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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i am andrea mock. >> washington is facing felony dui charges following a crash on saturday night. yesterday. and constituents are talking talking to news 19's joyce koh with more. >> reporter: the reaction was to. some constituents say the councilman should have his day in court before judging if he should continue to curve and others -- serve and other are calling for him to resign now. voted in by the people of his district washington cannot be fired. he can resign over the governor can remove him if he is indicted. here is more on what constituents had to say today. >> i feel you should have morals about yourself, dignity. drinking and driving, that is no -- that is no character.
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>> i think it is a sad day when something like that happens. we hold our officials to a high standard. then we find out we have no standards. >> reporter: we reached out to the south carolina highway patrol for a copy of the police report. they have yet to get us that. as soon as we get the latest we will keep you updated. joyce koh, news 19 wltx. richland county has seen multiple shootings. two days ago a woman was smartane parking lot -- shot in a parking lot at publix and in december a man was shot and killed at the gas station. the sheriff's department says the woman who was shot saturday had no life-threatening injuries. still many who visit the area say they are nervous about the
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close to home. >> i don't do late night grocery shopping anyway but now that we have had an incident i will not be coming here late at night. >> the richland county sheriff's department says to always keep your keys in your hand, keep your head up and scan the area. we will have more on how you can stay safe in your community when you join us tonight for news 19 at 6:00 p.m. an intersection will be named after officer greg alia who was killed in the line of duty last fall. the officer greg alia intersection. officer greg alia died on september 30 near the intersection while e sponding to a call of a suspicious person at the mall. police say a suspect shot him after a struggle there. officer greg alia was a 7 year
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a form -- plans for a formal ceremony. richland county coroner released the name of a man killed yesterday morning in a car accident around 4:30 a.m. in the morning. the coroner says 24-year-old charles cob was thrown from the road when it left the road and flipped. no other vehicles were involved in the accident. the driver is in serious condition. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today we have seen plenty of sunshine across the area. the air mass has been dry. a few clouds coming in but even they dissipated and temperatures have warmed up. we have been in the mid-70s this afternoon. and right now even in raleigh, they are at 71 degrees. 73 augusta. 71 degrees atlanta. here in columbia it is sunny,
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winds from the west at 11 miles per hour. now tonight it will be clear. we will see a low of 45 degrees. tomorrow it will be mostly sunny during the day with a high of 74. but clouds will be increasing during the evening and we expect to see some rain coming through here late tomorrow night with a low temperature of 52. now let's take a look at the traffic this afternoon across the area. first of all, an over view of what is going on. things are in good shape. a slow down already here in the westbound lanes of i-26, malfunction junction, 21 miles per hour and a slow down right here on the sumter highway heading towards pine view road, 16 miles per hour. we have a couple accidents on the northeast side of town, two notch road and heart scrabble road causing a few delays
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otherwise things are in good shape. downtown a blythewood 17 minutes. downtown to clemson road 14 minutes. now back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. today president obama presented the medal of honor to a man called a hero. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. has avoided the spotlight till now. he received nation's highest military honor. he was held hostage by the taliban in 2012. she the first living active duty of the navy in four honor. votersane dozen states will cast ballots on -- voters in a dozen states will cast ballots on super tuesday. donald trump faces heat because of his slow response to denounce racist reporters. the report from the white house.
