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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, two cars collide outside a police headquarters. the late night crash and the new
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condition. the sounds of change saws will be heard around greater cincinnati today. strong winds knocked out power, bringing down trees on cars and houses. we'll take a look at the damage. and a spring-like day ahead for us. meteorologist jennifer schack has weather we'll see the nice or not. 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. have you ever worked a chainsaw? jennifer: no, i don't think so. jonathan: it's a feeling of power. jennifer: i've heard stories about your chainsaw. jonathan: i've worked one a few times. i feel sorry for the folks who have to today, because they probably got damage or lost power. i'm not surprised. in my backyard yesterday,
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it was windy. jennifer: lawrenceburg, indiana, had a 56-mile-an-hour wind gust. jonathan: higher than lunken. she one-upped me. i'm near lunken. jennifer: everyone above 43 was the low one yesterday. all of us, concerning winds yesterday. they've weakened considerably this morning. no longer a wind concern. actually, parts of butler county now the winds are light and we're actually seeing fog, surprisingly. we've gone from the threshold yesterday of damage to calm winds this morning. quite a change. here's the citycam shot right now. downtown, the winds are between five and ten miles an hour. i don't think we'll see much for fog locally. have not seen anything yet, at least. visibilities are high right now. as we make it into the next couple of hours, i do think our northern counties there from hamilton to middletown, may see a little fog out there for the morning. the forecast today from yesterday to today, the difference, yesterday, 66 degrees. the forecast today, 66 degrees.
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graphic, the winds yesterday that were strong and today we'll have southwest winds around 10 to 150 miles an hour. morning. temperatures in the low 50s. we'll talk about where we're heading this weekend as temperatures trend down and when jonathan. jonathan: well, it's still a little breezy in some spots, but the winds are calming down after gusts reached more than 50 miles per hour friday. strong winds knocked over trees, power and phone lines across greater cincinnati yesterday. wlwt news 5's emily wood has the cleanup under way in clermont county. reporter: it's almost too dark to see, but a blue tarp now covers the roof of this family's garage here in miami township. luckily, no one was inside when the tree fell, but it did prompt almost immediate cleanup. workers for earl's tree company happened to be in the right place at the right time. before this 30-year-old silver maple came crashing down on to the homeowner's garage, crews
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trimming trees. >> we were working in the neighborhood, and then we saw the tree come down and we came over to help them out. reporter: the home owners say luckily, they were at work and no cars were in the garage when the tree toppled over, busting a hole through the roof and snagging and gutters on the side of the house. >> any damage that was done was structural. there was no electrical damage, no lines were hit. electric or gas or anything. so i was very happy. i mean, this is minor considering what it could have reporter: even as crews were working on weber road, less than half a mile away, part of cook road was closed after a tree took down power and phone lines, all part of mother nature's unpredictability. >> i knew it was supposed to be nice high temperatures and sunny. i did not realize that the wind reporter: the home owners say while this was a hassle for their friday night, it did not reporting from miami township in
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wlwt news 5. jonathan: a frightening situation in loveland. a tree fell on a truck while a driver was going down ibold road. take a look at this. it looks like not that big of a tree. if you know trees, you know that's big enough to do serious damage to a person. two people inside the truck at the time. fortunately, it missed where they were sitting. no one was hurt. certainly, the truck's going to need some body work. power problems, much like the winds, are dying down now after a peak of 9,000 outages around the area, duke energy is reporting 400 outages around town. most of those are in butler county. new details on a late night crash in avondale. it happened around 11:00 last night in the 4100 block of reading road. this is near police headquarters headquarters. police say a 39-year-old man driving a cadillac was going south and crossed the center
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the driver of the cadillac is at u.c. medical center in critical condition. the driver of the tow truck was not hurt. police say speed and impairment appear to be factors in the crash. the coroner has identified the body of a man found dead in west chester. police say 28-year-old eric pefley was last seen alive february 5. he was on the department's missing person's list. thursday night, teenagers walking the trail at keehner park found pefley's body in a wooded area. >> late last night, we saw a bunch of cops parked up and down the street right here, and they're taking like atvs and stuff down into the park. this morning, i saw a police dog go down there as well. jonathan: police say the trail where pefley's body was discovered leads up to the susan springs cul-de-sac. they haven't said how he died or if foul play is suspected. anyone with information is asked to call the west chester police department. if you're in the market for a new vehicle, but not sure what you're looking for, the cincinnati auto expo is the
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wlwt news 5's richard chiles, live at the duke energy convention center with a sneak peek at what you can expect today. he's behind the wheel of some super model. hey, richard. richard: jonathan, good morning. you're absolutely right. behind the wheel of a cadillac cts. just one of 400 vehicles here under the roof at the duke energy convention center. amazing day to come down, if you're in the market for a car. anything you can imagine, from the family suv to those porsches, land rovers, cars of dreams and fantasy all waiting here. great experience for everybody to get in. doors opening up, 10:00 this morning. going to stay open until 9:00 tonight and 11:00 until 5:00 tomorrow. great day to get out and see some of the amazing things. 2016, 2017 model year vehicles. 35 manufactures. 400 cars.
