >> it may be an engineering this is a way to make somebody's life better, a way to make people more successful and to make people feel better about themselves. when we can do that, it is a great thing. >> well, it took the
11:52 am
hand and they said if morgan's wrist get stronger, so will the grip of the hand. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america
11:53 am
and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
11:54 am
day outside and families are enjo there is an awesome event going on right now. if you have nothing to do, go to the u.s. the school of engineering. their learning science, technology and math and putting all of that genius into sum awesome inventions and progress. what have you seen, dion? >>reporter: andrea, the big thing is the cornstarch. people are quote-unquote walking on water. i have a student -- tell me your name -- >> my name is chris.
11:55 am
there. you don't want to stand in place. >> keep moving. the faster you move on top of the water, the more the cornstarch pushes back. if you stand still, it will act like a liquid and you will fall to the bottom, kind of like quicksand. >>reporter: tell me what goes into making this? >> we got a peer at 7:00 a.m. and started with 950 pounds of cornstarch and 95 gallons of water. we used a cement mixer and got it ready for the event today. >>reporter: these kids are enjoying this. tell us, this does not go to waste. where does it go when you are done? >> we don't waste the cornstarch. we have a local farmer who raises pigs and he uses it for the hogs. we will clean it up and send it to him after the event. >>reporter: thank you so much.
11:56 am
this. they don't stop because it will sink. andrea, we will be here longer and will show you another event. bring your family. the weather is great and it is a great place for the kids to learn something new. back to you. >> i love that idea! thank you so much, dion. we say we love any idea that is a free idea to do with your kids. that is the best we can, ever. you take your kids, they have fun and they get tired and we get a little break and it is free. >> you can tell that people have short sleeves. it is pleasant outside. a little overcast. temperatures will climb in the mid to upper 60s and we may hit 70 degrees. tomorrow, 73 and a small chance for an isolated shower tomorrow evening. tomorrow night, a better chance for rain to introduce the work week.
11:57 am
and wednesday and the system will wrap up with partly cloudy on thursday and highs in the mid to upper -- mid to upper 50s thursday and friday, under mostly sunny skies. today, mostly cloudy with highs topping off in the mid to upper 60s. some of us may touch 70 degrees and we won't complain about a february day and upper 60s, near 70 degrees. >> absolutely not. a lot of galas tonight.
11:59 am
museum and from the station on your side, you are watching news 19 at noon. news 19 is on your side,
12:00 pm
updates. good morning. we have been on the air since 8:00 bringing everything you need to know. i'm andrea mock. if you have been watching news 19, which i know you have, the final six candidates, jeb bush, ben carson, ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio and john kasich, have been so busy crisscrossing our state and holding rally after rally and all the big cities across our state, trying to get your last- minute vote. we will check in with colby gallagher in a little bit. she is at a polling location where they had a turnout, already. first, i want to let you know where to go tonight to cheer on your favorite candidate. if you can't get enough of your favorite candidate, three of them are going to be at watch parties in the midlands tonight. senator marco rubio invites you and supporters to join him to
12:01 pm
jeb bush, our friends, will be at the downtown columbia hilton tonight. donald trump will be in spartanburg and we are sending news 19's mary sturgill to the trump party tonight at the spartanburg marriott. ben carson holds his watch party in greenville at the ohio governor john kasich has moved on in his campaign and is going to massachusetts to campaign there. as you go to vote, news 19 wants to make sure that you are prepared. poll managers will ask voters to show one of these five photo ideas. here's a list. you have got the south carolina driver's license, south carolina dmv id, south carolina voter registration card, a federal military id, or use your u.s. things get tricky.
12:02 pm
have one, currently -- let's say you lost it -- instead, you can bring your non-photo voter registration card office before certification paper registration card. this is what they send you -- everyone receives this when you register to vote -- and it allows you to cast a provisional ballot. but, you have to produce a photo id and show it at the county board of elections office before your provisional vote can be certified. you have to show this on thursday, before the votes get for the vote to count. colby gallagher is ready. she's been standing by in lexington at a very popular precinct. colby? >>reporter: andrea, i'm at the presbyterian church and we have voters coming out. we have members from the swedish parliament with us. this is andrea.
12:03 pm
state and to observe the process? >> i'm chair of the committee on the constitution of the swedish parliament and i have colleagues and we want to learn more about the electoral process in the presidential elections and how they are run. we want to see if we can get inspired and perhaps, learned things from you. >>reporter: what is the most surprising thing as you go out to see how the process works? >> we have internal party processes to select members of parliament. nothing as vivid and vibrant and exciting as your primaries. we are thrilled to be here. i watched the process and it is a treat to be here to enjoy this on election day. >>reporter: people from argentina were here and they say the thing that surprised them was the political ads and the way they speak about each other.
