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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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lisa: a late-night shooting in roselawn. new details this morning on the victim and how he' s doing this morning. a familiar face on the thomas more campus accused of heinous crimes. the charges robert marshall faces this morning as he head into court today. and moving forward in commitment 2016. how each candidate is preparing for the iowa caucuses and the local students getting to witness it in action. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] cincinnati'
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lisa: i' m lisa cooney. good morning to you. mark hayes is out this morning. randi: we were outside and i was not the zoo looking at flamingos. no one complaining. it is not going to stay warm all week. it will feel like windsor by the end of the week. on the radar, we do have some through. our temperatures dip down as soon as the sprinkles clear. light rain up to the norwood lateral. over into adams county, peebles , light showers extending back
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owen, county. temperatures behind the cold front do take a bit of a dive. 45 at cvg. we were sitting about 50, 55 at midnight. we will make it back to the low 50' s through the afternoon. 8:00 a.m., most places will be in the low 40' s. 4:00, sunny and mild. 50 or so for the afternoon high is not bad. 60' s returning tomorrow along with some storms. lisa: thank you. tonight is the iowa caucuses, with the polling close in both parties, and bad weather threatening to hold down turnout, which could help hillary clinton and ted cruz. candidates worked into the final night to get backers to show up today and caucus. but looming in the forecast, a
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bernie sanders is counting on first-time caucusers to rack up his votes. hillary clinton currently holds a slim lead in iowa polling. mrs. clinton: don' t worry about the weather. i have it on very good guidance that the storm won' t start til after midnight. lisa: on the republican side, ted cruz is counting on evangelicals, who typically do turn out. donald trump figures holding his slim lead in iowa polls won' t matter if he can' t get lots of first-time voters to caucus. right now several taylor high school students are witnessing history in the making. they are in des moines for the iowa caucuses. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa caught up with them about this once-in-a-lifetime experience. tammy: the trip of a lifetime to witness history unfold. >> it' s a lot of dedication, but it' s been very cool. tammy: 28 taylor high school students are in des moines watching candidates make last-minute pushes for votes. >> everyone at the rallies has
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tammy: sunday started off early with a two-hour trek to catch donald trump rallying. selfies were definitely part of the experience with trump and dr. ben carson. students got up close with democratic candidate hillary clinton. >> she just kind of stood up there and talked for 45 minutes to everyone, whereas sanders and trump was a lot of shouting and cheering, so it was kind of completely different. tammy: they also shook hands with marco rubio and rick santorum. >> lifetime opportunity to watch these kids experience democracy in action. i mean, these kids trying to figure our their views and what they agree and disagree with, it' s been so cool. lisa: this is not the first time students have been to iowa. 2008 and 2012. the taylor students also told us they saw a lot of celebrities out supporting their pick for president. they even saw union, kentucky, native and actor josh hutcherson in the crowd urging rally goers to vote for democratic candidate
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hutcherson is one of the stars from the movies "the hunger games." he was one of many to take the stage on behalf of sanders this weekend. speaking of sanders, he' s leading the pack in new hampshire along with republican candidate donald trump in a new poll. the cnn/wmur poll shows sanders with a 54% support among likely voters, compared to 34% for hillary clinton. on the republican side, trump leads with 30% support. ted cruz is second with 12%, followed by marco rubio at 11%. new hampshire is holding its presidential primaries on next tuesday. in ohio, several cities and townships west, north, and east of cincinnati form a gop stronghold. the associated press has been tracking candidate support in the swing state ahead of the march 15th primary. the ohio republican party endorsed governor john kasich,
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texas senator ted cruz is building strong following. they say front-runner donald trump is also doing well, but has a sketchy track record. wright state university will host the first presidential debate this fall. "the dayton daily news" is reporting school officials told trustees they plan to spend about $8 million on the event. they say the school needs cybersecurity improvements. trustees could vote to approve debate funding in a couple of weeks. the debate is set for september 26th. a disgraced leader at thomas more college set to be in court this morning on 36 counts of having child pornography on his home computer. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in covington this morning with the latest on these disturbing charges. good morning. andrew: robert marshall is no longer an employee of thomas more college. he is a resident of the kenton county detention center and could be for the foreseeable future as this criminal case moves forward. today he' ll be arraigned on 36
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pornography recovered from his home computer. we now know police were tipped off to the images by marshall' s own son. shortly after his arrest, thomas more college fired marshall as the campus safety director, and leaders say they had no idea of the criminal investigation was underway until he was arrested. investigators don' t believe marshall was creating images, just collecting them. but they are working to identify the children in the photos to make sure none of them are from the area. marshall will be arraigned this afternoon. live at the kenton county detention center, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: the trial is set to begin today for the man accused of running down interstate 71 naked after causing a seven-car accident. investigators say 44-year-old tracy martin was driving 80 miles an hour and crashed into the back of cars near i-275 in blue ash, injuring six people. he claims his brakes went out on his truck. a trooper arrested him after he ran off naked.
