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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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news 5 on this saturday night, desperate hours. rescue dig through the rubble pulling babies to safety. more than 100 are still trap order missing in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake. the republicans take the stage in the final debate before the new hampshire primary. candidates hit the pavement. some going door to door in the battle for undecided voters. hard hit. on this super bowl weekend, an nfl star says more should be done to prevent concussions. some say, a softer helmet may be the answer.
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beyond the viral image, why sea lions are facing a life and death struggle. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, thomas roberts. good evening. it's a race against time to save the missing a day after a deadly pre-down earthquake in southern taiwan. the quake hit while millions were asleep. it was so strong, some residential high-rises were demolished. with more than 130 people believed to be trapped in the debris, search and rescue teams are using the dawn of a new day to continue to scour the rubble. the death poll stands at at least 14, which includes an infant only ten days old. nbc kelly kobiella has more on this shallow earthquake six miles deep and the devastation it caused in a major city. >> reporter: deep in the debris of this apartment building,
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boy crying. trapped for more than 12 hours, they finally pull him to safety. this young girl was brought out bare foot in her pajamas. all day, one after another, toddlers, babies, children and their mothers. rescued from what was once home to hundreds. the pre-dawn earthquake brought this 17 story apartment building to the ground when most were still sleeping. you can see it crumbling in this video, then a burst of dust and debris. the walls fell, then the bed fell, this man says. across the city of 2 million, buildings are tilting, cars crushed and cut in half. the 6.4 earthquake was felt for miles. it was shallow, causing more damage. we spoke to kate by phone. she told us she was jolted awake at 4:00 a.m.
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in a different room. we could hear her crying out. but it was shaking so violently we couldn't get out of our bed to get to her. >> reporter: firefighters responded in minutes, helping people climb out windows, using construction cranes. they rescued more than 300 so far. this woman was trapped with her two young sons. her 3-year-old has a head injury. she has broken bones. she says she held her dug through layers of concrete to reach them. tonight, dozens are still missing. their families waiting and praying while hundreds of soldiers and firefighters try to find them, checking air pockets, searching for more signs of kelly kobiella, nbc news. back at home in this country, donald trump will be back on the stage tonight in new hampshire joining marco rubio, ted cruz and four others for
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debate before tuesday's primary. voters in new hampshire do not have party. they can vote in either the republican primaries. that has the candidates on both sides fighting hard this weekend to woo choosey independent voters. two reports tonight. jackson. good evening. evening. tonight is the last chance for conditions to make closing arguments in a big way pry primary. expect immigration to be a big topic. it's a potential vulnerability for rubio and a central theme for trump. in manchester, the debate stage all set and this time donald trump will be on it. >> new hampshire we're doing really well. >> reporter: hoping he won't underperform his number one poll position in new hampshire, a state he skipped yesterday because of snow. jeb bush pointing out his mother managed to
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trump today mocking bush for bringing in mommy to take a slap at him. while trump's center stage tonight, it's rubio at the center of the bull's eye. rising in the granite state, his crowds getting bigger, his campaign telling nbc news rubio's ready to play defense tonight, a target on air already. >> marco rubio, just another washington politician you can't trust. >> reporter: the establishment candidates firing shots ahead of what is for some a make or break primary. >> rubio hasn't accomplished one thing in his career. >> reporter: for ted cruz, less pressure tonts than tonight than in iowa. now switching her support away from cruz to rubio, christine perez. >> that's dirty politics. you can apologize all you want, but it happened. >> reporter: this man is still considering cruz or maybe trump. it sounds like you are on the fence a little bit.
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see what tonight's debate is. i have actually got it recording at the house. i'm going to watch it again. >> reporter: in a state where undeclared voters don't have to register until tuesday, some 25% will stay undecided until the last minute. when are you going to make up your mind? probably in the poll. >> reporter: in the booth? >> in the booth. the debate tonight. i really think that could have a big impact on the way i vote. >> reporter: decision time for so many with time running out before the primary. hallie jackson, nbc news, manchester. >> reporter: i'm kristin welker. >> how are you? >> reporter: hillary clinton taking her campaign into her own hands today. going door to door trying to come back from a double digit deficit. >> a beautiful day in manchester. >> reporter: with the clinton machine kicking into high gear, out in force volunteers from all across the country and state. >> knock on the side door.
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the house. >> reporter: for the first time, appearing on stage a top surrogate with one of her familiar lines. >> there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> reporter: the tough talk comes with clinton trailing bernie sanders even among women, in an exclusive interview former secretary of state madeleine albright indicated she's on a mission. why is she struggling with women voters here in new hampshire. this is her base. >> i think they need to know that she is -- has worked so hard on everything, women's issues. >> reporter: she slammed sanders for seeming to struggle on foreign policy. >> north korea is a very strange situation because it is such an isolated country run by a handful of dictators or maybe just one. >> i think that he gave very kind of simple answers to things.
