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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: remembering a cancer warrior. the plans this weekend for a 5-year-old boy who won the hearts of a community. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: outside live on your friday morning, through citycam , it doesn' t look as cold as it really is, 20 degrees. i' m lisa lisa cooney. mark: i am mark hayes. marker headlines in a moment. first, your forecast. randi: are we supposed to see those buildings shivering through citycam? it is going to be cold today, tomorrow, sunday. it will probably feel like teens and single digits most of the weekend. a couple of shots at snow. today is not a blockbuster, but it comes at the worst time. any amount of snow during the evening rush can potentially cause some problems.
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the potential for a dusting to half-inch between 5:00 to 8:00 tonight. right now, it is all about the cold air. to the north, skies are clear so it is colder toward wilmington in hillsboro. closer to 20 downtown through northern kentucky. there is a layer clouds that lingered overnight. switching over to the radar, over the last couple of hours, a few returns. not really seeing any of this hit the ground. if you see a couple of flurries, i would like to know. the radar sometimes picks up on these and the clouds within before they hit us. here' s the planner. right now it is a cold 1, 20 at cvg, but colder than that for most of us. toward lunchtime, 23. the winds pick up to the day. temperatures in the teens through the afternoon. we will top out around 28. snow showers between 4:00 to 5:00 for northern communities
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snow this evening, but it is not a lot, but even a dusting during the evening drive can be a problem at times. kyla: we' re off to a great start we don' t have any problems to report right now as we get here' s a look outside 71 have southbound are good to go. through downtown right now, fort washington way, moving right along. looks at or above posted its. not seeing any significant delays. heavier traffic making its way on 275 northbound near loveland madeira toward 71. the travel times across the board are not starting to extend just yet. that will probably change in about 30 minutes. lisa: thank you. we begin with commitment 2016, the clinton campaign is already thinking about ohio. mark: it' s always a key state in
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and bill clinton is coming to cincinnati to stump for his wife. andrew setters is live in clifton with the plans today for president clinton. andrew: good morning. former president clinton will be here at the clifton cultural arts center rallying support for s presidential campaign and the message will be ohio. it is still a couple of weeks before voters vote, but bill clinton will urge people to make sure they register for the ohio primary, which is march 15. he wants them to vote early. he will be here this afternoon after attending a private fundraiser for hillary' s presidential bid. the campaign also says he will layout what is at stake is election and why hillary clinton he believes is the best candidate for the job. the event is open to the public. people are being asked torsvp to the clinton cap and website. information you need to know, the former president will be moving to come to this event, will be here at 3:00 this
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the doors will open at the clifton cultural arts center at 2:00 p.m. mark: thank you. the former president is coming to cincinnati after his wife' s latest clash with bernie sanders. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-to-head last night in milwaukee. this was the sixth democratic presidential debate, which focused on familiar campaign issues like wall street, healthcare, and national security. >> somebody told me earlier today we' ve had like 200 presidential primary debates, and this is the first time there have been a majority of women on the stage. so, you know, we' ll take our progress wherever we can find it. >> well, you know, i think, from somebody with my background, , somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interests, i think a historical accomplishment, as well. democrats is about a week away.
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next saturday. lisa: while the democrats focused on the debate, the republican candidates were drumming up support in south carolina. donald trump is considered the favorite in south carolina and the other candidates are working to catch up. on monday, former president george w. bush is expected to join his brother jeb on the campaign trail. ohio governor john kasich says he' s trying to preserve the positive message that carried him to second place in new hampshire. the south carolina republican primary is next saturday. right now on, five takeaways from the democratic debate. for the latest commitment 2016 coverage, check out the political section of our website you can also find coverage on our wlwt mobile app. mark: a man accused in a string of a robberies is expected in court later this morning. zachary prince was arrested last night. an erlanger police sergeant happened to spot prince while driving along dixie highway. the sergeant followed prince to his grandma' s house and made the arrest. prince'
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couple hours after the latest holdup at the in covington. fifth third bank >> he initiated the traffic stop as he was on dixie highway because he saw the suspect vehicle traveling down dixie highway. it is really fantastic police to police work by sergeant sterling. mark: prince is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. police tell us the crimes began on monday with two robberies in erlanger and a holdup wednesday at a bank in fort mitchell. lisa: happening today, another hearing for a woman convicted of killing her boyfriend. the hearing is related to shayna county. hubers was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of ryan poston in 2012. hubers is asking for a mistrial or a new trial because of a juror in her murder trial. her attorneys claim one of the jurors was a convicted felon, which violates kentucky law. mark: a cancer warrior will be honored this weekend. five-year-old taylor grant recently lost his battle with s another
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family. miriah turner joins us with more on the details. miriah: the 5-year-old was battling neuroblastoma and died earlier this week. today there will be a memorial skate at the fun factory in taylor grant toss -- taylor grant' s honor. friends and family will be selling #teamtaylor t-shirts at the event. all ages are welcome. the event runs from 7:30 to 11:00 tonight. tonight' s event will be followed by taylor' s funeral tomorrow. services will begin at 11:15 at and is open to the public and s supporters. m mark: thank you. happening today, kroger officials are making an announcement related to the anti-overdose drug, narcan. kroger is not giving many details. if the chain decides to sell the life-saving drug, we are told this would impact greater cincinnati stores. cvs started selling narcan over-the-counter this month. lisa: help wanted at kings there will be an open house tomorrow to fill 4000 positions.
