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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. >> it could happen to anyone at any time. >> hundreds of cyclists remember a man hit and killed on a local road. the ride they created tonight. >> i am not going to work. i' m traumatized. this is the man i have been at the bus stop with. >> a man hit and killed on his way to a bus stop. >> he was a father, husband, avid cyclist. thank you for joining us. a huge show of support from the cycling community honoring the man who was killed in a hit and run crash and anderson township. news 5 is live for us tonight with more on the bigs of board shown during the ghost ride for michael prater. reporter: this hit and run crash has hit close to home.
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together for one last ride. >> it strikes a nerve with everyone who rides a bike. >> it is the kind of thing this community never wants to have, a ghost bike ride. >> today is a sorrowful day for the community. >> hundreds and hundreds of cyclists came together to give michael prater' s last and final ride. >> it is empowering to see this many people are coming out. just a' s show of support. anchor: the hit and run crash which killed the father of two children hit close to home. the driver had drug paraphernalia in her suv. >> there was nothing michael could have done to prevent this. it could happen at any time. it is a scary thought. >> the
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white ghost bike is there is a vivid reminder. >> bicycling is about people. whenever people are involved you have experiences like this. >> riding bikes was a way of life. now that his life is gone his life is being honored with the passion he had. >> we are sad to be here but it is a coming together of the community. reporter: a gofundme has been set up for michael' s wife and young children. we have that information on our website. courtis: thank you. we should point out cyclists are lobbying for a house bill currently' s hill pending in the ohio statehouse. that would increase penalties in hit and run crashes. several police agencies investigating tonight. a crash that ended with a man dead, it happened outside
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covington catholic high school. roger lee stevenson was hit while crossing the street. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> he usually waits for his bus to come in this way. it look like that is what he was doing. crossing over. anchor: the driver is cooperating with the investigation. police are overseeing the investigation. new developments out of north korea. officials say the country has defied warnings, launching a long-range rocket. the united nations says it is a covert test for a missile that could strike the united states. the rocket was fired from north korea' s west coast and tracked by both japanese and south korean governments. new hampshire' s first in the
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nation presidential primary is a few days away. seven republicans met on abc news for one final matchup before the crucial vote takes place. wlwt sally kidd is in manchester with how it went. >> dental trump is a candidate with a hefty lead but some of the sharpest attacks were aimed at his closest rival, marco rubio. >> is that one of the skills you get? esp? >> marco rubio rising in the polls and taking the heat. >> you cannot get involved in a consequential decision where you could be held accountable. >> they had to shame you into going back. eminent domain. >> a lot of times -- >> let me talk. reporter: the candidates fielded questions on foreign policy and
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>> pay a fine, a path to legalization and not citizens to -- citizenship. reporter: ben carson fielded accusations to the cruise campaign. >> it gives an example of certain types of washington ethics. >> i apologize to him then and i do now. i am sorry. >> donors, special interests, the people putting up the money for this. reporter: the rnc says there were 75 donors in the audience of 1000. the distributed tickets to candidates, sponsors and schools for them to hand out. i' m sally kidd. courtis: as you know new
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battleground for the kasich campaign moving forward. mike will be covering the s bid for the white house live in new hampshire monday and tuesday right here. honoring those who work to make s lives, that was the goal of tonight' s eighth annual difference makers award. the nominees were focused on our community nominated by the community. it was for the volunteer work they do at a number of charity organizations to benefit our young people. there were several young people actually nominated. >> young people under the age of 18 years old who have taken upon themselves to go out and make a difference. it is 100% driven by them. >> to show you how many great organizations of people we have,
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there were more than 90 nominations submitted from all across greater cincinnati. , a mardi gras celebration complete with revelers and plenty of fun including the annual parade. i still like joining in. this year' s fame for the parade was chinese new year. the celebration has been going strong for 20 years. >> i just love the tri-state. it is a fun place. we like to party. it is a good time for everybody to get out and have a good time. >> 16 restaurants and bars took part in the celebration. many serving new orleans
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courtis: tonight, hundreds of fathers took daughters out on the town at the 14th annual cincinnati herald daddy daughter dance. more than 600 people attended. even i had a chance to enjoy moments with my daughter. the event was a fun way to promote a positive image of fatherhood for dads throughout greater cincinnati. the xavier musketeers on a roll becoming a very well talked about team. elise jesse has more on the big win tonight. reporter: xavier played one heck of a game. nba scouts were there. they own the final four minutes of the game. sumner played lights out all day long dropping 20 points on the
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you can always count on trayvon to wrap up the points. he also added 86. another 20. here is a look at the upcoming schedule. xavier on the road. they are back on the road with a 2:30 matchup with butler. chris mack says he wants his team to go out every game and play without fear. you can see they are in attack mode. from the newsroom, wlwt news 5. courtis: a different kind of sporting event. why coaches for these teenagers say this is more than playing with toys. it is an important learning tool. >> today was nice. tomorrow is going to be nice.
