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yesterday afternoon. it happened at as barry road. reporter: arraigned on vehicular assault charges. that was before the victim injuries. the cycling community is mourning his death. >> every time something like this happens, it affects the club. reporter: derek sherk meyer was the president of the cincinnati bicycling club. >> if you like it have been to a brother or sister. we all feel it. reporter: melinda pleaded not guilty at her arraignment this morning. woodall was driving with drugs in her system. woodall says that she was distracted by her passenger.
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me that there were three people in the car with her there was a couple in the backseat fighting. their physical fight in the cart distracted her and that was the reason she struck the bicyclists. reporter: the sheriff' s deputy discovered drugs in her suv with residue, a metal spoon and a tourniquet. the charges are being upgraded to vehicular homicide. what all is facing up to eight years in prison if convicted. cyclists are fighting for stiffer penalties. >> it is bill that will make a hitter run into a higher punishment. a sentence where someone hits and runs will be more than three to five years. reporter: what also is that she was not on drugs. she simply panicked and left the scene.
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melinda woodall' s attorney says that her husband was paralyzed in a car accident. she has three children under the age of eight. she is working for a cleaning service before her arrest. mike: robert marshall accused of having child porn./ officials found the pictures from his computer even though they have been the leader. cybercrime the tech is our cracking cases just like this one. reporter: information on computer disks like this or a hard drive can be deleted. what happens in reality is the information does not get the leader, the device that tells you where the information is. cyber detectives can use their devices to find that information even it -- even when it has been
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reporter: he is accused of saving pornographic pictures of children on his computer. marshall was director of security at thomas more college. he used software designed to clean the computer of the images. after two years, police were able to recover the pictures. >> when you delete a file, it is not deleted off of the disk. only the pointer is deleted to the actual data located on the disk. the u.c. professor of information technology is now working on this case. he explains how the leading a file only deletes the guide to where the information is. forensic tools can still look for references. >> where you found this reference on the disk, lamy look at the data around where that is stored.
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stamp tells me it is a picture or sound file or something like that. in robert marshall' case, 36 36 charges. computer experts tell can' t be re-created is when the destroyed. mike: thank you. robert marshall held on a $25,000 on. sheree: our springlike temperatures could bring like springlike storms tomorrow night. kevin robinson with what we can expect. kevin: some phenomenal weather this weekend. highs will and to the 60' s, it is not bad at all for the first day of february out there. but it is spelling a little bit of trouble as we get into tomorrow. you cannot have 50' s and 60' s this time of the year without paying the price.
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it is going to be a powerful storm system that is going to wrap up tomorrow. it is going to send a strong cold front in a to our direction. we are going to see a line of storms that will bring some gusty winds to the area. while damaging -- winds will be a concern, there is a small tornado threat. i have a lot more to talk about in terms of tomorrow' s threat for storms in my full forecast when i return. mike: the time for talk is a must on an iowa. it is time to caucus and to vote. the winners get a big boost to going into new hampshire and the rest of the primaries. see handelsman is tracking the candidates. reporter: hillary clinton brought doughnuts to power up her voters. >> i am feeling so energized because of all of you. reporter: she is having a lead
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bernie sanders is trying to get out the first-time caucus are' s. we will win tonight if the voters turnout. >> i have never felt as strongly about an election as i do this time. sanders has a big lead in new hampshire polls. senator, in order to achieve the political revolution, yet the win and i will -- win in iowa right? bernie sanders: of course. reporter: marco rubio visited volunteers. ted cruz rose to a lead in the iowa polls. takers -- ted cruz: we have been
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reporter: trump needs a big turnout of first time i will burn -- i what voters. --iowa voters. reporter: it is trump and sanders who say they need a big turnout. that is tough in iowa. mike: five things to watch a the iowa caucuses. an explanation of how caucuses exit work go to our website sheree: homemade bombs stuffed into mailboxes. there found a mixture of chemicals at two liter pop bottles. they' ve been collected and sent off to forensic testing. if you have information called the sheriff.
