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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: gas prices are dropping across the nation and here in greater cincinnati the local average for a gallon of regular is down to $1.53 this morning. some of the prices we saw in our area overnight, $1.38 at the speedway on williams off i-71, the shell at liberty at walnut had gas at $1.59 a gallon. 6:00 a.m. on your monday, good morning, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i am mark hayes. let' s get a check on the forecast with randi rico, they changes coming our way. randi: huge changes. it was springtime before you went your super bowl party last night. winter is back. as we look at the radar this morning, it has been predominately rain up until this point. even though it looks like snow from batavia to mount orb, just picking up on more intense rainfall south of wilmington. different story in southeastern indiana where these are snow showers rolling across 74.
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and snow in areas that are seeing snow showers from friendship back to napoleon along 421. the good news, temperatures above freezing. even though you' re seeing snow in southeastern indiana, it is melting away when it hits the surface. the kind of snow we like. winter weather advisory for our area will go into effect at 6:00 tonight and last until 6:00 wednesday morning. after sunset tonight, it will get cold enough we may see some icy spots and the snow will here and there. everywhere all across greater cincinnati, temperatures are above freezing. whether you' re seeing rain east 74, wet roads are all you are dealing with for the morning commute. the planner today, right now generally rain though snow to the south and east indiana. at noon, rain/snow mix possible, near 40. no word -- no worries on the
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re all wet. heading into the evening, specifically after sunset tonight, it may be a bit icy and there may be slick spots overnight as we quickly dip down closer to freezing by about 8:00 tonight. the snow will stick around for a couple of days. not huge totals, but occasionally, tricky spots on the roads. kyla woods, there' s a problem on the bridges this morning? kyla: rugby for the brent spence bridge, there' s an accident blocking one lane. just north of the prints bit -- princeton' s bridge. we have a live picture to give you a better look at the scene. it is not backing up yet, so that is the good news. here' s a shot. you can see the left lane is block. a lot of emergency vehicles and we saw folks walking around the scene of the accident, so could be active for little while. we will keep an eye on it for you and let you know once it clears. the good news is, it is not causing a significant backup. here' s a look at 75 and 3rd
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we will keep you updated. that is our only problem outside right now. mark: thank you. developing story in blue ash of the neighborhood. lisa: it happened sunday on no caps off. andrew setters is leading the way with the latest on the investigation right now. andrew: this happen in blue ash, not the area known for violent crime of any kind, certainly not the kind of area known for a daytime shootout in the middle of a residential area. that is what happened yesterday morning. we will walk you through what we know. it happened around 11:30 yesterday. at least 10 shots were fired along oak avenue. people involved scattered. police think one shooting victim fled on foot and hasn' t been found. two others jumped into separate course. one of those cars crashed, hitting three other vehicles. another victim of the shooting later showed up at the hospital. police think he was in a car that was ditched at a gas station.
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guns and spoke to a couple of people at the shooting scene, but it doesn' t someone very been amy arrest -- have been any arrests made. with several stray shot sitting nearby homes, the people who live in that area want to know the people responsible have been caught. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. a woman accused of hitting an 11-year-old girl in a crosswalk is due in court again this morning. she a purely was a no-show at her first arraignment on friday. dan griffin is leading the way will be facing. child in the case is ok. the woman driving the vehicle is in a week. investigators say she was a no-show in court friday. cincinnati police say 36-year-old ruby estepp hit 11-year-old london smith in that crosswalk thursday afternoon. investigators say smith was walk
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hit her and she kept going, but was found later and arrested by police minutes later than released. she was ordered to court friday morning but was nowhere to be found. estepp was booked yesterday evening. she' s expected in court this morning, facing charges with leaving the scene of an accident and driving on suspended license. dan griffin, news 5. lisa: a local father accused of crashing his car under the influence of drugs with a child inside. police say ryan harding crashed into an embankment after using heroin. according to court documents, police say harding unresponsive , passed out in the front seat. they used narcan to revive him. he is charged with ovi, drug abuse, and child endangerment. the child is now with the mother. super bowl sunday was a busy day for law enforcement and pizza
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mark: they teamed up to make sure fans got home safe. we spoke -- we stopped by way sure pizza in mason last night. every pizza box they handed out had a sticker reading, "if your game plan includes drinking add add a designated driver to your , lineup." >> it' s a great message on there. make a plan. make sure there' s somebody in your group when you' re out having a good time that' s not having the same good time with you, so they' re capable of driving you safely home. mark: warren county safe communities coalition created the stickers. police say a third of deadly crashes involve an impaired driver. and if your judgment is even slightly impaired, you' re less likely to survive a crash. lisa: the denver broncos are your super bowl 50 chickens and the mile high city is loving it. this was right after the game last night. thousands took to the streets of downtown denver to celebrate the victory. police officers