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special warfare operator edward byers jr. goes to the greatest lengs to stay hidden but on monday the 36-year-old was at the center of the president's attention. >> the quiet professional. >> reporter: president obama awarded senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. the medal of honor. in 2012 he was part of a raid that saved an american hostage in afghanistan. dr. dilip joseph was abducted by the taliban. he realized a rescue was under calling his name. >> as soon as i heard my name and they heard my voice, one s.e.a.l. layed on top of me. >> reporter: that man was senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. >> held him till his teammates took action. >> the medal of honor is the honor. he is the first living active duty member of the navy to
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>> going to continue doing my job in the navy, continue being a s.e.a.l. >> reporter: he spoke about the ultimate sacrifice some s.e.a.l.s have made. his teammate was killed during the mission. >> a true american hero. >> reporter: he was just doing his job. cbs news, the white house. judge in los angeles ordered lawyers for bill cosby to provide more information. his attorneys are seeking the dismissal of the lawsuit filed against him by a model in los angeles. his attorneys want the case to be dismissed because they say she has given different accounts with her interactions with bill cosby. she claims bill cosby raped her in 1982 and his former attorney
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could be sued if they report on the story. gas prices are up in the midlands. in columbia prices went up by just a little more than a penny. averaging $1.54 a gallon. egg month decline and prizes at the pump come to an end. the happiest place on earth is also one of the most expensive. i don't have to tell that to you. disney world getting more expensive. regular and peak days they will be separating it. regular days prices are going up 5 bucks. $105. on peak days $124 a day. if you are planning buy a multi ticket pass expect it to cost more too. you could be walking around
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three winning cash 5 tickets s were sold in richland county over the weekend. all three tickets were sold on wilson boulevard. they matched all five numbers drawn to win $100,000 top prize. because the ticket holders powered up the $100,000 top prize was multipled by two. making it $200,000. the numbers were 2, 15, 22, 30, and 32 with the power up of 2. winners have 180 days to claim their prize. do you like a smaller cell phone? apple is expected to release its newest iphone. the phone will have a smaller 4- inch screen and look eal to the 5 -- identical to the 5s.
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the smaller phone with a longer life battery. i still have my apple 5s so i am ahead of the game. >> working for you. >> i am keeping it. i like the 6, but that face is so big. like -- you know, a big phone. >> it is. really is. easy to find in your purse though. >> true. [ talking at the same time ] >> we want to know what is your favorite apple product or a samsung person? it is clear and cut right there. [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't like about texting my droid friends, they don't always get the emojis right. sometimes they get the alien emoji and i don't know why that pops up. >> they don't translate. >> sometimes we will have a
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talking at the same time ] >> you can tweet at us about anything you want to. @darciwltx and @andreamockwltx. >> coming up next, organizing, where do you start?
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process will help you organize on the baseball field... fifteenth- on the baseball field. south carolina took the three game series over the weekend against penn state. they are now 8-0 this season. they take on the siddell tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. -- citadel tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.. >> the usc women beat lsu. they finished perfect 16-0 in sec play. it was a special night because it was senior night. seniors were honored and they
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season. they are 28-1 on the season and ranked third in the nation. up next south carolina opens play in the 2016 sec women's basketball tournament on friday in jacksonville. the gamecocks face the winner of thursday's game between missouri and auburn. >> and you can cheer on the team before their big game. the university of south carolina anum nigh association hosting a pep rally tonight. doors open at 6:00 p.m. it will feature the cheerleaders and the band and remarks from coach. basketball players will be signing posters that will be provided for free. it is free and open to students and fans. you need to rsvp. it runs till 7:30 p.m. >> the men's basketball team is hoping to get a win thursday for the final home game of the regular season taking on georgia.
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over the weekend. 68-58. heart breaker. tip-off thursday is 7:00 p.m. beautiful weather today, jim. hoping for more of the same tomorrow. is that too much to hope for? >> i think you will get it. it was great over the weekend. you were at the basketball game -- >> i was. i had such a good time. >> sounded like it. i was at the baseball game. one of the amazing things, a player, john jones, was at bat, 14 times, got on base 14 time. first time that ever happened. >> that is incredible. >> new favorite player. >> there you go. there you go. it was great. this morning, cooler in the morning, still. it is february. got down to 43 degrees in columbia and sumter. 42 orangeburg. clear skies today.
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there is a front to the north trying to move in but it is weakening. clouds to the south. that is it. the front moves on by and we will have to wait for this front to come through tomorrow night before we see chance for rain. temperatures right now look like this. 74 degrees here in columbia. 73 augusta and orangeburg. 71 degrees in rock hill. it has been a breezy day this afternoon. seeing winds in the range of 10 to 15 miles per hour. these are the sustained wind. tonight it will be clear. tomorrow it will be partly cloudy. i don't think we will see any rain through the midlands. you could see a stray shower in the piedmont. late tomorrow night we may see a line of showers coming through. it is out of here before you wake up wednesday. our forecast, you will see the -- that we don't have rain in
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time hours but we do at night. tonight temperatures dropping to 42 camden. 45 columbia. 48 degrees in orangeburg. tomorrow we will see high temperatures again in the low to middle 70s. 71 newberry. 73 winnsboro. 74 columbia. and in sumter, manning, 75 degrees. our seven-day forecast, again, during the day tomorrow it will be partly cloudy but the rain will come in over night. tuesday night, and then we will see mostly cloudy skies. wednesday 63 degrees. 60 degrees on thursday. expecting rain to come in late thursday night but it is out of here before you wake up on friday. that the convenient. friday will be a cool day. 59 degrees. and dry over the weekend. warming up. 62 on saturday. by monday we will be up to 72 degrees. ladies, back to you. >> thank you very much. it is almost spring and
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about spring cleaning. if you never finish your to-do list you are not alone. according to new research, half of americans don't cross every item off on their to-do list. 43% of working americans don't finish their list. and 54% dedicate a quarter of their someday. that leaves 25% of our day to be creative. according to the research, half of americans spend their day scheduling meetings or on calls. and 60% say they use the time for meetings. many of us have closets that are a mess or a bedroom that is a disaster. getting organized has never been so chic.
