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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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sheree: the interview you will only see here on wlwt as the police try to on the person behind the wheel. but first, we have learned that a mother found dead in the car today was murdered. mike: in that car with her, her six-month-old daughter was not hurt. the interview you will only see here on wlwt as the police try to on the person behind the wheel. but first, we have learned that a mother found dead in the car today was murdered. mike: in that car with her, her six-month-old daughter was not hurt. karin johnson just confirming those details moments ago. karin: that is right. a short time ago, the montgomery county coroner' s office ruled the death a homicide. courtney russell was found shot to death in her car in dayton. her six-month-old daughter was in the backseat unharmed. this is the is right. a short time ago, the montgomery county coroner' s infant. it she is in her father' s arms after the two were reunited at the police department. chris edwards reported his daughter missing after the baby' s mother never returned. edwards has custody but britney picked up the daughter to spend time with her. she was dead from a gunshot wound. the baby was in the backseat,
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>> we hear all these different stories. until we know the truth, i' m not going to know how to feel or what emotions to have. karin: chris edwards tells me that he last talked to britney around 10:00 last night. the dayton police department is investigating this homicide. sheree: we are also covering a school bus accident in anderson township tonight. this happened at fox follow drive. a kia optima collided with a bus that had students on board at the time. a teenage girl has a minor head injury. she was taken to mercy anderson to be checked out. also tonight, a teenager hit by
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maybe there are other issues the scene. brian: the vehicle is impounded. the owner did not want to appear on camera but told us the man permission. she knows him but does not know his name. tiriana is thankful she survived a head on collision with a car. unlucky today? the owner did not want>> i feel lucky. brian: the police are holding onto the car hoping that the owner remembers the name of the man who borrowed it. mike: turning to the weather, we
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people all bundled up. it feels like single digits today and below zero tonight. kevin robinson joining us with how low those temperatures will go. kevin: if skies start to clear, temperatures will fall like a rock. we have a few more lingering flurries. those are on the way out of here. don' t expect additional accumulation. from mount orab, georgetown, over toward people' s -- peebles. on the horizon, there is a little bit of sun. has done nothing for our temperatures today. we did not even crack 20 degrees this afternoon. the high is in the low 40' s. there we are at 17 in cincinnati. we have the west wind that is giving us a wind chill a couple of degrees above zero.
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temperatures are going to crash after sunset. we will quickly drop down through the teens. wind chill will have no problem dropping to zero. i will let you know how close to zero the air temperature will be when we wake up thursday morning. sheree: a grandmother is going to prison for the heroin related death of her grandson. she passed out giving the baby a bath. andrew setters was in court today as she admitted to causing the baby' s death. andrew: kathy huff cried at she stood before judge jerome matz this morning. back in october, she used heroin while she was babysitting for-month-old killian ronan. she overdosed. her husband found her unresponsive and killian near dead floating in the water. she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.
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normally, they would talk to the victims family about the outcome they were seeking. in this case, it' s the same family and prosecutors had to go
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some candidates are out. race now. quitting the race today. the atmosphere last night for electric. the granite state where i was covering his second-place finish there. steve handelsman takes a look at changer. steve: bernie sanders went to harlem for a photo up with activist outstripped and who wants african american candidates to take a fresh look at sanders. bernie sanders: people want real change.