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shooting in roselawn. it happened in the 7800 block of glen orchard drive. police say the victim was shot twice and is battling life-threatening injuries at the uc medical center. officials have very few details on the suspect at this time. 45 degrees . randi: called fun going through right now -- co ld ld front going through right now. we will make it back to about 50 or so this afternoon. showers through downtown cincinnati and over towards louisville and east toward lexington. expect rain showers moving out in the next two hours or so. final sprinkles will be moving through adams county. temperatures on the mild side.
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closer to 40 as the kids wait for the bus this morning. this afternoon, we get sunshine mid afternoon and back up to 50. for february 1, 50 degrees in the afternoon is not a problem for us. let' s check the roads. kyla: 50 degrees sounds really nice. clear roads sound good as well. here is 71, 75 at mount zion. north and southbound rolling right along. very light. we have ongoing construction because of the addition of the mlk interchange. 75 looks good as well.
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we do not have construction this morning. lisa? lisa: thank you. coming up in sports, could ohio state upset the eighth-ranked maryland terrapins? and we' ll have highlights from hawaii, as another pro bowl is now in the books. and a cringe-worthy wipe-out in maui. caught on video, how one surfer got completely swallowed by a massive wave. it is incredible. outside live on your monday, 45
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 45 degrees. an american film maker calling for a stop to relief efforts for flint, michigan. miriah turner joins us now with details and other stories trending this morning. good morning. miriah: documentary maker miriah: documentary maker michael moore posted an open letter on his website asking americans to stop sending bottled water to flint. he also addressed the issue during an interview. >> flint doesn' t need bottled water sent to it. all right? we need those pipes replaced, and not a single pipe has been replaced since they discovered lead in the water. miriah: while some see his comments as insensitive, the flint native said sending water is a quick fix, but not a long-term plan. he instead suggested making larger demands such as the
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and the creation of a temporary water system. and it is february 1st, and google is helping to kick off black history month. if you visit the search engine' s main page today, featured in the popular google doodle is frederik douglass. an abolitionist and statesman who overcame and escaped from slavery, he later became a leader of the abolitionist movement and is best known for his impressive oratory as well as several of his antislavery writings. a massive wave knocked a surfer off his board off the coast of maui, swallowing him whole, and it was all caught on video. you can only image what was going through surfer tom dosland' s mind wednesday as he caught the wave. he later described it as a sea monster rising out of the ocean. the monster won this time. you can see him bailing off the board. amazingly he came away with only a stiff neck and a broken board and was out surfing again the next day. lisa: he said he felt like he
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swallowed whole. i go to all of the coa and ral and all of the things you could hit. miriah: he is a dude. lisa: surfer mentality. thank you. randi: it was a warm weekend. we take a look at the radar. we do have rain showers rolling through right now. they are all fairly light. temperatures will drop just a little bit from where we were over the weekend. we' re seeing those in a owenton. this picture from san bernardino, california.
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6:00 a.m., 43 degrees with the temperature falling. feeling good as far as the run goes today. some thunderstorms will be rolling in just after dinnertime tomorrow night. lisa: a former bearcats stealing the show in sunday' s pro b owl. we have your sports update. >> the best of the best met up in the pro bowl to play a friendly game of football. the offense stood out. it was a former bearcats who had a big day. eli manning back to pass. the former bearcats gives the team a 7-0 lead.
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he finished with five catches and two scores. a.j. green gets in on the fun. teddy bridgewater rolling out and throws one up for grabs. that would lead to a touchdown. here is how the bengals did in the pro bowl. tyler eifert had one catch for 11 yards. he jammed his heel. geno atkins had four tackles. over to college basketball. but guys fans excited with their matchup against maryland. the feed for the flush and ohio state is down two.
