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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 6:00. >> this is empowering to see this many people coming out for someone they may not have known. anchor: a show of support for a local cyclists killed in a hit and run crash. the community coming out for that cyclists last ride. the community came together for the cyclists killed in anderson township last weekend.
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ghostwrite took off today -- ghost ride took off today. tammy has more. tammy: hundreds of people in the cycling community came out to honor michael prater. the ghostwrite took off from lincoln airport and ended here. in 600 cyclists came out. everyone was gathering and after the ride a white ghost bike was near where michael prater was killed. it is a reminder for drivers to share the road with other people. the 42-year-old worked here at the rookwood store. investigators say melinda
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detectives found drug paraphernalia in her vehicle after the crash. >> there is nothing michael could have done. it could happen to anyone at any time. >> a gofundme page has been set up to help michael' s wife and children. we have more information on our website. courtis: thanks a lot. the driver now faces the nuclear homicide charges. let' s turn our attention to whether and get a check of cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. erik: not a bad day. we saw a bit of sunshine and temperatures above average for a change. not so many clowns around. this evening we continue with mostly clear skies. the milder air is going to fade
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s. 42 in batesville. 44 in georgetown. 41 in hillsboro. this evening temperatures in the s, mostly clear. sundays are looking quiet. a lot of cold and yes even some snow. >> i' m not going to work at all. m traumatized. this is the man i sit at the bus stop with every day. courtis: a federal crash investigation underway after a pedestrian is hit not far from covington catholic high school. richard chiles has more. richard: the investigation continues after a pedestrian is struck and killed on dixie highway. to the victim.
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deceased. >> investigators were to determine details of the dead. >> there is a crosswalk but it looks like residence walked down the street and a shortcut , people wait for the bus stop there. >> they are always jumping in some ways way -- in someone' s way. >> when he sees the bus down there he crosses over. that is what he was crossing over four, to get on the bus. reporter: he says this tragedy could have been much worse. >> i could have been down here with him. i' m lost for words. it could have been made. courtis: the driver was treated for minor injuries. no charges are expected to be filed.
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fire, the fire may have started from a space heater. crews were called to the home on fairfax avenue. this is video sent to us by a viewer on the scene. when crews arrived the fire had spread to the attic. because of the fire is under investigation. damage is estimated at $50,000. >> it is tearing me down. it is killing me. >> we don' t know what to do. courtis: searches continue for a mother who was last seen almost a week ago. the family says she was with a friend last sunday. he claims he dropped terror off -- tara off near the highway. her father says she has not then
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it is highly unusual, he says. >> she' s on her phone every day. we have a lot of family members involved. a lot of people think the worst. courtis: the family has started searching the area. the service office is asking anyone with information to give them a call. anchor: a push to lower the blood alcohol legal limit from .08 2.05. the ntsb says it will reduce the dui related deaths. we talk to local folks who say it' s easy to grab an uber designated driver.
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driver on route 128 while on her way to work as an emt. her mother said she supports lowering the limit because every little step can help. quite something has to be done. it happens every day. when it hits home it' s bad. these are people' s lives. they lose their lives because somebody else was stupid. courtis: the group mothers against drunk driving says they currently supports the national standard of .08 blood alcohol concentration. while continuing to strongly recommend those who drink alcohol not drive. a mother is now being held on a $10,000 bond accused of overdosing in a kroger parking lot with her daughter in the car.
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the syringe she used to shoot heroin. she will not be allowed contact with her daughter. word of that arrest comes as warren county is taking a visible approach to fighting the heroin epidemic. a new billboard offering cash in the name of catching here when traffickers. -- heroin traffickers. it encourages tips and text messages to combat a growing epidemic. they experienced a 42% increase from 2014 to 2015. the project is privately funded and anonymous. roger bacon high school is showing off its new fine arts center. it is been under construction since june of 2015. it features a new thrust stage,
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there is a 62 foot mural which contains 400 photos from your books dating back all the way to 1929. the open house for alumni and friends is until 7:00 this evening. not too chilly outside for hundreds of people taking a polar plunge for the special olympics. joe' s crab shack posted -- hosted this plunge. 800 men and women turned out. very creative costumes to show their support. this weekend it is do or die for many of the presidential hopefuls. the republican candidates are ready to rumble on the debate stage. days before tuesday' s primary we
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three days to go until the new hampshire primary. tonight the republican candidates face off in their arnold debate before voting begins. sally kidd is outside the debate hall in manchester with a preview. >> there is a lot at stake. it could help new hampshire voters make up their mind or change their minds about which candidate to support. >> we have a debate tonight in new hampshire area >> with hours to go -- the last-minute campaigning. >> i feel good. looking forward to it. >> we are making a sprint to tuesday where the ground game takes over. >> donald trump will be back on the debate stage. marco rubio is likely to be a
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tonight. >> the debates are going to matter. i will encourage voters to tune in. reporter: with so much on the line, so many voters undecided. >> christie and rubio are my top two. >> any debate could produce a game changing moment and tonight the timing couldn' t be more crucial. >> donald trump has this or of being number one. it is difficult to think of him as number two. he will not last long that weight area reporter: not included, carly fiorina, who didn' t qualify. >> i' ve tied a couple guys on that stage. i' m leaving in the polls. the game is rigged. reporter: bernie sanders says he is feeling confident about tuesday' s primary.
