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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, neighbors heart broken after a man is hit and killed on his way to a bus stop. new information about the victim and the investigation. richard: a special partnership working to keep you safe on super bowl sunday. jonathan: a spectator sport of a different kind. the event helping a local church break the super bowl attendance slump. sun, rain and snow in the next 24 hours.
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will describe the roller coaster we're getting ready to ride. it's sunday, february 7, 2015 6. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. how are you? jennifer: good. jonathan: all aboard, huh? jennifer: which roller coaster, you heard the forecast, which roller coaster do you think we'll be on? jonathan: the beast? jennifer: i was thinking the vortex. there are a couple of loops coming up.
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jbs. jonathan: we got a good break this winter. jennifer: today is 51 with sunshine. this morning, winds helping keep temperatures up a touch. we're in the 20s and 30s. quite a variation in temperatures. we'll climb nicely into the afternoon. all major reporting sites not expecting morning fog. by 1ug a.m., we're at 43. we'll be in upper 40s and low 50s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. dry conditions through the afternoon hours. late this evening, we bring back a chance for showers. we'll see more clouds into midday. at time, they bring in rain and snow showers for the work week. details coming up. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. several police agencies are investigating a fatal crash that ended with a man dead in park hills, kentucky. it happened right outside covington catholic high school saturday morning.
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stephenson was hit while crossing the street. he died at the scene. >> he usually waits for his bus coming this way. when he sees his bus, he crosses looks like that's what he was doing, crossing over to get on the bus. jonathan: the driver is investigation. kenton county police are he was a father, husband, and avid cyclist. there was a huge show of support from the cycling community this weekend, honoring a man killed in a hit and run crash in anderson township. wlwt news 5's tammy mutasa has the story. >> it strikes a nerve with everyone who rides a bike. ride this tight knit cycling community never wants to have, a ghost bike ride. >> today is a sorrowful day for the bicycle community. reporter: hundreds and hundreds
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final ride. >> it's really empowering to see that this many people are coming out for someone that they may not have even known. just to show their support and that we're all in this together. reporter: the hit and run crash which killed the father of two little children, hit close to home. investigators say the driver, melinda woodall, had drug paraphernalia in her suv. >> there's nothing michael could have done to prevent the crash. it could happen to any one of us at any time. it's a really scary thought. reporter: now on the side of u.s. 52 near asbury road, the white ghost bike is there as a vivid reminder. >> bicycling is about people. whenever people are involved, you have experiences like this. reporter: for michael prater, riding bikes was a way of life. now that his life is gone, it's being honored with the passion he had. >> we're sad to be here, but this is a coming together of a community to support the family. jonathan: a go fund me page has
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and two children. cyclists are lobbying for a house bill currently pending in the ohio state house. the bill would increase penalties for drivers in hit and run crashes. >> it's super bowl sunday. a day that will give way to a shot at history for the denver broncos or the carolina panthers. local law enforcement officials and businesses are teaming up to make sure it doesn't lead to danger on the roads. richard chiles live with details on the campaign. richard: an exciting day for sports fans, a celebration. everyone excited to have their super bowl party. there is a message law enforcement agencies want to make sure they're getting out very loud and clear starting early. men and wells, talk to me about this.
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communities coalition is comprised of myself, the warren county coroner's office, law enforcement, aaa and schools. our message today to deliver is to plan ahead before your super bowl parties today, and designate a sober driver afterwards. richard: this is a realistic picture of what happens. seeing yourself, a sober reminder of what can happen today. >> what can happen today. we want to decrease the number of preventible deaths and injuries caused from drunk and impaired driving on the roads. richard: a very important message that we'll be continuing to brirk home throughout the super bowl sunday and throughout the year. reporting live, richard chiles, wlwt news 5.