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and the foul. kam williams and ohio state has a one point lead. milla trimble finished with 18 points as maryland holds on for the win over ohio state. xavier is coming off a win over to paul. the musky said three guys in double figures, it was more about the performance of two guys off the bench who both finish with 12 points. >> he stood out for me today and did a great job to pick up the energy. our team, an unselfish team. they each had to sacrifice a little bit for the greater good.
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>> the bearcats will be back in action for a matchup against south florida. cincinnati will be going further fifth win in their last six games. the reds caravan major last stop on sunday. devin mesoraco and the manager and others made the trip to take questions with the red leg faithful. joe morgan and corky miller in attendance. they discussed the future of the ballclub. >> we cannot compete with the dodgers and yankees as far as payroll goes. we can be the best at drafting
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in developing it to bring back championship baseball here to cincinnati. >> the young guys have to go out there and try to do it day in and day out. i think we' re going to surprise. >> and that is a look at sports. have a good morning. lisa: 4:50, 45 degrees on your monday. 45 degrees. we had a nice, mild weekend. we are talking about the weather. randi: wearing shorts. lisa: it was terrific. randi: today will seem like we have slid back a little bit. 50 degrees on february 1 is a pretty good deal. temperatures will fall back to
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right now a cold front is rolling through greater cincinnati. we a watching the back edge move through downtown cincinnati. pretty light norwood, downtown. cvg has some light rain. a little bit heavier as you go further south. 127 into portions of owen county, a more steady band of showers. this is the back edge of the cold front. low 40' s over the next couple of hours. as we head into tomorrow, a more potent storm system in our direction. a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow in greater cincinnati. the threat is much bigger south
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tomorrow evening, storms have the potential for some severe weather. maybe some strong wind gusts and possibly spin off tornadoes tomorrow in the late evening hours. 45 degrees right now. our temperatures will slide. 8:00 a.m. turning cooler, 43. 50 or so this afternoon. 8:00, the final showers moving out of adams county. into tomorrow, we start out nice and dry. maybe a passing shower around lunchtime tomorrow. 9:00, 10:00 is our main window of concern for stronger storms tomorrow.
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we' ll see some flurries on wednesday. lisa: thank you. happening today, another water delivery to flint, michigan, from a local group. norwood police as well as people in the city came together this weekend to help flint residents in dealing with their water crisis. snc norwood teamed up with police as well as norwood middle school for a water collection at kroger. hundreds turned out to donate water. someone also made a $1400 donation to the cause. snc norwood will make the trip to flint later today to deliver the water donations. many in greater cincinnati continue to stretch out their arms helping our neighbors to the north in flint. members of lincoln heights missionary baptist church have been collecting supplies all week and have filled nearly three large trucks with bottled water. leaders here have partnered with church leaders in flint to make sure supplies go directly to the people who need them. there' s still time for you to donate. you can drop off items today
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the church directly. it' s located at 9991 wayne avenue. it' s been eight years since this massive fire lit up the sky over uptown. old saint george, a church built in 1873, caught fire, and both of its towering steeples were victims of the flames. now the church is getting new life, thanks to crossroads church. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters got a chance to go inside old saint george and see the $10 million of work that' s been going on to salvage the building and turn it into a place of worship once again. >> the rest of the building had just not been maintained well after 140-something years was just deteriorating. when we move in it will be a great day of celebration and we will be absolutely praising god a ton for what he' s done to get us into this building and to build the church up to what it is today.
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news 5 starting at 5:00 to see plans that crossroads church has for old st george and find out when you can see it for yourself. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: do not expect the 60' s today, but still pretty decent for early february. starting out with sprinkles pending. cold front bringing rain showers early this morning, but exiting by about 8:00, 9:00. tomorrow, strong winds will drive the temperatures back up into the 60' s. by tuesday evening, we are ok for the start of the evening commute. stronger storms arriving around 7:00 or so. heaviest around
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we could see some severe thunderstorm warnings for gusty winds and maybe a stray tornado warning. it is a cold front and the temperatures will fall on wednesday with the chance for a afternoon. kyla: good morning to you on this monday. the speeds look really good so far, at or above the posted limit. 20 minutes on 71, 75 from the split all the way into downtown cincinnati. 74, 18 minutes all the way from the indiana state line to 75. the interchange is good and clear inbound. we' ll check again at the top of the hour.
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virginia. how two college students are now facing charges in the death of a 13-year-old, and why police believe it was done on purpose. outside live on your monday. 45 degrees. stay with living well
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