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down interstate 77 naked. after causing a seven car crash. this happened early in august. he claims that his brakes went out on the truck. the trooper arrested him after he ran off naked. it may cause problems for people working or living near it. any contractor, utility, or person working in the tracks or the overhead high-voltage wires need a special permit. the permit is on top of the other permits you might need for anyone working within the seven and half feet of the tracks or 10 feet of the wires. the streetcar is set to open in september. sheree: today the zeke of virus was declared an international health emergency. it is responsible for birth defects. at least 21 countries have reported cases.
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in the united states have been linked to people traveling abroad. the cincinnati health department advised pregnant women and those who want to become pregnant to avoid traveling not only to regions where the virus has been transmitted but also to southern states here in the united states. mike: if you like to pull it, the cdc to clear the e. coli outbreak over. they' re closing the investigation. 60 people got sick, 22 ended up in the hospital. she fully has undergone a aggressive revamp for food at all of their locations. investigators were not able to identify which ingredient was responsible for the contamination. sheree: this is going to pull at your heartstrings. sheree: the father of stevie can
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he was only supposed to live six months. but he has been fighting for more than a year now. he got to walk one daughter down the aisle last year and see a grand baby. his goal is to make it to his youngest child stevie' s graduation in may. the principal had a special ceremony for mike gendreau to see his little girl who has a four point five gpa. mike: i am glad that a -- that they are able to grant him that. i know the family personally. sheree: they are a great family. they really wanted this to happen. mike: making parking spaces something to look at. when people drive by, they are going to see, is going to raise an eyebrow.
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attraction. mike: a little girl with lightning speed. look who she is beating there. billy hamilton and what he gave her after the win. sheree: a viral video which is extreme. surfer tom doblin bails out of a freefall from a 40 foot wave in maui. he is ok, but the web out video has been dubbed as one of the craziest things they have ever
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ba sheree: taking parking spots and turning them into temporary pop up parks. one local city is going to try out this concept. mike: jennifer schack tells us about this interactive park going into production to help drive local business. reporter: there are five businesses in covington that have elite unique attraction to draw you inside. sidewalk.
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jennifer: they are called parklets small temporary interactive spaces located in a single parking space outside local businesses. >> it was start from here, we were taken consideration all of the science -- all of these signs and water sewers. it would probably end about here. jennifer: 42 businesses worked with the design teams. braxton breweries winning design involves a play on hops. their par klet is called hops garden. the accurate hopscotch gets
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mike: reporter: the parkland will be a playful parking zone to encourage imagination. stationary bicycles will generate power to show films and take writers on world-famous like tors. >> i think there' ll be a lot of foot traffic. hopefully spots like this will bring people down to seeing what going on in downtown covington. reporter: the plan is to open it in the first week of may. mike: what about losing parking spaces? the project will limit a only five street spaces. all the businesses are not concerned. sheree: a young reds fan be billy hamilton in a foot race
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sheree: this girl threw down the gotland asking him if he would take her on in the race. in the short sprint, she edged out the center' s printer who stole 57 bases last season. he responded by taking off his jersey and signing it for her. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: we' ve had quite a stretcher weather here. we had 60 on saturday and sunday and even today after a gloomy start. we climb back into the low 50' s this afternoon across the area. february. unfortunately we will pay the tomorrow. it is going to be a chilly evening. temperatures are going to drop. 50 right now at the airport. with the north when at nine
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these temperatures are running about 10-12 degrees warmer than they should be for february. 50 here in cincinnati, 55 in louisville, 50 in indianapolis, 45 in dayton. just a light jacket or sweater should do for this evening. it should not turn terribly cold. temperatures should be cooling off. let us talk about what is happening right now. we have an area of high pressure, providing us with high pressure tonight. however here' s the developing storm system tonight. it is out here in eastern colorado. there is also some snow that is going to be targeting the caucuses in iowa. we will be on the warm side of the system. that means a threat for some thunderstorms here as we get into tomorrow night. i do not see any concern serna daytime hours, i looks like i' ll will all be at night tomorrow
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but we times, especially during the winter months. while the severe threat is not huge, it is still relatively conditional. i am not addicting an outbreak of severe weather but expect a least a line of rain showers. through with a little bit of i cannot rule off the threat for something brief to spin up. the better fit for severe weather will be farther south and west down towards louisville and central and said -- and southern kentucky. clausen returned from tomorrow. -- clouds will return tomorrow. temperatures will continue to climb tomorrow evening. as i mentioned, i do not expect a lot of rain during the day
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i do not expect a lot of problems for your commute. but i do think about after seven, rain will begin to increase. at about 9:00 you will expect the funnel system to approach. the rain will probably continue to 2 a.m.. tonight is 35. overnight clouds will return towards the morning. there are a few showers with the threat of a few storms. an afternoon high of 62. it will be a breezy day without any rain around. here' s a look at your seven day forecast. temperatures will cool off for the second half this week. if you consider early february, these temperatures are fairly tolerable. by the weekend, we will bouncing back into the 50' s by saturday and sunday.