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underneath the duke energy center roof. one of the things that is great is you get the chance to get behind the wheel of the mustang 5.0 gt. take it around the track in a simulator. lots of stuff for the kids to do. kentucky speedway getting in on the action. they've got the pit crew experience working as well. lots of fun things to see and do, getting out here. doors opening up at the duke energy center this morning at 10:00. staying open until 9:00 tonight. then you get another chance tomorrow, 11:00 until 5:00. last two days to enjoy this amazing show. it's certainly become a rite of passage during springtime, daydreaming about the car you're going to pick up during the spring and summer. more than that, a wonderful opportunity to talk with the dealers and talk with local businesses as well. coming up, jonathan, in the next half hour, we'll get a chance to
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the wheel of the gt in the performance simulator. reporting live from downtown, rich artd ard chiles, wlwt news 5. >> more wax than a surfing competition, richard. president obama meeting with u.s. governors with a strong message about his focus this election year. and opening weekend of tournament play for high school basketball. the tough competition on the courts last night and the team's moving on to the next round. a sneak peek through citycam 5's eyes. we've got the daniel carter beard bridge with a few takers
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jonathan: welcome back. the author of the pulitzer prize winning novel, to kill a mockingbird, has passed away. harper lee was 89. she submitted herman you script for to kill a mockingbird in 1957 and was asked to rewrite it in 1960. the novel, which defined the racial troubles of the deep south, was published. the following year, lee won the pulitzer prize. just last year, you may recall, she published go set a watchman. the novel was promoted as a sequel to, to kill a mockingbird. justice scalia funeral will take place today. the president and first lady paid their respects last night. scalia's former clerks stood
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justice scalia's fans created a makeshift memorial to him at the bottom of the court steps. president obama is urging states to make it easier for people to vote. president obama told a group of democratic governors at a white house meeting that voting systems need updating to reflect the way people live today. he has cited a law taking effect this year in illinois that says -- he says will expand early voting and allow people to register and vote on election day. all right, let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: a couple of scattered clouds to start our saturday morning. but dry conditions. on satellite and radar, clouds moving from west to east across the region under partly cloudy skies. we'll generally have clouds around the region 0 throughout the day today. we'll go to scattered clouds all afternoon. dry conditions, wlwt radar, though we have clouds, we don't have precipitation. the radar should stay quiet for a good portion of today.
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head towards midnight. a look at current temperatures for the area. note the difference between cincinnati at 50 degrees. we have a nice south breeze at the airport, compare that to hamilton at 43 degrees. they're down in the valley. they have calm winds. they also have fog being reported for hamilton and middletown this morning. so you might have some colder and foggier locations, some of the valley areas, especially in the northern counties. temperatures across northern kentucky running upper 40s and low 50s. we're at 50 at the airport. southwest winds at six miles an hour. no longer reporting any wind gusts. they subsided during the late evening and have been light -- the winds have been lighter this morning as a result. i think we'll continue with southwest winds only about 10 to 15 miles an hour this afternoon. so we still have the warm temperatures, but we do not have the strong winds as we start the weekend. satellite and radar, scattered clouds moving through this morning. we'll keep them around to the afternoon. we're on the south side of the boundary. a good place to be on the warm side as temperatures return comfortably above average into the 60s.
