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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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richland community voice their concern over a proposed sewer line that would run through their neighborhood. it is expected to be another wet and gloomy day in the midlands. efren has your full forecast coming up. news 19 starts right now. the 11th circuit solicitor 70 year old donnie myers has been charged with a dui after a car crash lexington. good morning and thank you for making up with us on news 19 i am deon guillory. myers was taken to the richland county joe ll be fine savannah levins with your information this morning. good morning, savannah. >> reporter: we are here right now.
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let me tell you, this is a big deal. first, this is an elected official. he has held this position for three decades now and he is tasked with the responsibility of protecting citizens and the 11th county which covers a few different counties and this is a big deal because this is not the first time this has happened. let's start with what happened last night. we are hearing this happened before 8 pm. the highway patrol says someone in a lexus was trying to make a left on beech creek road and they drove off the road and hit a utility pole. so the troopers got there to check it out but no one was there. the driver wasn't there. so they ended up going to mr. myers home and interviewed him and were able to determine he was driving the car and he was under the influence at the time . they brought him to jail.
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he blew a .09%. he was booked into jail. the south carolina law states that .08% is the legal limit. this is not the first time this has happened and not the first time he has been in trouble with the law. in 2005 he had another dui and in 2012 he was cited for having an open container of alcohol in his car. it will be interesting to see what happens here now. at the time of those other charges, he said he took full responsibility for that. we will continue to update you on air and i went to social media as well so continue to follow us at twitter and on air throughout the morning. for now we will send it back to you at least you do. >> savannah levins live for us. thank you. now the other big story is a weather.
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jackets and your umbrella. >> we are doing with light rain at least early this morning. but a couple of thunderstorms started with the through the southard and eastern portions of orangeburg county but now but scattered showers from santee to western sumter county and deliver the rain in clarendon county moving to holly hill, utah bill -- utahville, lake marion. half a mile and camden less than a mile in bishopville. sumter in manning has a few more m mse. temperatures are starting off mild with 57 in lexington and cooler of two newberry at 48 degrees. the kids will probably need the umbrella with 54 degrees as they start to head off to school.
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have a chance for a sprinkle. by 12:00 and 1:00 in the afternoon we are looking at 62 degrees with light to moderate rain and up until 6:00 into the evening. as far as the roads, take a look at i-26 between saint andrews traffic is light with no accidents being reported but it is starting to pick up with no incidents anywhere in the columbia area. if you are coming down from harbison you are looking at eight minutes and from price -- blythewood to jackson boulevard about 15 minutes. rain is expected today with significant weather tomorrow. myers? -- deon ? which and deputies need your help finding two suspects wanted for student from a good
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people you see on this video stole a wallet from the victim's car while he was helping others affected by the historic floods in the north bridge road area. investigators say the been used the victims credit card several times at businesses and a number of restaurants making $600 worth of purchases. >> for somebody to capitalize on the vulnerability of us in an emergency situation, i really cannot fathom it. >> if you have any information that could help identify the two people you see on your screen you are asked to call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc . start it is been almost 3 days since the shoppers at the columbiana mall reported gunshots. officers believe two people pulled out guns.
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shell casings. witnesses say they did not see the suspects fire the guns. at least four guns and a knife were found. experts say while the incident was scary, it is important to go back to the mall. >> if you have some apprehension, you reallylshould try to go back soon, because the longer you actually wait, for the apprehension will potentially grow. >> news 19 did richard to columbiana mall to see if there's any change -- reach out to columbiana mall to see if there is any change to security procedures. they said they are working with police to find the suspects. if you know anything you are asked to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc . we are on your side in lexington county when police say there is a warning about a
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a man calling people telling people his name is matthew colson and he is working on a federal criminal investigation. the phone numbers called from from a 706 number and a 903 number but police add other numbers could be used as well. they said to avoid being a victim do not give out your personal information. if you are looking to rent out your home in the city of columbia you may soon have to pay a new fee. they talk about change in current laws to hold landlords more accountable for their property and tenants. yesterday they went over an 11 page ordinance would would require property owners to buy a permit. council members say they hope to have the ordinance passed and take effect july 1. another public hearing will be held have not set a date yet. questions were raised last night after a proposed sewer line permit that would run
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dhec held a meeting for neighbors. many people say they couldn't afford the thousands of dollars needed to tap into the new sewer line. dhec that the cut the application for marshall county last month, but neighbors say they have been fighting back about this since 2014. one person says she is concerned about this. >> the statements dhec made were very concerning because they basically said to us we've done no environmental impact study. we've done nothing to indicate this is a -- it is mandatory and we are asking the county to do it. >> dhec is giving neighbors until march 9 two submit their comments before they make a decision to approve the project. no one from richland county council was at that meeting.