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richard jones, look out for this. >> what are you doing in here? that's not how you dance. jonathan: it's the female deputy in the front there, you can see her, she's got her hand on her knee. watch her as this goes on. she can dance. the butler county sheriff's department tweeted out the dance party friday. the video ends if you're going to party with us this super bowl, don't drink and drive. the video has more than 150,000 views. you can watch the entire video on
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appeal to football fans, as they do every year, by hosting the super bowl of preaching event. the preaching competition will put senior pastor brian tome against teaching pastor chuck mingo. there will be tailgating, a pregame show, smack talk and a halftime show. organizers say it's one of the highest attended weekends of the year. check it out at one of their six locations. across the river in covington, a mardi gras celebration, complete with revellers, beads and plenty of fun, including the annual parade. that's got to be a dance troupe. they're just too good. this year's theme was chinese new year. mainstrasse's mardi gras celebration has been going strong for 20 years now. more than 16 restaurants and bars took part in the celebration. the death toll in taiwan
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coming up, the latest on the search as officials race the trapped. and xavier basketball, looking to improve its impressive record on saturday. this team's good. elise jesse with highlights on that game and more in morning sports. and your live look outside. citycam 5 caught the zamboni doing its thing early on sunday morning. getting the ice at fountain square smooth. we've got an upgrade with the larger ice, didn't we?
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jonathan: welcome back. the death toll in an earthquake in southern taiwan has reached 24. officials say life detectors at a collapse the 17-story highrise found at least 124 people still alive but trapped inside. taiwan central news agency reports 484 people have been injured in the shallow, 6.4 magnitude quake. a massive avalanche in the austrian alps saturday killed five skiers and injured two others. ten were rescued unharmed when the snow gave way around noon. the mountain rescue chief said all skiers had good equipment, but rescuers couldn't save everyone buried under nine feet of snow. an oregon police officer was killed in the line of duty friday night, while serving a
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it happened in the coastal community of seaside, about 80 miles northwest of portland. police sergeant jason gooding was 39 years old, had been with the department for 13 years. it happened when he and another officer were attempting to arrest a man wanted for felony assault. the second officer shot and killed the suspect. an ohio river has been wounded in a chase and shootout with a suspect. officer schuyler newfer was shot. stephen davis, the suspect, shot the officer and fled. the suspect was killed when his vehicle crashed. newfer was flown to grant medical center in columbus. no word on his condition. wisconsin authorities are going ice fishing for sunken vehicles. a number of cars fell through cracked ice at lake geneva's winter fest and u.s. snow sculpting competition. how about not parking on the lake? the fire department is on hand,
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the ice. officials there say no people were inside the sunken cars. no word yet on how many vehicles were swallowed by the ice. i count eight, nine, ten. park on the land. let's do the land parking, like where people are standing. why couldn't you park there? let's talk about weather. normally, i guess they expect the ice to be well frozen. >> i was thinking if there was so much snow, you didn't know where it started. >> i always hear it wassed in '75 or '76, when the river froze. people walked across. no, thank you. >> i didn't hear any problems. >> frankly, no thank you on your forecast. let's hear it anyway. i like today.
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stack lar. it's ten degrees above average. the south winds will help us out. not a bad start. visibility is high. temperature, not as cold as the last couple mornings, at 32 officially. there are surrounding spots in the 20s. the wind chill feels like the upper 20s. visibility is high at ten miles. we will not see any fog or you problems this morning. there is a big system moving up the atlantic if you happen to move that direction. quite a bit of rain for them off carolina coast this morning into later today. we're on the back side with clear skies overhead. we're waiting for snow showers to arrive. snow showers push in tomorrow. futurecast showing a cold front to the west. ahead of it, a breeze out of the southwest will help our temperature, walling partly cloudy skies. we'll take it up to 50 or low 50s for afternoon high temperatures today. it's the last of the mild days
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the cold front arriving tonight, slowing down a little bit on the models, which means it looks like shower chances this evening get pushed back by a couple of hours. also, this model particularly, although some other ones are still holding it together nicely, doesn't look like as much in the way of showers, but still possibly a tenth of an inch towards midnight. a light amount of showers ahead of the front. and then right behind it, there's actually a dry slot right behind it. we should break out into a quieter start for your monday morning, late morning commute into the late morning toward midday. maybe even some sunshine to start off briefly tomorrow morning. then snow showers return tomorrow afternoon. could start off as a light mix. i think we'll quickly transition to periods of snow showers late afternoon, evening commute monday. the secondary cold front tuesday morning ushers in the coldest air. we'll continue in that flow, northwest flow, with snow showers through tuesday as well as wednesday. on the futurecast for this evening, clouds will be thickening during the evening. a couple of rain showers to start off.