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from security to lifeguards. you have to be 15 to apply. if you want to stop by the park tomorrow, they will be taking applications from 1:00 to 3:00. this weekend,love is in the air. mark: and it smells like onions. lisa: what? mark: we' ll have a look at some of the unique ways to celebrate valentine' s day. >> the coolest thing just happened. we weren' t expecting this at all, but a special guest just stopped by the studio. we will bring him out here. we' ll have a look at the surprise on "the tonight show." mark: taking a live look outside this morning. 20 degrees right now. comes to the forecast. all cold. as we look through the weather by camera in connorsville, if we be the area. i am not sing much by way of flurries.
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cold in and around the 275 loop, upper teens to right around 20. through the day, we will make it to the upper 20' s, but the wind picking up, it will feel colder into the afternoon. 15 for the morning rush, lunchtime, 23 but feeling like 17. drive home, to get a dusting to a half-inch of snow. we will take a look at that and another round for sunday when we come back. lisa: thank you. a special hometown shoutout this morning. early birthday wishes for gary burgess. his birthday is valentine' s day and the army veteran is turning 70-years-old. his family sent this in and wanted us to wish him a happy valentines birthday. there you go.
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mark: good morning. 6:12 as we take a live look outside for you on this friday morning. 20 degrees waiting for you when you step out the door, so bundle up and step a little cooler with the windchill. -- so bundle up. a little cooler with the windchill. with that we would warn you, because nobody wants surprises. lisa: nobody wants a surprise in less it is, you when he win the lottery. kyla: why did you bring that up? as you get ready to had outside, here' s a look at 471 and 275, all lanes are clear. starting to pick up on 275 westbound toward the 471 interchange. this is about the time a morning that happens. 471 northbound, back up to 64 miles per hour. we slow down just a little bit a little while ago. good to see those speeds have picked back up and five minutes
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carter beard bridge. a clear start. eggs are moving right along as you head into downtown cincinnati. -- things are moving right along as you head into the downtown cincinnati area. not a lot of extra time needed just yet. lisa: thank you. we are checking today' s top stories. the driver of a bus that struck and killed an indianapolis elementary school principal will not face criminal charges. the marion county prosecutor says the driver was not impaired and there is no video of the incident. indiana law says that mere negligence does not give rise to a crime. the january 27 accident on the city' s far northeast side killed principal susan jordan and injured two students. mark: in columbus, several people stabbed and the suspect was shot and killed by police. officers say they were called to easton town center last night for a man with a machete. the suspect was shot and killed nearby. five people were taken to the hospital. lisa: the world health
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vaccines are 18 months away from large-scale trials. the outbreak has been declared a worldwide health emergency by the world health organization. it has resulted in birth defects and could even be linked to vision problems. mark: normally, "the tonight show" does not repeat guests on back-to-back nights. lisa: but after peyton manning won the super bowl, jimmy fallon was not going to deny a future hall of famer. >> the final seconds of the super bowl, what are you thinking? >> i' m thinking, i' m so far from the line. >> you are far away from the line. >> i' m so far away and i have to get it -- >> you got to do it. >> i got to get this ball to the guy. lisa: kristen wiig was there to promote "zoolander 2," but she took the chance to show off her football knowledge.