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a handful of fans to take it too far. at least seven people were arrested for minor offenses. this is denver' s first championship since 1998. mark: it was dominate performance from the broncos. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a look back at the big game. miriah: this was all about the denver defense. the broncos had a tough task set before them stopping cam , newton and the panthers' high-powered offense. but on sunday, carolina looked helpless. the broncos forced four turnovers, including this strip that led to a touchdown. von miller was the guy who made this happen, and he was huge for the broncos. miller was the super bowl mvp, and his broncos beat the panthers 24-10. >> i' single time. s just the type of football player i am. definitely be a three-point shooter. you know, i' m definitely going for the ball. but that' s what coach phillips been preaching all year. we need turnovers. we need turnovers to win the that today. miriah: the defense stole the show from future hall of famer peyton manning, who may have
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manning was asked about his plans, and he said he is going to take some time to reflect before making a decision. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. i was hoping for a much better game. 15 punts. that says it all right there. and quarterbacks running for their lives. that' s all it was. another winner from super bowl sunday. lisa: how football fans photo when it comes to the best commercial on sunday. mark: a huge night for beyonce. her dazzling halftime performance in how she got fans hooked before she took the stage. lisa: and coldplay was there, too. hope you' re having a great start your monday morning. a situation involving a police car command looks like it is going on traffic, a lame. we will talk more about it in traffic. randi: wet roads all across greater cincinnati. east of the 275 low desolate,
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dearborn county, you have some snow showers, maybe a little rain mixed in. the good news for everybody as we look at the current temperatures, we are above freezing. no matter whether it is rain or snow falling in your part of town, it melts when it hits the road. expect wet roads for the morning commute will stop mixed rain and snow showers at lunchtime, 40. the drive home, all snow showers. to get some slick spikes after 6:00 to eight ago tonight.
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forecast coming up and a coup apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. lisa: welcome back. 6:12 on your monday. hope you had a great weekend. we have been talking a lot of at the super bowl, the commercials, the food.
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moran at coming up. right now, checking the morning commute. calico we have our first problem of the morning. we have been pretty clear until now but now we have an accident just north of the brent spence bridge. heading into northern kentucky, here' s a look for you. it looks like they' re starting to clear some of those emergency vehicles. we had a couple of ambulances and fire truck. now it' s like a single police car. hopefully, it won' t cause too many issues for you heading out right now. starting to see a bit of a back up just north of there. backing up now to about 3rd street. here' s a look, cars are making their way and squeezing into one lane. as you make your way over the brent spence bridge, it squeezes into one lane and take it has the accident. hopefully, we won' t have to worry bout it for too much longer. elsewhere, 71 looks good for you at mason montgomery. heading out of warren county toward the 275 look, traffic is clear. mark: thank you. checking today'
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fired along a mardi gras parade route but no one was injured. , officials say the gunfire rang out just after 9:00 last night. police believe a suspect or suspects may have escaped into the crowd and a search is officers did find a handgun in the area. s earthquake in 37 people are said to be dead now. at least two dozen of them were pulled from a 16 story apartment building that collapsed. . officials say its just one of several buildings destroyed by the quake. mark: new england is bracing for a big snowstorm. this is footage from snow that the same area got just this past friday. a blizzard warning is in effect for southeast massachusetts and up to 18 inches of snow could fall today. other parts of the state plus rhode island and eastern connecticut could get four to eight inches. schools in boston and providence, rhode island are all , closed today. lisa: cam newton and the panthers were not ready peyton manning and the bronco'
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cam lost two fumbles and also threw an interception as the panthers fell 24-to-10. it is widely believed this was peyton manning' s final game, but he has not yet made the announcement official. off the field there were plenty , of big numbers surrounding the super bowl. mark: you might need some antacids after hearing these. football fans had 1.3 billion chicken wings on sunday and combined with other snacks the average fan takes in about 6000 calories. we are still waiting on the official numbers, but according to projections, nearly 190 million people tuned in for the big game. lisa: that' s a lot of eyes for the companies paying top dollar for super bowl commercials. this year it looks like hyundai was the big winner. usa today had fans vote on the favorite super bowl commercials and the car company won with its , first date ad. s why don' t you go out and take my new car? >> thanks, pops.
