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tv   Teen Kids News  NBC  February 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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- welcome to lazytown it's the start of a brand-new day things are upside down here in lazytown adventure's just a moment away "little pink riding hood." we're almost finished
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for surprise day-- - huh? - oh-oh. - the sports candy flyer. - i have the checklist. - i love surprise day. - let's see. - can i help? oh, sportacus is gonna be surprised. - hey, ziggy, ha-ha, you can wear the hat. of surprise day. - okay-- piece goes... there. - yeah. - ready to go. sportacus is finished. have the checklist? - of course, i do. - okay, pixel, take it away. - yeah. i'm connecting the remote with the mini flyer. engines on-- flight mode started. - whoa! - wow! - it's started! - here we go. - cool! - wow! - that is so cool! - whoa! [laughter] - and stabilizing thrusters. - test sports candy dropper. - oh, and drop. - that's so cool. - yeah! - check-- everything is tested. - not everything-- time to test the camera.
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at your screen. - okay, pixel. - the mini flyer has a camera, so you can see whatever's in front of it. - camera, check. - cool! - oh, who turned off the lights? i can't see. - i'm landing the mini flyer inside the basket. - basket, check. - that blue jumping kangaroo will land the airship. then, i'll blindfold him, give him a sugar apple, and send him away forever! nah. it'll never work. hmm-- where is that blue shmue? - i can't wait for sportacus to get his big surprise. - yeah, me, too. - this is gonna be
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- yeah! - definitely. - let's go through the class. - the plane. - pixel. - check. - the map. - map coming up-- couch servos, activate. map turning over. - oh-- cool! - wow! - yeah, right. - very impressive. - wow. - okay. now, stephanie puts on a cape. - oh, a cape-- oh, a cape. - now, stephanie walks through the forest-- - uh-huh. - with the sports candy flyer in the basket. sportacus will be waiting in lazy grove, near the treehouse, blindfolded. - yeah. - then, stephanie - mmm-hmm. put the basket in the airship. - and then, run back here. [cheering] - this is too good to be true. i can't believe my luck-- it'll work. i will follow the pink girl into the woods. then, i'll place the sugar apple in the basket. she'll give it to sportaflop--
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bitty-boo, who will lose all his energy. and then, i can get rid of him forever! [ laughter ] it's disguise time. here comes wolfie. [laughter] - okay, everything's ready. the mini flyer's in the basket, and i'm ready to go. - but, why does stephanie have to go alone? - because if we all go, sportacus might see us. my skycam will follow her the whole way. and talk to her. - wow! her, if something happens. - ha-ha-- what could possibly happen? hmm-- who-who turned [laughter] - oh, ziggy. - huh-- what? - well, good luck, stephanie. - thanks, guys. - good luck. - bye! - have fun! stephanie, remember the skycam will be right behind you. - thank you.
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- yes! you've got mail. - what is this? waiting for you. "wear this and wait near the treehouse." i love surprises-- hmm. [laughter] [laughter] - huh? there's a million things you can do
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make something and give it away it's suddenly a beautiful day someone you don't know just say hello just send a letter to a friend in the mail a smile when somebody's down can really turn a sad day around give your friends a surprise your creation the prize imagination friendly thoughts they mean a lot it's what life's all about like nobody's watching sing like nobody's listening days go by and life goes on make every moment count be a surprise call someone right out of the blue
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sharing is the best way to live it's true that you get back what you give give your friends a surprise your creation the prize imagination they mean a lot - oh yeah. - it's what life's all about dance like nobody's watching sing like nobody's listening and life goes on make every moment count be a surprise now let's do the moves together. swing your arms. side to side-- you're doing great. now sing-- and wave in the air-- great
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sing and wave-- perfect! - yeah. dance like nobody's watching - uh-huh. - sing like nobody's listening days go by and life goes on make every moment count life can be a surp-- - oh, no! - what happened? [gasping] we have to be able to hear her. - do something! - pixel, you have to fix the sound, right now! - ha-ha. - ziggy, hold this, but don't mess with it. - okay. - we gotta fix these wires here. stephanie needs us. - i-i promised i'd keep an eye on her. of surprise day. in the basket. that didn't work-- not as planned. just get closer-- - hmm.