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today. she is funny. this weekend you can forget about the flowers and candy. mark: there are some great ways to celebrate valentine' s day in greater cincinnati. miriah: if love makes you think sliders this is your weekend. , white castle is bringing back its valentine' s day tradition. romantic dinner at your local and if you want a table, you should act soon. most restaurants are fully booked by the time the 14th jump on that. if you like some cheese with your sliders, you can check out the big cheese festival at jungle jim' s. queso connoisseurs can head out to fairfield from noon until 5:00 to sample all kinds of cheese. they really have a huge selection. there will also be beer and wine booths to pair with your favorite cheese. if you want to celebrate early, the festival is also open on saturday. and if you don' t have a valentine' s date just yet don' t , worry. >> tell me about your day. you make me want to be a better
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miriah: so sweet. fabio has a special evening planned for you, and you don' t even have to get dressed up for it. the virtual valentine' s day date was produced for hallmark' s streaming video service feelin. fabio offers you an ideal evening. bearskin rug, a roaring fire, champagne, fabio, and kittens. just go to for the full 18 minutes of fabio fantasy time. mark: and you can play it over and over again. lisa: 18 minutes of that? miriah: playing with kittens and the flyer -- fire roaring. ms. ago no. bracco that fire -- miriah: that fire behind fabio looks pretty hot. randi: but isn' t he checking his phone? miriah: he is pretending he is
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photos randi: it is going to be cold whenever your date may be occurring or lack thereof. whatever. temperatures on the cold side. staying very chilly. the windchill will be a factor starting this evening all day tomorrow into sunday. at times, the winchell would be close to zero and single-digit. as far as no goes, we havetwo shot that' s no, when arriving during the evening rush today and again on sunday evening. let' s take a look at the temperatures to start out the morning. coolest to the north and east where the skies are clear. 9 in wilmington and hillsboro. closer to downtown, clouds overnight and temperatures are close to 20 degrees once you head south of the ohio river. as we take a look at the radar, trying to show us some flurries across the area. a lot of these are not hitting the ground. the radar is shooting up to the skies, sing some snow but it evaporates before it hits us. i' ve been checking the radar and can' t see much. maybe a stray flurry. the bigger shot is south of
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kentucky -- south of louisville, moving to southern kentucky. the first friday of lent, fish fries on everybody' s mind. if you' re heading out this afternoon, 4:00, 20 degrees with the wind, it feels like 18. into the evening, snow showers will be around. keep that in mind if you' re heading out to a fish fry. 6:00, some snow, 27. 8:00, 23 degrees. take a look. starting out cloudy skies for everybody, maybe a stray flurry. after 4:00 and 5:00 these no showers start to move in from the northwest to the southeast. it is not a lot, but a quick shot that will occur during the evening commute. flurries overnight into early tomorrow morning. snowfall totals? not a big deal for most of us. looking at a dusting to maybe a half-inch max. when it comes to the evening commute, you know that can cause some tricky spots.
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for this evening. tomorrow, probably the coldest day, looking at temperatures through the day in the teens. with the winds at 10 miles per hour through the day, your feels-like temperature whenever you had outcome expected to feel like the zynga digits. today, 28 degrees with a shot of evenings no -- evening snow. sunday, valentine' s day, starting out of 3. drive through the day, but snow rolls in by the evening. is a possibility. we will find to not for sunday formative. and it turns to rain. lisa: thank you. back in business at the banks. the new tenants coming to downtown cincinnati. mark: time to break out the
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or
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without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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kyla: welcome back. things for sticking with us. here' s a look at the roads of you' re heading out right now, they are dry and white. that will change later today. we will check in with randi in just a few minutes. it is time now to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mr. mitch perdrix of walnut hills high school. the person who nominated him said he makes learning interesting and challenging, and he even organized a history night for 8th grade students. mr. perdrix said he tries to be
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students. >> i' m a little bit of a clown, so i think, sometimes, you know, you got to sell this to them and entertain them a bit. and i' ve always been pretty good at making a fool out of myself. so you do that while you' re teaching and you kind of keep their attention a little bit. kyla: i must commend those students. they were testing and stay very focused even with the pizza there. mr. perdrix walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne at warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. we would love to hear from you. if you have a teacher you think should be teacher of the week, go to look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. lisa: thank you. earlier this week, ash wednesday marked the start of lent and fish fry season in greater cincinnati. during the next several weeks, local churches will be packed on friday nights for their fish fry during lent. if you are looking for a fish