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belcher -- mom today is ella belger. dale said his mother is always a happy, smiling, positive person. she find the good in everyone. she is a rock in our church and our doubts life. congratulations to you. if you would like to nominate a mom for the moment of the go to our website at and click on the banner to send in your nomination. it is not time for our word of the day today's word is hale. it means healthy and strong. could sleep be affecting your heart help? new research says not enough sleep is a high risk of heart attack. we are sitting down with an expert to tell us how
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we are watching the weather
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state health news this morning. research says not getting enough sleep puts you at higher
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and jeanette williams appeared to give us ideas on how to protect our heart. lack of sleep connected to the heart attack. we all here we should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. that is that we should focus on. >> 7 to 9 hours is what we should focus on. those are the -- those getting less than seven and more are at high risk without any other health problems of having a heart disease. >> why is that? >> they are not exactly sure. it may be because their blood pressure is not regulated that the night. there are many theories of why it happens. >> full disclosure. we were talking during the break. i think i am guilty of this because of the crazy schedule working this shift.
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splitting my sleep and you see that is not a good idea. >> you want to get good quality sleep so making sure you are not tired. some symptoms is that you are tired during the daytime, you might say i am falling asleep while i am driving, you may notice dozing off in meetings. so being able to push sleep together is the ideal thing. of course there's always the exception to the role.'s -- but otherwise most americans should be getting 7 to 9 throughout the entire night. >> also eating too close to your bedtime can have an effect. >> if you want to get good quality of sleep there is good sleep hygiene. most people have not made a good sleep position. data physician. limiting caffeine and one of the big things that most people do is the electronic devices. >> we cannot live without them. >> but interferes with your
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so most people buy electronic devices to keep their attention so doing that too close to bedtime can interfere with sleep. and the blue bloods triggers are bring to not sleep well last night. so put them away. >> you can learn more at a free class that is monday february tonight from 6:00 to 7:00 at palmetto health at 400 bottom out -- palmetto health hospital. it is going to be a rainy day with a big story this one. here is efren afante. >> we've already seen some light to moderate showers to the midlands with rainfall pushing off to the north of the northern midlands. do a lot of activity toward the southeast with light to heavy rainfall on right now
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the eastern portions of orangeburg county has led scattered rain, t more rain has been moving through a social issue the east and on top of lake marion. all of this has been moving along i-95 at 30 miles-per-hour but we are dealing with quite a bit of fog with visibility to the north a mile or less. 2.5 mile visibility in sumter now developing toward the western portions of the midlands. we are starting off with relatively mild temperatures. it is cooler in newberry and 57 in columbia and lexington avenue 65 degrees in st. matthews. our computer model shows we will be dealing with ght to moderate rainfall throughout the morning with a break by midday. some of the light scattered showers will continue to -- will continue into the afternoon.
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today, 62 degrees with likely rainfall continuing as highs today will be in the upper 50s to the lower 60s but in our southern communities he could see temperatures as high as 68 degrees in orangeburg. tonight it will be mild with rain continuing the 257 in sumter -- to 5757 in sumter. the deep south is expecting significant severe storms today. by tomorrow, it will move into most of not all of the palmetto state for the possibility of damaging winds. modern to heavy rainfall and a lot of lightning. these storms will be coming through starting in the morning. as we start overnight into the early morning hours, the western part of the midlands will have the line moving
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storms possible through lunchtime and into the the storms will come down. 74 for a hike tomorrow with windy thursday and asked the client -- skies clear out, temperatures will warm up 256 saturday and 64 by sunday. -- to 56 saturday and 64 x 20. i-20 eastbound is pretty much a clear shot as to come across from i-77 straight across the fairfield road. there are no issues at all been reported on our roads. from shaw air force base it is
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you are looking at about today the richland library has a big announcement. joelle rhein cook are here to make the big announcement. before we make the big announcement, how long has this been in the works? >> wow. i think since last fall. >> we had a to put applications in since last fall. but we have known and have to keep quiet for a couple weeks and it has been canis so we are really happy to be today. >> so you guys are really good at keeping secrets. >> we are. >> let's get it out right now so you don't have that pressure. >> the big announcement is the richland library and are great friends the columbia museum of art have both independently
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for the national medal from the institute of the museum and library service. it is the highest out of that i library and museum can receive. the highs national honor for this federal agency. so we didn't even know each other had applied so we saw the list of finalists so columbia is the only city in the country that has two finalists. so the application process -- there were how many applicants? >> 125. >> around the country. and we have two in our backyard. >> so there is 30 total finalists. 15 museums, and 15 libraries. out of those finalists, they will pick five that will receive the medal and have a ceremony at the white house. usually the first lady is the one who gives you the medal. >> when we find out if it were to happen?
