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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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an suv slams into an apartment building. >> how it happened in the close call for the people inside. >> it exploded in our house. sheree: a house up in flames christmas gifts in america. mike: and preparing for kyler. the young boy who has captured our hearts while battling brain cancer. announcer: cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 at 11:00. mike: a life or death moment while inside their home. good evening, i am mike dardis. sheree: and i am sheree paolello . they are lucky to be alive after an suv crashes into an apartment building. it happened in westwood. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa is live with the sudden scare.
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tammy: sheree, it was a close call for a man living in this westwood apartment. you can see the giant hole is boarded up where a car came crashing through. the suv came plowing out of nowhere. it went straight into jonathan james' s apartment. jonathan: here comes of the car. tammy: the suv missed him by inches and seconds. he was in the middle of a haircut. jonathan: maybe god was with me, like, get out of the way. don' t go to the bathroom yet. i said, thank god, amen. tammy: shawn oliger said it like the man driving meant to hit the break at a stop sign on mchenry but hit the gas instead. shawn: he went to the stop sign and he expertly hit the gas and
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tammy: they ran over to pull the driver out of the car. shawn: he was in shock and kept saying, oh my god. tammy: strangers showing asked of kindness gave words of comfort to the man who lost his home tonight. but james is thankful because he was just inches away from not seeing another day. jonathan: thank god we weren' t hurt. tammy: the building was inspected and did have some damage. reporting live in westwood, tammy mutasa. sheree: thank you, tammy. another kentucky man is facing rape charges. the man was arrested on monday in independence. according to jail records, the 54-year-old is facing three counts, sexual abuse, rape, and sodomy all on a victim under the age of 12.
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tonight, one of the burned down a home. an exploding hoverboard is to south of dayton. check of his damage in miamisburg. a 12-year-old was charging his hoverboard when his family says exploded. home and doused it with water. i say they were glad they were home to stop the fire from spreading. the u.s. consumer product safety commission has had at least 48 fires now in 20 states and all of them caused by libyan i am battery packs -- caused by battery packs. sheree: kyler bradley, the fairfield township boy fighting cancer had an all-day fundraiser.
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how kyler is doing tonight with his entire family. emily: he' s doing great and moving mountains and has been home from the hospital for about one month now. he was enjoying time with his friends and family. it is rarely this packed in the middle of the week, especially on a school day, that for -- but for kyler bradley, hundreds of people came in to support him and his family. >> kyler showed us that it is really about people. emily: kyler was diagnosed last year with inoperable brain cancer. those closest to him and even strangers refused to give up and will continue to support him for one very simple reason. when you get opportunity.
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emily: with his parents, kyler lives his daily life asking for people to pray, pray for a cure, pray for a miracle. >> for these people to take their family time to come do stuff for my family, for something that a child they have never even met, i don' t know, it really truly puts the faith lacking you. -- faith back in you. emily: the kyler strong movement came in many forms from a straight up donations, t-shirts, stickers, and bracelets. >> i can' i don' t know what to say anymore. i feel like a repeat myself over and over with thank you. thank you is not enough anymore. s fundraiser ago. raise about $3000 for the
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sheree: they will be attending another fundraiser for autism rocks on sunday, february 14 on valentine' s day in fairfield. mike: an expansion of the creation museum is one step closer to becoming a reality. tonight the boone county planning and zoning commission approved a plan to add a three-story building on the property. for approval. these changes would ease traffic around the museum as the expansion moves forward. >> we have experienced a lot of success with the museum. we expect even more people coming with the ark opening this summer and we are positioning additional crowds. add more attractions every two years. the boone county fiscal court is expected to make a decision this spring. the ohio river front getting a
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plans for the project in dayton, kentucky. the biggest addition is the riverfront comments trail connecting ludlow to fort thomas. this project could take up to 15 years to finish up depending on funding. sheree: just two days after the iowa caucus, the democratic candidates for president are sitting down at a town hall. hillary clinton and bernie sanders took turns answering questions tonight. both talked about where hillary clinton stands on whether she is a moderate or a progressive. bernie sanders: you can' t go and say you are a moderate on one day and a progressive on the other day. some of my best friends are moderates. i love moderates. but you can' t be a moderate and progressive. they are different. hillary clinton: i am not going to let that bother me. i know where i stand. i know what i have done.