12:04 pm
>> we can have a tough debate, but not as tough as you. we wouldn't want to give any recommendations that would be presumptuous. we are here to get impressions and we are grateful for congressman joe wilson to escort us to the district and to show us all the precincts. >>reporter: thank you so much, from the swedish parliament. congress will's -- congressman wilson, has this been interesting? inspiring to see the parliament members from sweden. to be here with the delegation see them. we have people from hungary here and it exposes the warm people of south carolina. >>reporter: it is much warmer this -- if they had waited longer -- >> this is a deep winter day
12:05 pm
>>reporter: congressman wilson, members from the swedish parliament are here to observe our process and they will see how the polling process works we won't hold you up any
12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
for now, i'm coley -- i'm restaurants owner. he's charged with attempted onto some headlines of the day. yesterday, that rendered $500,000 surety bond to a man accused of killing his wife's lover on valentine's day. greg leon is a midlands restaurant owner charged with attempted murder. police say he tried to kill his wife. this a greg leon open the door to the car and shot and killed
12:09 pm
identified, yet. the wife asked if he could be released on bail, even after all of that, saying she did not feel threatened by him. the judge set the bail at $500,000 on several conditions, contact with the wife and has to surrender his passport. he will have electronic honor during and has to live with his parents. leon has to face a judge in arrest and prosecutors say he violated his probation. richland county and forest acres host a joint recycling and paper shredding event today. accepted materials include paper for the shredder, and if you have any of these, you can bring them.
12:10 pm
tires for cars, trucks and bicycles, metal appliances, stoves, washers, air- conditioners. you can bring those items until 1:00 this afternoon to creighton middle school on clemson avenue. the event is for residents, only. we have shown you throughout the last hour that folks are outside at usc's school of engineering having a great time learning stem, science, technology, education and math. we are having some fun. >>reporter: andrea, you mentioned the science thing. journalism majors know nothing about science. i am learning a lot. i am here with stephen at the goes into this? >> we invite everyone and put together these mechanisms. we fill these bottles with water and compress them and great time. >>reporter: it is designed to >> i believe so.
12:11 pm
>> let's do it. on your go. >> are you ready? three-2-1, poll! >> the crazy thing, the bottles just got drenched. you don't know where they're going. it is crazy. also, kids are learning about science and forests and water and everything else that goes with it. this is also something they can think later on, as far as a career? >> exactly. they may think, i learned about pressure today. >>reporter: thank you so much, stephen. you can bring your family to
12:12 pm
they're having this big event and it is open and free to the it is free, that is the >> we love that. what did you get drenched with, water or soda? >> [laughter] i'm happy for you. we were worried. we thought that was soda. i didn't get that they filled it with water. >> water is not a bad thing. >> soda leaves you sticky four hours. i've been there. >> it looks like that will be the only water falling from the sky. it will be mostly dry and temperatures will go into the upper 60s. we are shooting for a high-end temperatures above what we typically expect. and low temperature is 38. last year we were at 12 degrees in the record high was 84, only two years old and those records will be safe for one more year. temperatures are warming up,
12:13 pm
67 in saint matthews and already 68 in orangeburg. it is cooler in newberry and they have upper 50s. 61 in camden and the satellite e radar composite along the midlands shows a little bit of light shower activity and portions of kershaw county. this is light and we can't rule out a sprinkle along the northern fringe. we don't expect rain today. the rain chance increases into the beginning of the new work week. we put our forecast and motion with cloudy skies and a small northern midlands. opportunity for an isolated early evening. that is when the rain chance increases and by monday, showers and we will see that tuesday. for high temperatures, we will
12:14 pm
we may touch 70 degrees. 70 degrees in orangeburg might be on the low side. lexington, 67 and newberry, 68. tonight, temperatures not bad. the lows will fall into the upper 40s and low 50s under mostly cloudy skies with a mild start to your sunday. sunday afternoon, rain chances increase. temperatures will decrease and showers are likely on tuesday. she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights
12:15 pm
hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us.
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12:17 pm
with the gop primary . the gop primary is well under way. it is 12:18 in columbia and everyone is weighing in and who they think will take south carolina. the truth is, it is anybody's race. news 19's jr berry joins us
12:18 pm
>>reporter: we are joined by nonpartisan political newspaper out of our nation's capital. >> my pleasure. >>reporter: the voters are casting their ballots right now. does trump have what it takes to finish first tonight? question and has always been trump's campaign. can he deliver on the polling numbers, do his voters show up >>reporter: we will find that out very soon. certainly, if it is consistent with the polling, it looks like it will be a good night for mr. trump. >>reporter: those polls have been all over the place. some show him with a 20-point lead and some are single digits, now. can those polls really be
12:19 pm
>> one key point, some voters make up their mind late in the process. a poll from a week ago doesn't provide a great indicator for today. favorable to donald trump. as you say, there is a lot of volatility in the polls. >>reporter: jeb bush was hoping to get the endorsement of governor haley, earlier this that endorsement now goes to campaign? carolina? >> it certainly could be, quite frankly. he needs a good result and to get ahead of marco rubio. i think they're both competing for the establishment type voters and that is why the endorsement by heavener haley was so big. not just that rubio got it, but it means jeb bush didn't d that is advantage to rubio. >>reporter: how well does bush have to finish to keep going?