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many deck ictators north korea has. >> reporter: sanders has brushed aside clinton's criticism. sanders urged young voters to make their voices heard. >> here in new hampshire if we can bring out a decent vote on tuesday, i am confident we're going to win. >> reporter: sanders deploying his own volunteer ground force. >> we're here with bernie sanders. >> reporter: a clinton comeback may depend on those still undecided voters. >> pluses and minuses for both of them. i haven't decided which is the best yet. >> reporter: senator sanders will be off the trail tonight and in new york having a little bit of fun. he is going to make a guest appearance on snl alongside larry david who, of course, does a spot on impersonation of sanders. secretary clinton will be rallying her supporters here.
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tonight. hallie jackson and kristin welker on the campaign trail. tomorrow morning, chuck todd will have more from new hampshire. hillary clinton, donald trump and bernie sabd nders will be among his guests. rnlts . north korea moved up a rocket launch. many governments believe that's cover for a long-range missile test. kelly o'donnell is following the story from the white house. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. new provocative signals are coming from north korea rattling nerves about the isolated regime's defiant ambition for a nuclear weapon. the north gave an official heads up that could launch that rocket ahead of its own schedule. this comes just weeks after north korea's fourth nuclear test. they claim to be just launching a satellite. the world sees this as a way to disguise work on a long-range
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visible defensive move. along with the u.s. and japan, they want china to use its power in the neighborhood to pressure north korea to stand down. president obama got on the phone with china's president friday, both agree north korea cannot become a nuclear state. a u.n. resolution forbids north korea tests. tonight, airlines in the likely flight path are warned to look out for hazards. o'donnell at white house. thank you. in europe, a deadly day in the austrian alps. five people were killed. they were among 17 who became trapped in the avalanche which was more than a mile wide. two others were injured while ten were not harmed. all the skiers were from the czech republic. here in new york, crews are getting ready to start removing a construction crane that fell from a building in lower manhattan yesterday killing one and injuring three. the crane will be cut
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then moved away by truck. they say they hope to recover the crane's computer and determining the cause of the crash could take weeks. this year's super bowl is now under way 24 hours away. it comes after a dramatic rise in the number of concussions that players suffered this past year. despite the league's vigilance in trying to better protect its athletes, nbc's ron mott spoke with one nfl star who thinks even more needs to be done. >> reporter: the hit that ended antonio brown's season last month was a blow to the head. the steelers dream to reach the super bowl also ended the next game without him. >> guys want to take me out of the game. >> reporter: now four weeks after lying concussion, brown wants the nfl to do even more to prevent injuries like his. >> i think maybe crack down on the guys who delivering the hits. it was a late hit after the whistle. that shouldn't be >> reporter: brown's
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three games next season. concussions soared in the nfl this past regular season up 58% from 115 in 2014 to 182, the highest since it began tracking this data in 2012. >> we continue to make rule changes in our game to make the game safer and protect our players from unnecessary injury, acts that we see can lead to increased probability of an injury. >> reporter: new focus on the game's most crucial safety gear, the helmet. traditional helmet haven't changed a lot over the years. they are a hard shell with some padding on the inside. a startup company in seattle is betting a safer helmet is actually a softer helmet. >> the nfl is having a new technology showcase. >> reporter: one of the companies developing helping is marketing a design that uses flexible car bumper territory above thin columns that absorb energy with a
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underneath. >> helmets were to protect from skull fracture, not injury to the brain. we're trying to do both. >> reporter: the list of former players who have died whose brains tested positive for signs of the concussion disease cte grows. quarterback ken stabler the latest. doctors say there's no reliable way to know who will get it. >> we don't have a single tool to say that a particular athlete is either still suffering from a concussion or fully recovered. >> reporter: as for brown, clear headed with the mindset of playing all out again. the nfl commissioner was criticized for comments he made yet about concussions. he said there's risk in life, there's risk sitting on the couch. today a spokesperson told nbc news the commissioner's point is obvious. that even physical inactivity carries some risk. >> nbc's ron mott, thank you. when we continue, one year after the murders of three
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with 9 grams of protein... ... and 26 vitamins and minerals ensure. take life in! year since a north carolina man allegedly shot and killed three muslim college students in chapel hill. if convicted, he could face the death penalty for what please olice described as a triple murder triggered by a parking dispute.