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hillary clinton is asking voters to give her campaign another look. courtis: tonight' s gop debate airs at 8:00. new hampshire could be crucial for the kasich campaign moving forward. he will be live in new hampshire monday and tuesday right here at news 5. for the month of february the downtown cincinnati public library will be hosting a special series on african-americans in the media. today i and other colleagues help kicked off the series. >> the national association of black journalism was formed in 1975. part of the discussion was how do you make this industry look like america? courtis: the discussion was one of many sessions that will he
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the next one, february 20. we had a lot of fun. it will focus on newspapers in cincinnati black press and genealogy. right now , we have a special section for black history month under the features section. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: it' s amazing how nice 46 degrees can feel when the wind finally dies down and you have some sunshine out there like we did today. temperatures backing off. 43 at cincinnati. 39 dropping in clinton county. 40 in batesville. not bad for this time of year. downtown we are seeing mostly clear skies. things are looking nice there.
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miles per hour. dew point in the 20' s. most of us in the upper 20' s. lower 30' s by morning. as you can see, not too much going on. we are going to stay quiet the majority of the day tomorrow. quite across much of the midwest. this is an alberta clipper. they tend to be moisture starved. it' s going to be quite a bit of wind and bring in colder air. we have blizzard warnings across north and south dakota. they may be extended into iowa. now the beginning of the pull down.
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this is the heart of the cold. most of this not heading our way. every system that moves through is going to tap into this air and nerve -- and urgent further south. no deep-freeze here. a nice amount of sunshine to start the day. you shouldn' t have any issue getting there. heading home after the game i don' t think you are going to see problems. we are talking about rain. temperatures will be above freezing. late night that is when we will see temperatures dip below freezing and see snow showers mixing in with the rain. clear skies, tomorrow morning we see clouds starting to thicken up.
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some snow. temperatures drop below freezing. right now tuesday is going to be colder. wednesday, even colder than that. your forecast, 32 degrees. your seven-day forecast, snow showers monday. flurries on wednesday. when i say snow showers you can can cause problems but they don' t last long and generally if temperatures are above freezing you don' t have issues. courtis: can i trade in my hand and try another month? x in action? anchor: they are a fun team. an actual game.
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second half.
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sfx: car driving. sfx: engine revving. sfx: car engine. sfx: car speeding away.
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anchor: welcome back. the sin talks center was rocking before marquette and xavier tipped off.
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there were 10 scouts who also show. xavier looking to sweep. hard to do in the big east conference. trayvon, he had a career-high. that propelled them to a 35 lead at the half. savior at 22 points. these two by jt gave them the lead. edmond sumner had five assists. it was 72-zero. they set up this beauty. it wasn' t finished just yet. next position -- next
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he had a career-high 20 points. that kid is fearless. >> the word that comes to mind is fearless. that is one of our core values. we want guys to play without fear. he tied on purpose to make another three but he just, whatever it is, he got it. he is not the only guy. we have a lot of guys like that. anchor: of all the stats, rebounding and three-point shooting, marquette rebounding. the ability to score lifted them past the goal. 65% from beyond the arc. marquette did not have a bad day.
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memphis is a tough place to play. the tigers came out ready to play. they are down nine. no sophomore slump. 15 points for team rebound. under two to go, down for. they connect on the three to make it up, a one-point game. tigers have an immediate answer. memphis beat cincinnati. the sex scandal surrounding the louisville basketball program led to a postseason ban. the cardinal to best players transferred because they wanted to play in the ncaa tournament. here is what they had to say when they found out there term
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>> we were heartbroken. thankfully we have these guys behind us. they are here to pick us up. >> this is another thing that happens outside. we have nothing we can do. nothing we can do about that. anchor: one day after announcing their postseason ban louisville was hosting boston college. first half, he comes up with the steel. the second half is clinton snider with an alley-oop. louisville up 15. donovan mitchell with the three. he finishes 10 points off the half.