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>> favorite spot. favorite girl. >> you messing with the wrong daddy. lisa: hyundai also aired a super bowl commercial featuring actor ryan reynolds and it was voted the fifth best. mark: did you see the new geiko one with tarzan? lisa: the freakiest was the puppy, monkey, baby. mark: a close call for the queen bee. miriah: there were some serious
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also was wearing heels. it was quick but for a moment , she lost her balance and nearly ended up on the ground. she managed to jump back and stay on her feet, and the show kept going. by the time it was over that , moment did not matter. many considered beyonce' s performance the highlight of the half time show. she created the biggest is on social media releasing a new , song and video the day before the big show, performing the new song live, and then announcing her world tour. i know a lot of people thought that was a big risk, performing a brand-new song. it doesn' t have the big following behind it yet. but she pulled it off. i love "uptown funk" but a lot of people are like, do so overplayed, it was kind of -- people were dancing but it was kind of like, ok, we' ve heard it before. lisa: coldplay was there, too. dan griffin in the newsroom said, coldplay is like elevator music. i'
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miriah: they put on a great show. a lot of people said it was hippie-like. people talking about beyonce paid to the two michael jackson with her outfit. mark: it was memorable, i will say that. lisa: i did not see it. i saw a lot of it now, but i slept. mark: i will repeat it for you. lisa: randi , you stayed up through the third quarter. rocket girl. randi: anyone trying to jump up from a squatting position in heels, gimme a break. let' s take a look at what we can expect a day. in case you missed the forecast because you' re watching the super bowl, today, rain and snow mixing. it will eventually turn over to all snow. it will stick around off and on for days. snow in the forecast for the next three days. basically, now through wednesday afternoon. your three day cumulative snowfall total, still less than two inches.
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times, it can cause a problem if it comes at the wrong time. looking at the radar right now, it does show a rain/snow mix. east of the 275 loop, it is falling all as rain. heading into southeastern indiana and moving into the west side of town in northern kentucky, this is falling is predominantly snow. from aurora down to warsaw, you could be dealing with light snow bands. however, temperatures are warm enough that this is all falling and melting away as soon as it hits the ground. if you' re going to have snow, might as well have temperatures above freezing. the line is from 74 back toward indianapolis. this morning, we are not under a winter weather advisory. however, that kicks in at 6:00 tonight. it does get cold enough at the air in the surface to see predominantly snow and the potential for slick spots whenever those burst of snow comes through over the next couple of days.
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indiana, in the 30' s. everybody is above freezing. that is where we will spend most of the day. i 5:00 tonight, most places pushing 40. you have to get until 10:00 tonight before you see many towns at and below freezing. that is when you start to see the changeover to all snow, snow that sticks and maybe some icy spots from the wet weather during the day come icing up into the late evening hours. futurecast will -- show snow showers. -- snow showers mixing with rain showers. burst of snow that may reduce coating on the roads. tomorrow, off and on snow, maybe a half inch to an edge total. ending by early wednesday. looking at less than two inches for three days 12 all but possible. temperatures generally in the 20' s and 30' s for the rest of the week. lisa: thank you. twitter takes on terrorism. the effort to keep terror away from the social network. mark: marriage and money.
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. lisa: good morning and welcome back. 37 degrees on your monday morning. we' re checking traffic right now. kyla: good morning. we had that small incident -- i won' t say small.