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soapbox. attention from democrats. wax i don' t know if they will vote for him. but people will give him a hearing. steve: hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina but was stunned when the young new hampshire democrats and women rejected her for sanders. hillary clinton: i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. steve: the 20 point when powers donald trump to his next contest. donald trump: i think people are fantastic. carolina, i think, will be similar. steve: new hampshire gop runner-up john kasich rushed to south carolina. >> i am starting to think we are on to something. steve: carly fiorina quit the race and chris christie is reassessing. ted cruz, marco rubio, and jeb
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it possible for donald trump to win these elections with 34% of the vote. two different primaries in south carolina. the republicans from and the democratic primary a week after that. i' manchester, new hampshire. reassessing, filing the report earlier. s dropping out of the race. john kasich believes that the second-place finish breathes new life into his campaign and he is now a real factor in the gop nominating process. today, he stumped in three carolina cities and says he has the credentials to be in the white house. john kasich: i believed if people are working, things are right. if you look around today,
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we have too many people out of work. our kids have big massive college debts. they can find a job. we worry about -- they can' t find a job. we worry about all these things. and if you focus on an economic solution, you can get it done. i know how to deal with federal regulations, cut taxes, have a fiscal plan, shift power to these states. the states could have done these things a couple of times in my life. mike: kasich says, "we are turning the page in a dark part -- on a dark part of american politics. life overcame the darkness -- light overcame the darkness." hillary clinton' s husband traveling to cincinnati to encourage supporters to vote in the march 15 ohio primary. early voting begins next wednesday. we have confirmed former president clinton will be at the
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downtown on friday. mike: streetcar number three expected to be delivered tomorrow. there will be a couple' s street closings tomorrow afternoon in over the rhine. it will take 90 minutes for the streetcar to be unloaded from a flatbed truck. the next delivery is set for the end of this month. car number five is expected before the end of march. mike: two blueberry -- burglary suspects. officer saw william lawrence and samuel sends running from the scene. a k-9 officer tracked down sins. his arm was bandaged today. his bond set at $60,000. sheree: firefighters rushed to the quality inn and suites today for a report of a fire. a belt on the roof controls ventilation systems and cause a
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mike: zika virus continues to spread. sheree: what the cdc says about the virus as it relates to pregnant women. kevin: dress warm if you have plans on heading out. temperatures and wind chills
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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mike: new evidence presented to lawmakers that the zika virus might be linked to a rare birth defect. sheree: the director of the cdc
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with both died hours after birth. it' s the strongest evidence they have, but members of congress are still concerned about the virus spreading here. >> the lack of clarity on the virus and its effects and treatment make it more important that we respond to this more aggressively . sheree: work is already underway on a vaccine. also tonight, u.s. goalkeeper -- she had to make the choice today , she would not go to summer games in rio. she says it has to be a safe environment. they are playing games in an effort to qualify for the summer games. mike: the start of lent kicking off 40 days dedicated to reflection, prayer, and fasting. it has to be a safe
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they to see some sunshine this afternoon and you can catch a few glimpses of sun. it will spell trouble for us overnight tonight. it is the brakes in cloud cover, i expect skies to gradually clear overnight. the little bit of heat we were able to muster up today is going to simply radiate back into space for what will be an unseasonably cold night even by mid-february standards. the last of the flurries are skidding towards the east this
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back to around fayetteville and batavia . all of this activity will be scooting out. there' s more around west union as well. temperatures did not even managed to crack 20 today. and those wins still out of the west. what will happen tonight? notice in illinois and missouri, the wind is much lighter. out. there' s more around west union as well. those temperatures will really begin to nosedive. we don' t need much wind for a wind chill. by morning, many of the air temperatures -- these are wind chill' s s -- but i' m talking a few degrees above zero by tomorrow
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with the breeze up during the evening hours, the windchill will continue to recover. it feels like it is for right now. there is an area of snow diving. skies will clear across the area. you can see the cloud cover starts to get out of here. with frigid start and snow on the ground, the high will make it to the low 20' s. that' s just barely. and right now, we have been talking about a chance for snow on friday. watch this system in illinois and indiana. it fizzles moving in our direction.
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showers afternoon -- friday afternoon and friday night. we will probably squeeze out half an inch or a one inch of snow friday night. and it will open the door for some bitter cold air for valentine' s day weekend. despite the fact we get some sunshine back in here. outlying areas likely to drop below zero. especially if the skies clear faster across the area. tomorrow, mostly sunny and frigid. any good news means a little less wind tomorrow. here is a look at your day planner. 8:00 a.m., five. 19 by lunchtime. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. there is the threat for light snowfall friday and friday night. look at that over the weekend. -- that close to zero. and right now, if the friday there' s a little watching. indications are it could be a next week.
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>> we thought we would pull a prank on our buddy who worked at wendy' s. mike: not a great idea. he did not think about the crimes he could be charged with. what the 24-year-old is saying tonight moments after walking out of jail.
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a note to sheree: a million-dollar mansion almost burned to the ground after a hoverboard caught fire. mike: the parents got the toy for the kids for christmas and it almost killed them. the fire trapped to kids upstairs. >> i thought, i' m going to lose two of my four children today. please jump, baby. she jumped out the window without hesitation and i can' t tell you how brave that was. mike: the daughter did jump right into her father' s arms.