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the republican side. kentucky senator rand paul and former senator rick santorum both ended their bids for the white house. santorum is throwing his support behind marco rubio, praising his optimistic message. rubio was in dover, new hampshire tonight talking about the national debt, saying it is a ticking time bomb. republican iowa caucus winner ted cruz was in the southern part of the state talking about the reagan revolution, saying the same thing can happen again. mike: and the drug used to reverse heroin overdoses is being credited with saving the lives of two toddlers. police in ohio north of youngstown say the children were found unconscious in the kitchen of their mother' s home. they were giving narcan -- given narcan which first
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say saved their lives. police are awaiting toxicology tests to determine exactly what the toddlers ingested. sheree: covington police are investigating a possible home invasion on warre n street just before 10:00 last night and ended with two suspected burglars being shot last night. both were shot but are expected to be on -- be ok. there is an ongoing investigation tonight. mike: the colerain township man who led officers on a 22 minute chase last month will not be allowed to drive for the next three years. he pled guilty to a charge of failure to comply with a police officer was sentenced to 180 days in jail and a license suspension for three years. sheree: in northwest ohio, general motors is now
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died at its plant in the finance about one hour away from toledo -- in defiance, about one hour away from toledo. emergency responders were called to the plant yesterday afternoon for some sort of industrial accident. the worker' s name and exactly what happened has not yet been released. gm says it is working with authorities while they investigate. mike: a war veteran in a battle with an armed robber. >> i kept my hands calm right where he could see them. sheree: how a store clerk' s army training came into play and what happened next. kevin: i am tracking the temperature dropped that is moving in overnight so you will know what to expect while heading out the door. mike: and a big decision and the
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what the judge said about th >> i wanted to do damage. i am not going to live. i wanted to do damage to him. mike: a florida convenience store clerk comes face-to-face with a robber trying to steal from the register. mike: what the crook didn' t know is that the man was trying to rob a u.s. army veteran.
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to pull up the pastries for the night and put it over here and as soon as i turned around, he was already standing here coming at me. >> this man seen on surveillance video came in armed with an airsoft gun looking for cash. but army veteran david dick, the store clerk working that night at the orlando-area gas station store, was ready to fight. : david i put my hands up -- david: i put my hands up and kick my hands calm and right where he could see them. >> as cameras roll, the armed man forces the clerk to the cash register. dick tells us the cork wanted him to put cash in a bag. it is a trained specialists in the united states army, he says he waited for just the right moment. david: as soon as he took the gun off of me and took his eyes off of me, that is when my training kicked in. >> dick overpowered the the. the clerk says he tried to shoot
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jammed. he chased the man out where dick says a getaway driver was waiting. not to be home. by the s office for defending himself. the convenience store is now make sure this doesn' t happen again. sheree: concern is growing tonight over the zika virus and the new report that it was sexually transmitted in the u.s. dallas health officials say a man who travel to africa the world health organization says while they are worried cases were passed by mosquito bites. the cincinnati health department is also concerned about the latest case. they recommended men returning from regions where zika is rampant to not have sexual contact with women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant for at least two weeks. mike: the sexual assault case against bill cosby will move
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refused to throw out the charges against the comedian. in a hearing, cosby' s lawyers argued that her former district attorney granted him him immunity from prosecution when he testified in another case. the judge said witness credibility was a factor in his decision but did not elaborate. the case will head to a preliminary hearing. sheree: in cleveland, federal judge has ruled that the father of tamir rice should be dismissed from a lawsuit against the officer who shot and killed the boy. a jury declined to indict officers and the boy' s death. yesterday a federal judge dismissed the claim by the father, leonard woerner, but said he could file a new complaint for damages. the judge also dismissed one of several lawsuits by the boy' s mother. the judge ruled these claims made by tamir' s estate remain viable. new york real estate heir robert durst plea to guilty to a weapons charge agreeing to a seven-year sentence in new orleans.
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back to california to face murder charges. the charge stems from his arrest at a hotel last year. robert durst was also charged than with the 2000 death of his friend in california. authorities say she knew about robert durst' s allegedly balm in his wife' s 1982 disappearance. he is denied any involvement in both cases. and now people in mississippi started surveying the damage today after released four confirmed tornadoes. one ripped through collinsville, snapping trees and breaking windows and a church. the tornado was captured on cell phone video as it grew in strength. county officials are asking the state that the area be declared a disaster zone. the red cross is helping 75 people who are displaced by the storm. kevin: things are changing as we speak. as a matter of fact, it has gotten significantly colder. it is back to february for a day or so as things begin to climb
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the good news is that this out of cold will not stay -- this bout of cold will not stay too long. we are going to transition to a i don' t see any snow in the forecast, but after a brief respite, we are finally going to see days going back to some of that cold we experienced earlier s say last month, i should say, factoring the month of january. look at all of the blues. 20 degrees colder as it night at this time. the chill is made worse by the fact that we have a brisk wind out there. it is going to be a breezy day as we head into your thursday across the area. right now we are at 38 but our ready below -- but already below freezing in indianapolis.