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an accident with injury. right now, it is starting to clear up, so good news. we do still have a single lane closed step this is just for you approach the brent spence bridge on 75 southbound. a little bit of a backup near 3rd street as well post up you should be able to make your way through without too much of an incident or delay, but you might bump into about two or three extra minutes brent spence bridge for the brent spence bridge. elsewhere, their conditions toward 471, looking good post up 62 miles per hour. still looking at a quick six minute commute from the 275 interchange over to the daniel carter beard bridge were things we will keep you updated. the accident in the clearing phase near brent spence bridge. lisa: twitter says it' s ramping up its efforts to fight terrorism worldwide. the social media company says over the last seven months, it has suspended 125,000 accounts. twitter says posts from the accounts either threatened or promoted terrorist acts. it says most of the accounts
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or supported the terrorist organization. twitter also says it will continue working to stop that kind of activity and has added staff to monitor terrorist activity. mark: a new study shows millions of americans are hiding a financial secret from their significant other. the study by finds 13 million americans have hidden a bank or credit card account from their live-in spouse, partner, or significant other. the study found that' s not the only financial secret being kept, 41% have spent more than partner' s knowledge. that is unacceptable. lisa: i believe that. the spinning of the money but having the separate accounts and all that? that is a lot of work. that is a lot of i don' mark:? is it? i' m just saying.
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hi, randi. randi hi, guys. let' s take a look at the forecast for today. a mix of rain and snow. on the radar right now, we are seeing both. areas to the east of the 275 loop, blew on the radar, most of it is hitting the ground as plain old rain. along 74 in southeastern indiana, a little different. snow showers rolling across 74 an area south of harrison. even though it is predominantly snow falling, warm enough it is melting as it hits the ground. taking a look at the forecast heading out to train for the flying pig, 37 degrees, rain and snow showers. 6:00 this evening, predominantly snow showers and 38 degrees. most days-the 20' s and 30' s. we will be contending with off and on snow showers tomorrow and through wednesday. randi
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after the high profile issues with food safety. andrew: suspects still on the run, and questions still unanswered after a shootout in blue ash. we'
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comi mark: shots head, multiple victims and several crime scenes. the investigation into shooting
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lisa: primary preview. mark: was there some product placement from peyton manning? comments from the super bowl champ that created quite the buzz online. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. good morning, everyone. chipotle restaurants focusing on food safety. this is a live look from covington. they will close every location for four hours today for a few safety meeting. the move comes after an e. coli outbreak last year and all chipotle restaurants will be closed from allow -- i' m about 11:00 to 3:00 today. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. we are saying good morning to kyla woods and randi rico. the weather and traffic together. let'
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randi: it was nice and sunny and bowl. then everybody went into the game and you come out and it feels like wintertime outside. re still doing good. yesterday we had 53. that warm in. even though we are seeing snow and the rain on the radar this morning, when the ground, away. wet roads. like all of this is moving to the east. even though it is showing a snow showers, this is plain old rain. southeastern indiana, different story. snow showers along 74. still a mixed bag at cvg, most of it is falling as rain once you cross over into kentucky, but light snow along 421. whether it is rain or snow, it is all melting so it is the kind of snow would like to see around here. however, that will change this evening after sunset. winter weather advisory in effect 6:00 tonight through 6:00
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6:00 in the morning basically on this. we will be off and on rates of showers. than two inches of total snowfall for most of us. degrees above freezing. that is the air temperature. the ground is warmer. showers, 37. at noon, rain or snow showers, we will hang out near 40 through the afternoon. however, there will be a change. fourth 6:00 to 8:00 tonight, all snow showers. we may even see a few icy spots as the temperatures dropped closer to freezing. what rose all day, the potential for slick spots after sunset tonight. kyla: you have to be mindful in the evening and overnight hours, even tomorrow morning. this morning, the roads are mainly wet, but there is an accident just north of the brent spence bridge. here' s a look at the backup as they'
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t be there much longer. still squeezing to one lane. you might need five to 10 a tremendous to get through there. not backing up much further than about third or 6th street near the bridge. colerain and big men, still rolling along. problem-free. the same thing along 71-75 near 270 five, traffic starting to build both northbound and southbound. lisa: thank you. 6:33. neighbors on edge in blue ash after shots ring out during the day. the shooting then led to a four-car crash, injuring several people. mark: this morning, the investigation is underway as to what led up to the chaos. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the latest on the investigation. andrew: good morning. we expect blue ash police to have more to say about what happened. this is an unusual, violent crime for this neighborhood. we will walk you through what we know. several people involved along ok