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with florida without alex injured during warm-ups. more from murray, this time he is five up from the wing. tyler euless contributing, the pull up jumper. he finishes the double-double. he dominates the court with an 80-61 win. courtis: the self-imposed ban, i get a sense we are going to hear more fallout from this. anchor: i' m expecting to hear more about that as well. interesting next few months. courtis: a deadly crane collapse still under investigation. why the cleanup will be no easy
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courtis: welcome back. the cycling community came
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in a hit and run crash in anderson township last weekend. a michael prater memorial ghost ride took off today. s ride. we' re having a little problem. hundreds of people in the cycling community came out for this ghost ride. there is video. it took off and ended at kellogg park. 600 cyclist came for the ghost ride. after, a white ghost bike was placed where michael was killed in the hit and run. it is a reminder for drivers to
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he worked at the rei . workers from the columbus store came down to man the brookwood store. that is how his coworkers could take part in the ride. melinda hit prater and ran away. detectives found for now yet in her suv after the crash. >> it is empowering to see this many people come out for someone they may not have even known. courtis: a go fund me page has been set up for his family and children. we will continue to follow this sad story. let' s turn our attention to whether. not a bad day here in cincinnati. another check of the tri-state' s most accurate forecast. erik: any day above freezing
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the made up to 46 degrees. to mature dropping back into s. get ready for a nile -- another mild one tomorrow. 42 in mason. temperature starting to drop. went out of the southwest. if those subway wins get us into s, beyond that february is back. developing now. a crash investigation underway after pedestrian is hit near covington catholic high school. this happened before 7:30. police have not released any names. they say the driver is cooperating.
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more injured after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit early saturday morning. more than 200 people have been pulled from the rubble. hundreds more are missing. >> this is a very sad incident. we have lost a life. if you go out there and see what happened here, thank god it was not worse. courtis: officials are working to determine what caused a construction crane to collapse and kill one person in new york city. the construction crew was directing people away from the area while the crane was being lowered. that is when it collapsed and smashed through several cars. a pedestrian was killed.
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crews now have the task of removing the mangled equipment without hindering the investigation. >> the main point is to get them in locations that doesn' t compromise the forensic value so we can have experts study how the pieces failed. courtis: inspectors say they have found no problems with the crane itself. they have not determined the cause of the collapse but believe high wind speeds could have played a factor. the coast guard is searching the pacific ocean after it says two small planes collided off the coast of los angeles. the midair collision happened around 3:30. divers have found a plane tail number and partial number from a second plane in the water. it' s not clear how many people
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edgar mitchell , who walked on the moon, has died. five years later he was part of the crew on apollo 14. he died after a short illness. nasa' s administrator called him one of the pioneers in space exploration on his shoulders we now stand. his death coincides with the 45th anniversary of the apollo 14 mission which lasted from january 31 to february 9 in 1971. mitchell was 85 years old. let' s talk politics. in new hampshire it is the republican candidates turn. they debate three days before the primary their donald trump is looking for his first win. despite polling first in new hampshire he has not campaign much. marco rubio support has surged. he'
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all eyes will be on john kasich. he spent the day working a restaurant. he is tied for third with ted cruz. new hampshire could be crucial for the kasich campaign. our very own mike will be covering his bid for the white house live in new hampshire monday and tuesday right here on wlwt. tonight you can see how good bernie sanders' imitations are. he' ll make his debut on saturday night live. larry david will host the episode. expect to see david burney face-off with the real thing. a super bowl mistake , what
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a security detail underway and california as football fans get ready for super bowl 50. how officials plan to keep the cloud safe. and a viral photo of a mother and twin daughter. which is the mom? anchor: temperatures dropping to the freezing mark.
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courtis: this just in, we now know the name of the person hit and killed in a park kills -- in part hills this morning. roger lee stephenson. police are assisting in the investigation. some signs of improvement in flint, michigan. the department of health and human' s this is says tests are now showing the levels of lead are going down in the water and that the filters are working.
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no lead detected in on most all of the home. unfiltered water had trace amounts. >> we were concerned about whether the filters were doing their job. this week, the report suggests from what we know so far they are in fact doing their job and the epa is returning to test. courtis: the epa will continue to do weekly testing. the folks also say families must have children tested for lead poisoning by april 1. posting a bottled water drive to help folks in flint. -- but you can donate to any of the elementary schools. students will load that water and then deliver it february 17. make your donations before then.