12:20 pm
third. once you get below third, it gets very problematic and it depends on where other candidates finish, relative to him. lower than third, it gets difficult. >>reporter: if marco rubio finishes second or wins, what does that mean for his campaign? >> it is a huge boost, in and of itself, and restores stability and momentum to marco rubio's campaign. of course, he did quite badly in new hampshire, the previous prprary, having done well in iowa. if he does well in south carolina, that gives him added momentum for the future. >>reporter: one of the last polls that came out yesterday donald trump by five percentage points in south carolina. ted cruz, does he have to win south carolina, or a strong finish? >> a lot of these things are with expectations. if ted cruz ended up in a strong second place, he would be okay. the danger, is that this result could lead to questions about his ability to expand his
12:21 pm
if he is a distant second or questions become sharper. >>reporter: john kasich is that he doesn't expect to win south carolina. today, he has already gone massachusetts, tonight, as the results come in. it seems kasich is hoping to fit is moving on. >> yes, i think that is right. he hopes for reasonably solid performance but doesn't expect to be a win or really expect to do that. is looking at other states. >>reporter: ben carson does early on in the process -- person's numbers were right up there with donald trump's. for some reason, while trump maintained that, carson has dropped. is his appeal dropping? i don't see how anyone could explain the drop in polls in any other way. he had been riding high for a considerable time and then he began to drop and he never found a way to necessitate the numbers. >>reporter: marco rubio said
12:22 pm
winning a state, but willingly -- but winning delegates. for the viewers at home, you have to have, i believe, 1237 delegates to get the nomination at the convention this summer. do you think we are on the road to a brokered convention? meaning, all these candidates -- it could be tough for one to get a majority? >> right. a brokered convention is business get excited about. it hasn't happened sent does it hasn't happened since 1976. this year is a year when it could happen. so many candidates at the start and the candidates remaining are dividing up the votes. it is not out of the question, at all. >>reporter: for the folks at home, candidate could get to the convention a a have more other candidates. for the nomination to be
12:23 pm
can vote for anybody? >> yes. it becomes a free-for-all. that is why we get excited. >>reporter: if all these candidates stay in the race, at least a handful of them, that could be where this is headed. miles standish with the hell, thank you for your time. good insight. >> thank you. coming up next, we go back to the polls, where matt moore
12:24 pm
said they expect they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders has always stood with our veterans, and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie.
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12:26 pm
we are well under way into ththgop primary. it is expected to be a record number of turnout voters today. met moore with the gop party in south carolina said they expect about 650,000 voters today at the polls. that beats the records set four
12:27 pm
meanwhile, colby gallagher is standing by at a popular lexington polling location. we are wrapping up our cold brook -- we are wrapping up our coverage. colby, are a lot of people coming out? out. we are at the presbyterian church, one of many places available in lexington county. and we've seen a steady flow of voters coming in from that point and we see people coming in and out right now. they're coming in to cast their vote and we spoke with the polling office. they say they are at a count of 400 to 495 voters. we saw another family come in. we expect a record number because there is so much involvement in the selection and many eyes have been on the selection with six republican candidates in the rest.
12:28 pm
many said that they had people that they like and they had to stand and stare at the names until they felt comfortable with choosing a candidate. i asked if the endorsements have made a difference in the decisions and some say they have because they trust our senators, our governor and the other government heads in south carolina. think who is best suited to run others say they chose the candidate and stuck with them despite the debates and the coverage. they tried to stay with who they thought was best in the beginning. time will tell who comes out of the primary in the lead. the polls are open until 7:00 tonight. colby gallagher, news 19 at wltx. >> bank you so much, colby. you have done a great job. just reminder, you can only vote in one primary. we haven't mentioned that. you have to pick. you can vote in the gop primary
12:29 pm
vote in the democratic primary. we have three candidates holding parties in columbia. of the candidates. jeb bush will be at the hilton in columbia and ted cruz will be at the state fairgrounds. marco rubio will be at carolina heaven on bluff road. you are welcome to come out and support your candidates. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and we may touch the 70s in the midland. skies. better chances for rain monday into tuesday and we will see cool temperatures, as well. closed captioning provided
12:30 pm
>> as good as it gets. >> greg: the saying goes everything is bigger in texas. with 22 days until selection sunday, nothing will be bigger than n.r.g. stadium in houston six weeks from now, the final destination if year's road to the final four, two teams that have their sights set on houston, a crucial a.c.c. contest, fifth ranked north carolina and number 11 miami in a match-up that could go a long way in determining a number one seed once we get to march. welcome to "inside college basketball" presented by progressive with you for the next 30 minutes, i'm greg gumbel alongside two of theest, doug gottlieb and seth davis. gentlemen, north carolina tries to rebound following a devastating one-point loss at home to duke on wednesday night. a game the tar heels let slip away from them. leading by eight with under seven minutes to play against


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