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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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johnson had been shot. new toni ght at 6:00. a cincinnati police officer, forced to fire his weapon during a traffic pursuit in mount lookout. police say they tried to stop the suspect just before 2 this morning but the driver kept going. that driver then crashed into a parked car on linwood avenue and took off on foot. the officer fired one shot but did not hit the suspect. police did arrest the person, but have not released the suspect' s name. erik: can still see the snow falling. it looks a little bit like the snow globe after he shake it across downtown cincinnati. some the moderate snow is coming to an end in the next hour or so.
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ve been dealing with. however places across northern kentucky especially around maysville, thousand and -- falmouth still dealing with some of the heavier snow. a few been set up through falmouth, brooksville. all this moving to the east our. still tracking some more moderate snow in adams county. belfast all see the half inch to one inch in our rates. that is the kind of rate where is hard for the salt trucks and plastic keep up with. give it a little time as things start to dry off and calmed down. i think the rose will dramatically improve. it is been a rough out towards mount washington. , new town, cvg, for mitchell. take a look at miami sound, colerain.
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those puzzle be on it. the salt trucks and beyond. we' ll be in good shape. as far as a humility snows go. plan on those ending by about 9:00. crash adams county and mason county could add onto that a little bit further. as we head into midnight. so showers continued, if you flurries out there. by six clock tomorrow morning, the temperatures are going to slowly rise as he had throughout tonight. most of us getting about 2-3 inch total. maybe even some four inch totals here in there. the forecast through tonight, the accumulative snows coming to an end at about 8:00. we may see another half inch as we head into tomorrow morning. must but seeing 2-3 inches. as we head to as we head to alexandria, maysville, harrison. a little bit less as a head into domata, hillsboro. future cash showing the end of
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by 9:00, it is just some flurries and so showers. a we are not completely done yet. we will see a few moderate verse here and there as we go into the morning. the good news is being that it is presidents' day, a lot of folks have offer work. maybe some schools are closed. maybe traffic will be a little less. crews can go to keep things nice and clear. as we head to the day to respond. we' ll see what falls and was starts to melt. nowhere close to the freezing mark. most of us in the teens. 17 in falmouth, 16 hillsboro, 19 hamilton, 16 in batesville. as temperatures gradually warm up tonight, we' ll see the start salt start to be more opportunist and melt more of the snow. wind at nine miles for our. look for the winds to turn southeast and i. it will help her temperatures eight just a touch. we' ll have the next guy building and for tomorrow evening.
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ve talked about this for next couple days. as is a slim chance we could see some heavy snow. it looks like that chance is really starting to dwindle. the system is too far to the south and east to impact us here with big snows. your forecast tomorrow snow the morning. the freezing mark. that is where we talked the freezing mark. specially treated surface like those roads. tomorrow evening in my view warm enough that we might see see some showers. temperatures start to drop off tomorrow night. that could mean a brief changeover to some snow. if we do see some problems and may be down around adams county. the shows mostly rain to the south and east on monday afternoon. maybe some more rain as we build up into monday evening and tuesday morning.
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we are not done yet. we are talking about another chance for some snow on tuesday. it looks like mostly a rainmaker. but as temperatures fall off tuesday evening , we 8 -- he may end with a little bit of light snow. then things start to warm up. and will have some more mild temperatures. so showers coming to a close. we may get some flurries as we head into tomorrow morning. tomorrow during the day flurries early quieting down, i have 36 with some rain showers are in the afternoon. maybe a changeover to some snow lay on your money evening. tuesday the rain building on tuesday afternoon. we' re bouncing all around here. wednesday, flurries him a there' s a 42 friday 58, saturday still the 50' s. good evening i am elise jesse.