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front tries to push through. behind it tomorrow morning, before let's say 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., could see wet snowflakes or a few rain drops mixed in. then a quiet window for the late morning. then we develop activity for the afternoon. showers. some of them may be briefly heavy at times. evening. so over the next couple days, i think most of us will see some form of snow each day, whether it's a few flurries or snow showers. any snow shower, the potential for a quick covering. maybe a quick inch of snow. and so as we head into wednesday, after a few days of this, most end up with an inch or two of snow out of it. we may see a couple of spots with slightly higher totals. into tuesday, wednesday, getting a better feel for it, may see heavier bands at times into midweek. 51 degrees for the high today. a mild and breezy day.
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midnight, 39. we fall into the mid 30s by the morning. we'll stay there until the afternoon. snow chances drop off a little bit late morning, pick up for the late afternoon to evening hours. we'll have snow showers around monday, tuesday, flurries wednesday. it's tuesday and wednesday, we're talking wind chills in the teens. we'll stay below average until next weekend. jonathan: two local college basketball teams in action saturday. they had very different outcomes to their games. elise jesse has details. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse. the musketeers had won five straight games over marquette going into yesterday's game. xavier trailed most of the time as they were out-rebounded, 35-27. but if you've watched xavier play at all this season, you know there aren't many things that can throw xavier off their game. they always seem to be able to regroup and adjust. xavier looking to sweep marquette this season. the golden eagles weren't going to go down without a fight. blueitt had a three. he had a career high with five
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also eight assists on the day. sandy cohen hits this triple. marquette just completed a 15-0 run. 39-35 lead at the half. chris mack's daughters weren't having it at all. xavier had 22 points off marquette's turnovers. these two gave them their first lead since the 9:46 mark in the first half. mccur rara had 20 points on the day. muskies get the 90-82 win. >> hopefully, we can just play like that more often. i think that's where we're trying to get. we're trying to work on. everybody realizes when we play like that, it's fun for everybody. we've got to stay consistent with that. elise: cincinnati on the road at memphis. a sluggish first half meant the bearcats would have to spend the second half digging themselves out of that hole. fedex forum, a tough place to play. the tigers came out ready to compete. we go to the second half. bearcats down nine. off the miss, gary clark the put-back. no sophomore slump there.
6:19 am
double-double of the week with 15 points and 14 rebounds. cobb was left wide open for three there. cincinnati goes down seven. under two to go. down four, troy caupain had 17. the tigers had an immediate answer. avery woodson with the triple as memphis beats cincinnati, 63-59. that's not all the college basketball we have. we have much more coming up, plus high school hoops on the way. jonathan, for now, back to you. jonathan: thanks. two teens are dead, six others injured after a late night bobsledding accident. we have details. citycam 5. stay with us.
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can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at macura. jonathan: welcome back. an after hours visit to a canadian bobsled track has left two dead and six injured. emergency crews were called to the track early saturday morning after a report that several people were jird on the closed bobsled track. the teen males tried to go down the track on a personal sled but collided with a large gate. they're trying to figure out how the young men entered the private track after it had
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exciting news for cam newton ahead of the super bowl. the nfl has named him the 2015 most valuable player. brett favre has a gray beard. the panthers quarterback led his team to a 17-1 record this year. today, of course, newton will lead the panthers in super bowl 50 against the denver broncos. newton threw for 35 touchdowns and ran for an additional ten this season. this is his fifth season in professional football. sflits too bad everyone can't get in. there's a place down the road called lee vice vi's stadium, when alicia keys sees she's beyond capacity, maybe she'll play at the stadium soon. jonathan: alicia keys had a sellout performance. people lined the streets outside of the venue hoping to get to hear the concert.
