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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. courtis: tonight, a big weekend for politics. >> i have called secretary clinton and congratulated her and her staff. the republican field got smaller. a well-known last name. jeb bush will not be following in the presidential footsteps of his father and older brother. good evening. thank you for joining us. jeb bush dropped out of the primary. meanwhile hillary clinton came out on top in nevada beating bernie sanders by double digits. news 5 ' s nikole killion has a
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reporter: from an clincher pulled out wins and their candidate called it quits. in south carolina donald trump earned his second big win. >> there is nothing easy about running for president. s mean. s a vicious. it' s beautiful. reporter: battling behind trump, marco rubio. >> this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. >> south carolina has given us another remarkable results. reporter: jeb bush bowed out of the race. like the people have spoken and i respect their decision. tonight i am suspending my campaign. reporter: hanging on for now, ben carson. >> i' m not going anywhere. reporter: and john kasich who
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>> for all the people watching, fasten your seatbelts. reporter: in nevada luck was a lady named hillary clinton. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. >> the wind is on our backs. we have momentum. reporter: now the candidates trade places with republican caucusing in nevada tuesday while democrats hold their primary in south carolina next saturday. in washington, i' m nikole killion reporting. courtis: meanwhile we take you now to hillary clinton' s campaign. and excuse me. clinton supporters and greater cincinnati officially open their local campaign office. hillary for ohio held a kickoff
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volunteers are counting down to ohio' s primary but early voting is underway. >> we have a lot of people from a lot of backgrounds. including myself. i' m one of them. i am a gay african-american college student. being here is a highlight that hillary clinton stands with diversity. courtis: bernie sanders supporters rallied in town. they started their march for bernie on the steps of city hall. several viewers shared photos from that rally asked supporters echoed bernie' s call for a political revolution. local organizers say thousands showed support in events across the country today. our coverage is also online. go to for more. we have a candidate grid to help you see where the candidates
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thousands turned out to say final goodbyes to antonin scalia a. the funeral mass remembered him as a conservative icon, father, and man who served god. everyone from the vice president to presidential hopefuls to his colleagues attended this service. his son, a priest provided the homily. >> debt understand -- dad understood the better a citizen and public servant he became. god bless 10 with the desire to be the country' s good servant because he was god' s first. courtis: president obama' s decided not to attend the funeral so his large security detail would not disrupt the service. the supreme court will resume
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at home a big evening for several members of cincinnati' s police and fire division. i had a chance to host this event called history in the making. firefighters celebrated l.a. isaac as the first member promoted to chief, the first african-american female fire lieutenant, valencia fraser, and first african-american police captain, kam williams. a 30-year-old price hill man being held on a $2 million bond accused of forcing a woman into his home at gunpoint. christian clark locked up charged with felony assault and kidnapping. once inside his home he beat the woman with two different guns causing serious injuries. no injuries after this nasty wreck this morning on interstate 75.
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semi before the franklin springboro exit. state troopers say the only injuries sustained were minor cut' s from the broken glass. we have new details on a late-night crash in avondale run 11:00 last night right near the district for police station. a 39-year-old man was driving south, crossed the centerline getting a tow truck. the driver of the tow truck was not hurt. ' s beat impairment appear to be factors in this crash. dallas police expected to wrap up their domestic violence investigation of johnny manziel. his ex-girlfriend told police he hit her and dragged her into a car during an incident last month. police have yet to speak with
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several witnesses. the cleveland browns have indicated they will release the one star player next month. a close game for the university of kentucky wildcats but in the end it will be a tough loss for the u.k.. elise jesse has more. anchor: the wildcats going to a conference match up with texas a&m. the aggies looking to gain ground in the sec. kentucky looking for the fifth straight win tonight. it' s under three minutes to play. jamaal murray fires off the three to cut the lead to 1. kentucky down for the slam. over time, just over a minute to go in overtime. wildcats in the lead.
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daniel house mrs.. davis is there for the put-back as texas a&m wins at the buzzer of kentucky 79-77. kentucky may have lost but the at the top of the conference. we have more college basketball coming your way. courtis: today men could treat themselves at a new salon and help local kids. they host the grand opening on sender car way in oakley. carts, cars and codes for a cause. fans could meet the bengals head coach marvin lewis and check out exotic cars. free craft beers and bourbon. >> there is a lot of energy
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we brought it to cincinnati because men deserve an experience like this. courtis: he says he plans to open two more locations here in greater cincinnati. a local art sell and find cigars. proceeds benefit the marvin lewis community fund. the reds gearing up for another season with a bunch of new faces. the player start spring training. news 5 sports will be live in arizona beginning monday at 5:00. hundreds of volunteers making their way across downtown cincinnati. the big turnout and positive message they were spreading. in a boost for businesses and greater cincinnati. how the weather played a part in
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even some thunderstorms building in tonight. when they get here, how long
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are you having trouble making calls on your cell phone today? a of t-mobile customers were. the company tweeted it is aware of problems. no word on what caused the issue or when it will be fixed. happening tomorrow, area firefighters will start a difficult climb to save lives. it is the annual fight for air climb where firefighters in full gear will walk the steps. the goal is to raise $170,000 for the lung association. they had already raised 60% of that through donations. a local group of college students is spreading purpose today reaching out to those in need.