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there was a shootout. it is not clear how many people were firing shots the police recovered two guns at the scene. one man they believe was a shooting victim, ran away on foot. two other shooting victims jumped into two separate cars, one of those cars crashed near deerfield in a core -- four car collision. the other was ditched in the shooting victim later showed up at the hospital. several gunshots heard a nearby house on florence avenue. the family was home at the time. this was a near miss for them. >> i have mixed emotions. i' m happy that i' m alive. i' m scared and sad the house got destroyed. >> i can' t understand the kind of stupidity of people, squeezing off shots down here in a packed community like this. i' m just stymied and definitely has thrown us for a loop. andrew: a lot of questions remain unanswered by blue last police like -- right now. we don' t know how many suspects they might be looking for or why
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at each other in this neighborhood. we hope to get more answers from blue ash police here as the morning goes on. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: new this morning, a traffic stop led to the discovery of a meth lab in anderson township. charles ross and ryan dawson are both in jail scheduled to appear in court today on drug charges. it was about last night when a 10:15 hamilton county deputy noticed an equipment violation on their vehicle along asbury road. when the vehicle pulled over, the deputy noticed someone throw out a plastic bottle. turns out that bottle had meth making materials inside. the men were arrested and taken to the justice center. lisa: in cleveland, social service organizations as well as law-enforcement agencies teaming up to organize a campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking for the upcoming republican national convention. and estimated 50,000 people are expected to flock to the cleveland area for the convention. officials say an up tick in
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during large gatherings. agencies are now working on training, social media campaigns, as well as billboards will stuff the convention kicks off july 18. mark: in commitment 2016 the , candidates are grinding it out in the granite state with just one day to go before the first in the nation primary. candidates on both sides are looking to score big wins tomorrow. that includes bernie sanders who has a double digit advantage over hillary clinton and donald trump who leads the gop race with marco rubio in second. the florida senator still trying to recover after a fumble with chris christie during this weekend' s debate. >> well, actually, i would pay them to keep running that clip because that' s what i believe passionately. cook' s you can' t trust senator rubio to be the nominee of this party and that' s what i was saying. mark: we' re expecting new poll numbers later today. a right now donald trump and , bernie sanders look like the overwhelming favorites. we have a team covering the presidential race in new
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here on wlwt. lisa: the governor of north carolina is expected to be fined after he was involved in a car crash very near the site of super bowl 50. the governor was leaving the game last night. his car was rear-ended by another driver. his car was totaled, but his office said he has minor injuries. the governor was able to get in another car and continue driving. mark: denver is celebrating this morning after the broncos' impressive performance in super bowl 50. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a recap of the action from super bowl sunday. miriah: this one featured two superstar quarterbacks, peyton manning for the broncos and cam newton for the panthers, but when it was over, denver' s defense grabbed all the headlines. the broncos were all over the place, and the panthers could not get in a rhythm. von miller was one of the stars for denver. he managed to slow down cam newton and forced two fumbles. miller was named super bowl mvp, and denver came out on top, 24-10.
6:34 am
frustrating it was to face the broncos defense. >> i mean, we had our opportunities. it wasn' t nothing special that they did. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. that' s it. they scored more points than us. miriah: and awkward walk off the stage. cam newton was the league mvp this year, but on sunday, he had his worst game of the season. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. as you can imagine, it was a much different feeling for peyton manning after the game. lisa: the future hall of famer became the oldest quarterback to win a super bowl. he turns 40 next month. and many feel like you will hang it up. he was asked about his future after the game. manning raised some eyebrows with what seemed like a paid
6:35 am
>> this has been a very emotional week and emotional night, and i got a couple of priorities in order. i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i would go celebrate with my family and team is. and i' m going to drink a lot of beer tonight. budweiser -- lisa: the second time he dropped a budweiser as his drink of choice. budweiser insists it was not planned. the beer company did this -- mark: here' s the deal, first of all, von miller gets a $2 million bonus for winning. you should be buying something a little better than budweiser. i' m just saying. lisa: i don' t know. kyla: i think a lot of copies one a lot this weekend. red lobster. a lot of companies were taking advantage of it on social media.