6:24 am
lady gaga today will sing the national anthem. beyonce and bruno mars will join coldplay at halftime. pasadena, california, full of hollywood stars this weekend for the 47th annual naacp image awards, honoring the achievements of african-americans in hollywood. stars such as o'shea jackson, david alan greer walked the red carpet. anthony anderson, star of the abc sitcom blackish, hosted the show. awards were given in the categories of television, music, literature and film. there's the fresh prince. >> i've noticed every time i start dating, my friends always say to me, aren't you concerned she's only going out with you because you have some money x & you're on tv? no. why else would she go out with me? of course that's why she's going out with me. that's one of the benefits. that's why i did this in the
6:25 am
what do you think, she has a penchant for old bald men? she's supposed to like me for myself? i don't even like me for myself. jonathan: larry david host the sat night live for the first time ever. the musical guest was the 1975. don't worry. we've got bernie. >> we need to unite and work together if we're going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders made an appearance last night. he appeared alongside his dople ganger. e, as you can see there, larry david. they chose not to have them being the same character at the same time. sanders also introduced the musical guest. next week's host, actress mels
6:26 am
the musical guest, kanye west. still to come, commercials which seem to get so much attention. the possible theme for super bowl ads. a live look outside. citycam 5. lady liquid in blue with her arms outstretched. chilly down there on the square
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jonathan: taking a stand against teen suicide. the challenge two churches issue to our youth. richard: a special coalition working to keep you safe on super bowl sunday. jonathan: another nice day ahead. get ice scrapers and rock salt ready. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us about the buttonhook in the weather. it is sunday, february 7, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: how could i forget. both my dog's and my mother's birthday today. hope you're doing well. welcome to news 5 today. i'm jonathan hawgood, this is
6:29 am
two and i won't say. jennifer: i've got nothing. jonathan: something north of 60. mrs. -- jonathan: she's still hawgood. she kept the name. and sonny is my dog. such a good dog. such a bad forecast, except for today. jennifer: a good day today. get sonny out a good long walk today so you don't have to take her out the next couple. we'll be dealing with snow showers, blustery conditions. back to winter conditions as we head behind two cold fronts late into tuesday morning. citycam right now, visibility is high. skies are clear. we have some clear skies, visibility for everyone at eight miles or more. don't have fog this morning. a south breeze not allowing fog to form. a variation in temperatures. depending on elevation and whether you have the wind in
6:30 am
the mind wind will help keep temperatures up. we're in the low 30s. we top out in the low 50s. a nice end to the weekend today. dry for the day. we bring back scattered clouds into midday. they'll stick around through the afternoon. in time, we're talking rain showers and snow showers for a couple days. we'll have the rest of the forecast coming up. jonathan: thanks, jennifer. happening today, two local churches issue a challenge to youth, after cincinnati public schools sent letters home warning about suicides and attempted suicides among young people. today, word of deliverance and the new prospect baptist church is issuing #island challenge. it stands for i shall live and not die. cps recently lost two students to sue sides. the letter from the superintendents alerts parents the district is responding by beginning a series of talks with students in fifth through 12th grades. the letter alerts parents to internet sites that encourage students to engage in behavior
6:31 am
put an end to the self-destructive spirit. young people are crying out for this is an act of violence that does not involve a gun, drugs or gangs. talking to someone if you or someone you know is in need of by the way, the talbert house has a 24-hour crisis line. it's 281-care. honoring those who work to make a difference in children's lives. that was the goal of the eighth annual difference makers awards. the award was presented to many people, actually, nominated by the community to recognize the volunteer work they do at local organizations, which benefit our this year was interesting because several young people >> young people under the age of 18 who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference, and it's really neat because it is 100% driven by them.
6:32 am
nominations were submitted from across the greater cincinnati area. congratulations to all who received the award. tonight, some people may have too much to drink burg their super bowl celebrations. there's a campaign to keep them from getting behind the wheel in that situation. richard chiles is live with efforts to keep you safe on the roads. richard: this organization is all about celebrating responsibly. it's a very important message from law enforcement, making sure people are safe. you've got a lot of community partners making sure people get home. >> it does take a lot of community partners to get the message across. one of those is doyle burke.
6:33 am
message we're trying to get across. across. we want to get the message out today, certainly today when there's an event like a super bowl which does obviously involve drinking and having a few good times. and a lot of people worry about the inconvenience of maybe being stopped on the way home. i'm the last stop on that. certainly, when it comes to a death that certainly could have been preventible by getting somebody sober to drive. using your head. that's the message, stop and think what you're doing. have a good time, use your head. richard: law enforcement here in warren county, unified. spreading the message throughout the morning. jonathan: all right, richard, thanks. the broncos take on the panthers in super bowl 50.
6:34 am
for a good cause. it's the seventh annual touchdown for hope event, happening at the great american ballpark champions club. those attending watch the game on the big screen, while enjoying dishes from it's to support local research on bipolar and mood disorders at the lindner center of hope. tickets are required. the event begins at 6:00 p.m. >> if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. so stop it! that's one of the super bowl ads this year. helen mirren for budweiser. advertisers are hoping the ads have a shelf life beyond the big game. 100 million people are expected to watch on tv, but many companies are already teasing or premiering their whole ad on
6:35 am
>> when you lose the element of surprise, i think it limits the impact in the super bowl. people are, on average, more prone to share a humorous ad. jonathan: advertisers seem to be using more celebrities in this year's ads. at least 33 stars signed on for ads. that is at least five more than last year. an ohio dog will go paw to paw with other pups in today's puppy bowl. rug rugby an 8-month-old terrier mix was drafted to the starting squad of team fluff. they will take on team ruff for the puppy bowl 12 title. rugby comes from the animal friends humane society in hamilton. he's one of 84 adoptable puppies competing for the most valuable puppy.