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during the day today. it will be gathering a low pressure on the back side. and a lot more moisture surging north ahead of it. so we're expecting some rain to return tonight and linger into tomorrow morning. pretty widespread area of rain to start off sunday morning. sunday afternoon, drying out from northwest to southeast as we quiet down for sunday. temperatures behind this system will be highs in the mid 50s. so we jump back a few degrees tomorrow. but still not to average. the next boundary, the cold front, sunday night. that will take us back with highs in the 40s some monday. each day, we're dropping back ten degrees from today through monday. this afternoon, we're dry. this evening, the rain pushing in from the south on futurecast. the highest rain totals will be the southern counties. steady, moderate intensity rain. this computer model will try to keep it south of cincinnati, basically. the rest of them do bring it up to the northern most counties. we have the potential tomorrow morning for a wet sunday morning. then during the midday, sliding
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quieting down with some sunshine then mixed in for sunday afternoon. this afternoon, we top out at 66 degrees. same high as yesterday. much lighter winds. southwest winds at 10 to 18 miles an hour. mild to warm again today. tonight, the rain returns. we drop off to 49 widespread rain early tomorrow morning, trying to push out heading into midday as we dry out for the afternoon. 55 sunday, then 46 monday. that's about where we should be with sunshine and dry weather to start the week. temperatures keep the falling trend next week. a potential for heavy rain wednesday with a cold front. flurries behind it as early as wednesday night. more activity thursday and friday. jonathan: it's the opening weekend of tournament play for local basketball. one team put on a show friday night with a buzzer beating ending worthy of the next round. details in your morning sports. george: welcome into the blitz
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along with elise jessie. it's opening weekend of the high school basketball tournament for the ohio boys. we're tipping off with st. xavier and withrow. elise: it winner will have a tough test when they face mason. who hasn't lost since november. george: we're heading to lakota west high school for the division one bracket. the bombers swinging this around the outside. senior matt when itwhitrock using his sharp scooting skills. the tigers bring transition. frank robinson son alley-oop to albert calala. withrow, with the size advantage all night. calvin english finishing off the pass from lionel ya willis. 52-50, the tigers advance. that sets up the game against the number one seed, withrow and mason, tuesday night at lakota west high school. tipoff at 7:30. elise: middletown and milford going head to head at lakota west high school.
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the three cuts milford's lead to one. under five minutes to play in the game. next, milford with the lead, seconds to go, ethan edwards gets a steal, takes it straight to the bucket, giving middletown the lead. but this foul here puts an eagle up to the stripe. kobe had to ball out. he did. time winding down, he'll take the buzzer beater shot for three. he makes it, to advance the midis to the next round, where they'll face anderson tuesday night. gps the looks on those faces, priceless. division two, taft and reading next. the winner of this matchup takes on the winner of norwood and goshen. that game tuesday night, the winner of these two teams. elise: reading had a week off to rest up for tonight's game. taft, armed with three upper classmen who average in double digit scoring. derek forest has more. derek: thanks a lot, guys. the first round of the division one basketball tournament under way.
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games over at mason high school friday night. the first had the two seed in district three, taft, meeting up with reading. winners move on while the loser will head home until next season. pick it up in the second quarter. check it out. frank broyles the steal. he'll finish with the one-handed dunk. taft, they're up 17. back the other way for reading. defender, gets the layup to go and the foul. reading down 15. taft was just way too much in this one. they go inside to virgil lackey for the hook shot. they take the 91-44 win. taft takes on the winner of the norwood/goshen game, being played saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. >> i love the energy. energy, energy, energy. we played with a lot of energy. i told them defense wins championships. i thought we played pretty good defense today. derek: as for game two of the night, over at mason, top seed
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taylor. first quarter, the kick out to david pitman from downtown. taylor is up one early on. aiken takes control and turns defense into offense. carlik jones goes west coast to right coast on the steal. falcons up 13. time running down in the quarter, griffin steps up, knocks down the three as aiken grabs the easy win friday night, 82-84, over taylor. aiken will face the winner of the western brown batavia game with the second round match upset wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in mason. derek forest, wlwt news 5 sports. mcdonald's of greater cincinnati is proud to present the mcdonald's blitz 5 student-athlete of the week. at little miami high school and is on the lacrosse and swimming team. she received honorable mention for girls lacrosse and is a two-year varsity letter winner in swimming, lacrosse and band.