6:36 am
congratulations to peyton manning and the broncos. as you get ready to head outside, here' s a look at the accident that has cleared just north of brent spence bridge the . things are rolling right along. i don' t think you' ll bump into too many delays outside of the ordinary now that that is out of the way. 275 near springdale, ralph 4, eastbound or westbound, traffic rolling along as well. pretty decent speeds in that area. mostly just wet roadways. randy is telling us that will change later on tonight and into tomorrow morning or we could see some tricky weather. randi: we will see snow in the forecast all the way through wednesday. talking over the course of the next three days, less than two inches total when you add it all up. you can see this morning we have light snow showers falling. same thing down through adams county and through downtown, really more of a mix. rain mixed with snow. whatever is falling, and there will be a mix of rain and snow this morning, it melts away when
6:37 am
on the way to school, cold rain with chapters in the upper 30' s. some snow mixing and in a few spots. the ground is warm enough thanks to a mild weekend that it all melts away. on the way home from school this afternoon, basically same boat, mixed rain showers and snow. 41 degrees . everything changes for us after sunset tonight. that is when temperatures get cold enough. we have some icy patches and still speculating overnight. lisa: thank you. mark: rubio has his marco rubio -- marco rubio has his boy-band moment. what one supporter had to say after she was overwhelmed by her favorite candidate. mark: flocking to great american ball park on super bowl sunday. how the reds were making a difference on football' s big day. lisa: outside live on your monday, hope it is a great start for you. 6:40 1, 37 degrees. we have more headlines next on
6:38 am
mark: good morning and welcome back. a live look from new orleans this morning. a big week in the big easy with fat tuesday coming up tomorrow. b streets will be packed with revelers and partygoers. lisa: several cars in wisconsin fell through the ice on lake geneva for stuff you can see crews working to pull the cars out of the water.
6:39 am
on the frozen lake, which wasn' t so frozen, as an overflow lot for nearby event because regular parking is so scarce. ok. 6:44. the great american ball park welcomed football fans last night to help mental health research. the champions club hosted the 7th annual touchdown for hope. the event supports bipolar and mood disorder research at the lindner center of hope. the center says the party helps with research and gives them a platform to talk about mental health. >> it' s a great way to put together the needs of the research at the lindner center with a great time where people can have a fun time and enjoy the game. >> unseasonably warm 50 degrees outside for february, so we can actually go outside and watch the super bowl on the big screens at great american ball park. lisa: the lindner center says about 350 people turned out for the event helping raise more
6:40 am
mark: we know politics can get emotional, especially the presidential election on the horizon. miriah turner is here to tell us about a super fan in new hampshire and her first meeting with republican presidential candidate marco rubio. miriah: florida senator marco rubio held a rally in hudson, new hampshire, sunday, and then he met with fans and supporters. he shook hands and took pictures and brought some of them to tears. 18-year-old courtney kaufman from westchester, new york, was at the rally campaigning for rubio with her classmates. so when he came over to the group and gave kaufman a hug, you can hear her scream and break down into tears of joy. >> i support, like, 97% of his policies, and i don' t care about the other 3%. it' s like how i felt about one direction three years ago. miriah: just like one direction. kaufman was one of 115 students from her high school campaigning for the florida senator in new hampsphire. mark: thank you. on the other side of the aisle,
6:41 am
sanders got to have some fun this week and on "saturday night live." lisa: he teamed up with his doppleganger comedian larry david. >> enough is enough. we need to unite and work together if we' re going to get through this. >> it sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what is the difference? >> huge difference. lisa: sanders was taking a break from the campaign trail in new hampshire where he has a comfortable lead over hillary clinton. mark: let' s check in with kyla and the roads. kyla: mostly clear conditions outside of that incident just north of the brent spence bridge. it is clear but you might still see a little bit of a delay as you make your way in a southbound direction. here' s a look at the travel times, 17 minutes out of butler county, 75 southbound. 19 minutes from the split in the downtown. 17 minutes out of warren county on 71. traffic picking up northbound and southbound, were
6:42 am
side for those heading and down on 71. let' s check in with randi rico. changes coming the next several days. randi: it was springtime yesterday pre-super bowl. winter has returned. today, both rain and snow showers. kind of a fluid situation at any point during the day you could see either or both. it really isn' t an issue at the moment because temperatures are above freezing. after sunset tonight, we have the potential for maybe icy sp ots as the temperatures drop or light accumulation overnight. temperature wise, headed to around 40. no more mid-50' s like yesterday. and blue indicating we have both rain and snow showers falling in greater cincinnati. closer to downtown, downtown it is rain. cvg, rain. more snow. over