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>> the reason i pulled you over today, i am asking you to come over and have a conversation. sheree: the driver daring enough to pull in officer over. how bash he said he was going and his reaction when he comes back. >> you leap into that like there is no tomorrow. mike: airport engagement, the couple planning to get marriage
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sheree: a driver pulls over a police officer. >> the reason why am pulling you over today, i saw you since miller drive when you first driving onto the highway. you are pushing 90 miles per hour. mike: claudio castille says that the squad car was going by her so fast am a it shook her car so she decided to follow the officer until she can get him to pull over. the officer thought she had an emergency until she started her questioning. >> you are leaving me behind.
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what is the emergency? >> i do not know how fast i was going. i do not believe i was speeding. mike: the video has gone viral. the miami-dade lease is looking into the matter. police say for now she will not be checked to get it -- she will not be to get it. -- she will not be ticketed. sheree: erica is about to marry the man of her dreams who she has never seen face-to-face. she and already connected on into graham. -- connected on instagram. >> nice to meet you.
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sheree: from instagram to instamarriage. their advice is follow your heart do not listen to your head. mike: they are diving into that. a local villages and -- ending the grace. for local speeders. >> mike: how the speed camera system will work. and what causes most of the danger? >> i do not regret any of the comments i made. i did not lay ptsd at the foot of the president. sarah palin on the today show to
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you' re watching wlwt news 5 at 5:00 leading the way. mike: local police officers
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they will issue tickets if they get you 10 miles or more' s over the speed limit. reporter: unlike the old controversial camera that sat on the pole right here on route 127. these have to be manned at all times. and that' s on, they issue 250 warnings. starting this week, they are going to be issuing citations. on their way to school this morning,. there are tons of kids that ride bikes continuously. along with the fun comes anxiety for the parents. neighbors say it is not uncommon for drivers to go twice the posted street -- speed limit. price i' ve seen people go 60-70 miles per hour on the road.
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it is people coming through in ignoring the speed limit. they are continuing to create a safety issue for others. reporter: a handheld speak camera attached to a laser. we first showed you them in december. for the last six weeks, officers who have been using them have been issuing warnings. now they will issue tickets. if a driver is going 10 miles more than the speed limit, they will be issuing tickets. >> once the officer observed the violation, they have to physically' s wheezed the trigger in order to lock in the suspect' s speed. a citation starting at $95. these have to be operated by train, full-time police officer. >> i think they need him.
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reporter: those speed cameras were challenged in court. a speed -- a state appeals court approves a class action for miami drivers. sheree: after all of the controversy surrounding the old system, ohio pass a law requiring the cameras to be manned by police officers if they are going to be used. tens of thousands of i what begin the presidential nomination process. reporter: tonight iowans are meeting in schools, churches, libraries to choose their picks for the party nomination.
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chris christie on you. visited her des moines volunteers. the two democratic candidates fight for candidates in iowa. a new university poll sanders has a three point lead over clinton. donald trump: this is where we start, this is day one, we are going to take back our country. the same poll has donald trump over ted cruz by 10 points. in my career is in third place. marco rubio: i feel very positive about what is happening here in iowa and all over the country. reporter: 30 at the rnc. mike: the caucus process is different for each party.