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>> reporter: she becoming larger than life in the world of organizing. her latest work in new york city, people are memruerized. >> the beyonce of decherting. -- declutterring. . >> reporter: fans are inspired to clean up. >> appreciating what you have had in your life but not holding on. >> reporter: her approach to down sizing followings a specific order. clothes, then books, paper work, miscellaneous items before sentimental objects. >> the philosophy is to keep things that spark joy. many people have a hard time letting go. >> reporter: i saw your room. you u needed this book.
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>> the goal of my message is not to discard everything but to figure out what makes you happy. >> reporter: she urges people to quietly thank the things they throw away. >> something that is not just about organizing. about what you want in life. and having a joyful life. >> reporter: her followers believe once their homes are in order, their lives will be too. >> she has thousands of views on youtube and will launch an app later this spring. everybody having an opinion on the iphone, but does anybody know thew organize boots? what do you do? what is the right way to organize boots? >> i don't know. if you have your boots organized tweet us a picture. i started that challenge on lent, you take a bag and you
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every day, that has done my closet wonders. somebody is going to get a nice day in 40 days -- 20 left. >> yeah. the shoe thing always gets me. if you have a great way to organize shoes tweet at us,
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it is leap 3 it's february 29th... that it is february 29 and that means it is leap day. whether or not you are a leap day babeo or not, you smith -- baby or not, you might snag a deal. participating pizza hut location physical you are a
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free one topping pizza. for everyone, krispy kreme is selling -- >> arbys, where is the meat? they rolled out a one day only meatless menu. it is only available today. a original sandwich just no meat. >> where is the meat? new restaurant is coming to columbia. del taco. the restaurant opens on wednesday. they have fresh nide order mexican and american food menu items. the first del taco opened up in 1964. one reason we love wltx viewers, we ask and you give us. thank you to sarah.
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my twitter, she said she has seen this in a magazine. hangers for boots. pinch the top of the boot. >> we may not -- we can't take it -- >> put it down? >> maybe it makes sense -- >> look at that. pinch the top of the boot. >> they do that sometimes in stores. >> ross. they had the boots hanging on the hook. >> genius. >> thank you. news 19 viewer. good idea. if you have the closet space. now everyone is sending in pictures. [ laughter ] >> all right. stay with us. coming up next, these juice cleanses are the new rage and
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are you are watching friends @ five with andrea mock and darci strickland. >> thank you very much for sticking with us for friends @ five today. the man accused of shooting and killing his wife's lover on valentine's day may be the targets of the mexican drug cartel. this prompted news 19's sonia gutierrez to look into cartel activity in the midlands. >> reporter: the biggest take away is that they have noticed an increase in the cartel presence here. he tells me they have noticed a shift in who is supplying it. it used to be local people born and raised in south carolina buying drugs for themselves now it is people trying to make a business out of it. his worry is south carolina has been a consumer state, so the
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>> what we are worried about is the poison being dumped on our streets, we don't want it to impact our kids -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: while heroin is the predominant drug, marijuana is still the most abused drug on the streets. back to you. >> thank you. a community in northeast illinois spent $106,000 on advertise teammate support a noble peace prize bid for mother emmanuel. they spent the money on radio and newspaper ads aimed at african american audiences around the chicago market. the ads argue the mother emmanuel church deserves the
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in kershaw county a family is trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after their house was destroyed by a fire friday night. he was asleep when the fire started. he was able to get out of the home unharmed. his wife was out of town with their three small children, 4, 3 and 18 months. he is so thankful they were out of town because of where the fire sparked. it would have been hard to get them out of the home safely. >> i have never seen so much love before from people who don't know us. they pulled into a prayer circle. and they prayed for us. started donating money. started asking clothe sizes.