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class, is part of symphonic band isis part of principal's counsell. unweighted. matt prewitt is a senior and is he's a three-year varsity letterman and three-time conference. matt is a member of a church youth group and hope community service group. matt's gpa is also 4.0 unweighted. if you know someone who deserved student-athlete of the week, let us know, drop us a line at 1700 young street, cincinnati, 45202 or e-mail us at jonathan: a teenager behind bars after playing a dangerous game with the law. plus a local student representing the u.s. how he plans to stack up against the competition. a live look outside. citycam 5.
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>> in order ta take medicaid and all these insurances, you have to show proof. number. the doc number had to be valid. how did he get the doc number? how did he get this stuff? jonathan: the business partner
6:25 am
posing as a doctor speaking out. persyus wells said he never had doubts about his partner until a reporter showed up at their medical clinic a week ago. malichai love robinson was walked out of the business in handcuffs after an undercover agent came in posing as an agent. love robinson's business partner said he had no clue the documents and diplomas the 18-year-old had were fakes. isn't that bizarre? another impersonation in northern ohio. a school district outside fleet do trying to figure out why an ohio teen showed up claiming to be sent by ohio state senator david burke. the law maker was set to speak at a school in sycamore, ohio. school officials say instead, a teen showed up at mohawk high stand-in for burke. in late december, the 18-year-old reportedly told them burke was ill and asked him to come to the school instead. officials say the teen looked the part. well dressed, well spoken, even had a personal driver.
6:26 am
advance, early, days early, said the senator had fallen ill and that he was there to take his place and speak. jonathan: it's a head shaker for sure. school officials caught the mistake when senator burke showed up for his engagement in january as scheduled. they say they'll be more diligent about vetting guests and speakers in the future. a local high school student preparing to head to germany for the world sports stacking championships championships. robert weatherington is a senior at baden high school and it is serious business when he has cups in front of him. wow. he goes fast. this video is normal speed, by the way. he's known as the cup stacker bob. he's going to be competing with the united states nasal team when he gets to germany. believe it or not, he says he is not known for his speed. his strong suit is consistency. he's got a lot of speed there if you ask me. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including work at a louisville
6:27 am
after a crane collapsed. we'll tell you what officials say may have caused the accident and how the operator escaped unharmed. and your live look outside. citycam 5 cut in the hill has plenty of traffic for this early hour. hope you're going somewhere fun today and that you travel safely and with joy. thanks for being with us. we're here for another hour and a half.
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through on news 5 today. jonathan: now on news 5 today, dramatic new video. a police chase and violent wreck with an ambulance and the charges the suspect is now facing. richard: we're going to put you behind the wheel of your dream car coming up just ahead. jonathan: we're revving up the nice weather for the weekend. then we'll have a bit of rain. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us when the wet weather will arrive in your most accurate forecast on this saturday, february 20, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood, this is
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jennifer: good. good morning. jonathan: were my spirits lifted this week when we got a reprieve from that gray, 18, 12, minus 1. jennifer: what about the snow? snow surn nday. we had that sunday. since then, a nice trend. yesterday, we were at 66 at the end of the week. jonathan: that will get rid of the snow real quick. finally all gone in my yard. jennifer: 66 the forecast today. the difference, yesterday there were the strong and damaging winds. today, much weaker. jonathan: we trade winds for rain, i hear. jennifer: eventually, tonight. active this weekend with stuff going on, but nothing too problematic. take a look this morning. i want to note the temperatures in the variation. hamilton is at 43, versus cincinnati. the station at 50. if you're in a low spot a valley with lighter winds, you have the temperatures plummeting down, meeting the dew point and causing fog this morning. hamilton and lunken, both reporting calm winds.
6:32 am
seven, eight-mile-an-hour winds. locations with the calm winds, hamilton and lunken. visibility has dropped back to a half mile or less because of fog developing this morning. we have some spots with thick fog. surprisingly, the winds dropping off to that point this morning after they were gusting yesterday morning. visibility is still high downtown. fog on the east side. we'll watch the potential to invade downtown in the coming hours. temperatures climb quickly through the late morning. in the afternoon, we'll soar through the 60s all afternoon with sunshine. dry today. we'll talk about the rain timeline for tomorrow and the downward temperature trend coming up. jonathan: people in butler county will be cleaning up from the daniel left behind from friday's wind. look at that. a pole snapped in half in millville, just west of hamilton. it was left balancing on the power lines that it was holding up. millville, i believe, is where one of the wright brothers are from. in middletown, a tree was uprooted because of the strong wind.