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overnight lows
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>> welcome back. middle and high school students
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battle with bots. the first robots contest. they competed in game based engineering challenges. they were randomly paired with other teams to learn how to work together. tom is more was happy to host the future engineers. >> they want these kids. courtis: the tournament wrapped up with the judges awards. kentucky winning teams earned a spot in the state competition. not too chilly outside today for hundreds of people taking a polar plunge for the special olympics. this was over at jobes -- joe'
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nearly 800 men and women turned out and created costings to show support. this could also be considered an ominous sign. painters at levi stadium accidentally planted both in zones for the denver broncos. these are photos provided to us by a company called near math. they make photo maps. that is the view they saw. they have to fix it and make one of the in zones for the panthers. to seem 04 does -- to see more photos go to february, the downtown public library will be hosting a special series on african-americans in the media. i had a chance to be a part of
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we helped kick off the series. >> we don' t compete against each other. i watched john every chance i get. when i get up that early. >> the truth will set me free. today' s discussion was one of many sessions that will be held done at the library. the next is february 20 11:00 in the morning. it will focus on newspapers and cincinnati' s black press as well as genealogy. right now, we have a special right here. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. >> so far we have had an easy go of that. they made into the 40' s. we make it into the 50' s.
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temperatures right now, 26 in harrison. 27 in hillsboro. 30 in wilmington. we are talking about when chills in the upper 20' s. overall, 33 degrees. overall that is not too bad considering it is february. as you can see nothing will drag. most of the day tomorrow we are not going to run into problems we do have a vinaigrette storm system to our north and west. we are starting to see clouds , if this cold front is going to bring the beginning of cold air, at first it is going to come with some rain showers tomorrow evening. monday and tuesday it is going to bring some snow. as far as temperatures go, you
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across the border before you see 30-40 degrees below zero. these are temperatures. we are going to see little pockets of it break off. one little system here , it starts pulling the air down tomorrow afternoon and then it pulls down more into monday. on tuesday we have another system coming down which will bring down cold air in a chance for minor accumulations here in the tri-state. overall it is going to feel like winter, look like winter. the whole thing comes starting monday. a nice break from winter, enjoy it while you can. 51 degrees. thickening clouds as we head into the afternoon. if you' re heading out to super bowl parties, maybe a few issues with light rain but temperatures
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sunny skies during the afternoon. we see a few more clouds building in tomorrow evening. overcast showers between 9, 10, and 11:00. the cold air starts to build them. snow showers during the evening commute to make things tricky. minor. it is going to be wintry. 32 degrees, tomorrow morning, 51. a nice sunny start to the day. snow showers monday and tuesday. overall a cold week with temperatures in the teens and may be single digits here and there. it depends on if we get the snow on the ground. courtis:
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warm is a good thing to hear. erik: just tomorrow. and then the cold. courtis: tomorrow is a big day. anchor: it is. courtis: the super bowl. you have interesting things to say. anchor: i do. you guys love that, right? we have a healthy dose of college and high school basketball on the way. >> hello. i' m larry david. i' m hosting saturday night live february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount
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>> welcome back. the muskies had won five today' s game but xavier trailed most of the time. if you watch xavier played it all you know there are not many things that can throw xavier off their game. they always seem to regroup and adjust. the gold needles are not going down without a fight. we started off , he had eight assists.
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marquette had just completed a run. xavier had 22 points off of marquette turnovers. this gave their first lead since the first half. muskies get the 82 win. >> hopefully we can just play like that more often. where we are trying to get now is where we are trying to work on. when we play like that it is fun for everyone. we have to stay consistent with that. >> a sluggish first half minute the bearcats had to did themselves out of the hole they created. came out ready to play. bearcats down nine. gary clark, he had 15
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under two to go. the tigers have an answer. memphis beat cincinnati. one day after announcing , louisville was hosting boston college. jamie and lee out. why not take it the other way against offenders there? the layout was good. second half, quinton snyder for the dunk. a 79 win over boston college. kentucky was at home meeting up with those injured during warm-ups.
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he finishes with 35 points. kentucky dominated with an 80-61 win. bb&t arena, looking to milwaukee. the drive, the lay-up. labonte holland will drive the lane. high school basketball, facing lakota west. if i was there i would have one. keegan mcdonald launch the lead. jacob splits his defenders with the drive. he goes up for the layout.
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mueller improves to 17 for the 39-31 win. they even have a twitter account. the eagles like to push. that is how they started the game. he is the guy who is that close to the bucket. they beat the bombers 45-41. courtis: final check of the weather. erik: sunshine tomorrow morning. it is the last mile day of the week. we slip back into snow chances. courtis:
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that is all of our time. saturday night live should be a good one.
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