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their most beloved employees,, former clubhouse manager bernie stowe passed away tuesday bernie' s visitation taking place as we speak at elder high school our own derek forest is live there for us. derek: per request of the family here. cameras were not allowed in the room. the visitation was held. bernie stowe' s time with the reds spanned 7 decades, starting as a bat boy for the team back in 1947. and days like today, they are used to celebrate life, and those seven decades. >> i met him when i was 10 years old in tampa florida after my father got a reds job in 1974. of all the people i was blessed enough to meet that they, heroes, joe morgan, tony perez etc. there' s no doubt about it,
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you just as much as any of those guys was the sky who is about this tall. >> he was everyone' s father away from their biological father. he was just an outstanding person. with so much time spent with the organization, there are so many great memories. and those memories were shared with us. >> he was a practical jokes are. a rookie will come into town, bernie had a mongoose cage that -- a trap door box where the a road it will pop out of it. bernie would bring this thing in and put it near guises lockers and say hey check out this thing. i' m going to feed this. then a trap door would fall out in this thing land on them. derek: the funeral for bernie stowe will be held monday morning at holy family church. reporting from elder hs, derek
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elise: thank you derek. the time of the funeral tomorrow morning will be at 9:30 a.m. well, i know nascar fans are happy. their sport is back in action qualifying for the daytona 500 taking place today. we' ll talk about the 20-year-old who secured the pole coming up. you' re watching cincinnati' s
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elise: welcome back. the reds posted this picture of aj allmendinger' s number 47 car it has a tribute to longtime reds clubhouse manager bernie stowe you' ll be able to see that sticker next weekend at the daytona 500. qualifying for the daytona 500 going down today. dale earnhardt jr with a chance to put two hendrick cars on the front row but comes up short and that makes chase elliot the youngest daytona 500 pole sitter at 20-years-old. this was his first sprint cup series pole. the daytona 500 is set for a week from today. and with spring training just days away we' re giving you 3 of the reds top prospects to look out for this spring bryan price was vocal last season about a rebuild. orioles have expressed interest in jay bruce, and out fielder jesse winker would fill the void nicely if a deal is made. right handed pitcher rober stephenson will be competing for one of three spots open in reds rotation and jose peraza.
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s and 33 steals. a big 10 hoops battletoday with league-leading indiana on the road to face the 8th ranked michigan state. the hoosiers looking for a second straight upset of a top-10 opponent after beating number 4 iowa on thursday. it was valentine' s day today. im talking about the player not the holiday . denzel valentine was feelin it early on the kid drained five of those today, this one gave msu the early lead . then the hoosiers put the pedal to the metal max biel-feldt pivots and steps through for the scoop shot max racked a double-double, 15 points and 10 boards second half. inbounds pass to biel-feldt. the bounce pass to thomas bryant for the dunk, i.u. leads by 1 . michigan state now in control. valentine crushed indiana' s defense 30 points, 13 assists, and 5 boards for the senior as the spartans take the win 88-69. uc is believed to be on a very short list of schools to join the big 12. it is the only power 5 conference that doesn'
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football championship game and one of only two of those leagues that does not have its own tv network the confenrce' s presidents and chancellors are expected to meet again in may to decide whether or not they will add universities to their 10 program roster. uc president santa uno has been working hard on that. and uc' s basketball team has been working hard on the court earning themselves a win over east carolina at home yesterday . they' ve moved up to number three in the aac with a 9-4 record they sit just behind temple and smu who both have 9-3 records. keep in mind smu will not be playing in the conferenece tournament this year. xavier one of four top 5 teams to go one and one this week. the loss at creighton tuesday could take a jab at their ranking, but maryland, oklahoma, and iowa all losing a game this week as well while while number 6 kansas and number 9 north carolina went 2-0 xavier did earn themselves a win in hinkle fieldhouse yesterday, and that made chris mack very happy.
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it, i was more interested in our response after what i thought was a poor performance at creighton give them a lot of credit but we didn' t play very well we obviously played much better today. elise: and the cincinnati cyclones are in evansville tonight to take on the icemen. ll have more for you tonight at 11:00. courtis: the all-star game us tonight. i was thinking about bernie st owe what a great tribute to him. let us take you to our live drive five. our photographer sean elliott on the road. traffic moving a little snow -- downtown cincinnati off of interstate 74. let' weather' next on four hours or so. erik: the snow really starting
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most of us are don'
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s all the family. >> reporter: a catholic priest from a nearby church was summoned to administer last rites. justice scalia's colleagues on the court praised a towering intellect. ruth bader ginsburg
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buddies," adding, "he had a rare talent to make even a sober judge laugh." clarence thomas said, "it is hard to imagine court without my friend. i will miss him baund all measure." the court often divided 5-4 along ideological lines on big cases, justice scalia's death leaves eight justices and the possibility of tie votes 4-4. >> if there's a tie, there's no outcome at the supreme court. the lower court ruling stands. it's as if the supreme court never heard the case. >> reporter: a tie vote would leave rulings intact that block president obama's plan to let five million undocumented migrants stay here. a tie would mean the tough new texas restrictions on abortion would remain, possibly inspiring other states to enact similar laws. a tie would be a boost to the financial strength of unions representing teachers and other public employees. if a democratic president appointed a successor to the conservative scalia, that would tilt the court the other way to a majority of liberal justices. were able to put