6:33 am
leaning on the power lines to the left there. another pole down in independence, kentucky. a utility pole that broke in half shut down independence station road for several hours last night. no one was hurt. strong wind, along with mechanical failure to blame for bringing down a crane at a louisville construction site. authorities say as soon as the crane began to collapse, the crane operator jumped into the ohio river in the opposite direction of the crane. he was not able to get out of the water -- he was able to get out of the water quickly and was not hurt. check out more wind damage photos on the wlwt app. a local driver's desperate attempt to outrun state troopers ends in a frightening crash. that driver slammed into an ambulance. the impact was caught on two separate dash cams from troopers in the middle of the chase in middletown. wlwt news 5's sheree paolello has details. reporter: it's nearly 3:00 in the morning back on december 17. that's when ohio state highway
6:34 am
erratically. pursuit begins. the driver reaches speeds of nearly 100 miles an hour. as fast as it begins, the chase comes to a crashing end. not even two minutes later, the ambulance. the driver isn't done yet. a second dash cam video shows the man running from the wreckage. he's eventually found in a nearby creek. four people had to be taken to the hospital with minor injuries, including the two medics. charged with fleeing and eluding, ovi and possession of a firearm. the man also had felony warrants at the time of the crash. troopers from multiple states are teaming up to crack down on driving violations. kentucky and ohio are focusing on speed, seat belts and ovi enforcement on i-75. the blitz kicked off friday and will continue through tonight. osp says
6:35 am
crashes last year. a possible new case of the zika virus in the columbus area. county and city health officials have confirmed they've sent another sample to the lab. that makes ten people in the area who are being tested for the virus. it could take several weeks until the results come back. there have been four confirmed cases of zika in ohio and one in indiana. northern kentucky health officials are concerned about a more common virus. it's the flu. the department recorded 100 new cases of the flu last week. that's more than a quarter of the cases for the entire season. last year, kentucky recorded nearly 3,300 flu cases and five deaths. doctors say this year's flu vaccine is a better match to strains than the matches they'd seen in past years. that's good news. a busy day for presidential candidates in south carolina as voters head to the polls. the latest from the campaign trail. this will be a big day for the republican party. and your live look outside.
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. jonathan: welcome back. a busy day in commitment 2016 news. the democrats are preparing for nevada, while the republicans focus on south carolina. primary voting takes place in south carolina today. donald trump is leading in some of the polls. he's called for a boycott of apple over its refusal to unlock the sand bernardin attackers a's i phone and is explaining his support of the war in 2002. ted cruz and marco ruby are
6:39 am
>> i can bring us together better than anyone in the race. >> in south carolina the next 21 hours will decide -- jonathan: governor john kasich is getting new optimism. an nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows he's up to 9% in south carolina. the usa news poll shows right now, kasich would beat hillary clinton 49% to 38% and sanders 44 to 41%. i think kasich is the only one in national polls that beats both sanders and clinton. and speaking of the democrats, bernie santders and hillary clinton are trading jabs before the caucuses in nevada. clinton hosted the town hall at las vegas high school friday. sanders held three events, including a concert, in vegas. both candidates tell nevada voters they count. >> i hope that nevada shows the
6:40 am
will be looking at your state tomorrow. i hope we have a huge vote -- huge. you get that word? >> i'd get there at 11:00 a.m. you can't sleep in. sleep in, you know, the next day. jonathan: jonathan: south carolina representative jim clyburn has endorsed clinton. he's the highest ranking african-american in congress. hillary's campaign is kicking off in cincinnati. mark mallory, denise driehaus and connie pillic will be among the volunteers attending the event. the kickoff party and volunteering will begin at 1:30 this afternoon at 200 kovach drive. if your vote is swaying towards a different democrat, feel the bern today. a march is being held at 1:00 this afternoon in support of senator sanders at city hall.