6:43 am
southeastern indiana toward lawrenceburg. further back along 74, it is no showers toward batesville, napoleon, northern portions of ripley county. clinton county, southern clinton county, snow showers, hillsboro done a new market and this will be changing, a dynamic situation, if you will, through the morning. the matter what it is, rain or snow, it all know is when it hits the ground and just plain old wet things to yesterday' s springlike temperatures. cold air rolling in. it comes in waves. chapters take a step back every time we get a burst of snow rolling through. eventually, looking at 20' s and 30' s for most of the week. the roads stay wet during the day. winter weather advisory goes into effect at 6:00 tonight and last until 6:00 wednesday morning. this is not for any big-time amounts of snow. three full days of the potential for snow in most places will have way less and two inches total snowfall. it is an issue occasionally we
6:44 am
point during a morning or evening commute. right now, 36, wind out of the southwest at eight miles per hour. the rows are plain old wet. 8:00 a.m., snow and rain showers, a little bit of a mix, 37. mixed showers often after the afternoon in the 40' s. we turned all snow showers during the evening commute. eventually, it will stick or we will get icy patches as temperatures drop. through the morning, rain and snow, same in the afternoon. after 7:00 or 8:00 tonight, plain old snow. a burst here and there. it could cost on a quick coaching. overnight, the potential for half-inch accumulation. tomorrow, off and on rounds of snow showers, half-inch to an inch total tomorrow. moving out by early wednesday. today, 41 degrees, rain showers mixing with snow. transitioning to all snow this evening. less than an inch tonight into tomorrow. 23 degrees. tomorrow, off and on snow showers. by wednesday morning, snow showers are gone but the cold air lingers.
6:45 am
valentine' s day, it is dry but it will be cooler 34. lisa: thank you. investigators searching for answers after a shootout in blue ash. mark: what police are saying about the crime and the search for suspects. dan: live downtown, a woman expected in court this morning accused of hitting an 11-year-old with her car and driving off.
6:46 am
case still ahead mark: good morning and welcome back. checking the top style desktop five stores of the morning blue , ash police are investigating a shootout in the middle of a neighborhood. lisa: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the latest on the investigation. andrew? andrew: blue ash police have a lot of work ahead of them. this is a complicated shooting with multiple shots fired, multiple victims, and several people still on the run. a lot of information for them to gather. here' s what we know right now. three people were shot in a shootout on oak street in blue ash. one person took off on foot, another hopped in a car that later crashed at deerfield and cornell. a three-year-old in the car was taken to the hospital to be checked out, along with a shooting victim. police found another car at a your by gas station. it had been hit by gunfire, and
6:47 am
was in that car. he later showed up at the hospital. police to let people they' re looking for in this case. three people shot, one still has not been found. another person fled the scene where one of the car was ditched. there are people they are trying to track down. the big question, why were they shooting at each other? andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. a woman accused of hitting an 11-year-old girl in a crosswalk is due again in court this morning. apparently, she was a no-show at her arraignment on friday. wlwt news 5 dan griffin is live with more on the charges she will be facing. dan: good morning. we were in court and she was nowhere to be found less friday. she was expected to be in court today. cincinnati police say 36-year-old ruby estepp was arrested yesterday evening. investigators say thursday she hit 11-year-old london smith with her car as smith walked in a crosswalk on glenway avenue in west price hill.
6:48 am
arrested, cited, then released. though she was supposed to be in court friday, she never showed. she' s now booked in the hamilton county detention center facing charges linked to leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended license. we will be in court this morning as she faces a judge today. live at the hamilton county justice center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: we' re just a day away from the new hampshire primary. donald trump appears to be leading the republican side. wlwt leading her way on the coverage, especially following john kasich. our own mike dardis will cover the governor' s bid for the white house. he will be live in new hampshire today and tomorrow on wlwt news 5. lisa: super bowl 50. cam newton and the panthers were not ready. cam lost two fumbles and also
6:49 am
panthers fell 24-to-10. mark: rounding out the top 5 with the buzz surrounding the halftime show, coldplay, bruno mars and beyonce came together , for an impressive performance. according to reports, coldplay' s colorful performance was a nod to the lgbtq community. beyonce was also trying to send a message with a theme dedicated to the black lives matter movement. her dancers were sporting berets as a tribute to the black panthers. lisa: final check on the forecast. randi: we have rain and snow showers on the radar. over the last two hours, we' re seen a mix. we could see snow into the evening hours. wet roads through the day. tonight, could see icy spots. to mark him off and on snow.
6:50 am
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