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>> it is a couple weeks from now. it is not too far away beginning of march. >> so fingers crossed. >> right now we are celebrating just been nominated as it were. and we are among some really great competition. and some of the people who we really admire, dallas public library, madison public library. very innovative libraries. >> and i think this award -- one of the most important things is we do our work well but within the community and that you are stewards of the community and the community is engaged in the work that you do. >> and that is key because these guys here are all about the community, and just opening your doors to the community. >> exactly. that is what the award actually recognizes. so we had to show how are we meeting the information and
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who are not ready to go to school, so it highlighted a lot of the work we do around getting children ready to read and ready to learn. we talked about the work we do with our social workers to get people signed up for the affordable care act. it was looking at innovative approaches to meeting community needs. >> we are very focused on community outreach to a number of strong afterschool programs and some great teacher programs and educucion programs at the museum. and then just in general we want to spark conversations where art can get is talking about our share of humanity, do that. congratulations and thank you for making the announcement here. best of luck. we are just days away from south carolina. coming up on news 19 this morning and look at what the polls are saying interstate
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we can find both candidates tonight.
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one of
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good morning to you i am deon guillory. it is tuesday, february it is tuesday, february 23 and you will wowoumbrella as you head out the door. we have efren afante tracking rate this one. >> had a little bit of rain interrupted community, deon and this continues in the southeastern portions of the
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to the north of orangeburg going into portions of western st. matthews into parts of clarendon county and eastern hundred county. it is like an scattered at nature, but we are expecting more rain. visibility is the major issue right now with less than half of a mile in camden and bishopville as less than a mile. be aware we have visibility issues in the northern half of the midlands right now in columbia city 7 degrees with overcast skies and winds out of the east at 7 miles-per-hour. you will need the umbrella this afternoon. the 4 degrees as they had our fiscal. we are looking at a height of 62 degrees with scattered showers through out the day. continuing showers with tomorrow the big story looking at strong gusty winds and strong storms. we are looking at 74 degrees and the storms could be around the midlands a lot.
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at the traffic. you can see a little bit of fog out there along i-26. this will be on the left-hand side as you are approaching i- 20. traffic has been picking up with no accidents are being reported anywhere in now that taunia. coming out of harbison boulevard and from blythewood head into fort jackson boulevard about a 15 minute commute. we are looking at strong storms tomorrow and we will look at the pinpoint forecast coming up in a few minutes. deon ? >> efren, thanks. the republican caucus has selected the nominee -- in nevada today after putting the primaries from both south carolina and new hampshire, donald trump is looking to beat rivals ted cruz and marco rubio again. cruz is going into the contest without one of his top aides after firing him over in
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rubio insulted the bible. on the other side of the aisle the democrats are gearing up for the palmetto state primary this saturday and the latest cbs news survey shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 28 points. sanders appears to be giving up on overcoming that lead after campaigning in our state today sanders will leave the campaign and nationwide sanders is connecting with younger voters. >> he is getting a very high percentage of the younger voters. he did it in iowa and new hampshire and it appears that will be the case in south carolina. but when you look at the people turn out on saturday, that youth vote is a relatively small percentage. so he estimates -- has to make sure they turned out in record numbers. >> hillary clinton isn't taking anything for granted.