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there. it is a chilly night across the region. temperatures are hovering just shy of 40 degrees. it makes it feel like it is closer to below freezing. it feels like it is 30 outside with that north wind at 12. that storm system from last night, that is pulling away from the area and in its wake, we' ve got this massive cloud cover that has been advancing across the area. this guarantees that tomorrow, we will probably be dealing with a cloudy and seasonably cold february ohio valley days. tonight, cloudy skies. with the cloud cover tonight, temperatures won' t drop off as much as it could. highs tomorrow with all of that cloud cover won' t budge much. as a matter of fact, we will be lucky tomorrow if many of us creep above freezing by a couple of degrees out there. starting to look at futurecast,
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they are not going anywhere in the day tomorrow. if anything, late in tomorrow afternoon, there may be a peak of sunlight. this optimism really doesn' t work. after dark, we will start to clear things out. tomorrow night will be even colder. then it looks like a nice-looking friday for the end of the week and a nice look heading into the weekend is temperatures begin to rebound before they crash early next week. for tonight, look for a low of 28 right here in the metro area beneath those cloudy skies. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies, a cold breeze. this icon even has too much sun out there for us tomorrow. here is a look at your day planner. lunchtime, barely above freezing or at that freezing mark. here is a look at your seven-day forecast, down the 20' s for tomorrow night and then we downs back into the 40' s. low 50' s on sunday and that it
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off again next week with temperatures not climbing above the freezing. does that sound scary? sheree: a little bit. mike: that' s just the way it goes. the wager has been made now between the mayors of this year' s super bowl teams. sheree: charlotte' s mayor jennifer roberts and denver mayor michael hancock both agreed on a phone call today that the mayor of the city with the losing team would wear the jersey of the winning team and posting a picture on social media of it. the mayor' s say they only have a cam newton and a peyton manning jersey ready. mike: they are ready. [laughter] sheree: also tonight, top recruits signing on the bottom line. for local senior athletes.
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s george: if you like entertainment, then this game at xavier was a
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welcome back, everyone. every other play was a big dongle rub a three, and give st. john' s a little credit for hanging in there. xavier was down for in second half. it is edmund dog for x -- big dunk for x . sumner with 10 points. later, x is down one and jalen reynolds thunder and a technical on st. john' s. x showing some muscle and taking the lead. at midcourt it is sumner coming away with a steel and yet another dunk. x by six. and while reynolds struggle to make free throws, he did miss this. xavier was up
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s still hanging around late. and here comes davis. he leads xavier with 16. the musketeers win it, 90-83. so the x-cellent season continues with xavier becoming the first division i team to reach 20 wins. another musky milestone. xavier ranked number five in this week' s coaches poll. this was the national signing day and that means a new set of recruits for you see -- for uc' s football team. the bearcats had a few wins and a few misses and it did not fare so well locally with just one recruit from greater cincinnati. it is not that we don' t go out there and try to recruit them, they say. it just the simple fact that we finish second, third, or sometimes forth on these guys and they want to go other places to play. tuberville will probably be more than a little interested in the
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the 12 is an expected to vote on expanding but it is expected to be a topic. i can say with confidence that uc has worked very hard behind the scenes to convince the power five conferences that the bearcats and the city are already. this was the scene a high school all over the area. players were signing for college scholarships and some programs in the midwest pulled plenty of talent out of cincinnati. we have a complete list and slide shows of all of the area high school athletes that sign the dotted line today. david fulcher welcomed in his first recruiting class in cincinnati christian was adding football this year to complete -- to compete in the naia division 2 this year in the kentucky athletic conference. mike: i love how you guys do the whole thing and you commit to
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george: we have to thank our 11:00 p.m. executive producer pete gomes. it was a bang up job. he had just about everybody we could find. sheree: i thought george was that. do that. sheree: "i' ve been working
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george: [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long
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sheree: and now to our top stories for you tonight. a northern kentucky man is facing child rape charges. joseph niemeyer was arrested on monday in independence. according to jail records, the 54-year-old is facing three counts of sexual abuse, rape, and sodomy all on a victim under the age of 12. we are told he did work at the new bank lick -- bank lick baptist church but did not say what he did at the church. mike: i manage lucky to be alive after an suv slammed right into
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jonathan james was in the middle of a haircut when he said he of the way. one witnesses -- witness says it like the man driving meant to mchenry. he hit the gas instead. the driver was taken to the expected to be ok. sheree: the community is coming together tonight for a young boy battling terminal cancer. hundreds of people filled a restaurant in liberty twp. for a daylong fundraiser benefiting kyler bradley. he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in october of last year. kevin: and we will go down a low freezing and then head into a
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