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a speech and then privately fill out their ballots. democrats have been divided into groups based on their candidates. voters can switch to another candidate or they can leave. john kasich skipped campaigning in iowa. he is in new hampshire. sheree: jeb bush and chris christie are also expecting poor showings in iowa. they are turning to new hampshire. sarah palin visited the today show this morning hoping to talk about the caucuses. is the first interview since she publicly endorse donald trump. palin told everyone that she thinks that donald trump will win the caucuses and also supports ted cruz. when a change to obama and the
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host for asking questions about ptsd and her son. sarah palin: what did i say ? i did not lay ptsd at the foot of the president. i did say and suggested adamantly that there is much more that our commander in chief can do to do so that he respects our troops. >> this is your first interview since you endorse donald trump. mike: palin contended that the today show will promise to talk about iowa politics and not her children. she told palin that they allowed her to talk about the caucus quite a bit before thanking her. sheree: our coverage of the caucuses continues online on our
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if i what matters with the caucuses. and a quotations about the caucuses. it is on our website mike: they' re trying to find a man who stole guns from a cabela' s. this man who appears to be in his 20' s still one gun each day. once on december 28, the 29, and the 30th. if you know who in is called the westchester police. sheree: the butler county sheriff office lost that -- launched a safe by zone. reporter: if you buy or sell something on craigslist or facebook, the butler county sheriff office is opening the
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the entire area is under video surveillance. somebody is available if you have the need to have security. this is after poor stories of attacks in robberies across the nation. last year a 17-year-old in the county was attacked meeting somebody to buy video games. >> it is dangerous, you do not know who you are you meeting. you do not know if i am a female, a male, you do not know my background, you can be walking into an assault. you commit walking into something much more dangerous. the safe zone is open from 8:00 a.m. into 8:00 p.m.. they are planning on creating a safe parking spot in front of the building as well. sheree: environmental authorities in michigan are proposing a five-part plan to test flint' s water. they want to make sure the water
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flint switch from the detroit system to the flint river water in 2014 to save money. mike: -- sheree: a local church is heading to flint this week to donate several truckloads of clean drinking water. they are collecting bottles and drugs -- and jugs at the local kroger' s. they will transfer all the water up to michigan. mike: butler county launching a new system to track every dollar spent in government. it is part of ohio they will make a 73,000 transactions available dating back to two years. they will be captured and graphs, charts, check images all
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>> we think this is going to allow and empower citizens. so they can view state spending and hold people accountable whether they are elected officials or on pension boards etc.. mike: they cover any costs associated with the program. the data will remain online. sites on the website. the indiana department of health afforded -- reported for more sites of hiv. sheree: officials say that the total number of infections is up to 188. all four people came into contact with people from previous cases. nearly all cases have occurred in scott county. they connected the outbreak to
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-- two needle sharing from a painkiller. this is part of the go red for women to prevent heart disease and stroke. heart disease is the number one killer for both men and women in america. they want people to take part in national go read day i running red. mike: the nurse practitioner from christ hospital will provide everything from physicals the shots and six visits. the new nurse will work in the middle school' s health clinic on tuesday, thursday, friday. sheree: why they made the slipped up. mike: how you can support their efforts. >> the calls i have been getting from other people, the support, it has been amazing. sheree: a happy ending for and retired officer trying to keep
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how the city major that the two could stay together. kevin: i am tracking a strong storm system that will head towards the great lakes and the ohio valley tomorrow. it could bring some springlike storms. i will let you know what to
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yo you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. mike: a gun uses shoot and kill an ohio police officer was a stolen gun. herschel jones was charged with aggravated murder, grand theft. he is also charged with burglary for sealing the gun. he could get the death penalty if he is convicted for the death of the police officer. paramedics face a higher risk of being assaulted on the job then firefighters. male and female firefighters are more likely to encounter violent patients. their medics never got training on how to handle potentially volatile situations.
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getting a new tile -- a new title to keep his k-9. they plan to auction off the dog , he offered to buy the dog for $3500. then a gofundme page where he' s more than $50,000 to win the auction. >> they are the first responders to the situation. we train, train together. blood, sweat, dirt. we do it all. and these are our pals in our bodies. sheree: they really become best friends. the retired officer hickey is now a a ciliated member of the force. he will donate the extra money
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mike: research form green speech -- green seat says the online shopping is one of the biggest factors for this. market rents are also slowing down with more empty storefronts. the kentucky native who want the latest season of the voice on channel five. he will take part of the derby festive it is. jordan smith will be helping with the pegasus parade. smith is the heartiest -- highest selling artist to come from the voice. mike: unbelievable that guy. the students at mason high school are fighting can cer through a fundraising festival.