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that i have never really spoken to before. >> if you would like the help the family you can drop off donations at the dance center or facebook for details on what the family needs. south carolina is receiving $157 million in federal aid to help pay for recovery from the floods last fall. $96.8million to state agencies. 23.5million to richland county. 20million to columbia. 16.3million to lexington county. the money will help pay for damage to roads, homes and businesses from the flood on october 4. officials at u.s. department of housing and urban development called for plans that better prepare the midlands for future storms. the state department of transportation announced spears creek church road has now been
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the road was closed following october's historic flooding. it is a major route in richland county. we put a boil advisory we need to tell you about tonight. this effects customers of south ought street from edmund drive to live oak street in columbia. if you live near the area boil your water for one minute before you drink it or cook with it. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today has been a sunny and warm day. sunny outside. temperatures 74 degrees. winds from the west at 11 miles per hour. tonight it is going to be clear. still cool. 45 for a low. tomorrow we will see more clouds. it will be partly cloudy, 74 degrees. we expect rain to be coming into the area. it will be tomorrow night, late tomorrow night and the good news is, all the rain this week
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during the day time hours, it will be sunny. on wednesday. even on thursday. by thursday night late we expect to see more rain coming through. and then on friday it will be back to partly cloudy skies. it will be cooler with a high of 59 degrees. warming up to 62 degrees on saturday. now let's take a look at the traffic once again around our area. currently this is what we are seeing around the region. we have a few areas that we have -- we have a couple accidents that popped up here. first of all, accidents cleared up. but we have a slow down right here on north bound lanes of i- 77 from 277 to killion road. south side of town, an accident, at belt line and bluff road. that may slow things down. the interstates are in good shape.
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down coming into the malfunction junction, 16 miles per hour. other delays, i-20, westbound lanes. as well as on 378. downtown to harvardson boulevard 13 minute. getting slower on 378 from downtown talexington -- to lexington, 32 minutes. >> back to you. >> thank you. officials started using lazars and fire crackers to scare off vultures. they are causing issues on the base. they are hanging up dead vultures that were injured from accidents to get them to go somewhere else. a group of 100 destroyed the roof of a building on the base and the birds are gathering on people's back lawns and going through their trashcons and eat -- trash cans and eating pet food. the project manager says this
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>> we have had success moving these to different locations. what we are trying to do here, there is damage being caused by the vultures. we are trying to reduce the damage. not trying to harm them or anything. just trying to reduce the problem that is experienced here. >> officials are not sure how long the process will take but they say the approach could cost $1,500 per week. well, a fifth grader won a national award today. named the national winner of securities, industries and financial market associations today during a surprise announcement.
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among 20,000 students taking the challenge. students were asked to consider an investing scenario and make recommendations. >> students worked hard all fall long investing in the stock market game and we had a number one team and the young lady that won first place was on the team that earned $16,000 in 9 weeks. >> another student was also honored after placing 10th nationally in the contest. did you know that march was women's history month? starting tomorrow. wallet hub took a look at the best and worse states for women to live in. they looked at what made a state women friendly, like salary, healthcare and how many
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south carolina was the 44th worse for women in poverty and one of the highest number of unemployed women and women with one of the lower life expectancies at birth. >> wow! [ talking at the same time ] >> we are 42 in the country of life expectancy at birth for women. >> only 8 states where women are worse -- [ talking at the same time ] >> okay. we got to do better. >> i know. >> you have to figure out what is going on. >> i have a touch of something. i have never had a cigarette although it sounds like i had a pack today. yeah. just a little ---hits earthy. i like -- it is earthy, i like it.
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we a new frontier in healthcare. a bacteria could be the key to treating all kinds of alums. trillions of bacteria live in our digestive track. each is unique. the foods we eat can change its makeup. >> these bacteria not only help us prevent disease and keep us healthy but they actually could play a role in reversing disease too.