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scheduled in our state each day between today and friday. tonight she will continue her breaking down harriers forum that happens at central baptist church in columbia. both sanders and clinton will take part in the cnn tonight. for complete coverage of of all news head to our website at primaries full coverage you'll find that under headlines. around the nation this morning or details emerging about the night a gunman in kalamazoo, michigan shot and killed six victims chosen at random. investigators say jason dalton admitted carrying out the attack but any hint as to why remains elusive. the 45-year-old appeared briefly in the court and was charged with six counts of murder. demonstrators are excited to
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across the country and that the ongoing encryption battle with the fbi. apple is refusing to comply with a court order to provide a backdoor for the fbi to access data from the iphone of the san bernardino terrorist. the pentagon submits a plan to congress to close guantanamo bay prison in cuba. it would call for some detainees to be moved to other facilities. the move comes days after the white house announced plans for president obama to visit the island nation. south carolina has paid millions of dollars to the federal government in the last 18 years. all because of our child support payment system. the family support act of 1988 required allstate to develop and implement a statewide automated child-support enforcement system. south carolina has failed to do that.
6:36 am
different contracts to complete the project, but both failed to provide statewide augmentation. that resulted in fines with the federal government. >> i think we are the only state in the country that currently does not have and look automated system. so the governor made it clear to me that this one of the biggest chances we have. >> join us tonight at 11:00 for the special report of mary sturgill why we could pay millions more in fines before the statewide system is up and running. this tech tuesday we steer you clear of a major market. matt granite has the ultimate cable coupon. >> great to be with you. last week i showed you how to lower your cable bill to under $20 and today actual cables at their lowest recorded price ever. take a look.
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cables. we are constantly forgetting them, we always need more, and they are marked up close to 300%. that changes today with the stable and will make cables money can buy for $6.90. these ones work with your iphone, iphone -- and ipad. for android users i found a 70% off coupon for the fastest android charge cables. $9.99 with a coupon code on our website and i love the packaging. the deal back to you. sports news now the number three usc women get another win last night on the road the gamecocks were able to take the win against alabama 66-46.
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and one overall. with two games left to play in the regular-season. on thursday two women will remain on the road and take on ole miss. tipoff is 9:00. the men's team faces off against tennessee at home tomorrow night after a win last night against florida the gamecocks are hoping to keep the winning streak going when they play tennesee at home. tipoff is 9:00. our top story from overnight solicitor donnie myers arrested for a dui.
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details morning. before we get to the big story of the day, we want to let
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device that that can really help save a life. >> these midland radio's we parted with midland radio and we are on a campaign to remain in which you can get these weather radios right now at the kroger stores, and at walgreens drug. there are being offered with a special discount rate. you can see it is displayed with the news 19 weather team. we are in the middle for you don't get a lot of coverage. >> listen to this. >> the dew point is 54. >> in these radios are going to be constantly feeding all of the information 24 seven truck with from the national weather service. >> can see the antenna is not even up. >> these radios pick up a very good signal. any kind of notification or warning advisory, these radios will wake you up in the middle of the night and during the day and let you know what is going on. at a special discounted rate,
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radios because we are expecting some significant weather are the next 36 hours. we have been doing with quite a bit of rain. elizabeth of rain boots to the north and woodlands -- or the midlands but is consecrated to the southern and eastern portion from st. matthews to the northern portions of lake marion into clarendon county. light rain is moving through the eastern portions of sumter county but it is light and scattered for now with temperatures warming up and it is humid with visibility issues happening in camden and in bishopville. it is 2 miles in sumter with a half-mile visibility and it is not with temperatures around 54 in saluda, 48 newberry, 37 banks it in in columbia. when the kids get out of school today, we are looking at a rain with 62 degrees as we expect the rain to continue directory.
6:44 am
upper 50s to the low 60s. in the south we are expecting a strong southerly flow for the afternoon. overnight tonight the lows are in the lower to middle 50s with upper 50s toward the south. there is a chris for significant weather tomorrow. we are looking from the morning to me today and strong damaging winds possible with dime sized hail and frequent lightning. we will watch that carefully. we are looking at a high of 74 degrees and then once this clears out thursday it will be windy with a high of 65 as you start to warm up to the middle 50s saturday and middle 50s by sunday. >> reporter: checking on the road conditions, looking at i-26 over at mile marker 74 and things are moving along with no
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we do have one accident reported on the 12th street extension as you approach i-77. be aware of that. if you are coming from the guilt of sandhill taking clemson road to harding street a 14 minute commute. highway 277 is looking at about seven minutete on your drive to downtown. deon , we will watch the weather carefully for tomorrow. an arrest after a car hit a utility pole. the offense you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking.