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out our list of locations on our wlwt app and on mark: the banks will soon have two new tenants. developers have finalized lease agreements with tervis, which makes insulated cups and tumblers. and burger-fi, a burger franchise. both are planning grand openings for the spring or summer. this will be the second location for tervis in ohio. this will be the first burger-fi in the cincinnati area. lisa: back to the forecast on this friday. randi rico has details on a cold start. it sounds like we' re locked in the deep freeze for a time, but warmer temperatures on the horizon. critical randi: if you want the warmer temperatures, yet the look past the we can. whatever your plans are over valentine' s day weekend , take a look. tonight, light snow in the forecast. specifically, 5:00 to 8:00 is
6:26 am
you may see some light snow showers into the late evening hours. saturday during the day at any point, you' re in the teens but feel like the single digits. saturday night should be drive a very cold. sunday, snow rolls in again in the evening and overnight hours. on sunday, we will see some accumulation overnight to monday. he temperatures on monday no to up above freezing so we should transition from snow to rain. -- the chapters on monday nudge up to above freezing, so we should transition from snow to rain. kyla: we are talking more construction and he will go back into effect tonight in the overnight hours. it might be weather dependent, but just in case, you want to plan for that. starting about 11:00, southbound 75, lane and ramp closures between the norwood lateral and 74. we have been dealing with these closures all week long. they don' t take a break going into tomorrow morning, so plan for that if you'
6:27 am
along 75 southbound. here' s a look outside for the morning commute. things are good, starting to pick up as 75 southbound at newman way. getting heavy northbound and southbound. inbound traffic will start to see delays over the next 30 minutes or so. we will keep it covered for you. mark: thank you. when we continue, the milwaukee match up. the democrats debate and there were some heated moments after bernie sanders' big day in new hampshire. andrew: after last night' s big debate hillary sends bill to , campaign in cincinnati. people will be gathering to hear bill clinton speak, coming up on wlwt news 5 today. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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mark: the clinton campaign comes to cincinnati with former president bill clinton. lisa: and the other clinton is getting back on the campaign trail after a heated debate. what both candidates had to say in milwaukee last night. mark: a major announcement from kroger today. what we are learning about the news and the connection to a life-saving drug. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: a massive warehouse fire in hillsboro, new jersey. check out these live pictures of flames and smoke. we' re still working to get details on this rating story. first, good morning, thank you for joining us, i mark hayes. am lisa: and i' m lisa cooney.
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forecast on this friday morning. randi rico, good morning. randi: we have finally made it to friday, but the cold air we had all week is sticking around into the weekend. officially at cvg, 20 degrees. in most parts of town, it is colder than that. 20 is the warmest reading in our area. the winds are very light. there is not much of a wind chill factor to speak of. the day. wind chill will be a consideration tonight come all day tomorrow, into sunday. clear skies to the north and eased, 9 in wilmington dillsboro. 20 downtown into northern kentucky thanks to some clouds overnight. looking at the radar over the last two hours, if you stranded pick up on some flurries along 74 after southeastern indiana, south of 74. i have not seen in reports of these hitting the ground just
6:32 am
maybe a passing flurry, though a lot of that we' re just to drive to see it hit the ground. we will see a better shot at snow into the evening. the planner for today, 8:00, cloudy, 15 or so. at lunchtime, the wind first of pickup, low 20' s. it feels like the upper 20' s. 4:00, 28 with snow showers on the way. most likely between 5:00 8:00. not a lot of snow, but even a dusting can cause a problem if it hits at the wrong time. kyla: it does not take much. with the timing, it could cause quite a bit of delay or incidents on the roads. re heading out later today. t need a lot of extra time, just heavier volume we typically see inside of the 6:00 hour. northbound and southbound.
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on the 71, you' ll pick up as well. in hamilton -- 275 and hamilton, things are getting jammed up county. things are just looking pretty typical for a friday morning. 71-75 still moving along on the lower deck of the residence bridge for downtown cincinnati. -- brent spence bridge for downtown cincinnati. mark: thank you. the race for the white house is heating up. and today former president bill clinton is in the queen city campaigning for his wife, hillary. lisa: the visit comes just hours after her debate last night with bernie sanders. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way in clifton with more on today' s campaign stop. andrew: the former president coming to town to campaign for the person he would like to see become the next president. bill clinton will be at the clifton cultural arts center
6:34 am
this stop comes after he attends a fundraiser in town to pick up financial support for hillary. the message, make sure you vote in the march primary in ohio. early voting begins here next week. bill clinton will be in cincinnati after -- also making a trip to grand rapids, michigan. the candidate will be making stops in wisconsin, minnesota, and south carolina today. a very busy day for hillary clinton. chelsea clinton will be in rhode island to spread the word, spread the message and rally support for hillary clinton and his presidential fight. the doors opened today at 2:00 center. bill clinton is expected to be here around 3:00 p.m. lisa: thank you. before her husband' s stop in faced off with bernie sanders. it was the first time since sanders defeated clinton by a landslide this week in new hampshire. miriah turner is the live alert desk with a recap.