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hoverboard' are to blame. sheree: a florida man that pulled a prank by throwing an alligator through a drive-through window is out of jail and talking. >> we were fishing, hanging out. we stumbled upon an alligator. sheree: as soon as he walked out of jail, joshua james was not bashful about explaining himself. >> we are just outdoors kind of people. by throwing an alligator through a drive-through window is out of jail and talking. >> we were fishing, hanging out. we stumbled upon an alligator. sheree: as soon as he walked out of jail, joshua james was not bashful about explaining himself. >> we are just outdoors kind of people. anything we find, we catch. ideas start popping and one thing led to another. we thought we would pull a prank on our buddy that worked at wendy' s and throw it at him through the drive-through window. i' m sorry for what i did. just being stupid. not thinking. i found out what the consequences were. sheree: he' s charged with assault with a deadly weapon. when he rolled up, it was a woman at the window and he heard her scream as they drove away. mike: they serve gatorade at wendy' s, why not gators? bruce springsteen made my kid late to school.
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took his seven and 12-year-old kids to a springsteen concert. they did not get home until the early morning hours and he let the kids sleep in. he sent a note to school with them. >> we live by three rules. be kind to everyone you can, help as many people as you can, and when boss brings the band to town, be there. mike: believe it or not, the excuse mayfly. one of the teachers was at the concert. mom, also a teacher, not thrilled with the whole situation. as a kid that once called in sick for monday night football, i understand. still ahead, plans to completely revamp a local park. sheree: the major transformation now being planned for an over the rhine park. and a family helping make that happen. mike: growing reports of
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>> we never have a problem as far as going to hang out. they never have a problem. never ever. problems involving teenagers at
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>> when you get 100 people together, 100 plus people together, that seems to be what it is. if someone starts something, everyone else follows that lead and you could have a very serious problem. you want to be proactive instead of reactive. courtis: the main concern is how kids were treated. the police were aggressive with other kids. >> i thought it was a little bit overboard. courtis: police say they are investigating this whole incident. they admit that most of the kids that were there at the mall were good kids not doing anything. the main concern is how kids were treated. they said that some were being belligerent and the police reports say that what was done was necessary, according to those reports, to get things under control.
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sheree: the tri-county mall and several across the country have curfews in place for kids not with an adult. wethe responding deputy was shot and wounded by a suspect that then took off. it was also shot in the exchange of gunfire that followed the suspe . the suspect was killed. the conditions of the deputies are not released at this time. mike: the city council in ferguson, we tried contacting dallas-based donors of the northgate mall and they have not returned our calls. mike: maryland sheriff' s
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sort of encounter. sheree: officers were responding to a disturbance call just missouri, a move in justice' police department following the shooting death of michael brown. meeting. investigators found unconstitutional and discriminatory practices within system. >> in the spirit of one of the most expansive degrees they have ever issued, we will be of that. mike: both the mayor and council members have raised concerns about the cost of implementing the decree which could cost the city as much as $10 million over the next three years. sheree: an indiana senate committee is looking at giving police departments a lot of authority when it comes to releasing body camera footage from its officers. the changes were discussed that would require law enforcement agencies to justify that video is kept private to avoid harming someone or bring prejudice to a court trial.
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detrimental to police transparency. the committee could vote on the changes as early as next week. kentucky lawmakers proposing marriage license forms now. one for gay couples that was a first and second party and another for straight couples that was a bride and groom. the proposal is gaining support from both sides of the aisle right now following the arrest of the rowan county clerk jim davis. -- kim davis. since she spent those five nights in jail, she has been obeying orders and issuing same-sex couples marriage licenses. mike: funeral arrangements for reds clubhouse manager bernie stowe have been finalized. he died tuesday at the age of 80. visitation at elder high school with burial monday morning at 9:30 a.m. stowe started as a clubhouse boy
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clubhouse manager. sheree: everybody there loved him. a local athlete and middletown teacher could make it to the olympics in rio. he will compete in the olympic marathon trials this weekend. students at st. john catholic school held a special sendoff for tommy this morning. he will compete against 200 of our country' s top runners. to make it onto the team, he will have to finish in the top three. >> i' m trying to relax. stay calm, stay cool. don' t let my nerves get the best of me. sheree: tommy says he is using this experience as a teaching tool for his social studies students. a lesson and never giving up. four years ago, he tried to qualify and did not make it. he' s been training even harder. mike: i saw this tweet this
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bengals quarterback andy dalton lost his luggage on the highway. he tweeted out alerts that if anybody in the dfw area finds a couple of black suitcases on the highway toward the airport, get in touch with him. he tweeted that the bags were still out there somewhere. andy dalton is a nice guy. maybe he would feel good about it and maybe reward somebody. i would hope you would do it anyway. sheree: the power of twitter. mike: i just landed a short time ago from new hampshire and governor kasich is still riding the waves from the second-place finish. sheree: where kasich is today. the big meeting held from one of the democratic candidates. mike: the new performance gear inspired by astronauts made by local graduates to keep you warm. the concept behind it all.