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ah, now, this is my chance. let's put the a-- ah! why can't she stop-- ugh! - wow, i'm really good at flying this. - wow! - this is the perfect chance. - oh-oh-oh-- i can't see anything! - huh? - oh, what? - ziggy needs us. - what's happening? this time, it's definitely gonna work. - um, where's stephanie? - i can't see her. i don't know. - you lost the sound and stephanie? - oh, ziggy, what have you done? - ziggy, i told you not to mess with the remote. - huh? - i'll fly the skycam. - but, i-- you keep workin' on the sound. - let's go. - let's see. - okay. okay, now, i gotta fly it free of these bushes. - it's all my fault. - ah-- we have to find it. - ugh! i can't let that pink girl get away. [grunting] i'm gonna take a shortcut.
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and she'll get lost. [laughter] oh, here she comes-- okay. - door! - door opening. - hmm. [sighing] - getting ready for my surprise. - now, which way to lazy grove? [laughter] oh, the treehouse is that way. - okay, a little bit more to the right. a little bit more acceleration. ugh-- this isn't working. - and to the right and-- - yeah, it's free! okay, guys-- i got it flyin'. - okay. - working, working.
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but, keep working on that sound! - we are working on the sound. - wait. this isn't the right direction. [gasping] and the skycam is missing. - oh, there he is, and he's blindfolded. [laughter] that's perfect. with the voice changer 6000, i'll fool sportacus into taking a bite of this sugar apple. naw-naw-naw-naw-naw-- stephanie voice. [growling] [chuckling] - ah! wrong voice. no-no-no-no.
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- stephanie? were the mayor. - we sound alike-- it's a family thing. i brought you an apple, and i want you to eat it. - now! - okay. - you'll see. [laughter] it worked! now, you know-- sugar meltdown surprise! anywhere. what? [gasping] oh, no! the sign's facing the wrong direction. oh, no! that means she's lost in the woods. -- yeah. - oh, wait-wait-- wait-wait-wait! there she is! - huh? - where, where? - the sign was the wrong way. - we still can't hear what she's saying. - okay.
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- yeah-yeah-yeah, we'll do it, okay. i'll keep following her. [laughter] - closet opening. - whoa! [chuckling] well, you won't need that anymore. - huh? - look-- where's sportacus? for his surprise. - he's not there. - oh, no! - yeah, stay with her. - and now, sportafloppy voice. airship, fly anywhere in five minutes. - airship preparing for takeoff. [laughter] - it works. this aisle. fancy labels, slick designs; this one's got flowers on it, it's pretty. after the stomach flu ravages my home, am i supposed to believe that an ocean breeze no. please. i know what clean smells like, bleach. the same bleach that knocks
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and cleans up crime scenes. you want to spend 3 bucks on liquid doubt, be my guest. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it.
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she's by the airship. - what? [gasping] - it's the little pink girl. why is she here-- she's early. - sportacus? where is he? - she's telling us something. - what'd she say? - sportacus? - i'm sleeping. - but, you're talking to me. [sighing] - i'm coming in! [panting] - the costume! - she's talking to someone. - who's she talking to? - must be sportacus. - stay. - closet closing. - i'm coming in.
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- no, i'm coming in. [gasping] - bed! - bed coming down. but, sportacus, it's not 8:08. - yes! i just have to put it away, right now. - she's going in. - ah! - you better follow her. - yeah. - sportacus? [mumbling] - what's going on? why is he already in bed? - huh? - sportacus? - uh, uh, uh, yes, yes? oh, yes, i'm sportacus. - is that really sportacus? - my chin? oh-oh-oh, that's so my chin can point me in the right direction. - but, why is your voice different? - my voice? b-b-- oh, that's a new style, my dear. - but, why are you teeth so big? - why all these questions? you have to go, now. but, i brought you a surprise. oh, great, thanks-- give it to me.