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of water for that donation. super bowl 50 is on sunday. there are unprecedented security measures. from at 15' s in the air to an army of officers on the ground san francisco maybe the most fortified city in the country with more than one million people in town for the super bowl, the land of high-tech is also going old-school. metal detectors, x-ray machines massive security crash. that is what you expect. >> rather be safe than sorry. i like the police presence. courtis: 60 agencies working ready to shoot down drones or any other threat from the sky. the city'
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panthers fans are calling a highway sign in north carolina a prophecy. the sign gives mileage to two small towns reads denver seven, newton 20. they say it is an omen. charlotte dad jason smith posted a photo on facebook and it quickly shot from 50 shares to 30,000. he and his kids are in shock, never imagining it would get so much attention. this could be considered an ominous sign. painters accidentally painted both in zones for the denver broncos. these are photos provided to us by a company called near map.
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. they had to fix it and make one carolina panthers. to see more photos go to our website. a photo of a mother and her twin daughters from indianapolis has the internet going crazy. i have not been able to pick up who is the mom. no one looks old enough to be a mother of 16-year-old twins. the shot was retweeted 18,000 times and has received 29,000 likes. who is the mom? >> the mom, please raise your hand. there she is. mom. courtis: wow. there you have it. tina is the one on the left in the video and in the photos.
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she said she maintains her youthful look by drinking a lot of water and avoiding stress. where is my bottle of water? erik: today' s weather, no stress here, sunny skies, comfortable weather for this time of year. as you can see nothing to worry about tonight. we will continue to see dry conditions and falling temperatures. 43 in cincinnati. 43 degrees in connors phil. colder in wilmington. 32 in loveland. not bad out there. we do have a westerly wind at seven miles per hour which will make it feel like the 30' s. by late tonight it will feel like upper 20' s. not bad for february. it is pretty quiet.
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this is a powerful system. we are going to see a couple of them move through this week. they' re going to bring precipitation and another shot of slightly colder air. this is round one of 3-4 as we go through the week. temperatures not bad. we' re talking about the 30' s. temperatures range from six below to 30 below zero. this is the heart of the cold air. we don' t have to worry about this. every system is going to break off a piece of this cold air. your hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow, not talking single digits.
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51, plenty of sunshine early in the morning as we head into the afternoon. heading out to the super bowl parties you shouldn' t have trouble getting there. even heading home, you will be in good shape. temperatures are above freezing and everything that falls is going to either melt or fall as rain. if you are staying out very late , early monday morning when we start to see snow showers build in. clear skies. 20 of sunshine during the afternoon. high clouds. by afternoon that is where you go overcast. temperature start to drop. snow showers possible monday. everything that falls should melt. monday evening' s commute is
6:47 pm
we may see maybe an inch , maybe more in some spots. tonight down to 32. snow showers on monday and on tuesday. you can see intense snow bursts that the done a quick half inch of snow on the ground. that can lead to issues especially when they are below freezing. courtis: thank you. a lot of people were inside watching basketball. anchor: it is february, college basketball season. a mighty jungle today.
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we have the hig anchor: welcome back. game. there were 10 scouts who also knew they would be in for a great show. they were looking to speak. conference for sure.
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when sandy: hits the triple here marquette completed a 15-0 run. max daughters is not happy about that. edmond sumner had five assists. this one to myles davis for the triple. five minutes left in the game, 72 all. jamie jp had 17 but he was not finished. edmond sumner will penetrate. back to back career-high 20 points. sg you gets the win. >> the word that comes to mind is fearless. that is what of
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whatever venue we step into we want players to play without fear. >> it is almost like he tied it on purpose to make another three. whatever it is he' s got it. he is not the only guy. we have a lot of guys like that. anchor: cincinnati on the road. men is a tough place to play. tigers came out ready to compete. the dagger wide-open. under two to go. on the three, a one-point game. the tigers have an immediate answer. memphis beats cincinnati 53, 6359.
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s running the louisville basketball team left to -- led to a ban. here is what they had to say when they found out their dreams of playing in march were taken away. >> once we heard the news we were devastated. just heartbroken. thankfully we have these guys behind us that are here and can pick us up. >> a lot of things happen outside of our control. we have nothing we can do. there is nothing we can do about it. anchor: one day after announcing their ban louisville was hosting boston college. damion lee out for saturday' s game. dang a doubt coming up with this
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second half, clinton snider will throw up and alley-oop for a guy who has my favorite name. donovan mitchell is in three. kentucky was at home saturday. he was injured in warm-ups. this was over early. more from marine this time. he had 35 points in the game. tyler also contributing. he has the pull-up jumper here. u.k. gets the defining win.
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anchor: it is pretty easy to say. erik: a little work on signing autographs. things are looking nice for sunday. quite a bit of sunshine. by the time the sun sets will see cloudy skies. monday and tuesday snow showers could be an issue. tuesday morning, temperatures downright cold by midweek. courtis: nightly news coming up next. see you back here at 11:00. have a great evening.
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