6:35 am
campaigns in south carolina, while bernie sanders stumps in minnesota after going toe-to-toe last night. the democratic candidates squared off over a range of issues like wall street and campaign finance reform. race was also front and center as both vied for the african-american and hispanic vote ahead of contests in south carolina and nevada. but things got pretty heated as obama' s legacy. >> the kind of criticism that we expect from republicans. i do not expect it from someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. reiko -- miriah: the republicans get their turn, with a smaller field, in south carolina tomorrow night. the gop candidates have been furiously campaigning this week before the republican primary on the 20th. lisa: you can see were all of the candidates stand on political issues by checking out our political section on
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the wlwt mobile app. mark: indiana lawmakers want to create a public registry of convicted child abusers. the indiana senate unanimously passed kirk' s law after a 19-month-old boy died under the care of his babysitter. if the bill is passed in indiana, the indiana state police will be required to establish and manage the database online. it would be similar to a sex offender registry. it would force child abusers to legally register after being convicted. >> if you are introducing somebody new into your family, say as a babysitter or as a partner, you could find out if they have any past. house for consideration. of a middletown mother found shot to death earlier this week. investigators say on brittany tuesday, russell spent the day with her family in middletown. she was found dead less than 12 hours later in dayton. 29-year-old' s last few days, as
6:37 am
>> i don' t even know why someone would want to do that. she was an amazing person. i can' t even fathom how somebody can take somebody else' s life. lisa: that is russell' s sister. she thinks brittany may have been helping a friend who needed a ride. mark: a student at u.c. blue ash is headed to court today after police say he made threats of violence targeting the campus. the student allegedly claimed he would shoot up the math lab and he said he wanted to turn this into a "colorado thing." a signed witness affidavit says 20-year-old dondiego bradley made the threat to a tutor earlier this month. bradley is now facing one count of menacing. lisa: a major announcement expected today from kroger expected to address the growing , heroin epidemic here in the cincinnati area. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in oakley coming up in a moment. another story we have been following a bummer for barry , manilow fans. the singer had a medical issue
6:38 am
northern kentucky university. mark: manilow was scheduled to perform at bb&t arena last night, but he was rushed back to l.a. after complications from emergency oral surgery earlier this week. manilow' s representatives say the date will be made up, so keep your tickets. physical let' s get back to your forecast. it is friday morning. we are stuck in the deep freeze. randi has details on when we will see the warm-up. for now, we will battle it out. randi: we are taking a look at the temperatures that are all over the board. wilmington one of the coolest spots at nine than degrees. even with a light breeze, it feels like 3. in norwood, 22. mount auburn, 19. lebanon, 12. temperatures all over the board. the winds are fairly light. they will ramp up to the date. specifically, tomorrow is the day the wind chill won' t take it out of the single digits. make sure you bundle the kids up
6:39 am
a very chilly start no matter where the kids are. no big winchell' s this morning. this afternoon, expect temperatures in the upper 20' s. it will feel more like the teens on your way home from school. mark: thank you. weather. why you can see people heading
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this a co-welcome back. a major announcement expected from kroger to address the growing heroin epidemic here in the cincinnati area. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in oakley with what we expect to learn today. dan: kroger could be next to join the battle against heroin. state leaders and kroger will make an announcement here in oakley, likely saying they' re going to be offering narcan. it can be injected or ingested nasally. some stores are already selling it over the counter, including cvs, which started this month. ohio state records show it was dispensed about 13,000 times last year alone. narcan is at the center of debate, not everyone agrees with dispensing it or taxpayer costs that could be involved. first responders say the drug can save lives. senator portman has been quite
6:43 am