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something else that cut short the lives of three young people. >> reporter: this man is hard at work. building the foundation of his brother's legacy. >> i wanted to put a quote that said darkness cannot drive >> i wanted to put a sign that said darkness cannot drive out darkness. my mom sent me a screen shot. i have a dream one day i will help people with their projects. it was very clearly we're going to work on -- >> reporter: it spoke to you? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's transforming a house he once owned into a community center. >> we want to do more. >> reporter: community service was at the core of how they all lived. they had spent summers abroad, volunteering at dental clinics for syrian refugees and helped the homeless in north carolina. their lives were cut
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this man, a neighbor who authorities said was possibly enraged over a parking dispute he had with them. >> for the children we have raised, how peaceful they are and how giving they were and how helpful they were, it was not about parking disputes. >> reporter: you believe it was a hate crime? >> 100%. >> reporter: at a time when anti-muslim rhetoric is high and the fbi is tracking an uptick in attacks against mosques, calling this a hate crime is about more than just words. >> i remember my children as model american citizens who are also muslim. it has killed them. >> i say to myself, this can happen any time or anywhere. >> reporter: with the trial soon getting under way, the alleged kill killer's motivations will be front and center. >> good deeds -- >> reporter: the families want the focus on honoring
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legacy they have inspired. >> respond to hate with love. be good to your neighbor. >> reporter: like they did in their short but meaningful lives. up next, he got to take a walk on the moon. representing a man who
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wisconsin, today as several parked cars fell through the ice becoming partially submerge submerged. the owners were there to enjoy the winterfest, including the u.s. national snow sculpting competition. no injuries reported and the cars were being towed out. you may have seen the pictures from southern california in the last day or so. a sea lion found in a restaurant in the booth. the unusual scene brought serious focus to the plight of these mammals that are having a tough time this year finding food with many starving. >> reporter: hungry and malnourished, she took a seat like every other customer. the chef posting that this baby sea lion was reservation. >> we were surprised to see a real young sea lion pup that spent the night in the booth. >> reporter: in need of medical attention, the rescue team carried her away giving her what she marina.
7:23 pm
pounds this morning. it should be about 40 to 50 pounds out in the wild right now. >> reporter: she's not the only one. hundreds of sea lions along the california coast are searching for food walking into stores and patios. >> he is cute and very, very nice. >> reporter: all trying to survive. the waters off the coast of california are getting warmer because of el nino. that means the food that the sea lions need that exist in cold water are pushed farther away leaving the pups stranded and starving. >> not only are they looking for high ground, they are searching out food. >> reporter: 2015 was the hottest year on record according to nasa. sea worlds recouped 990 california sea lions like marina. this year, they rescued 46, which is why experts are hoping this isn't the new normal. edgar mitchell passed away.
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recall the name, perhaps the picture will help. he was the sixen man en th man to walk on the moon. they brought back 94 pounds of moon rocks that were used in scientific studies. in later years,versy said he believed in ufos and the government covered up proof that they visited earth. when we come back, on the eve of the big game where it's the super bowl of why are you all here? to learn, right? so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering)
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finally tonight, this super bowl weekend is about much more than the big game itself. for some, it's all about taking advertising and marketing to the next level. the game is being played in the heart of silicon valley. some of the best known tech companies hope to score touchdowns of their own. >> reporter: it's the super bowl on demand. order it on your app and you could end up in a game of flag football with champion joe montana. >> it's a lot of fun, especially for old quarterbacks like us. >> reporter: one example of how silicon valley is rolling out its biggest brands and biggest stars. air bnb cashing in, offering a night's stay in everything from an air stream trailer to a tree house. if you had your heart set on this cabin, sorry, folks, it's already booked.
7:28 pm
contrast to the super bowl frenzy. >> reporter: for caroline, this four-bedroom was the perfect place for the family. >> my parents, my brother, my sister, my best friend, my wife, my two daughters. the opportunity to have my family in one place. you don't have that in a hotel room. >> reporter: air bnb is picking up the tab. he is renting out his own home in charlotte. >> i'm excited for somebody to have the opportunity to be in my place watching it on the big screen. >> reporter: he is donating proceeds to his foundation. not to be left out, if you ordered a lyft this week you might have seen this guy behind the team. >> my time has been the niners. born and raised in san jose. >> really? >> reporter: that's jerry rice. >> hall of famer. >> reporter: joe montana's former teammate teasing unsuspecting riders. san francisco doing
7:29 pm
valley style. olivia sterns, nbc news, san francisco. >> pretty great, jerry rice your driver. that's going to do it for "nbc nightly news." i'm thomas roberts reporting from new york. thanks for watching


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