6:36 am
bowl on animal planet at 3:00 p.m. good luck, rugby. tension continues to mount because of north korea. coming up, the new claims from the nation and what the united states and its allies say 'em happened. and as the new hampshire primary gets closer, candidates took to the stage to try to earn crucial votes. including the donald. details from the republican debate and which candidates received the most heat. our live look outside. not a lot of heat out there. 32 degrees. the cut in the hill seems to be posting its usual slew of travelers on this sunday morning.
6:37 am
new developments out of north korea. the country says it launched a satellite into space, but neighbors and the u.s. officials believe it's a missile test. kim jong-un gave the okay to launch the rocket. defying international warnings.
6:38 am
didn't pose a threat to the u.s. or our allies. new hampshire's presidential primary, just a few days away. saturday night, candidates met in a debate. donald trump has a hefty lead in new hampshire. much of saturday night's focus was on marco rubio, who is rising in the polls and starting to take the heat. >> you have not been involved in a consequently decision where you had to be held accountable. >> kristy, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago. you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. jonathan: donald trump and jeb push argued about domestic issues. they fielded questions on foreign policy and national security and how they'd deal with the north korea missile launch. the new hampshire primary is tuesday, february 9. and you don't need to look any
6:39 am
hampshire coverage, especially following the campaign of ohio's governor john kasich. our very own mike dardis will be covering the bid for the white house. he'll be live in new hampshire monday and tuesday here on wlwt news 5. we were debating about whether he's flying out today or early tomorrow. the louisville cardinals on the court just a day after announcing a self-imposed punishment. coming up, elise jesse will have details on that game and more in morning sports. jennifer: and one more nice day. we're heading back above average this afternoon. temperatures in the low 50s. we'll have a few more clouds today, compared to yesterday. it will be a touch breezy. but a great sunday taking shape, considering it's going to be cold, blustery and snowy heading
6:40 am
jennifer: a dry and chilly start. we start sunday quiet. gets more active late this evening. south wind at seven miles an hour. we are not going to see any fog this morning. also quite a bit of variation between the temperature and the dew point. the winds up. no fog expected.
6:41 am
nicely in the afternoon. satellite and radar showing clear skies. should be a great start with all sunshine. then scattered clouds arriving into midday, the start of the transition. we'll increase our clouds today. but still, going to have a nice day in terms of temperature. a southwest breeze will take us to near 50 ahead of an approaching cold front. that front arriving late this evening and for the overnight, bringing moisture with it. models have been varying a touch on the amounts and the timing. looks like it's generally going to be delayed a little bit more towards the midnight hour. looks like light rain showers scattered ahead of the front coming through. behind the front, we may still see a raindrop or two tomorrow morning. there will be a window of dry conditions that may bring us late morning to midday sunshine tomorrow. a period of quiet conditions before more activity tomorrow afternoon. then scattered snow showers
6:42 am
lasting through tomorrow evening. a secondary cold front tuesday morning means we stay in the weather pattern throughout tuesday as well as into wednesday. the secondary front will increase our winds and continue to drop back the temperatures. we will be right back into the throes of winter. we're dry this evening at 8:00 and 9:00. 10:00 and 11:00 look dry. midnight and thereafter, scattered showers. tomorrow morning at 5:00, 6:00 a.m., a little bit of rain. wet snowflakes a possibility. morning they we bring in snow showers. snow showers in the afternoon and evening. if you get underneath one of covering possible. could be tricky for the commute. we'll be dealing with them for
6:43 am
everyone likely to see at least snow showers or flurries each day over the next couple. monday, tuesday and wednesday. any snow shower a potential for covering or possibly upwards of a quick inch of snow. but overall, we're talking light accumulations out of this. after three days of it, we may see a couple of spots with one or two inches of snow and maybe a few spots with a few isolated higher totals than that. notice the temperatures trending down over the next couple days with air temperatures in the 20s, wind chills in the teens tuesday and wednesday. 51 for the high today. the highest in the forecast by a long shot. tomorrow, the high temperature will be mid nide, around 39. then we fall off close to freezing through the morning hours. a slight chance of a mix as we bump up as moisture returns tomorrow afternoon. snow showers tuesday. wednesday, flurries to light showers. we come out of the weather pattern.