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dissented on washington park. the group ended out care packages. food and coax to the homeless. s world. business was booming for many shop owners thanks to today' s warm weather. people have flocked to downtown cincinnati. janel walton is live for us. more on the big warm-up. >> the horse and carriage were very popular tonight. the carriages filled up with the customers. one business that' s doing well tonight, horse and carriage rides. >> we have and study all night long. carriages have been coming and going on night long.
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>> customers are excited and want to do something fun to celebrate warm temperatures. they are celebrating their to take a care drive. t come thing. >> restaurants and bars are are packed downtown. visitors were signing up to take a car on a test drive. a trip to the auto expo even better. >> it is a nice experience. we also went through the rhine. people just wanting to come out and enjoy this weather. it' s not whether last for much longer.
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so we will have this up and down whether. erik: up and down whether now. you see 72 in february, tying a record from 1891. courtis: i don' t remember in 1891. erik: no? we will see one of those temperatures tonight. thunderstorms and cooler air begins to mixon. no 72' s on the map but 60' s, 50' s. still very mild out there for this time of year. 58 degrees in for sales -- for sale -- for are wind is still out of the south. seven miles per hour were, that is why it has been so mild the
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wlwt radar generally showing dry conditions across our area. thunderstorms crossing i-65. some lightning with a few of these cells. we are going to continue to see this coverage expand our way. that means not only will we see thunderstorms but heavy downpours and from time to time a rumble of thunder. timing wise, midnight, batesville after 12:20. for cincinnati and the 275 loop we will see much until 2:45 until 1:55. we have more behind this. more storms through southern illinois. that is what we are going to have continuously. if you don' t get in on the first round you will see heavier rain into tomorrow morning. overall there is a cold front
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low pressure. as we had farther to the north there is called their around minnesota. there is some snow in the low 48 dakota. this starts to swing down. below for the latter half of the week. 50' s and 60' s getting pressed farther to the south. your forecast starting off with a good shot for rain. by the afternoon, 55. we see some sunshine during the latter half of the day. not a bad day. we have some of that in your forecast also. pockets of heavy rain, thunder and lightning tomorrow morning. we will see clouds and some drizzle and light showers.
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partly cloudy skies with a few high clouds around. monday and tuesday, no big storm systems there but on wednesday we are going to be on the wet side of a larger system which will bring us cooler weather by the end of the week. 49 degrees. cloudy skies. and some lightning and thunder. don' t be surprised by it. your seven-day forecast, 46 on monday. the chance for some rain on wednesday. back into the flurries by thursday, friday and saturday. courtis: we want to pass along some breaking news that is coming into the wlwt news room. a body has been pulled from the little miami river. police are telling us not many details that they can share at this hour. we will have more on w a -- to view all the a
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>> welcome back. earlier we told you how the
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by a buzzer beating layup by taylor davis, a tough loss. xavier on the road but they used to have better luck. 30 seconds later, he made the free throw and let off 24 points. the muskies came out hot. they blew it in the jumper. xavier smokes georgetown. they will host the lenovo . quality face paint here. this guy rooting on the bearcats . they are in transition. the big man is going to throw down.
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from gary clark. a double-double from him. bearcats up three. kevin johnson the triple is good. next the shot clock winding down for jacob evan. the freshman hitting big shots. >> he calls multiple players the cook book specialists. the guys who are the cookbook specialists, i understood to go to the ball. i knew that he had it. i knew it was good. anchor: the cardinals hosting the blue devils this afternoon. we go to the first half.
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marshall plumley with the assist. grayson allen show drawn into the second half. it puts up the circuit shot. boy will making a comeback. it goes off to damion lee. 71 64. archie miller squad, and the first day in down seven. time winding down. adams with the dagger. the last regular-season game, one of the seniors was samantha k.d.. another senior bank in for 2.
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athletic conference leading scorer. the senior class is now 116 and three. lasalle meeting up with western hills. first quarter we go to that off the break. the easy bucket there. we go to the second quarter. dylan montgomery steps up. lasalle on the break. keegan hudson with a layup and file. courtis: nice tomorrow but not as nice. erik: temperatures on the mild side. showers and thunderstorms moving in should be here in another hour or two. two hours for cincinnati.
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