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that contain live bacteria and vegetables with carbohydrates. all right. i think we have tried this at one point. you want to get that beach body ready after a winter of big sweaters. 20% of adults concerned about their weight tried a cleanse. and surprisingly men are edging out women. consumer reports looks under the lid to see what they are delivering. >> reporter: she had her first juice cleanse several years ago. >> if i ate too much, drinking too much. too much sugar. i feel like it resets my system. >> reporter: by replacing solid foods with juices some claim to
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she looked at three day programs from top selling brands. they promise to rest your digestive system, increase energy and eliminate toxins. >> we just didn't have evidence to back the claims. >> reporter: most are low in calories. the juices tended to be too low in fiber and protein and too high in sugars. three days could cost $200. >> if you are healthy and you do a cleanse for three days it is probably not harmful. longer than that isn't smart. >> reporter: healthy eating is
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as with any diet check with your doctor first to see if it is a good idea for you. they reached out to the manufacturers regarding the claims, some did not respond. those who did defended the benefits of their products. consumer reports remain unwinged they are worth your money -- unwinged they are worth your money. >> i put on three pounds. . >> are you serious? >> i put on three pounds. >> seems like it was 5 days -- >> 5 days i ate no food. drank these bottles. i put on weight. >> there is something to think about before you ord arjuice cleanse -- ord arjuice cleanse -- order a juice cleanse. still ahead on friends @ five a late night in hollywood.
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we will talk the academy awards red carpet turned into a fashion runway as hollywood biggest names glammed up. fashion highlights from the red carpet. >> reporter: they owned the red carpet in shades of blue. last year's best supporting actress winner looked elegantane navy blue -- elegant in a navy blue gown. they stunned in bold colors. plunging neck lines, low backs and high slits.
5:51 pm
custom -- ball in a custom. >> what we see is commenterable to the carpet -- >> the academy awards show case the best style moments in hollywood but the oscars always bring out fashion fails. heidi klum and kate winslet failing to impress. velerate jackets and other stars rocked navy suits and leonardo dicaprio dressed up with the most coveted accessory. i didn't know i was coming up on tv.
5:52 pm
i thought leonardo dicaprio looked great. sylvester stallone looked great. best supporting actress -- the danish girl. >> right. >> a number of celebrities are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by fashion labels to wear their latest designs. so they pay you to put on their clothes and walk the run way. >> must be nice. >> whose dress did you like the best? >> her dress looked really good on her. this may be the first time ever i did not like something kerry washington had on. >> i wasn't crazy about that. and lady gaga's all white one
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>> that was cute here is a look at what is coming up tonight on wltx. 8:00 p.m. super girl. followed by scorpnen at 9:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. ncis los angeles and then keep it here for news, weather and sports for news 19 at 11:00 p.m.. cbs renewed the number one series, mark harmon also signed a new deal, ncis is a member of the 20 million viewer club. it is also an international hit, licensed in 200 markets. it remered in 2003 during --
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that will do it for right now news 19 at 6:00 p.m. getting reaction on the latest arrest for richland county councilman kelvin washington tonight. >> three different shootings have residents concerned. we will talk to deputies on why the area is seeing more crime and a lottery retailer has made state lottery history. find out how. you won't believe it. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. from the station that is on your side you are watching news 19 at 6:0000p.m. >> richland county councilman kelvin washington is facing dui
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good evening and thank you for being with us. i am jr berry. >> p.m. and darci strickland. >> constituents talked to news 19's joyce koh about his arrest. >> reporter: good evening. the reaction was mixed today from the several people that i spoke with. some saying he should step down from his position and others want to hear his side first. >> i think it is a sad day when something like that happens. we hold our officials to a high standard. at least we think we do. >> reporter: some resident say he failed his duty to them. >> to represent us you need good character, good decision making and he failed that. >> reporter: others say they want washington to have his day in court before making judgments. >> it is a black eye on our
6:00 pm
we all have our problems. i don't know his situation. >> reporter: troopers say saturday night washington was driving under the influence when he crashed into car. this morning the passengers in the car were still in the hospital. one in serious condition and the other in minor condition. >> reporter: we reacacd out to the highway patrol for a copy of the incident report and they haven't given us the information tonight. we reached out to washington but haven't heard back from him. >> thank you. richland county day care worker has been arrested arrested for neglect towards a child. barbara priester. he hit a baby in the face with her hand while working at kinder academy daycare. she has been fired from her job and the baby didn't receive any injuries. barbara priester is now in jail


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