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a high of 18 today. look where the cold air is coming from. the high today only in the single digits.
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zero we will drop overnigh mike: coming off his second-place finish, ohio governor john kasich expecting to sign a bill stripping government funding from planned parenthood. i was in new hampshire covering his campaign at the primary as results came in. signing this bill is a move that could help him with the conservatives in the upcoming republican primary a week from saturday in south carolina where governor flew after new hampshire. the bill targets $1.3 million in funding from the ohio department of health. it would prohibit money from going to entities that perform or promote abortions. fresh off the second-place finish in new hampshire and a victory for bernie sanders , he met with reverend al sharpton in
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it is his most public effort yet to court african-american voters. comments but our sharpton said the meeting focused on issues important to african-americans. sheree: in commitment 2016 news, the debate over climate change. they' re looking at eight in the eight weeks leading up to the primary. democratics say it is one of the most important issues and republicans have a different view of how much action the government should take. reporter: among the issues dictated, climate change -- debated, climate change is one of the most polarizing. >> regulations to reduce the amount of carbon is a top issue. reporter: president obama wanted to reduce pollution from power plants. and he rejected the controversial keystone pipeline. >> unchecked climate change can
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action is now. >> there are solutions available today if policymakers will embrace them. >> the policies really won' t do anything to mitigate global temperatures. reporter: they argue more regulations do little for the environment and end up hurting the economy. >> energy is a necessary component, you will be hit when you go to the grocery store. reporter: they say a candidate' s position on climate change could be a double-edged sword. >> if you get too far to the left, you sound like you are focused on the environment over the economy and it could be a vulnerability. for the republicans, they run the risk of not dealing with the science and an empirical way. sheree: so that
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between the countries including summit in paris. our commitment 2016 coverage continues online. mobile app. we have a candidate grid to help you see where the candidates stand on the big issues. three recent miami university grads are using nasa take outerwear to the next level. it has something for everyone. whether you' re planning a ski trip or walking your neighborhood, the secret technology is called aerogel. it is used in spacesuits where the temperature is two degrees above absolute zero. kevin love will have to explain that someday. the lightweight material will change the way you experience the outdoors. kevin: that' s an easy
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s a cold you never want to experience. how about that for you? temperatures cold overnight tonight, going to be very uncomfortable. temperatures living close to zero overnight. frigid temperatures overnight tonight. looking down the road, i see two opportunities for snow. one on friday and maybe something bigger by the time we get to early next week. beyond the snow chances, there is a nice warm up coming into the area. it will be another surge of arctic air before we make it to the middle and into next week. here is a live look outside tonight. you can see some breaks in the clouds that will be trouble tonight because temperatures will tumble.
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of clermont county, brown, highland adams county. this will pretty much subside once the sun goes away. here is a look at temperatures. we have not budged much today. holding steady in the upper teens all day. not even making it to 20 this afternoon. the wind chill in the single digits and close to zero. the wind will relax. so will the temperatures. county. this will pretty much subside once the sun goes away. here is a look at temperatures. we have not budged much today. holding steady in the upper teens all day. not even making it to 20 this afternoon. the wind chill in the single digits and close to zero. the wind will relax. so will the temperatures. wind chill through the hours, skies gradually start to clear
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these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free and travel upstream to the brain, where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. pradaxa was even proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke, in a clinical trial without the and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is the only oral blood thinner other than warfarin with a to help your body clot pradaxa is not for people who have
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earlier in the week. conditions have been right for the competition. sheree: beyonce supporters and opponents will hold competing rallies this month. #boycottbeyonce has been trending. they say her new song is anti-cop. they gathered for a protest that nfl headquarters in new york city. and supporters will hold a counter protest. mike: a mother found dead in her car but her baby is found safe. sheree: police say that mother was murdered. it reaction from family when we come back. mike: and the teenager hit by a car.
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>> still tore up about everything going on. i' m happy to have my kid back. sheree: a six-month-old baby taken by her mother. a baby found safe. why the mother wasn' t supposed to have the child in the first place. mike: a six-month-old baby reunited with her father tonight. her mother dead from a gunshot wound. sheree: just late this afternoon, the coroner' s office ruled the mother' s death a homicide. karin johnson joining us live tonight from middletown with the very latest. karin: a 30-year-old middletown mom was found shot to death inside her car in dayton. her infant daughter was found in the backseat of the car. the daughter was not harmed. a kiss from her aunt and she is all smiles. the six-month-old is too young to realize what she' s been
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