6:44 am
disturbance, late work week snow showers friday evening possible. we stay cold into next saturday. here's sunday morning sports. elise: trey lewis and damian lee will not be playing in the ncaa tournament for the cardinals. yesterday, rick pitino came out and said the schools and the coaches should be fined for those violations. we'll see if any traction picks up with that. one day after announcing their self-imposed postseason ban, louisville was hosting boston college. and damian lee was out for saturday's game. first half, deng adel comes up with a sweet steal. he'll take it the other way for the lay-in. cardinals up 14. second half, quinton snyder, the alley-oop for the dunk. louisville cruises to the victory with a 79-47 win over boston college. kentucky was at home meeting up
6:45 am
during warmups. this was over early. briscoe to murray for three. he finished with 35 points. kentucky dominates the court with an 80-61 win. we head now to bb&t arena where nku looking to summon the norse versus milwaukee. first half, the game tied early on. later in the half, it's a kick-out to cole murray for the triple. it's good. norse down two. moore from nku. le'veon holland driving the lane, gets the layup to go in traffic. nku wins it, 75-71 over milwaukee. high school basketball, moeller at home facing lakota west. participating in a pastry eating contest. second quarter, keegan mcdonnell launches the three. moeller with a four-point lead. back the other way. jacob beal splits the defenders
6:46 am
west down two. but this one was all moeller all night long. isaiah payton with the three from the top of the key. moeller improves to 17-3 with a 49-35 win. the walnut hills student section is called the nuthouse. they even have a twitter account so you know they're the real deal. the eagles like to push right ball and jordan henderson fires the three from the corner. that's how walnut started the game. the bombers have hunter latny. he uses the not-look pass to bobby jefferson. he doesn't miss when he's that close to the basket. walnut has a 6'11" freshman center. he didn't miss either. they beat the bombers in a close one, 45-41. of course, we told you in the first half hour that xavier gets another win. they're 21-2. and u.c. falls to memphis. that's it for me right now. for now we'll send it to you, jonathan. jonathan: elise, thanks. some are calling this picture an
6:47 am
you can't see. but if you could, you'd recognize that painters at levi's stadium accidentally painted both end zones for the broncos. in any human endeavor, mission takes can be made. the photos were provided to us by a company called near map. the flyover happens with this company in areas in the united states in order to make foe photo maps. this is the view they saw. the painters, of course, had to fix it and make one of the end zones carolina panthers. to see more, go to hundreds of people endured the chilly weather saturday to take the polar bear plunge for the special olympics. joe's crab shack hosted for the fourth year in a row. more than 800 men and women
6:48 am
take the plunge. a downtown cincinnati staple closing its doors. why house of adam is closing up shop and the final sale going on right now. you're watching cincinnati's wlwt.
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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jonathan: welcome back. for more than a half century, a staple in the downtown retail world is closing its doors. erik zarnitz has the final sale for house of adam. >> there aren't many places to find a yellow or orange suit. if you are looking for one, the search got much harder. from the sales to the crowds, it may look like black friday. instead, today was the beginning of the house of adam's final sale. >> i saw you putting bags, boxes in your car. what did you pick up?
6:51 am
to shoes, suits and hats, this place is one of a kind. >> stiles that never go out of style. reporter: when asked why customers kept coming back, style and service were high on the list. tradition, number one. >> i've been shopping here almost 50 years. >> my father brought me here when i was a youngster. i've been shopping all the way. reporter: according to the owner, stanley gray, the community's been amazing, helping support his business for the last 60 years. >> we wanted to do something different to attract customers to come to us instead of just going to a discount store or a department store or something. reporter: now 88, gray says it's time to hang up his hat. know. our customers have been very,
6:52 am
very, very good people. >> hate to see them leave. reporter: all inventory is in the store, from the suits to the hats. so if you want to pick one up, judging by the size of the lines, you want to get down here fast. reporting from the house of adam downtown, erik zarnitz, wlwt news 5. jonathan: the sale will also include the store's fixtures, furniture and equipment. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including a casting call going out for a fashion show. who organizers are looking for to go down the runway. we'll take a peek outside. citycam 5. the museum center at union terminal.
6:53 am
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