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- no-- you're not sportacus! the basket away from him. - huh? - what? - what's going on? - i don't know. - this is strange. [grunting] - whoa! - closet open. [screaming] - nothing to see here! - closet closing. - something really weird is going on here. - there's somethin' weird going on there. - yes. - you can have it! - whoa! - sportacus? - what? - you need to send your guest home, now. we're about to take off. destination, anywhere-- door closing in five. [gasping] - four. - the airship's taking off! - get the skycam outta there. - skycam flying out. - three. - whoa! - i'm outta here. - what are you doing? - two. [screaming] - wait for me! - ah, yeah! oh, she made it! - where did she go? - fly me! [screaming]
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- she's trying to say something. - her lips are moving-- can you read lips? - no, i cannot read lips! - candy? - no, no, i don't think so. - we need sound! - yeah-yeah, we're working on it, working on it! oh, gosh. - what about these, huh? - fly me! - huh? - fly me! - we have sound! to help her. - go ahead, go-- you can do it! [screaming] - i got ya, i got ya. it's gonna be okay. [sighing] whoa! - that was close. - guys? - we need to see what's happening in the airship. really weird going on with sportacus. - uh-huh. - what? - the camera! - yeah. candy flyer. - i'll connect the camera, so we can see what's going on with sportacus. [gasping] - good thinking, pixel. everything is out of control! - closet opening.
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[yelling] - what's that? - there's two of them. stephanie, can you see them? check your screen. something was wrong. - yeah. - certainly. the blindfold we gave him, but his crystal is glowing red, which means he doesn't have any energy. - there's nothing about that on the checklist. can't anyone stick to the plan? - i just wanna go down! - platform going down. - look-- he's going down. [groaning] [screaming] the airship headed? trajectory of airship, are-- hmm. pixel's house. [gasping] - pixel's house? - oh, man, oh, man. going on outside. activating outdoor camera. [screaming] the other one's hanging onto the airship. who could stop the airship.
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a sugar meltdown! - oh, oh. - there must be a way. - pixel! - huh? - the flyer is equipped with a sports candy dropper. - we just have to drop one sports candy into his mouth. - yeah. - then, he'll get his energy back. we only have three grapes. - forward, forward, a little to the lift, and release. - aw. - so close. [collective groaning] - one more pass. - the airship's getting closer to us. - hold on. - we only have two grapes left. - i know, but it's really hard. - the airship's rocking too much. - i know what to do. - okay, one more time-- circling around. lining up. - come on, pixel. - okay, steady, steady. - you can do it.
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- oh! - oh, no! - now, we only have one grape left. - there it is! - what? - ah! - yes! - what's that pink girl doing? - okay, guys, i'm holding the airship steady. - okay, let's try it. - yeah. - okay. - all right, last chance. - you can do this. - yeah. - okay, thrusters, look around. - lining up, slowing down. - oh! - and go, sports candy! [gasping] - yeah-- yeah! - he's got energy! - we did it! - hooray! - ah! - whoa-- whoa! [panting] - it's gonna crash into pixel's house.
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- blech! - you crash in nine. - what? [collective chatter] - it's gonna crash! - what-- crash? - this is the end of robbie rotten. [screaming] - five, four-- - what have i done? - three. - save me! - two. - no! bye-bye. [screaming] - crash avoided. - oh! - he's falling! - opening outer doors. - sportacus, are you okay? - what happened? [mumbling] - huh-- what? - sportacus? - ah! - where's he going? sportacus? [gasping] - robbie rotten! who did you expect, sportaloon?
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on this list. let's go find stephanie. going on, huh? - i know. - who gave me so i could regain my energy? - why don't you put on the blindfold and find out? - do it-- do it! - okay. - what is it? - pixel, take it away. [collective chatter] - okay, go! take off your blindfold. - surprise! - surprise! - wow-- that's what i call a sport candy surprise. [laughter] - yeah! - bing bang digga rigga dong funny words i sing when i am dancing dancing dancing bing bang digga rigga dong silly words that can mean anything get on up it's time to dance yeah it's so much fun being up on our feet
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with animals and fun all around so discover the forest and explore all the wonder that's there visit to find a forest near you - oh, hey. wanna get more out of your walks? favorite band in your ears and pick up the pace. it' s an easy way to turn plain old walking into a workout.
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- release-- h! >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm veronique.


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