we will hear exactly what they have to say. from what we understand, you really only be impacting stores in the greater cincinnati and northern kentucky area. live in oakley, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: firefighter still battling a fire in hillsboro, new jersey. the fire started at three: 30 yesterday afternoon. this is a live look at the flames. strong winds caused the fire to engulf many of the buildings in the industrial park and has hindered the firefighters efforts to put it out. the hillsboro firefighters say plastic pellets were being stored in a majority of the complexes. no injuries have been reported. witnesses say they heard explosions that shook the ground. the third streetcar is now in cincinnati and this one looks a little different. it has the word "cincinnati" on the side. according to city officials, the next delivery is set for the end of this month and car number five is expected before the end of march. soon there will be an all-out
6:44 am
lisa: kyla woods is your the look at the safety campaign. kyla: the streetcar will begin service in the fall so drivers and pedestrians will both have to learn how to share the road. the traffic patterns. first, at some places along the track the streetcar will be moving while the rest of traffic does not. other basics you' ll need to know, you' re allowed to drive on the tracks, but not park there. public transportation officials say you just need to be aware of your surroundings and yield to the streetcar. >> their vehicle could be towed or you could be subject to fines. more importantly, when the streetcar is running, you don' t want to hold up everyone on the streetcar. kyla: on-track testing of the streetcar is scheduled for wednesday along the full-route. the streetcar is set to start service in september. mark: thank you. it' s a good weekend to be thirsty. the cincinnati winter beer fest is coming back to the duke energy center. beer lovers can enjoy more than 400 craft beers and the party gets started tonight. tickets are $45 per day.
6:45 am
and last call is 10:30. lisa: the museum center is debuting a new omnimax film this weekend called "national parks adventure." to celebrate the new film one of the stars is coming to cincinnati to rappel down the front of union terminal. 21-year-old climber rachel pohl will do the honors at 11:00 this morning. the first showing for "national parks adventure" is 1:00 this afternoon. we have been talking about the cold start, but if you are willing to wear a few more layers and grabbed a bike. mark: it is winter bike to work day. wlwt new 5' s jennifer schack tells us about the celebration. she is bundled up appropriately. this is a world wide day, promoting the self propelled transportation. it may sound whimsicle to many in the summer leaving the car behind, enjoy the sun and wind, but what about the winter? today winter bike to work day, means a deep discount at all red bike
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a day pass that is normally $8 is only $2 with the promo code 21216, today' s date. and there are many locations encouraging the 2 wheel transportation roebling point , books and coffee is offering a 20% discount in covington with , additional discounts for bike riders. and park and vine on mainstreet will have a free cup of soup and chili for bike riders. and free coffee in newport at reser bicycle outfitters on monmouth street, both sound like a great way to stay warm today. i do recommend some extra layers and maybe have a backup plan. it is way cold this morning. but head out and enjoy. you' ll be joining more than 10,000 participants world wide who are expected to participate today in winter bike to work day. mark: most of those are participating in florida and california.
6:47 am
lisa: around here, when they get off the bike, they will be stuck in this position. randi: it is a cold start. it will be cold all weekend. bundling up will be necessary. snow. two shots of snow, one arrives just in time for the evening commute. evening. the windchill, single digits near zero at times, it will be cold no matter when you head out. there is a warm up inside. above freezing by monday and even some 40' s and my seven-day. have to get through the weekend first. looking at the radar, it is picking up on some snow showers up in the clouds but they are evaporating before they hit the ground. you may see a straggler or flurry, but most is not hitting us. southern portions of kentucky, different story. south of louisville for london, kentucky, snow is tossing down a coaching. 20 at cvg curley and northern
6:48 am
many spots are way colder. we have a couple of towns in the single digits this morning. no matter if you are nine degrees or 19, the wind is very, very light. no windchill factor to speak of so much this morning. day. they will stay with us through the weekend. the windchill will be open -- be a issue through the weekend. at noon, 23 with the wind picking up, feeling like the teens. 3:00, cloudy, breezy, 27. rolling for the evening, just in some showers. i got 5:00 and 6:00, snow showers rolling through. light to moderate at times. and will be around when people are on the road. the second part of the evening commute through any big date night plans you may have. some flurries will linger it is not a lot. it is more of a timing issue for us. take a look at the expected snowfall totals.