6:41 am
coverage coming up, including the teams in kentucky not yet in tournament play. we have the latest in morning sports. jennifer: the winds have weakened and some spots have dense fog this morning. we'll talk about your warm saturday and wet sunday coming
6:42 am
terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c' mon let' s sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in
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jonathan: welcome back. car lovers are in for a treat today. whether you're looking for a new ride or love browsing the latest models, cincinnati auto show promises to have something for you. news 5's richard chiles live downtown with a sneak preview. good morning, richard. richard: good morning. i know you've been behind the bill, buddy. 400 cars out here on dus play from 35 manufacturers, tri-state. charley howard, this is a chance to get behind the wheel. >> it's a chance to look at the cars on your wish list or the real list you'll buy. richard: record year for the automobile industry last year. year. it translates to a lot of business for local dealers, doesn't it? >> it does. it's the right time of year. in the spring, people start
6:45 am
older vehicle they may be driving. richard: 17.5 million cars sold last year. the tri-state and this show certainly representing all of the dealerships.incentives to enjoy the show. >> we've got a lot of cars, fun for the whole family. there's a lot of financial incentives incentives. a lot of manufacturers and dealers have deals going on. richard: the doors open at 10:00, open until 9:00. tomorrow, the last chance to enjoy the show, opening at 11:00, running until 5:00. $11 for folks. children under 12 are free. you get three dollars off if you go to kroger. we'll get a chance in the next half hour to do exciting things, maybe even check out the ford gt simulator and do performance laps. reporting live from the duke energy center, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. richard: thanks, richard.
6:46 am
weather. jennifer: we're soaring above average. going to feel like spring today. temperatures like they were winds. the forecast today, 66 degrees. we should be at around 44 for the average high today. record high temperature, not too far away. i don't think it's quite attainable, but as warm as 72 back in 1891. dry conditions on the radar. we're not expecting rain today. looking at temperatures, note a couple things. most of us, a very mild start, upper 40s to low 50s. take a look at the difference between cincinnati at 50 and hamilton at 41 degrees. some of our low spots, hamilton, middle town, parts of clermont county also reporting in valleys some light winds. that's allowing fog to form. temperatures drop back under light winds. we have some spots this morning with dense fog.
6:47 am
of them are for butler x cler and clermont county. 50 the current temperature. hour. most between five and ten miles an hour for the winds. this afternoon, lighter as well. the temperature, just as mild. we're heading back to 66 today, right where we were yesterday. satellite and radar combined showing scattered clouds moving from west to east across the region. we'll continue with partly cloudy skies this afternoon. we'll have plenty of sunshine clouds. we're still on the warm side of a weather maker. there's a stationery front draped just to our north. since we're on the warm side, we'll head into the mid 60s today. quiet for the weekend. here comes low pressure, surging more moisture ahead of it. tonight, we expect an area of rain to expand across the area. by tomorrow morning, all of us getting wet. that's trying to push off to the east by sunday afternoon. we have a setback in our temperatures tomorrow. probably highs in the mid 50s.
6:48 am
and mild, but trending down. the next cold front, sunday night, will set us back to average high temperatures in the 40s come monday. so we'll be staging back temperatures each day. here's futurecast with the rain arriving tonight. this model is the most conservative out of all of them. it's going to keep a good amount south. i think we'll see lighter showers for our northern counties as well. morning. but those higher totals will counties. as we head into midday, we're trying to push that out. may linger in the way of clouds and showers through the midday. notice at noon tomorrow, we have quite a bit of activity. it will take until the afternoon to try to clear us out and dry us out for the late afternoon hours on sunday. today, we'll top out at 66. not as windy as yesterday. and still the warm day. 49 for a low tonight as the rain returns. and tomorrow, in the mid 50s on sunday. we're drying out the second half of our afternoon, especially. dry with sunshine monday, but cooler at 46. tuesday, clouds thicken.