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the' s the for pennies campaign raises money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. the high school is a quarter of the way to its goal now. you can find a link to donate to mason. it is on a website at cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: ra, today was fairly tame across the area. looks like tomorrow will be tame tomorrow night we' ll get a little bit more active. i am watching a figure storm system. tonight. this system is going to head up towards chicago and swing a cold evening. it is going to bring us at least, the risk for some stronger thunderstorms. we' ve been through this multiple
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bless him excel at this, but before christmas, christmas eve. that will be a greatest concern with the storms after 9:00 tomorrow evening. the potential for that a few of them to have strong wind gusts. there' s so much when motion and atmosphere, there is a small risk for a tornado threat. while the risk is really really low. you cannot rule out something spinning out of the line here. it will be gusty without thunderstorms across the area. as we are tracking the line of storms coming through. it should be after about 9:00. your evening commute home should be perfectly fine. as they roll through tomorrow night. is greater for cincinnati.
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will -- from a loophole to the south, that is a greater threat. we only have a slight risk. there will be some gusty winds after about 9:00. right now is not bad at all. for the first is february, temperatures are around 50 degrees. it is going to be a cool but not terribly cold night. 50 at the airport. we' ve a northward and i' m elsewhere. damages will slowly settle back . we will be in our 40' s and in the mid-30' s we get to 11:00. here' s a look at futurecast. you can see mostly clear skies and i. your tuesday should start out on the quiet side. there should be a few showers during the late morning. during the lunchtime hour on tuesday, there will be a warm front across the area. i think tomorrow afternoon is going to be fairly quiet. it will be breezy, mild . temperatures will be climbing up to 60 tomorrow evening. here' s the line that we are
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notice how it moves across the area. it will be across the overnight hours. by wednesday morning, it is out of here. it will be much quieter with cloudy conditions. tonight will be mostly chilly with clouds returning late. tomorrow, if you showers again during the day but it is really tomorrow night after about 9:00, will keep an eye out for some stronger stores. -- stronger storms. we be climbing threat today. it be chilly at 8 a.m. , will climb to the upper 50' s in your 60 was evening. here' s a look at her seven-day forecast. dr. battle once a, turned sharply colder on thursday. the good news is that this el nio winter we have been in, the cold is only here for a few days
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mike: reporter: -- mike: every day that we are in the 50' s or 60' s i feel like we stole a day. more u.s. airlines are investing and passenger comfort. sheree: which airlines are bringing back in-flight snacks for you. mike: a deputy dance goes viral. what he is celebrate with a
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thanks for watching cincinnat mike: if you mr. in-flight peanuts, free snacks are back on the biggest u.s. airline. sheree: delta kept them in the post 9/11 era. united got rid of them, they brought them back today. american also announcing they will resume free snacks in the main cabin on transcontinental flights. they will also be available on all domestic flights by april. sheree: an officer got a little funky with his elevator music. the deputy from el paso doing
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hip and the nay nay. it is the end of his 30 year career. they stopped when the ranking officer walked in. mike: a lot of people want the nay nay to go bye-bye to. cam newton left charlotte in gold zebra pants. they are not cheap. they are $850. they are now she sold out online after he wore them yesterday. sheree: yesterday confident to where those. a new plan to make the streets safe again in areas known as hotspots for crime. what the new police chief is doing to reduce crime city ride. sheree: a church goes up in flames. eight years later the church is
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from cincinnati wlwt news 5 leading the way. cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 at 6:00 .
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campus safety director. now he faces child porn charges. the driver did not stop. brother and sister. mike: what happened just before the crash. good eating everybody, i am mike dardis. sheree: the driver was charged with aggravated, the dealer homicide. -- aggravated the dealer homicide. -- aggravated vehicle or homicide. reporter: she looked like she did not know where she was. she had drugs in her system when she hit the cyclist. mindy woodall looks confused and morning. what all hit michael freighter
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