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a leftist majority on the court for the next generation or so. >> reporter: among potential nominees circles, sri sri srinivasan, indian american, patricia millet on the d.c. court of appeals, and california. the justices will be back on the bench for n a week and will face the prospect of finishing without a full court for the first time in more than 50 years. peter? >> pete williams reporting for us at the supreme court. thank you. the death of scalia and emerging battle over choosing and confirming the next justice, the republican presidential candidates were questioned about a number of other key and divisive issues in their debate last night in south carolina. as gabe gutierrez reports, it was their most combative debate so far. >> justice antonin scalia -- >> reporter: after a moment of silence for justice scalia came the most contentious
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>> they lied. >> just been telling lies -- >> why do you supply. >> liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: the words "liar" or some variation were used at least 22 times. 13 by front-runner donald trump. and yet -- >> didn't call anybody a liar -- >> you called ted cruz a liar. >> reporter: slammed by jeb bush over foreign policy and how to fight isis in syria. >> it is lewd udicrous to suggest that russia could be a partner in this. >> jeb is so wrong. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. [ boos ] >> reporter: marco rubio trying to rebound from his last debate came to bush's defense today blaming 9/11 on bill clinton's decision ton not to take out bin laden. >> it allowed isis to prosper and by 2001 have the ability to strike america. clashed over immigration. at one point cruz took
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had said in a spanish language interview. >> i don't know how he knows what i said on univision because he doesn't speak spanish. second of all -- [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: cruz also pounced on trump for what he called the billionaire's past liberal positions. >> you are the single biggest liar. you probably are worse than jeb bush. are you the single biggest liar. >> donald has this weird pattern. when you point to his own record, he screams, liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: striking a different tone, john kasich. >> i got to tell you, this is just crazy. this is just nuts, okay. [ applause ] >> geez, oh man. >> i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. [ applause ] >> reporter: tonight, there seems to be no stopping trump. >> i think it was probably my best performance. >> reporter: in a state where politics is a contact sport. the gop primary here is just six days away. tomorrow, hoping to
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what's in store. dylan? >> good evening, thomas. it is the coldest weather we've seen so far this season. and in fact, the coldest valentine's day on record. it's all thanks to the polar vortex dropping down this cold arctic air from canada. we are going to see things turn the corner as we go into tomorrow. this morning, we broke records in new york city with the temperature of minus 1. the old record in boston was minus 3. we bottomed out at minus 9. albany, 13 below. watertown started the day off at 37 below zero. monday we'll start to turn the corner. temperatures above freezing in new york. boston, 3. boston should -- boston, 35. then tuesday, temperatures will soar to the mid 50s, about 15 degrees above average for the northeast. pittsburgh should even hit 41 degrees. with this next storm system moving in, while it will start as snow, it will turn over to rain. here we go, 5:00 in the morning on monday. lighter snow showers back through west virginia.
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period of heavier snow across virginia and washington, d.c. quick one to three inches possible in washington monday morning. then we'll see it turn over to rain as we go into monday night. new york city will also see some light accumulations, about one to two inches. then we'll see things turn over to rain through the afternoon and evening on tuesday here in new york city. thomas? >> thank you very much. when we come back in a moment, a tribute to those who made a perilous journey. how a symbol of their adversity became art. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out.
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zealand today as a strong earthquake strict near christchurch on the south island. the quake had a magnitude of 5.8 and caused part of a dloif collapse to the -- cliff to collapse into the ocean. no reports of major damage or serious injuries. the quake came eight days before the fifth anniversary of a
6:59 pm
that killed almost 200 people. the plight of migrants and refugees crossing into europe is dramatically illustrated in a new exhibit. some 14,000 orange life jackets worn by the migrants have been wrapped around the pillars of the concert hall in berlin where a raft is also on display. it's the work of a chinese dissident artist. more than 3,700 migrants died last year trying to cross the mediterranean to europe. and on this valentine's day, we have a love story to talk it. it's one for the ages. he's 104. she's his younger wife, just 100. john and ann better of fairfield, connecticut, are said to be the longest married couple in the u.s. 83 years. today through the twitter account of a company that's embraced their story, they offered advice to questions like how do they keep things fresh and new. said ann, "we hang on to one another. just a few little hugs, and we're fine." what a beautiful story. happy valentine's day to them and to all of you. that's going to do it for "nbc nightly
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back next sunday. i'm thomas roberts from new york. thank you and good night. erik: good evening. we are going to update you hourly as we head into the evening. as you can see, the snow is an a for since then a, florence, aurora, hamilton, middletown. we are still dealing with some moderate to pockets of heavy snow around adams county and brown county. georgetown highway 62, brooksville, maysville still seeing the moderate snow. you may see a half inch to an inch and a half as we head on into the evening. things will quiet down in


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