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checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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kitchen coverage of a story this morning the 11th circuit
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a dui after a car crash. we are talking about 70-year- old andalyn mills. investigators say this happened last night on old chapin road and beech creek road. he was attempting to make a left turn when he ran off the road and hit a utility pole. troopers say myers was not with the vehicle. after questioning him they determined he was the driver. myers discharge with a dui and at last check he is out of the richland county jail. he posted bail. he was previously charged with a dui in 2005 in asheville. he was also cited for having an open alcohol container in his car in 2012 in lexington county. myers was not charged with a dui in that case after he passed a field sobriety test. columbia police still have not made any arrests in
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columbiana mall. what officers say the think happened plus how you can help me come back. i am charlie rose.
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thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning it is tuesday, february 23 and the time is 6:54. let's get right to the top stories and your mittens random. richland deputies need your help finding two suspects wanted for student from a good samaritan. back on october 5 two people
6:54 am
here so a lot from a victim's car while he was helping others affected by the flood in the north ridge road area. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc . columbia police continue investigate saturday's incident at columbiana mall. officers believed two people pulled out guns and fired into the air. nobody was hurt. if you know anything about this incident, call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc . dhec held a public hearing for neighbors to express their concerns over a proposed sewer line permit that would run throughout the lower richland community. many say they just want to be able to afford the thousands of dollars needed to tap into the new sewer line. the tech -- dhec is giving people until march 9 two submit comments former they make a decision. happened today at the state
6:55 am
continue the topics but with one senator on the floor rocking the boat. senator tom who filibustered the bill closser has been taken the forces last week. forcing his stance against raising a gas tax. earlier this year he said he would not lock the bill, last week davis held before and will likely continue that during the senate session. according to the american heart association one in four south carolinians suffers from cardiovascular today's. to make a cardiologist talked about the symptoms of heart failure and the latest solutions for survival. that events such as 6:00 tonight at palmetto health baptist park ridge. glycogen district 2 schools has its fourth annual african american history commute even tonight. the students will take the stage at 6:00 at brooklyn cayce high school in cayce.
6:56 am
caucus is starting it's 2016 voter involvement campaign and an effort to increase voter participation the members of the black caucus is having an after work or social call politics and hip-hop tonight at 5:00 at mixed nightlife on berryhill road. if you have ever wanted to more about sauropod for your home to his unit. you can get information including incentives the palmetto state has to offer. it starts at 5:30 at the state museum in columbia. the usc baseball team will return to founders park today. for a look at the traffic here is efren afante. >> traffic is moving along on i-20. this will be a mile marker 67 so traveling from i-77 to pharaoh road traffic has been picking up.
6:57 am
is to the south on 12th street us who are just heading south approaching i-77 occurring half an hour ago. that is the only issue we have now on the roads. another issue is the weather with light scattered showers moving through the midlands with more showers developing out of bamberg into central parts of orangeburg county. visibility is an issue with less than a mile from bishopville and we have, fog throughout the midlands. the temperature now is 57 degrees with overcast skies. when the kids have to give us up they will need the umbrella. 54 degrees and we are expecting rain when we get out of school today which is 62 degrees with a high of only 62 with the rain continuing overnight tonight and a low of 55 degrees. then we are looking at the
6:58 am
storms tomorrow with a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow that we will track carefully. it'll be warm and gusty with a high of 74 degrees and the skies clear up by thursday. it will be windy with a reminder we will be out at the kroger's on two notch road for the weather expo tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 8 pm with representatives of the national weather service and your news 19 weather team. we will help you program these radios if you have older ones who need help with, and then in and we will help to program those. with the significant weather we are expecting tomorrow some communities of the emergency management may not be able to be there. but we'll make sure all of the radios are available and you could get them at the stores right now. >> it is a very important tool. it keeps you ahead of the storm
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really value -- put a value on. that's it for us. good morning. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants.
7:00 am
with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning. and i love you. we're going to win. go out tomorrow and vote! >> trump aimed for another win in nevada. >> if we nominate someone that 40% to 50% of our party can't stand, we are going to lose. >> trump and rubio don't want to defend their records. they scream liar, liar, liar. >> meanwhile the democrats are gearing up for south carolina. >> secretary clinton seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. >> the u.s. and russia announced that a cessation of hostilities in syria will come into effect at midnight on february 27th. in michigan, uber driver jason dalton confessed to an attack that killed six people. >> microsoft founder bill gates is weighing in on apple's standoff with the fbi. >> they say they're fighting it


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