6:49 am
commute, 5:00 to 8:00 the main window. most places picking up a dusting to a half-inch. but people out for the evening rush, could cause some slick spots or slowdowns. today, 28, cloudy and cold. expect snow late in the day. tonight, some flurries, 10 degrees for the low. with the winds at 10 to 15, your windchill factor overnight into tomorrow morning, somewhere between zero and five below. tomorrow, cold all day, wind and flurries. chapters only in the teens. winds at 10 miles per hour, meaning your feels-like temperature whenever you head out, likely to be in the sickle digits. 3 degrees saturday night into sunday morning. very cold valentine' s day. sunday evening, another system roles in our direction, could toss them accumulation monday morning. maybe an inch or two. it is a little too early to tell.
6:50 am
expect the start of snow, changing over the rain. highs in the 30' s and, yes, some 40' s. does that seem tropical? kyla: by all means. when you talked 40 and 44, we are just getting out of hand. traffic is not getting out of hand, so that is good news. here' s a look across the board of your travel times. 25 minutes on 275 from the ronald reagan' s cvg. across the river, 19 minutes. 17 minutes right now out of warren county on 71 southbound. here' s a look through the kenwood area. traffic is really picking up on the southbound side. for the most part, pretty even spread and traffic moving along to the area. not a whole lot of extra time needed yet. lisa: the clinton campaign once your vote. mark: bill clinton is looking to
6:51 am
6:52 am
lisa: a suspect hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah...
6:53 am
(cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. (dad) it may be quite a while but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. lisa: welcome back. checking your top stories, bill clinton coming to cincinnati. mark: andrew setters is live in clifton with the plans today for the clinton campaign. andrew: good morning. the presidential campaign won'
6:54 am
few weeks but bill clinton is , making a stop here today to pick up cash and support for hillary. they' primary all the way to early march, when ohio voters will go to the polls. one of the messages bill clinton is expected to deliver get out and vote. early voting begins next week, and every early vote a campaign can get in now frees up resources for the bigger campaign push. bill clinton will first attend a fundraiser in town during his stop in cincinnati. and then he will be coming here to the clifton cultural arts center this afternoon. doors open at 2:00 with the event beginning at 3:00. lisa: hillary clinton is coming off her latest debate with bernie sanders. it was heated at times as the candidates discussed campaign issues like wall street, healthcare, and immigration. one week from tomorrow, voters will come out for the nevada
6:55 am
coming up on "the today show," a look at who is carrying the momentum after this debate. mark: kroger officials are making an announcement today related to the anti-overdose drug narcan. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in oakley with what we can expect to learn today. dan kroger is set to make an : announcement alongside state leaders this morning here at the kroger in oakley. all slick elation points to the store offering narcan, a drug called an antidote to heroin overdoses. it' s no surprise heroin has been a big problem in our area. state records show narcan was dispensed 13,000 times last year alone. not everyone is on board with selling narcan over-the-counter, but first responders say this is all about saving lives and giving people a second chance. the announcement is expected to take place at 10:00 at the a.m. kroger on marburg avenue. live in oakley, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: our fourth top story, a man accused in a string of a robberies is expected in court later this morning. zachary prince was arrested last night.
6:56 am
happened to spot prince while driving along dixie highway. the sergeant followed prince to his grandmother' s house and made the arrest. prince' s arrest came just a couple hours after the latest holdup at the fifth-3rd bank in covington. lisa: rounding out the top five, fish fry season in greater cincinnati. the friday in lent and local first churches will be packed tonight. if you are looking for a fish fry to check out, you can check check out our list on on our wlwt app and on pass the tartar sauce,please. randi: we do have a chance for snow showers right in that dinnertime timeframe. 28 this afternoon. all they it will be cloudy and cold. the winds slowly ramp up through the day. we did get a shot of snow during the evening drive. 5:00 8:00 is the window of opportunity. that also happens to be the timeframe for most fish fries.
6:57 am
it may cause some slicks pots for the evening drive. tonight, 10. with the winds at 10 most power, it will feel close to zero tomorrow morning. draw the day, wind, flurries, and siegel digit wind chill' s. sunday, we start out at 3:00 in the morning and make it only to 25 degrees on valentine' s day. another shot of snow sunday evening. it ramps up a little overnight. we could see in it sure two, but that could -- we could see in it for two, but a couple of features may change with that. on monday, we should start at snow in change over the rain biggest imagers getting a little more on track -- the guest temperatures getting a little more on track, 30' s and 40' s.
6:58 am
6:59 am
the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
7:00 am
good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrmann man. hillary clinton comes to the president's defense during the debate. >> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the


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