6:49 am
and watching our wednesday storm system does have the potential for heavy rain and snow on the back side of it wednesday night. lingering snow showers or flurries possible thursday and friday. we'll get back to winter the second half of next week. now here's your saturday morning sports. george: and welcome back. we've made the switch to that other side of the river, the bluegrass side. the commonwealth. the great state of kentucky. they're not in the playoffs just yet. elise: next weekend, they get after tournament competition. last night, the regular season came to a close. it was beechwood's last home game as he hosted highlands. zach wells has more. zach: george and elise, good morning. among the two rival fan bases at highlands and cov cath, there is a very real curiosity. when will the colonels catch highlands in football and when will the bluebirds overtake cov cath in basketball. when it comes to hoops, highlands hired a former cov
6:50 am
to walk the sidelines in fort thomas. but last night, he'd be in charge in another fort, fort mitchell. a couple of nice plays. a killer crossover from highlands. a rim protecting block from beechwood that proves the camera was in the line of fire. beechwood can share the ball. look where ben toby caught it. that's padding points in the paint stats for the tigers. in the fourth quarter, remember top gun? maverick, goose, call sign charley? here, joe robbins hits the brakes and flew right by. they were all fired up at beechwood after a 20-point win over highlands, 68-48. the playoffs start next week in kentucky. and you'd think this is college football, because today, to close out the regular season, it is a rivalry saturday in northern kentucky. featuring, who else, but highlands and cov cath. elise? elise: thanks, zach. on to st. henry and holy cross. student section was amped up for
6:51 am
and so was saint henry. inside out to burling. drains a three for the crusaders. we have more saint henry coming up. former primetime former adam got turns on the burners. hits the buzzer beater to end the first quarter. holy cross trying to answer back. and, of course, they do. the indians win it in the end, 64-58. george: it's time for the blitz 5 basketball insider. he is alex meacham. meech, welcome back. >> good to see you, george. george: you can do the dance stuff. i'm lucky to do that. george: even while i'm palming an ipad. i got skills, all right. basketball. the tournament's getting underway next week. some teams in the ninth region >> 23-6 right now, 12-game winning streak. they have a three-headed
6:52 am
flood. a tough group of kids. when they're playing well, they can make a deep run. george: speaking of tough kids, new cath. >> led by ben wire, the kevin love of northern kentucky. when he's playing well, they're very tough to beat as well. george: that's the thorough breds. also, a team to consider, cooper. >> the young man, sean mcneil, needs to be healthy. he's been hurt with the broken hand. he needs to be healthy for them to make a nice run in the tournament, along with his brother, chris mcneil and the other guard, adam kunkle. george: he should be back next week. also, yes, the holy cross indians. >> they can shoot the basketball. if you get hot and shoot the basketball well in a tournament, you can win a lot of basketball games. george: the kentucky tournament getting under way next week. the week after that the big ninth region tournament. >> that's right. george: he is our blitz 5 basketball insider, meech! >> let's see the dance, george.
6:53 am
elise, help me. elise: i'm going to get you out of that one, george. for your drive of the week, we go back to lakota west high school, where it was knotted at 35 between milford and middletown. kobe johnson sends the midis to the next round. as alex meacham would say, he's got the skills to pay the bills. as for the beacon orthopedics & sportsmedicine primetime performer check out sophomore allie nice, the three quarter shot against highlands last night. 23 points overall and has 2,004 points for her career. jonathan: the reds are gearing up for another season with a bunch of new faces. meet the team as they start spring training. george vogel will be live from arizona starting monday at 5:00. what fun. good time out there, george. a community rallying together. the effort to rebuild a piece of history. plus the spring grove cemetery making interesting changes in
6:54 am
the new employees that you may
6:55 am
life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want --
6:56 am
any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] jonathan: welcome back. hundreds are coming together to help rebuild the rabbit hash general store. a fire destroyed the historic landmark last week. last night, the community carried on a friday night tradition. every week, dozens of people would jam out to a local band at the store. last night, they continued that weekly concert at a different location. vowing to one day have it returned to the general store. >> we're going to rebuild. we've got lumber companies and tin companies and everybody saying, you know, what can we do to help rebuild. so it's a great thing. jonathan: several groups are helping out at the rabbit hash general store. duke energy announced it will
6:57 am
restoration efforts. duke will present a check at the store on tuesday. and the t-shirt company, cincy shirts, is helping with the rebuilding effort. they created these shirts saying welcome to rabbit hash. please don't feed the mayor. they elected a dog as mayor in rabbit hash. you probably know that. cincy shirts will donate proceeds from the $25 shirts to the general store's go fund me page. well, you might spot a few horns on the landscapers at spring grove cemetery. don't worry. the cemetery is trying out goetz to cut down the overgrown grass and shrubs. the goats arrived friday afternoon. the man behind the experiment says he saw a similar program at arlington national cemetery. he says it's a sustainable way of keeping the grounds looking nice. spring grove will fence the goats in the in the northwest corner of woodland preserve. they'll stay in a shelter near the parking lot until they eat
6:58 am
still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including water worries easing in parts of ohio. what the epa says people in se bring needed to do to eliminate detectible lead in the water. citycam 5. we have a stripe of red, stripe of orange coming through the cloud bank on this saturday morning.
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